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Americans For Conservative Action

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1 Asian Americans And Race-conscious Admissions ...
use Asian Americans as a racial cover for their anti-affirmative action efforts. This time they are capitalizing on a unique and recent rise of Chinese American immigrant opposition to affirmative action.

2 The Newsletter Of Americans For The Arts Action Fund Vol ...
ArtsActionNews The Newsletter of Americans for the Arts Action Fund Anticipating Trump’s First 100 Days in Office New Congress: More Conservative, More Powerful

3 When Proportionality Equals Diversity: Asian Americans And ...
Action, 1-FALL NEXUS: J. OPINION 47, 64 (1996) (“We Asian Americans must not allow ourselves to be manipulated through backhanded compliments that perpetuate the ‘model minority’ myth, while degrading other people of color.”).

4 A Conservative Case For Climate Action - Clcouncil.org
8, 2017 RAZY as it may sound, this is the perfect time to enact a sensible policy to address the dangerous threat of climate change. Before you call us nuts, hear us out.

5 Conservative Action Project - Downloads.frc.org
CONSERVATIVE ACTION PROJECT The Conservative Action Project, chaired by former Attorney General Edwin Meese, is designed to facilitate conservative leaders …

6 Conservative Action Project - Files.ctctcdn.com
Belden Bell Goldens’ Pond Rae Bell Co-Chair, Heritage Legacy Docirty Quin Hillyer Veteran Conservative Columnist Rick Manning President Americans for Limited Government

7 Conservative Action Project - Media Research Center
Conservative Action Project April 30, 2015 Mr. David Rhodes President, CBS News 524 West 57th Street New York, NY 10019 Dear Mr. Rhodes: This past Sunday, Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council (FRC),

8 The Koch Brothers - Center For American Progress Action
Any attempt to understand the modern conservative movement will eventually lead to billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch. Using their vast wealth and connections, the Koch brothers are key players in bankrolling right-wing political action groups, think tanks, and individual politicians, using this array of political power to advance their ideological agenda of limited government and ...

9 Neither Black Nor White: Asian Americans And Affirmative ...
The linkage of Asian Americans and affirmative action, however, is an intentional maneuver by conservative politicians to provide a response to charges of racism.