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1 Rista's Tale Part 1: Scarjheen - Barbara Lindsley Galloway
Auteur : Barbara Lindsley Galloway
Genre : Religious
Human beings have colonized a new world and upset the delicate balance between the planet and the gentle, indigenous First Ones, which brings about the plague Scarjheen designed to destroy the offenders.
But Rista of the Narrabri is unsuspecting of the part she must play to stop it. She longs for a new home; anywhere but the crystal mining mountain she has known since childhood. By the time the traders arrive to bring food and supplies for a starving people, an ill man who has washed ashore turns Rista's life upside down and she must flee for her life. Together with her childhood friend, Tiko, she is thrust into a race against time in an adventure that promises to stop the plague, but will change their lives and that of those they love--forever.
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