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1 13 Free Baby Crochet Patterns: Crochet Baby Hats, Crochet Booties & More - Prime
Auteur : Prime
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs out there, but it's also one of the most rewarding. Not only are memories being made every day, but the times spent together are priceless. You'll find a fabulous variety of crochet baby patterns in our latest eBook, 13 Free Baby Crochet Patterns: Crochet Baby Hats, Crochet Booties & More. Nothing makes life more precious than working up a handmade crochet design for your little one.

Contents:   Easy Breezy Baby Sweater   Pretty Little Fox Hat   Aviator Crochet Baby Hat   10 Minute Baby Sandals   Rainbow Basketweave Baby Blanket   Crocheted Teething Rings This is the only eBook you need to download today. It has everything you need for that bundle of joy joining your family. Even if you’re not expecting these make great baby shower gifts or even charity projects.  Ev

2 16 Crochet Shawl Patterns: DIY Clothing You’ll Love - Prime Publishing
Auteur : Prime Publishing
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
Are you dying to pick up your hook and grab some fun crochet colors? If you want to experiment with a fresh design, then stay tuned because this eBook is full of amazing crochet shawl patterns. Buying outfits at the store sometimes just doesn’t cut it, so you might as well use your own skills to make some DIY clothing. These designs are fashionable and easy to make, whether you’re looking for a shawl on the heavier or lighter side. 
Shawls from department store are always super expensive and made with scratchy yarns and fabrics. DIY shawls are the only way to go if you want the perfect piece to fit your budget and personality. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight shawl to drape over your shoulders on a sweet and breezy summer night, or you want a cozy shawl that’s thick enough to double as a scarf, you’ll find what you need in 16 Crochet Shawl Patterns: DIY Cl

3 Patterns - Dandi Palmer
Auteur : Dandi Palmer
Genre : Design
20 detailed line drawings.
Suggestions for embroidery, greetings cards and other craftwork.

4 Free Crochet Patterns for Every Season: 17 DIY Accessories + Crochet Clothing Patterns - Prime Publishing
Auteur : Prime Publishing
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
Whether it's spring or summer, winter or fall, this is the perfect season for crocheting. You'll find a great project in this free eBook, Free Crochet Patterns for Every Season 17 DIY Accessories  Crochet Clothing Patterns. Whether you want to make something for the upcoming season or for the season you are in now, you will find this eBook handy and fun. These amazing projects compiled here are sure to keep you crocheting all year round.
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6 Patterns - Mary Kemper
Auteur : Mary Kemper
Genre : Éducation
Tying the Concrete-Representational-Abstract forms of arithmetic sequences together supports students’ understanding of the concepts of patterns.  Fluency evolves as the students are able to efficiently and effectively navigate between the tabular, graphical, and algebraic representations of a relationship.
The value of the concrete and representational phases of this experience cannot be stressed enough - these are the underpinnings which make true understanding possible.

7 12 Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns - Prime
Auteur : Prime
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
What’s the best way to celebrate the arrival of a new bundle of joy? Make crochet baby blankets, of course! There are so many options when it comes to simple crochet baby blanket patterns and you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed and in need of guidance.

8 Lion Brand's New Fall Collection: 15 Free Crochet Scarf Patterns, Afghan Patterns, and More - Editors of AllFreeCrochet
Auteur : Editors of AllFreeCrochet
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
There's no better way to welcome fall than with a beautiful collection of free crochet patterns. Celebrate the new season with Lion Brand's New Fall Collection: 15 Free Crochet Scarf Patterns, Afghan Patterns, and More. Each one of these beautiful crochet designs have been hand-picked by the Lion Brand; these must-make patterns for fall range in skill level from beginner to advanced and include a variety of patterns such as crochet scarves, crochet baby booties, crochet shawl patterns, and more.

9 How to Knit an Infinity Scarf + 9 Fashionable Cowl Knitting Patterns - Prime Publishing
Auteur : Prime Publishing
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
Can't seem to find the perfect scarf for your favorite outfit? Let How to Knit an Infinity Scarf  9 Fashionable Cowl Knitting Patterns help. This eBook is stuffed with awesome knit cowl patterns and infinity scarves any one of these amazing projects are sure to be the perfect one for you. With detailed instructions, even beginners will find these scarves and cowls easy to make. Don't wait to make these patterns no matter what time of year it is, it's the perfect time to start a new project, especially when it's as fashionable as these infinity scarves and knit cowls.

10 The Best of the Midwest Stitches Fashion Show: 7 New Inspiring Free Shawl Patterns, Knit Tops & More - Editors of AllFreeKnitting
Auteur : Editors of AllFreeKnitting
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
STITCHES Midwest, like Christmas, only happens once a year.  While you’re waiting for your favorite knitting event to appear on the horizon of your calendar, you can content yourself with knitting up some of the best patterns from the fashion show.  Every knitter is sure to fall in love with the patterns in this free eBook.  A variety of patterns will keep you knitting all year long; these classy patterns will be a welcome addition to any wardrobe, and you’ll have a great time knitting them up and remembering all the fun you had at the last STITCHES show.

11 13 Free Jewelry Patterns From Prima Bead - Prima Beads
Auteur : Prima Beads
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
Do you love stunning jewelry, but don’t want to spend a fortune buying brand new accessories? Learn how to make your own dazzling homemade jewelry with this helpful guide. This eBook shows you how to make delightful DIY jewelry crafts with:

- Step-by-step tutorials
- Detailed materials lists
- Clear, large photos
- Easy-to-understand instructions
Check out our tutorials on:
- Creating Cuff Bracelets
- How to Make a Necklace
- Making Cabochon Jewelry
- How to Make Earrings
- And More!
If you want to make beautiful homemade jewelry pieces, this is eBook you need!

12 Easy Hat, Scarf and Neck Warmer Crochet Patterns in 4 sizes: Baby to Teen/Adult - Sayjai Thawornsupacharoen
Auteur : Sayjai Thawornsupacharoen
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
Pattern to crochet a hat, scarf and neck warmer. Instructions are for four sizes: baby (only the hat), toddler, teenager and adult.

A basic knowledge of crochet is required to make these.

This crochet pattern is an eBook. You can read it on your iPad, tablet or computer, but it cannot be printed out.

13 24 Tie-Dye Techniques: Free Tie-Dye Patterns - Prime Publishing
Auteur : Prime Publishing
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
When you think of tie-dyeing, you probably think back to your time in summer camp, wrapping t-shirts with rubber bands, dipping them in dye, and ending up with a splotchy t-shirt and stained hands. Take a peek through this eBook and you'll discover that there is much, much more to the world of creative tie-dyeing! There are so many different tie dye techniques that you can learn, so if you're interested in creating a specific design or pattern on your t-shirt, peruse our technique chapters and discover how simple it is to create them. No more random rubber banding!

14 Red Devil Amigurumi Crochet Pattern - MrsDevil
Auteur : MrsDevil
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
Crochet pattern to make a devil doll. This type of doll is called an Amigurumi. The design is from MrsDevil. It has been translated into English and published by Sayjai of K and J Dolls. This is a great doll to make for Halloween. You need only a basic understanding of crochet as it's an easy pattern.

15 Man Crafts: 10 Free Patterns to Crochet for Men - Prime Publishing
Auteur : Prime Publishing
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
If you're looking for a unique way to show the man in your life a little love and appreciation, making him something homemade is always a great place to start. If you're worried about finding the right project that he will love, then don't worry; man crafts are more abundant than you might think. There are so many free patterns to crochet for men to choose from including free crochet hat patterns, crocheted afghans, and free scarf patterns. He is sure to love any one of these crocheted man crafts.

16 Knitting in the Round: 10 Knit Sock Patterns and Knitted Slipper Patterns - Prime Publishing
Auteur : Prime Publishing
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
You are going to love the knitting in the round patterns that we’ve curated for you in this eBook. Make yourself some warm and fuzzy socks that are absolutely perfect for lounging around the house, relaxing and reading your favorite book or watching your favorite movie. The sock and slipper patterns included in this amazing collection are guaranteed to keep you cozy. Make them for your friends and family, and keep them toasty all year round. Knitting in the Round: 10 Knit Sock Patterns and Knitted Slipper Patterns is a perfect eBook for anyone who likes a bit of a challenge and wants to expand his or her knitting prowess. With step-by-step instructions and tutorials, you will learn all about what it means to knit in the round. You’ll be a master knitter of socks and slippers in no time at all when you download this awesome eBook.

17 12 Knitted Scarf Patterns: Fabulous Free Knitting Patterns for Beginners - Prime Publishing
Auteur : Prime Publishing
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
When the weather is cold and the breeze is cool, nothing soothes the soul quite like a warm and cozy scarf. Instead of buying a generic accessory from an expensive boutique, stay in and keep warm with these free scarf patterns. Veteran knitters know just how fun and easy it can be to create your own handmade creation and now it’s time for you to find out to discover this sentiment, too!

18 Little Panda Amigurumi Crochet Pattern - Sayjai Thawornsupacharoen
Auteur : Sayjai Thawornsupacharoen
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
Crochet pattern to create a little panda doll.

This panda is inspired by a cooking set to make little Sushi pandas from seaweed and rice. I turned it into a crocheted doll. The book shows you how to crochet a Little Panda yourself. A basic knowledge of crochet is required to make the doll.

The panda is 4 inches (10 cm) high (sitting).


You can any left over yarn. Recommended materials:

DMC Petra No.3 colors: black = 11 g and white = 15 g

3 mm crochet hook

Tapestry needle

Polyester fiberfill 25 g


19 Sleep Mask Knitting Pattern - Jenn Wisbeck
Auteur : Jenn Wisbeck
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
Simple Knit Sleep Mask/Blindfold with Crochet Ties
Double crochet ties that pull through loops on either side so the mask can be tied with a bow at the back or side of the head. Increasing and decreasing shapes the eye covers and provides minimal bunching at the ears and nose.
Intermediate- knit, purl, increase, decrease, grafting, provisional cast on

Facemask (excluding ties) 8.5 inches long by 3 inches wide at the widest. Ties are 28 inches long and folded in half to be 14 inches.

30 yards worsted weight yarn

-US #6/4mm needles or size to get gauge
-Tapestry needle
-4 mm crochet hook

5 stitches and 6 rows in stockinette stitch

20 The Pink Rabbit Monster Witch Amigurumi Crochet Pattern - Sayjai
Auteur : Sayjai
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
Crochet pattern to make a little monster for halloween. It has cute rabbit ears and a witch hat and broom for Halloween. Crochet level: easy.The Pink Monster is 6 inches high, excluding the hat. (15.5cm)

21 The Astronomy Bible - Heather Couper & Nigel Henbest
Auteur : Heather Couper & Nigel Henbest
Genre : Astronomie
This comprehensive guide to astronomy introduces the basic concepts, explaining what, when, and how to observe space, right through to current theories on everything from black holes to microquasars. It helps you to navigate the night sky, identify the constellations and find planets, comets, galaxies and deep-sky objects.

Accessible, informative, and fully-illustrated, this is an invaluable practical companion for anyone who loves stargazing.

22 Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software - Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson & John M. Vlissides
Auteur : Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson & John M. Vlissides
Genre : Ordinateurs
Capturing a wealth of experience about the design of object-oriented software, four top-notch designers present a catalog of simple and succinct solutions to commonly occurring design problems. Previously undocumented, these 23 patterns allow designers to create more flexible, elegant, and ultimately reusable designs without having to rediscover the design solutions themselves.

The authors begin by describing what patterns are and how they can help you design object-oriented software. They then go on to systematically name, explain, evaluate, and catalog recurring designs in object-oriented systems. With Design Patterns as your guide, you will learn how these important patterns fit into the software development process, and how you can leverage them to solve your own design problems most efficiently.

Each pattern describes the circumstances in which it is applicable

23 Sayjai's Amazing Crochet Pattern Collection - Sayjai Thawornsupacharoen
Auteur : Sayjai Thawornsupacharoen
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
Sayjai has been crocheting over 30 years. This e-book contains 16 patterns written from 2009 to 2013. Included are a piggy hat, a Cheshire cat headband for the kids, flower balls to decorate the house, winter hats, scarfs and many other beautiful patterns. Sayjai is best known for her Amigurumi: the pink lady doll, monster rabbit, plus a little witch, nurse and mermaid. The patterns in this book are mostly easy, but you have to know the basic crochet stitches to read them.

24 Little Nurse Amigurumi Crochet Pattern - Sayjai Thawornsupacharoen
Auteur : Sayjai Thawornsupacharoen
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
Crochet patterns to create a little nurse doll. The doll is 3 inches/ 7.5 cm high.

For materials you can use:

- 3.00 mm hook;
- 4 ply yarn (cream, white, brown and red);
- Black embroidery floss;
- Polyester fiberfill;
- Two 4 mm black beads for eyes or other eyes as desired;
- Tapestry needle;
- Sewing needle and thread for attaching eyes.

Please note: This crochet pattern is an eBook. You can read it on your iPad, tablet or computer, but it cannot be printed out.

25 Making Beaded Jewelry: 11 Free Seed Bead Patterns and Projects - Prime Publishing
Auteur : Prime Publishing
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
confession time: How many of you have an overflowing supply of seed beads? It’s OK; we’re all guilty. It’s the mark of a true beader! But every once in a while, you need to clear out the seed bead stash (before it threatens to bury you alive), right? Well with that in mind, we’ve collected 11 amazing seed bead jewelry patterns and projects to help you keep your bead hoarding tendencies at bay! From stunning necklaces, to fabulous earrings, and with plenty of gorgeous cuffs and bracelets in between, we’ve got all the jewelry patterns you need to say “Sayonara!” to that infinite seed bead abyss that is currently swallowing your craft room. So grab your beading thread and needle, and get ready to stitch up a storm with some stellar seed bead jewelry patterns!

26 Easy Quilt Patterns: 11 Applique Quilt Patterns + Quick Quilts - Prime Publishing
Auteur : Prime Publishing
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
If you're looking for a great quilt that won't take you forever and isn't super complicated, this eBook is definitely for you. Easy Quilt Patterns 11 Applique Quilt Patterns  Quick Quilts is a great resource from some amazing quilts that are very simple to create. You'll love the funky patterns and unique quilts. Learn how to applique on a quilt as well. Once you've made a few of these awesome quilts, you are going to want to make more so be sure to print out this free eBook and keep it handy.

27 미자양의 아기자기 손뜨개 인형 마을 Free Pattern Book - 이미정
Auteur : 이미정
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
코바늘과 실, 그리고 e-Book
언제 어디서나 즐기는 손뜨개 인형 만들기!

미자양의 아기자기 손뜨개 인형 마을 Pattern Book Series


즐거운 스토리가 있을 것만 같은 편안하고 아기자기한 손뜨개 인형들을 만들어 보세요!
인형을 하나하나 완성할 때마다 늘어나는 손뜨개 인형 마을 친구들!

♦ 이런 분들께 추천합니다!
해외 사이트에서 손뜨개 인형 도안을 찾느라 헤매고 계신 분들, 아이들 장난감을 만들어 선물하고 싶은 분들, 수공예에 도전하는 것을 좋아하는 모든 분들께 추천합니다. 

♦ 이 책의 특징
1. 기초 코바늘 뜨개질 방법만 알아도 부담 없이 빠르게 작품을 완성할 수

28 Forest Fairies - Mary Lou Danielson
Auteur : Mary Lou Danielson
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
Free quilt pattern for the cover of Forest Fairies, Book #1 of Mikal's Web Trilogy. Pieced and Appliqued wall quilt. Approximately 24" x 30". View on your computer or laptop to print out the pattern for your own, non-commercial use.

29 Curvy Girl Crochet - Marybeth Temple
Auteur : Marybeth Temple
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
Full-figured women who love to crochet will rejoice in this fun, fresh, and pretty new book, Curvy Girl Crochet: 25 Patterns that Fit and Flatter. Instead of making adjustments to “average-size" patterns, this exciting guide celebrates larger women with 25 original crochet patterns designed specifically in plus sizes. Pullovers, sweaters, wraps, and more—every wardrobe staple you can think of is here, with techniques and schematics to show crocheters exactly how to troubleshoot and solve pattern-fitting problems before they occur. Expert crochet designer Mary Beth Temple, whose books can be found in major craft stores nationwide, teaches curvy crocheters everything needed to create fashionable items that will fit and flatter.

30 DAX Patterns 2015 - Alberto Ferrari & Marco Russo
Auteur : Alberto Ferrari & Marco Russo
Genre : Bases de données
A pattern is a general reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem. This book is a collection of ready-to-use data models and formulas in DAX, that you can use in Power Pivot for Excel and in Microsoft Analysis Services Tabular. Create your data model faster by using a DAX pattern!

31 Design Patterns in Swift 5 - Karoly Nyisztor
Auteur : Karoly Nyisztor
Genre : Programmation
Software developers need to solve various problems. Many times, these problems are the same or similar to the ones they’ve already encountered in other projects. Wouldn’t it be great to apply the solution you’ve found instead of reinventing the wheel over and over again?

That’s precisely the reason why software design patterns exist. A design pattern is a standardized way to address a recurring problem. Relying on a proven strategy will not only save you time, but you can rest assured that it’s indeed the right choice. 

Design patterns are the result of a long evolution process. It all started with a book published in 1994 - yes, it’s that old! - called “Design Patterns - Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software.” 

The gang consists of four renowned software engineers: Erich Gamma, Ralph Johnson, Richard Helm, and John Vl

32 How Patterns Work - Assembil
Auteur : Assembil
Genre : Éducation
When you are trying to learn something new, the best teachers are often the ones who will walk you slowly through all of the basics in a way that is straightforward and easy to understand. It is this approach to learning that has led us to create "How Patterns Work", so that those who wish to learn pattern making can have a simplified and streamlined introduction to all of the fundamental principles that lie at the core of pattern making.

If you have tried to learn pattern making in the past and felt daunted by the complex drawings and measurements, or are a sewer who has felt ill equipped to make even the simplest changes to patterns, then this is the ideal book for you. We believe that by having a solid understanding of the basic terms and processes of pattern making then you will be able to make simple pattern changes yourself, and be able to apply the same ideas to more co

33 Game Programming Patterns - Robert Nystrom
Auteur : Robert Nystrom
Genre : Programmation
The biggest challenge facing many game programmers is completing their game. Most game projects fizzle out, overwhelmed by the complexity of their own code. Game Programming Patterns tackles that exact problem. Based on years of experience in shipped AAA titles, this book collects proven patterns to untangle and optimize your game, organized as independent recipes so you can pick just the patterns you need.

You will learn how to write a robust game loop, how to organize your entities using components, and take advantage of the CPUs cache to improve your performance. You'll dive deep into how scripting engines encode behavior, how quadtrees and other spatial partitions optimize your engine, and how other classic design patterns can be used in games.

34 Your Knit Guide to Winter: 11 Easy Knitting Patterns from Bergere de France - Prime Publishing
Auteur : Prime Publishing
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
If you're looking for some of the cutest knit patterns for winter, then we have the perfect eBook for you. With 11 easy knitting patterns from Bergere de France, this free knit guide to winter will ensure you look stylish and stay warm all season long. Wouldn't it be great to work up a sleek winter knit hat or knit scarf pattern without much time or effort? Patterns such as the Parisian Chic Rolled Hat and the Eggnog Knit Scarf Pattern certainly fit the bill. Plus, if you're looking for an easy knit for the man in your life, the Great Green Scarf and Hat Set is a fun and functional addition to his cold weather wardrobe. We guarantee you will love the quick and easy nature of these free knitting patterns and you and your loved ones will adore the way they look. Grab your knitting needles and get started on your knit guide to winter with these 11 easy knitting patterns from Bergere

35 The Best of the East Fashion Show & Marketplace Favorites: 7 Knitted Scarf Patterns, Free Knit Tops & More free eBook - Prime Publishing
Auteur : Prime Publishing
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
Whether you missed STITCHES East this year, or you're dying to relive it, you'll love our latest eBook.  Inside The Best of the East Fashion Show & Marketplace Favorites: 7 Knitted Scarf Patterns, Free Knit Tops & More free eBook knitters will discover quality patterns straight from the runway.  Dress up your wardrobe and your home with the free knitting patterns in this thrilling collection.

36 Cloud Computing Patterns of Expertise - IBM Redbooks
Auteur : IBM Redbooks
Genre : Ordinateurs
This IBM® Redpaper™ publication explains the business and technical value of emerging patterns of expertise in cloud computing, with specific applicability to IBM PureApplication™ System, IBM Workload Deployer, IBM SmartCloud® Orchestrator, and IBM SmartCloud Application Services. It explains how patterns help companies use the different cloud environments that IBM offers. Also included are some preferred practices for helping to ensure pattern portability.

The pattern-based approach is a response to the need to reduce complexity in IT environments, where various skills are required to design, test, configure, and maintain integrated solutions, including clouds. IT managers spend most of their time maintaining applications and application environments, leaving little time to focus on new business needs or to adopt new technologies. As a result, businesses can lack the ag

37 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do - Amy Morin
Auteur : Amy Morin
Genre : Développement personnel
The ultimate guide to mastering your mental strength with revolutionary new strategies that work of everyone.

Everyone knows that regular exercise leads to physical strength. But how do we strengthen ourselves mentally for the truly tough times? Or as psychologist Amy Morin asks, what should we avoid when we encounter adversity? Through her years counselling others and her own experiences navigating personal loss, Morin realised it is often the habits we cannot break that are holding us back from true success and happiness.
Now, for the first time, the author expands upon the 13
Things from her viral post that reached millions world wide
and shares her tried-and-true practices for increasing mental strength. Morin writes with searing honesty, incorporating anecdotes from her work as a psychotherapist as well as personal stories of how she had to bolster her own

38 New Favorites from Lion Brand - Editors of AllFreeKnitting
Auteur : Editors of AllFreeKnitting
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
Lion Brand teamed up with us at AllFreeKnitting to create a special eBook that caters to every aspect of your life, from your closet to your living room.  No matter if you're knitting for yourself, your family, your home, or for a friend, AllFreeKnitting's latest eBook has ideas to keep you inspired all season long.  Inside New Favorites from Lion Brand: 15 Free Knitting Patterns for Scarves, Afghans and More free eBook, you'll discover only the best patterns that Lion Brand has to offer.

39 Bass Guitar - Kamel Sadi
Auteur : Kamel Sadi
Genre : Musique
100 rhythm patterns for bass guitar with 100 audio tracks. 100 Tablatures and standard notations. Rhythm patterns with quarter notes,  eighth notes and sixteenth notes. Two measures per pattern with a single root note.

40 Leukogram Patterns - Educational Resources, University of Georgia
Auteur : Educational Resources, University of Georgia
Genre : Médecine
Based on the fact that pattern recognition is a critical part of veterinary clinical practice, this book is designed to help veterinary students differentiate changes in hematology parameters typically associated with inflammation, corticosteroids or excitement. By being able to recognize four common leukocyte responses (inflammatory leukogram, inflammatory neutropenia, corticosteroid-mediated stress leukogram, catecholamine-mediated stress leukogram), they will be able to reach diagnoses more rapidly, determine the most appropriate therapeutic interventions to use, and provide accurate prognoses to clients.

41 200 Drum Machine Patterns - Various Authors
Auteur : Various Authors
Genre : Musique
A collection of 200 contemporary rhythm patterns to program into your drum machine. Ideal for anyone interested in MIDI or electronically controlled music. This book is designed to be used by the novice or advanced musician on any brand of drum machine.

42 7 Free Knitting Patterns for Homemade Halloween Costumes and Easy Decorating ideas - Prime Publishing
Auteur : Prime Publishing
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
There are tons of different homemade Halloween costume ideas to choose from, so the editors of AllFreeKnitting have stepped in to lend you a helping hand.  We’ve collected some of our favorite costumes and easy decorating ideas into one place so that you can spend more time making and less time researching.  7 Free Knitting Patterns for Homemade Halloween Costumes and Easy Decorating Ideas is the one knitting resource you will need this fall.  With this eBook, you will be equipped to make costumes for everyone in your family.  Patterns for kids and adults can be found in this pattern collection.  Dressing up for Halloween will be extra fun when you are putting on something you made. There are even decorating ideas, if you want to make your home a little more festive.

43 Modern Patterns & Warm-ups for Jazz - Richie Vitale
Auteur : Richie Vitale
Genre : Musique
A fantastic book. Modern Patterns and Warmups for Jazz offers a window into the musical mind of master trumpeter, Richie Vitale, and how he approaches jazz improvisation. The material is well-organized and thoughtfully explained, covering a huge variety of harmonic situations with helpful hints about how to practice, memorize, and use the exercises in your own playing. It's sure to become an essential resource for all jazz musicians." – Jeb Patton

44 Enterprise Integration Patterns: Designing, Building, and Deploying Messaging Solutions - Gregor Hohpe & Bobby Woolf
Auteur : Gregor Hohpe & Bobby Woolf
Genre : Internet
This is the eBook version of the printed book.
Would you like to use a consistent visual notation for drawing integration solutions? Look inside the front cover. Do you want to harness the power of asynchronous systems without getting caught in the pitfalls? See "Thinking Asynchronously" in the Introduction. Do you want to know which style of application integration is best for your purposes? See Chapter 2, Integration Styles. Do you want to learn techniques for processing messages concurrently? See Chapter 10, Competing Consumers and Message Dispatcher. Do you want to learn how you can track asynchronous messages as they flow across distributed systems? See Chapter 11, Message History and Message Store. Do you want to understand how a system designed using integration patterns can be implemented using Java Web services, .NET message queuing, and

45 100 Jazz Patterns and Scales for Chromatic Harmonica - Yvonnick Prené
Auteur : Yvonnick Prené
Genre : Musique
100 Jazz Patterns for Chromatic is the ideal book for beginner harmonica players seeking a well-organized, easy-to-follow encyclopedia of scales and exercises, as well as professionals who want to develop their knowledge of jazz improvisation and take it to new heights. This book features a foreword and introduction by Yvonnick Prené, a discography and more for harmonica enthusiasts of any level. The book contains over 100 Jazz patterns, Major and Minor scales, Bebop scales, Popular modes, Hanon-type warm up exercises -- written in all keys, in standard notation and harmonica tabs. It also includes licks in the style of Toots Thielemans, Stevie Wonder and Larry Adler. As an instructor of the harmonica, Prené has skillfully and carefully selected the jazz patterns in this guide to entice and challenge students. Prené plays all patterns and examples to help students master the harmonica

46 Bead Embroidery The Complete Guide - Jane Davis
Auteur : Jane Davis
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
Revitalize classic embroidery stitches for a contemporary look simply by adding beads to your needlework.

Learn how to embroider with beads on anything from bags and boxes to pillows and purses with Bead Embroidery: The Complete Guide. Through thorough research, her own personal experience and a visual smorgasbord of 525 photographs and 265 how-to illustrations, best selling author Jane Davis teaches you 215 embroidery stitches - from the common to the uniquely rare. Whether a beginner or seasoned embroiderer, you will revel in this truly complete guide.

You'll find:

   •  Comprehensive Basics section showcasing every stitch at a glance, plus tips on choosing the right beads, threads, fabrics and tools to ensure your needlework success.
   •  Extensive instruction on how to crea

47 Swift Design Patterns - Paul Hudson
Auteur : Paul Hudson
Genre : Programmation
Learn smart, idiomatic techniques to design great Swift apps, from using MVC effectively through to MVVM, delegation, protocols, and more.

All platforms: This book teaches patterns you can use whether you work on iOS, macOS, watchOS, or any other platform that uses Swift.

Swift 5.0: Don't waste time with out of date tutorials – here you can learn powerful, expressive Swift the way it was meant to be written.

Hands on: All patterns come with practical, real-world code examples so you can see why they are useful and apply them in your own work.

Full coverage: Over 20 design patterns are covered in detail, so you can try them all and find what works best for your own projects.

Swift Design Patterns will teach you how to write cleaner, more maintainable apps. Drawing examples from Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, an

48 Pink Little Lady - Sayjai Thawornsupacharoen
Auteur : Sayjai Thawornsupacharoen
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
Crochet pattern to create a pink little girl doll. The doll can be made using any yarn you wish. Choose a hook size that matches the yarn. 

Materials which you can use: (not included): 
1) 3.00 mm hook;
2) 4 ply yarn (cream, pink, dark pink and red);
3) Mohair yarn (light pink for hair);
3) Black embroidery floss;
4) Polyester fiberfill;
5) Two 4 mm black beads for eyes or other eyes as desired;
6) Tapestry needle;
8) Sewing needle and thread for attaching eyes.

Size: Pink Little Lady is 4.5 inches/ 11.5 cm high (excluding the rabbit ears)

- The finished dolls are not suitable for children 3 years and younger because of loose parts.
- This crochet pattern is an eBook. You can read it on your iPad, tablet or computer, but it cannot be printed out.

49 How To Make Tie Dye Shirts, Decor, and More: 18 Tie Dye Patterns - Prime Publishing
Auteur : Prime Publishing
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
Tie dyeing isn’t just for tee shirts anymore.  Pillows, aprons, towels, and purses can be instantly transformed with a few drops of color, and has teamed up with to bring you How to Make Tie Dye Shirts, Décor and More:  18 Tie Dye Patterns, a free downloadable eBook filled with cool tie dye designs, tie dye techniques, and easy to follow instructions on how to make tie dye shirts, pillows, and much more.
With the projects and techniques you’ll find in How to Make Tie Dye Shirts, Décor, and More, you’ll be able to turn a plain pillowcase into a work of art, a bland dress into something summery and fun, and you’ll even learn how crochet with dyed tee shirt yarn to create a pillow that just bursts with bright vibrant colors.  If you’re looking to change up your wardrobe or are just on the hunt for fun crafts to

50 El pequeño libro de los Verb Patterns - Daniel Welsch
Auteur : Daniel Welsch
Genre : Langues étrangères
¡Aprende inglés! Con este libro gratuito aprenderás a usar los verb patterns más importantes del ingles, con unas explicaciones muy sencillas y muchos ejemplos. Estos artículos te ayudarán a usar los modal auxiliary verbs, las formas de like y would like y mucho más.
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