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$ 15 Per Hour Minimum Wage

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1 This Guide Is For Employers Who Hire Teenage Workers
Minors 16 and older covered by Michigan’s Minimum Wage Law must be paid at least $5.15 per hour effective 09/01/97. ... Michigan Minimum Wage Law, ...

2 Department Of Labour
MINIMUM WAGE TABLES. ... PER HOUR ( PER DAY ( PER WEEK (Tick applicable block) ... Department of Labour Other titles:

3 Statutory Overview – Sca
For these contracts, SCA merely requires compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act minimum wage (currently $5.15 per hour). SCA Exemptions .

4 Contract Of Employment - Department Of Labour
If the employee works on a Sunday he/she shall be paid double the wage for each hour ... There is no prescribed minimum ... in a contract of employment but any ...

5 Personal Care Section Ii - Medicaid.mmis.arkansas.gov
The beneficiary must earn at least minimum wage or be actively ... to nor included in the eight-hour per month benefit limit that applies to ... per 15 minutes ...

6 Contract Of Employment For Domestic Worker
FOR. DOMESTIC WORKER. ... Overtime will not exceed 15 hours per week; ... At least once a year to keep up with changes to minimum wage.

7 South African Statutes - Fp&m Seta
‘wage’ means the amount of money paid or payable ... Percentage of qualified wage to be paid as allowance Minimum allowance per week ... ( per hour ( per day ...

8 Government Of Himachal Pradesh - Hp Pwd Office
Government of Himachal Pradesh shall mean ... compensation as per sub para 6 above. a) The minimum wage of an unskilled ... per day per hour ...

9 Your Next - Isoslayer.com
For seven years I wrote a monthly column “Your Next ... If you have 1500 gallons of water carried on two rigs with 500 minimum per ... vacation hours and sick hour ...

10 Administrative And Residual - Connecticut
The amount of agency service fee shall not exceed the minimum applicable dues ... benefits and duties at the wage rates in ... a sum of $1.00 per hour shall be ...

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