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$4.00 Prescription List

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1 $4 Prescription Program - Walmart.com
List may change and vary by state. Prescriptions must initially be filled in person. Refills must be picked up in store. No substitutions or mail orders. Prices may be higher in some states. Certain plans may entitle you to pay less. See Walmart.com or pharmacist for details. * These drugs may be priced higher in CA, HI, MN, MT, PA, TN, WI, WY. …

2 Target’s Generic Drug List – Pdf
PHARMACY ® $4 and $10 Generic Medication List (sorted by disease state) PHARMCMY®Mnt $410M1edMiMdenepMHrsRafuAMgal-RMgIRRa $4icia01$4d flCtmdoyafoPYR caenhvR/O

3 4 10 Generic Medication List - 4 Dollar Drugs
$4 and $10 Generic Medication List Medication Name/ Strength/Dosage Form $4 QTY $10 QTY A Acyclovir 200 mg Capsule 30 90 Albuterol 2 mg/5mL Syrup 120 mL 360mL

4 More Than 300 Generic Prescriptions Are Just $4
More than 300 generic prescriptions are just $4 each!* For your convenience, this medication list is displayed by the most common use (health category).

5 Arthritis & Pain Infections Glaucoma & Eye Care
The Low Cost Generics Drug List represents a summary of products included in the CVS Caremark PriceProgram. This is not an all inclusive list. Products that are not represented on this list may be subject to plan-specific copayment. Void where prohibited by law. Your prescription benefit plan design may apply restrictions, regardless of the drugs …

6 4 And $10 Generic Medication List - Target
PHARMACY ® $4 and $10 Generic Medication List (sorted by disease state) Page 9 of 13 PMY — 2010 Marketing Style Sheet PTOG PY 59342_Ne tiPot-017.eps

7 Generic Drug Name/strength Form $4.00 $10.00 …
GENERIC DRUG NAME/STRENGTH FORM $4.00 $10.00 $9.00 $24.00 Rx Saver’s Club Generic Medication Program covers up to the quantity specified for each eligible drug. Most quantities are based on a course of therapy at commonly prescribed dosages. Prices for greater than the specified quantity are prorated based on the $4 and $10 …

8 Hundreds Of Choices. More Every Day. - H-e-b
Hundreds of Choices. More Savings Every Day. $8 and $12 Generics Also Available. Based on 30-day supply at commonly prescribed doses EFF. DATE 09/2017 List subject to change. 30 Day Qty. 30 Day Cost 90 Day Cost 90 Day Qty. 30 Day Qty. 30 Day Cost 90 Day Cost 90 Day Qty. Best value on a 90 day supply! ALLERGIES, COLD AND …

9 Brookshire’s Prescription Program Drug List
Brookshire’s Prescription Program Drug List $3.99 for 30 day supply / $6.99 for 60 day supply / $9.99 for 90 day supply Drug Strength Form 30 D

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