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1 2017 California Driver Handbook - California Department of Motor Vehicles
Auteur : California Department of Motor Vehicles
Genre : Education
This California Driver handbook includes interactive features, complete with quizzes and videos, which bring the driving learning experience to a whole new level. This is an innovative and fun way of learning how to become a safer driver on our roadways and highways. It offers a comprehensive overview of the rules of the road and includes the following topics: how to acquire a new license or renew an existing license, a summary of standard road signs, safe driving tips, and how to properly share the road with other vehicles, mass transit, pedestrians, and cyclists.

2 Florida Class E Driver License Handbook - Florida Dept. Of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
Auteur : Florida Dept. Of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
Genre : Study Aids
The official Florida Driver License Handbook is critical to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) mission of providing highway safety and security and is an instrument through which the department educates motorists on driving laws in pursuit of a safer Florida. The handbook is an essential reference guide for anyone who currently holds or is seeking a Florida driver license and contains pertinent information on Florida’s road rules and regulations. The official Florida handbook helps ensure all readers effectively comprehend Florida traffic laws and regulations regarding the operation of a motor vehicle on Florida roads. The department encourages all drivers to download a copy of the official Florida Driver License Handbook, whether studying for a driver license written or skills exam or simply brushing up on safe driving practices. Visit us at flhsmv.go
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4 Manual del Automovilista de California 2016 - Departamento De Vehículos Motorizados De California
Auteur : Departamento De Vehículos Motorizados De California
Genre : Education
La versión digital del “Manual del automovilista de California” lleva su aprendizaje a otro nivel, al ofrecer materiales educativos interactivos en su dispositivo móvil para ayudarle a prepararse para tomar el examen teórico. Entre las principales características se encuentra la capacidad de repasar las reglas viales y temas sobre cómo obtener una licencia de manejar por primera vez o cómo renovar una ya existente; además, puede encontrar un resumen de las señales de tráfico básicas y consejos de manejo para compartir el camino con otros vehículos, transporte público, peatones y ciclistas.

5 Electric Vehicle Technologies and the i3 - David Bricknell
Auteur : David Bricknell
Genre : Transportation
This is a book about Electric Vehicles and, in particular, the BMW i3.  It covers the performance and technical information useful to the growing Electric Vehicle community that are different to those of an Internal Combustion Engine car, including: Dynamics, Battery, Charging, Motors and Drives, Cooling and Heating, and Range Extender.

6 Spearhead - Adam Makos
Auteur : Adam Makos
Genre : Military

“A band of brothers in an American tank . . . Makos drops the reader back into the Pershing’s turret and dials up a battle scene to rival the peak moments of Fury.”
The Wall Street Journal

From the author of the international bestseller A Higher Call comes the riveting World War II story of an American tank gunner’s journey into the heart of the Third Reich, where he will meet destiny in an iconic armor duel—and forge an enduring bond with his enemy.

When Clarence Smoyer is assigned to the gunner’s seat of his Sherman tank, his crewmates discover that the gentle giant from Pennsylvania has a hidden talent: He’s a natural-born shooter.

At first, Clare

7 The Most Dangerous Thing - Laura Lippman
Auteur : Laura Lippman
Genre : Hard-Boiled
“One of the best novelists around, period.”
—Washington Post

“Lippman has enriched literature as a whole.
—Chicago Sun-Times

One of the most acclaimed novelists in America today, Laura Lippman has greatly expanded the boundaries of mystery fiction and psychological suspense with her Tess Monaghan p.i. series and her New York Times bestselling standalone novels (What the Dead Know, Life Sentences, I’d Know You Anywhere, etc.). With The Most Dangerous Thing, the multiple award winning author—recipient of the Anthony, Edgar®, Shamus, and Agatha Awards, to name but a few—once again demonstrates how storytelling is done to perfection. Set once again in the well-wrought environs of Lippman’s beloved Baltimore, it is the shadowy tale of a group of onetime friends forced to confront a dark past they’ve each tried to bury following the death of

8 The Official Highway Code - DVSA The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
Auteur : DVSA The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
Genre : Transportation
When did you last read yours?

For over 80 years The Highway Code has been the official guide to using the roads safely and legally. It has contributed enormously to road safety and better journeys.

However, every day, on average five people are killed and around 60 people are seriously injured in road collisions. So it is as important as ever that all road users, including drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians, should update their knowledge of The Highway Code.

The Highway Code – for life, not just for learners.

9 The Perfect Vehicle: What It Is About Motorcycles - Melissa Holbrook Pierson
Auteur : Melissa Holbrook Pierson
Genre : Transportation
"This book, a polished, winding meditation on the theory and fractiousness of motorcycles, celebrates both their eccentric history and the wary pleasures of touring."—The New Yorker
In a book that is "a must for anyone who has loved a motorcycle" (Oliver Sacks), Melissa Pierson captures in vivid, writerly prose the mysterious attractions of motorcycling. She sifts through myth and hyperbole: misrepresentations about danger, about the type of people who ride and why they do so. The Perfect Vehicle is not a mere recitation of facts, nor is it a polemic or apologia. Its vivid historical accounts-the beginnings of the machine, the often hidden tradition of women who ride, the tale of the defiant ones who taunt death on the racetrack-are intertwined with Pierson's own story, which, in itself, shows that although you may think you know what kind of person rides a motorcycle, you probab

10 Emergency Vehicles - Snapshot Picture Library
Auteur : Snapshot Picture Library
Genre : Transportation
Get ready to see emergency vehicles in action! Accompanied by a read-along audio track, more than 70 colorful photos showcase all kinds of emergency vehicles. Rescue workers need emergency vehicles to help people in trouble. They ride in ambulances, fire trucks, helicopters, police cars, and other vehicles to speed to emergencies to rescue those in danger. 

Snapshot Picture Library books include a read-along feature: Children can read along with an audio track, following the highlighted words on each page. Perfect for pre-readers and early readers!

Kids will enjoy learning fun facts about emergency vehicles, and the more than 70 beautiful color photographs will delight anyone who loves emergency vehicles, especially toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary-school children. 

64 pages

70 color photos

11 Vehicle - Donald Towne
Auteur : Donald Towne
Genre : Adventure
Don is given the knowledge to build a vehicle so advanced its science looks more like magic. And no strings attached! Now if he can finish building it,keep it intact and away from his well meaning Govt. maybe he can do some good for mankind. And always in the back of his mind, he wonders "Why Me?"

12 The Complete SAS Survival Manual - Barry Davies
Auteur : Barry Davies
Genre : Outdoors
The essential survival training of the British Special Air Service (SAS). 360 color illustrations

13 The Smell of Kerosene: A Test Pilot's Odyssey - NASA Research Pilot Stories, XB-70 Tragic Collision, M2-F1 Lifting Body, YF-12 Blackbird, Apollo LLRV Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (NASA SP-4108) - Progressive Management
Auteur : Progressive Management
Genre : Engineering
This official NASA history document - converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction - is the fascinating account of the life of Donald Mallick, a NASA research test pilot. This book puts the reader in the pilot's seat for a "day at the office" unlike any other. It recounts the tragic 1966 mid-air collision with the XB-70; describes flights of the lifting body and YF-12 blackbird, and details work with the Apollo Lunar Landing Research Vehicle.

The Smell of Kerosene tells the dramatic story of a NASA research pilot who logged over 11,000 flight hours in more than 125 types of aircraft. Donald Mallick gives the reader fascinating firsthand descriptions of his early naval flight training, carrier operations, and his research flying career with NASA and its predecessor agency, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA).

Mallick joined the NA

14 The Official DVSA Guide to Driving – the essential skills (8th edition) - DVSA The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
Auteur : DVSA The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
Genre : Transportation
Whether you’re a learner, an experienced driver or a driving instructor, this book is packed full of advice that will help you stay safe on our roads. This comprehensive guide is THE industry standard driving manual. Learn how to get the most enjoyment from your driving with the correct skills, attitude and behaviour.

15 Construction Vehicles - Bob Carilli
Auteur : Bob Carilli
Genre : Transportation
A Front Loader, Scraper, Bobcat, Excavator, Dump Truck, Small Crane, Fork Lift, Sky Cranes, Cement Mixer and Cement Pump all come to life in this Multi-Touch Video Book designed to introduce Infants and Toddlers to Construction Vehicles.

16 2020 Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Law Police Manual - John Sofis Scheft, Esq.
Auteur : John Sofis Scheft, Esq.
Genre : Law
Let Law Enforcement Dimensions' ever popular 2020 Motor Vehicle Manual "drive home" Massachusetts' Chapter 90 laws! Easily navigate our "Cruiser Index" – the invaluable quick reference for offenses & rights of arrest. This manual thoroughly covers the key areas of: citations, operators, specialized vehicles, improper operation and so much more.

17 2019 California Peace Officers' Vehicle Code QWIK-CODE - LawTech Publishing Group
Auteur : LawTech Publishing Group
Genre : Law
Summaries of enforcement sections from the Vehicle Code, written in a clear, concise, easy-to-use format. Includes selected enforcement sections from the Business and Professions, Fish & Game, Food & Agriculture, Health & Safety, Public Resources, Public Utilities and Streets & Highways Codes. Also includes a Disabled Person / Veteran License Plate ID section, V.I.N. Guide and Guide for Traffic Collision Investigations.

18 Innovation Landscape brief: Electric-vehicle smart charging - International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
Auteur : International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
Genre : Power Resources
IRENA’s Innovation Landscape report highlights innovations in enabling technologies.

19 Black Run - Antonio Manzini
Auteur : Antonio Manzini
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers
Already an international hit, a sly, sizzling mystery—the first in a sensational crime series—set in the Italian Alps, reminiscent of the works of Andrea Camilleri, D. A. Mishani, Donna Leon, and Henning Mankell.

Getting into serious trouble with the wrong people, deputy prefect of police Rocco Schiavone is exiled to Aosta, a small, touristy alpine town far from his beloved Rome. The sophisticated and crotchety Roman despises mountains, snow, and the provincial locals as much as he disdains his superiors and their petty rules. But he loves solving crimes.

When a mangled body has been discovered on a ski run above Champoluc, Rocco immediately faces his first challenge—identifying the victim, a complex procedure complicated by his ignorance of the customs, dialect, and history of his new home. Proud and undaunted, Rocco makes his way among the ski runs, mountain

20 9 Amazing Lego Technic Military Vehicles - LForces
Auteur : LForces
Genre : Games
Here you will fine comparison between real and MOC models

21 Turning a Cargo Van Into a Road Trip Adventure Vehicle - Roger Steen
Auteur : Roger Steen
Genre : United States
The details you need to create a tiny, comfortable rolling home -- at reasonable cost -- and equip it for travel.

I think of road trips as my personal fight to make the world less boring, and this book will show you how to get your adventure at a decent price. You don’t really need a giant RV or trailer… you can happily explore, sleep, eat, and stay squeaky clean in a vancamper, customized using the suggestions in this book. And you won’t have to wade through fluff to get to the good stuff… This is a one-hour read, and it isn't theory or “seems like a good idea” kind of stuff. It's concise, real-world information based on experience. All meat and potatoes, very little parsley. 

The book also includes a bunch of useful links that I've accumulated over several years of vancamping, including virtually all of the best websites you can use to find free

22 Badass Prepper's Handbook - James Henry
Auteur : James Henry
Genre : Reference
Disaster can strike at any time with no warning. Most people aren’t forward thinking enough to prepare for the worst, others simply don’t have the skills needed to successfully prepare. That’s where the Badass Prepper’s Handbook comes in. Covering a wide variety of disaster scenarios with detailed instructions for what you need to do in each one, you’ll be ready for anything in no time at all. You’ll learn how to build shelters, how to store water and food, how to cook off the grid, how to evacuate safely and efficiently, and much, much more. With this ultimate guide in disaster survival, you’ll be ready to protect yourself, you family, your neighbors, and your pets, in all of the worst case scenarios.

23 Basic Survival - David Nash & James Wesley Rawles
Auteur : David Nash & James Wesley Rawles
Genre : Reference
Many people are beginning to become concerned by increasing natural disasters, global conflict, and political unrest and the smart ones want to do something about it. Unfortunately, increased awareness about disaster preparedness has caused an information overload. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information available. Basic Survival helps readers dig out from under the avalanche of preparedness information. It dispels myths, introduces concepts, and teaches the basics of how to start preparing for disaster. Author David Nash, a lifelong prepper and the author of 52 Prepper Projects and The Prepper’s Guide to Foraging outlines an all-hazards approach to disaster management similar to the ones used by the military and federal and state governments. Nash has over ten years of experience in government emergency management as a planner, a first

24 The Electric Vehicle Conversion Handbook HP1568 - Mark Warner
Auteur : Mark Warner
Genre : Transportation
A guide on how to convert any gas- or diesel-powered vehicle to electric power. Includes ownership advantages, basic EV operation, subsystems, components, basic EV operation, project vehicles, and conversion kits.

25 SAS Mountain and Arctic Survival - Barry Davies
Auteur : Barry Davies
Genre : Outdoors
It is difficult to imagine how anyone would enter into a polar or mountainous region unprepared. You’re prepared for your journey or you arrive by accident; for example, the aircraft you are traveling in has crash-landed over the frozen tundra, or your mode of transport has broken down in the wilderness. In all cases, providing you are uninjured, your chances of survival are good. Planned travel in a cold or mountainous environment should mean that you are well clothed and equipped.

In both winter and summer, the Northern Arctic offers an abundant supply of water and food; shelter can be found or constructed above and below the tree line. The real threat comes from the cold, injury, and simply doing nothing.

During the Second World War a number of service men became marooned in the arctic wasteland—most of them died. They did so because few ventured far from the

26 Concepts Vehicle 2013 - Charles Bombardier
Auteur : Charles Bombardier
Genre : Design
Explore 45 innovative vehicle concepts imagined and published by Charles Bombardier in 2013. Charles works with industrial designers from around the world to represent his ideas that range from submarines to spacecrafts.

27 Build Your Own Electric Vehicle, Third Edition - Seth Leitman & Bob Brant
Auteur : Seth Leitman & Bob Brant
Genre : Engineering

Thoroughly revised and expanded, Build Your Own Electric Vehicle, Third Edition, is your go-to guide for converting an internal combustion engine vehicle to electric or building an EV from the ground up. You'll also find out about the wide variety of EVs available for purchase and how they're being built. This new editiondetails all the latest breakthroughs, including AC propulsion and regenerative braking systems, intelligent controllers, batteries, and charging technologies.

Filled with updated photos, this cutting-edge resource fully describes each component--motor, battery, controller, charger, and chassis--and provides illustrated, step-by-step instructions on how to assemble all the parts. Exclusive web content features currentsupplier and dealer lists. Custom-built for environmentalists, engine

28 No Warriors, No Glory - Harold Coyle
Auteur : Harold Coyle
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers
Technology is changing the way wars are fought. Unmanned robots are used to drop bombs, launch missiles, and are even used in ground combat . . . but if things go wrong, who's really to blame?

In the ever-challenging deserts of Iraq, US army officer Nathan Dixon comes face to face with the future of warfare. Assigned to investigate a friendly fire incident involving a rogue unmanned ground combat vehicle, Dixon finds that behind every action lies a chain of hidden decisions. And this one placed hundreds, maybe thousands, of troops in harm's way.

Journalist Alex Hughes is out to expose the truth. As the insurgencies heat up around them, Dixon must weed through self-serving paramilitary contractors, fledging commanding officers, and soldiers willing to hide the facts at any cost, to discover who defines the rules of war without the soldier. And where does patrioti

29 Star Wars™ Encyclopedia of Starfighters and Other Vehicles - Landry Q. Walker
Auteur : Landry Q. Walker
Genre : General Nonfiction
The definitive guide to the vehicles from a galaxy far, far away... Learn all about your favorite Star Wars™ vehicles, from the A-wing to the Y-wing.

Don't know your X-wing from your Y-wing? Not sure what type of craft Slave I is? Look no further than the Star Wars Encyclopedia of Starfighters and Other Vehicles. From the swamps of Kashyyyk to the deserts of Jakku, from inner-city Coruscant to the vastness of hyperspace, this new Star Wars book will show you the right craft for the job. This handy guide is full of fun facts and intriguing information, guaranteed to enthrall fans for hours on end.

This encyclopedia features more than 200 weird and wonderful vehicles from the world of Star Wars, including ships and vehicles from the entire saga of movies as well as the television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars™ an

30 The Life of the Automobile - Steven Parissien
Auteur : Steven Parissien
Genre : Transportation
The Life of the Automobile is the first comprehensive world history of the car.

The automobile has arguably shaped the modern era more profoundly than any other human invention, and author Steven Parissien examines the impact, development, and significance of the automobile over its turbulent and colorful 130-year history. Readers learn the grand and turbulent history of the motor car, from its earliest appearance in the 1880s—as little more than a powered quadricycle—and the innovations of the early pioneer carmakers. The author examines the advances of the interwar era, the Golden Age of the 1950s, and the iconic years of the 1960s to the decades of doubt and uncertainty following the oil crisis of 1973, the global mergers of the 1990s, the bailouts of the early twenty-first century, and the emergence of the electric car.

This is not just a story of hor

31 Bottled Lightning - Seth Fletcher
Auteur : Seth Fletcher
Genre : Science & Nature
Lithium batteries may hold the key to an environmentally sustainable, oil-independent future. From electric cars to a "smart" power grid that can actually store electricity, letting us harness the powers of the sun and the wind and use them when we need them, lithium—a metal half as dense as water, found primarily in some of the most uninhabitable places on earth—has the potential to set us on a path toward a low-carbon energy economy.

In Bottled Lightning, the science reporter Seth Fletcher takes us on a fascinating journey, from the salt flats of Bolivia to the labs of MIT and Stanford, from the turmoil at GM to cutting-edge lithium-ion battery start-ups, introducing us to the key players and ideas in an industry with the power to reshape the world. Lithium is the thread that ties together many key stories of our time: the environmental movement; the Americ

32 How Your Car Works - Arvid Linde
Auteur : Arvid Linde
Genre : Transportation
Do you know how your car works? This book dissects and explains one of the finest inventions ever made. Written in a simple, jargon-free language and packed with illustrations and cutaways, it will suit everyone wishing to know more about what makes their car work.

A comprehensive guided tour under the skin of the car. Diesel, petrol (gasoline), electric, hybrid and alternative propulsions are all dissected and explained in a reader-friendly manner, and as you move from the engine to the tailpipe, you'll discover what an exciting world there is within the car. Organised in intuitive chapters and backed with colourful illustrations and cutaways, this book describes the systems and parts that make your car move. Without emphasising the ‘boring' science bits, it discusses the practical application of various automotive terms, and explains why having more of one thing and less

33 The Dictionary of Military Terms - U.S. Department of Defense
Auteur : U.S. Department of Defense
Genre : Military
This is the comprehensive, standardized dictionary of military and associated terminology compiled and used by the Department of Defense. Divided into two sections, The Dictionary of Military Terms contains the terms and definitions approved for Department of Defense (DOD) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) use as well as a complete listing of commonly used abbreviations and acronyms. These military and associated terms, together with their definitions, constitute approved terminology for general use by all DOD components.

The Dictionary of Military Terms supplements standard English-language dictionaries and standardizes military and associated terminology to improve communication and mutual understanding within the DOD, with other federal agencies, and among the United States and its allies. It is the primary terminology source when preparing cor

34 Door to Door - Edward Humes
Auteur : Edward Humes
Genre : Industries & Professions
The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of Garbology explores the hidden and costly wonders of our buy-it-now, get-it-today world of transportation, revealing the surprising truths, mounting challenges, and logistical magic behind every trip we take and every click we make.

Transportation dominates our daily existence. Thousands, even millions, of miles are embedded in everything we do and touch. We live in a door-to-door universe that works so well most Americans are scarcely aware of it. The grand ballet in which we move ourselves and our stuff is equivalent to building the Great Pyramid, the Hoover Dam, and the Empire State Building all in a day. Every day. And yet, in the one highly visible part of the transportation world—the part we drive—we suffer grinding commutes, a violent death every fifteen minutes, a dire injury every twelve seconds, and cru

35 Merkabah!: Your Amazing Spiritual Vehicle! - The Abbotts
Auteur : The Abbotts
Genre : Spirituality
Have you heard of the incredible merkabah? It is a special star tetrahedron vehicle made from your own lightbody which can be used for many exciting paranormal journeys! You can meet with angels and aliens; heal yourself and others; find your Twin Flame partner; manifest objects to you; gain unique knowledge from the Akashic Records; astral travel and glimpse the future! The uses are infinite and only limited by your own imagination! With easy to follow exercises by The Abbotts, paranormal experts and wise channelled messages from the Ascended Masters, you will soon be using your own personal space ship to visit exotic locations and meet up with your friends. A not to be missed ebook for any student of the esoteric world!

36 Achtung Panzer! - Heinz Guderian
Auteur : Heinz Guderian
Genre : Military
This is one of the most significant military books of the twentieth century. By an outstanding soldier of independent mind, it pushed forward the evolution of land warfare and was directly responsible for German armoured supremacy in the early years of the Second World War.

Published in 1937, the result of 15 years of careful study since his days on the German General Staff in the First World War, Achtung Panzer! argues how vital the proper use of tanks and supporting armoured vehicles would be in the conduct of a future war. When that war came, just two years later, he proved it, leading his Panzers with distinction in the Polish, French and Russian campaigns. Panzer warfare had come of age, exactly as he had forecast.This first English translation of Heinz Guderian's classic book - used as a textbook by Panzer officers in the war - has an introduction and extensive b

37 Curious George Stories to Share - H. A. Rey
Auteur : H. A. Rey
Genre : Animals
A new treasury of Curious George adventures! Eight exciting stories about Curious George in a new, jam-packed treasury. Sales of the individual books exceed 1.8 million copies! Enjoy these popular titles:

Curious George and the Firefighters

Curious George at the Aquarium

Curious George’s Dinosaur Discovery

Curious George at the Baseball Game

Curious George at the Parade

Curious George’s First Day of School

Curious George and the Pizza Party

Curious George Plants a Tree

38 The Official DVSA Theory Test for Car Drivers (18th edition) - DVSA The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
Auteur : DVSA The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
Genre : Transportation
Prepare to pass your theory test first time with the number-one best-selling theory test book – the ONLY official expert revision guide. This new edition has been updated with the latest changes to the car theory test revision questions.

Key features:

• Bite-size information – written in an easy-to-remember way that links the theory to your practical driving experience, to help you really understand

• Practice questions – includes hundreds of official DVSA theory test revision questions for all 14 topics, so you can see how much you’ve learnt

• Learn your way – loads of photos and diagrams, links to more information and videos online, plus hints and tips to help you learn

• Extra help – explanations and references for every answer so you can really understand the theory, plus practice case studies for each topic

39 The Official DVSA Guide to Learning to Ride - DVSA The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
Auteur : DVSA The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
Genre : Transportation
The only official guide that explains the standard required to complete your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course and pass your practical riding test.

• Getting started – guides you through the process of learning to ride, including an explanation of the licensing regulations

• Key riding skills – detailed information on all five CBT elements, the skills you'll need to demonstrate and reminders to help you focus on key information

• Record your progress – includes a CBT record for you to complete

• Practical test explained – describes the modules you'll need to complete to pass your practical test

• What to expect on the day – takes the mystery out of the practical test so you can be confident on the day

40 Range of electric vehicles - Katharina Freitag
Auteur : Katharina Freitag
Genre : Education
The acceptance of electric vehicles depends amongst others decisively on the actual range of those cars. However the remaining range shown in the cockpit display can often be subject to strong fluctuations depending on driving behavior, loading and many other criteria. This book outlines the most important parameters that have an impact on the remaining range of electric vehicles and provides in addition a variety of media for vivid lively instruction.

41 Hybrid Vehicle Revolution - Jonathan Johnson
Auteur : Jonathan Johnson
Genre : Transportation
Hybrid Vehicle Revolution - Learn about hybrid cars, how they work, what type of brands work best, and tips on saving the most amount of fuel with hybrids.

42 Fix Every Vehicle in Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 - Amadeusz Cyganek & GRY-Online S.A.
Auteur : Amadeusz Cyganek & GRY-Online S.A.
Genre : Games
The guide to Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 is a complete source of information that allows you to uncover all secrets of car mechanic work in the newest installment of popular simulator game. In this guide you will find many advices about renovating various car parts, including ones under the front bonnet, and those found outside the car. You will also find here advices about receiving orders and buying various upgrades. You will learn how to successfully participate in auctions available during the game and how to make lots of money from it, how to repair previously broken things in order to save some money on shopping. You will find here some advices about effective car diagnostic and checking their technical state and about using the potential of the garage. In final chapter you will find some example solution to selected tasks<

43 21st Century Essential Guide to U.S. Navy SEALs (Sea, Air, Land), Special Warfare Command, Special Operations Forces, Training, Weapons, Tactics, Dogs, Vehicles, History, bin Laden Killing - Progressive Management
Auteur : Progressive Management
Genre : Politics & Current Events
U.S. Navy SEALs, instrumental in the raid of Osama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan, are featured in this comprehensive 500 page report on U.S. special operations forces with complete coverage of the forces fighting terrorism worldwide, including the Special Warfare Command and USSOCOM. Coverage includes: Mission Types; Benefits; Prep School; BUD/S training; Advanced Training; Application Steps and How to Become a SEAL; Strength Training; Swim Training; Run Training; Nutrition Training; Injury Prevention Training; recommended reading list; frequently asked questions; nutrition guidelines; alcohol and performance; Hall of Heroes; special operations in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and recent wars including Afghanistan and Iraq; Navy SEAL museum; Naval Combat Demolition Unit; duty stations in Coronado California, Little Creek Virginia, and Pearl Harbor; USSOCOM Special Operations Command i

44 How to Trap a Leprechaun - Sue Fliess & Emma Randall
Auteur : Sue Fliess & Emma Randall
Genre : Holidays & Celebrations
Legend has it that if you catch a leprechaun, he’ll grant you a wish. But, be careful! Leprechauns are full of trickery. To catch one, you’ll need to be clever in crafting your trap. Grab some glitter and glue and get prepared for your wily holiday visitors!

On the night before St. Patrick’s Day, leprechauns show up to steal your treasures and then disappear as quickly as they came. However, if you’re careful you might be able to catch one and then he’ll grant you a wish. You’ll have to be sneaky and set just the right trap to trap a leprechaun.

Sue Fliess’s read-aloud text and Emma Randall’s whimsical illustrations will provide much fun for young readers eager to catch their very own leprechaun! But beware: leprechauns may leave you with nothing but a cardboard box and a shoe or two.

45 A Boy and His Bunny - Sean Bryan & Tom Murphy
Auteur : Sean Bryan & Tom Murphy
Genre : Animals
A humorous way to show kids that being different can be a lot of fun! How would you feel if one morning you woke up with a big-eared, wet-nosed bunny on your head?Would you be surprised? And what would you do if you learned the bunny's name was Fred? And he liked it there on top of your head? You'd be different from your friends, who have nothing on their heads, but hey! That's okay too.This charming fun-filled book about a boy and special friend will delight young readers and enchant their parents as well.

Sky Pony Press, with our Good Books, Racehorse and Arcade imprints, is proud to publish a broad range of books for young readers—picture books for small children, chapter books, books for middle grade readers, and novels for young adults. Our list includes bestsellers for children who love to play Minecraft; stories told with LEGO bricks; books that teach lessons about to

46 Midnight in Vehicle City - Edward McClelland
Auteur : Edward McClelland
Genre : Political Science
Revives the story of the most significant labor dispute in American history that helped usher in national prosperity with the rust belt as its industrial engine.

The tumultuous Flint Sit-Down Strike of 1936 to 1937 symbolized the start of the United Auto Workers and set the standard for wages in every industry. This historic transformation of the economic structure in the U.S. ultimately established the golden age of the American middle class. The causes for which the strikers sat down--collective bargaining, secure retirement, better wages--enjoyed a half-century of success. But now, the middle class is diminishing in the 21st century and economic inequality is at its highest since the New Deal If we want to learn how to revive it, we need to look at how it started in the first place.

Midnight in Vehicle City is the dramatic story of how workingmen

47 Total Survival - James C. Jones
Auteur : James C. Jones
Genre : Reference
Knowing that no survival book can cover every conceivable aspect of surviving in every conceivable situation, in Total Survival, veteran survivalist James C. Jones delivers tips that cover the most likely needs of readers and for which there is useful and practical instruction. His goal is to share a variety of practical survival skills, principles, and ideas in an easy-to read format that will aid the reader in becoming stronger, safer, and more self-reliant.

The ten principles of survival that Jones sets out are derived from analysis of true survival accounts. Studies of why some people survived fires, plane crashes, assaults, and other deadly situations while others in the same situations perished confirm that these principles made the difference.

Although the data and concepts in Total Survival are derived from accounts of acute disasters—suc

48 New York Vehicle & Traffic Law 2013 - LawBox LLC
Auteur : LawBox LLC
Genre : Law
The text of this electronic book is based on the New York Vehicle & Traffic Law as published electronically by the New York State Legislature as of January 02, 2013. This text incorporates amendments through December 17, 2012, effective January 01, 2013.

49 Highlander - Tim Newark
Auteur : Tim Newark
Genre : Europe
Acclaimed historian Tim Newark tells the story of the Highlanders through the words of the soldiers themselves, from diaries, letters, and journals uncovered from archives in Scotland and around the world. At the Battle of Quebec in 1759, only a few years after their defeat at Culloden, the 78th Highlanders faced down the French guns and turned the battle. At Waterloo, High- landers memorably fought alongside the Scots Greys against Napoleon’s feared Old Guard. In the Crimea, the thin red line stood firm against the charging Russian Hussars and saved the day at Balaclava.

Yet this story is also one of betrayal. At Quebec, General Wolfe remarked that, despite the Highlanders’ courage, it was “no great mischief if they fall.” At Dunkirk in May 1940, the 51st Regiment was left to defend the SOE evacuation at St Valery; though following D-Day, the Highlanders were at the

50 Skoolie! - Will Sutherland
Auteur : Will Sutherland
Genre : Lifestyle & Home
School buses that have been converted into mobile living spaces — known as skoolies — are a natural extension of the tiny house craze. Buses are not only easier and safer to drive than an RV, they provide a jump-start on the conversion process with frame, roof, and floor already in place. Experienced builder Will Sutherland, whose creative school bus conversions have been featured in Road and Track and Popular Mechanics, is behind the wheel of this alluring look at life on the road. In addition to profiles of eight fellow skoolie fans and stunning photos of bus interiors designed for simple living, Skoolie! does what no other book on the subject has — it offers a complete, step-by-step guide to the conversion process, from seat removal to planning layout and installing insulation, flooring, and furnishings that meet your needs.

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