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1 A Series of Frustrated Outbursts by a Fake Librarian - Roland Saint-Laurent
Auteur : Roland Saint-Laurent
Genre : Humour
Library technician Roland Saint-Laurent documents the ups and downs of library work in this "hilarious" new book! This book contains a series of entries covering various aspects of his life on the job, from petty staff back-biting to lurid accounts of patron insanity. Sometimes heart-warming, but mostly prurient, you'll love spending an evening curling up with this delightful volume!


2 Anger Management Techniques: How to Control Outbursts, Frustration, and Depression Using Emotional Intelligence - Bob Scott
Auteur : Bob Scott
Genre : Famille et relations
Anger outburst is among the emotions that interpret bitterness and reaction to upsetting situations. But anger outburst as a whole can be threatening to your personality, how you are being perceived and ultimately the kind of relationship you will have with people. Anger is not the only way to convey strong negative emotions. But often people use anger to convey their emotions and end up giving the wrong message. As a consequence, the adversaries are allowed the chance to become the victors.

Anger Management Techniques book is dedicated to people with the in-depth desire to control their anger, to channel it into productivity and to make sure that the expression is not harmful to people. Anger emotion will be displayed safely, and you will get the reaction you desire. Also, this book provides ways you can curb anger without the need to be forceful about your feelin


3 Outbursts of a Privileged White Man - Baethan Balor
Auteur : Baethan Balor
Genre : Biographies et mémoires
Baethan Balor proclaims in the initial opening of his journal entries comprised of philosophical musings, observations, insights, stories, and poems: "I'm an idiot, a presumptuous buffoon. The entire concept and execution of this document is the ego. We're all predisposed to be self-centered cretins who thrive off the validation and adoration of our species. Social creatures-for utter shame; cooperation for the sake of mock peace; an abominable, invasive, parasitic primate deviation. Hedonism is our basic faculty we strive to overcome in attempt to understand and harness the world-our reality."

On humanity, Baethan muses and reflects; his powerful style tugs and prods the reader through a torrent of unique expositions. Baethan forgoes subtleties in favor of an eccentric outlook of the world asserted with grim machinations and bold theories captured in poignant and often warped

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4 Outbursts of Horror - El David & Manuel A. Melendez
Auteur : El David & Manuel A. Melendez
Genre : Poésie
This collection of poetry and prose dives into the haunting wickedness, both perceived and imagined, that stems from intergenerational Caribbean folklore and New York City urban legend. Here abusive husbands, vengeful wives, and the restless spirits of great-grandmothers teach terrifying lessons when the balance between good and evil is pressed up against the wall and El Cuco comes to call. EL Davíd and Meléndez siphon the supernatural and the sensationalized from everyday God -fearing barrio demons to merciful African spirits that honor the horror of everyday living.

- Peggy Robles- Alvarado

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5 Mirza's Outbursts and Ppp's Political Strategy - Pakistan) Pakistan Today (Lahore
Auteur : Pakistan) Pakistan Today (Lahore
Genre : Ouvrages de référence
Byline: MIAN ABRAR The success of Dr Zulfiqar Mirza's outbursts can only be gauged by the fact that the PPP leaders are coming out in the open to support and endorse his viewpoint. It is, however, yet to be seen whether or not this strategy of hard-hitting the MQM has the blessings of President Zardari. Political analysts - Dr Rasool Bakhsh Raees and Hasan Askari Rizvi - have different opinions over Mirza's patronage by his party's top leadership. Eminent social scientist, Dr Rasool Bakhsh Raees, sees Dr Zulfiqar Mirza as a "very successful" politician who alone has eliminated the environment of fear vis-a-vis the MQM's might. He said that before Dr Mirza's, nobody could dare speak his mind against the MQM and even if anyone did, it was in private party meetings.

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6 No Complaints, No Outbursts, Poverty Is Not Voluntary. - max cineus
Auteur : max cineus
Genre : Éducation
This book was designed for use in courses that focus on the economics of development in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Caribbean, and the transition countries of East Europe and the former Soviet Union now classified as developing countries. It is structured and written both for students who have had some basic training in economics and for those with little or no formal economics background.

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8 Outburst - Pieter Coudyzer
Auteur : Pieter Coudyzer
Genre : Romans graphiques
A darkly compelling modern fairy tale

Tom is the classic nerd: introspective, clumsy and myopic. Neglected at home and relentlessly bullied at school, he finds solace in the sounds and landscapes of the forest. But when Tom falls prey to a sick prank, the wild spaces of his imagination become rampant. A moment of crisis marks the flashpoint of a slow‑burning metamorphosis…

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9 Masks We Live By: Philosophic Outburst - Raja Sharma
Auteur : Raja Sharma
Genre : Poésie
Thoughts which always seem to be in the back of our minds, but are never truly brought forth to consider the beauty and rhythms of the natural wonders with which this planet, and Man, have been blessed. Until they are given meaningful substance--more than a vague recognition, at any rate, and laid upon the canvas of our lives. With images painted bright and true, the artist allows us to share in his delights, and to join in a celebration of all things good, great or small, some seemingly insignificant and unworthy, but when presented by the thoughtful and the caring artist, we are witness to the miracles of Life. And Love.

I thank you for this write. It is a very worthwhile accomplishment.

Frank Fields


10 The Violent Outburst That Drew Me To You - Finegan Kruckemeyer
Auteur : Finegan Kruckemeyer
Genre : Théâtre
Sixteen-year-old Connor is angry. He doesn’t know why, and he doesn’t know where to direct it. People and things he once liked annoy him. His parents, his best friend, his once-cool uncle now officially suck. Then, the outburst. Connor is dropped in a forest … for a week … by himself … to calm down. But his anger has travelled with him.

Then a girl called Lotte walks into the woods.

And she is angry too …

From Inaugural Sydney Myer Creative Fellowship recipient Finegan Kruckemeyer comes this smart, sweet and fiery tale about two offbeat kids who, at war with the world, find a moment’s peace with each other. It’s a reminder of the impatient impulse in all of us to kick and scream at the universe, and the equally impatient impulse to lie in a forest glade and plan for the future.

12,99 €

11 Eruptions and Explosions - Judy Dodge Cummings
Auteur : Judy Dodge Cummings
Genre : Sciences et nature
The energy released when volcanoes erupt, engines combust, or bombs explode both thrills and fascinates people. But this power also kills.
Eruptions and Explosions: Real Tales of Violent Outbursts recounts the history of five blowups that continued to rattle the world long after the smoke had cleared and embers cooled. For example, in 1815, a mountain in Indonesia called Tambora erupted. This volcano unleashed a monstrous cloud of ash and gas into the upper atmosphere. For three years, the cloud played with the global environment, causing never-ending winters and famine that killed thousands.
Some of the world’s most devastating explosions cannot be blamed on nature, but on human failings. In 1865, the steamship Sultana exploded while transporting thousands of federal soldiers just freed from Confederate prisoner of war camps. The greatest maritime disaster in United

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12 Italian Cooking My Way - Cristina Verzura
Auteur : Cristina Verzura
Genre : Cuisine régionale et du monde
Cristina traveled extensively throughout Italy, challenging local chefs to cooking competitions—and winning! From presentation to taste, her food is loved by many.
For Cristina, cooking is everything; her culinary roots and her expertise. Creating new recipes is one of her many passions. 
Over the last few months she has dedicated herself to this project sharing some of her classic and traditional dishes.  As you read this book, you’ ll find over 100 recipes. 
A collection of beautiful recipes, which show how easy it is to create special dishes in your own kitchen.
All of the recipes are presented with color photos design by Cristina. Let your imagination take you on a ride into Cristina’s Culinary Outburst. A touch of Italian inspiration to your meals from the best Southern Italian recipes. Within this book you will find a selections of recip

16,99 €

13 The Everything Parent's Guide To Tantrums - Joni Levine
Auteur : Joni Levine
Genre : Famille - parents
Does your child kick and scream when he doesn't get his way? Have meal times and running errands become emotional battles? The Everything Parent's Guide to Tantrums is your authoritative handbook to understanding what causes your child to have tantrums and which measures you can take to combat their occurrence.
Author Joni Levine helps you:
• Understand your child's temperament
• Identify external influences that trigger tantrums
• Avoid responding emotionally to an outburst
• Use effective methods for calming your child
• Deal with tantrums in public

Filled with realistic advice and practical tips, The Everything Parent's Guide to Tantrums is your key to a happy, well-adjusted child and peace at home-and elsewhere.

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14 Forgotten Civilization - Robert M. Schoch
Auteur : Robert M. Schoch
Genre : Spiritualité
Scientific confirmation of advanced civilization at the end of the last ice age, the solar catastrophe that destroyed it, and what the evidence
means for our future

• Demonstrates, based on the 12,000-year-old megalithic complex of Göbekli Tepe, that advanced civilization extends thousands of years further back than generally acknowledged

• Examines the catastrophic solar outbursts that ended the last ice age, wiping out antediluvian civilization and incinerating much of the evidence of that period

• Reveals data that show solar outbursts powerful enough to devastate modern society could return in the future

Building upon his revolutionary theory that the Sphinx dates back much further than 2500 BCE, geologist Robert Schoch reveals scientific evidence of advanced civilization predating ancient Egypt, Sumeria, and Greece, as wel

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15 Not to be Rude - Sarina Rowell
Auteur : Sarina Rowell
Genre : Humour
Not to be Rude is a painfully assembled collection of writing by Sarina Rowell from cult humour websites The Scrivener’s Fancy and Imagined Slights. Here, all in one place, for the first and last time, she goes into bat for the unfairly maligned – thirtysomething, Nicole Kidman, fashion models and being ‘childless by choice’; and goes into bat against the unfairly non-maligned – tapas restaurants, second-hand booksellers, live performances and Audrey Hepburn. If you loved the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth, you won’t love Not to be Rude, and will, furthermore, be demonstrating your own terrible taste.

‘Pretty damned funny.’
–TONY MARTIN (the comedian, not the cyclist)

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