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Feature Description [Restricted] ONLY for designated groups and individuals. The internal bypass card is to ensure that network traffic continues to flow if the appliance fails or loses power.

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(i) Monitor the residual disinfectant concentration at the point of entry to the distribution system, or at a department-approved location, at least once per day, five days per week or each day that water is supplied by the treatment plant if it operates less than daily;

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Also run “spot check” weeklong competitions to keep it fresh in their minds It has been almost one year since initial competition and the 3 groups are exhibiting nearly the same kWh reduction rate

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24 CLK CLK C A N B U S From Shoeboxes CLK to TRMs . . . . . . to NIM units CLK Distribution 24 PMT Shoebox Fast Electronics TRM DRM TRM TRM FE data Readout data VME TTCrx SIU 10 kOhm 10 kOhm 1 kOhm Before Threshold Check point 10 kOhm 100 Ohm -5V 1 kOhm To Threshold comparator + 10 kOhm 10 kOhm 1 kOhm Threshold SMC connector 100 Ohm -5V 1 kOhm To Threshold …

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Bids Due . Sealed Bids are due June 18, 2018, by 2:00 p.m. Delivered to Procurement & Strategic Sourcing, 5700 Cass Avenue, 4th Floor – Suite 4200, Detroit, MI 48202

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WHERE join_conditions AND search_condition_to_retrieve_1_record; Variables must be declared in Declaration section Variables must have same data types as fields To avoid errors, %TYPE reference data type should be used Implicit Cursors (continued) Explicit Cursors Retrieve and display data in PL/SQL programs for query that might Retrieve multiple records Return no records at all Must ...

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Then, check the next slide to see if your estimate was acccurate. Have fun! 66 x 59 4,200 92 x 86 8,100 276 x 88 27,000 412 x 83 32,000 159 x 25 6,000 146 x 13 1,000 208 x 263 60,000 721 x 562 420,000 13 x 27 300 The End. Great Job! From Glencoe Mathematics Applications and Connections – Course 1 , McGraw Hill Companies, 1999

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Vertebrate Animals – Check “Yes” if training plans include or potentially will include trainees in projects involving the use of vertebrate animals at any time during the proposed project period

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