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The whole of the registered trademark must be considered against the whole of the alleged offending trademark including any disclaimed parts and it is no answer for a party creating confusion between his product and that of another to show that such confusion may subsequently be rectified (see John Craig (Pty) v Dupa Clothing Industries (Pty) Ltd 1977 (3) SA 144 (T).

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Clerks—very junior clerks if their cheap clothing was anything to go by—hunched there over papers or, in a few cases, electronic data terminals. The vestibule was a bedlam of strange dialects and Universal spoken with a Kostroman accent.

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Cost, access to transport, low income means cheap clothing which excludes Carers, low income means poorer presentation which excludes Carers. Their own lack of confidence and skills or age and infirmity.

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Now they are light and cheap. They also work better. That is why people bring them to the beach. They can look for rings in the water. They can look for phones in the sand. Metal detectors help them find these things. They usually just find junk though.

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Today, it has specialised markets in certain types of clothing, carpets, fine-wool products, and surfing-related apparel. The region, despite the major cutbacks in the industry since 1997, has been recognised as a leading TCFL industry centre with more than sixty businesses operating in this sector.

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*Import penetration is high in clothing but most importantly these imports are dominated by low cost China sourcing (70% of clothing imports are China sourced,57% of footwear imports are China sourced, whilst only 21% of textile imports are China sourced and minimal levels of carpet imports are China sourced)

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through the country and clothing became cheap. After moving to Riverdale, Weber County, January 7th 1862 she was associated with the Relief Society from that time or nearly so that it organized in Weber County, and acted as teacher in the Society until there was a branch organized in Riverdale on December 5th 1872 when she became President of that branch faithfully discharging her duty in that ...


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Both polymerisation and degasification steps are carried out in closed systems and production halls are equipped with supply ventilation and workers wear antistatic working clothing. The SBL can then be used directly for some purposes, or the rubber (SBR) can be isolated from the latex by coagulation, removal and drying.

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