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1 The Signature of All Things - Elizabeth Gilbert
Auteur : Elizabeth Gilbert
Genre : Literary
A glorious, sweeping novel of desire, ambition, and the thirst for knowledge, from the # 1 New York Times bestselling author of Eat, Pray, Love and Committed

In The Signature of All Things, Elizabeth Gilbert returns to fiction, inserting her inimitable voice into an enthralling story of love, adventure and discovery. Spanning much of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the novel follows the fortunes of the extraordinary Whittaker family as led by the enterprising Henry Whittaker—a poor-born Englishman who makes a great fortune in the South American quinine trade, eventually becoming the richest man in Philadelphia. Born in 1800, Henry’s brilliant daughter, Alma (who inherits both her father’s money and his mind), ultimately becomes a botanist of considerable gifts herself. As Alma’s research takes her deeper into the mysteries

2 Storm Prey - John Sandford
Auteur : John Sandford
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers
When a simple robbery turns deadly, the thieves close in on the only witness: Lucas Davenport's wife...

3 Powerful Natural Remedies As An Alternative To Pharmaceuticals - Georgia Michaels
Auteur : Georgia Michaels
Genre : Health & Fitness
This ebook offers tips and recipes for powerful and natural home remedies that serves as better alternatives to pharmaceutical products. 
From this ebook, learn how to apply everyday simple ingredients and turn them into natural remedies for your everyday aches and pains. Learn what is a natural source for melatonin, which food contains the most antioxidants, celadrin as natural pain relief. 

Get this extensive ebook today to learn about the many more natural remedies that will save you money from going to the drug stores.

4 Dopesick - Beth Macy
Auteur : Beth Macy
Genre : Social Science
Journalist Beth Macy's definitive account of America's opioid epidemic "masterfully interlaces stories of communities in crisis with dark histories of corporate greed and regulatory indifference" (New York Times) -- from the boardroom to the courtroom and into the living rooms of Americans.
In this extraordinary work, Beth Macy takes us into the epicenter of a national drama that has unfolded over two decades. From the labs and marketing departments of big pharma to local doctor's offices; wealthy suburbs to distressed small communities in Central Appalachia; from distant cities to once-idyllic farm towns; the spread of opioid addiction follows a tortuous trajectory that illustrates how this crisis has persisted for so long and become so firmly entrenched.

Beginning with a single dealer who lands in a small Virginia town and sets about

5 Plague of Corruption - Judy Mikovits, Kent Heckenlively & Robert Jr. F. Kennedy
Auteur : Judy Mikovits, Kent Heckenlively & Robert Jr. F. Kennedy
Genre : Life Sciences
#1 on Amazon Charts, New York Times Bestseller, USA Today BestsellerOver 100,000 Copies in Print!

“Kent Heckenlively and Judy Mikovits are the new dynamic duo fighting corruption in science.” —Ben Garrison, America’s #1 political satirist

Dr. Judy Mikovits is a modern-day Rosalind Franklin, a brilliant researcher shaking up the old boys’ club of science with her groundbreaking discoveries. And like many women who have trespassed into the world of men, she uncovered decades-old secrets that many would prefer to stay buried.

From her doctoral thesis, which changed the treatment of HIV-AIDS, saving the lives of millions, including basketball great Magic Johnson, to her spectacular discovery of a new family of human retroviruses, and her latest research which points to a new golden age

6 The Constant Gardener - John le Carré
Auteur : John le Carré
Genre : Fiction & Literature
Frightening, heartbreaking, and exquisitely calibrated, John le Carré's new novel opens with the gruesome murder of the young and beautiful Tessa Quayle near northern Kenya's Lake Turkana, the birthplace of mankind. Her putative African lover and traveling companion, a doctor with one of the aid agencies, has vanished from the scene of the crime. Tessa's much older husband, Justin, a career diplomat at the British High Commission in Nairobi, sets out on a personal odyssey in pursuit of the killers and their motive.
A master chronicler of the deceptions and betrayals of ordinary people caught in political conflict, le Carré portrays, in The Constant Gardener, the dark side of unbridled capitalism. His eighteenth novel is also the profoundly moving story of a man whom tragedy elevates. Justin Quayle, amateur gardener and ineffectual bureaucrat, seemingly oblivious to his wi
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8 The Caregiver’s Guidebook - Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Auteur : Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Genre : Health & Fitness
We are a nation of over 50 million family Caregivers, serving as emotional supporter, researcher, decision maker, bill payer and advocate. The caregiver journey requires constant dedication and is paved with a range of emotions. In partnership with hundreds of caregivers, we have created The Caregiver’s Guidebook to empower you along this journey with information, strategies and support. 

Inside, you’ll find:
• What to expect on this journey, and how to plan for it
• Expert advice and useful solutions to help you care for your loved one and yourself
• Helpful strategies to cope with challenges
• Tips, checklists, and worksheets to help you successfully manage day-to-day tasks
• And important resources and organizations that can help guide you along the way

There’s a lot that goes into being a Caregiver. The Caregi

9 Let’s Test e-Book - Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Auteur : Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Genre : Medical
Let’s Test e-Book 

This e-Book is a useful, downloadable resource for oncologists, pathologists, physicians who perform biopsies, and allied health professionals. 

The Let's Test e-Book provides a comprehensive overview on the importance of a multidisciplinary approach and reflexive biomarker testing in advanced NSCLC. The e-Book includes in-depth information on personalized medicine, biomarkers in advanced NSCLC, the importance of biomarker screening, as well as other related topics. 

Key features: 

· Interactive case studies 
· Videos from leading experts 
· Cross discipline checklist 
· Timeline of advancements in personalized medicine

10 Bad Science - Ben Goldacre
Auteur : Ben Goldacre
Genre : Essays
Have you ever wondered how one day the media can assert that alcohol is bad for us and the next unashamedly run a story touting the benefits of daily alcohol consumption? Or how a drug that is pulled off the market for causing heart attacks ever got approved in the first place? How can average readers, who aren't medical doctors or Ph.D.s in biochemistry, tell what they should be paying attention to and what's, well, just more b******t?

Ben Goldacre has made a point of exposing quack doctors and nutritionists, bogus credentialing programs, and biased scientific studies. He has also taken the media to task for its willingness to throw facts and proof out the window. But he's not here just to tell you what's wrong. Goldacre is here to teach you how to evaluate placebo effects, double-blind studies, and sample sizes, so that you can recognize bad science when you see it. You're

11 All We Ever Wanted Was Everything - Janelle Brown
Auteur : Janelle Brown
Genre : Fiction & Literature
A smart, comic page-turner about a Silicon Valley family in free fall over the course of one eventful summer from the author of Watch Me Disappear and the upcoming Pretty Things

When Paul Miller’s pharmaceutical company goes public, making his family IPO millionaires, his wife, Janice, is sure this is the windfall she’s been waiting years for—until she learns, via messengered letter, that her husband is divorcing her (for her tennis partner!) and cutting her out of the new fortune. Meanwhile, four hundred miles south in Los Angeles, the Millers’ older daughter, Margaret, has been dumped by her newly famous actor boyfriend and left in the lurch by an investor who promised to revive her fledgling post-feminist magazine, Snatch. Sliding toward bankruptcy and dogged by creditors, she flees for home where her younger

12 A Good Family - A.H. Kim
Auteur : A.H. Kim
Genre : Family
“A story of money, family, who you can trust, and the extremes to which one will go for blood. I couldn’t put it down.” —Lisa Ling, host of CNN’s This Is Life

Keep your family close and your enemies closer.

Beth is the darling of God Halsa, a pharmaceutical giant, and she’s got the outrageous salary and lifestyle to prove it. Until she lands in white-collar women’s prison, thanks to a high-profile whistleblower suit.

Sam, Beth’s husband, used to be the town’s most eligible bachelor, and he’s never had to do anything for himself. Until his wife goes to jail, and he’s left to raise two daughters on his own.

Lise, the au pair, is the whistleblower. But is she? Everyone knows she’s not clever enough to have done it alone.

Hannah, Sam’s sister, is devoted to her family. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for the

13 2012 Pharmaceutical Industry Profile - PhRMA Policy Department
Auteur : PhRMA Policy Department
Genre : Education
Each year, the U.S. biopharmaceutical industry spends billions of dollars on intensive research to discover new medicines for patients. Though the research process is long, uncertain, and expensive, the treatments that eventually result save lives and improve the health of people all around the world. Recent decades have seen enormous progress in the fight against major causes of death and disability, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, mental illness, and diabetes, as well as against numerous rare diseases. In addition, advances by companies in the biopharmaceutical sector play an important role in controlling costs of health care by reducing hospitalizations, surgeries, and other costly care.

Biopharmaceutical research and development is an investment in people, services, ideas and products. This dynamic and innovative industry directly supports hundreds of thousands of jobs and in

14 How to Weep in Public - Jacqueline Novak
Auteur : Jacqueline Novak
Genre : Humor
In her darkly funny memoir meets brother-in-arms guide to the depression life, comedian Jacqueline Novak provides the first and only book for depression sufferers—short term visitors or lifers—that promises not to offer any help overcoming depression . . . only comfort, company, and tips for life inside the grey fog.
Advice that ranges from practical (Chapter 17: Do Your Crying on a Cat) to philosophical (Chapter 21: Make Peace With Sunshine) punctuates a laugh-out-loud memoir tracing the depression thread from Novak's average suburban childhood to her current adult New York City existence, an imperfect but healthy-ish life in which Novak is mostly upright but still rarely does laundry.
At heart, How to Weep in Public provides a no-pressure, safe-zone for the reader to curl up inside. Keep this book on the shelf to be

15 Animal Madness - Laurel Braitman
Auteur : Laurel Braitman
Genre : Nature
**“Science Friday” Summer Reading Pick**
**Discover magazine Top 5 Summer Reads**
**People magazine Best Summer Reads**

“A lovely, big-hearted book…brimming with compassion and the tales of the many, many humans who devote their days to making animals well” (The New York Times).

Have you ever wondered if your dog might be a bit depressed? How about heartbroken or homesick? Animal Madness takes these questions seriously, exploring the topic of mental health and recovery in the animal kingdom and turning up lessons that Publishers Weekly calls “Illuminating…Braitman’s delightful balance of humor and poignancy brings each case of life….[Animal Madness’s] continuous dose of hope should prove medicinal for humans and animals alike.”

Susan Orlean calls Animal Madness “a marvelo

16 Pain Killer - Barry Meier
Auteur : Barry Meier
Genre : Pharmacology & Toxicology
“Groundbreaking . . . the shocking account of the origins of today's opioid epidemic, the creators of this plague, and the way to help stop it.”—Sam Quinones, author of Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic

“Prescient . . . a landmark work of investigative journalism.”—David A. Kessler, former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration and author of The End of Overeating

Between 1999 and 2017, an estimated 250,000 Americans died from overdoses involving prescription painkillers, a plague ignited by Purdue Pharma’s aggressive marketing of OxyContin. Families, working class and wealthy, have been torn apart, businesses destroyed, and public officials pushed to the brink.

In Pain Killer, Pulitzer Prize–winning New York Times reporter Barry Meier exposes the roots of

17 Plague - Kent Heckenlively & Judy Mikovits
Auteur : Kent Heckenlively & Judy Mikovits
Genre : Life Sciences
#10 on Amazon Charts, USA Today Bestseller

“This book is my best attempt to tell the truth about my research, the culture in science today which is hostile to new ideas, and what science can really do if allowed to pursue promising areas of inquiries.”—Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD

This is a story for anybody interested in the peril and promise of science at the very highest levels in our country. On July 22, 2009, a special meeting was held with twenty-four leading scientists at the National Institutes of Health to discuss early findings that a newly discovered retrovirus was linked to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), prostate cancer, lymphoma, and eventually neurodevelopmental disorders in children. When Dr. Judy Mikovits finished her presentation, the room was silent for a moment, then one of the scientists said, “Oh my God!” The result

18 Less Medicine, More Health - Dr. H. Gilbert Welch
Auteur : Dr. H. Gilbert Welch
Genre : Health & Fitness
A nationally recognized expert describes seven widespread assumptions that encourage excessive, often ineffective, and sometimes harmful medical care—for fans of Overdiagnosed and Malcolm Gladwell

You might think the biggest problem in medical care is that it costs too much. Or that health insurance is too expensive, too uneven, too complicated—and gives you too many forms to fill out. But the central problem is that too much medical care has too little value.

Dr. H. Gilbert Welch is worried about too much medical care. He doesn’t deny that some people get too little medical care—rather that the conventional concern about “too little” needs to be balanced with a concern about “too much”: too many people being made to worry about diseases they don’t have and are at only average risk to get; too many people being tested and exposed to t

19 Little Pink House - Jeff Benedict
Auteur : Jeff Benedict
Genre : United States
Suzette Kelo was just trying to rebuild her life when she purchased a falling down Victorian house perched on the waterfront in New London, CT. The house wasn't particularly fancy, but with lots of hard work Suzette was able to turn it into a home that was important to her, a home that represented her new found independence.

Little did she know that the City of New London, desperate to revive its flailing economy, wanted to raze her house and the others like it that sat along the waterfront in order to win a lucrative Pfizer pharmaceutical contract that would bring new business into the city. Kelo and fourteen neighbors flat out refused to sell, so the city decided to exercise its power of eminent domain to condemn their homes, launching one of the most extraordinary legal cases of our time, a case that ultimately reached the United States Supreme Court.

In <

20 The Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Handbook - Todd Bearden and Larry Martin
Auteur : Todd Bearden and Larry Martin
Genre : Medical
The most updated, comprehensive, real world, field manual on modern day pharmacuetical sales available today. This handbook was written by reps for reps. It was designed with you in mind, those that are out in the field everyday; selling and driving business for your company.
This is not a handbook for getting into the industry or how to interview for your next pharmaceutical sales job, it is a boots on the ground field manual for success in this field, updated to include what the environment is like today and what it will be like in 5 years.
As a retired military officer, I wish I had this book when I entered the industry eight years ago. Now you have the opportunity to hit the ground running with this field book, providing detailed information from being a standout in training to driving your sales beyond the competition in your first year in the field.

21 The Truth About the Drug Companies - Marcia Angell
Auteur : Marcia Angell
Genre : Industries & Professions
During her two decades at The New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Marcia Angell had a front-row seat on the appalling spectacle of the pharmaceutical industry. She watched drug companies stray from their original mission of discovering and manufacturing useful drugs and instead become vast marketing machines with unprecedented control over their own fortunes. She saw them gain nearly limitless influence over medical research, education, and how doctors do their jobs. She sympathized as the American public, particularly the elderly, struggled and increasingly failed to meet spiraling prescription drug prices. Now, in this bold, hard-hitting new book, Dr. Angell exposes the shocking truth of what the pharmaceutical industry has become–and argues for essential, long-overdue change.

Currently Americans spend a staggering $200 billion each year on prescription drug

22 Overdosed America - Dr. John Abramson
Auteur : Dr. John Abramson
Genre : Medical
“Overdosed America reveals the greed and corruption that drive health care costs skyward and now threaten the public health. Before you see a doctor, you should read this book.” —Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation

Using the examples of Vioxx, Celebrex, cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, and anti-depressants, Overdosed America shows that at the heart of the current crisis in American medicine lies the commercialization of medical knowledge itself

For twenty years, John Abramson, M.D., cared for patients of all ages in a small town north of Boston. But increasingly his role as family doctor was undermined as pressure mounted to use the latest drugs and high-tech solutions for nearly every problem. Drawing on his background in statistics and health policy research, he began to investigate the radical changes that were quietly taking place in American

23 The Great Prostate Hoax - Richard J. Ablin & Ronald Piana
Auteur : Richard J. Ablin & Ronald Piana
Genre : Medical
Every year, more than a million men undergo painful needle biopsies for prostate cancer, and upward of 100,000 have radical prostatectomies, resulting in incontinence and impotence. But the shocking fact is that most of these men would never have died from this common form of cancer, which frequently grows so slowly that it never even leaves the prostate. How did we get to a point where so many unnecessary tests and surgeries are being done? In The Great Prostate Hoax, Richard J. Ablin exposes how a discovery he made in 1970, the prostate-specific antigen (PSA), was co-opted by the pharmaceutical industry into a multibillion-dollar business. He shows how his discovery of PSA was never meant to be used for screening prostate cancer, and yet nonetheless the test was patented and eventurally approved by the FDA in 1994. Now, doctors and victims are beginning to speak out about th

24 LSD and the Divine Scientist - Albert Hofmann & Christian Rätsch
Auteur : Albert Hofmann & Christian Rätsch
Genre : Health, Mind & Body
The acclaimed discoverer of LSD’s personal experiences and thoughts on chemistry, the natural sciences, mind-altering drugs, the soul, and the search for happiness

• Shares a different side of the father of LSD, one known only to his friends and close colleagues

• Explains Hofmann’s different methods of pharmaceutical research based on traditional plant medicine

• Includes the poetry of this mystical prophet of psychedelic science

Best known as the first person to synthesize, ingest, and discover the psychedelic effects of LSD, Albert Hofmann was more than just a chemist. A pioneer in the field of visionary plant research, he was one of the first people to suggest the use of entheogens for psychological healing and spiritual growth. His insights into the consciousness-expanding effects of psychedelics as well as human nature, the

25 Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Pocket Survival Guide - Stephanie Haiba Collier, Rosalind Andry & Nicole Collier
Auteur : Stephanie Haiba Collier, Rosalind Andry & Nicole Collier
Genre : Careers
Unlike any Pharmaceutical Sales book found, this guide walks you through the career of a lifetime in Pharmaceutical Sales. We share our many years of Sales Experience in the industry to give you the fundamentals for success from entry to promotion. This pocket guide encompasses more areas of the profession than most guides on the market today, to include:


Ride Alongs

Team playing

Administrative Duties

And so much more! Written in a straightforward format, you will definitely be ahead of the game after reading this Pharmaceutical Sales pocket survival guide, which teaches you the most effective way to achieve success. If your goal is to obtain a position as a career pharmaceutical Rep or a position in management in the industry, then this guide is a must have.

26 Dmso - Morton Walker, D.P.M.
Auteur : Morton Walker, D.P.M.
Genre : Health & Fitness
An easy-to-understand, up-to-date guide on the highly publicized drug, DMSO
DMSO—dimethyl sulfoxide—is a simple by-product of wood and has been called a “miracle” drug, capable of relieving pain, diminishing swelling, reducing inflammation, encouraging healing, and restoring normal function. In this groundbreaking work, award-winning health science writer Dr. Morton Walker examines the powerful and compelling case for the use of DMSO in the treatment of many debilitating disease and health-related problems. In DMSO: Nature’s Healer, Dr. Walker cites documented cases of its astounding use in healing and prevention of a host of health disorders, including arthritis, stroke, cancer, mental retardation, and sports and auto injuries. He also recounts the dramatic story of the long struggle to gain FDA approval of DMSO.

27 ADHD Nation - Alan Schwarz
Auteur : Alan Schwarz
Genre : Psychology
The groundbreaking account of the widespread misdiagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder—and how its unchecked growth has made ADHD one of the most controversial conditions in medicine, with serious effects on children, adults, and society. “ADHD Nation should be required reading” (The New York Times Book Review).

More than one in seven American children are diagnosed with ADHD—three times what experts have said is appropriate—meaning that millions of kids are misdiagnosed and taking medications such as Adderall or Concerta for a psychiatric condition they probably do not have. The numbers rise every year. And still, many experts and drug companies deny any cause for concern. In fact, they say that adults and the rest of the world should embrace ADHD and that its medications will transform their lives.

“In this powerful, neces

28 Surviving Schizophrenia, 7th Edition - E. Fuller Torrey
Auteur : E. Fuller Torrey
Genre : Psychology
Updated throughout and filled with all the latest research, treatment plans, commonly asked questions and more, the bestselling resource on schizophrenia is back—now in its seventh edition.

“E. Fuller Torrey is a brilliant writer. There is no one writing on psychology today whom I would rather read.”— Los Angeles Times

Since its first publication in 1983, Surviving Schizophrenia has become the standard reference book on the disease and has helped thousands of patients, their families, and mental health professionals.

In clear language, this much-praised and important book describes the nature, causes, symptoms, treatment, and course of schizophrenia and also explores living with it from both the patient's and the family's point of view. This new, completely updated seventh edition includes the latest research findings on what causes the illn

29 The Book of Woe - Gary Greenberg
Auteur : Gary Greenberg
Genre : Psychology
“Gary Greenberg has become the Dante of our psychiatric age, and the DSM-5 is his Inferno.” —Errol Morris
Since its debut in 1952, the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders has set down the “official” view on what constitutes mental illness. Homosexuality, for instance, was a mental illness until 1973. Each revision has created controversy, but the DSM-5 has taken fire for encouraging doctors to diagnose more illnesses—and to prescribe sometimes unnecessary or harmful medications.
Respected author and practicing psychotherapist Gary Greenberg embedded himself in the war that broke out over the fifth edition, and returned with an unsettling tale. Exposing the deeply flawed process behind the DSM-5’s compilation, The Book of Woe reveals how the manual turns suffering into a commodity—an

30 The Vaccine Race - Meredith Wadman
Auteur : Meredith Wadman
Genre : History
"A real jewel of science history...brims with suspense and now-forgotten catastrophe and intrigue...Wadman’s smooth prose calmly spins a surpassingly complicated story into a real tour de force."—The New York Times

“Riveting . . . [The Vaccine Race] invites comparison with Rebecca Skloot's 2007 The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.”—Nature 

The epic and controversial story of a major breakthrough in cell biology that led to the conquest of rubella and other devastating diseases.

Until the late 1960s, tens of thousands of American children suffered crippling birth defects if their mothers had been exposed to rubella, popularly known as German measles, while pregnant; there was no vaccine and little understanding of how the disease devastated fetuses. In June 1962, a young biologi

31 Vaccine Epidemic - Louise Kuo Habakus, Mary Holland & Kim Mack Rosenberg
Auteur : Louise Kuo Habakus, Mary Holland & Kim Mack Rosenberg
Genre : Life Sciences
Public health officials state that vaccines are safe and effective, but the truth is far more complicated. Vaccination is a serious medical intervention that always carries the potential to injure and cause death as well as to prevent disease. Coercive vaccination policies deprive people of free and informed consent—the hallmark of ethical medicine. Americans are increasingly concerned about vaccine safety and the right to make individual, informed choices together with their healthcare practitioners. Vaccine Epidemic focuses on the searing debate surrounding individual and parental vaccination choice in the United States.
Habakus, Holland, and Rosenberg edit and introduce a diverse array of interrelated topics concerning the explosive vaccine controversy, including the ethics of vaccination mandates, corrupting conflicts of interest in the national vaccine program, and pe

32 Superbugs - Matt McCarthy
Auteur : Matt McCarthy
Genre : Medical
International Bestseller

"An amazing, informative book that changes our perspective on medicine, microbes and our future."
--Siddhartha Mukherjee, MD, New York Times bestselling author of The Emperor of All Maladies

A New York Times bestselling author shares this exhilarating story of cutting-edge science and the race against the clock to find new treatments in the fight against the antibiotic-resistant bacteria known as superbugs.

Physician, researcher, and ethics professor Matt McCarthy is on the front lines of a groundbreaking clinical trial testing a new antibiotic to fight lethal superbugs, bacteria that have built up resistance to the life-saving drugs in our rapidly dwindling arsenal. This trial serves as the backdrop for the compulsively readable

33 The Extreme Future - James Canton
Auteur : James Canton
Genre : Business & Personal Finance
Dr. James Canton, a renowned futurist, CEO of the Institute for Global Futures, and Fortune 1000 advisor, charts a course to steer you through the volatile changes that lie 5, 10, and 20 years ahead. The Extreme Future is this generation’s Future Shock, Alvin Toffler’s classic book on what’s next and how to prepare for tomorrow.
Get ready for fast, radical and complex change. Get ready for the Extreme Future. Our world is constantly buffeted by new and dramatic changes that we can’t fully grasp. No one is fully prepared for the challenges, crises and risks that lie ahead. The Extreme Future is a blueprint for what’s next and how to navigate these changes.

An advisor to three White House’s spanning more than 30 years, Dr. Canton challenges us that with the right information about future trends it is possible to identify probable o

34 Global Pharmaceuticals - Adriana Petryna, Arthur Kleinman & Andrew Lakoff
Auteur : Adriana Petryna, Arthur Kleinman & Andrew Lakoff
Genre : Economics
In some parts of the world spending on pharmaceuticals is astronomical. In others people do not have access to basic or life-saving drugs. Individuals struggle to afford medications; whole populations are neglected, considered too poor to constitute profitable markets for the development and distribution of necessary drugs. The ethnographies brought together in this timely collection analyze both the dynamics of the burgeoning international pharmaceutical trade and the global inequalities that emerge from and are reinforced by market-driven medicine. They demonstrate that questions about who will be treated and who will not filter through every phase of pharmaceutical production, from preclinical research to human testing, marketing, distribution, prescription, and consumption.Whether considering how American drug companies seek to create a market for antidepressants in Japan, how Brazil

35 Our Daily Meds - Melody Petersen
Auteur : Melody Petersen
Genre : Industries & Professions
In the last thirty years, the big pharmaceutical companies have transformed themselves into marketing machines selling dangerous medicines as if they were Coca-Cola or Cadillacs. They pitch drugs with video games and soft cuddly toys for children; promote them in churches and subways, at NASCAR races and state fairs. They've become experts at promoting fear of disease, just so they can sell us hope.

No question: drugs can save lives. But the relentless marketing that has enriched corporate executives and sent stock prices soaring has come with a dark side. Prescription pills taken as directed by physicians are estimated to kill one American every five minutes. And that figure doesn't reflect the damage done as the overmedicated take to the roads.

Our Daily Meds connects the dots for the first time to show how corporate salesmanship has triumphed over scienc

36 SustainCase: How Sanofi is reducing the environmental impact of pharmaceuticals -
Auteur :
Genre : Education
Case study: How Sanofi is reducing the environmental impact of pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals found in the environment due to human activities, such as patients’ use of medicines, raise concerns about their potential impact on human health and the planet. As a global healthcare leader Sanofi has, accordingly, implemented safeguards at every stage in the life cycle of its products – from production to their use by patients.


As a leading global healthcare company, working to improve the health and quality of life for people around the world, Sanofi is committed to limiting the discharge of pharmaceuticals into the environment and to increasing its knowledge in this area. After measuring and setting targets, Sanofi took action to analyze wastewater effluents and use state-of-the-art technologies to treat wastewater discharge at its sites, ca

37 Waging War on the Autistic Child - Andrew J. Wakefield
Auteur : Andrew J. Wakefield
Genre : Health & Fitness
As the number of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders grows each year, new discoveries and controversies arise. Andrew Wakefield explores many of these in his thorough investigation of the recent trial case of the “Arizona 5,” which destroyed an Arizona family. Two parents, with five children on the spectrum, were accused of Munchausen syndrome by proxy—a rare form of child abuse—and were ganged up on by physicians, child protective services, and the courts, who alleged that the parents fabricated medical symptoms in all five children. However, Wakefield now presents ample evidence that was disregarded and that would have proven the parents’ innocence.
Families affected by autism suffer great hardship and prejudice, particularly as they navigate the uncertain waters of diagnosis, treatment, and education. The shocking story of the Arizona 5 family delves into

38 Miracle Cure - William Rosen
Auteur : William Rosen
Genre : Medical
The epic history of how antibiotics were born, saving millions of lives and creating a vast new industry known as Big Pharma.

As late as the 1930s, virtually no drug intended for sickness did any good; doctors could set bones, deliver babies, and offer palliative care. That all changed in less than a generation with the discovery and development of a new category of medicine known as antibiotics. By 1955, the age-old evolutionary relationship between humans and microbes had been transformed, trivializing once-deadly infections.

     William Rosen captures this revolution with all its false starts, lucky surprises, and eccentric characters. He explains why, given the complex nature of bacteria—and their ability to rapidly evolve into new forms—the only way to locate and test potential antibiotic strains is by large-scale, systematic, trial-a

39 Buzzed: The Straight Facts About the Most Used and Abused Drugs from Alcohol to Ecstasy, Fifth Edition - Cynthia Kuhn Ph.D., Scott Swartzwelder Ph.D. & Wilkie Wilson Ph.D.
Auteur : Cynthia Kuhn Ph.D., Scott Swartzwelder Ph.D. & Wilkie Wilson Ph.D.
Genre : Self-Improvement
The essential source for understanding how drugs affect the body and behavior.

Fully updated, this matter-of-fact handbook includes the most recent discoveries about drug use, including new information on electronic smoking devices, abuse of prescription stimulants, and the opioid crisis. “Lively, highly informative, unbiased, [and] thorough” (Addiction Research & Theory), Buzzed surveys drugs from caffeine to heroin to reveal how these drugs affect the body, the different “highs” they produce, and the circumstances in which they can be deadly.

Neither a “Just Say No” treatise nor a “How to” manual, Buzzed is based on the conviction that people make better decisions with accurate information at hand.

40 The Drug Hunters - Donald R. Kirsch & Ogi Ogas
Auteur : Donald R. Kirsch & Ogi Ogas
Genre : History
The surprising, behind-the-scenes story of how our medicines are discovered, told by a veteran drug hunter.

The search to find medicines is as old as disease, which is to say as old as the human race. Through serendipity— by chewing, brewing, and snorting—some Neolithic souls discovered opium, alcohol, snakeroot, juniper, frankincense, and other helpful substances. Ötzi the Iceman, the five-thousand-year-old hunter frozen in the Italian Alps, was found to have whipworms in his intestines and Bronze-age medicine, a worm-killing birch fungus, knotted to his leggings. Nowadays, Big Pharma conglomerates spend billions of dollars on state-of the art laboratories staffed by PhDs to discover blockbuster drugs. Yet, despite our best efforts to engineer cures, luck, trial-and-error, risk, and ingenuity are still fundamental to medical discovery.

The Drug Hunte

41 Negocios ProMéxico Septiembre: Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries in Mexico - ProMéxico
Auteur : ProMéxico
Genre : Business & Personal Finance
Negocios ProMéxico shows Mexico’s competitive and successful industries, as well as its positive business environment. The magazine promotes México as an excellent business case, as a competitive destination for productive investments. Through several business cases, Mexico is shown as an active player in the global economy. Negocios ProMéxico is read by investors, decision makers, exporters, and Mexican goods and/or services buyers abroad. Negocios ProMéxico is a leading communication tool edited by the Mexican federal government to promote the country’s trade and investment related opportunities.

42 Mad in America - Robert Whitaker
Auteur : Robert Whitaker
Genre : Psychology
In Mad in America, medical journalist Robert Whitaker reveals an astounding truth: Schizophrenics in the United States fare worse than those in poor countries, and quite possibly worse than asylum patients did in the early nineteenth century. Indeed, Whitaker argues, modern treatments for the severely mentally ill are just old medicine in new bottles and we as a society are deluded about their efficacy. Tracing over three centuries of "cures" for madness, Whitaker shows how medical therapies-from "spinning" or "chilling" patients in colonial times to more modern methods of electroshock, lobotomy, and drugs-have been used to silence patients and dull their minds, deepening their suffering and impairing their hope of recovery. Based on exhaustive research culled from old patient medical records, historical accounts, and government documents, this haunting book raises important quest

43 Scattershot - David Lovelace
Auteur : David Lovelace
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs
The Glass Castle meets An Unquiet Mind in a mesmerizing, loving memoir about growing up in a family plagued by bipolar disorder.

Scattershot is David Lovelace's poignant, humorous, and vivid account of bipolar disorder's effects on his family, and his gripping exploits as he spent his life running from—and finally learning to embrace—the madness imprinted on his genes. Four out of five people in David Lovelace's immediate family have experienced bipolar disorder, including David himself. In 1986, his father, his brother, and David himself were all committed in quick succession. Only his sister has escaped the disease. A coming-of-age story punctuated by truly harrowing experiences, this devastating and empathetic portrait of the Lovelace family strips away the shame associated with bipolar disorder—a disease that affects approx

44 Medical Monopoly - Joseph M. Gabriel
Auteur : Joseph M. Gabriel
Genre : Medical
During most of the nineteenth century, physicians and pharmacists alike considered medical patenting and the use of trademarks by drug manufacturers unethical forms of monopoly; physicians who prescribed patented drugs could be, and were, ostracized from the medical community. In the decades following the Civil War, however, complex changes in patent and trademark law intersected with the changing sensibilities of both physicians and pharmacists to make intellectual property rights in drug manufacturing scientifically and ethically legitimate. By World War I, patented and trademarked drugs had become essential to the practice of good medicine, aiding in the rise of the American pharmaceutical industry and forever altering the course of medicine.

Drawing on a wealth of previously unused archival material, Medical Monopoly combines legal, medical, and business history to

45 Pharmaceutical Sales Revolution: Secrets of the World’s Best Reps - Scott Moldenhauer
Auteur : Scott Moldenhauer
Genre : Business & Personal Finance
Today's pharmaceutical representatives face more challenges than ever before. In Pharmaceutical Sales Revolution, you learn what the top 1% of reps are doing to overcome the new challenges of pharmaceutical selling. Whether it's gaining access to hard-to-see physicians or selling in a managed-care environment, this book offers an insider's look at what it takes to come out on top.

46 Science for Sale - David L. Lewis
Auteur : David L. Lewis
Genre : Public Administration
When Speaker Newt Gingrich greeted Dr. David Lewis in his office overlooking the National Mall, he looked at Dr. Lewis and said: “You know you’re going to be fired for this, don’t you?” “I know,” Dr. Lewis replied, “I just hope to stay out of prison.” Gingrich had just read Dr. Lewis’s commentary in Nature, titled “EPA Science: Casualty of Election Politics.” Three years later, and thirty years after Dr. Lewis began working at EPA, he was back in Washington to receive a Science Achievement Award from Administrator Carol Browner for his second article in Nature. By then, EPA had transferred Dr. Lewis to the University of Georgia to await termination—the Agency’s only scientist to ever be lead author on papers published in Nature and Lancet.

The government hires scientists to support its policies; industry hires them t

47 Cry of the Firebird - T.M. Clark
Auteur : T.M. Clark
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers
In the badlands of Africa, a resourceful doctor fights to save her patients' lives. Australian thriller writer T.M. Clark returns with a vivid, action-packed adventure in the tradition of Wilbur Smith.

South African--born Doctor Lily Winters, a consultant with the World Health Organization, has been in the thick of some of the worst humanitarian disasters across the globe. But when she's posted back to South Africa following the suspicious death of an ex-colleague, she faces the biggest medical mystery she's ever seen.

The resettled San community of Platfontein is exhibiting a higher-than-average HIV infection rate, and their people are dying. The cases Lily takes over are baffling and despite her best efforts the medicine doesn't seem to be helping.

To save this unique community, Lily and a policeman from the Kalahari, Piet Kleinman, join forces to trace

48 The Cancer Caregiver's Guidebook - Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Auteur : Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Genre : Health & Fitness
We are a nation of more than 50 million family caregivers serving as emotional supporters, researchers, decision makers, bill payers and advocates. The cancer caregiver journey requires constant dedication and is paved with a range of emotions. In partnership with hundreds of caregivers, we have created The Cancer Caregiver’s Guidebook to help you along this journey with information, strategies, and support.

Inside, you’ll find:
• What to expect along this cancer caregiving journey and how to plan for it
• Expert advice and useful solutions to help you care for your loved one and yourself
• Helpful strategies for coping with challenges
• Tips, checklists, and worksheets to help you manage day-to-day tasks
• Important resources and organizations that can help guide you along the way

There’s a lot that goes into

49 The Rationing: A Novel - Charles Wheelan
Auteur : Charles Wheelan
Genre : Fiction & Literature
Political backstabbing, rank hypocrisy, and dastardly deception reign in this delightfully entertaining political satire, sure to lift one’s spirits far above the national stage.

America is in trouble—at the mercy of a puzzling pathogen. That ordinarily wouldn’t lead to catastrophe, thanks to modern medicine, but there’s just one problem: the government supply of Dormigen, the silver bullet of pharmaceuticals, has been depleted just as demand begins to spike.

Set in the near future, The Rationing centers around a White House struggling to quell the crisis—and control the narrative. Working together, just barely, are a savvy but preoccupied president; a Speaker more interested in jockeying for position—and a potential presidential bid—than attending to the minutiae of disease control; a patriotic majority leader unable to differentiate a virus from a ba

50 Adaptogens - David Winston & Steven Maimes
Auteur : David Winston & Steven Maimes
Genre : Health & Fitness
An updated and expanded edition of the definitive guide to adaptogenic herbs

• Includes a Materia Medica with monographs covering 25 adaptogens, including eleuthero, ginseng, rhodiola, schisandra, ashwagandha, licorice, shatavari, reishi, and holy basil, as well as complementary nervines, restorative tonics, and nootropics

• Explains how adaptogens increase the body’s resistance to adverse influences, increase energy and stamina, and counter the effects of age and stress on the body

• Details the actions, properties, preparation, and dosage for each herb and their uses in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine and as remedies for animals

Every day our bodies strive to adapt and stay balanced, energized, and healthy, yet chronic stress and the resulting elevation of stress hormones such as cortisol have been shown to be major factors behind n
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