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1 Millionaire Law of Attraction How Real Estate Agents, Entrepreneurs, Writers, Salespeople & Network Marketers can Unlock The Secrets to Wealth Miracles with Just 15 Minutes of Morning Meditation - Guided Miracle Manifestation
Auteur : Guided Miracle Manifestation
Genre : Développement personnel
Discover the keys to unleashing your true inner power by harnessing the abilities of your subconscious mind

You are standing on the precipice of greatness…

You are far closer than you think…

All you need to do, is let go of your fear of success.

And these tapes will help you do just that.

After listening and immersing yourself to the quiet consistency of direction…

You will see yourself…

Hear yourself…

And truly feel yourself in the most successful form you can be.

These recordings are optimized for regular and repeat listening…

Your journey to your greatest self begins here…

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2 Summary: The Miracle Morning for Salespeople - BusinessNews Publishing
Auteur : BusinessNews Publishing
Genre : Entreprise et management
The must-read summary of Hal Elrood and Ryan Snow's book (with Honoree Corder) "The Miracle Morning for Salespeople: The Fastest Way to Take Your Self and Your Sales to the Next Level”.

This complete summary of the ideas from Hal Elrood and Ryan Snow's book (with Honoree Corder) "The Miracle Morning for Salespeople" highlights the importance of having a good morning routine if you want to achieve success. By establishing a morning ritual that makes you feel motivated and productive, you will get more out of your day and you can strategically engineer your life for success. The authors take you through the Life S.A.V.E.R.S. (Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading and Scribing) routine which is simple to follow but can have a huge impact on your professional and personal life. They then explain how you can use this morning routine to improve both your p

4,99 €

3 Getting MedTech Sales Strategy Right - Richard Ruff & Janet
Auteur : Richard Ruff & Janet
Genre : Entreprise et management
While the MedTech industry is positioned to grow in the coming years, all is not rosy. For hospitals, hospital systems, ACOs (groups of physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers who voluntarily join together to provide patients with coordinated healthcare where reimbursement is tied to quality metrics), standalone medical centers (e.g., surgery centers), and physician practices – what they buy, how they buy, and what they are willing to pay for it is changing. To succeed, MedTech salespeople must think and act strategically - it's more important today than ever.


4 A Seat At the Table - Marc Miller
Auteur : Marc Miller
Genre : Entreprise et management
Marc Miller, author of the bestselling Selling is Dead, delivers another critical tool for connecting with decision makers to make more and bigger sales. A Seat at the Table offers a new sales approach: stop selling and start helping customers win, win bigger, and win more often.
Customers only care about one thing: value. And the only proven way to increase sales productivity is to deliver new and different forms of value. Salespeople must become experts in their customers' businesses and help them generate better results. Readers will learn that evolving from "salespeople" to "businesspeople who sell" will earn them a seat at the table-the place reserved for those select people who guide the strategic direction of an enterprise.
A Seat at the Table gives practical advice on how to better connect with decision makers. When they can do this, salespeople will be in a position to

4,99 €

5 Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions - Keith Rosen
Auteur : Keith Rosen
Genre : Entreprise et management
Sales training doesn’t develop sales champions. Managers do. 

The secret to developing a team of high performers isn’t more training but better coaching.  When managers effectively coach their people around best practices, core competencies and the inner game of coaching that develops the champion attitude, it makes your training stick.  With Keith Rosen’s coaching methodology and proven L.E.A.D.S. Coaching Framework™ used by the world’s top organizations, you’ll get your sales and management teams to perform better - fast. 

Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions is your playbook to creating a thriving coaching culture and building a team of top producers. This book is packed with case studies, a 30 Day Turnaround Strategy for underperformers, a library of coaching templates and s

19,99 €

6 Summary: What Great Salespeople Do - BusinessNews Publishing
Auteur : BusinessNews Publishing
Genre : Entreprise et management
The must-read summary of Michael Bosworth and Ben Zoldan's book: "What Great Salespeople Do: The Science of Selling Through Emotional Connection and the Power of Story". 

This complete summary of the ideas from Michael Bosworth and Ben Zoldan's book "What Great Salespeople Do" shows how the best salespeople are experts in the art of creating emotional connections with their buyers and telling them stories. The authors share their best strategies on how to connect with customers and build an inventory of powerful stories that you can use during sales to influence decisions. By learning about the importance of emotion in the decision-making process, you can discover how to use this to your advantage during a sales situation.

Added-value of this summary: 
• Save time 
• Understand the key concepts 

4,99 €
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8 5 Skills of Master Salespeople - Michael D. Maginn
Auteur : Michael D. Maginn
Genre : Entreprise et management
A GUIDE TO THE HEART OF SELLING: A PRIMER FOR BEGINNERS, A RESOURCE FOR VETERANS Research-based advice about what to do and say that can make the difference between losing a sale and creating a loyal, confident customer who is immune from the competition.

6,49 €

9 Selling Without Salespeople - Timothy J. Morrison , Christopher J. Morrison
Auteur : Timothy J. Morrison , Christopher J. Morrison
Genre : Entreprise et management
Selling Without Salespeople is designed to challenge organizations still clinging to traditional sales methodologies that are counter to the sweeping changes that have taken place in the market. Resource-Driven Selling (RDS) was created to provide companies experiencing stagnant or declining revenue a better way to communicate with customers and grow their business. It is proven to reduce costs and increase revenue while improving company morale, service and customer satisfaction. The 10 Core Elements illustrate the steps necessary for improving revenue growth and customer retention. The three Epiphanies purge the fallacies of current day sales and communication practices. When old practices are removed and the Core Elements implemented, what endures is a selling approach that although contrary to the status quo, has proven to be very successful.

0,99 €

10 Quick Guide: How Top Salespeople Sell - Paul C Burr
Auteur : Paul C Burr
Genre : Marketing et ventes
Within you will discover how:
• Customers fundamentally only ask four questions:
1. Do I trust you?
2. What value do you bring to the table?
3. Are you the right person/organisation to do business with?
4. How does it work (i.e. feature/benefits) or how will we work together?
• Moderate performing salespeople often answer these four questions in reverse order.
• Top performers do things better and differently; they...
- Focus firstly on Questions 1 and 2
- Ask better questions that nurture insight and instil passion
- Guide customers sensitively on a spiral journey in and out of the problems they face. The dualistic nature of this journey inspires action.
- Engage the customer to evaluate the consequences of both action and inaction.
- Understand and apply what CxOs expect and value from business relationships
• Top

3,49 €

11 The 25 Sales Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople - Stephan Schiffman
Auteur : Stephan Schiffman
Genre : Management et direction
Now you can join the hundreds of thousands of salespeople who have followed Stephen Schiffman's advice and watch your performance soar. Schiffman lets you in on the industry's best-kept secrets.

Learn how to convert leads to sales, motivate yourself and motivate others, give killer presentations, and keep your sense of humor.

This new edition includes:
• New examples using the latest advances in sales presentation technology
• Up-to-date cases of these successful habits in action
• Five bonus habits showing readers how to overcome mistakes, set sales timetables, and reexamine processes to shore up weaknesses

If you're a salesperson looking to succeed, this is the book for you!

6,99 €

12 LinkedIn for Business: How Advertisers, Marketers and Salespeople Get Leads, Sales and Profits from LinkedIn - Brian Carter
Auteur : Brian Carter
Genre : Marketing et ventes
Increase Your LinkedIn Leads, Sales, and Profits: Attract Higher-Quality Leads, Market More Effectively, Boost Your Sales
This book delivers a complete system for profiting from LinkedIn. Top social media marketer Brian Carter shows you how to use LinkedIn to supercharge your existing business-to-business marketing, advertising, and sales processes, generate more qualified leads, and build sales in powerful new ways! Through case studies, Carter reveals how innovative businesses of all types are achieving amazing results with LinkedIn and teaches specific, actionable lessons you can apply right now. Whether you’re an advertising expert, content marketer, sales professional, PR pro, B2B executive, or social media specialist, LinkedIn offers you far more power than you may realize--and this book will help you leverage all of it!


14,99 €

13 11 Secrets of Time Management for Salespeople, 11th Anniversary Edition - Dave Kahle
Auteur : Dave Kahle
Genre : Entreprise et management
The typical salesperson today is overwhelmed, with too much to do and not enough time in which to do it. Salespeople need help, and Dave Kahle provides it.

Dave Kahle contends that smart time management is not about cramming more activity into each hour, but about achieving greater results in that hour. The content has been honed in hundreds of seminars and refined by the feedback and experiences of thousands of salespeople.

The first edition of this book was translated into seven languages and made available in 20 countries. Since then, the problem for salespeople has become even more acute, with smart phones and tablets creating a culture of instant communication. Salespeople need assistance in not being seduced by all the digital noise.

11 Secrets of Time Management for Salespeople provides powerful, practical insights and ideas that really

15,99 €

14 Secrets of Great Salespeople - Jeremy Raymond
Auteur : Jeremy Raymond
Genre : Entreprise et management
Discover the 50 secrets that great salespeople know - complete with strategies for putting them into practice.

What do great salespeople know that the rest of us don't? Do they have a secret recipe for success? Is there a special alchemy to selling? The Secrets of Great Salespeople reveals the 50 things you need to know to in order to sell. Each chapter outlines one of the 50 ideas and gives three strategies for putting it into practice. Some ideas will surprise you, all will inspire you. Put these simple strategies together and you have a recipe for sales success, a formula that will unlock your selling potential.

Whether you want to build lasting and profitable customer relationships, hunt down new clients, or are just beginning to work in a sales-related field, this book provides the tools and techniques you need to sell more. With dedicated secti

3,99 €

15 What Great Salespeople Do: The Science of Selling Through Emotional Connection and the Power of Story - Michael Bosworth, Ben Zoldan & Michael T. Bosworth
Auteur : Michael Bosworth, Ben Zoldan & Michael T. Bosworth
Genre : Entreprise et management
Build better relationships and Sell More Effectively With a Powerful SALES STORY

“Throughout our careers, we have been trained to ask diagnostic questions, deliver value props, and conduct ROI studies. It usually doesn’t work; best case, we can argue with the customer about numbers—purely a left brain exercise, which turns buyers off. This book explains a better way.”
—John Burke, Group Vice President, Oracle Corporation

“Forget music, a great story has charm to soothe the savage beast and win over the most challenging customer. And one of the best guides in crafting it, feeling it, and telling it is What Great Salespeople Do. A must-read for anyone seeking to influence another human being.”
—Mark Goulston, M.D., author of the #1 international bestseller Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absol

18,99 €

16 Mavenness: A Non-Explored Trait of Quality Salespeople (Report) - Paradigm
Auteur : Paradigm
Genre : Entreprise et management
Introduction What makes a good salesperson? There are several schools of thought on the subject. Is it the ability to network effectively? Is it having a persuasive nature? Or is it simply the level of sales experience one possesses? Sales managers spend an inordinate amount of time searching for and recruiting high-performing salespeople (Adidam 2006). Finding the right candidates from the start is invaluable to a company. Even if the salesperson is only paid on business he or she brings in, the high cost of turnover is enough motivation to find the right people (Adidam and Srivastava 2002). For instance, salesperson turnover in the insurance industry is approximately 50 per cent within the first year, and 80 per cent within the first three years. The cost of such turnover is immense. Consider the substantial salaries paid to new salespeople for the first year or so, which are wasted

2,99 €

17 How to Hire and Develop Your Next Top Performer, 2nd edition: The Qualities That Make Salespeople Great - Herb Greenberg & Patrick Sweeney
Auteur : Herb Greenberg & Patrick Sweeney
Genre : Entreprise et management
The sales management classic—updated for today’s competitive business environment

Advanced digital technologies, the breakdown of traditional business barriers, and increased customer empowerment have transformed the sales profession. The future now belongs to salespeople who deeply understand, embrace, and take advantage of these unprecedented changes to enhance their relationships with their customers.

What does this mean for you? You absolutely need these people on your team to succeed. And this fully updated edition of How to Hire and Develop Your Next Top Performer will show you how to find them, attract them, and retain them. It’s the key to maintaining the competitive edge now and in the future.

Written by the CEO and president of Caliper, one of the world’s leading management consultancies, How to Hire and Develop Your Nex

14,99 €

18 What Got You Here Won't Get You There in Sales: How Successful Salespeople Take it to the Next Level - Marshall Goldsmith, Bill Hawkins & Don Brown
Auteur : Marshall Goldsmith, Bill Hawkins & Don Brown
Genre : Entreprise et management
Kick your bad habits—and CLOSE MORE SALES!

“I love this book, especially the importance of empathy—care enough about what you are selling to personalize its value to your customer!”
—Jim Farley, VP Global Marketing, Ford Motor Company

“In over 20 years of sales leadership, I had yet to see someone describe self-improvement through the elimination of existing behaviors rather than the creation of new ones—what a simple, concise, and personally applicable developmental tool. This is a must-read for everyone in sales!”
—Chris Richardson, VP Global Sales, Abbott Vascular

“Don Brown and Bill Hawkins, collaborating with Marshall Goldsmith’s incredible insight, have created strategy and ideas that will help you grow, sell more, and prosper!”
—Jeffrey Gitomer, author of The Little Red Book of

15,99 €

19 Salespeople Are Like Taco's - Richard Grehalva
Auteur : Richard Grehalva
Genre : Entreprise et management
What's the difference between a taco, taquito or enchilada? It's all the same stuff with a different price point and presentation. In sales, the #1 issue is "how to differentiate you from your competition."

"Salespeople are Like Tacos: The Real Reason Why You're Losing Sales You Should Win" is learning how to communicate your value and make your competition irrelevant. Discover who your real competitor is you've been ignoring, and you will crush your quota. The old ways of selling no longer works. Learn what is working with today's highly educated buyer and win more sales than you lose.

4,49 €

20 The Influence of Moral Philosophy on Retail Salespeople's Ethical Perceptions (Research in the Consumer's Interest) - Journal of Consumer Affairs
Auteur : Journal of Consumer Affairs
Genre : Marketing et ventes
The relatively minimal literature on ethics in a retail selling context indicates that retail sales personnel perceive that their job creates ethical dilemmas. However, what drives those beliefs is virtually unknown. Investigations in non-retailing venues have found that employees' moral philosophy (or ideology) influences whether they view a particular situation, action, or behavior as unacceptable (ethically inappropriate). The present study extends previous retail sales ethics research by examining the impact of retail salespersons' moral philosophy on their perceptions of situations that are potentially ethically troublesome. Findings reveal some evidence that moral philosophy does indeed have an effect on retail salespeople's ethical beliefs. The impact of these results on the consumer is brought out through a discussion of the various implications from the vantage point of consumer

2,99 €

21 Cartoons for Salespeople - Brandon Bruce
Auteur : Brandon Bruce
Genre : Humour
You don’t need a good sense of humor to work in sales, but it sure helps! You probably chose sales as a profession (or sales chose you) because you have the gift of gab. You enjoy using a clever introduction to break the ice on a cold call. And you’re a master of the witty rejoinder that draws a smile (maybe even a laugh) from the customer.

With your natural good looks and winning personality, I figured you’d enjoy a collection of the funniest sales cartoons I could find from the best cartoonists in the business. There are thousands of cartoons out there, but only a few made me laugh out loud while nodding my head in agreement.

2,49 €

22 An Introduction to The Five Abilities of Incredibly Successful Salespeople - Rick Wong
Auteur : Rick Wong
Genre : Marketing et ventes
Incredibly successful sales people are naturally drawn to action and results; they thrive on the heat of the sales battle. They would rather be learning from an irate customer than reading a textbook on how to handle an irate customer. If you are drawn to results that come from the best next actions, this book is for you. It addresses the most common execution problems that sales people have to tackle every day.

As an entrepreneur, sales person, sales manager, sales executive, customer, and client, I’ve spent over 35 years working with sales people who have been incredibly successful and some who have been incredibly unsuccessful. Combining my observations and experience, I’ve created a repeatable methodology that represents the ways the best sales people address customer problems and cause decision-makers to choose their offering way more often than that of their competit


23 Sales for Non-Salespeople - Robert Ashton
Auteur : Robert Ashton
Genre : Entreprise et management
If you know how to sell, you know how to succeed. Selling is the most important, and perhaps the most misunderstood workplace skill. Once you understand how to sell you will become more persuasive, naturally and confidently.

This book has four sections, enabling the reader to focus on their most pressing need:
* Selling basics - a simple, explicit guide to the sales process;
* Selling yourself - and how to get noticed, connected and respected;
* Selling to colleagues - presenting, persuading and getting promoted;
* Selling to customers - winning orders and succeeding in shops & at shows.

This book will help the reader:
* Learn the basics about how to sell and why people buy;
* Recognise the importance of goal setting and measuring personal performance;
* Understand how to find, then influence people able to contribute to their

3,99 €

24 The Top Ten Mistakes Salespeople Make and How to Avoid Them - Todd Duncan
Auteur : Todd Duncan
Genre : Entreprise et management
Todd Duncan's revolutionary approach to selling yourself as well as the product has become an inspiration for tens of thousands of salespeople around the world. In The Top Ten Mistakes Salespeople Make and How to Avoid Them, he focuses his expertise on the most common and destructive blunders salespeople make and how you can prevent them.

Based on thousands of interviews, years of research, and two decades of personal sales experience, this book is specifically designed to help you steer clear of the ten most fatal selling mistakes?like trying to sell before training to sell, making unplanned calls on unknown customers, and selling your product before knowing your customer.

Duncan also shows you how to build a life-based business instead of a business-based life, finding that delicate but essential balance between work and home.

Packed with Todd Du

8,99 €

25 Power Negotiating for Salespeople - Roger Dawson
Auteur : Roger Dawson
Genre : Management et direction
Master negotiator Roger Dawson turns his attention to the person on the other side of the desk—the salesperson who’s trying to close a deal with the most favorable terms.

The goal of most negotiations is to create a win-win situation. Imagine if you could win every negotiation and leave the other person feeling like he or she has won too? This book teaches you how to be the power sales negotiator who can do exactly that. You will always come away from the negotiating table knowing that you have won and that you have improved your relationship with your buyer. Roger Dawson gives salespeople an arsenal of tools that can be implemented easily and immediately.

In addition, he shows salespeople how to:

• Master the nine elements of power that control negotiating situations
• Ask for more than you expect to get
• Negotiate with individuals f

17,99 €

26 The great 8 - How the top performing salespeople close more deals than the average? - Jerry Washington
Auteur : Jerry Washington
Genre : Entreprise et management
This book is for sales reps and entrepreneurs who want to improve their work habits and close more deals. The great 8 are work habits that every sales rep and entrepreneur needs to incorporate in order to maximize growth. The average entrepreneur is one who operates as an employee. The above average entrepreneur is one who operates strategically.

3,49 €

27 Differences in Work-Family Conflict, Technology & Other Issues Resulting from Work Schedule and Travel Requirements of Salespeople: An Exploratory Study. - Academy of Marketing Studies Journal
Auteur : Academy of Marketing Studies Journal
Genre : Entreprise et management
ABSTRACT The first purpose of this exploratory study was to add to the body of knowledge related to work-family conflict (WFC), particularly in the area of the impact of family members' health issues on careers. The second purpose was to address the impact of information technology security issues on salespeople's lives and careers. The authors designed and distributed a survey on work-family conflict and technology issues to 35 salespeople they knew. Items from two previously-developed scales were borrowed, and new items and questions were created. Significant differences related to work schedule and travel requirements were found with regard to length of employment, amount of time spent on selling tasks, and tension over how much time is spent on travel. Limitations and implications for future research are then addressed.

2,99 €

28 The Big Book Of Customer Service Training Games - Peggy Carlaw & Vasudha Kathleen Deming
Auteur : Peggy Carlaw & Vasudha Kathleen Deming
Genre : Management et direction
Help your employees to excel in dealing with the public with this stimulating, fun-filled collection of customer service training games. Designed not only to teach important skills but also to spark enthusiasm and a high level of involvement in the participants, these games utilize entertaining and instructive techniques such as role-playing, charades, brainstorming, and debate. As a result of these exercises, employees will learn how to create a rapport with the customer, how to focus on the unique needs of individual customers, how to maintain a positive attitude, and more.

13,99 €

29 Time Traps - Todd Duncan
Auteur : Todd Duncan
Genre : Management et direction
Sales quotas, stress-filled days, and long working hours fill the schedules of salespeople everywhere. In Time Traps, author Todd Duncan teaches readers that this formula is all wrong--and proclaims that it’s possible to achieve more sales success with less stress, earn more family time with less frustration, and gain more money without investing life-consuming hours at work. The key, he shares, is not time management--after all, managing time is an impossible task to undertake. Instead, he shows readers how to manage what they do with the time they’re given. Highly acclaimed by some of the biggest names in the business, sales, and leadership industries--including bestselling authors Stephen R. Covey and John C. Maxwell--Time Traps includes tips for balancing and maximizing time, saying no more often, leveraging time-saving tools and technology, and prioritizing life amid professiona

8,99 €

30 The Ultimate Sales Pro - Paul Cherry
Auteur : Paul Cherry
Genre : Carrière
Forget the rest. Learn to sell like the best. Better leads, solid presentations, and a more versatile closing strategy are all great for boosting B2B sales. But truly successful salespeople-the ones who seem invincible when everyone else is struggling-possess more than foundational skills. They are proactive, entrepreneurial, and find solutions for their clients. They highlight their personal value and actively manage their careers. They're hyperfocused on cultivating relationships with customers and colleagues. The Ultimate Sales Pro shows everyone how to elevate their game. Drawing on the author's vast experience training salespeople for top organizations, the book explains how to: Be your own mentor * Problem-solve with peers * Manage any boss * Identify your ideal clients * Research industry trends * Share knowledge to foster trust * Craft a powerful Unique Value Statement * Script e

8,99 €

31 Discover Your Sales Strengths - Benson Smith & Tony Rutigliano
Auteur : Benson Smith & Tony Rutigliano
Genre : Entreprise et management
For four decades, The Gallup Organization has been gathering information and offering data-driven advice-conducting millions of interviews, compiling thousands of statistics, and building a wealth of facts about what really makes people successful (and happy) in their fields. Now Gallup uses its expertise to offer a unique, interactive Profile that will identify your top five talents-and help you start getting the most from them in your sales career. The product of a twenty-five-year, multimillion-dollar effort, the StrengthsFinder program interviews you and offers an in-depth, individualized analysis of your predominant strengths and personality traits. Using this book, you can then find out how to put your strengths to work in the real world, how others with similar talents have succeeded or failed, and why you may need to make essential changes in your career. Debu

10,99 €

32 More Profits - Bob Moran
Auteur : Bob Moran
Genre : Entreprise et management
You can dramatically earn and keep more profits by following these ten easy, quick and inexpensive proven business strategies.

6,49 €

33 No Sales, No Sleep - Mark Swain
Auteur : Mark Swain
Genre : Secteurs et professions
Today banking and financial services sales professionals are under more pressure than ever to perform due to globalization, disruptive technology, increased compliance, unrelenting competition, digital transformation and lack of time due to frequent multitasking. And the industry is changing more than ever with new market entrants, advanced technology deployment and fintech disruptors all entering the market. 

Because of these changes and disruptions, CEOs, institutional sales heads, business development managers, VPs, directors and trainees are: 
worried about where sales are coming from to maintain growth and job security  feeling overwhelmed and time poor due to pressure to perform and requirements to hit short-term targets  unsure what new skills to learn and capabilities to develop to remain relevant in a rapidly changing financial ecosystem.&

21,99 €

34 How to Hire and Develop Your Next Top Performer - Herb Greenberg, Harold Weinstein & Patrick Sweeney
Auteur : Herb Greenberg, Harold Weinstein & Patrick Sweeney
Genre : Entreprise et management
For four decades, Caliper Consulting has helped more than 23,000 companies worldwide select, develop, and manage people. The Caliper Profile has proved more than 90 percent accurate in determining top performers. With this book managers hire the right people every time, by discovering: Four factors that predict employee success A proven system for finding and keeping great salespeople Guidance on job matching, team-building, and sales traits.

13,99 €

35 Can They Sell - Steve Suggs
Auteur : Steve Suggs
Genre : Entreprise et management
After years of study and practical application, I have discovered a “best practice” recruiting system that answers the question, “Can They Sell?” This system is tied to the knowledge of human behavior, which, when used in recruiting, then becomes the foundation for coaching the members of your sales team. In this book, you will find a process with tools and skills needed for selecting the best from the rest.

The 3 profitable reasons to read this book, then put it to use ... 

1. Only one of your last three recruits lasted a year. You're frustrated - they looked good and sounded good - but they couldn't sell. 

2. You want to know...
WHERE to find the best salespeople to interview 
WHAT to look for when interviewing 
HOW to loo

8,99 €

36 Selling is So Easy It's Hard - Dr. Gary S. Goodman
Auteur : Dr. Gary S. Goodman
Genre : Entreprise et management
Most sales training programs offer the same old pointers: Always be closing, keep it simple, stupid, and ask for referrals. You know these clichés. Selling Is So Easy, It’s Hard is the first program to focus on the 77 correctable selling mistakes that novices and veterans make. Without conscious awareness, these errors, snafus, miscues, and blunders keep the typical seller from earning at least 25% more business. This translates into millions of dollars in lost income over the course of a career, according to best- selling author and speaker Dr. Gary S. Goodman.

10,99 €

37 Reinventing Ralph - John Waid
Auteur : John Waid
Genre : Entreprise et management
The day of process-laden selling models has run its course. Great selling is about great habits, and the process models do not do this requirement justice. The best salespeople do not sell; they help people to buy and have built values and behavior around this. Selling is not the action. Buying is.

In this story, Ralph, a salesman in his thirties who has come up on some really bad times at work and home, discovers three transcendent values. He helps to discover and climb Culture Mountain and become a winning, culture-driven salesperson. No matter at what level you are in sales, you can never underestimate the power of simplicity and a mentor who understands you.

4,99 €

38 Green Zone Selling - Douglas Smith
Auteur : Douglas Smith
Genre : Entreprise et management
Why do some salespeople out-sell, out-earn and outlast everyone else? It is because they think, work and approach selling differently than everyone else! A must read" for every sales professional serious about making more money, Green Zone Selling is a collection of more than 50 best practices and winning approaches used by top salespeople in business today. Unlike other books on selling that are either far too elementary or full of manipulative sales tactics, Green Zone Selling takes you beyond the basics and presents intelligent, ethical, authentic and to-the-point advice anyone can easily understand and immediately apply. Imagine having an experienced and proven sales coach working alongside you, putting you on the fast-track to finding more leads, more clients and more! Written in a fast-paced and factual style, the book wastes no time getting right to the pointand

16,99 €

39 How to Run Seminars and Workshops - Robert L. Jolles
Auteur : Robert L. Jolles
Genre : Entreprise et management
Make your message stick with expert help from this classic trainer's resource
How to Run Seminars and Workshops is the classic guide for trainers and presenters in any industry. Packed with clear advice and real-world practicality, this book covers all aspects including planning, setup, delivery, coaching, and more—including valuable guidance on selling your services. This new Fourth Edition has been updated and expanded, with new information on training simulations, self-marketing, and online delivery. New templates and worksheets help you sell your presentation more effectively, and insider tips leave you equipped to handle any situation that might arise. Novice presenters will find extensive guidance for every phase of the process, and even veteran presenters will learn how to fine-tune and adjust their methods to suit their audience and mode of delivery.

18,99 €

40 The Accidental Sales Manager - Suzanne Paling
Auteur : Suzanne Paling
Genre : Entreprise et management
•Do you tackle several different roles including sales manager? •Does managing the sales team feel awkward? •Do you want to achieve better sales results? If you answered YES then you face the same struggle as many other small business owners—you can successfully manage the rest of the company, but when it comes to the sales team, you feel like your efforts are coming up short. Suzanne Paling, sales management consultant, urges you to stop struggling, and teaches you what you need to know to start succeeding.

20,99 €

41 Up Your Sales in a Down Market - Ron Volper
Auteur : Ron Volper
Genre : Entreprise et management
As a successful entrepreneur and sales executive with three decades in business, Ron Volper has written an easy-to-follow, hands-on guide that will help sales rookies, struggling reps, and even top performing salespeople boost their company’s revenues faster than they thought possible.

Based on extensive field research with the best-of-the-best sales pros, this jam-packed book offers 20 clearly defined selling strategies, plus hundreds of examples and sample dialogs that teach salespeople and sales managers exactly how to:
• Win over cautious customers even in a down market
• Overcome customer fears and objections so they are ready to buy
• Avoid and bounce back from a sales slump
• Prepare and present business presentations that close more and bigger sales
• Lead and train sales teams based on the winning habits of top-performing salespeop

15,99 €

42 Buying and Selling Information - Michael L. Gruenberg
Auteur : Michael L. Gruenberg
Genre : Arts et disciplines linguistiques
Both sides of the negotiating table are represented in this practical and much-needed guide by Michael L. Gruenberg, a veteran of the electronic information field. With over 30 years selling information to libraries of all types and sizes, Gruenberg’s time-tested tips, techniques, and strategies come together in a must-read guide for sales professionals and their library customers alike. The author’s personal stories are geared to helping salespeople and librarians understand what the “other guy” is grappling with in order to achieve the best possible outcome for everyone. His hard-won insights and knowledge shed light on the importance of relationships, some harsh realities of the business world, and the “music” of the sales experience.

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43 The Sales Success Handbook - Antony Iozzi
Auteur : Antony Iozzi
Genre : Entreprise et management
The Sales Success Handbook is a comprehensive and easy-to-use guide for anyone who wants to enjoy the financial and personal rewards of highly effective selling.

Best-selling author Tony Iozzi provides a realistic, 'no-nonsense' formula for achieving Sales Excellence. He details the major strategies and systems used by higly successful salespeople, and outlines the critical 12 steps in the successful selling process.
reap higher personal and financial rewards master proven techniques of direct selling build a profitable client register approach your prospective clients get the order design and apply an effective client service program turn clients into advocates and keep them loyal to you increase sales and recognition through effective public relations organize to increase productivity design a business plan that really works
The Sales Success Handb

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44 Elite Execution - Jason Elmore
Auteur : Jason Elmore
Genre : Entreprise et management
Elite Execution: Disciplines & Insights for Extraordinary Salespeople was written for experienced professionals. Jason Elmore shares practical action items and insightful concepts that have been compiled and tested during a sales career that spanned the globe, from B2B to Med Device, and resulted in top performance and accolades. These tools and approaches were recognized as being so critical to success that Jason was awarded the opportunity to build and execute new hire sales training at one of the fastest growing divisions of the world’s largest healthcare company where he reduced average time to hit quota for new hires 50%. 
Jason specializes in introducing disruptive technology to surgeons and the healthcare market. We all know selling isn’t easy...and surgeons are some of the toughest customers. Surgeons outrank their sales representatives in just about eve

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45 Killing the Sale - Todd Duncan
Auteur : Todd Duncan
Genre : Entreprise et management
There are approximately 12.2 million salespeople in the United States-that's about 1 out of every 23 people! Salespeople are everywhere, selling everything imaginable. Some are making a killing, but a greater percentage end up victims of the sales industry-and their own mistakes. Some are normal bumps in the road toward success. Others are more damaging. But many are fatal to a career.

Duncan addresses these catastrophic mistakes with clarity and directness. Whether you're a seasoned sales professional or someone considering sales as a career, Duncan's wisdom can help you avoid errors in perception, practice, and performance that could not only kill a sale but also your career.

11,99 €
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