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Children Hospital Jobs

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1 Working With Children And Young People - Bps
Working With Children and Young People. Dr Susie Willis. Clinical Psychologist. Paediatric Clinical Psychology . Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children. Outline . What is Child Psychology and why is it needed? What does a Child Clinical Psychologist do? Where Do We Work? How Do We Help? What is Child Psychology. Branch of Psychology interested in infants, toddlers, children and young people ...

2 Powerpoint Presentation
Anne is a Medical Secretary at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children. Anne's work includes audio typing, arranging theatre lists, making appointments and speaking to parents on the phone. Watch the video to find out more about Anne’s job.

3 Pediatrician - Brendanmcmanamon.files.wordpress.com
History. 1802. The first pediatric hospital in the Western world is generally accepted to be the Hôpital des Enfants Malades, the Hospital for Sick Children in English, which opened in 1802 in Paris.

4 Powerpoint Presentation
Not only do hospitals provide a good number of jobs, but these jobs utilize all types of skills, including a number of highly skilled positions. And, for every one job created by a hospital, another 0.98 jobs are created in other businesses.

5 Powerpoint Presentation
60 percent of Children’s Hospital of Alabama patients are covered by Medicaid. Most rural hospitals have high volumes of Medicaid patients. Almost 70 percent of nursing home patients are covered by Medicaid. You may not realize how much some providers depend on Medicaid patients as a key portion of their business. In some areas the Medicaid volume may be what keeps a pediatrician in that ...

6 Overview - Johns Hopkins Hospital
Origins of Johns Hopkins Medicine. Johns Hopkins, the Quaker merchant, banker and businessman, left $7 million in 1873 to create The Johns Hopkins University and The Johns Hopkins Hospital, instructing his trustees to create new models and standards for medical education and health care.

7 Who Am I? - University Of Tennessee
Who Am I? An astronomer! Mystery Person #3 “I try to help people get better.” “I use a stethoscope.” “I work in a hospital.” Who Am I? A doctor! Thanks for helping, kids! Would you like to learn more about these careers? Here are some people who can help out! * Lead-in activity for guest speakers. * Lead-in activity for guest speakers.

8 Disaster Mental Health Response For Children - Ssom.luc.edu
Disaster Mental Health Response for Children Illinois EMS for Children is a collaborative program between the Illinois Department of Public Health and Loyola University Chicago . Development of this module has been supported through federal funding from the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) Hospital Preparedness Program

9 People And Their Work - Primary Resources
People and their Work What jobs are there in school? Teachers Mid day supervisors Assistant Head Teaching Assistants Lollipop lady Head teacher Deputy Head Care taker What jobs are there in our local area? Which of these jobs would you like to do? Policeman Fireman Milkman Teacher Shopkeeper Truck driver Nurse or Doctor What jobs do the Police do? What jobs do the people in your family do ...