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1 Where My Heart Breaks (A Willoughby Inn Love Story, #1) - Ivy Sinclair
Auteur : Ivy Sinclair
Genre : Contemporain
A tragic literary love story comes to life in the most unexpected way for a woman haunted by her past mistakes.

Trust is in short supply for Kate Spivey when she is sentenced to spend the summer before her senior year of college under the watchful eye of her aunt at the remote, but famous Willoughby Inn. Kate’s mission is to prove that she has learned from her mistakes. 

Almost immediately, Kate is drawn to someone else who understands the unfairness of being judged by actions of the past. Reed Black has his own regrets, but, instead of trying to change the town’s perception of him, he embraced it. 

When Reed offers to give Kate a crash course in the romanticized history and insight behind the novel that put the Willoughby Inn on the map, Kate is unable can’t resist playing along, even though she knows that just like the plot of the Willou

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3 In Connection with the De Willoughby Claim - Frances Hodgson Burnett
Auteur : Frances Hodgson Burnett
Genre : Action et aventure
It is typically an American novel, which, in its subtle, tragic performance, lays a tremendous hold upon the reader's sympathies…. The striking originality of the plot, the intensely dramatic climaxes, and the low, sweet thrills of happiness which are in such direct contrast, give the book a weirdness and a fascination that are hard to shake off.


4 Willoughby - Abhay Adil
Auteur : Abhay Adil
Genre : Poésie
Willoughby is a poem inspired by "The Twilight Zone” episode “A stop at Willoughby”. This ebook contains the single poem and the explanation and interpretation by the poet of both the poem and the “The Twilight Zone” episode which inspired it.


5 A Better Understanding of Intermediate Microeconomics and Intermediate Macroeconomics - Grace Metushi, Noor Abou-Ghaida, Austin Hogg, Noah Willoughby & Romain Ducasse
Auteur : Grace Metushi, Noor Abou-Ghaida, Austin Hogg, Noah Willoughby & Romain Ducasse
Genre : Économie
“A Better Understanding of Intermediate Microeconomics and Intermediate Macroeconomics” is a fundamental resource for students in high school and college to expand on what they previously learned in principles. Covering topics such as externalities, budget constraints, labor markets, and competitive firms and many other concepts that are relevant at the intermediate level of economics. 

This book has been compiled by the Wayne State University Economics Club. The members that contributed to the research and development of this book included Grace Metushi, Noor Abou-Ghaida, Austin Hogg, Noah Willoughby, Romain Ducasse.


6 The Big-Flavor Grill - Chris Schlesinger & John Willoughby
Auteur : Chris Schlesinger & John Willoughby
Genre : Techniques
The best-selling team of chef Chris Schlesinger and Cook's Illustrated executive editor John Willoughby present a radically simple method of applying flavor boosters to ingredients hot off the grill, maximizing flavor and dramatically reducing grilling time over traditional marinades.

Schlesinger and Willoughby wield spices and condiments from around the world masterfully in these 130 minimal preparation, maximum flavor recipes inspired by Asian, Mediterranean, Latin, and Caribbean cuisine. In contrast to grilling books that require long-lead marinating and time-consuming steps, The Big Flavor Grill's no-fuss approach means lightning-quick prep and grill times. Their new take on using spice rubs to coat ingredients before they go over the coals trumps traditional marinating by providing stronger, better-defined flavors--and rubs can be used at the last min

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7 Baby-led Weaning - Gill Rapley & Tracey Murkett
Auteur : Gill Rapley & Tracey Murkett
Genre : Cuisine et vin
The fully updated and revised edition of Baby-led Weaning is a practical and authoritative guide to introducing solid food, enabling your child to grow up a happy and confident eater. It shows parents why baby-led weaning makes sense and gives them the confidence to trust their baby's natural skills and instincts.

Filled with practical tips for getting started and the low-down on what to expect, Baby-led Weaning explodes the myth that babies need to be spoon-fed and shows why self-feeding from the start is the healthiest way for your child to develop. Your baby is allowed to decide how much they want to eat, how to eat it and to experiment with everything at their own pace.

Baby-led weaning is a common-sense, safe, easy and enjoyable approach to feeding your baby. No more purées and weaning spoons, and no more mealtime battles. Simply let your baby

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8 The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down - Haemin Sunim & Chi-Young Kim
Auteur : Haemin Sunim & Chi-Young Kim
Genre : Spiritualité
"Is it the world that's busy, or is it my mind?"

The world moves fast, but that doesn't mean we have to. In this timely guide to mindfulness, Haemin Sunim, a Buddhist monk born in Korea and educated in the United States, offers advice on everything from handling setbacks to dealing with relationships and loved ones, in a beautiful book combining his teachings with calming full-colour illustrations. Even as we speed toward what comes next, Haemin Sunim's messages of encouragement speak directly to the anxieties that have become part of modern life and remind us of the strength and joy that come from slowing down.

Overwhelmingly popular in his native Korea, Haemin Sunim is a spiritual leader whose teachings transcend religions and borders and resonate with people of all ages. With insight and compassion drawn from a life full of change, he shows, as mill

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9 I Capture the Castle - Dodie Smith
Auteur : Dodie Smith
Genre : Romans et littérature
'I write this sitting in the kitchen sink' is the first line of this timeless, witty and enchanting novel about growing up. Cassandra Mortmain lives with her bohemian and impoverished family in a crumbling castle in the middle of nowhere. Her journal records her life with her beautiful, bored sister, Rose, her fadingly glamorous stepmother, Topaz, her little brother Thomas and her eccentric novelist father who suffers from a financially crippling writer's block. However, all their lives are turned upside down when the American heirs to the castle arrive and Cassandra finds herself falling in love for the first time.

6,99 €

10 Your Baby Week By Week - Simone Cave & Dr Caroline Fertleman
Auteur : Simone Cave & Dr Caroline Fertleman
Genre : Forme et santé
Finding out what to expect during each week of pregnancy is easy; the shops are heaving with informative guides. Yet when the baby finally arrives and you are left to face the weeks of unpredictability and worry that a newborn baby brings, there are no week-by-week baby manuals to offer the advice, information and reassurance you need.

Your Baby Week By Week is the guide you've been crying out for. Each chapter covers just one week of a baby's development, and, ideal for tired and anxious parents, the week is divided into sections so that you can quickly and easily skim the chapter and find the information you're looking for. It covers the basics - sleep, feeding, crying, washing, play and development - as well as being packed full of vital information and handy tips for checking a baby's progress, including:

- which vaccinations he needs and when
- how

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11 Je réussis mes vidéos sur YouTube avec les p'tits codeurs - Nick Willoughby
Auteur : Nick Willoughby
Genre : Jeux et activités
Mettre en ligne ses vidéos sur YouTube enfin accessible aux juniors !
Ce livre dédié à YouTube permettra aux enfants grâce à son aspect ludique et visuel de partager avec leurs amis toutes leurs vidéos YouTube.

Au programme :
Utiliser une caméra vidéo
Enregistrer le son
Utiliser des éclairages
Monter les vidéos
Partager les vidéos sur YouTube

Public : enfants dès 7 ans

8,99 €

12 Evangelism and the Soul Winner - D. L. Moody, Charles Spurgeon, R. A. Torrey & G. Campbell Morgan
Auteur : D. L. Moody, Charles Spurgeon, R. A. Torrey & G. Campbell Morgan
Genre : Christianisme
EVANGELISM AND THE SOUL WINNER is a powerful collection of some of the greatest classic writings on evangelism, witnessing and seeking the lost. Be challenged and inspired by Charles Spurgeon, D. L. Moody, R. A. Torrey, Samuel Brengle and others who have experienced revival and moves of God first-hand!
* This is not a cheap scanned copy, but a fully searchable and formatted collection!

Includes the FULL text of:
• WORDS TO WINNERS OF SOULS – by Horatius Bonar (1877). 5 Chapters.
• TO THE WORK! TO THE WORK! – by D. L. Moody (1884). 9 Chapters.
• HOW TO BRING MEN TO CHRIST – by R. A. Torrey (1893). 13 Chapters.
• THE SOUL WINNER – by Charles Spurgeon (1895). 15 Chapters.
• THE SOUL WINNER’S SECRET – by Samuel Brengle (1900). 19 Chapters.
• EVANGELISM – by G. Campbell Morgan (1904). 5 Chapters.


13 The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (and Your Children Will Be Glad That You Did) - Philippa Perry
Auteur : Philippa Perry
Genre : Famille - parents
'Hugely warm, wise, hopeful and encouraging' Alain de Botton
'So clear and true ... Helpful for all relationships in life, not just parent-child' Nigella Lawson

Every parent wants their child to be happy and every parent wants to avoid screwing them up. But how do you achieve that?

In this absorbing, clever and funny book, renowned psychotherapist Philippa Perry tells us what really matters and what behaviour it is important to avoid - the vital dos and don'ts of parenting.

Instead of mapping out the 'perfect' plan, Perry offers a big-picture look at the elements that lead to good parent-child relationships. This refreshing, judgement-free book will help you to:

· Understand how your own upbringing may affect your parenting
· Accept that you will make mistakes and learn what you can do about them
· Break

10,99 €

14 Ina May's Guide to Childbirth - Ina May Gaskin
Auteur : Ina May Gaskin
Genre : Forme et santé
The international bestseller that has helped millions of women trust in their body - and their baby - and give birth without fear

Drawing on over 40 years' experience, internationally acclaimed midwife Ina May Gaskin shows you how to use the mind-body connection to help labour progress calmly and safely.

In Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, she shares:

- Inspiring real-life stories that show what a positive experience childbirth can be
- What happens during labour and the true capabilities of the female body
- How to create a comfortable environment for birth in any setting
- Tips for maximising your chances of a relaxed and joyful birth experience

Read by millions of women around the world, this reassuring and practical guide will take the fear out of childbirth and restore your faith in the power of your body. Wit

10,99 €

15 The Gentle Sleep Book - Sarah Ockwell-Smith
Auteur : Sarah Ockwell-Smith
Genre : Forme et santé
The Gentle Sleep Book offers gentle, reassuring and effective solutions to addressing the common sleep problems of newborns to five-year-olds.

Sarah Ockwell-Smith's methods don't involve common sleep-training techniques such as controlled crying and pick up/put down, instead she treads a carefully balanced line between the needs of sleep-deprived parents and those of the child.

The Gentle Sleep Book offers reliable, evidence-based advice on how to approach common issues including frequent waking, night terrors and night dryness, as well as practical suggestions tailored to each developmental stage, such as how to create the perfect sleep environment and bedtime routine, the effect of diet and how to use comfort objects effectively. All the information is supported by in-depth case studied to demonstrate how parents have used the suggesti

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16 Happy Mum, Happy Baby - Giovanna Fletcher
Auteur : Giovanna Fletcher
Genre : Famille et relations

Sunday Times Number One Bestseller Happy Mum Happy Baby is now a Number One podcast.

A positive and uplifting book about what it is to be a mother and all things mum and baby by Celebrity Mum of the Year and phenomenally popular vlogger, author, TV presenter and actress Giovanna Fletcher.

Being a mum is an incredible journey, a remarkable experience that changes how we look, how we feel, who we are. As mothers we are strong, protective, proud. We feel a love like no other.

But being a parent can be hard too. It challenges us physically, mentally, emotionally. There are the days where just managing to fit a shower in amidst the endless feeding, entertaining young children and surviving on a lack of sleep feels like an achievement. With so many people ready to offer 'advice'

4,49 €

17 The Temple - Its Ministry and Services as they were at the time of Jesus Christ - Alfred Edersheim
Auteur : Alfred Edersheim
Genre : Étude biblique
In this classic work, Alfred Edersheim (1825 –1889) provides a detailed look at the Temple, the Priesthood, the Sacrificial system and Jewish Festivals. Edersheim himself was a Messianic Jew and gives great insights from historical sources, Jewish tradition and teaching. He was a well-known pastor and scholar, ministering in Scotland and England. He is also famous for his books “The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah” and “Sketches of Jewish Social Life.”

• 19 in-depth chapters

** Now also available in the "Alfred Edersheim Collection, 3-in-1: Sketches, The Temple, Jesus the Messiah **

0,99 €

18 The Gentle Parenting Book - Sarah Ockwell-Smith
Auteur : Sarah Ockwell-Smith
Genre : Famille - parents
Parenting trends come and go. Gentle parenting is different - it isn't a label for a precise set of rules but a method of parenting that embraces the needs of parent and child, while being mindful of current science and child psychology. It means parenting with empathy, respect, understanding - and boundaries.
In The Gentle Parenting Book, Sarah Ockwell-Smith provides a trustworthy combination of what-to-expect information and gentle-parenting solutions to the most common challenges faced by parents with young children. Sarah addresses a wide variety of topics, including coping with a crying baby, introducing solid foods and creating healthy eating habits, potty training, starting nursery and school, sibling rivalry, tantrums, whining and sulking, aggressive behaviour and much more.
And for those parents who have previously used a more authoritarian style of parenting, t

6,49 €

19 The Pelvic Floor Bible - Jane Simpson
Auteur : Jane Simpson
Genre : Forme et santé
Have you ever laughed so much you wet yourself - just a little bit? Or found yourself crossing your legs on the doorstep frantically searching for your keys? Do you get up at night to go to the toilet more than once?

An estimated 200 million people around the world suffer from some form of urinary incontinence. It's an embarrassing problem that affects women disproportionately as a result of pregnancy and childbirth.

In The Pelvic Floor Bible, Jane Simpson argues that it's time for us all to feel the squeeze and celebrate the wonder of our pelvic floor muscles. She shows you how to incorporate pelvic floor exercises as part of your daily routine in order to prevent issues in later life and cure existing problems now. Learn how to treat common problems such as stress incontinence, overactive bladder and prolapse, get back into shape post-pregnancy and enjo

9,49 €

20 Top 7 Rules and Exercises of the Christian Faith: Didache, Rule of St Augustine, Rule of St Benedict, Book of Pastoral Rule, Rule of St Francis, Exercises of St Ignatius, Way of Perfection - St. Francis of Assisi
Auteur : St. Francis of Assisi
Genre : Christianisme
The Top 7 Rules and Exercises of the Christian Faith brings together some of the greatest writings on discipline and the monastic life ever penned. These writings have inspired countless believers to holiness, humility and self-discipline and have helped shape the life and witness of the Church. 

Besides the more well-known rules such as the Rule of St. Benedict, the Rule of St. Francis and the Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, this collection also includes the earliest known Christian writing outside the New Testament (the Didache), and two rules originally written for women (The Rule of St. Augustine and The Way of Perfection).

This collection has been formatted for your Kindle, is fully searchable and has an optimized Table of Contents.

Included in this fantastic volume are:
• The Didache (Teaching of the Twelve Apostles)
• T

4,49 €

21 The Life and Works of A. B. Simpson (50-in-1) - A. B. Simpson
Auteur : A. B. Simpson
Genre : Étude biblique
A. B. Simpson (Albert Benjamin Simpson) was a pastor, evangelist and theologian who was passionate for reaching the lost wherever they might be. He founded the Christian and Missionary Alliance, started missionary periodicals, wrote dozens of books and stirred North America with his call to global evangelism! He made famous the "fourfold gospel" that Jesus is "Savior, Healer, Sanctifier and Soon Coming King." A friend of D. L. Moody, Andrew Murray and F. B. Meyer, he left his impact on North America and the world through his writings and missionary conventions! It is our hope that as you read this collection of his writings you will be inspired and strengthened in your walk in Christ.

This is a very LARGE collection, carefully edited and includes an active Table of Contents, as well as a Quick Table of Contents at the beginning for easy navigation. (Just click the “Look ins

3,99 €

22 How to Be a Mindful Drinker - Laura Willoughby MBE, Dr Jussi Tolvi, Dru Jaeger & The Club Soda Community
Auteur : Laura Willoughby MBE, Dr Jussi Tolvi, Dru Jaeger & The Club Soda Community
Genre : Développement personnel
Change your relationship with alcohol for the better

Are your hangovers getting worse? Is drinking affecting your mood, your health, or your relationships? Is it time to think about your drinking habits? Club Soda, the mindful drinking movement that has enabled thousands to change, is here to help you cut down, stop for a bit, or quit.

When you drink mindfully, you become more aware of how your body and mind are affected by alcohol. Drawing on highly successful behaviour change tools and techniques, How to Be a Mindful Drinker is designed to guide you towards more moderate drinking habits, so that you can live the life you want and put alcohol in its place.

Alongside advice and guidance from Club Soda members, the book includes tools to help you track your progress, deal with triggers and social stresses, and stay on track for the long term

23 L'école des étoiles T1 - Holly Willoughby & Kelly Willoughby
Auteur : Holly Willoughby & Kelly Willoughby
Genre : Romans
Les jumelles Maria et Molly sont folles de bonheur d'avoir été admises à L'Étoile, la prestigieuse école qui forme les plus grandes stars. En plus, elles vont bientôt devoir montrer l'étendue de leurs talents lors d'un gala !

Hélas, cet événement va faire ressortir le pire caractère de certaines de leurs camarades, notamment l'affreuse Lucinda. Et les jumelles, avec leur nouvelle amie Pippa, vont devoir se serrer les coudes pour avoir une chance de briller en public.

Les trois amies sont-elles prêtes à tout pour devenir des stars ? Elles sont venues à L'Étoile pour apprendre à perfectionner leur art, mais elles vont surtout découvrir que rien n'est plus fort que l'amitié.
Deux sœurs et une nouvelle amie. Trois fois plus de rire et d'amitié.

8,99 €

24 L'école des étoiles T2 - Holly Willoughby & Kelly Willoughby
Auteur : Holly Willoughby & Kelly Willoughby
Genre : Romans
Les vacances de Noël touchent à leur fin. C’est le moment pour Molly et Maria, les sœurs jumelles, ainsi que pour leur amie Pippa de se retrouver pour un nouveau trimestre à L'Étoile. Dans cette prestigieuse école qui forme les futures stars, elles sont devenues inséparables.

Cette rentrée s’annonce parfaite car Lucinda, leur ennemie jurée, est partie de l’école. Enfin débarrassées de cette peste, les trois amies comptent bien profiter de leur tranquillité. Sauf que rien ne va se passer comme prévu...

Au programme de ce deuxième trimestre  : recevoir la visite d’un membre de la famille royale britannique pour fêter le centenaire de l’école, partir en quête d’une rose légendaire et tenter d’éduquer un chiot un peu turbulent... Des aventures qui souderont leur amitié pour la vie  !

L’amitié, c’est plus fort

8,99 €

25 Government and Administration of the United States - Westel W. Willoughby & William F. Willoughby
Auteur : Westel W. Willoughby & William F. Willoughby
Genre : États-Unis
These chapters were originally prepared for and used as a manual in the public schools of the District of Columbia. In a revised and amplified form they are now published as one of Johns Hopkins University Studies in History and Politics.
The aim of this revision is to furnish assistance to students beginning the study of the history and practical workings of our political institutions. It is not the purpose to furnish a complete text-book upon the government of the United States and its administration, but, by a clear, concise statement of the salient points of our federal system, and a description of the actual workings of the characteristic features of our institutions, to give to the student a better understanding of the manner in which the same are administered, than is to be obtained from the ordinary text-books on Civil Government.
These Outlines are intended as an aid

2,99 €

26 The Marriage Paradox - Brian J. Willoughby & Spencer L. James
Auteur : Brian J. Willoughby & Spencer L. James
Genre : Psychologie
Marriage has been declared dead by many scholars and the media. Marriage rates are dropping, divorce rates remain high, and marriage no longer enjoys the prominence it once held. Especially among young adults, marriage may seem like a relic of a distant past. Yet young adults continue to report that marriage is important to them, and they may not be abandoning marriage, as many would assume. The Marriage Paradox explores both national U.S. data and a smaller sample of emerging adults to find out how they really view marriage today. Interspersed with real stories and insight from emerging adults themselves, this book attempts to make sense of the increasingly paradoxical ways that young adults are thinking about marriage. The combination of national trends, statistical findings, and quotations from emerging adults makes for a deep exploration of why we see the marital trends of today, an

48,99 €

27 Willoughby v. Willoughby - Supreme Court of Kansas
Auteur : Supreme Court of Kansas
Genre : Droit
The opinion of the court was delivered by This was an action brought in the Johnson County district court
by appellee Audra Willoughby, hereinafter referred to as
plaintiff, against appellant John Willoughby, hereinafter
referred to as defendant, for division of property and alimony,
under G.S. 1949, 60-1518, resulting from a decree of divorce
granted the husband in the state of Nevada. From the judgment
entered by the trial court, defendant appeals. Defendant, a widower, and plaintiff, a widow, were married in
California in 1946. No children were born of the marriage.
Defendant was a regional sales supervisor for a Kansas City life
insurance company, his territory embracing several of the central
and western states.

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28 A Primer for Teaching Women, Gender, and Sexuality in World History - Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks & Urmi Engineer Willoughby
Auteur : Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks & Urmi Engineer Willoughby
Genre : Histoire
A Primer for Teaching Women, Gender, and Sexuality in World History is a guide for college and high school teachers who are teaching women, gender, and sexuality in history for the first time, for experienced teachers who want to reinvigorate their courses, for those who are training future teachers to prepare their own syllabi, and for teachers who want to incorporate these issues into their world history classes. Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks and Urmi Engineer Willoughby present possible course topics, themes, concepts, and approaches while offering practical advice on materials and strategies helpful for teaching courses from a global perspective in today’s teaching environment for today’s students. In their discussions of pedagogy, syllabus organization, fostering students’ historical empathy, and connecting students with their community, Wiesner-Hanks and Willoughby draw reade

19,99 €

29 How To Read Human Nature - Its Inner States And Outer Forms - William Walker Atkinson & Willoughby De Broke
Auteur : William Walker Atkinson & Willoughby De Broke
Genre : Nature
This is William Walker Atkinson’s 1913 book, “How To Read Human Nature - Its Inner States And Outer Forms”. It is a comprehensive guide to the human condition that explores body language, personality, and character through the analyses of emotion, perspective, and mental attributes. This fascinating volume will be of utility to those with an interest in the development of early psychoanalysis, and is not to be missed by collectors of classic literature of this ilk. Contents include: “Inner State and Outer Form”, “The Inner Phase: Character”, “The Outer Phase: Personality”, “The Temperaments”, “Balances Temperaments”, “Mixed Temperaments”, “The Mental Qualities”, “The Egoistic Qualities”, etc. William Walker Atkinson (1862–1932) was a lawyer, author, and publisher. He was a famous occultist, and pioneered the New Thought movement. Many classic books

6,99 €

30 Higher Education Revolutions in the Gulf - Fatima Badry & John Willoughby
Auteur : Fatima Badry & John Willoughby
Genre : Éducation
Over the past quarter century, the people of the Arabian Peninsula have witnessed a revolutionary transformation in higher education. In 1990, there were fewer than ten public universities that offered their Arabic-language curricula in sex-segregated settings to national citizens only. In 2015, there are more than one hundred public, semi-public, and private colleges and universities. Most of these institutions are open to expatriates and national citizens; a few offer gender integrated instruction; and the language of instruction is much more likely to be in English than Arabic.

Higher Education Revolutions in the Gulf explores the reasons behind this dramatic growth. It examines the causes of the sharp shift in educational practices and analyses how these new systems of higher education are regulated, evaluating the extent to which the new universities and

43,99 €

31 Numbers - Louis Rogers & Dawn Willoughby
Auteur : Louis Rogers & Dawn Willoughby
Genre : Outils pédagogiques
Statistics and data for the non-specialist

*The Collins Academic Skills Series - winner of the ELTon 2014 Innovation in Learner Resources Award.*

At university you may be expected to analyse complex data and present your findings, whatever your area of study. Collins Academic Skills Series: Numbers gives you the skills you need to make sense of data and numbers and the confidence to use them effectively in your work.

Learn how to
• interpret statistics and data
• conduct surveys
• evaluate and question results
• present numerical information clearly

Collins Academic Skills Series: Numbers will help you to make the most of your time at university.

• Clear information and practical exercises
• Information on academic expectations – understand the requirements of studying at university
• Hel

9,99 €

32 Rabies E-Book - Pamela J. Wilson, Rodney E. Rohde, Ernest H. Oertli & Rodney E. Willoughby, Jr.
Auteur : Pamela J. Wilson, Rodney E. Rohde, Ernest H. Oertli & Rodney E. Willoughby, Jr.
Genre : Médecine
Written by leaders in medicine and veterinary medicine, this compact volume is a practical, up-to-date resource for information and recommendations on potential and actual rabies cases. Useful for medical, veterinary, and public health personnel, it helps you quickly determine the correct steps to follow regarding a possible rabies exposure, including assessing the situation, determining diagnosis and treatment options, and answering questions from patients and clients about the virus. Clear, concise explanations and illustrations ensure that you have the most up-to-date information available at your fingertips in time-sensitive situations.
Presents real-life examples of potential rabies exposures that can be readily accessed and implemented. Explains how to determine if postexposure prophylaxis (PEP) is warranted, provides patient education and prevention tips, and contains case st

77,99 €

33 Policy and Politics in State Budgeting - Kurt M. Thurmaier & Katherine G. Willoughby
Auteur : Kurt M. Thurmaier & Katherine G. Willoughby
Genre : Asie
States are the key to contemporary government reform efforts in the United States, but we know very little about their relative effectiveness at resource allocation and their actual capacity to absorb additional fiscal and managerial responsibilities. This path-breaking study examines state budget offices as institutional actors, with special attentio to the role of budget examiners. Drawing on empirical findings from field studies of eleven states in the American heartland, the authors demonstrate how budgeting at the state level has become more policy-oriented, requiring complex decision making by budget analysts. The incrementalist model of budgetary decision-making thus gives way to a multiple rationalities model. The authors illustrate the decision-making model with the story of two office examiners who have distinctly different orientations as they begin their work, and contrast th

36,99 €

34 Solar Cell Materials - Gavin J. Conibeer & Arthur Willoughby
Auteur : Gavin J. Conibeer & Arthur Willoughby
Genre : Ingénierie
This book presents a comparison of solar cell materials, including both new materials based on organics, nanostructures and novel inorganics and developments in more traditional photovoltaic materials.

It surveys the materials and materials trends in the field including third generation solar cells (multiple energy level cells, thermal approaches and the modification of the solar spectrum) with an eye firmly on low costs, energy efficiency and the use of abundant non-toxic materials.

129,99 €

35 Tadley CVpedia - Rupert Willoughby, Ian Burn & Tadley and District History Society
Auteur : Rupert Willoughby, Ian Burn & Tadley and District History Society
Genre : Europe
Tadley’s CV is the world’s first ‘Local CV’. It is a profile of the community of Tadley, Hampshire, UK, using a forward-looking history technique, based on the format of a CV (curriculum vitae). Tadley’s CV forms part of an initiative called ‘The National CV of Britain’ ( Provided with Tadley’s CV is Tadley’s CVpedia, an expanded description of local attributes and achievements. Tadley provided the witches' brooms for the Harry Potter films and made Spitfires during World War II. When a balloonist landed near the village in 1853 and enquired of his whereabouts, a local man's response provided the town with its nickname: 'Tadley, God help us!'. Tadley is the headquarters of The National CV Group. Tadley’s CV is provided as an exemplar: one day communities and organisations worldwide will have their own CVs, engender


36 Capitalist Imperialism, Crisis and the State - J Willoughby
Auteur : J Willoughby
Genre : Entreprise et management
How valid is the Marxian theory of imperialism? This book traces the historical development of the theory of imperialism, the internationalisation of capital and theories of capitalist nation-state formation

38,99 €

37 The Greco Roman Cult of Isis - Harold R. Willoughby
Auteur : Harold R. Willoughby
Genre : Religion et spiritualité
Isis was a mother-goddess personifying the power of life in nature and the unquenchable human hope for a final triumph in the conflict of life with death. She also embodied the beneficent influences of culture and religion; for she had taught men the arts and government and the mysteries. She dominated the Hellenistic cult quite as Demeter held supreme place in the Eleusinian mysteries, or the Magna Mater in those that emanated from Phrygia. In the Hellenized worship of Isis, the significant ceremonials were those secret rites that had deep meaning for the individual. Reborn through the rite of initiation, the mystic believed himself born again to a superhuman life, the immortal life of the gods…

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38 Lanterns in the Dark - David Willoughby
Auteur : David Willoughby
Genre : Nouvelles
Lanterns in the Dark is a collection of short stories revolving around the darker side of the human psyche. It brings a certain lightness that only fiction can bring to issues of criminal intent, human breeding, and questions about the destructive capacity of society. So, even as the stories walk you in to the depths of the darkness, I will always makes sure to loft a lantern to light your way.

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39 Death and New Birth In Mithraism - Harold R. Willoughby
Auteur : Harold R. Willoughby
Genre : Religion et spiritualité
For Mithraism, soldiers were the best kind of missionaries. Mithra himself had been for long centuries the god of battles, and his cult was an exclusively masculine one. Soldiers, on the other hand, were pious to the point of being superstitious. The dangers to which they were constantly exposed caused them to seek the assurances of a religion that would guarantee safety for the present and salvation for the future. The oriental devotees of the militant god Mithra, who had found these assurances in his religion, were not in the least exclusive. They gladly welcomed and initiated their companions in arms as members of their cult brotherhoods. True to the camaraderie of soldier life, these neophytes in turn became missionaries for Mithra; and so the movement grew...

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40 The New Birth Experience In Hermeticism - Harold R. Willoughby
Auteur : Harold R. Willoughby
Genre : Religion et spiritualité
"Will it, and it comes to be. Stop the working of your bodily senses, and then will deity be born in you." – HERMES TRISMEGISTUS. On its metaphysical side Hermetic rebirth involved nothing less than deification. "This is the good; this is the consummation for those who have got gnosis--they enter into God," was the last word of the Shepherd of Men to his prophet before giving him his commission. Hermeticism emphatically maintained that it was perfectly possible for man, even while residing in the human body, to become deified. With this exalted thought of possibilities within human reach, the Hermetic … could ascend to heaven and make himself divine--such was the power of his ecstasy. "We must not shrink from saying," Hermes concluded, "that a man on earth is a mortal god, and that a god in heaven is an immortal man"…

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41 Storms v. City of Willoughby - United States Court Of Appeals For The Sixth Circuit
Auteur : United States Court Of Appeals For The Sixth Circuit
Genre : Droit
Per Curiam. Walter W. Storms appeals from the sua sponte dismissal of his defamation claims against two newspapers by Judge Aldrich of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio. Storms argues that the courts sua sponte dismissal was improper procedurally and that the court misinterpreted the applicable privilege statute.

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42 Willoughby v. State - Division IV Court of Appeals of Arkansas
Auteur : Division IV Court of Appeals of Arkansas
Genre : Droit
After the trial court denied his motion to suppress evidence, John Lynn Willoughby entered a conditional guilty plea to the charges of possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, and felon in possession of a firearm. The trial court sentenced him to ten years' imprisonment in the Arkansas Department of Correction with five and one-half years suspended. Pursuant to Ark.R.Crim.P. 24.3(b), Willoughby appeals the trial court's ruling, asserting that the trial court erred by denying his motion to suppress. We affirm. On December 13, 1999, Willoughby stopped at the Arkansas Highway Police Station on Interstate 40 near Alma. Officer Jack Stepp conducted a safety inspection of Willoughby's commercial truck. Stepp testified that during a typical inspection, an officer stops a commercial vehicle as it pulls up to the scales and checks the driver, his logbook, his fuel receipts

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43 In Connection with the De Willoughby Claim - Frances Hodgson Burnett
Auteur : Frances Hodgson Burnett
Genre : Histoire
Frances Eliza Hodgson Burnett is best known for writing books for kids, and her classic A Little Princess, originally published in 1905, is considered one of literature's best children's novels.

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44 Find Me at Willoughby Close - Kate Hewitt
Auteur : Kate Hewitt
Genre : Contemporain
Welcome to Willoughby Close… a charming cluster of cozy cottages, each with a story to tell and a happy ending to deliver…
Harriet Lang had the perfect life, so she's left reeling when everything is taken from her in one fell swoop. Suddenly, Harriet learns her beautiful farmhouse in the Cotswolds is double-mortgaged, her husband Richard’s been unceremoniously fired—and he’s become a little too close to his young, sexy assistant.

Harriet moves into Willoughby Close with her three children, trying to hold her head up high. With the help of her neighbor and newfound friend Ellie Matthews, Harriet starts to rebuild her life--but dipping a toe in the dating pool feels strange and meanwhile her children are struggling in different ways. She wonders if starting over is really possible...

Then Willoughby Close begins to weave its heali

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45 Willoughby's Return - Jane Odiwe
Auteur : Jane Odiwe
Genre : Histoire
A lost love returns, rekindling forgotten passions...

In Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, when Marianne Dashwood marries Colonel Brandon, she puts her heartbreak over dashing scoundrel John Willoughby in the past. 

Three years later, Willoughby's return throws Marianne into a tizzy of painful memories and exquisite feelings of uncertainty. Willoughby is as charming, as roguish, and as much in love with her as ever. And the timing couldn't be worse—with Colonel Brandon away and Willoughby determined to win her back, will Marianne find the strength to save her marriage, or will the temptation of a previous love be too powerful to resist?

Praise for Lydia Bennet's Story:

"A breathtaking Regency romp!"—Diana Birchall, author of Mrs. Darcy's Dilemma

"An absolute delight to read."—H

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46 The Wolves Of Willoughby Chase - Joan Aiken
Auteur : Joan Aiken
Genre : Action et aventure
1832 - a period of English History that never happened. Good King James III is on the throne and the country is ravaged by wolves which have migrated through the newly-opened Channel Tunnel. When Sylvia and Bonnie (both orphans) fall into the hands of evil Miss Slighcarp, they must use all their wits to escape unscathed - for the governess is more cruel and merciless than the wolves that surround the great house of Willoughby Chase.

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47 Mrs. Willoughby's Octave. A tale. - Emma Marshall
Auteur : Emma Marshall
Genre : Classiques
The NOVELS OF THE 18th & 19th CENTURIES collection includes books from the British Library digitised by Microsoft. The collection includes major and minor works from a period which saw the development and triumph of the English novel. These classics were written for a range of audiences and will engage any reading enthusiast.

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48 Bernard Willoughby v. State Indiana - Fifth District Court of Appeals of Indiana
Auteur : Fifth District Court of Appeals of Indiana
Genre : Droit
Appeal from Johnson district court; RONALD W. NELSON, Judge pro tem. Opinion filed June 5, 1998. Affirmed.

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49 Orloff v. Willoughby - Supreme Court of the United States
Auteur : Supreme Court of the United States
Genre : Droit
Petitioner presents a novel case. Admitting that he was lawfully inducted into the Army, he asks the courts, by habeas corpus, to discharge him because he has not been assigned to the specialized duties nor given the commissioned rank to which he claims to be entitled by the circumstances of his induction. The petitioner had passed the ages liable to induction except under the Universal Military Training and Service Act, 50 U. S. C. App. § 454 (i)(1)(A), which authorizes conscription of certain "medical and allied specialist categories." The statute sets up a priority system for calling such specialists, the first liable being those who received professional training at government expense during World War II and who have served less than ninety days since completion of such training. As a doctor who had received training under this program, Orloff was subject to this provision and was

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50 Ernest E. Willoughby v. State Florida - Third District. District Court of Appeal of Florida
Auteur : Third District. District Court of Appeal of Florida
Genre : Droit
Per Curiam. These five appeals present a single question. In each instance the defendant-appellant was convicted of a felony in the Criminal Court of Record of Dade County, Florida. The issue presented in each appeal is whether the judgment is erroneous and must be reversed for a new trial because the record does not affirmatively show that the defendant was accorded and waived the opportunity to present argument at the close of the non-jury trial.

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