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1 Intellectual Property - Past And Future - Luis Carlos Schmidt
Auteur : Luis Carlos Schmidt
Genre : Droit
A compendium of articles made by Fernanda Diaz, Mariel Soriano and Sergio Rangel, written by Luis C. Schmidt, Attorney at Law, that gathers more than 25 years of experience in the Intellectual Property field.

The articles are not related only to Intellectual Property in Mexico but worldwide
This is a gift of comprehensive knowledge for all the people devoted to Intellectual Property Law, as well as Entertainment Law.


2 What is Property? - Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
Auteur : Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
Genre : Sciences sociales
Author looks at the ways in which property is a natural right - in which people own the produce of their labor - but also can further greed, social classes, and crime.


3 Property Lists, Preferences and Profiles for Apple Administrators - Armin Briegel
Auteur : Armin Briegel
Genre : Administration des systèmes
*** Black Friday/CyberMonday Sale: reduced price until Dec 3, 2019 ***

Property Lists, Preferences and Profiles for Apple Administrators

(New Update, June 2018!)

These three topics seem minor, but can be a major headache for Apple Administrators. Mastering them will make you a better Apple Administrator.
Property Lists are a common configuration file format on macOS and iOS. Learn about the file structure, file formats and the tools and scripting languages that you can use to read and edit Property Lists.
Preferences are special use case of property lists. Learn about the special considerations and tools you need to work with preferences. Also learn how you can read and change user and system preferences safely.
Configuration Profiles provide and manage pre-defined settings for users and computers on macOS and iOS. Whethe

9,49 €

4 Property of a Noblewoman - Danielle Steel
Auteur : Danielle Steel
Genre : Contemporain
An extraordinary, sweeping story from master storyteller Danielle Steel.

An abandoned safe deposit box in a New York City bank is opened to reveal a bundle of old letters, photographs and priceless jewellery.

Court clerk Jane Willoughby is charged with discovering more about the mystery of the box's owner, the late Marguerite Wallace Pearson di San Pignelli. Why did Marguerite never claim these most precious possessions? Who are her heirs? Are they still alive?

After arranging for the jewellery to be valued, Jane and Christie’s auctioneer Phillip Lawton are thrown together in a quest to find out more about Marguerite’s story. But neither of them could imagine where the contents of the box could lead them . . . or how it will change their lives forever.

8,49 €
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6 Czech Point: Keys to Lucrative Property Investment: How to Buy, Manage and Sell Rental Real Estate in Czech Republic - Nathan Brown
Auteur : Nathan Brown
Genre : Secteurs et professions
“Thorough and easily understandable regarding investing in residential property in Czech Republic. Having been involved in Czech real estate for more than ten years, I believe that all investors and would-be investors can benefit from this reference material.” – Brent Watkins, Director, Real Estate Advisory at Deloitte Czech Republic.

“This is the first book of its kind that I have come across, having worked in the Czech Republic real estate sector for some 16 years. Nathan has provided a road map for navigating the unique challenges of Czech residential real estate investment.” – Omar Sattar, Managing Director, Colliers International Czech Republic.

Buying an investment property in another country, and especially a country with a different language, can be an intimidating proposition. But it doesn't have to be. Just ask author Nathan Brown, who has not

7,49 €

7 How to Get Rich - Felix Dennis
Auteur : Felix Dennis
Genre : Finances personnelles
'Making money is a knack, a knack that can be acquired. And if someone like me can become rich, then so can you - no matter what your present circumstances. Here is how I did it and what I learned along the way.' So writes Felix Dennis, who believes that almost anyone of reasonable intelligence can become rich, given sufficient motivation and application.

How To Get Rich is a distillation of his business wisdom. Primarily concerned with the step-by-step creation of wealth, it ruthlessly dissects the business failures and financial triumphs of 'a South London lad who became rich virtually by accident'. Part manual, part memoir, part primer, this book is a template for those who are willing to stare down failure and transform their lives.

Canny, infuriating, cynical and generous by turns, How To Get Rich is an invaluable guide to 'the surprisingly simpl

9,49 €

8 Property of the Biker - Naomi West
Auteur : Naomi West
Genre : Thriller
Property of the Biker is book 1 of The Warriors MC trilogy. Books 2 and 3, Beneath the Biker and Hot for the Biker are available everywhere now!

I was innocent… until he made me his.

I was a prisoner in a life I hated.
So when the biker offered me a way out, I took it.
I didn't know it when I jumped on his bike, but…
He never planned on letting me go.


I'm an inmate in a gilded cage.
Pageants and parades, make-up and fancy dresses.
Some girls might kill for this.
But to me, it was hell on earth.

And that makes my mother the devil.

So when the outlaw roared up on his chopper, all leather and muscles and sin, I did the first thing that came to mind:
I took his outstretched


9 Crystals and their Properties - Stephen Miller
Auteur : Stephen Miller
Genre : Forme et santé
Crystals and their Properties lists crystals and the beneficial properties they can have on health and emotions. It is a reasonably short list of the most used and recognised crystals that are easily available for most people.


10 Properties of Matter - Brian Dawson
Auteur : Brian Dawson
Genre : Éducation
This Grade 3 Science e-book introduces the states of matter and describes the properties of matter.  Interactive animations, videos, self-check quizzes and image galleries are prominent throughout the book. Version 1.1.2 fixes issues with specific widgets within the book.


11 Any Time, Any Place - Jennifer Probst
Auteur : Jennifer Probst
Genre : Contemporain
HGTV’s Property Brothers meets The Marriage Bargain in this second volume in the Billionaire Builders series, an all-new heart-wrenching and sexy contemporary romance from New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst.

When she was a teen, Raven Bella Stratton’s father was killed in a horrible car crash. The bigger shock was the discovery of a woman with him—Diana Pierce—and their two fully packed suitcases with airline tickets to Paris. Devastated by her father’s betrayal, Raven went to live with her aunt, never truly overcoming the traumatic event. When she discovers that the mysterious woman had a family with a husband and three boys, Raven vows to leave the memory of her father behind.

Until Dalton Pierce visits one night and suddenly her past challenges her future...

Leaving his life in California behind to

7,99 €

12 Savannah Martin Mysteries 1-3 - Jenna Bennett
Auteur : Jenna Bennett
Genre : Détectives féminins
Savannah Martin has always been a good girl, doing what was expected and fully expecting life to fall into place in its turn. But when her perfect husband turns out to be a lying, cheating slimeball—and bad in bed to boot—Savannah kicks the jerk to the curb and embarks on life on her own terms. With a new apartment, a new career, and a brand new outlook on life, she’s all set to take the world by storm.
If only the world would stop throwing her curveballs...

Everyone has warned new-minted realtor Savannah Martin that real estate is a cutthroat business. But Savannah doesn’t think she’s supposed to take the warning literally ... until an early morning phone call sends her to an empty house on the ‘bad’ side of town, where she finds herself stand

9,99 €

13 Multiple Streams of Property Income - Rob Moore
Auteur : Rob Moore
Genre : Investissement
If you'd like to earn "Multiple Streams of Property Income" in the shortest possible (yet realistic) timeframe, and if you'd like to earn recurring, passive income from all 4 income 'Quarters', and if you'd like to set up simple systems to 'set and forget' each income stream to allow them to compound year on year, then this book is for you.

If you want unrealistic get rich super quick, or you want to work yourself to the bone for the next 50 years, then this book is not for you.

In reading this book now you'll discover:

* How to leverage your time to build "Multiple Streams of Property Income" with the least amount of your sweat
* The 4 Income 'Quarters' that produce residual, leveraged and passive income, but ONLY when fully understood
* How to compound & multiply income fast using the 'cross-stream' piggy backing investing technique

7,49 €

14 Valuing and Licensing Intellectual Property - John P Mc Manus
Auteur : John P Mc Manus
Genre : Entreprise et management
For many knowledge-intensive or technology-based start-up companies, the professional management of intellectual property (IP) is critically important. In fact, IP may be the main asset by which the value of a young company is determined and on which decisions to invest in the company are based – and so IP needs to be considered very early in the planning process. The Commercialising Intellectual Property series of ebooks provides a detailed grounding for innovators and researchers. The sixth ebook in the series, Valuing and Licensing Intellectual Property, looks at the key methods of valuing IP, with a focus on its value in a licensing transaction. Topics covered include identifying what is being valued, valuation approaches, valuing a licence, negotiating a licence, licence terms and heads of agreement.

6,99 €

15 Those People - Louise Candlish
Auteur : Louise Candlish
Genre : Policier et suspense
'One of this summer's most anticipated thrillers' Stylist
'Scarily plausible' Observer

'Guaranteed to have you vibrating with impotent fury … a carefully crafted psychological thriller’ Laura Wilson, Guardian
‘A feverish atmosphere is built up, with Candlish again skewering the peccadilloes and prejudices of her middle-class characters’ Sunday Times


Until Darren and Jodie move in, Lowland Way is a suburban paradise. Beautiful homes. Friendly neighbours. Kids playing out in the street. But Darren and Jodie don't follow the rules and soon disputes over loud music and parking rights escalate to threats of violence.

3,49 €

16 Property - Carol Christie & John Christie
Auteur : Carol Christie & John Christie
Genre : Biographies et mémoires
The true story of a brave woman’s nearly 40 years in a polygamous cult, her eventual escape, and her struggle to integrate into a world she barely knew.

In the early 1970s an innocent teenager who had led a sheltered life was forced to leave her family and enter into a polygamous, abusive, and deviant relationship with a man called the Prophet. In 2008, nearly 40 years later, she fled his religious sect.

Property is not a misnomer. It accurately depicts how the women in the sect were treated. Carol Christie reveals the degradation, abuse, and brainwashing that the Church Wives endured. She exposes the physical abuse, the mental cruelty, the slave labour, and the sexual deviance that took place near Owen Sound, a small community just a few hours north of Toronto, as well as at other locations. She describes the many opportunities that officials had to inv

5,99 €

17 Property - Lionel Shriver
Auteur : Lionel Shriver
Genre : Lettres
The first ever story collection from the inimitable Lionel Shriver

‘Genius’ Stylist

‘Phenomenal’ Observer

‘Brilliant’ The Times

In her first ever story collection, Lionel Shriver illuminates one of the modern age’s most enduring obsessions: property.

A woman creates a deeply personal wedding present for her best friend; a thirty-something son refuses to leave home; a middle-aged man subjugated by service to his elderly father discovers that the last place you should finally assert yourself is airport security.

This landmark publication explores the idea of "property" in both senses of the word: real estate, and stuff. Immensely readable, it showcases the biting insight that has made Lionel Shriver one of the most acclaimed authors of our time.


‘Shriver’s intellect and talent,

6,49 €

18 Property - Jack Binding
Auteur : Jack Binding
Genre : Horreur
Ever been stuck on a train in a dark tunnel, trapped in an airless sardine tin with a bunch of strangers?

Sure you have.

But don’t be so eager to get out of that train, because what’s waiting on the other side might be even worse …

This short horror story is a dark descent into the subconscious horror that lurks inside all of us. It is a tale of love, money and the shackles of modern city life.

Jack Binding is a Londoner living in Sydney. Inspired by writers such as Stephen King, Clive Barker, JG Ballard and Martin Amis, Jack writes gritty, dark fiction that combines horror, fantasy and twisted, black humour.

Property can also be found in the collection Pills: 18 Short Stories.


19 Property - Wolfgang Grassl
Auteur : Wolfgang Grassl
Genre : Christianisme
Property is an institution fundamental to civilization. What is a Christian perspective on the subject? Is the Catholic Church a stalwart defender of private property or a proponent of common ownership? The answers to these questions are not always simple and straightforward. In these pages, Professor Wolfgang Grassl examines Scripture, the Church’s social tradition, philosophy, and economics to arrive at a balanced and informed presentation of Christian social thought’s view of property, one that shatters conventional categories of thinking on property. His findings are relevant to a wide variety of policy questions, including eminent domain and copyright and patent law, as well as practical matters such as business management.

2,99 €

20 Property - Valerie Martin
Auteur : Valerie Martin
Genre : Littérature noire-américaine
Valerie Martin’s Property delivers an eerily mesmerizing inquiry into slavery’s venomous effects on the owner and the owned. The year is 1828, the setting a Louisiana sugar plantation where Manon Gaudet, pretty, bitterly intelligent, and monstrously self-absorbed, seethes under the dominion of her boorish husband. In particular his relationship with her slave Sarah, who is both his victim and his mistress.
Exploring the permutations of Manon’s own obsession with Sarah against the backdrop of an impending slave rebellion, Property unfolds with the speed and menace of heat lightning, casting a startling light from the past upon the assumptions we still make about the powerful and powerful.

7,99 €

21 Property - C.B. Macpherson
Auteur : C.B. Macpherson
Genre : Droit
The legitimate role of the state in relation to property and the justification of property institutions of various kinds are matters of increasing concern in the modern world. Political and social theorists, jurists, economists, and historians have taken positions for and against the property institutions upheld in their time by the state, and further dehate seems inevitable. This book brings together ten classic statements which set out the main arguments that are now appealed to and places them in historical and critical perspective.

The extracts presented here – all substantial – are from Loeke, Rousseau, Bentham, Marx, Mill, Green, Veblen, Tawney, Morris Cohen, and Charles Reich. A note hy the editor at the head of each extract highlights the arguments in it and relates it to the time at which it was written. Professor Macpherson's introductory and concluding essays ex

18,99 €

22 Property - Margaret Davies
Auteur : Margaret Davies
Genre : Droit
This critique of property examines its classical conception: addressing its ontology and history, as well as considering its symbolic aspects and connection to social relations of power.

It is organized around three themes:
the ways in which concepts of property are symbolically and practically connected to relations of power the 'objects' of property in changing contexts of materialism challenges to the Western idea of property posed by colonial and post-colonial contexts, such as the disempowerment through property of whole cultures, the justifications for colonial expansion and bio piracy.
Dealing with the symbolism of property, its history, traditional philosophical accounts and cultural difference, Margaret Davis has written an invaluable volume for all law students interested in property law.

43,99 €

23 #Property - Andrew Keogh
Auteur : Andrew Keogh
Genre : Loisirs et maison
Property magazine covering North Birmingham & Sutton Coldfield


24 Behind Closed Doors - Paul B. Campano
Auteur : Paul B. Campano
Genre : Loisirs et maison
Behind Closed Doors provides an inside  look at Greater Boston's most unique properties.


25 Property - Teller Books
Auteur : Teller Books
Genre : Droit
The definitive law school study aid, with:
✓Concise overviews of the black letter law
✓Summaries and holdings of all of the major cases that students are expected to study
✓A thorough index for quick reference to key topics
✓ Concept-driven outlines covering the topics students are expected to master for class and the bar exam

Look for all of these titles in the
TellerBooks Outlines and Case Summaries Series
(Law School Survival Guides™)*:

Torts • Property • Civil Procedure • Contracts and Sales • Constitutional Criminal Procedure • Business Organizations • Constitutional Law • Criminal Law • Family Law • International Law • Evidence

*Available in paperback, iPhone, Kindle, Nook and pdf formats.

9,49 €

26 Property - Lionel Shriver
Auteur : Lionel Shriver
Genre : Nouvelles
A striking new collection of ten short stories and two novellas that explores the idea of property in every meaning of the word, from the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of the National Book Award finalist So Much for That and the international bestseller We Need to Talk About Kevin.

Intermingling settings in America and Britain, Lionel Shriver’s first collection explores property in both senses of the word: real estate and stuff. These pieces illustrate how our possessions act as proxies for ourselves, and how tussles over ownership articulate the power dynamics of our relationships. In Lionel Shriver’s world, we may possess people and objects and places, but in turn they possess us.

In the stunning novella "The Standing Chandelier," a woman with a history of attracting other women’s antagonism creates a deeply personal wedding present for her bes

7,99 €

27 Property - Ernest Beaglehole
Auteur : Ernest Beaglehole
Genre : Psychologie
First published in 1931, this book represents an attempt to study the psychological basis of the institution of property. There had been many psychological and social studies of marriage and religion prior to publication of this title but none which considered the problems which arise when the institution of property is viewed from the angle of social psychology. Some of these problems are set out in the first chapter. In the remaining chapters the author discusses the problems in the light of evidence drawn from the various branches of psychology and sociology of the day. The final chapter indicates the importance of the author’s conclusions for political and social theory at the time.

43,99 €

28 How to Quit Your Job with Rental Properties Starter Guide - Dustin Heiner
Auteur : Dustin Heiner
Genre : Carrière
The problem that affects almost everyone today is being stuck in a career they hate. People are conditioned to work their lives away for someone else and only get paid for the hour they work. Anyone privileged with the knowledge of passive income in real estate rental properties will never have to work again. Whether you are a CEO of a corporation or a Janitor, you can learn how to never work again.

How would you like to quit your job today because you have enough passive income to live off of? Follow the proven path to financial freedom that many have already successfully navigated.

How to Quit Your Job with Rental Properties is written by Dustin Heiner, an active real estate investor who has created enough passive income to quit his job. He is the author of the popular passive income idea website

This Starter Guide will give


29 Risks, Rewards, and Results: U.S. Companies in China and Chinese Companies in the United States - Intellectual Property Theft, Technology Transfer, Production Outsourcing, Investments and Capital Flow - Progressive Management
Auteur : Progressive Management
Genre : Asie
This important report compilation contains the testimony of six renowned experts at a hearing in February 2019. This hearing evaluated two sets of relationships. In the first panel, hearing witnesses reviewed Chinese companies' participation in the U.S. economy, and in the second panel, hearing witnesses reviewed U.S. companies' participation in the Chinese economy. Both panels assessed implications of this participation for U.S. businesses, workers, consumers, and investors.

This compilation includes a reproduction of the 2019 Worldwide Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Panel I: Chinese Companies in the United States: Reshaping the U.S. Competitive Landscape? * 1. Elizabeth Drake, Partner, Schagrin Associates * 2. Paul Gillis, Ph. D., Professor of Practice, Peking University Guanghua School of Management * 3. William Kirby, Ph. D., Spangler Fami

7,99 €

30 How To Grow A Multi-Million Dollar Property Portfolio — in your spare time: 12th Anniversary Edition - Michael Yardney
Auteur : Michael Yardney
Genre : Secteurs et professions
This NEW 12th edition of this bestseller is a must for all property investors as it outlines a formula to build financial freedom in our new economic climate.

Michael helps you discover how the rich build their property portfolios to maximise their revenue, safeguard their assets and keep more money in their bank account.

Put'll be shown How to Grow a Multi-Million Dollar Property Portfolio - in your spare time.

You will learn
•A time proven step by step action plan showing how to achieve real wealth through property investment by Australia’s most trusted property commentator - an author with a credible and recognised track record 
•Learn how to live the life of a property multi-millionaire using Michael’s pyramiding system to buy more properties with no money out of your own pocket.
• Suitable for beginner

6,99 €

31 They Were Her Property - Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers
Auteur : Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers
Genre : États-Unis
A bold and searing investigation into the role of white women in the American slave economy
Bridging women’s history, the history of the South, and African American history, this book makes a bold argument about the role of white women in American slavery. Historian Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers draws on a variety of sources to show that slave†‘owning women were sophisticated economic actors who directly engaged in and benefited from the South’s slave market. Because women typically inherited more slaves than land, enslaved people were often their primary source of wealth. Not only did white women often refuse to cede ownership of their slaves to their husbands, they employed management techniques that were as effective and brutal as those used by slave†‘owning men. White women actively participated in the slave market, profited from it, and used it for

25,99 €

32 Real Estate - Alan Anderson
Auteur : Alan Anderson
Genre : Entreprise et management

There are numerous ways out there that can help you grow your wealth, but the question is, can they help you grow your wealth substantially? Is there any way through which you could earn considerable returns with minimal risk? The answer lies in real estate.

But how do you invest in the right property to earn a substantial income?

It’s easy! This book has got all bases covered to guide you through the process of making real estate a gold mine. With the right knowledge and technique, you can be on your way to making substantial gains in your income!


33 6 Steps to Invest With Confidence - Tom Bird
Auteur : Tom Bird
Genre : Finances personnelles
An investment property should be about increasing your wealth and securing your family’s financial future. There is, however, a common misconception that property investing always delivers positive returns; while this is true most of the time it certainly isn’t an instant road to riches. You need to keep in mind how effectively you manage your investment will determine whether or not it helps you reach your financial goals. The cost of owning an investment property can be surprisingly low when you take into account your rental income and the tax deductions you will be entitled to. This eBook will guide you through six steps which will help you to make the right choices and build a portfolio you can be proud of.


34 Corporate Turnaround - Stuart Slatter
Auteur : Stuart Slatter
Genre : Entreprise et management
When firms are on the brink of failure, only turnaround management can restore performance and profitability. The key is to provide stability and create cash (and a breathing space) for building long-term success. This fully revised edition provides practical advice on restoring confidence through effective leadership and planning. It highlights the importance of communication with stakeholders, staff, customers and suppliers, and how best to structure the capital base of an organization in order to fund recovery and future growth. Essential reading for chief executives, consultants and merchant bankers (as well as investors tracking the progress of ailing businesses), this book offers a definitive set of tools and techniques.

10,99 €

35 How To Buy Property at Auction - Samantha Collett
Auteur : Samantha Collett
Genre : Investissement
Buying property at auction is nerve-wracking, exhilarating and can be hugely profitable - as long as you know the pitfalls to avoid. In this step-by-step guide you will learn why so many successful developers and investors buy at auction - and how you can buy and profit from property auctions.
Offering expert tips and guidance you will be walked through the property auction process from start to finish - and be equipped with the knowledge you need to profit from property auctions.
Comprehensive and easy to follow, the guide is packed full of case studies, expert tips and watch points for the novice property auction buyer. The guide features: how to find auction property; tips for viewing; preparation checklist; how to calculate your bid price; research the market; raise finance; costs works; check legal paperwork; auction sale day; after the auction; real tales of auction buy

3,99 €

36 Complete Guide to Property Investment in France - Gerry Fitzgerald
Auteur : Gerry Fitzgerald
Genre : Investissement
For the property investor France has it all – a uniquely stable housing market, a vast long-term rental market and 70-80 million tourists a year looking for short term accommodation.
But that is not all. Property prices and mortgage interest rates are much lower in France and UK Capital Gains tax on holiday lettings in France can be as low as 10%!
Whether the aim is to buy a second home or build a property portfolio abroad, France has to be the number one choice.
The product of 12 years experience in buying, managing and letting properties in France, this guide leaves nothing to chance. It covers:
• Hotspot locations and property prices
• Setting up and running a holiday letting business
• Investing for profit in the long-term rental sector
• Raising the finance to buy
• Finding the property
• The buying process from offer to com

3,99 €

37 The Man of Property - John Galsworthy
Auteur : John Galsworthy
Genre : Classiques
The classic tale of a wealthy English family—and a jealous husband who will stop at nothing to gain dominion over his bride.

The first installment of the critically acclaimed Forsyte Saga introduces the Forsyte clan and their endlessly fascinating intrigues. Author John Galsworthy’s take on the constricted roles of women within the confines of marriage casts an unforgiving light on traditional courtship while rendering otherwise common domestic dramas in the luscious, indelible prose that would establish him as one of English literature’s brightest luminaries.
Upon acquainting the reader with the sprawling Forsyte dynasty, Galsworthy narrows his focus to the relationship between Soames Forsyte, a wealthy solicitor, and his stunning wife, Irene. Determined to keep Irene for himself, Soames slowly narrows his wife’s social circle before convinc

2,99 €

38 Property Development - Richard Reed & Sally Sims
Auteur : Richard Reed & Sally Sims
Genre : Finance
The 6th edition of this extremely popular and classic textbook has been updated to reflect ongoing changes in the field of property development. Attention is paid to the impact of the global financial crisis on the property development process and, in addition, to the increasing relevance of technology to the property profession.

Whilst the successful style and format of the text has been retained, new chapters have been added and existing chapters updated and enhanced to guide lecturers and students in their teaching, reading and studying. Other new features in this edition include:
Fully updated discussion points and reflective summaries Examples of contemporary best practice based on international case studies covering the UK, USA and Australia New chapters on ‘Property Cycles’ and ‘Technology’ Online materials for lecturers and students
This fully

54,99 €

39 A Thousand Days in Berlin - Andy Watson
Auteur : Andy Watson
Genre : Art et architecture
This book captures the energy and sense of wonder in early 1990s Berlin as seen by a young property professional who lived and worked in the reunified city. A Thousand Days recalls how the city's vibrant history and culture clashed with its traumatic recent past, and how Berliners dealt with the scars left by the Wall.

The book is also a story of Berlin’s property industry rebuilding from scratch. The author rubs shoulders with pioneering real estate giants reconstructing the built environment of the future capital. Part One, ‘inside Berlin’, includes stories of the powerful west Berlin Betonmafia, a basement full of Stasi telephone taps and a big night out at the Kempinski celebrating a deal with a Russian ‘Import-Export company’.

Part Two ‘outside Berlin’, recalls the broken infrastructure and pollution of the former DDR, the acrid taste of asbestos

5,99 €

40 The Power of When - Dr. Michael Breus
Auteur : Dr. Michael Breus
Genre : Développement personnel
The latest research shows that there is a right time for all of us to do everything, from drinking a cocktail to getting a flu shot. The catch? That 'right time' varies from person to person. Fortunately, as Dr Michael Breus proves in The Power of When, learning to work with your body clock to achieve maximum health and productivity is easy, exciting and fun. When we stop focusing on the 'how' and 'what' of our lives and start focusing on the 'when', we reveal our body's natural schedule and unlock our hidden potential.

In The Power of When, Dr Breus presents a groundbreaking new programme based on the most cutting-edge research for how to get back in sync with your body's natural rhythm. Filled with fascinating facts, true-life success stories, fun personality quizzes and easy to follow guidelines, The Power of When will teach you how to not only underst

11,99 €

41 Rockonomics - Alan Krueger
Auteur : Alan Krueger
Genre : Économie
'A cheerful and illuminating read, full of delicious anecdotes and valuable nuggets. It does what Krueger did best - brings economics to life, and life to economics.' The Times, Books of the Year

'A key voice on a vast array of economic issues for more than two decades' Barack Obama

'A cheerful and illuminating read, full of delicious anecdotes and valuable nuggets. It does what Krueger did best - brings economics to life, and life to economics' The Times

Alan Krueger, the former chairman of the president's Council of Economic Advisers, uses the music industry, from rock artists to music executives, from managers to promoters, as a way in to explain the principles of economics, and the forces shaping our economic lives.

As economists recognize, the music industry is often a leading indicat

3,99 €

42 Medicinal Properties of Herbs and Plants - Marla Purcelley
Auteur : Marla Purcelley
Genre : Forme et santé
Did you know that fresh parsley leaves contain more vitamin C than oranges, lavender can be used for eczema, or that red raspberries help with morning sickness?

This book is different because it provides step-by-step instructions for extracting the medicinal properties within herbs and plants. It also shows you how to use those properties to improve your health.

Included with the 393 individual herb and plant profiles are “how to” chapters for creating individualized herbal products and quick reference sections for alternative solutions to medical ailments. Also provided within the pages are the precautions, safety guidelines, and recipes for treatment applications.

The ability to ease suffering, shorten the duration, or eliminate an affliction is a desire shared by everyone. You will use this book more often than any cook book or medical hand book

10,99 €

43 What They'll Never Tell You About the Music Business, Third Edition - Peter M. Thall
Auteur : Peter M. Thall
Genre : Musique
The completely revised and expanded edition of What They’ll Never Tell You About the Music Business is a must-have reference. You’ll learn:

-  How many musicians have seized do-it-yourself internet opportunities to create successful business models, 
-  How the royalty pie is sliced—and who gets the pieces, 
-  How the fundamentals of music publishing, producing, managing, touring, and the record industry apply more than ever, 
-  Why this book is the indispensable guide to the worldwide music industry, 
-  How corporate general counsels can educate their employees (and themselves) to understand the strictures of copyright law and to avoid trouble, 
-  And much more.

12,99 €

44 Retire on Real Estate - K. Anderson
Auteur : K. Anderson
Genre : Investissement
With pensions slashed, savings slim, and Social Security insufficient and unpredictable, most people won't have nearly enough money to last them through their retirement years. But seasoned real estate investor and landlord K. Kai Anderson says that real estate is an investment that anyone can dive into in order to fund their retirement . . . lucratively!Retire on Real Estate begins by exposing the cracks in most retirement portfolios, then opens readers’ eyes to the benefits of rental income. Not leaving anything to question, the all-encompassing guide also lays out a complete plan of action, including how to: • Get started--by either purchasing property or converting your residence into a rental• Reduce the risk of vacancies, repairs, and problem tenants• Spot smart investments• Choose the right mortgage, or even out-of-the-box financing options• Trade up to more profit

8,99 €

45 Life Leverage - Rob Moore
Auteur : Rob Moore
Genre : Management et direction
You are just one small step away from the life you know you deserve. It's time to leverage your life.

Life Leverage means taking control of your life, easily balancing your work and free time, making the most money with the minimum time input & wastage, and living a happier and more successful life.

Using Rob Moore's remarkable Life Leverage model, you'll quickly banish & outsource all your confusion, frustration and stress & live your ideal, globally mobile life, doing more of what you love on your own terms.

Learn how to:
- Live a life of clarity & purpose, merging your passion & profession
- Make money & make a difference, banishing work unhappiness
- Use the fast-start wealth strategies of the new tech-rich
- Maximise the time you have; don't waste a moment by outsourcing everything
- Leve

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46 Cake at Midnight - Jessie L. Star
Auteur : Jessie L. Star
Genre : Contemporain
In this deliciously sweet foodie romance, a twenty-something pastry chef falls out of sync with her old childhood crush and falls into the arms of the quiet but charming boy next door.

Giovanna, Zoë, and Declan have always been a trio—their fierce friendship has seen them through every heartbreak and hardship and helped pave the way to brighter futures. Gio is a passionate baker of cakes, pastries, and all things delicious, Zoë a take-no-prisoners beauty, and Declan an ambitious businessman on the way up.

Best friends forever, Gio thinks—until Gio's lifelong crush on Declan is exposed, leaving her humiliated, and Gio realises she needs to cut him loose to get over him once and for all.

Enter Theo, Gio's neighbour...she's never met anyone like him before. He doesn't talk much, but he's kind, he's sexy, he's generous, and he's often awake in the middl

4,99 €

47 How to Quit Your Job with Rental Properties: Expanded and Updated - A Step by Step Guide to Retire Early with Real Estate Investing and Passive Income - Dustin Heiner
Auteur : Dustin Heiner
Genre : Secteurs et professions
The best selling book, How to Quit Your Job with Rental Properties has been expanded and updated to help all investors build a successful real estate business.

Get the BEST SELLING book How to Quit Your Job with Rental Properties Today!

The problem that affects almost everyone today is being stuck in a career they hate. People are conditioned to work their lives away for someone else and only get paid for the hour they work. How would you like to quit your job today because you have enough passive income to live off of? Follow the proven path to financial freedom that many have already successfully navigated.

How to Quit Your Job with Rental Properties is written by Dustin Heiner, an active real estate investor who has created enough passive income to quit his job. He is the author of the popular passive income idea website

8,99 €

48 From 0 to 130 Properties in 3.5 Years - Steve McKnight
Auteur : Steve McKnight
Genre : Secteurs et professions
With more than 160 000 copies sold, From 0 to 130 Properties in 3.5 Years is Australia's highest selling real estate book -- ever!

Scores of investors have used Steve McKnight's wealth building information to discover how to achieve their financial dreams. Now it's your turn.

Using his incredible real-life account of how he bought 130 properties in 3.5 years, McKnight reveals how you can become financially free by using cash and cashflow positive property.

Revised to incorporate the latest highly effective strategies, and rewritten to include 16 brand new chapters, this revised edition reveals: How to create a positive cashflow property portfolio from scratch -- even if you have little money and no experience Steve's New 1% Rule -- a simple four-step process for finding positive cashflow properties Exactly what and where to buy if you want to

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49 How to Own the World - Andrew Craig
Auteur : Andrew Craig
Genre : Finances personnelles

'Opinionated and always packed with information' Mirror

Discover the money secret understood by virtually every rich person in history. Turn hundreds into millions through the power of compound interest.

HOW TO OWN THE WORLD shows you that:

* No one is better placed than you to make the most of your money.
* You can do better than many finance professionals.
* Making money from your money is easier than you think.
* You can make far more from your money than you ever thought possible.
* You can make more from your money than you can from your job.
* All this is possible no matter how much you currently earn.
* It's easier today than ever.
* It's tim

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50 Signature in the Cell - Stephen C. Meyer
Auteur : Stephen C. Meyer
Genre : Biologie
“Signature in the Cell is a defining work in the discussion of life’s origins and the question of whether life is a product of unthinking matter or of an intelligent mind. For those who disagree with ID, the powerful case Meyer presents cannot be ignored in any honest debate. For those who may be sympathetic to ID, on the fence, or merely curious, this book is an engaging, eye-opening, and often eye-popping read” — American Spectator Named one of the top books of 2009 by the Times Literary Supplement (London), this controversial and compelling book from Dr. Stephen C. Meyer presents a convincing new case for intelligent design (ID), based on revolutionary discoveries in science and DNA. Along the way, Meyer argues that Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution as expounded in The Origin of Species did not, in fact, refute ID. If you enjoyed Francis Collins’s The Language of God, y

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