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Up to the user to get the point :P # Connects to the database(s) msgstore = sqlite3.connect(options.infile) msgstore.row_factory = sqlite3.Row c1 = msgstore.cursor() c2 = msgstore.cursor() c3 = msgstore.cursor() # Check on platform try: c1.execute("SELECT * FROM ZWACHATSESSION") # if succeeded --> IPHONE mode mode = IPHONE print ("iPhone mode!\n") except: # if failed --> ANDROID …

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{"errors":{"hasError":true,"message":["AndroidRecyclerviewToCreateListLikeViewController handler class cannot be loaded","#0 [internal function]: Phalcon\\Mvc ...

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package jp.javadrive.android; import android.app.Activity; import android.os.Bundle; import android.widget.LinearLayout; import android.view.View; import android.view ...

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範例: import android.view.*; import android.widget.*; import android.content.ContentValues; import android.database.Cursor; import android.content.Context; import android.database.sqlite.SQLiteDatabase; import android.database.sqlite.SQLiteOpenHelper; public class MainActivity extends Activity { private SQLiteDatabase db; private MyDBHelper dbHelper; private static String DATABASE…

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abootimg,0.6+gitrX,GPL-2.0 android-apn-database,4.2.2+gitrX,Apache-2.0 android-headers-halium,7.1+gitrX,Apache-2.0 android-headers-halium,5.1+gitrX,Apache-2.0 android ...

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/// /// Name of the index to create /// Name of the database table /// Name of the column to index /// Whether the index should be unique public int CreateIndex (string indexName, string tableName, string columnName, bool unique = false) { return CreateIndex (indexName, tableName, new string[] { columnName }, unique); } /// /// Creates an index for the specified table and column.

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Convert local storage of poems to use Firebase Realtime Database ^^^^^ Users can keep a history of the poems they created and share their favorites. In the old version of Cannonball, the poems were stored locally, but in the updated version, Cannonball uses the `Firebase Realtime Database (RTDB) `__ to persist poems across different devices.

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/* * Copyright (C) 2011 The Android Open Source Project * * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); * you may not use this file except in ...

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# # List of USB ID's # # Maintained by Stephen J. Gowdy # If you have any new entries, please submit them via # http://www.linux-usb.org/usb-ids.html # or send ...