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1 Entrepreneur GPS: How To Navigate An Idea To A Multi-Million Dollar Company Sale. - Brad Paul
Auteur : Brad Paul
Genre : PMI et entreprenariat
There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur. We are living in a time like no other in our past, where an entrepreneur can take a simple idea to a billion dollar company sale in only a few years. Here is what I am talking about; in 2015, Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner creates no content. Alibaba, the most valuable retailer has no inventory, and Airbnb the world’s largest accommodation provider owns no real estate.
This book is designed to teach you how to take a simple idea like Uber or WhatsApp and turn it into a multi-million dollar company in the shortest time possible. Entrepreneur GPS navigates you step-by-step through the world of entrepreneurship. Rather than blindly trying to find your way from an idea to a multi-million dollar company sale, this book is packed with concrete examples


2 Navigate with iNavX 5.0 - Francis Fustier
Auteur : Francis Fustier
Genre : Sports nautiques
The only and ultimate multimedia user guide of iNavX. Basics, advanced functions, connection with boat instruments. From purchasing and installing charts up to TCP/IP connection, how to use iNavX and find out all features available.
A step by step text and video tutorial that will allow you to control all of the application.

• 45 dual-pages.
• 74 screenshots.
• 13 video tutorials.

CAUTION: This guide is an addition to the application and the in-app support provided by the developer. The extract allows to see the summary of topics content.

9,99 €

3 Don't Settle for Safe - Sarah Jakes Roberts
Auteur : Sarah Jakes Roberts
Genre : Christianisme
Popular speaker and author Sarah Jakes Roberts shows women they are not disqualified by their pain and failures and offers encouragement and strength to believe God’s best is still possible.

Everyone has experiences in their lives that stop them in their tracks and become burdens they carry with them everywhere they go. No one knows this better than Sarah Jakes Roberts. Pregnant at fourteen, married by nineteen, divorced by twenty-two, and all while under the intense spotlight of being Bishop T.D. Jakes’s daughter, Sarah knows what it is to feel buried by failure and aching pain.

But when her journey brought her to faith’s fork in the road, Sarah found she had to choose between staying in the comfort of the pain she knew or daring to make new wounds and move forward. Now Sarah shares the numerous life lessons she’s learned along the way with other women also

8,99 €

4 Will I Ever Be Free of You? - Karyl McBride
Auteur : Karyl McBride
Genre : Famille et relations
“A compact but thorough guide to successfully handling and surviving a divorce.” —PsychCentral

The bestselling author of Will I Ever Be Good Enough?: Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers draws on her expertise in treating men, women, and children damaged by narcissists in this practical guide to divorce and its aftermath.

Narcissism—a personality disorder that goes beyond mere selfishness and vanity—is a prevalent cause of marital and family problems. Narcissists do not have the capacity to love, understand other people’s emotions, or feel empathy. They are grandiose in their need for praise and attention, they overestimate their abilities, and they diminish people around them with emotional abuse. Being in an intimate relationship with a narcissist destroys your hopes, dreams, and peace of mind and erodes your childr

11,99 €

5 Ask a Manager - Alison Green
Auteur : Alison Green
Genre : Carrière
'Ask A Manager is the book I wish I'd had in my desk drawer when I was starting out (or even, let's be honest, fifteen years in).' - Sarah Knight, New York Times bestselling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck and Get Your Sh*t Together

'I am a HUGE fan of Alison Green's "Ask a Manager" column. I never miss it and always want more. This book is even better.' - Robert Sutton, bestselling author of Good Boss, Bad Boss and The No Asshole Rule

What do you say when your new job is very different from what you agreed to? How do you tell your boss that your workload is too heavy, or that you need more training? How do you deal with a colleague whose loud speaker phone calls are driving you insane? And how do you repair your reputation after getting drunk at the company holiday party? <

3,99 €

6 The Change Leader's Roadmap - Linda Ackerman Anderson & Dean Anderson
Auteur : Linda Ackerman Anderson & Dean Anderson
Genre : Entreprise et management
This is the most complete change methodology we have found anywhere."
-- Pete Fox, General Manager, Corporate Accounts, Microsoft US
In these turbulent times, competent change leadership is a most coveted leadership skill, and savvy change consultants are becoming trusted participants at the board table. For both leaders and consultants, knowing how to navigate the complexities of organization transformation is fast becoming the key to a successful career. This second edition of the author?s landmark book is the king of all ?how-to? books on change. It provides a strategic overview of the author?s proven change process methodology, as well as pragmatic guidance and tools for each key step in a complex transformational change process. The Change Leader?s Roadmap is the most comprehensive guide available for building transformational change strategy and designing

52,99 €
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8 Navigate Your Stars - Jesmyn Ward
Auteur : Jesmyn Ward
Genre : Développement personnel
A revelatory, uplifting, and gorgeously illustrated meditation on dedication, hard work, and the power of perseverance from the beloved, New York Times bestselling, and two-time National Book Award–winning Jesmyn Ward.

For Tulane University’s 2018 commencement, Jesmyn Ward delivered a stirring speech about the value of hard work and the importance of respect for oneself and others. Speaking about the challenges she and her family overcame, Ward inspired everyone in the audience with her meditation on tenacity in the face of hardship. Now, in book form, Ward’s moving words will inspire readers as they prepare for the next chapter in their lives, whether, like Ward, they are the first in their families to graduate from college or are preceded by generations, or whether they are embarking on a different kind of journey later in life.

Beautifully ill

9 Impact - Robert Muggah & Ian Goldin
Auteur : Robert Muggah & Ian Goldin
Genre : Sciences de la Terre
Map-making is an ancient impulse. From the moment homo sapiens learnt to communicate we have used them to make sense of our surroundings. But as Albert Einstein once said, ‘you can’t use old maps to explore a new world.’ And now, when the world is changing faster than ever before, our old maps are no longer fit for purpose.

Welcome to Impact. Based on decades of research, and combining mesmerising, state-of-the-art satellite maps with enlightening and passionately argued analysis, authors Ian Goldin and Robert Muggah chart humanity’s impact on the planet, and the ways in which we can make a real impact to save it, and to thrive as a species.

The maps in the book, which were a viral sensation and have been viewed over 10 million times on the BBC website, trace the paths of peoples, cities, wars, climates and technologies, all on a global scale.

10 You Are Awesome - Neil Pasricha
Auteur : Neil Pasricha
Genre : Biographies et mémoires
From Neil Pasricha—New York Times, million-copy bestselling author of The Book of Awesome series and The Happiness Equation, thought leader for the next generation, and one of the most popular TED speakers in the world—comes a revelatory and inspiring book that will change the way we view failure and help us build resilience.

Why is life getting harder instead of easier?
How do I get back up after life knocks me down?
And how do I grow stronger and live more intentionally?

What happened to famines? Great Depressions? Plagues? For most of us, these are distant memories. We’re living in an era with highest-ever rates of longevity, education, and wealth. Cars drive us home as our phones entertain us before we arrive to food delivered to the front door. We have it all!

But there’s just one

11 Beyond the Trees - Adam Shoalts
Auteur : Adam Shoalts
Genre : Amériques
A thrilling odyssey through an unforgiving landscape, from "Canada's greatest living explorer."

In the spring of 2017, Adam Shoalts, bestselling author and adventurer, set off on an unprecedented solo journey across North America's greatest wilderness. A place where, in our increasingly interconnected, digital world, it's still possible to wander for months without crossing a single road, or even see another human being.

Between his starting point in Eagle Plains, Yukon Territory, to his destination in Baker Lake, Nunavut, lies a maze of obstacles: shifting ice floes, swollen rivers, fog-bound lakes, and gale-force storms. And Shoalts must time his departure by the breakup of the spring ice, then sprint across nearly 4,000 kilometers of rugged, wild terrain to arrive before winter closes in.

He travels alone up raging rivers that only the most ex

12 Your Signs: An Empowering Astrology Guide for 2020 - Carolyne Faulkner
Auteur : Carolyne Faulkner
Genre : Spiritualité
Astrology is the most powerful language on Earth.  It helps us to translate universal energy, energy that exists within us all and is star sent.  When translated effectively, it has the capability to unite us and to illuminate deeper paths and nourish our spiritually thirsty souls. The movement of the stars and changing positions of the zodiac make an impact, both on a personal and a collective level.  They affect how we deal with family, friends and colleagues, as well as how we manage our thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

This first-of-its kind astro-journal will offer simple yet powerful daily, weekly and monthly exercises and tips to navigate the changing tides of daily life. The journal covers the year 2020 and will look ahead to the movements of the planets for the whole year, including monthly and weekly forecasts plus ‘homework’ exercises.  The

13 A How-To Guide To Maximizing Your College's Resources - Navigate College Now, LLC
Auteur : Navigate College Now, LLC
Genre : Éducation
A How-To Guide to Maximizing Your College's Resources in an innovative educational guide developed with the goal of college success. This fully comprehensive guide provides a variety of tools and strategies necessary to take advantage of campus resources from start to finish.

Students and families deserve a strong return on investment from the college experience. Learn how to better prepare yourself for internships, research funding, jobs, and many other great opportunities!

What does it take to gain the most from all of the resources across campus? What does it take to get internships? Secure fellowships? Get jobs? Navigate College Now has experience developing high-impact, organized, and urgent thinkers and doers. These are successful students that use a variety of tools and strategies to think ahead, create plans, and maximize results. We've developed

8,99 €

14 Navigate to Success - Understand the Past, Prepare for the Future, Move Forward - Ginetta V. Hamilton
Auteur : Ginetta V. Hamilton
Genre : Sciences sociales
Learning and understanding about historical events, places, and often just ordinary people who played a critical role in challenging unjust laws will inspire and empower the readers. The personal stories, timeline of events, as well as the words of wisdom and challenges contained in this book will sound the alert that the struggle for racial equity is not a cause of the past; but that everyone must gain focus, demonstrate perseverance and resilience as we navigate to success and continue to move.

4,99 €

15 Self-help Utterances (756 +) to Navigate Change and Loss in Life, Love, and Work - Nicholas Mag
Auteur : Nicholas Mag
Genre : Développement personnel
The Miracle! In this book Nicholas presents you a practical, very simple, detailed method of how to Navigate Change and Loss in Life, Love, and Work. You will feel the effects immediately and the results will appear very quickly! So it was in my case. The order of words is extremely important for every book written by Nicholas. These are arranged to be traversed in a certain way so as to eliminate certain blockages in the human being, blockages that are bringing disease or failure on various plans. You don't need a big chunk of your time or expensive programs. Everything is extremely simple!

Health, money, prosperity, abundance, safety, stability, sociability, charisma, sexual vitality, erotic attraction, will, optimism, perseverance, self-confidence, tenacity, courage, love, loving relationships, self-control, self-esteem, enthusiasm , refinement, intuition, detachment, intel

4,49 €

16 Get Financing Now: How to Navigate Through Bankers, Investors, and Alternative Sources for the Capital Your Business Needs - Charles Green
Auteur : Charles Green
Genre : Management et direction
"Every entrepreneur should read this book, ideally before they start their next business. The insights into finance and financial planning should help the entrepreneur not make many of the mistakes I did!"
Jim Beach, Director of Education at The Entrepreneur School and author of School for Start-Ups

"An exhaustive and invaluable resource for companies seeking funding at any stage of their life cycle."
Donald J. Mullineaux, DuPont Chair in Banking and Financial Services, Gatton College of Business and Economics, University of Kentucky

Get Financing Now is a must for every entrepreneur starting a business or growing a business. . . . Although an easy and enjoyable read, the information and insight Charles Green provides isn’t sugar coated. It is relevant and timely in today’s economic challenging times. It seemed that eve

13,99 €

17 Communicate Navigate Aviate - Ralph Hartman
Auteur : Ralph Hartman
Genre : Biographies et mémoires
How would you respond:

- If a bear knocked on your dooror on your bedroom window in the middle of the night?

- If your airplane engine quit and you had to land in trees miles from civilization?

- If a fire burns a hole in an airplane wing out in the bush, a long way from repair facilities?

- If someones leg is cut with a chainsaw and its impossible to get to the doctor?

- If you suddenly see wires coming at the windshield of your airplane?

- If a friend goes out in the bush on his trapline and doesnt come back?

- If the lakes are freezing and someone needs to get into the bush?

This book is a collection of stories of life in the northern bush country of Ontario, Canada. Ralph and Carolyn Hartman spent nearly forty-five years there as missionaries under Northern Light Gospel Missions.

4,99 €

18 Orchestrating Change: How to Navigate Complexity and Get Results - Jeff Pedde
Auteur : Jeff Pedde
Genre : Économie
Why do so many organizational change initiatives fail so frequently?
Organizations are systems with input, process, and output – so the mechanics of change should be easy enough. Yet time and again these mechanistic approaches to change just don't work. What are we missing?
Sure, organizations are systems, but they are living systems, made up of real people. Org charts are tidy. People are messy.
In Orchestrating Change, Jeff Pedde offers a more realistic way to approach organizational change. He understands how to explore and leverage the messy ways people work with each other and help them to deliver better results faster.
Reinforced with detailed examples from his long and successful career, Pedde lays out a simple framework to help leaders and change implementers plot a course, launch, and course-correct toward the goals of their change journey.
This a must

6,99 €

19 Towns Prepare for New Workforce Housing Law: Some have Hired Consultants to Help Them Navigate the Law, Others Say They're Trying to Figure out if They Already Comply (Real Estate & Construction) - New Hampshire Business Review
Auteur : New Hampshire Business Review
Genre : Entreprise et management
An impending state law aimed at increasing affordable housing has some municipalities scrambling to figure out how to comply. The law, which takes effect in July, requires each town to provide the opportunity for developers to build workforce housing in more than half of their residential areas.

2,99 €

20 Recovering Calling: Helping Millennials Navigate Faith & Work - Natasha Crozier
Auteur : Natasha Crozier
Genre : Christianisme
If you're a pastor or Christian leader working with the Millennial generation you've probably lamented the trend of "young people" leaving the church and possibly found yourself at loss knowing how to lead and mentor the ones that remain.

After nearly three years of extensive research, I believe that the way Christians teach about calling is a key element to successfully engaging and mentoring my peers. This book is about equipping you to help Millennials navigate their questions about meaningful work and service in today's world.

In three short sections I cover why calling is essential for our faith, what’s problematic in how we typically talk about callings, and how we can foster an environment that encourages each person in their unique calling.

2,99 €

21 Battle Mind. How to Navigate in Chaos and Perform under Pressure - Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg
Auteur : Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg
Genre : Entreprise et management
Michael Pram Rasmussen, Chairman of the Board in A.P. Møller Mærsk: "From the boardroom to the bridge of a tanker, every leader must master the art of dealing with crises and emergencies. With great skill, Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg shows us that there is a method behind the art"   Nils Wang, Rear Admiral, Commandant at The Royal Danish Defence College: "Any leader who expects to come under fire will eventually feel an urgent need to understand Battle Mind. Reach out for this thoughtful and instructive book well in advance of those critical moments".    Søren Kyhl, Executive Vice President, Danske Bank: "A stimulating tour through the mind on high alert. Full of useful insights on sustainable high-performance and how you can learn to bounce back from major setbacks."    Jesper Kløve, Senior Vice President at Novo Nordisk A/S: "Wedell-Wedell

12,99 €

22 Navigate Your Beauty - Rod J. Rohrich, M.D. & Mary Crosland
Auteur : Rod J. Rohrich, M.D. & Mary Crosland
Genre : Forme et santé
Navigate Your Beauty is the authoritative guide that shows you how to look your best with and without plastic surgery.

This book explains the secret of how to find the right surgeons and maximize opportunities for safe and successful outcomes.

Navigate Your Beauty is co-authored by Rod J. Rohrich, M.D., one of America's most respected practitioners, authors, and plastic surgery professors; and Mary Crosland, a long-term patient of Dr. Rohrich's, a leading Dallas businesswoman, and a dedicated patient advocate.

The book features Three Magic Questions, which will guide the reader into finding the right plastic surgeon who has the Experience, Expertise, and can consistently deliver Exceptional results.

"Patients who ask these Three Magic Questions," says Dr. Rohrich, "will quickly discern whether or not they

7,99 €

23 Breaking Codependency: How to Navigate the Traps That Sabotage Your Life - Dr. Lesly Devereaux
Auteur : Dr. Lesly Devereaux
Genre : Développement personnel
Do you suffer from codependency? Ask yourself these questions:
1.Have you found yourself in an endless web of confusion and stress because of your need to come to the rescue of undeserving people that you love?
2.Has helping the ones you love drained you and hurt them?
3.Do you need help overcoming your desire to rescue people who continue on a course of self-destructive behavior?
If you answered yes to any of these questions you may be an enabler with the larger issue of codependency.

Dr. Lesly has been extremely transparent with us as she shares her experience and her perspective on breaking codependency. What differentiates her book from other books on this topic is that you are brought into the life of the author as she navigates being incarcerated while reflecting on the enabling behaviors that put her there in the first place. Dr. Lesly's story sh

9,99 €

24 Designing Your Garden: How to Navigate a Design and Installation for Your Yard - Leslie Patten
Auteur : Leslie Patten
Genre : Jardinage
All the basics to begin a beautiful garden design, from understanding your topography and microclimates, to basic design principles. This eBook is designed to help the homeowner hone in on what they want, and need. Book includes site analysis, simple design basics, working with a designer or laying it out yourself as well as how to choose a competent contractor. What is the difference between a designer and a design/build company? How do you determine where patios go, or what design works best with your house style? All this and more are answered in this concise booklet. Included in the Addendum are instructions for how to properly measure your property, a landscape design checklist to determine your specific needs, as well as an example of exactly what a designer should give you when you hire them.

2,99 €

25 Navigate - Jason Creech
Auteur : Jason Creech
Genre : Christianisme

For most of my Christian journey, I’ve searched for God’s will.  During the quest, I’ve faced confusion, anxiety, disappointment, and more trouble than I could ever have anticipated.  At one point, I told the Lord that when I get to Heaven, the first person I want to see is my guardian angel, and when I lay my eyes on him, I’m going to punch him in the throat because he never helped me one bit down here.
But maybe I’ve had it all wrong.  Maybe I don’t have to search for God’s will.  Maybe God’s will searches for me.
Let’s explore this idea together.  Join me and over two dozen other pilgrims as we simplify the search for God’s will.  Thanks for coming along.

3,49 €

26 Supercharge Your Life After 60: 10 Tips to Navigate a Dynamic Decade - Vicki Ward
Auteur : Vicki Ward
Genre : Famille et relations
Supercharge Your Life After 60! 10 Tips to Navigate a Dynamic Decade is a great resource to help navigate life changes for anyone 60 and over, retired, or considering it. Critical life changes include retirement, drawing pensions, financial changes, Medicare, aging bodies, health challenges, and creating new life goals. Aging parents often require assistance or nursing care. Adult children may seek financial or housing assistance. It is the go to guide for anyone managing the lives of aging parents.

Though the decade from 60 to 70 will usher in many life changes, the practical tips in this book provide resources, and varying alternatives to help make the decisions for you and family members. The number of challenges can literally turn your life upside down. Supercharge Your Life After 60! 10 Tips to Navigate a Dynamic Decade provides vital information to support the decisions

5,49 €

27 How to navigate the election process and select your candidates - Mary Meeks
Auteur : Mary Meeks
Genre : Politique et actualité
Tired of the emotional whirlwinds surrounding political campaigns? Weary of wading through mudslinging ads? In an effort to encourage citizens to bypass the ugly drama so prevalent in most political campaigns, the author offers her insights on how to uncover little noticed facts on candidates. It takes some digging, yet the cost is mostly in your time spent. The process is simple and just about anybody can do this. The results of such research can bring clarity in the midst of seemingly chaotic and juvenile hype of political campaigns. Elections should be about qualifications for candidates, not popularity contests. Political campaigns should not be the equivalent of choosing the high school prom king or queen. It is a privilege to elect our own leaders, but we can only elect good leaders if we take the time to find out who they are. Otherwise, our choices are merely gambles.

10,99 €

28 Ironies Leaders Navigate - Schuyler Totman
Auteur : Schuyler Totman
Genre : Religion et spiritualité
Leaders constantly rely upon power. In fact, leadership and power have so much in common that their definitions are often functionally identical. Every act of leadership is an act of power. Hence, the better we understand power, the better we understand leadership. What, then, are the consequences if, as scholars argue, different people understand power differently and often fundamentally misunderstand power? One consequence turns out to be the emergence of a number of ironies. Another consequence is the opportunity to understand leadership settings better through a careful, redeeming, synergistic look at power. To that end, this book first presents roughly sixty studied, power-related dynamics, and then takes a closer look at how these dynamics clarify leadership settings. Ultimately, this study seeks a better understanding of a particular leadership setting--the local church. Challen

10,99 €

29 Urban Express : 15 Urban Rules to Help You Navigate the New World That's Being Shaped by Women and Cities - Kjell A Nordström & Per Schlingmann
Auteur : Kjell A Nordström & Per Schlingmann
Genre : Sciences sociales
Per Schlingmann and Kjell A Nordström have gazed into their crystal ball to see what the near future holds for the human race and civilisation. They see a silent revolution, spearheaded by cities and women. They see multinational corporations being transformed into multi-urban corporations. They see urban becoming the new black and mayors becoming the prime ministers of our era. They spot the need for new, non-digital competences – wild knowledge that can’t be taught at universities. They see an era for women: women who, equipped with skills and mobile phones, are staking their claim in a society that’s on an express train towards urbanisation.

6,99 €

30 Patient Confidential: Tips and Advice to Keep You Safe As You Navigate the Healthcare System - Richard Lang
Auteur : Richard Lang
Genre : Médecine
Patient Confidential will teach readers to be active players in their healthcare and to get the most out of the healthcare system with the least amount of risk. It prepares readers for medical office visits, surgeries, rehabilitation, insurance and more. Patient Confidential also functions as a handbook readers can consult before every encounter with the healthcare system.

2,49 €

31 Real Whispers (693 +) to Successfully Navigate Conflict - Nicholas Mag
Auteur : Nicholas Mag
Genre : Développement personnel
The Miracle! In this book Nicholas presents you a practical, very simple, detailed method of how to Successfully Navigate Conflict. You will feel the effects immediately and the results will appear very quickly! So it was in my case. The order of words is extremely important for every book written by Nicholas. These are arranged to be traversed in a certain way so as to eliminate certain blockages in the human being, blockages that are bringing disease or failure on various plans. You don't need a big chunk of your time or expensive programs. Everything is extremely simple!

Health, money, prosperity, abundance, safety, stability, sociability, charisma, sexual vitality, erotic attraction, will, optimism, perseverance, self-confidence, tenacity, courage, love, loving relationships, self-control, self-esteem, enthusiasm , refinement, intuition, detachment, intelligence, mental ca

4,49 €

32 Finding the Leverage of Adoption: With Serious Cash at Stake, Policy Wonks Struggle to Navigate Chronic Disease Management and Chart a Course on Certification (Department: Policy) - Healthcare Informatics
Auteur : Healthcare Informatics
Genre : Ordinateurs
Postings have been edited due to spacing concerns. To read David Raths' blogs in their entirety, please visit * Broad Adoption, Small Success Stories or Both? Posted on: 6.10.2009 1:28:11 PM

2,99 €

33 The Map To Love: How To Navigate The Art Of The Heart - Robert P Jacoby
Auteur : Robert P Jacoby
Genre : Psychologie
Psychotherapist, artist, survival instructor, and author Rob Jacoby draws upon all four areas of his life and experience to offer us The Map to Love: How to Navigate the Art of the Heart, a life-giving perspective on love, fulfillment, healing, and successfully navigating the complex human emotional landscape. His twenty year career helping people from all walks of life, especially young people suffering from extreme emotional problems, gives this book its lived-in authority. His passion for creation, particularly music and painting, drives the spontaneity and rhythm of its prose and presentation. In collaboration with world renowned artist Brian MacGregor, the result is a visually and intellectually stunning masterpiece on the topic of LOVE. If you plan on purchasing only one book on Self-Help, Love, and Positive Psychology for the rest of your life, this is that work.

0,99 €

34 Can Moore Navigate `Salty' Autzen Ocean? (Sports) - The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Auteur : The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Genre : Ouvrages de référence
Byline: The Register-Guard Boise State joins Oregon in relying on a first-year quarterback today, in Kellen Moore. Unlike the Ducks' Jeremiah Masoli and Chris Harper, Moore was in the Broncos' system last year as a redshirt, and he has already started twice this season.

2,99 €

35 Navigate Chaos - Steven B Wiley
Auteur : Steven B Wiley
Genre : Entreprise et management
Are you overwhelmed by the chaos of life? Do your professed priorities often fall prey to the daily demands at work and at home? Do you lack balance or struggle to even understand what such a concept might be?

As a previously self-professed zombie in the workforce and life, Steve Wiley shares his personal journey and proven approach to "navigate chaos" in pursuit of healthy life balance. In doing so, he dismisses the notion that personal fulfillment and professional success are mutually exclusive. Through impactful stories, relevant research, and proactical guidance, Navigate Chaos conveys a simple, yet effective 5-step process to balance work, family, and other life priorities. Via the intentional pursuit of healthy life balance, you'll discover PEACE that frees you from fear, anxiety, and stress whill enhancing productivity at work and fulfillment in life.

7,99 €

36 Hundred Things to do with your Smartphone Navigate, Learn, Play - Celal Boz
Auteur : Celal Boz
Genre : Ingénierie
Writing this eBook idea given to me by a friend who is an information Technology professional like me, he could not believe some of the things I told him I was doing using my cell Phone, at the time I was using a Windows phone and he had a Blackberry phone and it was limited compared to Windows Mobile library. Now I have several Android Phones and that app collection is ten folds. Now the problem is to keep track of the great apps and app ideas. I will try to touch up some concepts here with usage examples and not link an example app for all the items for sake of keeping it small, we all know we can use the Google to locate in a an instant if we type any of these keyword(s)

Once again this eBook to give you my experiences with a bunch of cell phone apps not to give you illegal links to apps, link to already present online store app links. Why because there are six operating

0,49 €

37 How To Navigate Without Sat Nav - Lyle Brotherton
Auteur : Lyle Brotherton
Genre : Plein air
Collins Shorts – insight in an instant.

Learn the techniques you need to become an expert navigator, without reliance on technology. Discover the basic principles of navigation in this clever and concise guide to how to find your way anywhere in the world – without Sat Nav.

Collins Shorts are a fresh look at the ebook short, with the emphasis on vibrant design, animated content and expert authors who can provide accessible insight. They satisfy your thirst for knowledge without the need for time commitment.

This ebook will work on all e-readers but delivers its full punch on devices that support colour and animation. Please note the extent is between 20 to 40 pages, depending on your settings.


Outdoors Magic 'The Collins Ultimate Navigation Manual is the best and most comprehensive navigation guide we've come across'.

0,99 €

38 Brock and Becca: Navigate Nunavut - Lois W. Marlatt
Auteur : Lois W. Marlatt
Genre : Culture, lieux et personnalités
Brock thought he was going on another exciting vacation to Nunavut. It turned out this holiday was for adults only. Brock and Becca had to stay home. However, with the use of daily diaries and his parents’ photographs and descriptions, the extreme north above the Arctic Circle and the animals that live there became very real. His parents saw polar bears, muskoxen, caribou, whales, walrus, seals, and many other animals and birds. Each animal they saw had a story about it. The visits to the Inuit villages were a delight for Mom and Dad. This is a land few people get to see so it is an exciting place to read about, even if you may not get there. Your children will learn about Canada while being entertained with interesting and exciting stories in the Brock and Becca series.

1,99 €

39 7 Ways to Flourish & Thrive Working with a ‘Toxic’ Boss:Step by Step Guide to Effectively Navigate a Negative Situation to Work in your Favor - Eilynne Medalla
Auteur : Eilynne Medalla
Genre : Développement personnel
Our Job help us makes a living and loving it makes it one of the important key in gaining a success. But what if you love your job but you cannot love your Boss?

In this Book, it will help you understand and give you ideas on how you can meet success even if your superior is someone whom you don't even wanna see everyday.

The purpose of this e-book is to help readers on how to:
•Thrive and flourish in a seemingly hostile work environment.

•Use time-tested strategies that successful people adapt to work effectively with their ‘toxic’ bosses.

•Apply self-defense mechanisms that can restore dignity, empowerment, self-respect and sustained professionalism to the harassed employee.

•Foster good relationship with your boss, toxic he maybe notwithstanding and why it is so important.

And many more!

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40 Learning to Use Your SPIRITUAL COMPASS To Navigate Life Issues - Rachel Jamerson
Auteur : Rachel Jamerson
Genre : Christianisme
When a pebble is dropped into the water, a ripple ensues. Once set into motion, the molecules must run their course. So it is with life.  Decisions set into motion reactions that must run their course. Whether good or bad, the consequences are unavoidable.  
How many times have you found yourself trudging through a dismal muddy swamp because you asked the wrong person for directions?  Does your search for answers only lead to more questions?  The thousands of decisions we make each day, have a permanent effect on our lives. With so much at stake, how do we make the right choices? 
Spiritual Compass takes the reader on a simple walk through the scriptures and offers insight derived from the personal journey of others.  The ability to skillfully use God’s word when navigating difficult issues is vital to making sound decisions.  It is the au

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41 How to Navigate Health Care Information Technology and Electronic Medical Records (Electronic Medical Records) (Report) - Physician Executive
Auteur : Physician Executive
Genre : Entreprise et management
The challenges of starting an electronic medical record (EMR) are many. If your practice is looking for an EMR here are some questions to consider. * Are you an early adopter?

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42 Navigate Life's Journey - Alexandra M. Burckhardt
Auteur : Alexandra M. Burckhardt
Genre : Religion et spiritualité
Encouragement,enthusiasm and inspiration are powerful tools needed to propel one on their life's journey. They are vital for the realization of one's hopes and dreams and must be established to secure one's success. Navigate Life's Journey with these powerful tools in mind to provide the readers with hope and inspiration on their journey in life. There is inspiration on every page whether a poem or an essay you will be lifted with new energy to go forward in life. Take hold of the these vital tools and get back in to the game of life again. Although Navigate Life's Journey is a small book,the content of the message is beyond measure. Let the three power tools of encouragement,enthusiasm and inspiration bring your hopes and dreams alive and guide you on your journey to success. Free Preview Navigate your life's journey on the high seas of life with a three dimensional comp

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43 Club Helps Students Navigate the Court System - Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)
Auteur : Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)
Genre : Ouvrages de référence
Sunday, March 16 10:05 a.m.: Lakeside Drive, officer advised homeowner was notified about unregistered vehicles on property.

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44 Navigate - Karin Schimke
Auteur : Karin Schimke
Genre : Poésie
In her second volume of poetry, Karin Schimke explores the idea of home, contemplating notions of belonging and un-belonging and the various places and ways in which one is “at home”. With her characteristic lyricism, Schimke questions the poet’s right or duty to speak, while delivering a meditation on love in all its cruel, gleaming facets, as she traces her own psychic constellations back into the blistering orbit of her father. Drawing from the blood and milk of memory, in symphonic shifts of language, her poems are as forgiving as they are furious, summoning both the elemental and the numinous in a masterful painting of the relationship between people and the natural world. Traversing the haunted landscapes of the past and present, the political and the personal, Navigate is a psalm, startling in its honesty, unforgettable in its beauty.

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45 The Power to Navigate Life - Tony Fahkry
Auteur : Tony Fahkry
Genre : Spiritualité
With immediate international attention, New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Eldon Taylor has
written the following foreword to the book.
“The Power to Navigate Life offers thoughts that will connect deeply within your being and
consequently raise in you a new awareness of your potential. You will come to understand, not just
intellectually but also at a much deeper emotional level, that, “There are no mistakes in life—only
outcomes!” And you are largely in charge of those outcomes. There is special warmth in Tony’s
words that seems to reach in and somehow touch our souls.
A good self-help book should produce an experience, deliver the motivation necessary for you to
follow through, and leave you with a new level of confidence with which to continue your journey.
The Power to Navigate Life does precisely this. I highly recommend t

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46 Your Amazing Itty Bitty Cancer Book: 15 Essential Steps to Help You Navigate Your Cancer Diagnosis - Jacqueline C. Kreple
Auteur : Jacqueline C. Kreple
Genre : Forme et santé
I Have What?

Your Amazing Itty Bitty Cancer Book

15 Essential Facts to Help You Navigate Your Cancer Diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis is a forever game changer. It turns your world upside down. It is important get on top of this disease – right from the first day – by knowing what to do and who to contact. In this important Itty Bitty Book, Jacqueline Kreple, President of Fighters 4 Life, explains what your options are from getting a second opinion to traditional and alternative therapies. It is a book filled with important information for both cancer patients and their caregivers.

Information You Will Find In this Book:
Why it is important to get and keep your medical records with you at all times and how to do it. What is meant by stages of cancer and why that is important. Why you should never skimp on treatment

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47 Navigate Anger - Travis Hill, LPC
Auteur : Travis Hill, LPC
Genre : Développement personnel
Navigate Anger is a guide to take you on the journey to overcoming anger problems using rational practices and mindfulness techniques.  In it, you will: 

1. Learn the benefits we gain from anger 
2. Find out why anger is so addictive and why it's hard to give up 
3. Understand the appropriate way to handle tough situations 
4. Five steps to change your overwhelming thoughts into more constructive ones 
5. Do more than just stop getting angry, learn to be at peace

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48 The Great Shift: And How To Navigate It - Michael Drake
Auteur : Michael Drake
Genre : Spiritualité
The Great Shift is about the new era of humanity. We have entered the new epoch of humanity's spiritual evolutionary journey into higher consciousness. Our present world is one in which order is arising out of chaos. Everything is changing and seeking equilibrium. The conditions are nothing short of a rebirth. We are quite literally witnesses and participants in the shift from individual to planetary consciousness. We are part of the emerging consciousness, and the signs are everywhere. It is here now, and we all have a part to play in it.

This book is a guide to navigating the shift from an old paradigm into a new one. It is deeply rooted in the shamanic and Taoist traditions, which are a fountain of wisdom and knowledge for restoring our relationship with the Earth. Shamanism and Taoism are a way of living in harmony with nature, rather than an adherence to a religious doctr

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49 Prepare to Defend Yourself ... How to Navigate the Healthcare System and Escape with Your Life - Matthew Minson
Auteur : Matthew Minson
Genre : Médecine
Matthew Minson, a physician and disaster medicine and healthcare policy expert, pulls back the examination room curtain on the healthcare system, empowering patients and their families to become proactive and knowledgeable users of medical services. Written in a humorous, patient-friendly style, this essential consumer’s guide to modern healthcare provides down-to-earth, accurate advice.
MATTHEW MINSON, MD, is the Senior Advisor for Health Affairs at the Texas Engineering Extension Service and is Adjunct Assistant Professor of Health Policy Management in the School of Rural Public Health at the Texas A&M Health Science Center. As medical director for Texas Task Force One, he has been deployed to numerous disaster sites.

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50 Becoming An Inclusive Leader: How To Navigate The 21st Century Global Workforce - Shirley Engelmeier
Auteur : Shirley Engelmeier
Genre : Entreprise et management
The inversion of power within today's global workforce has created an urgent need for the death of command and control style leadership to successfully manage the new democratized workforce. A confluence of factors—including increasingly diverse demographics, personal communications technology that provides a stage for every citizen's voice, and a highly participative Gen Y permeating the workforce—has created an environment where leadership must quickly change to succeed. Employees have an increasing need to be heard and feel that they are contributing to the overall business. Shirley Engelmeier's newest book, Becoming an Inclusive Leader, delivers a timely primer on the new style of leadership required to effectively manage the 21st century workforce and drive success today in any modern organization. Becoming an Inclusive Leader delineates the traits, tools, and behaviors that wil

6,99 €
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