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1 Esubmission.ema.europa.eu
Added following review - absolute hyperlinks and bookmarks included in this criterion as they are considered broken links and should be counted as such There are some national exceptions to the PDF v1.4 rule - these must be specified, and business validation applied if the technical validation reports PDF file in versions other than v1.4.

2 Www.nationalarchives.gov.uk
• Links within the information asset are missing or broken. • Supporting documentation is missing or not referenced. • Metadata is incomplete or has become separated from the information asset.

3 Stuff.mit.edu
Sheet1 survey design tool UI+content to db no? makeform HTML FORM athen, author survey submission content to db cgiemail results processing tool UI+db process-comments

4 Images.template.net
Nav links out to a new window blog content embedded in template Weekly 27.6.12 What is this page about? Expiry or 'review by' date Content creator Keep/delete/revise Cost Content commissioned Content due Content received Finished content (actual date) Looks like useful news. Is it possible to subscribe by email? Paragraphs a little too long K R Mix of news and links to key parts of the EUROPA ...

5 Docs.oasis-open.org
we will repair the broken links we will harmonize the "judgments" we must to specify better normative and non-normative part The structure reflects a typical narrative of sentences. Used to represent those legal documents that do not have a prescriptive power, but they are fundamental for the life of an official institution. Add a table of documents managable in Akoma Ntoso To reformulate this ...

6 Www.oasis-open.org
Sheet3 Sheet2 Sheet1 Comment # Commenter Date provided Link to email Public review Comment provided / Issue raised TC decision on resolution Prepared: Comment Resolution Log for <committee spec public review draft name and version number>

7 Www.cdph.ca.gov
Updated broken links Choose Health Updated broken link Choice, Control & Change Learn! Grow! Eat! Go! Updates Added column to separate title from update Updates Tab Curricula/Title Added Nutrition Curricula Added Activity Boxes Coordinated Approach to Child Health - Nutrition Curricula (K-5) Coordinated Approach to Child Health - Activity Boxes (K-5) Power Play! School Idea and Resource …

8 Communities.rightnow.com
Scoring Definition Status List of Best Practices Instructions (PLEASE READ) Client Name: INTERFACE URL CLIENT NAME Interface: Red Yellow N/A Your Notes Improve by….

9 View Exhibit 2 - Eh Dsi Program Technical Requirements
Must provide links from the EH Portal to State and LHDs websites. Must ensure that Medicaid Portal field definitions comply with EH DSI field definitions. Must allow provider enrollment and update transaction information including status to be viewed for a rolling 13-month period.

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