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1 Standing in Another Man's Grave - Ian Rankin
Auteur : Ian Rankin
Genre : Polars britanniques
The superb No.1 bestseller from 'Britain's best crime novelist' EXPRESS

A series of seemingly random disappearances - stretching back to the millennium.
A mother determined to find the truth.
A retired cop desperate to get his old life back...

It's been some time since Rebus was forced to retire, and he now works as a civilian in a cold-case unit. So when a long-dead case bursts back to life, he can't resist the opportunity to get his feet under the CID desk once more. But Rebus is as stubborn and anarchic as ever, and he quickly finds himself in deep with pretty much everyone, including DI Siobhan Clarke.

All Rebus wants to do is uncover the truth. The big question is: can he be the man he once was and still stay on the right side of the law?

6,49 €

2 The Fourth Industrial Revolution - Klaus Schwab
Auteur : Klaus Schwab
Genre : Économie
The founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum on how the impending technological revolution will change our lives

We are on the brink of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. And this one will be unlike any other in human history.

Characterized by new technologies fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds, the Fourth Industrial Revolution will impact all disciplines, economies and industries - and it will do so at an unprecedented rate. World Economic Forum data predicts that by 2025 we will see: commercial use of nanomaterials 200 times stronger than steel and a million times thinner than human hair; the first transplant of a 3D-printed liver; 10% of all cars on US roads being driverless; and much more besides.

In The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Schwab outlines the key technologies driving this revolution, discusses

11,99 €

3 The Nice Girl Syndrome - Beverly Engel
Auteur : Beverly Engel
Genre : Développement personnel
How women can overcome the pressure to please others and feel free to be their true selves
Are you too nice for your own good? Do family members manipulate you? Do coworkers take advantage of you? If this sounds familiar, read The Nice Girl Syndrome. In this breakthrough guide, renowned author and therapist Beverly Engel, who has helped thousands of women recognize and leave emotionally abusive relationships, can show you how to take control of your life and take care of yourself.

Engel explains that women today simply cannot afford to be Nice Girls, because women who are too nice send the message that they are easy targets and are much more likely to be victimized emotionally, physically, and sexually. She identifies the seven different types of Nice Girls and helps you understand which type or types might apply to you. Engel helps you determine whether th

11,99 €

4 Anatomy for Vinyasa Flow and Standing Poses - Ray Long, MD, FRCSC
Auteur : Ray Long, MD, FRCSC
Genre : Forme et santé
Master the science behind Vinyasa Flow and the standing poses of Hatha Yoga. Dr. Ray Long guides you on a visual narrative through the anatomy, biomechanics, and physiology of this ancient art, decoding each pose along the way. The Mat Companion series provides you with beautifully illustrated, step-by-step instructions on how to use scientific principles to obtain the maximum benefit from your practice. Each book includes the Bandha Yoga Codex, a simple five-step process that can be applied to any pose to improve strength, flexibility, and precision -- no matter what style of yoga you practice.

4,99 €

5 Scandalous Liaisons - Sylvia Day
Auteur : Sylvia Day
Genre : Histoire
A captivating trio of sensual romances, linking the tales of wicked rakes and the flawless aristocratic young women whose hearts - and bodies - they melt. . .

In Stolen Pleasures, Olivia Merrick, a merchant's daughter, finds out that her new husband, Sebastian Blake, is actually high-seas pirate Captain Phoenix, but will she make him walk the plank, or enjoy this newly discovered dangerous side?

In Lucien's Gamble sparks fly when Lucien Remington, a debauched libertine, finds the untouchable Lady Julienne La Coeur dressed as a man in his gentleman's club.

And in Her Mad Grace Hugh La Coeur, the Earl of Montrose, shelters from a snowstorm in an eerie mansion owned by a mad duchess. But her companion, fiercely independent Charlotte, might just keep him warm in the night . . .

Praise for Sylvia Day,

6,99 €

6 "All the Real Indians Died Off" - Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz & Dina Gilio-Whitaker
Auteur : Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz & Dina Gilio-Whitaker
Genre : Sciences sociales
Unpacks the twenty-one most common myths and misconceptions about Native Americans

In this enlightening book, scholars and activists Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz and Dina Gilio-Whitaker tackle a wide range of myths about Native American culture and history that have misinformed generations. Tracing how these ideas evolved, and drawing from history, the authors disrupt long-held and enduring myths such as:

“Columbus Discovered America”
“Thanksgiving Proves the Indians Welcomed Pilgrims”
“Indians Were Savage and Warlike”
“Europeans Brought Civilization to Backward Indians”
“The United States Did Not Have a Policy of Genocide”
“Sports Mascots Honor Native Americans”
“Most Indians Are on Government Welfare”
“Indian Casinos Make Them All Rich”
“Indians Are Naturally Predisposed to Alcohol”

11,99 €
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8 A Serpent's Tooth - Craig Johnson
Auteur : Craig Johnson
Genre : Policier et suspense
The ninth book in the New York Times bestselling Longmire series, featuring Sheriff Walt Longmire.

Cord Lynear, a Mormon 'lost boy' forced off his compound for supposedly rebellious behaviour, shows up in Absaroka County. Without much guidance, divine or otherwise, Sheriff Walt Longmire, his second-in-command Victoria Moretti and his good friend Henry Standing Bear search for the boy's mother and find themselves in a scavenger hunt that ends at the doorstep of an interstate polygamy group. Run by Roy Lynear - Cord's father - the group is frighteningly well-armed and very good at keeping secrets.

As Walt, Henry and Vic pursue the Lynears, they hear whispers of Big Oil and the CIA and find they might be dealing with more than they bargained for.

'The characters talk straight from the hip and the Wyoming landscape is its own kind of eloquenc

5,49 €

9 Dead Men's Bones - James Oswald
Auteur : James Oswald
Genre : Policier et suspense
Dead Men's Bones is the fourth novel in James Oswald's phenomenal Inspector McLean series set in Edinburgh and is already a Sunday Times Top Five bestseller.

A family lies slaughtered in an isolated house in North East Fife . . .

Morag Weatherly and her two young daughters have been shot by husband Andrew, an influential politician, before he turned the gun on himself.

But what would cause a rich, successful man to snap so suddenly?

For Inspector Tony McLean, this apparently simple but high-profile case leads him into a world of power and privilege. And the deeper he digs, the more he realizes he's being manipulated by shadowy factions.

Under pressure to wrap up the case, McLean instead seeks to uncover layers of truth - putting the lives of everyone he cares about at risk . . .


6,99 €

10 Maria Montessori - Edwin Mortimer STANDING
Auteur : Edwin Mortimer STANDING
Genre : Éducation
La pédagogie de Maria Montessori (1870-1952) et les écoles qui s'en réclament connaissent aujourd'hui un regain d'intérêt certain. Dès sa publication en 1952, cet ouvrage d'E.M. Standing est apparu comme l'introduction indispensable à cette démarche éducative. Après avoir retracé la biographie de Maria Montessori, Standing expose la psychologie du développement qui fonde son approche du travail avec les enfants et sa dimension novatrice. Soucieuse de l'éveil, cette intuition est aussi une pédagogie du mouvement, où la présence du corps est essentielle, où l'activité est à la fois mentale et physique. Plus encore, cette méthode invite à une transformation des relations, entre enfants et éducateurs, mais aussi entre les personnes au sein d'un monde renouvelé. À l'heure nombre de parents ou d'éducateurs sont en manque d'outils et de repères, cette démarche ne peu

19,99 €

11 The Dark Horse - Craig Johnson
Auteur : Craig Johnson
Genre : Romans et littérature
The fifth book in the New York Times bestselling Longmire series, featuring Sheriff Walt Longmire

Wade Barsad locked his wife Mary's horses in their barn and then burned it down. In return she shot him in the head six times - or so the story goes. Sheriff Walt Longmire doesn't believe Mary's confession, and he's determined to dig deeper.

Posing as an insurance claims investigator, Walt goes undercover and soon discovers that the population of an entire town might have wanted Wade dead, including a beautiful Guatemalan bartender and a rancher with a taste for liquor but not so much for honesty . . .

'A winning mystery with characters coming off the page' Portland Oregonian

5,49 €

12 Prayer for the Dead - James Oswald
Auteur : James Oswald
Genre : Policier et suspense
Sunday Times bestseller Prayer for the Dead is the fifth novel in the bestselling Inspector McLean series by author James Oswald.
'The hallmarks of Val McDermid or Ian Rankin: it's dark, violent, noirish' The Herald
'Are you ready to be reborn?'
The search for a missing journalist is called off as a body is found at the scene of a carefully staged murder.
In a sealed chamber, deep in the heart of Gilmerton Cove, a mysterious network of caves and passages sprawling beneath Edinburgh, the victim has undergone a macabre ritual of purification.
Inspector Tony McLean knew the dead man, and can't shake off the suspicion that there is far more to this case than meets the eye. The baffling lack of forensics at the crime scene seems impossible. But it is not the only thing about this case that McLean will find beyond beli

8,49 €

13 Last One Standing - W.J. May
Auteur : W.J. May
Genre : Paranormal
Last One Standing is the 11th Book of USA TODAY Bestselling author, W.J. May's bestselling series, The Chronicles of Kerrigan. Rae Kerrigan and her friends have finally crossed the line, and this time, there's no going back. After a violent standoff with the entire Privy Council, the gang wakes up under the protection of the last people they ever expected to see: the Xavier Knights.Old bridges are burned. New alliances are formed. There's a storm brewing on the horizon, and unless they unite together—it will overtake them all. What they need, is time. But an unexpected visit from an old enemy sets off a spark, and suddenly, Rae's entire world is in flames.Can she and her friends get the people they need together in time? Even if they can, will they ever be strong enough? More importantly, are she and Devon strong enough to survive what's about to come?A dangerous game has b

2,99 €

14 The Hangman's Song - James Oswald
Auteur : James Oswald
Genre : Policier et suspense
The Hangman's Song is the thrilling third novel in James Oswald's Inspector McLean series set in Edinburgh.

Look out for the fourth instalment in the bestselling Inspector McLean series, Dead Men's Bones, available for pre-order from Penguin.

A young man is found hanging by a rope in his Edinburgh home. A simple, sad suicide, yet Detective Inspector Tony McLean is puzzled by the curious suicide note. A second hanged man and another strange note hint at a sinister pattern.

Investigating a brutal prostitution and human trafficking ring, McLean struggles to find time to link the two suicides. But the discovery of a third convinces him of malicious intent.

Digging deeper, McLean finds answers much closer to home than he expects. Something terrifying stalks the city streets, and bringing it to justice may destroy all he h

8,49 €

15 Last Man Standing - Stephen Leather
Auteur : Stephen Leather
Genre : Policier et suspense
Friendships forged in the heat of combat can be stronger than anything.

So when SAS trooper Matt Standing is told that the former Navy SEAL who saved his life is in trouble, he doesn't hesitate to go to his aid - even if that means flying half way around the world to Los Angeles.

Navy SEAL-turned-bodyguard Bobby-Ray Barnes has been accused of killing the man he was supposed to be protecting. Three other bodyguards were also killed and now Bobby-Ray is on the run.

The dead client was a Russian oligarch with connections to the Kremlin. But who wanted him dead? And if Bobby-Ray wasn't the killer, who carried out the assassination and why is Bobby-Ray being framed? Standing is the only man who can answer those questions - providing he can stay alive long enough. For that he'll need the help of an old SAS friend, Dan 'Spider' Shepherd, and

5,49 €

16 Deskbound - Kelly Starrett
Auteur : Kelly Starrett
Genre : Forme et santé
You'd better stand up for this bit of news.

Sitting can wreak havoc on your health, and not just in the form of minor aches and pains. Recent studies show that too much sitting contributes to a host of diseases--from obesity and diabetes to cancer and depression. The typical seated office worker suffers from more musculoskeletal injuries than those workers who do daily manual labor. It turns out that sitting is as much an occupational risk as is lifting heavy weights on the job. The facts are in: sitting literally shortens your life. Your chair is your enemy, and it is murdering your body.

In this groundbreaking new book, Dr. Kelly Starrett--renowned physical therapist and author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller "Becoming a Supple Leopard"--unveils a detailed battle plan for surviving our chair-centric society. "Deskbound" provides creative

10,99 €

17 Death Without Company - Craig Johnson
Auteur : Craig Johnson
Genre : Romans et littérature
The second book in the New York Times bestselling Longmire series, featuring Sheriff Walt Longmire.

When Mari Baroja is found poisoned at the Durant Home for Assisted Living, Sheriff Longmire is drawn into an investigation that reaches fifty years into the mysterious woman's past. Her connections to Wyoming's Basque community, the lucrative coal-bed methane industry, and the personal life of the previous sheriff, Lucian Connally, lead to a complex web of half-truths and assumed alliances.

Aided by his friend Henry Standing Bear, Deputy Victoria Moretti and newcomer Santiago Saizarbitoria, Sheriff Longmire must connect the present with the spectre of the past to find the killer.

5,49 €

18 The Damage Done - James Oswald
Auteur : James Oswald
Genre : Policier et suspense
No good deed goes unpunished...

When a police raid in Edinburgh goes horribly wrong, the only silver lining for Inspector Tony McLean is a discovery that could lead to a long-lost girl from his early days on the beat.

Haunted by the mystery of what happened to her, McLean begins to dig into a case he thought long buried.

But the shadows of the past are soon eclipsed by crimes in the present as a series of strange and gruesome deaths shock the city.

As McLean's investigation draws him ever deeper into the upper echelons of Edinburgh society, it will not only be his career on the line - but his life as well...

Praise for James Oswald

'The new Ian Rankin'
Daily Record

'Oswald's writing is in a class above'

'Creepy gritty and gruesome'

8,49 €

19 My People The Sioux - Luther Standing Bear
Auteur : Luther Standing Bear
Genre : Histoire
When it was first published in 1928, Luther Standing Bear's autobiographical account of his tribe and tribesmen was hailed by Van Wyck Brooks as “one of the most engaging and veracious we have ever had.” It remains a landmark in Indian literature, among the first books about Indians written from the Indian point of view by an Indian.

Luther Standing Bear (1868 – 1939) was an Oglala Lakota chief notable in American history as a Native American author, educator, philosopher, and actor of the twentieth century. Standing Bear fought to preserve Lakota heritage and sovereignty and was at the forefront of a Progressive movement to change government policy toward Native Americans.
Standing Bear was one of a small group of Lakota leaders of his generation, such as Gertrude Bonnin, and Charles Eastman, who were born and raised in the oral traditions of their culture,

0,99 €

20 Any Other Name - Craig Johnson
Auteur : Craig Johnson
Genre : Policier et suspense
The tenth novel in the New York Times bestselling Longmire series, featuring Sheriff Walt Longmire.

Walt Longmire is sinking into high-plains winter discontent when his former boss, Lucian Conally, asks him to take on a mercy case in a neighbouring county. An old friend, Detective Gerald Holman, has taken his own life, and Lucian wants to know why. With the clock ticking on the birth of his first grandchild, Walt learns that the by-the-book detective might have suppressed evidence concerning three missing women.

Digging deeper, Walt uncovers an incriminating secret so dark that it threatens to claim other lives even before the sheriff can serve justice . . . Wyoming style.

5,49 €

21 Junkyard Dogs - Craig Johnson
Auteur : Craig Johnson
Genre : Romans et littérature
The sixth book in the New York Times bestselling Longmire series, featuring Sheriff Walt Longmire.

It's a volatile new economy in Durant when the owners of a multimillion-dollar development of ranchettes want to get rid of the adjacent Stewart junkyard. The notorious Stewart clan is an adventure unto itself and, when conflicts erupt, Sheriff Walt Longmire, his life-long friend Henry Standing Bear and deputies Santiago Saizarbitoria and Victoria Moretti find themselves in a small town that feels more and more like a high plains pressure cooker.

'The finest novel in [Johnson's] series. Steeped in Western lore with a contemporary spin' Sun Sentinel

5,49 €

22 Kindness Goes Unpunished - Craig Johnson
Auteur : Craig Johnson
Genre : Romans et littérature
The third book in the New York Times bestselling Longmire series, featuring Sheriff Walt Longmire.

Walt Longmire has been the Sheriff in Wyoming's Absaroka County for 25 years, but nothing could have prepared him for the savage attack on his daughter, Cady, a Philadelphia lawyer who has unwittingly become embroiled in a political cover-up.

As Walt and his best friend, Henry Standing Bear, scour the city for clues, he gets help from his deputy Victoria Moretti and her family of Philly police. But Longmire wasn't born yesterday. He's willing to pull out all the stops to find Cady's attacker and show the big city that this old-timer has a few moves left in his saddlebag of tricks.

'Johnson's pacing is tight and his dialogue snaps' Entertainment Weekly

5,49 €

23 The Lost Throne - Chris Kuzneski
Auteur : Chris Kuzneski
Genre : Action et aventure
Hewn into the towering cliffs of central Greece, the Metéora monasteries are all but inacessible. The Holy Trinity is the most isolated, its sacred brotherhood the guardians of a long-forgotten secret.

In the dead of night, the sanctity of the holy retreat is shattered by an elite group of warriors, carrying ancient weapons. One by one, they hurl the silent monks from the cliff-top - the holy men taking their secret to their rocky graves.

Halfway across Europe, a terrified academic fears for his life. Richard Byrd has nearly uncovered the location of one of the Seven Ancient Wonders - the statue of Zeus and his mighty throne. But Byrd's search has also uncovered a forbidden conspiracy, and there are those who would do anything to conceal its dark agenda...

6,49 €

24 Written in Bones - James Oswald
Auteur : James Oswald
Genre : Policier et suspense
Inspector McLean returns in the seventh instalment of James Oswald's gritty, compelling crime series, for his most mysterious murder investigation yet . . .

The roots of murder run deep . . .

'Unsettling atmosphere, strong sense of place and a canny twist: Oswald easily outstrips the formulaic work of bigger names' Guardian

When a body is found in a tree in The Meadows, Edinburgh's scenic parkland, the forensics suggest the corpse has fallen from a great height.

Detective Inspector Tony McLean wonders whether it was an accident, or a murder designed to send a chilling message?

The dead man had led quite a life: a disgraced ex-cop turned criminal kingpin who reinvented himself as a celebrated philanthropist.

As McLean traces the victim's journey, it takes him back to Edinburgh's past, a

8,49 €

25 Standing Bear's Footsteps - Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve, Cindy Renner, Larry Wright, Jr., Tom Floyd, Scott Leigh, Melanie Eirich & Shirley Sneve
Auteur : Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve, Cindy Renner, Larry Wright, Jr., Tom Floyd, Scott Leigh, Melanie Eirich & Shirley Sneve
Genre : Histoire
The PBS documentary “Standing Bear’s Footsteps” tells the story of the Ponca people, who were forcibly removed from their northern Nebraska homelands and sent to Indian Territory. Standing Bear decided to lead some of his people back north and fought in the courts to have the right to do so. This interactive eBook brings together content from the film, the film’s educational website, and a series of short essays. Although intended for general audiences, this eBook is easily adaptable to the classroom by using the Teacher Resources section.


26 Standing at the Edge - Joan Halifax
Auteur : Joan Halifax
Genre : Bouddhisme
"Joan Halifax is a clearheaded and fearless traveler and in this book…she offers us a map of how to travel courageously and fruitfully, for our own benefit and the benefit of all beings." —From the foreword by Rebecca Solnit

Standing at the Edge is an evocative examination of how we can respond to suffering, live our fullest lives, and remain open to the full spectrum of our human experience.

Joan Halifax has enriched thousands of lives around the world through her work as a humanitarian, a social activist, an anthropologist, and as a Buddhist teacher. Over many decades, she has also collaborated with neuroscientists, clinicians, and psychologists to understand how contemplative practice can be a vehicle for social transformation. Through her unusual background, she developed an understanding of how our gr

9,99 €

27 The Cold Dish - Craig Johnson
Auteur : Craig Johnson
Genre : Romans et littérature
'The characters talk straight from the hip and the Wyoming landscape is its own kind of eloquence' New York Times

After 25 years as Sheriff of Absaroka County, Walt Longmire's hopes of ending his tenure in peace are dashed when Cody Pritchard is found dead near the Northern Cheyenne Reservation. Two years earlier, Cody was one of four high school boys given suspended sentences for raping a local Cheyenne girl. Somebody, it would seem, is seeking vengeance, and Longmire might be the only thing standing between the three remaining boys and a Sharps .45-70 rifle.

With lifelong friend Henry Standing Bear and Deputy Victoria Moretti Walt Longmire attempts to see that revenge, a dish best served cold, is never served at all.

0,99 €

28 Sword of God - Chris Kuzneski
Auteur : Chris Kuzneski
Genre : Action et aventure
The cracking second novel from Chris Kuzneski.

Tunnelling deep under one of the most holy cities in the world, an ambitious young archaeologist slowly works her way towards an unthinkable goal. Somewhere ahead is a chamber containing the collected fragments of an ancient scripture, a find of unimaginable significance.

Meanwhile, halfway around the world, a covert military bunker holds a macabre secret. An elite special-forces officer seems to have been brutally murdered - but how, and more disturbingly, why? Any hope of solving the mystery rests on the grisly clues that remain.

As the race to uncover the truth begins, a plot unfolds that could burn all of civilization in the fires of holy Armageddon.

Those who live by the sword . . .

Praise for Chris Kuzneski:
'Excellent! High stakes, fast action, vi

10,99 €

29 The Prophecy - Chris Kuzneski
Auteur : Chris Kuzneski
Genre : Action et aventure
Jonathon Payne and David Jones are back in the fray in the latest page-turner from Chris Kuzneski, international bestselling author of The Lost Throne, Sword of God, and Sign of the Cross.

When the prophetic writings of sixteenth-century visionary Nostradamus begin to ring alarmingly true, Payne and Jones find themselves in a life-or-death race across the world to stop those who would use the French seer's predictions for their own dark purposes.

With the breathless pace that has found Chris Kuzneski millions of fans around the globe, The Prophecy is a must-have adventure thriller.

8,49 €

30 Plunder of the Commons - Guy Standing
Auteur : Guy Standing
Genre : Science politique
'One of the most important books I've read in years' Brian Eno

We are losing the commons. Austerity and neoliberal policies have depleted our shared wealth; our national utilities have been sold off to foreign conglomerates, social housing is almost non-existent, our parks are cordoned off for private events and our national art galleries are sponsored by banks and oil companies. This plunder deprives us all of our common rights, recognized as far back as the Magna Carta and the Charter of the Forest of 1217, to share fairly and equitably in our public wealth.

Guy Standing leads us through a new appraisal of the commons, stemming from the medieval concept of common land reserved in ancient law from marauding barons, to his modern reappraisal of the resources we all hold in common - a brilliant new synthesis that crystallises quite how much public wealth has b

9,49 €

31 Le précariat - Les dangers d'une nouvelle classe - Guy Standing
Auteur : Guy Standing
Genre : Politique et actualité
Déjà traduit dans 19 langues, le livre de Guy Standing compte parmi les ouvrages indispensables, essentiels ! Le précariat - contraction de " précarité " et " prolétariat " - est cette nouvelle classe sociale bercée par l'insécurité économique, l'angoisse quotidienne et l'assistanat. Pour Guy Standing elle représente 40 % de notre société.
Inquiète, humiliée, énervée, cette classe sociale polymorphe est aujourd'hui la vraie menace pour notre équilibre social, économique et politique. A l'heure de l'élection présidentielle, ce livre enfin disponible en France est une lecture indispensable.

9,99 €

32 Business is Beautiful - Tony Allen, Jean Baptiste Danet, Nick Liddell & Dorothy MacKenzie
Auteur : Tony Allen, Jean Baptiste Danet, Nick Liddell & Dorothy MacKenzie
Genre : Entreprise et management
Accepted wisdom tells us either that business should come before pleasure, or that the two should never be mixed. Business, it seems, was never intended to be pleasurable. During an economic crisis, in particular, business is easy to portray as a cold, unforgiving environment. But business isn’t like this. Business is people. People who come together to achieve more than is possible individually. Achievement is easily measured through profit, but value is a much bigger concept. Beyond profit, businesses have the ability to make valuable contributions to society.

A man in Denmark has turned his love and compassion for his deaf wife into a business that helps millions, as well as makes millions. A doctor has set up a new model hospital to provide affordable healthcare in India. Business provides countless examples of companies that have achieved greatness; companies for whom

11,99 €

33 I'm Still Standing - Colleen Coleman
Auteur : Colleen Coleman
Genre : Comédie romantique
‘Absolutely fantastic!... I cannot recommend this book enough!!’ Stardust Book Reviews, 5 stars
When Evelyn Dooley married her high-school sweetheart, James, she thought she was set for life. Now she’s twenty-eight, single, and fleeing to Dublin from her hometown to avoid the gossip surrounding their break-up. And all because of a test-your-relationship board game.
This was not in her five-year plan.

Then a chance encounter with gorgeous musician Danny leads to an unlikely friendship, and soon the pair are running music nights together in one of the oldest pubs in Dublin. For the first time Evelyn is following her dreams rather than someone else’s – and sparks are beginning to fly between her and Danny…

But when her savings run out and home beckons, Evelyn has to choose. The safe, comfortable

2,99 €

34 Sign of the Cross - Chris Kuzneski
Auteur : Chris Kuzneski
Genre : Action et aventure
No secret will keep for ever . . .

A Vatican priest is found murdered on the shores of Denmark - nailed to a cross in the shadow of Hamlet's castle. He is the first victim in a vicious killing spree that spans the world. Each horrific murder exactly mirrors the crucifixion of Christ ... Meanwhile, deep in the Roman Catacombs of Orvieto, an archaeologist uncovers an ancient scroll dating back two thousand years. The scroll, he knows, holds the key to a dark and treacherous secret that will rock the very foundations of the Church. But only if he can decipher its lost meanings - and only if he can live long enough to reveal them ...

The enemies of the truth know no law of man . . .

6,99 €

35 Spirit of Steamboat - Craig Johnson
Auteur : Craig Johnson
Genre : Policier et suspense
A Christmas novella for fans of the hit drama series LONGMIRE now on Netflix and the New York Times-bestselling series.

On December 24, Sheriff Walt Longmire is reading A Christmas Carol when he's interrupted by a young woman with a fine scar across her forehead and questions about Walt's predecessor, Lucian Connally. Walt doesn't recognize the mystery woman, but she knows him, and claims to have something she must return to Connally. Walt, at loose ends, agrees to help.

Lucian Connally swears he's never seen the woman before. Disappointed, she begins a story that takes them back to Christmas Eve 1988, a terrible, fatal crash and a young girl who had the slimmest chance of survival.
Back to a whiskey-soaked World War II vet ready to fly a decommissioned plane and risk it all to save a life . . .

'The characters talk straight

2,99 €

36 This Duchess of Mine - Eloisa James
Auteur : Eloisa James
Genre : Histoire
Eloisa James, New York Times bestselling romance author of When Beauty Tamed the Beast, puts a chilly, powerful duke in bed with an intelligent, beautiful woman…his wife. In name, anyway.

No man can resist Jemma's sensuous allure . . . Except her own husband!

Wedding bells celebrating the arranged marriage between the lovely Duchess of Beaumont and her staid, imperturbable duke had scarcely fallen silent when a shocking discovery sent Jemma running from the ducal mansion. For the next nine years she cavorted abroad, creating one delicious scandal after another (if one is to believe the rumors).

Elijah, Duke of Beaumont, did believe those rumors.

But the handsome duke needs an heir, so he summons his seductive wife home. Jemma laughs at Elijah's cool eyes and icy heart—but to her secret shock, she doesn't share his feelings. In fac

3,49 €

37 One-Night Stand-In - T Gephart
Auteur : T Gephart
Genre : Contemporain
Sarah Madison loved working at Baldwin & Blake.

While she looked and, for the most part, acted conservatively—she was a gladiator in the boardroom. The fast-paced, energetic work environment not only fed her need for corporate blood but enabled her to prove that women can have it all.

And after months of paying her dues, she was finally offered the promotion she’d been vying for. Which was great, except for the fact she had to share it with a new guy they brought in especially for the role.

Kyle Drake was smart, experienced, and probably just as good, if not better, in negotiations. And if she wasn’t careful, prove he could do the job without her. Add in good-looking and an incredibly sexy smooth talker, and everyone in the office either wanted to be him or sleep with him. Which Sarah could have totally ignored if he hadn’t been the stranger s

2,99 €

38 One Night Stand-In - Lauren Blakely
Auteur : Lauren Blakely
Genre : Contemporain
Lucas Xavier is the last person I want to spend 24 hours with, let alone two minutes. Exes are exes for a reason. In his case, for a million reasons. Because he's not only an ex-lover, he's also an ex-friend. We didn't just break up - we combusted in a spectacular bonfire of barbs and doors slammed.

Nothing will change that. Not his clever wit, not his ridiculous good looks, not his unfair levels of charm. And definitely not a wild dash through the city that takes us on an accidental scavenger hunt through our past, where we stop for a tango lesson, pancakes and a visit with some llamas.

And certainly not time together to make amends and say we're sorry.
But, let's say that was's not like you can fall in love in 24 hours.

39 Last Woman Standing - Amy Gentry
Auteur : Amy Gentry
Genre : Policier et suspense
From the author of Good as Gone (“So gripping you might want to start to question your own family’s past”—Entertainment Weekly) comes a brilliant and timely thriller: Strangers on a Train by way of Thelma and Louise.

Dana Diaz is an aspiring stand‑up comedian—a woman in a man’s world. When she meets a tough computer programmer named Amanda Dorn, the two bond over their struggles in boys’ club professions. Dana confides that she’s recently been harassed and assaulted while in L.A., and Amanda comes up with a plan: they should go after each other’s assailants, Strangers on a Train–style. But Dana finds that revenge, however sweet, draws her into a more complicated series of betrayals. Soon her distrust turns to paranoia, encompassing strangers, friends—and even herself. At what cost will she get her ven

7,99 €

40 Children of Virtue and Vengeance - Tomi Adeyemi
Auteur : Tomi Adeyemi
Genre : Fantasy

“Meet Tomi Adeyemi—the new J.K. Rowling. (Yep, she’s that good).” —Entertainment Weekly

After battling the impossible, Zélie and Amari have finally succeeded in bringing magic back to the land of Orïsha. But the ritual was more powerful than they could’ve imagined, reigniting the powers of not only the maji, but of nobles with magic ancestry, too.

Now, Zélie struggles to unite the maji in an Orïsha where the enemy is just as powerful as they are. But when the monarchy and military unite to keep control of Orïsha, Zélie must fight to secure Amari's right to the throne and protect the new maji from the monarchy's wrath.

With civil war looming on the horizon, Zélie finds herself at a breaking point: she must discover a way to bring the kingdom toge

9,99 €

41 Beasts of No Nation - Uzodinma Iweala
Auteur : Uzodinma Iweala
Genre : Lettres
The harrowing, utterly original debut novel by Uzodinma Iweala about the life of a child soldier in a war-torn African country—now a critically-acclaimed Netflix original film directed by Cary Fukunaga (True Detective) and starring Idris Elba (Mandela, The Wire).

As civil war rages in an unnamed West-African nation, Agu, the school-aged protagonist of this stunning debut novel, is recruited into a unit of guerilla fighters. Haunted by his father’s own death at the hands of militants, which he fled just before witnessing, Agu is vulnerable to the dangerous yet paternal nature of his new commander.

While the war rages on, Agu becomes increasingly divorced from the life he had known before the conflict started—a life of school friends, church services, and time with his family, still intact. As he vividly recalls these sunnier times, his daily reality continues t

3,99 €

42 Girl Logic - Iliza Shlesinger
Auteur : Iliza Shlesinger
Genre : Humour
From breakout stand-up comedian Iliza Shlesinger comes a subversively funny collection of essays and observations on the secret genius of irrational behavior.

Have you ever been pissed because you're not pretty enough, and then gotten even more pissed that someone didn't find you as pretty as you think you are? Have you ever obsessed over the size of your thighs while eating dessert, all the while saying you'll work out extra tomorrow? Or spent endless hours wondering why you have to bear the brunt of other people's insecurities? I mean, after all, I'm pretty great. Why cope with insecurities I don't already have?

That last one's just me? All right, then.

But if the rest sounds familiar, you are experiencing Girl Logic: a characteristically female way of thinking that appears contradictory and circuitous but is actually a complicated and hig

9,99 €

43 Stand-In Mistress - Ayumu Aso & Lee Wilkinson
Auteur : Ayumu Aso & Lee Wilkinson
Genre : Femmes
Joanne’s little sister works for Brad, a CEO who asked her to come on a business trip with him…as his mistress! Outraged, Joanne visits Brad to talk with him directly, but is faced with an unexpected situation—Brad has asked her to join him in her sister’s place. Joanne is unnerved, but how can she turn down an invitation from such a sexy man?

6,99 €

44 Gorgeous Grooms (Mills & Boon By Request) - Jackie Braun
Auteur : Jackie Braun
Genre : Contemporain
Her Stand-in Groom

When Catherine is jilted at the altar, CEO Stephen Danbury rescues the beautiful bride – and accepts her offer to become his wife instead! It will fulfil the terms of his grandfather’s will. But when their convenient marriage leads to an accidental pregnancy, will Stephen propose a marriage to last a lifetime?

Her Wish-List Bridegroom

Having sworn off men for good, Juliet has gone home – only to bump into Gregor McLeod. Greg has been number one on Juliet’s wish-list as a future husband since she was a little girl. And he’s still gorgeous, sexy, charming and flirtatious. But… A) She’s sworn off men. B) He’s got a few secrets of his own…

Ordinary Girl, Society Groom

Eloise Lawton has finally found her family. But now she’s adrift in the high-society world where there’s only one person she can d

5,49 €

45 Olivia Saves the Circus - Ian Falconer
Auteur : Ian Falconer
Genre : Animaux
Olivia remembers her trip to the circus very well. The performers were out sick, so she had to do everything. She...

rode on a unicycle
jumped on a trampoline
juggled five balls
tamed lions
flew through the air

Step into the ring with Olivia, where the lights are dim, the color soft, and a little girl's imagination is the main attraction. Now available as an eBook with audio!

8,99 €

46 The Entrepreneurial State - Mariana Mazzucato
Auteur : Mariana Mazzucato
Genre : Science politique
From one of the world's leading economists, a bestselling expose of the state's crucial role in sparking innovation and growth-and the dangers of ignoring this truth

Conventional wisdom holds that innovation is the preserve of the private sector, best left in the hands of that modern day folk hero-the lone entrepreneur. In this popular tale, the role of the public sector is simply to get out of the way, at best fixing market failures, in order to facilitate our daring hero's bold, risk-taking endeavours. But what if this powerful, contemporary myth is wrong?

In this sharp and controversial expose, Mariana Mazzucato comprehensively debunks the myth of a lumbering, bureaucratic state weighing down a dynamic private sector, to reveal how public investments have been behind many of the greatest innovations of our time. From the technologies that make the

9,49 €

47 The Sharded Boy - L. Darby Gibbs
Auteur : L. Darby Gibbs
Genre : Épopée
Hate is a powerful motivator. Pain runs a close second.

Jahl must cope with both if he hopes to fulfil his dream of becoming a master wielder.

He teams up with the best friend that abandoned him and the girl who ridiculed him. Rouen has a secret to keep and needs Jahl to make it happen. Donya needs Jahl to teach her how to wield, never mind that it could get them killed.

And he needs them both if he's to survive the danger he refuses to believe awaits him.

It’s a relationship that will force them to face both the cruelties of love and the miracles of friendship.

When a stranger hires Jahl for a job only a master wielder can perform, it seems the perfect first step to take him to the destiny he is certain is within his grasp.

Will the cost of being recognized as a wielder of magic be worth the loss of those he loves most?


48 Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 25 - 鳥山明
Auteur : 鳥山明
Genre : Autre
Shorn of his last vestiges of goodness, the djinn Boo is now pure, undiluted evil! With a single wave of his hand he kills six billion people, leaving only the heroes in Kami-sama's sky palace alive...but for how long? Inside the palace, Goten and Trunks merge into Gotenks, the only being in the world who might match Boo in raw power. But luckily there's more than one world. On a faraway planet, Gohan and Goku are preparing for their turn to save the devastated earth before the planet itself is blown away!

6,99 €

49 My Shot - Elena Delle Donne
Auteur : Elena Delle Donne
Genre : Biographies
“Elena is one of the brightest stars in our game today and an iconic role model.” —Lisa M. Borders, WNBA President

“Inspiring in many ways.” —Kirkus Reviews

Elena Delle Donne, 2015 WNBA MVP and 2016 Olympic gold medalist, shares her inspirational story of being a young basketball prodigy who gave up an impressive basketball scholarship for family and self-discovery.

Elena Delle Donne has always forged her own path. During her first year of college, she walked away from a scholarship and chance to play for Geno Aurriema at UConn—the most prestigious women’s college basketball program—so she could stay in her home state of Delaware and be close to her older sister, Lizzie, who has several disabilities and can only communicate through hand-over-hand signing.

Burned out and questioning her passion for b

8,99 €

50 Riverside Hospital's Pharmacy Services - Anne Snowdon & Hannah Standing Rasmussen
Auteur : Anne Snowdon & Hannah Standing Rasmussen
Genre : Entreprise et management
Riverside District Memorial Hospital (RDMH) is a small rural hospital that must work within an operational budget that is determined by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care in a Canadian province. This case identifies the emergence of concerns for patient safety related to medication administration, and the challenges of ensuring professional services are maintained by the pharmacy department to serve patients admitted to hospital. The chief nursing executive (CNE) must decide what steps should be taken to reduce this exposure in the context of the complex relationships in which RDMH exists.

1,99 €
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