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Abbreviated Words Dictionary

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1 Adjusting Occurrence Probabilities Of Automatically ...
Adjusting Occurrence Probabilities of Automatically-Generated Abbreviated Words in Spoken Dialogue Systems Masaki Katsumaru, Kazunori Komatani, Tetsuya Ogata, and Hiroshi G. Okuno

2 A Guide To Eighteenth-century English Vocabulary
A Guide to Eighteenth-Century English Vocabulary Jack Lynch 14 April 2006 This is nothing like a compr ehensive dictiona ry; don’t think for a minu te you can do witho ut a desk dictionary and the OED. But many once-common words don’t appear in modern dictionaries, or have senses different from their modern equivalents, and may not be glossed in modern editions of eight eenth-ce ntury ...

3 Text Message Abbreviations - Bloomsbury International
Text Message Abbreviations and Chat Acronyms So, all of your English language classes are paying off1 and you’re finally getting the hang of2 speaking English.

4 List Of Title Word Abbreviations Word Abbreviation …
LIST OF TITLE WORD ABBREVIATIONS Page 1 WORD ABBREVIATION LANGUAGE(S) n.a. dut n.a. dut n.a. dut n.a. dut n.a. dut-ag. fin n.a. fin-as. fin n.a. fin dut

5 Hybrid Text Mining For Finding Abbreviations And Their ...
Hybrid text mining for finding abbreviations and their definitions Youngja Park, Roy J. Byrd IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center P.O. Box 704, Yorktown Heights

6 Abbreviations: A Unified Analysis Of Acronym Words ...
Abbreviations: A Unified Analysis of Acronym Words, Clippings, Clipped Compounds, and Hypocoristics Thesis submitted for the M.A Degree at Tel-Aviv University by: Gila Zadok Thesis Advisor: Dr. Outi Bat-El October, 2002 . Acknowledgements Although writing is a painstaking solitary task, this work would not have been possible if it were not for the guidance and support of the people …

7 Abbreviations List - Oxford Classical Dictionary
Oxford Classical Dictionary – Abbreviations List B. Authors and Books Note: [- -] names of authors or works in square brackets indicate false or doubtful attributions

8 Optical Abbreviations & Glossary
OPTICAL ABBREVIATIONS 20/20 best vision ≈ approximate ∆ prism diopter º degree of prism < less than > greater than ↑ increase ↓ decrease ♀ female

9 Abbreviations In Italian - Amadio, Inc
If two words abbreviated using the rule above lead to the same abbreviation, one syllable will be added to the longer word. For example: Purchase acquisto acq. Acquisition acquisizione acquis. Abbreviations as Word Contractions As an alternative to this method, abbreviations can be constructed by contracting the word. This is done using the first syllable (two if the first is a vowel) and the ...

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DIVISION OF WATER PLANNING Water Words Dictionary Abbreviations and Acronyms 3 DWP Division of Water Planning (DCNR, also NDWP) EA Environmental Assessment (NEPA)

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