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Arduino Android Bluetooth

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1 A Guide To Sensortag Hackathons: Resources - Ti.com
A Guide to SensorTag Hackathons: Resources 6 March 2016 Quick Beacon Use Android L to configure your phone to transmit as an iBeacon – …

2 Stm32 - Nrf51822 Bluetooth Low Energy System Solution
June 2014 DocID026388 Rev 1 1/45 AN4499 Application note STM32 - nRF51822 Bluetooth Low Energy system solution Introduction The …

3 Comparison Of Amateur Radio Digital Hotspots
COMPARISON OF AMATEUR RADIO DIGITAL HOTSPOTS My opinions based off personal experience with each 11-2016

4 Use Hm-10 As Ibeacon - Blueluminance.com
http://www.blueluminance.com/HM-10-as-iBeacon.pdf V3 Page 1 Using HM-10 BLE Modules as Low-Cost iBeacons This document will describe how to use an HM-10 Bluetooth …

5 Member Of The Ams Group - Simblee
RF Digital Corp. is a subsidiary of HEPTAGON which is now Member of the ams Group The technical content of this RF Digital Corporation (a …

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