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1 Overturned - Lamar Giles
Auteur : Lamar Giles
Genre : Action et aventure
Nikki Tate is infamous, even by Las Vegas standards. Her dad is sitting on death row, convicted of killing his best friend in a gambling dispute turned ugly. And for five years, he's maintained his innocence. But Nikki wants no part of that. She's been working on Operation Escape Vegas: playing in illegal card games so she can save up enough money to get out come graduation day.
Then her dad's murder conviction is overturned. The new evidence seems to come out of nowhere and Nikki's life becomes a mess when he's released from prison. Because the dad who comes home is not the dad she remembers. And he's desperately obsessed with finding out who framed him-and why.

As her dad digs into the seedy underbelly of Vegas, the past threatens everything and Nikki is drawn into his deadly hunt for the truth. But in the city of sin, some sinners will do anything to keep their secrets

8,99 €

2 The Famous Book That Overturned Roe v. Wade - Joseph A. Hunter
Auteur : Joseph A. Hunter
Genre : Sciences sociales
Joseph Hunter brings to light the definitive legal reality that brings abortion to an end in America.
This book goes beyond the blood and gore of abortion and stands face to face with the Supreme Court.
Finality the light of life has dawned and the dark ages of senseless murder has faded away.

4,99 €

3 Overturned Hearts - Smith Margherita
Auteur : Smith Margherita
Genre : Romans et littérature
Shakespeare was a woman! A tale of Lady Anne and the Earl. Little Anne Burghley meets the boy Edward DeVere, who teaches her how to read—a meeting and a skill with lifelong meaning for her. Her eventual marriage to Oxford soon makes for overturned hearts, but later reunion brings happiness in parenthood and literary partnership. After Anne’s early death, Oxford organizes and edits her writings, including many plays. To protect her name (and his) from the stigma of playwrights, he attributes the plays to William Shakespeare. His besotted second wife destroys all evidence of Anne’s playwriting, intending Oxford to receive full credit for the Shakespeare plays from future unprejudiced historians.

3,99 €

4 Transcendentalism Overturned - Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka
Auteur : Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka
Genre : Philosophie
This collection offers a critical assessment of transcendentalism, the understanding of consciousness, absolutized as a system of a priori laws of the mind, that was advanced by Kant and Husserl. As these studies show, transcendentalism critically informed 20th Century phenomenological investigation into such issues as temporality, historicity, imagination, objectivity and subjectivity, freedom, ethical judgment, work, praxis. Advances in science have now provoked a questioning of the absolute prerogatives of consciousness. Transcendentalism is challenged by empirical reductionism. And recognition of the role the celestial sphere plays in life on planet earth suggests that a radical shift of philosophy's center of gravity be made away from absolute consciousness and toward the transcendental forces at play in the architectonics of the cosmos.

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5 How Fossils Overturned Evolution - Harun Yahya
Auteur : Harun Yahya
Genre : Islam
The number of living fossils that literally silence Darwinism is in the millions. Some of these are stored in warehouses. Only a very few are on display in various museums. This book has been prepared in order to put an end to the mentality that causes these fossils, that represent a complete response to Darwinism, to be hidden away, and that prevents them from being placed before the public.

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7 Redeeming the Dream - Theodore B. Olson & David Boies
Auteur : Theodore B. Olson & David Boies
Genre : Droit
“Breathtakingly inspiring.” —Laurence H. Tribe, Professor of Constitutional Law, Harvard Law School

When advocates for marriage equality sought to challenge California’s notorious Proposition 8, they were fortunate to have the support of two of the nation’s preeminent lawyers, David Boies and Theodore B. Olson. Despite the fact that they had argued against one another in the landmark Bush v. Gore case, their commitment to the marriage issue led them to join forces, ultimately defeating the unconstitutional proposition in the Supreme Court after a nearly five-year battle. Redeeming the Dream is the definitive inside account of the key civil rights struggle of our time.

3,99 €

8 The New Mysticism - Keith Hill
Auteur : Keith Hill
Genre : Spiritualité
The finest emotion of which we are capable is the mystic emotion. Herein lies the germ of all art and all true science. Anyone to whom this feeling is alien, who is no longer capable of wonderment and lives in a state of fear, is a dead man. – Albert Einstein

For millennia, mystics’ explorations of reality were considered a religious quest. This changed during the Victorian era, when researchers began redefining mystical experiences as psychological phenomena.

No longer strictly religious, mystical experiences came to be seen as grounded in anomalous perceptions, involving experiences or events that provide a breakthrough from our everyday view of reality to another more insightful level.

Keith Hill proposes that anomalous experiences lie at the heart of the new mysticism. In this illuminating study, he examines the historical and cultural develo

8,99 €

9 Keynes and the Market - Justyn Walsh
Auteur : Justyn Walsh
Genre : Investissement
Keynes and the Market is an entertaining guide to John Maynard Keynes– amazing stock market success. It weaves the economist's value investing tenets around key events in his richly lived life. This timely book identifies what modern masters of the market have taken from Keynes and used in their own investing styles–and what you too can learn from one of the greatest economic thinkers of the twentieth century. If you want to profit in today's turbulent stock market the techniques outlined here will put you in a better position to succeed.

17,99 €

10 Rectify - Lara Bazelon
Auteur : Lara Bazelon
Genre : Sciences sociales
Makes a powerful argument for adopting a model of restorative justice as part of the Innocence Movement so exonerees, crime victims, and their communities can come together to heal.

In Rectify, a former Innocence Project director and journalist Lara Bazelon puts a face to the growing number of men and women exonerated from crimes that kept them behind bars for years—sometimes decades—and that devastate not only the exonerees but also their families, the crime victims who mistakenly identified them as perpetrators, the jurors who convicted them, and the prosecutors who realized too late that they helped convict an innocent person.

Bazelon focuses on Thomas Haynesworth, a teenager arrested for multiple rapes in Virginia, and Janet Burke, a rape victim who mistakenly IDed him. It took over two decades before he was exonerated. Conventional wisdom poin

12,99 €
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