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1 Redefining Realness - Janet Mock
Auteur : Janet Mock
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs
New York Times Bestseller • Winner of the 2015 WOMEN'S WAY Book Prize • Goodreads Best of 2014 Semi-Finalist • Books for a Better Life Award Finalist • Lambda Literary Award Finalist • Time Magazine “30 Most Influential People on the Internet” • American Library Association Stonewall Honor Book

In her profound and courageous New York Times bestseller, Janet Mock establishes herself as a resounding and inspirational voice for the transgender community—and anyone fighting to define themselves on their own terms.

With unflinching honesty and moving prose, Janet Mock relays her experiences of growing up young, multiracial, poor, and trans in America, offering readers accessible language while imparting vital insight about the unique challenges and vulnerabilities of a marginalized and misunderstood population. Though undoubtedly a

2 Thrive - Arianna Huffington
Auteur : Arianna Huffington
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs
In Thrive, Arianna Huffington makes an impassioned and compelling case for the need to redefine what it means to be successful in today's world.
Arianna Huffington's personal wake-up call came in the form of a broken cheekbone and a nasty gash over her eye--the result of a fall brought on by exhaustion and lack of sleep. As the cofounder and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post Media Group--one of the fastest growing media companies in the world--celebrated as one of the world's most influential women, and gracing the covers of magazines, she was, by any traditional measure, extraordinarily successful. Yet as she found herself going from brain MRI to CAT scan to echocardiogram, to find out if there was any underlying medical problem beyond exhaustion, she wondered is this really what success feels like?
As more and more people are com

3 unSweetined - Jodie Sweetin
Auteur : Jodie Sweetin
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs
In this “explosive” (Us Weekly) and “brutally honest” (E! Online) memoir, Jodie Sweetin, once Danny Tanner’s bubbly daughter on America’s favorite family sitcom, takes readers behind the scenes of Full House and into her terrifying—and uplifting—real-life story of addiction and recovery.

How rude!

Jodie Sweetin melted our hearts and made us laugh for eight years as cherub-faced, goody-two-shoes middle child Stephanie Tanner. Her ups and downs seemed not so different from our own, but more than a decade after the popular television show ended, the star publicly revealed her shocking recovery from methamphetamine addiction. Even then, she kept a painful secret—one that could not be solved in thirty minutes with a hug, a stern talking-to, or a bowl of ice cream around the family table. The harrowing battle she swore she had won was real

4 Redefining Health Care - Michael E. Porter & Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg
Auteur : Michael E. Porter & Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg
Genre : Industries & Professions
The U.S. health care system is in crisis. At stake are the quality of care for millions of Americans and the financial well-being of individuals and employers squeezed by skyrocketing premiums—not to mention the stability of state and federal government budgets.

In Redefining Health Care, internationally renowned strategy expert Michael Porter and innovation expert Elizabeth Teisberg reveal the underlying—and largely overlooked—causes of the problem, and provide a powerful prescription for change.

The authors argue that competition currently takes place at the wrong level—among health plans, networks, and hospitals—rather than where it matters most, in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of specific health conditions. Participants in the system accumulate bargaining power and shift costs in a zero-sum competition, rather than creating value for patien

5 I Have Something to Tell You - Chasten Buttigieg
Auteur : Chasten Buttigieg
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs
A moving, hopeful, and refreshingly candid memoir by the husband of former Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg about growing up gay in his small Midwestern town, his relationship with Pete, and his hope for America’s future.

Throughout the past year, teacher Chasten Glezman Buttigieg has emerged on the national stage, having left his classroom in South Bend, Indiana, to travel cross-country in support of his husband, former mayor Pete Buttigieg, and Pete’s groundbreaking presidential campaign. Through Chasten’s joyful, witty social media posts, the public gained a behind-the-scenes look at his life with Pete on the trail—moments that might have ranged from the mundane to the surprising, but that were always heartfelt.

Chasten has overcome a multitude of obstacles to get here. In this moving, uplifting memoir, he recounts his journey to f

6 Redefining Success in IVF: Reducing the Burden of Care - Reproductive Medicine Associates of NJ
Auteur : Reproductive Medicine Associates of NJ
Genre : Health & Fitness
Highlights of an Expert Roundtable Meeting on Single Embryo Transfer in IVF
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8 Redefining Leadership - Joseph M. Stowell
Auteur : Joseph M. Stowell
Genre : Christianity
Is successful leadership measured simply by the outcomes a leader achieves, or is there another—more essential—yardstick for measuring success?  In Redefining Leadership, author, pastor, and college president Joe Stowell shows us that the best leaders are driven by Christ-formed character, and that truly successful leadership is not defined by the standards of this world but by the counter-intuitive practices and perspectives of the Kingdom of Christ.  With compelling personal stories and insights from the Bible, he highlights the contrast between these two radically different leadership styles and demonstrates that the teaching and example of King Jesus, the world’s most unlikely leader, is the only model of leadership that leads to maximum results, results that will have an eternal impact.

9 Life, on the Line - Grant Achatz & Nick Kokonas
Auteur : Grant Achatz & Nick Kokonas
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs
"One of America's great chefs" (Vogue) shares how his drive to cook immaculate food won him international renown-and fueled his miraculous triumph over tongue cancer.

In 2007, chef Grant Achatz seemingly had it made. He had been named one of the best new chefs in America by Food & Wine in 2002, received the James Beard Foundation Rising Star Chef of the Year Award in 2003, and in 2005 he and Nick Kokonas opened the conceptually radical restaurant Alinea, which was named Best Restaurant in America by Gourmet magazine. Then, positioned firmly in the world's culinary spotlight, Achatz was diagnosed with stage IV squamous cell carcinoma-tongue cancer.

The prognosis was grim, and doctors agreed the only course of action was to remove the cancerous tissue, which included his entire tongue. Desperate to preserve his quality of life, Gran

10 Redefining Professional Development Through Edcamps - Dr. Christopher R McGee
Auteur : Dr. Christopher R McGee
Genre : Education
Professional development (PD) is prescribed by someone else, planned by someone else, and measured by someone else.  Wouldn’t it be great to take control of that learning?  I know you’re thinking, “I get to go to conferences.”  Right, but other people get to decide what’s offered and when it’s offered.  This limits your choices and leaves out the interests of many.  Edcamps are a new way to think about professional development and professional learning. Use this book to learn about and start your own Edcamp!

11 Redefining Beautiful - Jenna Lucado Bishop & Max Lucado
Auteur : Jenna Lucado Bishop & Max Lucado
Genre : Religion
Not feeling very beautiful?  Learn what beauty is from God's perspective.

Revolve speaker Jenna Lucado has teamed up with her dad, Max Lucado, to bring girls a fresh perspective on what they need to live a life of peace, joy, and confidence. What does God see when He looks at them? And how does a girl catch that vision?

Jenna reveals life accessories that are essential, and which single accessory is a real must-have to give teens a look they love—a look that says they are comfortable with who they are and secure and confident. What’s the all-important accessory? Love from a father. But what happens when there is no loving father in sight, no daddy to tell them they are beautiful?

Through conversational “girl time” Jenna reveals that when we look to God as our Father, He can change our focus, our look, and our lives. With affirm

12 REDEFINING THE FUTURE - Irish Life Corporate Business
Auteur : Irish Life Corporate Business
Genre : Finance
Many employers are currently seeking to address the issues of cash affordability, balance sheet volatility and a tougher funding standard when it comes to their Defined Benefit scheme. This conference gave companies affected by these issues an opportunity to explore potential solutions

13 More Than Pretty - Erica Campbell
Auteur : Erica Campbell
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs
Grammy Award–winning gospel singer, television star, and radio host Erica Campbell speaks to women of all shapes and sizes, demonstrating that true beauty is found not in external appearances, but in celebrating the person God made you to be.

So many young women struggle with issues of low self-esteem, depression, self-degradation, and other unhealthy habits that manifest on the outside what’s happening on the inside. And the rise of social media and the emphasis on beauty as validation for self-worth have only added fuel to the fire. But Erica Campbell—Grammy-winning gospel star, reality TV star, and nationally-syndicated radio host—believes that we need to redefine beauty. We need to start to see ourselves the way God sees us—beautiful and perfectly made. True beauty, Erica believes, is about embracing who God made you to be.

In More Than Pret

14 Rethinking the Sales Force: Redefining Selling to Create and Capture Customer Value - John DeVincentis & Neil Rackham
Auteur : John DeVincentis & Neil Rackham
Genre : Marketing & Sales
In today's markets, success no longer depends on communicating the value of products or services. It rests on the crucial ability to create value for customers. Sales forces need to retool current strategies by recognizing the customer's dominant power in today's economy and what that means for those who sell. Capitalizing on research into the practices of cutting edge companies, the authors show how the successful sales force breaks away from traditional thinking and transforms themselves into complex business processes with multiple sales approaches and selling mdoels that meet the demands of today's sophisticated customers.

15 Redefining Airmanship - Tony Kern
Auteur : Tony Kern
Genre : Transportation
Redefining Airmanship offers the first concrete model of the abstract ideal of "airmanship," and gives the reader step-by-step guidance for self-appraisal and improvement in the areas of flight proficiency, teamwork, and good judgment in crisis situations. The author, Major Tony Kern, draws on his extensive flight and crew-training experience in the U.S. Air Force, but his model is invaluable for all pilots, whether military, recreational, or commercial.

"Kern's work is a breakthrough, and a benchmark."
--John J. Nance, author of Blind Trust

16 Suffer Strong - Katherine Wolf & Jay Wolf
Auteur : Katherine Wolf & Jay Wolf
Genre : Christianity
Is it possible to embrace suffering as a privilege, rather than a punishment? Beloved authors Katherine and Jay Wolf offer readers the bold invitation to trust a known God with an unknown future, as well as practical insights into surviving anything by redefining how we think about everything.

After miraculously surviving a near-fatal brainstem stroke at age 26, as told in their memoir, Hope Heals, life for Katherine and Jay Wolf changed forever - and so did the way they viewed God, the world, and themselves in it. There was no going back to normal after such a tragedy. Yet Katherine and Jay learned that suffering is not the end, but rather the beginning of a new story. 

In Suffer Strong, they invite us into this new story as they share universal lessons and helpful practices that will help us to:
Recognize we are being equipped for an

17 Redefining Prostate Cancer - Steven Lamm, Herbert Lepor & Dan Sperling
Auteur : Steven Lamm, Herbert Lepor & Dan Sperling
Genre : Health & Fitness
The most complete and accurate analysis of prostate cancer treatment, prevention, research, and technology available. Internationally renowned prostate cancer experts offer cutting-edge commentary on the questions that all modern men (and their loved ones and caretakers) need to have answered.

The past decade of breakthroughs in clinical research and unprecedented technological advancements has affected few medical conditions more than prostate cancer. Even the most up-to-date advice can vary significantly from one doctor to the next.

Enter Redefining Prostate Cancer: An Innovative Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment, the most complete and accurate analysis of prostate cancer treatment, prevention, research, and technology. Internationally renowned prostate cancer experts offer cutting-edge commentary on the questions that all modern men need to have answered. A

18 Redefining Strong - Phoenix White
Auteur : Phoenix White
Genre : Self-Improvement
Redefining Strong is a riveting narration of self discovery, sacrifice, and healing as Phoenix White takes you on a journey through her skeleton closet without contrivance; to help you identify and clean out the BS in your life so that you can begin to heal, from the inside out.

In this book, Phoenix White delivers a compelling, unflinching look at her struggles and triumphs while identifying the damage she sustained after being ripped from her family, and unjustifiably placed in a foster home as a child. She then shares a compartmentalized breakdown of her battle with depression, abuse, heartache and rape on the night of her graduation. Phoenix also reveals a gut wrenching tale of how she survived; brain surgery, media scrutiny, homelessness and welfare with her son. To now embracing the richness of harmony, and living her life fearlessly with purpose. 


19 Elderhood - Louise Aronson
Auteur : Louise Aronson
Genre : Social Science
Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in General Nonfiction
A New York Times Bestseller
Longlisted for the Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Nonfiction

As revelatory as Atul Gawande's Being Mortal, physician and award-winning author Louise Aronson's Elderhood is an essential, empathetic look at a vital but often disparaged stage of life.

For more than 5,000 years, "old" has been defined as beginning between the ages of 60 and 70. That means most people alive today will spend more years in elderhood than in childhood, and many will be elders for 40 years or more. Yet at the very moment that humans are living longer than ever before, we've made old age into a disease, a condition to be dreaded, denigrated, neglected, and denied.

Reminiscent of Oliver Sacks, noted Harvard-trained geriatrician Louise Aronson uses stories from her

20 Autism and the God Connection - Stillman, William
Auteur : Stillman, William
Genre : Family & Relationships
Everyone who seeks a more compassionate and wise life will benefit from this wonderful, insightful, and beautiful book.  It is a very short step from understanding autism and the God connection to understanding you and the God Connection.
 ---Gary Zukav, author of The Seat of the Soul and The Dancing Wu Li Master

""Autism and the God Connection is a compelling, powerful and thought-provoking book. Mr. Stillman describes the discoveries that unfold from conversations that he has with people that have a difficult time with conventional communication. He is able to see, feel and hear people from different perspectives."" --Nicki Fischer, executive director, publisher and editor, The Autism Perspective Magazine

Autism impacts one out of every 166 children--ten times higher than just ten years ago. D

21 Redefining Health Care: Creating Value-Based Competition on Results (Report) - Atlantic Economic Journal
Auteur : Atlantic Economic Journal
Genre : Business & Personal Finance
Michael E. Porter and Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg, Boston, MA, Harvard Business School Press, 2006, pp. 506 Introduction

22 Redefining Family - A. K. Snyder
Auteur : A. K. Snyder
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs
In an unconventional blend of poetry and prose, a birthmother shares her experience of an open adoption. The fear and uncertainty in planning. The heartbreak of losing her child. And the work of healing and building a life after placement. This memoir hits every emotion on the way to the happy and hopeful ending. 

I am not ready, not able, to raise you.
Ten years too early, I need time to grow up.

To offer you, I have love.
And nothing else.

You need more than I have to give,
Unless I give you up.

To parents who are ready, waiting, to raise you.
Ten years wanting, with a ready home.

Parents who have love,
And everything else, too.

If I do it,
If I break my own heart to spare yours,
Will it work?
Will you be happier, healthier this way?

And will I ever be okay

23 Your Redefining Moments - Dennis Merritt Jones
Auteur : Dennis Merritt Jones
Genre : Self-Improvement
Who does your soul ask you to be? In Your ReDefining Moments, Dennis Merritt Jones provides an exciting road map back to our center, where we will find our Authentic Self.

It can seem like every person, every television show, and every ad has an idea of who we are supposed to be. But who does your soul ask you to be?  In Your ReDefining Moments, spiritual teacher Dennis Merritt Jones offers a road map back to your center, where you will find your Authentic Self.  It is from that center, Merritt Jones shows, that you can live the life you were born for, rather than the tug-of-war so many people get caught up in, trying to be all things to all people, trying to be anyone but who they truly are.
In Your ReDefining Moments, you will discover the Seven Intrinsic Qualities of the Authentic Self:

24 The New Alpha: Join the Rising Movement of Influencers and Changemakers Who are Redefining Leadership - Danielle Harlan
Auteur : Danielle Harlan
Genre : Business & Personal Finance
Say goodbye to the old model of leadership.

If you want to make an impact—in your work, your life, and the world at large—it’s time to scrap the traditional thinking about leadership. The game is changing. Power is shifting. And a brave new movement of leaders are redefining success, rewriting the rules, and revolutionizing leadership for the modern world. Meet the New Alphas…

But their definition of success goes beyond personal achievement.

But they also want to be a force for good in the world.

They use their power and influence to improve the lives of others.

They spark ideas, generate excitement, and make things happen.

25 Re-Defining the Transatlantic Strategic Response to Terrorism in the MENA Region - Amb. Fred Tanner
Auteur : Amb. Fred Tanner
Genre : Politics & Current Events
There are many joint interests between European states and the United States regarding the Middle East and North Africa. This paper explores various trends in transatlantic counterterrorism cooperation. It argues that 12 years after 9/11, today the transatlantic security community is facing a different set of challenges arising from terrorism, which in turn requires rethinking and reconsidering transatlantic responses.

26 Colliding Worlds: How Cutting-Edge Science Is Redefining Contemporary Art - Arthur I. Miller
Auteur : Arthur I. Miller
Genre : Essays
A dazzling look at the artists working on the frontiers of science.
In recent decades, an exciting new art movement has emerged in which artists utilize and illuminate the latest advances in science. Some of their provocative creations—a live rabbit implanted with the fluorescent gene of a jellyfish, a gigantic glass-and-chrome sculpture of the Big Bang (pictured on the cover)—can be seen in traditional art museums and magazines, while others are being made by leading designers at Pixar, Google’s Creative Lab, and the MIT Media Lab. In Colliding Worlds, Arthur I. Miller takes readers on a wild journey to explore this new frontier.
Miller, the author of Einstein, Picasso and other celebrated books on science and creativity, traces the movement from its seeds a century ago—when Einstein’s theory of relativity helped shape the thinking of the Cubists—to its flowering

27 Redefining the "N" Word - Gary Scott
Auteur : Gary Scott
Genre : Fiction & Literature
N***a” the most controversial word to come out of the English language. Some hate it, some love it, and some just don’t care. Yet, it has become one of the most widely used words to define the modern black in America today. What do I mean? What was your reaction to the title of this book?
Did you see someone harshly spit that word out in a southern drawl? Did you see someone use it while giving dap, then affectionately converse about the hood? Did you see someone scream it in rage as they repeatedly shoot someone? Was it rhymed in a lyric to a new song? Or, is it a word that has no meaning until you randomly decide to give it one? The word “N***a” is grossly offensive to some but not to others. However, as a diverse people, we have one thing in common with the word n***a. How do we take the conflicting messages of what this peculiarly ambiguous word means and bring resolu

28 The Mile End Cookbook - Noah Bernamoff & Rae Bernamoff
Auteur : Noah Bernamoff & Rae Bernamoff
Genre : Regional & Ethnic
Noah and Rae Bernamoff, owners of the New York City restaurant Mile End, celebrate the craft of new Jewish cooking with more than 100 soul-satisfying recipes and gorgeous photographs.

When Noah and Rae opened Mile End, their tiny Brooklyn restaurant, they had a mission: to share the classic Jewish comfort food of their childhood. Using their grandmothers’ recipes as a starting point, they updated traditional dishes and elevated them with fresh ingredients and from-scratch cooking techniques.

In The Mile End Cookbook, the Bernamoffs share warm memories of cooking with their families and the traditions and holidays that inspire recipes like blintzes with seasonal fruit compote; chicken salad whose secret ingredient is fresh gribenes; veal schnitzel kicked up with pickled green tomatoes and preserved lemons; tsimis that’s never mushy; and cinn

29 Redefining Health Care Systems - Robert H. Brook
Auteur : Robert H. Brook
Genre : Medical
This book provides a scientific and personal perspective on health services research over the last half-century. Its essays and commentaries suggest how that science base, constructed over decades of sustained effort, can stimulate innovative thinking about ways to make health care systems safer, more efficient, more cost-effective, and more patient-centered.

30 The Performance Cortex - Zach Schonbrun
Auteur : Zach Schonbrun
Genre : Sports & Outdoors
“A must-read for the cerebral sports fan…like Moneyball except nerdier. Much nerdier.”
--Sports Illustrated

Why couldn't Michael Jordan, master athlete that he was, crush a baseball? Why can't modern robotics come close to replicating the dexterity of a five-year-old? Why do good quarterbacks always seem to know where their receivers are?

On a quest to discover what actually drives human movement and its spectacular potential, journalist, sports writer, and fan Zach Schonbrun interviewed experts on motor control around the world. The trail begins with the groundbreaking work of two neuroscientists in Major League Baseball who are upending the traditional ways scouts evaluate the speed with which great players read a pitch. Across all sports, new theories and revolutionary technology are revealing how the brain's motor c

31 The End of Education - Neil Postman
Auteur : Neil Postman
Genre : Education
In this comprehensive response to the education crisis, the author of Teaching as a Subversive Activity returns to the subject that established his reputation as one of our most insightful social critics. Postman presents useful models with which schools can restore a sense of purpose, tolerance, and a respect for learning.

32 Redefining the Modern Military - Nathan K. Finney & Tyrell O. Mayfield
Auteur : Nathan K. Finney & Tyrell O. Mayfield
Genre : Public Administration
This edited collection examines the changing character of military professionalism and the role of ethics in the 21st-century military. The authors, who range from uniformed military to academics to non-uniformed professionals on the battlefield, delve into whether the concepts of Samuel Huntington, Morris Janowitz, and Sir John Hackett still apply, how training and continuing education play a role in defining a profession, and if a universal code of ethics is required for the military as a profession. Redefining the Modern Military puts a significant emphasis on individual agency for military professionalism as opposed to broad organizational or cultural change.

33 Redefining Black Power - Joanne Griffith
Auteur : Joanne Griffith
Genre : Social Science
The Obama presidency represented a major milestone in African American history. The very presence of a black First Family had a profound cultural impact, but did the Obama White House actually addressed any of the ongoing issues faced by Black America? Did communities of color organized sufficiently to voice their concerns? How could lessons learned from past freedom struggles guide the organizing that's needed to meet today's opportunities and challenges?

To explore these questions in depth, international journalist Joanne Griffith traveled the country to interview black intellectuals, activists, authors and educators, including former advisor to former President Obama, Van Jones; civil rights advocate and litigator, Michelle Alexander; economist, Julianne Malveaux; and friend and speech writer for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Dr. Vincent Harding.

The result was a

34 A New Purpose - Ken Dychtwald, PhD & Daniel J. Kadlec
Auteur : Ken Dychtwald, PhD & Daniel J. Kadlec
Genre : Self-Improvement
Happiness in life is about more than what's in your bank account or stock portfolio. Success is more than achieving power and respect. Each one of us has a responsibility for changing the world in a positive, significant, and enduring way—and the challenge is less daunting than you might think.

In this hopeful and motivating book, author Ken Dychtwald shares inspiring stories of people who have made a difference and points us to resources that will enable us to do the same. All it takes is an investment in head, heart, and spirit. For those of us who find ourselves asking, "Now what?" A New Purpose has the answers.

35 The Age of the Image - Stephen Apkon
Auteur : Stephen Apkon
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
An urgent, erudite, and practical book that redefines literacy to embrace how we think and communicate now

We live in a world that is awash in visual storytelling. The recent technological revolutions in video recording, editing, and distribution are more akin to the development of movable type than any other such revolution in the last five hundred years. And yet we are not popularly cognizant of or conversant with visual storytelling's grammar, the coded messages of its style, and the practical components of its production. We are largely, in a word, illiterate.
But this is not a gloomy diagnosis of the collapse of civilization; rather, it is a celebration of the progress we've made and an exhortation and a plan to seize the potential we're poised to enjoy. The rules that define effective visual storytelling—much like the rules that define wr

36 Redefining Global Strategy, with a New Preface - Pankaj Ghemawat
Auteur : Pankaj Ghemawat
Genre : Business & Personal Finance
New Tools for Succeeding Globally

Why do so many global strategies fail--despite companies' powerful brands and other border-crossing advantages? Because a one-size-fits-all strategy no longer stands a chance.

When firms believe in the illusions of a "flat" world and the death of distance, they charge across borders as if the globe were one seamless marketplace. But cross-border differences are larger than we assume. Most economic activity--including trade, real and financial investment, tourism, and communication--happens locally, not internationally. In this "semiglobalized" approach, companies can cross borders more profitably by basing their strategies on the geopolitical differences that matter; they must identify the barriers their strategies will have to overcome, and they must build bridges to cross those barriers. Based on rigorous research, Pankaj G

37 Redefining Creativity - Laura Hilltout
Auteur : Laura Hilltout
Genre : Education
This publication explores the possibilities of creating artwork with iPad. It explores different apps, including keynote and their application within Art and Photography. In addition to this it provides an insight into how the processes could be utilised in other subject areas.

38 Size Zero - Victoire Dauxerre
Auteur : Victoire Dauxerre
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs
Scouted in the street when she was 17, Victoire Dauxerre’s story started like a teenager’s fantasy: within months she was strutting down the catwalks of New York’s major fashion shows. But when fashion executives and photographers forced her to become ever thinner, Victoire’s dream became a nightmare.

In Size Zero Victoire unflinchingly exposes the ugly face of fashion and details her personal battle with anorexia nervosa and bulimia with painful honesty. A shocking indictment of the pressures our society puts on young women, her story will give strength to anyone trying to overcome or understand the increasingly prevalent problem of eating disorders.

‘Unique and persuasive … bravely, Dauxerre names names – even the big ones’ Sunday Times

‘It is rare for someone to blow the whistle so spectacularly as Dauxerre. Hopefully her book will b

39 Becoming a Man - P. Carl
Auteur : P. Carl
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs
“A memoir that is jolting, honest, passionate, and beautifully written” (Claudia Rankine), Becoming a Man explores one man’s gender transition amid a pivotal political moment in America.

Becoming a Man is the striking memoir of P. Carl’s journey to become the man he always knew himself to be. For fifty years, he lived as a girl and a queer woman, building a career, a life, and a loving marriage, yet still waiting to realize himself in full. As Carl embarks on his gender transition, he takes us inside the complex shifts and questions that arise throughout—the alternating moments of arrival and estrangement. He writes intimately about how transitioning reconfigures both his own inner experience and his closest bonds—his twenty-year relationship with his wife, Lynette; his already tumultuous relationships with his parents; and seemingly solid fri

40 Barbra Streisand - Neal Gabler
Auteur : Neal Gabler
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs
Barbra Streisand has been called the “most successful...talented performer of her generation” by Vanity Fair, and her voice, said pianist Glenn Gould, is “one of the natural wonders of the age.” Streisand scaled the heights of entertainment—from a popular vocalist to a first-rank Broadway star in Funny Girl to an Oscar-winning actress to a producer and director. But she has also become a cultural icon who has transcended show business. To achieve her success, Brooklyn-born Streisand had to overcome tremendous odds, not the least of which was her Jewishness. Dismissed, insulted, even reviled when she embarked on a show business career for acting too Jewish and looking too Jewish, she brilliantly converted her Jewishness into a metaphor for outsiderness that would eventually make her the avenger for anyone who felt marginalized and powerless.

41 The Sower - R. Scott Rodin & Gary G. Hoag
Auteur : R. Scott Rodin & Gary G. Hoag
Genre : Christianity
This book was written to provide momentum for a movement aimed at the heart of every person involved in the process of raising resources or giving money for the work of God's Kingdom. You may be a full-time development officer, an executive director, a pastor, a president, a board member, a volunteer or a faithful giver. You may have decades of experience in fund development or this may be the first thing you have ever read on this topic. Regardless, if you care about giving or raising resources for God's work using a biblical perspective, this book is written for you.

42 Transition Now - Lee Carroll, Pepper Lewis & Patricia Cori
Auteur : Lee Carroll, Pepper Lewis & Patricia Cori
Genre : Spirituality
Spiritual seekers everywhere know it: the world is changing rapidly. The old rules don’t apply. The more open we are to guidance the more guidance will come to us. The guidance in this book teaches us how to recognize the interdimensional energies in our 3D world. As governments shift, economies are pruned, and systems fail, here are hopeful instructions for how celebrate the failure of the old as it makes way for the new, how to balance our energy and that of the planet, and how to meet the future which is now.

Auteur : Laura Hilltout
Genre : Education
This book explores a range of assessment strategies using digital technology. It provides an insight to tried and tested approaches, while sharing exemplars and app recommendations. These strategies can be used with 1:1 devices or shared devices within your educational establishment. 

44 Redefining Global Strategy: Crossing Borders in a World Where Differences Still Matter. - Paradigm
Auteur : Paradigm
Genre : Business & Personal Finance
Redefining Global Strategy: Crossing Borders in a World Where Differences Still Matter Pankaj Ghemawat

45 Redefining Diva - Sheryl Lee Ralph
Auteur : Sheryl Lee Ralph
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs
Secrets about love, life, and Hollywood from the Tony Award-winning actress from the Broadway production of Dreamgirls —in the role recently made famous by Beyonce—timed to coincide with the thirtieth anniversary of the original Broadway show.

Sheryl Lee Ralph was the original Deena Jones in Broadway’s production of Dreamgirls and the show was a Broadway sensation from its inception. Now, the star of film, television, and Broadway, known for her talent and fearlessness, shows readers how to find—and own—their inner divas.

Sheryl rose to international fame after her performance in Dreamgirls, winning the Tony Award for Best Actress and going on to star in movies with Denzel Washington and Robert DeNiro and capture America’s heart as television’s favorite mom Die in the #1-rated series Moesha . But it wasn’t an easy ta

46 Redefining the Challenge of Climate Change (PERSPECTIVE) - One Country
Auteur : One Country
Genre : Business & Personal Finance
Decades of research, advocacy and policymaking have provided a strong scientific basis for action on climate change, have raised public awareness, and have provided norms and principles to guide decision-making. Building on this foundation, the governments of the world have embarked on a major negotiating effort aimed at charting the course of cooperative action on climate change. The negotiations focus on a shared vision for long-term cooperative action as well as a long-term global goal for emission reductions, which is to be met through mitigation of climate change, adaptation to its impacts and the mobilization of technological and financial resources. Yet, in the face of the destructive impacts of climate change--exacerbated by the extremes of wealth and poverty--a need for new approaches centered on the principles of justice and equity is apparent. The challenge before the world co

47 Sorted - Jackson Bird
Auteur : Jackson Bird
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs
An unflinching and endearing memoir from LGBTQ+ advocate Jackson Bird about how, through a childhood of gender mishaps and an awkward adolescence, he finally sorted things out and came out as a transgender man in his mid-twenties.

When Jackson Bird was twenty-five, he came out as transgender to his friends, family, and anyone in the world with an Internet connection. Assigned female at birth and having been raised a girl, he often wondered if he should have been born a boy. Jackson didn’t share this thought with anyone because he didn’t think he could share it with anyone. Growing up in Texas in the 1990s, he had no transgender role models. He barely remembers meeting anyone who was openly gay, let alone being taught that transgender people existed outside of punchlines.

Today, Jackson is a writer, YouTuber, and LGBTQ+ advocate living openly and h

48 “Eat Your Vegetables” and Other Mistakes Parents Make: Redefining How to Raise Healthy Eaters - Natalie Digate Muth & Mary Saph Tanaka
Auteur : Natalie Digate Muth & Mary Saph Tanaka
Genre : Health & Fitness
Eat Your Vegetables and Other Mistakes Parents Make: Redefining How to Raise Healthy Eaters affords parents a foolproof way to assure healthful nutrition and activity for kids of all ages. Parents will learn not only what exactly constitutes a healthy eating plan and approach to physical activity at various ages and stages, but also the tips and tricks to get kids to actually want to eat healthy and be active. 

Among the topics included:

• The (reverse) psychology of getting kids to eat healthy 
• Why the “Clean Plate Club” contributes to childhood (and adult) obesity
• How using food as a reward causes more long-term damage than short-term parental sanity
• How subtle marketing and packaging tactics are designed to sabotage healthy eating habits
• Effective counterstrategies for picky eaters
• How to make ph

49 With Purpose - Ken Dychtwald, PhD & Daniel J. Kadlec
Auteur : Ken Dychtwald, PhD & Daniel J. Kadlec
Genre : Self-Improvement
“Ken Dychtwald maps out where success intersects with meaning—and he provides the tools to help you find your own unique crossing.”
—Deepak Chopra, M.D., author of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

A New Purpose, written by Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D., and Daniel J. Kadlec, redefines the American view of success, employment, retirement, and living a significant life. By providing both the inspiration and the information that will enable anyone to ensure that their time and influence have lasting and positive consequences, A New Purpose, as Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence, sees it, “points the way to our true north, the compass we all need to follow of a meaningful life.”

50 Redefining Women's Power Through Feminist Science Fiction. - Extrapolation
Auteur : Extrapolation
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
For one of my graduate seminars a few years ago, I presented a paper on images of women's non-violent power in feminist science fiction. This presentation originally included examples of violent characters but, after being inundated with post 9-11 media images that unquestioningly glorified violence and reinforced a "might makes right" ideology, I felt I had to focus my energies on non-violent examples. It was very disheartening when, after I presented in my class, my classmates kept suggesting that I talk about Buffy, Xena, and Storm from X-Men. When I reminded my classmates that my focus was specifically on women's non-violent power they responded with "well, Storm doesn't use a gun." Apparently, Storm using lightning to "splat" someone isn't considered violent so long as she's not holding a howitzer. This got me thinking about how we define violence, and also how we define power; if e
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