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1 And the Reason is You - Upasana Gupta
Auteur : Upasana Gupta
Genre : Fiction & Literature
What happens when a true love story ends with unexpected turns and twists where two souls which have become one got separated just because of our tradition and the narrow minded people, who really don't care about the happiness of true lovers. Welcome to the story of Sparsh and Khushi, two medical students from two different cities, who accidentally met each other through online chatting and found a strong bond nurturing in them. Life shows them unexpected miracles and they became everything for each other. But their way was not so easy. The story shows that how our society still is so orthodox where people don't care about them who are made only for each other. But true love always set new milestone, breaking all the traditions and myths showing the example that love is all about caring for our near and dear, ignoring the things like cast, society, wealth and tradition.

2 Contesting Postmodern Gandhi - Upasana Pandey
Auteur : Upasana Pandey
Genre : Political Science
The revival of interest in Gandhi's studies in recent years is phenomenon. This revival centers on Gandhi's life and his thoughts which is not only unique in the history but also useful for the generations to come. This book takes a critical stand on the contemporary debate which wants to see Gandhi as postmodern. To contest those for whom Gandhi is a postmodern thinker has been main problem of the work. To resolve the problem has not been very easy task because while pursuing the research involved, it has been realized in so many places that there are postmodern resemblances in Gandhi's philosophy. Hence, it has been a very problematic journey. But various hypothesis of the research problem became useful yardsticks in resolving those apprehensions. This work is divided into seven different chapters excluding introduction and conclusion. In the first chapter Contesting Postmodern Gandhi

3 OMD! Oh My Delhi - Upasana Singhal
Auteur : Upasana Singhal
Genre : Fiction & Literature
In the celebration of everything public, there is an undying pang of discovering one’s personal ghosts.
Through a sprawling canvas populated by unlikeliest of people Asmi challenges herself to knots that couldn’t be unknotted. For more than a decade she has cursed her fate for leaving her mother-less and with a woebegone family. As unjust life ensnare her, she dreams of leaving the despairing gullies of Lajpat Nagar. Little did she know, her fairy god mother was set to cast a spell to turn her life around.
The mediocre are seldom sanctioned the life of affluence. Torn between her coarse edges and Mahi’s soft silks, Asmi emerges from the literary world and inhale the air of the rich. Her delight is short lived as humiliation taunts her presence and forces her to congest into a cocoon. Nevertheless, questioning her right to dignity Asmi stands firm challenging the conceited

4 Those 3 Little Words - Dr. Upasana Madan Gupta
Auteur : Dr. Upasana Madan Gupta
Genre : Family
A happy little family!
Avni, heart of her parents.
But there is something which haunted her always.
A nightmare...
Fighting with the nightmare, she grew up. A beautiful soul with beautiful mind.
And one fateful day, she meets Abhimanyu, man of her dreams.
Sparks fly, cupid strikes.
Beautiful life... Is she the luckiest girl alive, she wonders.
But she never knew that it's a mirage.
Her world crashes, her dreams shatter.
Who is he? What does he want?
Why is he stalking her?
His mysterious eyes... She has a feeling she knew him. But how?
The truth unveils,
Breaking all the myths she had, all the relationships she was proud of.
She is living a lie.
Abhimanyu is heartbroken; Avni is nowhere.
His love is lost, but not for long... He finds her as prostitute in a bar.
Is this the truth

5 Recognition of the Rights of Domestic Workers in India - Upasana Mahanta & Indranath Gupta
Auteur : Upasana Mahanta & Indranath Gupta
Genre : Law
This book brings together a set of contributions that examine the complexities associated with domestic work by highlighting not only the legal issues but also exploring the social, psycho-social, economic, and cultural dimensions of domestic work. The book aims to ignite a collective effort towards ensuring decent work for domestic workers and facilitate a public debate on their rights. It includes discussions on the issue of social justice with special emphasis on invisibilization and undervaluation of domestic work, feminization of domestic work, and recognizes the rights of domestic workers as human rights. The issues covered in this book bridge the gap between legal and social dimensions of domestic work and address the discrimination faced by domestic workers in a holistic manner. Given its scope, the book would appeal to both academics (law as well as social science) and non-acade

6 Yogathon 2013 - Brisbane - The Art of Living Brisbane
Auteur : The Art of Living Brisbane
Genre : Health & Fitness
Runners run together for marathons, musicians band together for benefit concerts, now Yoga enthusiast stretch out in Yogathon: 108 sun salutation challenge to spread the message of peace through yoga and support a good cause. 
Happening on Sunday, April 7, 2013 in Brisbane, Australia, Yogathon is the perfect opportunity for yoga practitioners, fitness buffs and beginners to come together, as individuals or teams, and participate in a yoga workout for a good cause.
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