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1 -Standard Bank Group Facilitates Namibian Government's Landmark US$500M Eurobond - ENP Newswire
Auteur : ENP Newswire
Genre : Business & Personal Finance
ENPNewswire-November 7, 2011--Standard Bank Group facilitates Namibian government's landmark US$500m Eurobond(C)2011 ENPublishing - ENP Newswire - 07 November 2011

2 Namibian Nights - Michelle van Hoop
Auteur : Michelle van Hoop
Genre : Romance
Years before, Vanessa and Kian had been together - in Germany. After a terrible lovers' quarrel, Kian returned to his homeland Namibia, without leaving a trace.
Vanessa, in spite of her deep regret, successfully builds her own business as a graphic designer. She has occasional relationships, but deep down the only man she has ever loved has been Kian - the big, blond, suntanned man from Namibia. She has long since given up hope of ever seeing him again.
But then, on the spur of the moment, she books a holiday in Namibia. Here she meets Kian again, but apparently as a married man - with a wife and children.
Fighting her own emotions, Vanessa tries to accept the facts as they are, but Namibian nights under the clear, starry skies of Africa have their own magic ...

3 The Ju/’hoan San of Nyae Nyae and Namibian Independence - Megan Biesele & Robert K. Hitchcock
Auteur : Megan Biesele & Robert K. Hitchcock
Genre : Anthropology
The Ju/’hoan San, or Ju/’hoansi, of Namibia and Botswana are perhaps the most fully described indigenous people in all of anthropology. This is the story of how this group of former hunter-gatherers, speaking an exotic click language, formed a grassroots movement that led them to become a dynamic part of the new nation that grew from the ashes of apartheid South West Africa. While coverage of this group in the writings of Richard Lee, Lorna Marshall, Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, and films by John Marshall includes extensive information on their traditional ways of life, this book continues the story as it has unfolded since 1990. Peopled with accounts of and from contemporary Ju>/’hoan people, the book gives newly-literate Ju/’hoansi the chance to address the world with their own voices. In doing so, the images and myths of the Ju/’hoan and other San (previously called “Bush

4 A Namibian Canvas - Julia Stevens
Auteur : Julia Stevens
Genre : Africa
A personal experience of Namibia in the year that it gained Independence.
…VIPs slowly start arriving. Colonel Gadaffi arrives late as he has insisted on having his camels flown in to provide him with fresh camel milk every day. Sam Nujoma, the New President draws up in a car surrounded by high security and wailing sirens.
The ceremony begins at five minutes to midday, just under half an hour late. De Klerk says his bit and then Sam is sworn in. A runner comes into the stadium carrying a flaming torch and lights the torch of freedom.

This is history, both personal and national. Julia Steven’s diary of her stay in Namibia the year it gained independence from South Africa is pure poetry. The country comes alive in vivid colour and symphonic sound. It’s funny, insightful, and heart-stopping. There is the account of the venture into Angola with a fake passport whil

5 Digitisation of Culture: Namibian and International Perspectives - Dharm Singh Jat, Jürgen Sieck, Hippolyte N'Sung-Nza Muyingi, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus, Anicia Peters & Shawulu Nggada
Auteur : Dharm Singh Jat, Jürgen Sieck, Hippolyte N'Sung-Nza Muyingi, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus, Anicia Peters & Shawulu Nggada
Genre : Computers
This book explores the digitization of culture as a means of experiencing and understanding cultural heritage in Namibia and from international perspectives. It provides various views and perspectives on the digitization of culture, the goal being to stimulate further research, and to rapidly disseminate related discoveries. Aspects covered here include: virtual and augmented reality, audio and video technology, art, multimedia and digital media integration, cross-media technologies, modeling, visualization and interaction as a means of experiencing and grasping cultural heritage.
Over the past few decades, digitization has profoundly changed our cultural experience, not only in terms of digital technology-based access, production and dissemination, but also in terms of participation and creation, and learning and partaking in a knowledge society. Computing researchers have develope

6 Eye of the Firestorm - Roland de Vries
Auteur : Roland de Vries
Genre : History
For his exploits and astuteness, Roland de Vries has rightfully been called the ‘Rommel of the SADF’. In this forthright, warts-and-all but compassionate autobiography he recounts the fascinating story of the transformation of a small, colonial army into, pound-for-pound, the best fighting force on the planet. "Eye of the Firestorm" could be used to enhance the teaching within the military, security and leadership development. In a sense, this is an easy-to-read text book with many real-life examples of young leaders and commanders within the domains of the defense and security. It is a soldier's life story about how he lived through the South African Border War and the transformation that followed when South Africa became a fully democratic State on 27 April - it is also about gaining perspective in life. This book puts in perspective the African way of warfare and expounds about op
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8 Counting Teeth - Peter Midgley
Auteur : Peter Midgley
Genre : Africa
With his 19-year-old daughter, a collection of maps, and the help of an opinionated GPS, Peter Midgley sets out across Namibia. Visiting small-town museums and gravesites, crossing border checkpoints, and changing tires, they travel the length and breadth of the country uncovering every facet of it. Stories about Portuguese explorers and the first genocide of the 20th century collect on the back seat of their car alongside the author's earliest childhood memories of growing up in the country. By the end of the journey, the stories piece together into an understanding of present-day Namibia and make it possible for Midgley to share his love for this complicated, vibrant place with his daughter.

9 Innovations in Refugee Protection - Luise Druke
Auteur : Luise Druke
Genre : Politics & Current Events
This compendium synthesizes innovations of the UN High Commissioners for Refugees (UNHCR) since 1951. The book bridges the gap between academic and field work and uses Joseph Nye's concept of «soft power» as a methodological approach for understanding and solving political and ethical refugee protection dilemmas. Extending the refugee legal framework (1951 Refugee Convention and 1967 Protocol), UNHCR has increasingly used international human rights law, innovative technologies and new partners. Refugee protection is a responsibility primarily of states. Challenges are: considering increasing power diffusion (Nye) from states to non-state actors and balancing IT potentials with security risks.
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