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1 Zero Waste Home - Béa Johnson
Auteur : Béa Johnson
Genre : Loisirs et maison
Part inspirational story of Bea Johnson (the “Priestess of Waste-Free Living”) and how she transformed her family’s life for the better by reducing their waste to an astonishing one liter per year; part practical, step-by-step guide that gives readers tools and tips to diminish their footprint and simplify their lives.

In Zero Waste Home, Bea Johnson shares the story of how she simplified her life by reducing her waste. Today, Bea, her husband, Scott, and their two young sons produce just one quart of garbage a year, and their overall quality of life has changed for the better: they now have more time together, they’ve cut their annual spending by a remarkable 40 percent, and they are healthier than they’ve ever been.

This book shares essential how-to advice, secrets, and insights based on Bea’s experience. She demystifies the proce

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2 The Anti-Inflammation Zone - Barry Sears
Auteur : Barry Sears
Genre : Régime et nutrition
Combat silent inflammation --
the most serious health
threat you never heard of

Heart disease is the #1 killer of Americans.
Cancer is the #1 fear of Americans.
Dementia is the #1 concern of Americans.

What do these devastating illnesses have in common? All three have been linked to silent inflammation, a condition that occurs when the body's natural immune response goes awry. Silent inflammation can continue undetected for years, continually assaulting the heart, arteries, and even the brain -- and you will not even know it.

New research confirms that obesity is a primary cause of silent inflammation. And inflammation is the smoking gun that links excess body fat to today's epidemic rise in heart disease, cancer, dementia, and countless other health threats. Although the science of this relationship is complex, the bottom line is simp

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3 SustainCase: How Sanofi is reducing the environmental impact of pharmaceuticals -
Auteur :
Genre : Éducation
Case study: How Sanofi is reducing the environmental impact of pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals found in the environment due to human activities, such as patients’ use of medicines, raise concerns about their potential impact on human health and the planet. As a global healthcare leader Sanofi has, accordingly, implemented safeguards at every stage in the life cycle of its products – from production to their use by patients.


As a leading global healthcare company, working to improve the health and quality of life for people around the world, Sanofi is committed to limiting the discharge of pharmaceuticals into the environment and to increasing its knowledge in this area. After measuring and setting targets, Sanofi took action to analyze wastewater effluents and use state-of-the-art technologies to treat wastewater discharge at its sites, ca


4 Big Data and Climate Insurance: Reducing Risk And Maximising Revenues - CTA
Auteur : CTA
Genre : Secteurs et professions
Spore Magazine 186: Big Data and Climate Insurance: Reducing Risk And Maximising Revenues

Increasingly accessible agricultural data is facilitating the scaling out of index-based insurance schemes and helping farmers build resilience and adapt to climate change.

SPORE est le magazine trimestriel du Centre technique de coopération agricole et rurale (CTA), offrant une perspective globale sur l'agro-industrie et l'agriculture durable.
Le CTA est régi par l’Accord de Cotonou entre le groupe des pays d’Afrique, des Caraïbes et du Pacifique (ACP) et l’Union européenne et est financé par l’UE.


5 The FastDiet - Revised & Updated - Michael Mosley & Mimi Spencer
Auteur : Michael Mosley & Mimi Spencer
Genre : Régime et nutrition
The #1 New York Times bestseller

Is it possible to eat normally, five days a week, and become slimmer and healthier as a result?

Simple answer: yes. You just limit your calorie intake for two nonconsecutive days each week—500 calories for women, 600 for men. You’ll lose weight quickly and effortlessly with the FastDiet.

Scientific trials of intermittent fasters have shown that it will not only help the pounds fly off, but also reduce your risk of a range of diseases from diabetes to cardiovascular disease and even cancer. “The scientific evidence is strong that intermittent fasting can improve health,” says Dr. Mark Mattson, Chief of the Laboratory of Neurosciences, National Institute on Aging, and Professor of Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins University.

This book brings together the results of new, groundbreaki

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6 Reducing the Weight of Life - Inja Kim
Auteur : Inja Kim
Genre : Développement personnel
There have already been many books and words arguing that we have to change ourselves before shifting our lives for the better. Of course they are absolutely right but problem is that it is one thing to know something and quite another to take action for it in reality. Always short-lived is our resolution to start a new job with the strong will. When it comes to habit or tendency it is not easy for us to get out of them even though we know they are making life very difficult for us. Why is that? Why have people different character and inclination? Why do people have difficulty in changing their preference? Is there any book to let us know how to change ourselves instead of merely telling us to change ourselves? 

This booklet, Reducing the Burden of Life is a sort of guidebook on life providing us with an answer to these questions. As in its subtitle ‘from cause

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8 The 5 Choices - Kory Kogon, Adam Merrill & Leena Rinne
Auteur : Kory Kogon, Adam Merrill & Leena Rinne
Genre : Management et direction
The 5 Choices provides the methods to get the right things done, not try to get everything done, and to feel like you made a meaningful contribution at the end of the day.” —Kevin Turner, former COO of Microsoft

For fans of Deep Work, Great at Work, and the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The 5 Choices is an essential guide for understanding productivity and time-management in the 21st century.

Every day brings us a crushing wave of demands: a barrage of texts, emails, interruptions, meetings, phone calls, tweets, breaking news—not to mention the high-pressure demands of our jobs—which can be overwhelming and exhausting. The sheer number of distractions can threaten our ability to think clearly, make good decisions, and accomplish what matters most, leaving us worn out and frustrated.


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9 Skin Rules - Debra Jaliman, MD
Auteur : Debra Jaliman, MD
Genre : Forme et santé
Skin Rules is a concise and practical instruction manual from a renowned Fifth Avenue dermatologist on how to attain beautiful skin, a taut and sculpted body, and a much younger appearance. Actors, models, and newscasters go to Dr. Jaliman for her cutting-edge technology and the latest in skin care, as well as for her reputation for being the "last stop" doctor, the one who fixes what others can't.

Skin Rules has something for everyone, no matter where they live or how much money they have to spend. This small, invaluable guide supplies the same advice Dr. Jaliman gives to her celebrity patients, from lasers to remove sun damage and turn back the clock to suggestions for simple products and habits anyone can adopt for a small outlay of time and money.

In Skin Rules readers will learn:
• about the one ingredient that should NEVER be in
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10 Stress-related Illness - Tim Cantopher
Auteur : Tim Cantopher
Genre : Forme et santé
Three out of four adults will feel overwhelmed by stress at some point in their lives.

Although stress is a very subjective condition - some people thrive on a certain amount of it - one thing is certain: too much stress, if you feel unable to cope with it, can make you ill.

Dr Tim Cantopher has diagnosed and helped hundreds of people with stress-related illnesses. He will help you to understand the causes of your stress (past and present), and to recognise the people who may be making it worse. This book offers treatments and strategies to manage the stress-related illnesses you may be suffering - whether physical or psychological - and gives you advice on getting, and staying, well.

Written in the author's trademark style, blending simple but astonishingly astute insight with straightforward but astonishingly effective strategies, this book will

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11 Customer Success - Nick Mehta, Dan Steinman, Lincoln Murphy & María Martínez
Auteur : Nick Mehta, Dan Steinman, Lincoln Murphy & María Martínez
Genre : Secteurs et professions
Your business success is now forever linked to the success of your customers Customer Success is the groundbreaking guide to the exciting new model of customer management. Business relationships are fundamentally changing. In the world B.C. (Before Cloud), companies could focus totally on sales and marketing because customers were often 'stuck' after purchasing. Therefore, all of the 'post-sale' experience was a cost center in most companies. In the world A.B. (After Benioff), with granular per-year, per-month or per-use pricing models, cloud deployments and many competitive options, customers now have the power. As such, B2B vendors must deliver success for their clients to achieve success for their own businesses.

Customer success teams are being created in companies to quarterback the customer lifecycle and drive adoption, renewals, up-sell and advocacy. The Customer Succes

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12 Thrive! - Zehra Mahoon
Auteur : Zehra Mahoon
Genre : Développement personnel
This book is about getting consistent results from the application of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction works – but its intellectual understanding and practical application are two different things. For the most part people are unaware that wanting something and being positive about it are not the same. Three things set this book apart from all other books written on the subject. 1. The depiction of the Law of Attraction and the thinking process in the form of diagrams that make it easy to understand how our thoughts impact our results; 2. A method that helps us to identify beliefs that operate under the surface and control our lives without our knowing it; and 3. A four step process that helps to deactivate negative beliefs permanently so that we can thrive. The end result: A life that feels good. A life that is satisfying in all its aspects, whether it be health, re

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13 Seeing What Others Don't - Gary Klein
Auteur : Gary Klein
Genre : Psychologie
'No one has taught me more about the complexities and mysteries of human decision-making' Malcolm Gladwell

'Gary Klein is a living example of how useful applied psychology can be when it is done well' Daniel Kahneman

Insight is everything. At its most profound, it can change the world. At its simplest, it can solve everyday problems. It can be used to build businesses, solve crimes, progress science and make many aspects of our lives quicker, easier, bigger or better.

Yet remarkably we often unwittingly build barriers to seeing what is in front of us. Both as individuals and organisations we can hold on to flawed beliefs and conform to established processes that can interfere with our perceptions. Having clear insight can transform the way in which we understand things, the decisions we make and the actions w

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14 Reducing Maternal and Neonatal Mortality in Indonesia - Joint Committee on Reducing Maternal and Neonatal Mortality in Indonesia, Development, Security, and Cooperation, Policy and Global Affairs, National Research Council & Indonesian Academy of Sciences
Auteur : Joint Committee on Reducing Maternal and Neonatal Mortality in Indonesia, Development, Security, and Cooperation, Policy and Global Affairs, National Research Council & Indonesian Academy of Sciences
Genre : Forme et santé
The Republic of Indonesia, home to over 240 million people, is the world's fourth most populous nation. Ethnically, culturally, and economically diverse, the Indonesian people are broadly dispersed across an archipelago of more than 13,000 islands. Rapid urbanization has given rise to one megacity (Jakarta) and to 10 other major metropolitan areas. And yet about half of Indonesians make their homes in rural areas of the country. Indonesia, a signatory to the United Nations Millennium Declaration, has committed to achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). However, recent estimates suggest that Indonesia will not achieve by the target date of 2015 MDG 4 - reduction by two-thirds of the 1990 under - 5 infant mortality rate (number of children under age 5 who die per 1,000 live births) - and MDG 5 - reduction by three-quarters of the 1990 maternal mortality ratio (number of maternal

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15 Preventing Teen Motor Crashes - Program for a Workshop on Contributions from the Behavioral and Social Sciences in Reducing and Preventing Teen Motor Crashes
Auteur : Program for a Workshop on Contributions from the Behavioral and Social Sciences in Reducing and Preventing Teen Motor Crashes
Genre : Transport
From a public health perspective, motor vehicle crashes are among the most serious problems facing teenagers. Even after more than six months of being licensed to drive alone, teens are two to three times more likely to be in a fatal crash than are the more experienced drivers. Crash rates are significantly higher for male drivers, and young people in the United States are at greater risk of dying or being injured in an automobile than their peers around the world. In fact, in 2003 motor vehicle crashes was the leading cause of death for youth ages 16-20 in the United States.
Understanding how and why teen motor vehicle crashes happen is key to developing countermeasures to reduce their number. Applying this understanding to the development of prevention strategies holds significant promise for improving safety but many of these efforts are thwarted by a lack of evidence as to whic

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16 Drinking Water Distribution Systems - Committee on Public Water Supply Distribution Systems: Assessing and Reducing Risks
Auteur : Committee on Public Water Supply Distribution Systems: Assessing and Reducing Risks
Genre : Science et nature
Protecting and maintaining water distributions systems is crucial to ensuring high quality drinking water. Distribution systems -- consisting of pipes, pumps, valves, storage tanks, reservoirs, meters, fittings, and other hydraulic appurtenances -- carry drinking water from a centralized treatment plant or well supplies to consumers’ taps. Spanning almost 1 million miles in the United States, distribution systems represent the vast majority of physical infrastructure for water supplies, and thus constitute the primary management challenge from both an operational and public health standpoint. Recent data on waterborne disease outbreaks suggest that distribution systems remain a source of contamination that has yet to be fully addressed. This report evaluates approaches for risk characterization and recent data, and it identifies a variety of strategies that could be considered to reduc

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17 Urban Stormwater Management in the United States - Committee on Reducing Stormwater Discharge Contributions to Water Pollution
Auteur : Committee on Reducing Stormwater Discharge Contributions to Water Pollution
Genre : Sciences de la Terre
The rapid conversion of land to urban and suburban areas has profoundly altered how water flows during and following storm events, putting higher volumes of water and more pollutants into the nation's rivers, lakes, and estuaries. These changes have degraded water quality and habitat in virtually every urban stream system. The Clean Water Act regulatory framework for addressing sewage and industrial wastes is not well suited to the more difficult problem of stormwater discharges.

This book calls for an entirely new permitting structure that would put authority and accountability for stormwater discharges at the municipal level. A number of additional actions, such as conserving natural areas, reducing hard surface cover (e.g., roads and parking lots), and retrofitting urban areas with features that hold and treat stormwater, are recommended.

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18 Public Water Supply Distribution Systems - Committee on Public Water Supply Distribution Systems: Assessing and Reducing Risks
Auteur : Committee on Public Water Supply Distribution Systems: Assessing and Reducing Risks
Genre : Sciences de la Terre
The Water Science and Technology Board has released the first report of the Committee on Public Water Supply Distribution Systems: Assessing and Reducing Risks, which is studying water quality issues associated with public water supply distribution systems and their potential risks to consumers. The distribution system, which is a critical component of every drinking water utility, constitutes a significant management challenge from both an operational and public health standpoint. This first report was requested by the EPA, as the agency considers revisions to the Total Coliform Rule with potential new requirements for ensuring the integrity of the distribution system. This first report identifies trends relevant to the deterioration of drinking water quality in distribution systems and prioritizes issues of greatest concern according to high, medium, and low priority categories. Of the

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19 Reducing Crime, Reducing Incarceration - Greg Berman
Auteur : Greg Berman
Genre : Sciences sociales
A new collection of compelling and challenging essays from one of the nation's leading voices on criminal justice reform.

"The central insight of 'Reducing Crime, Reducing Incarceration' is that small tweaks in practice within the criminal justice system can sometimes lead to big change on the streets. By telling the story of the Red Hook Community Justice Center and similar innovations, Greg Berman offers a hopeful message: criminal justice reform at the local level can make a difference."
--James B. Jacobs, Warren E. Burger Professor of Law, New York University School of Law 

"Innovation is hard work. In 'Reducing Crime, Reducing Incarceration,' Berman offers a look at how change happens at the local level--and how, sometimes, it doesn't. These well-written essays offer a compelling vision of both the challenges and opportunities of criminal justice r

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20 Reducing the Vulnerability of FYR Macedonia's Agricultural Systems to Climate Change - William R. Sutton, Jitendra P. Srivastava, James E. Neuman, Kenneth Strzepek & Brent Boehlert
Auteur : William R. Sutton, Jitendra P. Srivastava, James E. Neuman, Kenneth Strzepek & Brent Boehlert
Genre : Secteurs et professions
Agriculture is one of the most climate-sensitive of all economic sectors. In many countries, such as in FYR Macedonia, the risks of climate change are an immediate and fundamental problem because the majority of the rural population depends either directly or indirectly on agriculture for their livelihoods. The risks of climate change to agriculture in FYR Macedonia cannot be effectively dealt with—and the opportunities cannot be effectively exploited—without a clear plan for aligning agricultural policies with climate change, developing the capabilities of key agricultural institutions, and making needed investments in infrastructure, support services and on-farm improvements. Developing such a plan ideally involves a combination of high-quality quantitative analysis, consultation with key stakeholders, particularly farmers and local agricultural experts, and investments in both hu

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21 Reducing Stress Fracture in Physically Active Military Women - Subcommittee on Body Composition, Nutrition, and Health of Military Women
Auteur : Subcommittee on Body Composition, Nutrition, and Health of Military Women
Genre : Médecine
The incidence of stress fractures of the lower extremities during U.S. military basic training is significantly higher among female military recruits than among male recruits. The prevalence of this injury has a marked impact on the health of service personnel and imposes a significant financial burden on the military by delaying completion of the training of new recruits. In addition to lengthening training time, increasing program costs, and delaying military readiness, stress fractures may share their etiology with the longer-term risk of osteoporosis.
As part of the Defense Women's Health Research Program, this book evaluates the impact of diet, genetic predisposition, and physical activity on bone mineral and calcium status in young servicewomen. It makes recommendations for reducing stress fractures and improving overall bone health through nutrition education and monitored p

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22 Oil in the Sea: Nonpoint Pollution, Not Oil Spills, Is the Largest Source, And Reducing It will Require Coordinated Efforts on a Number of Fronts. - Issues in Science and Technology
Auteur : Issues in Science and Technology
Genre : Ingénierie
"When it rains, it pours"--or so a motorist caught in a sudden storm might think while sliding into another vehicle. It is not merely the reduced visibility and the frenetic behavior of drivers in the rain that foster such mishaps; the streets also are slicker just after the rain begins to fall. Why? Because the oil and grease that are dripped, spewed, or otherwise inadvertently deposited by motor vehicles onto roadways are among the first materials to be lifted off by the rain, thereby literally lubricating the surface. Nor do matters end with making life miserable for motorists. The oil and grease washed off roads will most likely run into storm sewers and be discharged into the nearest body of water. From there, the oily materials often are carried to the sea, where they can cause a host of environmental problems. These events on a rainy day in the city illustrate an important but oft

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23 Reducing Urban Poverty in the Global South - David Satterthwaite & Diana Mitlin
Auteur : David Satterthwaite & Diana Mitlin
Genre : Économie
Urban areas in the Global South now house most of the world’s urban population and are projected to house almost all its increase between now and 2030. There is a growing recognition that the scale of urban poverty has been overlooked – and that it is increasing both in numbers and in the proportion of the world’s poor population that live and work in urban areas.

This is the first book to review the effectiveness of different approaches to reducing urban poverty in the Global South. It describes and discusses the different ways in which national and local governments, international agencies and civil society organizations are seeking to reduce urban poverty. Different approaches are explored, for instance; market approaches, welfare, rights-based approaches and technical/professional support. The book also considers the roles of clientelism and of social moveme

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24 Reducing the Vulnerability of Uzbekistan's Agricultural Systems to Climate Change - William R. Sutton, Jitendra P. Srivastava, James E. Neuman, Peter Droogers & Brent Boehlert
Auteur : William R. Sutton, Jitendra P. Srivastava, James E. Neuman, Peter Droogers & Brent Boehlert
Genre : Secteurs et professions
Agriculture is one of the most climate-sensitive of all economic sectors. In many countries, such as in Uzbekistan, the risks of climate change are an immediate and fundamental problem because the majority of the rural population depends either directly or indirectly on agriculture for their livelihoods. The risks of climate change to agriculture in Uzbekistan cannot be effectively dealt with—and the opportunities cannot be effectively exploited—without a clear plan for aligning agricultural policies with climate change, developing the capabilities of key agricultural institutions, and making needed investments in infrastructure, support services and on-farm improvements. Developing such a plan ideally involves a combination of high-quality quantitative analysis, consultation with key stakeholders, particularly farmers and local agricultural experts, and investments in both human a

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25 Preventing Or Reducing Common Health Problems: An EAP can Provide Front-End Value Within Integrated Health Plans by Introducing Clients to Services for Physical and Mental Issues (Focus: The Integration of Physical and Mental Health) - The Journal of Employee Assistance
Auteur : The Journal of Employee Assistance
Genre : Entreprise et management
Employee assistance programs historically have shared an on again, off again "affair" with health care. Indeed, EAPs' genesis as a workplace intervention program for alcohol and drug abuse suggested a linkage to a domain traditionally governed by the health care industry. In their classic studies of employee assistance programs, Erfurt, Foote, and Hinrich (1992) demonstrated the pivotal role EAP technology can play in motivating change in individual health behaviors. Success with challenges such as smoking cessation, diabetes, and hypertension illustrated how long-term costs could be mitigated through the integration of EAPs and health care. It was in this vein that Jack Eurfurt coined the term "mega-brush manager" to describe an EAP model that would, in effect, sweep, pick up, and ultimately direct a greater breadth of employee health issues to appropriate health care services and progr

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26 Tax Consequences of Reducing the Principal and/Or Interest of a Note Issued in an Intrafamily Sale by a Grantor Trust - Florida Bar Journal
Auteur : Florida Bar Journal
Genre : Droit
A common estate planning technique is for a client to contribute property to a limited partnership, and for the client then to sell the limited partnership interest he or she owns to a grantor trust (1) in exchange for a promissory note. This kind of planning is often referred to as an intrafamily installment sale. (2) Under current law, the limited partnership interest being sold could be subject to an appraised aggregate discount ranging from 10 to 40 percent for lack of marketability and minority interest. If the fair market value of the assets owned by the partnership were $1 million, a 35 percent discount would result in the limited partnership interest having a $650,000 fair market value. The principal amount of the promissory note is equal to the discounted sale amount of the limited partnership interest with an interest rate equal to the applicable federal rate (the AFR) for the

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27 Reducing Salt in Foods - Cindy Beeren, Kathy Groves & Pretima M. Titoria
Auteur : Cindy Beeren, Kathy Groves & Pretima M. Titoria
Genre : MZGenre.ProfessionalTechnical.Engineering.eBooks.ChemicalPetroleumEngineering
Reducing Salt in Foods, Second Edition, presents updated strategies for reducing salt intake. The book contains comprehensive information on a wide range of topics, including the key health issues driving efforts to reduce salt, government action regarding salt reduction and the implications of salt labeling. Consumer perceptions of salt and views on salt reduction in different countries are also discussed, as are taste, processing and preservation functions of salt and salt reduction strategies. Final sections discuss salt reduction in particular food groups, including meat and poultry, seafood, bread, snack foods, dairy products and canned foods, each one including a case study.

This updated edition also includes a new section on the future of salt reduction, the development of new ingredients to replace salt, salt reduction in catering, and how to teach new generati

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28 Reducing Reliance on Economically - Damaging Income Taxes for Job Creation - Hilal
Auteur : Hilal
Genre : Ouvrages de référence
Byline: Dr Zafar Mahmood Against a milieu of global economic and financial meltdown, fiscal policy has made a very strong comeback around the globe as an instrument of counter-cyclical policy. Governments had no option but to recapitalize banks, take-over a large part of the debts of failing financial institutions and introduce large stimulus packages to revitalize their economies.

2,99 €

29 Reducing Burnout and Stress: The Effectiveness of Clinical Supervision (Professional AND RESEARCH: PEER Reviewed) (Report) - Community Practitioner
Auteur : Community Practitioner
Genre : Forme et santé
Background There is anecdotal evidence--nationally, regionally and locally--that within health visiting services morale has been low, retention remains a real issue for several providers and high levels of long-term sickness and stress have resulted in a negative impact on services. A clinical supervision project was commissioned by NHS West Midlands as part of a strategy to give equal precedence to upskilling and supporting current health visitors and school nurses, along with increasing workforce numbers to meet the government's commitment to health visiting (HM Government, 2010).

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30 Credibility Gap? Parents' Beliefs About Reducing the Risk of Cot Death (Professional) (Report) - Community Practitioner
Auteur : Community Practitioner
Genre : Forme et santé
Introduction Evidence-based safe infant care advice to reduce the risk of sudden infant death or 'cot death'--launched by the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID) and Department of Health (DH) in 1991 (1,2) and subsequently expanded over the years as further research enabled additional advice to be given--has dramatically reduced the number of sudden unexplained infant deaths in the UK. According to government figures, the number of babies dying in 2006 was about 70% fewer than the number of babies dying in 1991. (3)

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31 The Practical Gold-Worker, or, The Goldsmith's and Jeweller's Instructor in the Art of Alloying, Melting, Reducing, Colouring, Collecting, and Refining - George E. Gee
Auteur : George E. Gee
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
“The Practical Gold-Worker” is a comprehensive handbook designed for goldsmiths and jewellers, containing information on alloying, melting, reducing, colouring, collecting, refining, and much more. Clearly written and beginner-friendly, this volume is ideal for students and apprentices. Contents include: “Gold; Its History and Sources of Supply”, “Properties of Gold”, “Various Qualities and Alloys of Gold”, “Melting and Rolling”, “Coining”, “Manufactured Articles – Locket-Making”, “Solid Wire-Drawing”, “Manufacturing Processes – Gold-plating”, “Engineering and Chasing – Engraving”, “Solders and Soldering – Hand Solder”, etc. Many vintage books such as this are increasingly scarce and expensive. It is with this in mind that we are republishing this volume now in an affordable, modern, high-quality edition complete with a specially-commi

6,99 €

32 A New Approach to Reducing Payments Made to Hospitals with High Complication Rates. - Inquiry
Auteur : Inquiry
Genre : Entreprise et management
This article proposes a redesign o J the Medicare inpatient prospective payment system to reduce payments made to hospitals with high complication rates. We compute risk-adjusted, expected complication rates for hospitals and compare them to actual complication rates in order to determine the number of excess complications. Hospital payment reductions then are computed based on the number of excess complications in a hospital. Medicare hospital payment could be reduced by approximately 8% ($8.5 billion) if hospitals were held to a "best practice" standard and if payments made for excess complications were eliminated. **********

2,99 €

33 Reducing Gun Violence - George Tita, K. Jack Riley, Greg Ridgeway, Clifford A. Grammich & Allan Abrahamse
Auteur : George Tita, K. Jack Riley, Greg Ridgeway, Clifford A. Grammich & Allan Abrahamse
Genre : Sciences sociales
To assess whether an initiative to reduce gun violence that had been successful in Boston could be adapted for use elsewhere, researchers selected an East Los Angeles area for a similar intervention that was to include both law enforcement and social service components. Although the latter component was not widely available when the intervention began, researchers found that the intervention helped reduce violent and gang crime in the targeted districts and that crime also decreased in surrounding communities.

8,99 €

34 Have No Fear of the Dental Chair: A Guide for Reducing Dental Fear - Susan R. Cushing
Auteur : Susan R. Cushing
Genre : Forme et santé
Dr. Susan R. Cushing graduated Cum Laude from Boston College and went on to earn her DMD degree from Tufts University Dental School in Boston, Massachusetts. Have No Fear of the Dental Chair: A Guide for Reducing Dental Fear is a Dental Guide written to answer questions you have about dental anxiety. It is designed to offer you options currently available and a "road map" for finding them. This book allows those with dental anxiety to identify their specific fears and to feel understood, validated and hopeful that they can do something about it. It offers confirmation that you are not alone and that there are dentists that understand and care about what you go through and want to help you overcome whatever has blocked you. The many personal stories shared in this book can offer you renewed hope and inspiration. By learning how others have overcome their dental fear can give you confidenc

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35 Reducing the Burden of Injury - Richard J. Bonnie
Auteur : Richard J. Bonnie
Genre : Médecine
Injuries are the leading cause of death and disability among people under age 35 in the United States. Despite great strides in injury prevention over the decades, injuries result in 150,000 deaths, 2.6 million hospitalizations, and 36 million visits to the emergency room each year.

Reducing the Burden of Injury describes the cost and magnitude of the injury problem in America and looks critically at the current response by the public and private sectors, including:

Data and surveillance needs.
Research priorities.
Trauma care systems development.
Infrastructure support, including training for injury professionals.
Firearm safety.
Coordination among federal agencies. The authors define the field of injury and establish boundaries for the field regarding intentional injuries. This book highlights the crosscutting nature of the

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36 The Repercussions of Software Piracy: Damages, Approaches of Control, and Benefits from Reducing Piracy Rates - Ekrem Arslan
Auteur : Ekrem Arslan
Genre : Psychologie
Copyright infringement of software vastly known as software piracy has become an economical menace. Particularly, the East Asian parts are the basic distributors of unlicensed software and denote the highest piracy rates world wide. The counterfeits have become high quality products that they can even compete with original software. Reasons, why software piracy exists and who the pirates are, are appraised in this report. The tremendous damages of high piracy rates on, for example, governmental loss of tax revenues, loss of jobs, are shown. Attention is paid, whether the Directive on the enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (Directive 2004/48/EC) passed from the European Union, which has ingredients of different international treaties such as the WIPO, the TRIPS and the WTO, is able to stem software piracy. This leads to show why only the implementation of laws causes no objective

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37 Reducing Drug Trafficking Revenues and Violence in Mexico - Beau Kilmer, Jonathan P. Caulkins, Brittany M. Bond & Peter H. Reuter
Auteur : Beau Kilmer, Jonathan P. Caulkins, Brittany M. Bond & Peter H. Reuter
Genre : Politique et actualité
U.S. demand for illicit drugs creates markets for Mexican drug-trafficking organizations (DTOs) and helps foster violence in Mexico. This paper examines how marijuana legalization in California might influence DTO revenues and the violence in Mexico.

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38 The Kaizen Plan for Reducing Holiday Stress: Take Control of the Holidays 10 Minutes at a Time - Lynn Johnston
Auteur : Lynn Johnston
Genre : Psychologie
Is your holiday to-do list overwhelming? Do you have mixed feelings about the winter holiday season?

The Kaizen Plan for Reducing Holiday Stress can help! Discover:

- Nine strategies for dealing with the source of your stress
- How to spend less and shop more efficiently
- How to resist overindulging in holiday treats
- Relieving stress with simple acupressure and other techniques

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39 Reducing Business Costs in 8 Proven Steps - Tim Lawson
Auteur : Tim Lawson
Genre : Secteurs et professions
Reducing costs in a business or organisation depends on three things...

You need a structured approach, a methodology. You need to be using proven techniques to reduce costs. You need to firmly drive expenditure out of your business. You can learn to do all these in 'Reducing Business Costs in 8 Proven Steps'.

Why do we need to reduce business costs?

Businesses have it tough. Whether you're a small to medium sized enterprise or you're a large corporate body – business has never been more competitive. With this comes the natural pressure of trying to ensure profitability and, following on from that, increased pressure on costs.

With sales revenue often being very hard to increase, the only way to improve profitability is to drive down costs. Therefore, both in good times and in bad, reducing costs is an essential aspect of


40 Reducing the Incidence of Sexually Transmitted Disease Through Behavioural and Social Change. - The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality
Auteur : The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality
Genre : Psychologie
Eleanor Maticka-Tyndale Department of Sociology & Anthropology

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41 Reducing Bodies - Elizabeth M. Matelski
Auteur : Elizabeth M. Matelski
Genre : États-Unis
Reducing Bodies: Mass Culture and the Female Figure in Postwar America explores the ways in which women in the years following World War II refashioned their bodies—through reducing diets, exercise, and plastic surgery—and asks what insights these changing beauty standards can offer into gender dynamics in postwar America. Drawing on novel and untapped sources, including insurance industry records, this engaging study considers questions of gender, health, and race and provides historical context for the emergence of fat studies and contemporary conversations of the "obesity epidemic."

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42 China’s Role in Reducing Carbon Emissions - David Toke
Auteur : David Toke
Genre : Économie
China, a still developing economy comprising a fifth of the world’s population, will play a key role in the global movement towards reducing carbon emissions. The aims of the Paris Agreement may stand or fall with China, both for its own contribution and the example it will set the developing world.

China’s Role in Reducing Carbon Emissions discusses the prospects for China achieving radical reductions in carbon emissions, within the context of the current economic and political landscape. With a particular focus on technologies such as such as wind power, solar power and electric vehicles, Toke examines how China is transitioning to a state of stable energy consumption via a service-based economy and heavy investment in non-fossil energy sources. The book concludes that China may be set to reduce its carbon emissions by approximately two-thirds by 2050.

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43 HSG48 Reducing Error And Influencing Behaviour - HSE Health and Safety Executive
Auteur : HSE Health and Safety Executive
Genre : Secteurs et professions
This study looks at:

The general impact of human error and behaviour;

How workers' physical and mental health can be affected by these and other factors;

Practical ideas on how to identify, assess and control risks arising from such issues; and

Case studies detailing how various organisations have approached these challenges.

Especially suitable for managers, health and safety professionals and employee representatives.

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44 Relocating world Population for Reducing GHG Emission - Subhash Lele
Auteur : Subhash Lele
Genre : Ingénierie
The dominance of high energy consuming nations and the blame game seems to defeat the purpose of the Kyoto protocol in limiting global temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius. In the Paris approach in 2015 voluntary targets from individual nations, indicate such commitments will unlock investments that ratchet up ambition on reducing emissions and eventually achieve the low-carbon world that all sides want. 

The studies show that the countries with highest emission are least vulnerable to climate change effects like rise in sea level, effects on flora and fauna etc. but the most vulnerable countries are African and small island countries which have little contribution to GHG (Green House Gases) emission.  It is ironical and unjust for these developing and underdeveloped countries.  
It is a common saying that when normal methods fail to yield results, a

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45 Lean Office: Key to Reducing Costs and Improving Profitability - Ade Asefeso MCIPS MBA
Auteur : Ade Asefeso MCIPS MBA
Genre : Management et direction
Are you losing money due to wasted effort and low productivity of your knowledge workers? Is your office inefficiency leading to low worker morale and high workforce turnover? Are you losing customers or irritated due to disorganized office practices? Applying Lean principles to your office operations can solve these problems and create efficient knowledge workers that are a real competitive advantage. Given the success that Lean Manufacturing has shown in cleaning up production processes, why not achieve a Lean Enterprise by driving Lean Office practices into the front office where inefficient procedures, paperwork, and bureaucracy in one area can stall the leanest efforts of other operations. Lean is not about cutting staff and resources.

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46 Reducing Poverty and Sustaining the Environment - David Satterthwaite, Hannah Reid & Stephen Bass
Auteur : David Satterthwaite, Hannah Reid & Stephen Bass
Genre : Économie
'A valuable contribution to our collective knowledge about governance, poverty and the environment' Frances Seymour, World Resources Institute 'Detailed and realistic documentation of contemporary development and governance relationships and trends' Melissa Leach, Institute of Development Studies There are growing signs that development work by governments, aid agencies and non-government organisations ignores the fact that environmental quality matters to the poor. There are also indications that some environmental work is pushing 'people-out' protection methodologies. Yet recently, an extensive range of project, programme and policy level activities has focused attention on the important links between poverty and the environment, and the benefit of entrenching these links in policy-making processes at all levels. The role that politics plays in all of this is of overriding importance

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47 Challenges and Successes in Reducing Health Disparities - Jennifer A. Cohen
Auteur : Jennifer A. Cohen
Genre : Médecine
In early 2007, the Institute of Medicine convened the Roundtable on Health Disparities to increase the visibility of racial and ethnic health disparities as a national problem, to further the development of programs and strategies to reduce disparities, to foster the emergence of leadership on this issue, and to track promising activities and developments in health care that could lead to dramatically reducing or eliminating disparities. The Roundtable’s first workshop, Challenges and Successes in Reducing Health Disparities, was held in St. Louis, Missouri, on July 31, 2007, and examined (1) the importance of differences in life expectancy within the United States, (2) the reasons for those differences, and (3) the implications of this information for programs and policy makers.

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48 Reducing Falls and Fractures in the Elderly - Benjamin Pearce
Auteur : Benjamin Pearce
Genre : Famille et relations
Ninety percent of the more than 352,000 hip fractures in the U.S. each year are the result of a fall. The remaining 10 percent of the hip fractures occur spontaneously due to low bone density or osteoporosis. Spontaneous fractures can then precipitate the fall. Women have two to three times as many hip fractures as men, and white post menopausal women have a 1 in 7 chance of a hip fracture during their lifetime. Learn some strategies for reducing your risk.

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49 Abatement Techniques for Reducing Emissions from Livestock Buildings - Mohamed Samer
Auteur : Mohamed Samer
Genre : Environnement
This book identifies future scientific research priorities for developing emissions inventories, emissions abatement techniques and mitigation strategies in order to improve and sustain livestock production that is in line with climate change adaptation. Livestock production is a major source of atmospheric pollutants and greenhouse gases, such as methane, nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide and ammonia, all of which directly contribute to global warming and climate change. Air pollutant emissions from agricultural practices have a negative environmental impact and are of relevant political importance, as highlighted in both the Kyoto and Gothenburg Protocols.  This book provides solutions on how to abate these emissions by using effective abatement techniques such as additives, manure storage covers, aerobic and anaerobic treatments, and dietary manipulation. Each chapter in

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50 A Guide to Effective Solution for Reducing Prisonization - Omar Garrison
Auteur : Omar Garrison
Genre : Développement personnel
Admittedly, this integrated guide informs inmates, criminal justice personnel, families, stakeholders,
and policymakers alternative avenues they may consider for reducing prisonization. This guide
detail the many problems associated with prisonization within the prison subculture. Further, it
informs the reader of the consequences of prisonization and the importance of research studies
influence on policies and penal reform. In addition, it illustrates ways criminal justice leadership can
implement organizational changes that criminal justice personnel may consider appropriate for the
work site. Lastly, it clarifies and emphasizes collaboration among inmates, families, criminal justice
personnel, stakeholders, and policy makers.

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