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1 How People Grow - Henry Cloud & John Townsend
Auteur : Henry Cloud & John Townsend
Genre : Christianity
How People Grow reveals why all growth is spiritual growth and how you can grow in ways you never thought possible.

Our desire to grow runs deep. Yet the issues in our lives and relationships that we wish would change often stay the same, even with our best efforts at spiritual growth. What does it take to experience increasing strength and depth in our spiritual walk, our marriages and family lives and friendships, our personal development--in everything life is about? And how can we help others move into growth that is profound and lasting?

Unpacking the practical and passionate theology that forms the backbone of their counseling, Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend shatter popular misconceptions about how God operates to reveal how growth really happens.

You'll discover:
What the essential processes are that make people grow.How those processes fi

2 SustainCase: How Coca-Cola is ensuring the sustainability of local water sources everywhere it operates -
Auteur :
Genre : Education
Case study: How Coca-Cola is ensuring the sustainability of local water sources everywhere it operates

Communities across the world rely on a sufficient quantity of safe, accessible water from sustainable ecosystems for their continued prosperity. For Coca-Cola and its bottling partners, water is equally important. It is the primary ingredient in its products, it enables its manufacturing processes and it is fundamental to the cultivation of the diverse crops Coca-Cola depends upon for its beverage ingredients and, in some cases, even its packaging.

Coca-Cola is a global company, with its products sold in more than 200 countries and territories. Where it can, Coca-Cola utilizes a localized operational approach as much as possible – making its products in the same markets where it sells to its customers. This creates a business imperative that complements Coca-Co

3 How an Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Company Operates - Marsha Breazeale
Auteur : Marsha Breazeale
Genre : Industries & Professions
Second Edition. Learn how the most important type of U.S. domestic oil and gas company of the three types that exist goes about turning a signed oil and gas lease into a successful well. An exploration and production company is the most important type because they drill and operate the wells, in addition to partnering with other exploration and production companies. Every mineral owner needs to know how they operate.

An exploration and production company acquires the new leases from landowners, clears away land title problems to permit drilling, forms partnerships to share the risk, oversees drilling the wells. Once producing, this type of company distributes sales revenues to royalty owners and others. U.S. domestic oil and gas production from private lands is booming.

This book takes the reader inside an oil and gas exploration and production company from the view

4 SustainCase: How the UNOPS works to have a positive impact on the communities where it operates -
Auteur :
Genre : Education
Case study: How the UNOPS works to have a positive impact on the communities where it operates

The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)’s mission is to serve, collaborating with a range of partners, people and communities in need across the globe, increasing local capacity and supporting the delivery of development, humanitarian and peacebuilding projects that meet the needs of the people served.


Working together with governments, UN organizations, local authorities and a wide range of different partners to serve communities in need in over 80 countries around the world, providing project management, infrastructure and procurement services, UNOPS strives to place the needs of local communities at the centre of its operations. In order to have a positive impact on the communities where it operates, UNOPS took action to:

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6 Girl on a Wire - Libby Phelps & Sara Stewart
Auteur : Libby Phelps & Sara Stewart
Genre : Comparative Religion
It wasn’t until Libby Phelps was an adult, a twenty-five year old, that she escaped the Westboro Baptist Church. She is the granddaughter of its founder, Fred Phelps, and when she left, the church and its values were all she’d known. She didn’t tell her family she was leaving. It happened in just a few minutes; she ran into her house, grabbed a bag, and fled. No goodbyes.

Based in Topeka, Kansas, the Westboro Baptist Church community is one the country’s most notorious evangelical groups. Its members are known for their boisterous picketing—their zealous members with anti-military, anti-Semitic, and anti-gay signs—“Thank God for Dead Soldiers,” “God Hates Jews,” or “Thank God for 9/11”—and their notorious catchphrase “God hates fags.” Search for them online and you’re directed to their website,

The church makes

7 Whitewash - Harold Weisberg
Auteur : Harold Weisberg
Genre : United States
Harold Weisberg’s Whitewash was originally self-published in 1965, at a time when few publishing houses would consider a book challenging the Warren Report. Written in Harold’s fiercely passionate yet scrupulously honest style, and relying on the government’s own evidence and documentation, Whitewash destroys the Warren Commission’s claims about Oswald and shows that the Commission knowingly engaged in a cover-up.

Weisberg diligently researched the government’s unpublished evidence and played a major role in forcing disclosures via the Freedom of Information Act. A watershed publication and one that established the author as one of the premier JFK assassination researchers, Whitewash (as well as the subsequent books in the Whitewash series) has become of the essential assassination publications, and nearly five decades later his work has lost non

8 Jungle Doctor Operates - Paul White
Auteur : Paul White
Genre : Religion
This Jungle Doctor book will take you into adventures with a missionary doctor in Tanganyika (now Tanzania). The characters experience everyday problems in a jungle sort of way - with hilarious outcomes and practical applications.

The Jungle Doctor has many challenges to deal with - for example running a surgical theatre in the middle of the African Jungle. There are urgent operations to perform and life saving surgery needed - but they don't always have all the tools necessary. However, that doesn't stop them. 'Do it yourself' could well be the motto of the Mvumi hospital. A football, some parts of a stethoscope, an ancient foot pump and an empty pickle bottle provide, for virtually nothing, an anaesthetic machine which prevents suffering and saves lives.

9 Everybody Loves Uber: The Untold Story Of How Uber Operates - Ben Mandell
Auteur : Ben Mandell
Genre : Transportation
Everybody Loves Uber: The Untold Story Of How Uber Operates Is An Eye-Opening Read Into The Intricate Issues Surrounding This Disruptive Service.

Ben Mandell's back with his third book, having conducted in-depth research and analysis in the working of the most revolutionary advancement in modern transportation history: Uber.

Starting from the company's inception, Ben analyzes all aspects of the service for Uber enthusiastic customers, Uber drivers and anyone else interested in the company's every-evolving fleet.

What started out as an insurgent movement in the world of urban transport, is now facing intense financial issues that are affecting drivers and will soon impact the company itself.

Taking a realistic approach to service logistics, Ben unveils the facts for all to see: Uber drivers fail to make minimum wage, work uninsured, and pay for

10 How the Stock Market Operates - Kirk G. Meyer
Auteur : Kirk G. Meyer
Genre : Personal Finance
Everyone needs to invest for their retirement and plan for the day that their retirement gets here or otherwise invest for the creation of wealth. The issue is most Americans have not saved very much for emergencies much less their retirement or wealth creation. Investing is not just an activity for the wealthy but rather anyone who takes the time to understand what it is they need. How the Stock Market Operates: A Guide to Understanding the Stock Markets is a comprehensive look at the basics of investing and how you can overcome any fears you may have about investments through the use of the stock market. Anyone can invest in the markets if they chose to and how is up to them as well. It is important that before anyone begin their investing career that they first understand the basics and what it takes to be a successful investor in the stock markets. This book will lay out the basics o

11 Microsoft is a monopoly, which operates against the public interest?! - Michael A. Braun
Auteur : Michael A. Braun
Genre : Business & Personal Finance
You are using a PC? Probably there is a version of Microsoft's Windows operating system running on it. When Microsoft, nowadays with 90% market share the worlds leading operating system producer [Eisenach/Lenard, 2001], years ago started to develop and to distribute Windows the company applied for a worldwide copyright. Which allows them to be the only supplier of this particular software. Therefore Microsoft is a monopoly in the Windows-market and might be one in the whole operating system market. But Microsoft is more than this. They are also producing completing application programs and tools for the Internet. Question is now whether Microsoft is abusing its market power or not. And how this behaviour might affect consumers. This essay is going to outline how their operating system monopoly arose and if this power is transferred into adjacent markets. It will be tried to be both criti

12 Solving the Nation's Security Affordability Problem: With Costs Going up and Funds Going Down, The Department of Defense Needs to Make Major Changes in How It Operates (Defense AFFORDABILITY) - Issues in Science and Technology
Auteur : Issues in Science and Technology
Genre : Engineering
There is a clash coming in the next few years between the multiplicity and complexity of the security concerns facing the United States and the shrinking resources available to address them. Unfortunately, solving this growing mismatch between national security needs and declining budgets is being made far more difficult by cost trends within the Department of Defense (DOD). Almost across the board, including in equipment and personnel costs, the trends have been upward. At the same time, the trends for the federal budget are probably heading downward, driven by growing interest in controlling and even drastically cutting the nation's spending. To put this problem into a larger perspective, numerous historians and economists have highlighted the strong relationship between a nation's security posture and its economic strength. Yet the escalating and huge projected costs of paying for

13 Your Amazing Body Your Amazing Organization - Sonja P. Nichols
Auteur : Sonja P. Nichols
Genre : Christianity
God was very deliberate in how He designed our bodies. Very intricate, pain-staking detail has been applied to every single one of our bodies. Every unique cell, every unique tissue, every unique muscle, every unique organ plays a part in how our bodies function daily.
How much thought do you really give to the uniqueness of your body? How much thought do you give to how it functions, how it is nurtured and cared for? How much effort and time do you take to make sure your body is well on the inside and well on the outside?

You probably care about your organization the same way you care about your body.  Your organization probably functions as well as your body functions. 

Do you treat your organization (i.e., company, business, place of w

14 Sustainable Trade - Zoltan Ban
Auteur : Zoltan Ban
Genre : Business & Personal Finance
The central subject of Sustainable Trade is the benefit to the global economys long-term health, derived from the proposed standardization of global trade tariffs. What we learned from the past two decades of globalization is that global efforts to tackle global problems, such as environmental degradation and resource depletion have fallen flat on their face. The Kyoto agreement, based on voluntary goodwill to make an effort to prevent climate change, has been a disaster. The free markets allocation of scarce natural resources did not prevent us from increasing our global energy thirst by 40% over two decades. The commodity price spikes we witnessed as a result in the past few years, are just a preview of what awaits us. To make matters worse, it is increasingly obvious that the owners of capital are now firmly in the driving seat when it comes to negotiating investment terms. The

15 Despotism on Demand - Alex J Wood
Auteur : Alex J Wood
Genre : Political Science
Despotism on Demand draws attention to the impact of flexible scheduling on managerial power and workplace control. When we understand paid work as a power relationship, argues Alex J. Wood, we see how the spread of precarious scheduling constitutes flexible despotism; a novel regime of control within the workplace.

Wood believes that flexible despotism represents a new domain of inequality, in which the postindustrial working class increasingly suffers a scheduling nightmare. By investigating two of the largest retailers in the world he uncovers how control in the contemporary "flexible firm" is achieved through the insidious combination of "flexible discipline" and "schedule gifts." Flexible discipline provides managers with an arbitrary means by which to punish workers, but flexible scheduling also requires workers to actively win favor with managers in order to rece

16 Intuition Retreat - Max Highstein
Auteur : Max Highstein
Genre : Spirituality
Intuition Retreat is the comprehensive, step-by-step program that helps you tap your intuitive and psychic gifts, and apply them to your work, relationships, and everyday life. With written instruction, guided audio exercises, video and more, you’ll unlock your intuition potential, and remove the blocks to your natural psychic ability. Includes over 3 hours of audio, and links to download additional free content online. For professionals, healers, parents, and anyone who wants a more active connection with higher guidance.

17 The Sixth Sense - David Dye
Auteur : David Dye
Genre : Religion & Spirituality
The very most important thing that we can do is to live by revelation. To do this, we must first know what revelation is, how to obtain revelation, how to know truth from error, and be courageous enough to follow wherever it is that the Spirit leads us! We have first to know and do this ourselves, then to teach our children. Without revelation, we will not and cannot be exalted. To have revelation means that the will of God is revealed to us. It is to see things truthfully. Because our perceptions are based upon our experiences, judgements, and an incomplete picture, our judgements are limited. God, however, sees all things, past, present, and future, as one great whole. It is from His perspective alone that we can make the judgements necessary to be exalted. It is through the medium of revelation that God make's his will known to us.
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