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Building Legal Liability Insurance

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171 Mergers And Acquisitions Tax Liability Insurance - Aig.co.uk
GBL160739 Tax Liability Insurance 1 of 2 Mergers and Acquisitions Tax Liability Insurance Strategic Benefits • Transfers an uncertain liability from

172 Le Garagekeepers Legal Liability & Dealers Open Lots App
LE Garagekeepers/Dealers Open Lot Insurance 10/12 Page 2 of 3 19. No. of days open for business per week: 20.

173 Contractors Pollution Liability (cpl) - Insurance From Aig ...
Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL) Aerican nternational Grou nc AG is a leading international insurance organiation serving custoers in ore than countries AG coanies serve coercial institutional and individual custoers through one of the

174 Logistics Operators Liability Insurance Policy - Home Au
Logistics Operators Liability Insurance – Policy Wording 1. Insuring Clauses ... Your legal liability to compensate third parties for false arrest, detention or imprisonment, libel, slander, defamation, eviction, invasion of privacy or any public or private nuisance. 4.3 Tenant’s legal liability 4.3.1Your legal liability to compensate third parties for physical loss or physical damage to ...

175 Racing Owners & Sponsors Liability - K&k Insurance
q Race Team Coverages – General Liability, Building, Contents, Business Auto including Tractors/Trailers, other business related insurance coverages. q Primary Testing Coverage I understand that the insurance company in determining whether to provide a quotation for insurance coverage will rely on the information contained in the application and all other

176 Owners’ Corporations Third Party Liability Insurance
Legal Liability according to the specifi ed insured amount (per event) (Minimum insured amount is HK$10,000,000) HK$2,000,000 per event / per year (insured amount can be increased upon requests, extra premium will be charged on the increased portion of insured amount) Maximum Insured Amount Remarks: 1. “Building Management (Third Party Risk Insurance) Regulation” means the regulation …

177 In The Supreme Court Of Appeal Of South Africa
‘Principal Controlled Construction Risks and Public Liability Insurance Policy’, underwritten by the respondents (‘the works policy’). The other was an ‘Assets

178 Cp 00 40 04 02 Legal Liability Coverage Form
LEGAL LIABILITY COVERAGE FORM Various provisions in this policy restrict coverage. Read the entire policy carefully to determine rights, duties and what is and is not covered. Throughout this policy the words "you" and "your" refer to the Named Insured shown in the Declarations. The words "we", "us" and "our" refer to the Company providing this insurance. Other words and phrases that appear in ...

179 Lawyers Professional Liability Coverage Small Law Firm ...
Lawyers Professional Liability Coverage Small Law Firm Application Travelers Casualty and Surety Company of America Hartford, Connecticut Important Note: This is an application for a claims-made policy. To be covered, a claim must be first made against an insured during the policy period or any applicable extended reporting period. Defense Expenses Notice (For New York Only): If this policy ...

180 Aa Buildings Insurance Policy Booklet - Theaa.com
Building Your home as shown in the Statement of Insurance and, if they form part of the property : (a) tennis hard courts, swimming pools, ornamental ponds, fountains, terraces, patios,

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