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1 Economic Complexity: Measuring the Intangibles - Matthieu Cristelli, Andrea Tacchella & Luciano Pietronero
Auteur : Matthieu Cristelli, Andrea Tacchella & Luciano Pietronero
Genre : Finance
New economic theories must be strongly data-driven in order to  provide a more concrete scientific grounding for Economics. 
In this perspective, we discuss two metrics for measuring intangible properties of the complexity of products and competitiveness of countries. The comparison of these measures with monetary figures, as the Gross Domestic Products or the Income per capita, uncovers new information to assess the hidden potential of growth and development of countries 
This work is intended as an introduction to both the scientific activity and business-oriented applications of the framework and methodologies presented. 
Economic complexity permits to acknowledge that Finance and Economics are two highly connected aspects of the same general problem and provides a framework to discuss, both from a conceptual and practical


2 Cracking the Sales Management Code: The Secrets to Measuring and Managing Sales Performance - Jason Jordan & Michelle Vazzana
Auteur : Jason Jordan & Michelle Vazzana
Genre : Entreprise et management
Boost sales results by zeroing in on the metrics that matter most

“Sales may be an art, but sales management is a science. Cracking the Sales Management Code reveals that science and gives practical steps to identify the metrics you must measure to manage toward success.”
—Arthur Dorfman, National Vice President, SAP

Cracking the Sales Management Code is a must-read for anyone who wants to bring his or her sales management team into the 21st century.”
—Mike Nathe, Senior Vice President, Essilor Laboratories of America

“The authors correctly assert that the proliferation of management reporting has created a false sense of control for sales executives. Real control is derived from clear direction to the field—and this book tells how do to that in an easy-to-understand, actionable manner.”

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3 Measuring Creativity in the Classroom - Steven E. Stemler
Auteur : Steven E. Stemler
Genre : Éducation
Many schools state that they aim to develop creativity in their students and a culture of creativity in their school. Yet, schools rarely take stock of whether they are achieving these aims. Indeed, we have often heard educators lament, “If only there was some way to measure creativity.” We have good news: There is! 

In this book, Dr. Steven Stemler and affiliates of his Psychometric Laboratory at Wesleyan University provide a free and accessible introduction to two of the most popular and widely researched approaches to measuring creativity. The book is filled with actual examples drawn from their research along with numerous psychometrically validated instruments that can be downloaded and used by educators for free. 

Using the MIA model presented in this book as a guide, educators can reflect in a more purposeful way about what it is that they are

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5 SustainCase: Nielsen data for good – measuring to provide value to society as a whole -
Auteur :
Genre : Éducation
Case study: Nielsen data for good – measuring to provide value to society as a whole

As a leading global information, data and measurement company, operating in over 100 countries, Nielsen’s community impact is a key priority: providing companies, nonprofit organizations, governments, the general public and a range of stakeholders with valuable information to successfully address the world’s most significant challenges.


Sharing its expertise in data collection and analysis with governments, nonprofit organizations and other stakeholders, to create value for society as a whole, is a top priority for Nielsen. In order to achieve this challenging goal Nielsen took action to:
• collaborate, in a number of ways, with universities
• advance UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through Project 8 (an online data collabo


6 Measuring the User Experience - William Albert & Thomas Tullis
Auteur : William Albert & Thomas Tullis
Genre : Ordinateurs
Measuring the User Experience provides the first single source of practical information to enable usability professionals and product developers to effectively measure the usability of any product by choosing the right metric, applying it, and effectively using the information it reveals.

Authors Tullis and Albert organize dozens of metrics into six categories: performance, issues-based, self-reported, web navigation, derived, and behavioral/physiological. They explore each metric, considering best methods for collecting, analyzing, and presenting the data. They provide step-by-step guidance for measuring the usability of any type of product using any type of technology.

This book is recommended for usability professionals, developers, programmers, information architects, interaction designers, market researchers, and students in an HCI or HFE program.

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7 Project Management Metrics, KPIs, and Dashboards - Harold Kerzner
Auteur : Harold Kerzner
Genre : Ingénierie
Harold Kerzner’s essential strategies on measuring project management performance

With the growth of complex projects, stakeholder involvement, and advancements in visual-based technology, metrics and KPIs (key performance indicators) are key factors in evaluating project performance. Dashboard reporting systems provide accessible project performance data, and sharing this vital data in a concise and consistent manner is a key communication responsibility of all project managers. 

This third edition of Kerzner's groundbreaking work, Project Management Metrics, KPIs, and Dashboards: A Guide to Measuring and Monitoring Project Performance, helps functional managers gain a thorough grasp of what metrics and KPIs are and how to use them. Plus, this edition includes new sections on processing dashboard information, portfolio management PMO and metric

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8 Small Populations, Large Effects - Paul R. Voss, Panel on Statistical Methods for Measuring the Group Quarters Population in the American Community Survey, Committee on National Statistics, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education & National Research Council
Auteur : Paul R. Voss, Panel on Statistical Methods for Measuring the Group Quarters Population in the American Community Survey, Committee on National Statistics, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education & National Research Council
Genre : Sciences sociales
In the early 1990s, the Census Bureau proposed a program of continuous measurement as a possible alternative to the gathering of detailed social, economic, and housing data from a sample of the U.S. population as part of the decennial census. The American Community Survey (ACS) became a reality in 2005, and has included group quarters (GQ)-such places as correctional facilities for adults, student housing, nursing facilities, inpatient hospice facilities, and military barracks-since 2006, primarily to more closely replicate the design and data products of the census long-form sample. The decision to include group quarters in the ACS enables the Census Bureau to provide a comprehensive benchmark of the total U.S. population (not just those living in households). However, the fact that the ACS must rely on a sample of what is a small and very diverse population, combined with limited fundi

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9 Medical Care Economic Risk - Gooloo S. Wunderlich, Panel on Measuring Medical Care Risk in Conjunction with the New Supplemental Income Poverty Measure, Committee on National Statistics, Board on Health Care Services, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, Institute of Medicine & National Research Council
Auteur : Gooloo S. Wunderlich, Panel on Measuring Medical Care Risk in Conjunction with the New Supplemental Income Poverty Measure, Committee on National Statistics, Board on Health Care Services, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, Institute of Medicine & National Research Council
Genre : Médecine
The United States has seen major advances in medical care during the past decades, but access to care at an affordable cost is not universal. Many Americans lack health care insurance of any kind, and many others with insurance are nonetheless exposed to financial risk because of high premiums, deductibles, co-pays, limits on insurance payments, and uncovered services. One might expect that the U.S. poverty measure would capture these financial effects and trends in them over time. Yet the current official poverty measure developed in the early 1960s does not take into account significant increases and variations in medical care costs, insurance coverage, out-of-pocket spending, and the financial burden imposed on families and individuals. Although medical costs consume a growing share of family and national income and studies regularly document high rates of medical financial stress and

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10 Collecting Compensation Data from Employers - Panel on Measuring and Collecting Pay Information from U.S. Employers by Gender, Race, and National Origin, Committee on National Statistics, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education & National Research Council
Auteur : Panel on Measuring and Collecting Pay Information from U.S. Employers by Gender, Race, and National Origin, Committee on National Statistics, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education & National Research Council
Genre : Secteurs et professions
U.S. agencies with responsibilities for enforcing equal employment opportunity laws have long relied on detailed information that is obtained from employers on employment in job groups by gender and race/ethnicity for identifying the possibility of discriminatory practices. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the Office of Federal Contract Compliance programs of the U.S. Department of Labor, and the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice have developed processes that use these employment data as well as other sources of information to target employers for further investigation and to perform statistical analysis that is used in enforcing the anti-discrimination laws. The limited data from employers do not include (with a few exceptions) the ongoing measurement of possible discrimination in compensation. The proposed Paycheck Fairness Act of 2009 woul

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11 Subjective Well-Being - Arthur A. Stone, Christopher Mackie, Panel on Measuring Subjective Well-Being in a Policy-Relevant Framework, Committee on National Statistics, Division on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education & National Research Council
Auteur : Arthur A. Stone, Christopher Mackie, Panel on Measuring Subjective Well-Being in a Policy-Relevant Framework, Committee on National Statistics, Division on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education & National Research Council
Genre : Mathématiques
Subjective well-being refers to how people experience and evaluate their lives and specific domains and activities in their lives. This information has already proven valuable to researchers, who have produced insights about the emotional states and experiences of people belonging to different groups, engaged in different activities, at different points in the life course, and involved in different family and community structures. Research has also revealed relationships between people's self-reported, subjectively assessed states and their behavior and decisions. Research on subjective well-being has been ongoing for decades, providing new information about the human condition. During the past decade, interest in the topic among policy makers, national statistical offices, academic researchers, the media, and the public has increased markedly because of its potential for shedding light

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12 New Directions in Assessing Performance of Individuals and Groups - Robert Pool, Committee on Measuring Human Capabilities: Performance Potential of Individuals and Collectives, Board on Behavioral, Cognitive, and Sensory Sciences, Division on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education & National Research Council
Auteur : Robert Pool, Committee on Measuring Human Capabilities: Performance Potential of Individuals and Collectives, Board on Behavioral, Cognitive, and Sensory Sciences, Division on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education & National Research Council
Genre : Sciences sociales
As an all-volunteer service accepting applications from nearly 400,000 potential recruits annually from across the U.S. population, the U.S. military must accurately and efficiently assess the individual capability of each recruit for the purposes of selection, job classification, and unit assignment. New Directions for Assessing Performance Potential of Individuals and Groups is the summary of a workshop held April 3-4, 2013 to examine the future of military entrance assessments. This workshop was a part of the first phase of a larger study that will investigate cutting-edge research into the measurement of both individual capabilities and group composition in order to identify future research directions that may lead to improved assessment and selection of enlisted personnel for the U.S. Army. The workshop brought together scientists from a variety of relevant areas to focus on cogniti

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13 Evaluating Welfare Reform in an Era of Transition - Panel on Data and Methods for Measuring the Effects of Changes in Social Welfare Programs
Auteur : Panel on Data and Methods for Measuring the Effects of Changes in Social Welfare Programs
Genre : Sciences sociales
Reform of welfare is one of the nation's most contentious issues, with debate often driven more by politics than by facts and careful analysis. Evaluating Welfare Reform in an Era of Transition identifies the key policy questions for measuring whether our changing social welfare programs are working, reviews the available studies and research, and recommends the most effective ways to answer those questions. 

This book discusses the development of welfare policy, including the landmark 1996 federal law that devolved most of the responsibility for welfare policies and their implementation to the states. A thorough analysis of the available research leads to the identification of gaps in what is currently known about the effects of welfare reform. 

Evaluating Welfare Reform in an Era of Transition specifies what-and why-we need to know about

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14 Evaluating Welfare Reform - Panel on Data and Methods for Measuring the Effects of Changes in Social Welfare Programs
Auteur : Panel on Data and Methods for Measuring the Effects of Changes in Social Welfare Programs
Genre : Sciences sociales
The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA) of 1996 fundamentally changed the nation's social welfare system, replacing a federal entitlement program for low-income families, called Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), with state-administered block grants, the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. PRWORA furthered a trend started earlier in the decade under so called "waiver" programs-state experiments with different types of AFDC rules-toward devolution of design and control of social welfare programs from the federal government to the states. The legislation imposed several new, major requirements on state use of federal welfare funds but otherwise freed states to reconfigure their programs as they want. The underlying goal of the legislation is to decrease dependence on welfare and increase the self-sufficiency of poor fami

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15 Enhancing Productivity Growth in the Information Age - Committee on Measuring and Sustaining the New Economy
Auteur : Committee on Measuring and Sustaining the New Economy
Genre : Secteurs et professions
Starting in the mid 1990s, the United States economy experienced an unprecedented upsurge in economic productivity. Rapid technological change in communications, computing, and information management continue to promise further gains in productivity, a phenomenon often referred to as the New Economy. To better understand this phenomenon, the National Academies Board on Science, Technology, and Economic Policy (STEP) initiated a project to better measure the contributions of different elements of the “new economy” (semiconductors, computers, software, and telecommunications) and to develop policies to meet the needs of these growth-enhancing industries. Accompanied by four workshop reports, this summary volume describes the steps required to better measure and sustain the benefits of this “new economy” in the sectors examined.

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16 Studies of Welfare Populations - Panel on Data and Methods for Measuring the Effects of Changes in Social Welfare Programs
Auteur : Panel on Data and Methods for Measuring the Effects of Changes in Social Welfare Programs
Genre : Sciences sociales
This volume, a companion to Evaluating Welfare Reform in an Era of Transition, is a collection of papers on data collection issues for welfare and low-income populations. The papers on survey issues cover methods for designing surveys taking into account nonresponse in advance, obtaining high response rates in telephone surveys, obtaining high response rates in in-person surveys, the effects of incentive payments, methods for adjusting for missing data in surveys of low-income populations, and measurement error issues in surveys, with a special focus on recall error. The papers on administrative data cover the issues of matching and cleaning, access and confidentiality, problems in measuring employment and income, and the availability of data on children. The papers on welfare leavers and welfare dynamics cover a comparison of existing welfare leaver studies, data from the state o

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17 Measuring Human Capabilities - Committee on Measuring Human Capabilities: Performance Potential of Individuals and Collectives
Auteur : Committee on Measuring Human Capabilities: Performance Potential of Individuals and Collectives
Genre : Sciences sociales
Every year, the U.S. Army must select from an applicant pool in the hundreds of thousands to meet annual enlistment targets, currently numbering in the tens of thousands of new soldiers. A critical component of the selection process for enlisted service members is the formal assessments administered to applicants to determine their performance potential. Attrition for the U.S. military is hugely expensive. Every recruit that does not make it through basic training or beyond a first enlistment costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Academic and other professional settings suffer similar losses when the wrong individuals are accepted into the wrong schools and programs or jobs and companies. Picking the right people from the start is becoming increasingly important in today's economy and in response to the growing numbers of applicants. Beyond cognitive tests of ability, what other attrib

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18 Measuring the Impact of Interprofessional Education on Collaborative Practice and Patient Outcomes - Committee on Measuring the Impact of Interprofessional Education on Collaborative Practice and Patient Outcomes
Auteur : Committee on Measuring the Impact of Interprofessional Education on Collaborative Practice and Patient Outcomes
Genre : Médecine
Interprofessional teamwork and collaborative practice are emerging as key elements of efficient and productive work in promoting health and treating patients. The vision for these collaborations is one where different health and/or social professionals share a team identity and work closely together to solve problems and improve delivery of care. Although the value of interprofessional education (IPE) has been embraced around the world - particularly for its impact on learning - many in leadership positions have questioned how IPE affects patent, population, and health system outcomes. This question cannot be fully answered without well-designed studies, and these studies cannot be conducted without an understanding of the methods and measurements needed to conduct such an analysis.
This Institute of Medicine report examines ways to measure the impacts of IPE on collaborative pract

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19 Assessment of the Benefits of Extending the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission - Committee on the Future of the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission
Auteur : Committee on the Future of the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission
Genre : Sciences de la Terre
Launched jointly in 1997 by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) is a satellite mission that placed a unique suite of instruments, including the first precipitation radar, in space. These instruments are used to monitor and predict tropical cyclone tracks and intensity, estimate rainfall, and monitor climate variability (precipitation and sea surface temperature). TRMM has been collecting data for seven years; this data is used by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, the National Center for Environmental Prediction, and the National Hurricane Center, among others worldwide. In July 2004, NASA announced that it would terminate TRMM in August 2004. At the request of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the White House, and the science community, NASA agr

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20 NOAA's Role in Space-Based Global Precipitation Estimation and Application - Committee on the Future of Rainfall Measuring Missions
Auteur : Committee on the Future of Rainfall Measuring Missions
Genre : Sciences de la Terre
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) uses precipitation data in many applications including hurricane forecasting. Currently, NOAA uses data collected from the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) satellite that was launched in 1997 by NASA in cooperation with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. NASA is now making plans to launch the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission in 2013 to succeed TRMM, which was originally intended as a 3 to 5 year mission but has enough fuel to orbit until 2012. The GPM mission consists of a "core" research satellite flying with other "constellation" satellites to provide global precipitation data products at three-hour intervals. This book is the second in a 2-part series from the National Research Council on the future of rainfall measuring missions. The book recommends that NOAA begin its GPM mission preparations as

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21 Measuring Culture - John W. Mohr, Christopher A. Bail, Margaret Frye, Jennifer C. Lena, Omar Lizardo, Terence E. McDonnell, Ann Mische, Iddo Tavory & Frederick F. Wherry
Auteur : John W. Mohr, Christopher A. Bail, Margaret Frye, Jennifer C. Lena, Omar Lizardo, Terence E. McDonnell, Ann Mische, Iddo Tavory & Frederick F. Wherry
Genre : Sociologie
Social scientists seek to develop systematic ways to understand how people make meaning and how the meanings they make shape them and the world in which they live. But how do we measure such processes? Measuring Culture is an essential point of entry for both those new to the field and those who are deeply immersed in the measurement of meaning. Written collectively by a team of leading qualitative and quantitative sociologists of culture, the book considers three common subjects of measurement—people, objects, and relationships—and then discusses how to pivot effectively between subjects and methods. Measuring Culture takes the reader on a tour of the state of the art in measuring meaning, from discussions of neuroscience to computational social science. It provides both the definitive introduction to the sociological literature on culture as well as a critical set of

22 Co-operatives for Sustainable Communities - Measuring the Co-operative Difference Research Network
Auteur : Measuring the Co-operative Difference Research Network
Genre : Économie
Editors: Leslie Brown, Chiara Carini, Jessica Gordon-Nembhard, Lou Hammond Ketilson, Elizabeth Hicks, John McNamara, Sonja Novkovic, Daphne Rixon and Richard Simmons.

The Measuring the Co-operative Difference Research Network and the Centre of Excellence in Accounting and Reporting for Co-operatives joined forces to organize an international conference, focused on how and why co-operatives assess their performance and their impacts on society.

Academics and practitioners gathered to share their research and experiences with a variety of accounting and reporting tools and practices. The event offered an unprecedented opportunity to recognize and debate various reporting needs and practices, to hear from practitioners regarding the purpose and methods of reporting in their co-operatives, and to identify the building blocks for the establishment of key supports for co-


23 Measuring the Effects of Racism - Robert T. Carter & Alex L. Pieterse
Auteur : Robert T. Carter & Alex L. Pieterse
Genre : Psychologie
A large body of research has established a relationship between experiences of racial discrimination and adverse effects on mental and physical health. In Measuring the Effects of Racism, Robert T. Carter and Alex L. Pieterse offer a manual for mental health professionals on how to understand, assess, and treat the effects of racism as a psychological injury.

Carter and Pieterse provide guidance on how to recognize the psychological effects of racism and racial discrimination. They propose an approach to understanding racism that connects particular experiences and incidents with a person’s individual psychological and emotional response. They detail how to evaluate the specific effects of race-based encounters that produce psychological distress and possibly impairment or trauma. Carter and Pieterse outline therapeutic interventions for use with individuals and group

24 Measuring and Improving Infrastructure Performance - Committee on Measuring and Improving Infrastructure Performance
Auteur : Committee on Measuring and Improving Infrastructure Performance
Genre : Ingénierie
The nation's physical infrastructure facilitates movement of people and goods; provides safe water; provides energy when and where needed; removes wastes; enables rapid communications; and generally supports our economy and quality of life. Developing a framework for guiding attempts at measuring the performance of infrastructure systems and grappling with the concept of defining good performance are the major themes of this book. Focusing on urban regions, within a context of national policy, the volume provides the basis for further in-depth analysis and application at the local, regional, state, and national levels.

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25 Understanding Business Dynamics - Panel on Measuring Business Formation, Dynamics, and Performance
Auteur : Panel on Measuring Business Formation, Dynamics, and Performance
Genre : Sciences sociales
The U.S. economy is highly dynamic: businesses open and close, workers switch jobs and start new enterprises, and innovative technologies redefine the workplace and enhance productivity. With globalization markets have also become more interconnected. Measuring business activity in this rapidly evolving environment increasingly requires tracking complex interactions among firms, establishments, employers, and employees. Understanding Business Dynamics presents strategies for improving the accuracy, timeliness, coverage, and integration of data that are used in constructing aggregate economic statistics, as well as in microlevel analyses of topics ranging from job creation and destruction and firm entry and exit to innovation and productivity. This book offers recommendations that could be enacted by federal statistical agencies to modernize the measurement of business dynamics, pa

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26 Measuring the World - Daniel Kehlmann
Auteur : Daniel Kehlmann
Genre : Romans et littérature
Measuring the World recreates the parallel but contrasting lives of two geniuses of the German Enlightenment - the naturalist and explorer Alexander von Humboldt and the mathematician and physicist Carl Friedrich Gauss. Towards the end of the 18th century, these two brilliant young Germans set out to measure the world.

Humboldt, a Prussian aristocrat schooled for greatness, negotiates savannah and jungle, climbs the highest mountain then known to man, counts head lice on the heads of the natives, and explores every hole in the ground.

Gauss, a man born in poverty who will be recognised as the greatest mathematician since Newton, does not even need to leave his home in Göttingen to know that space is curved. He can run prime numbers in his head, cannot imagine a life without women and yet jumps out of bed on his wedding night to jot dow

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27 Measuring Health Care - Yosef D. Dlugacz
Auteur : Yosef D. Dlugacz
Genre : Médecine
This invaluable guide shows students and professionals how measurements and data can be used to balance quality services and financial viability and how measures can help to evaluate and improve organizational, clinical, and financial processes. The book explains the various performance measurement methods used in health care and shows their practical impact on clinical patient outcomes.

67,99 €

28 Measuring Performance - Dr. Bill Pomfret
Auteur : Dr. Bill Pomfret
Genre : Biographies et mémoires
Back Cover Summary Having worked in over fifty countries, mainly in high-risk industries, Bill has had a profound impact on hundreds of thousands of foreign contract workers. Dr. Bill is as comfortable in the boardroom as he is on construction sites or, indeed, contractor’s camps. Dr. Bill has been described as the most dedicated, committed, and sincere safety professional in the world, always looking to improve the safety, health, and welfare of the underdog, those millions of migrant workers who simply want to put food on the table and provide an education for their children back home in India, the Philippines, or Pakistan.   Dr. Bill has never advertised his services but has wrote over 3,200 articles for a myriad of publications all over the world. This has proved to be the best way to get new clients; he has been a keynote speaker at over 118 conferences on eight continents. &

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29 Measuring the Mass of an Astronaut in Zero Gravity - Dominique Lambert
Auteur : Dominique Lambert
Genre : Science et nature
Practical work (laboratory for student) : Measuring the mass of an astronaut in zero gravity is vital for the control of muscle and bone mass as well as maintaining a constant mass for extra-vehicular activity. How to measure the mass in weightlessness without balance. The activity is to obtain the mass of an object suspended from a spring . Measuring the period of the oscillating movement of the suspended mass and the knowledge of the spring constant used to obtain the weight. This lab can be done by the teacher as a demonstration or a students lab  in one class period.


30 Measuring Strategies in Tactile Coordinate Metrology (Carl Zeiss Academy Metrology) - Robert Roithmeier
Auteur : Robert Roithmeier
Genre : Encyclopédies
Today, there is hardly any workpiece whose form parameters cannot be measured by means of coordinate measuring machines. The universal use of these machines allows a wide range of application of this technology which, however, increases inevitably the complexity of its handling.
The numerous options of the machine-specific operating software on the one hand and the various theoretical considerations regarding a target-oriented treatment of measuring jobs on the other hand result in the fact that the measuring results obtained from the same coordinate measuring machine on the same workpiece under similar conditions may differ. 
In Order to increase the comparability of measuring results, it is necessary to provide the operators of coordinate measuring machines –in addition to a well-founded AUKOM training – with procedure options for planning, performing, evaluating a

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31 Measuring the Health of the Liberal International Order - Michael J. Mazarr, Astrid Stuth Cevallos, Miranda Priebe, Andrew Radin, Kathleen Reedy, Alexander D. Rothenberg, Julia A. Thompson & Jordan Willcox
Auteur : Michael J. Mazarr, Astrid Stuth Cevallos, Miranda Priebe, Andrew Radin, Kathleen Reedy, Alexander D. Rothenberg, Julia A. Thompson & Jordan Willcox
Genre : Politique et actualité
As part of a larger study on the future of the post–World War II liberal international order, RAND researchers analyze the health of the existing order and offer implications for future U.S. policy. The study’s overall conclusion is that the postwar order continues to enjoy many elements of stability but is increasingly threatened by major geopolitical and domestic socioeconomic trends that call into question the order’s fundamental assumptions.

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32 OECD Guidelines on Measuring Trust - Collectif
Auteur : Collectif
Genre : Politique et actualité
Trust, both interpersonal trust, and trust in institutions, is a key ingredient of growth, societal well-being and governance. As a first step to improving existing measures of trust, the OECD Guidelines on Measuring Trust provide international recommendations on collecting, publishing, and analysing trust data to encourage their use by National Statistical Offices (NSOs). The Guidelines also outline why measures of trust are relevant for monitoring and policy making, and why NSOs have a critical role in enhancing the usefulness of existing trust measures. Besides looking at the statistical quality of trust measures, best approaches for measuring trust in a reliable and consistent way and guidance for reporting, interpretation and analysis are provided. A number of prototype survey modules that national and international agencies can use in their household surveys are included.
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33 Managing And Measuring Of Risk: Emerging Global Standards And Regulations After The Financial Crisis - Oliviero Roggi & Edward I. Altman
Auteur : Oliviero Roggi & Edward I. Altman
Genre : Finance
This edited volume presents the most recent achievements in risk measurement and management, as well as regulation of the financial industry, with contributions from prominent scholars and practitioners such as Robert Engle, 2003 Nobel Laureate in Economics, Viral Acharya, Torben Andersen, Zvi Bodie, Menachem Brenner, Aswath Damodaran, Marti Subrahmanyam, William Ziemba and others. The book provides a comprehensive overview of recent emerging standards in risk management from an interdisciplinary perspective. Individual chapters expound on the theme of standards setting in this era of financial crises where new and unseen global risks have emerged. They are organized in a such a way that allows the reader a broad perspective of the new emerging standards in macro, systemic and sovereign risk before zooming into the micro perspective of how risk is conceived and treated within a corporati

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34 Measuring the New World - Neil Safier
Auteur : Neil Safier
Genre : Science et nature
Prior to 1735, South America was terra incognita to many Europeans. But that year, the Paris Academy of Sciences sent a mission to the Spanish American province of Quito (in present-day Ecuador) to study the curvature of the earth at the Equator. Equipped with quadrants and telescopes, the mission’s participants referred to the transfer of scientific knowledge from Europe to the Andes as a “sacred fire” passing mysteriously through European astronomical instruments to observers in South America.

By taking an innovative interdisciplinary look at the traces of this expedition, Measuring the New World examines the transatlantic flow of knowledge from West to East. Through ephemeral monuments and geographical maps, this book explores how the social and cultural worlds of South America contributed to the production of European scientific knowledge during the Enlig

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35 Measuring Time - John Marshall
Auteur : John Marshall
Genre : Poésie
Measuring Time Without a Clock is an exploratory work dedicated to uncovering the many nuances encountered by those laboring with the demands of modern societal structures. Through the use of short essays and unique poetic verse, lifes daily encounters with reality and myth are shaped for the reader so as to engender a meaningful sense of self worth. The Bright, Dark and Other sides of civilization are traced to their roots. This book should be read by candlelight, accompanied by a glass of wine and perhaps a violent thunderstorm.

Jack Marshall, author of Long Shadows at Noon, hails from Michigan and currently resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Life, and our eternal quest for inner peace, he suggests, is too often blurred by the passage of time and need to feed our hungry egos.

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36 Is Our Students Earning? A New Way of Measuring How Different Colleges Pay off in the Long Run - Washington Monthly
Auteur : Washington Monthly
Genre : Ouvrages de référence
The college class of 2011 just graduated into one of the worst job markets in recent history. Twenty-four percent of 2011 grads had a job offer in hand by graduation, compared with 51 percent of students graduating in the pre-recession year of 2007. As these recent college grads move back in with their parents, and as student loan bills come due, many will wonder--was college worth the money? The short answer is: probably. While studies of past recessions suggest that the unlucky Great Recession grads will do less well economically than those graduating during better times, they are still likely to earn more and have better job prospects than their peers who lack college credentials. The June 2011 unemployment rate for those with only a high school diploma, for example, was 10 percent, as opposed to 4.4 percent for those with a college degree. And earnings for college graduates were 66

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37 Measuring Walking - Richard Baker
Auteur : Richard Baker
Genre : Médecine
This book is a practical guide to instrumented clinical gait analysis covering all aspects of routine service provision. It reinforces what is coming to be regarded as the conventional approach to clinical gait analysis. Data capture, processing and biomechanical interpretation are all described with an emphasis on ensuring high quality results. There are also chapters on how to set up and maintain clinical gait analysis services and laboratories.

The book aims to describe the theoretical basis of gait analysis in conceptual terms. It then builds on this to give practical advice on how to perform the full spectrum of tasks that comprise contemporary clinical gait analysis.

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38 Designing Authentic Assessment: Measuring Learning with CBL - Liz Castillo
Auteur : Liz Castillo
Genre : Éducation
Challenge Based Learning provides a strong framework for critical thinking and relevant learning. In order to assess this authentic learning, assessments must reflect and emphasize the process as well as the product. In this One Best Thing explore strategies for building authentic formative and summative assessments that align with CBL.


39 The Construction and Psychometric Properties of an Instrument Measuring Support for Sexual Rights. - The Journal of Sex Research
Auteur : The Journal of Sex Research
Genre : Forme et santé
The purpose of this paper is to report the findings of an attempt to construct and examine the psychometric properties of an instrument that measure support for the 11 sexual rights formulated by the World Association of Sexology. Since international conferences held in the mid- 1990s, a new approach to sexual issues has been promoted by health professionals, sex educators, and human rights advocates. This approach emphasizes the empowerment of individuals and examines sexual health concerns within a human rights framework. Goals of a sexual rights approach have been to promote awareness and advocacy of sexual issues and especially to facilitate the work toward better sex education and sexual health services. Analysis of reliability and validity data from two university samples (n = 388 and n = 175) indicated that the majority of the sexual rights scales have acceptable psychometric prop

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40 Measuring the Food Service Environment: Development and Implementation of Assessment Tools (Quantitative Research) (Report) - Canadian Journal of Public Health
Auteur : Canadian Journal of Public Health
Genre : Droit
The obesity epidemic is influenced by social, cultural, economic and physical contexts. (1-4) The accessibility, availability and affordability of foods have an impact on food purchasing and consumption behaviours. Access to healthy foods has been related to certain neighbourhood characteristics. Specifically, access to healthy foods is increased in higher-income neighbourhoods. (5,6) Conversely, lower-income neighbourhoods may have increased access to fast food restaurants. (7,8) Residents' diets have been found to correlate with their food environment, particularly in lower income and minority populations. (5,6,9,10) There are few published conceptual models of the food environment (3,11) and, until recently, even fewer tools to assess it. (12-14) This paper describes the development and implementation of food environment assessment tools. METHODS

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41 Measuring and Managing Credit Risk - Arnaud de Servigny & Olivier Renault
Auteur : Arnaud de Servigny & Olivier Renault
Genre : Finance
Today's most complete, up-to-date reference for controlling credit risk exposure of all types, in every environment

Measuring and Managing Credit Risk takes you far beyond the Basel guidelines to detail a powerful, proven program for understanding and controlling your firm’s credit risk. Providing hands-on answers on practical topics from capital management to correlations, and supporting its theories with up-to-the-minute data and insights, this authoritative book examines every key aspect of credit risk, including:
Determinants of credit risk and pricing/spread implications Quantitative models for moving beyond Altman’s Z score to separate “good” borrowers from “bad” Key determinants of loss given default, and potential links between recovery rates and probabilities of default Measures of dependency including linear correlation, and the impact of

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42 Measuring Roots - Stefano Mancuso
Auteur : Stefano Mancuso
Genre : Science de la vie
Combining both academic and practical components, this book covers recent progress in visualization and measurement of roots, which has significantly advanced our understanding of the architecture and behaviour of the hidden half of plants.

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43 Harry Brighouse and Ingrid Robeyns (Eds.), Measuring Justice: Primary Goods and Capabilities (Book Review) - Social Theory and Practice
Auteur : Social Theory and Practice
Genre : Religion et spiritualité
Harry Brighouse and Ingrid Robeyns (eds.), Measuring Justice: Primary Goods and Capabilities (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010), ix + 257 pp. Karl Marx thought it was a damning feature of egalitarianism (or "bourgeois right") that the very same people will seem equal or unequal depending on what aspect of their situation we focus on. (1) He observed:

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44 Measuring What Matters Most - Daniel L. Schwartz
Auteur : Daniel L. Schwartz
Genre : Éducation
An argument that choice-based, process-oriented educational assessments are more effective than static assessments of fact retrieval.

If a fundamental goal of education is to prepare students to act independently in the world—in other words, to make good choices—an ideal educational assessment would measure how well we are preparing students to do so. Current assessments, however, focus almost exclusively on how much knowledge students have accrued and can retrieve. In Measuring What Matters Most, Daniel Schwartz and Dylan Arena argue that choice should be the interpretive framework within which learning assessments are organized. Digital technologies, they suggest, make this possible; interactive assessments can evaluate students in a context of choosing whether, what, how, and when to learn.

Schwartz and Arena view choice not as an instructional


45 Measuring Outcome In The Public Sector - Peter Smith University of York.
Auteur : Peter Smith University of York.
Genre : Entreprise et management
First Published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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46 Measuring Sustainability - Simon Bell & Stephen Morse
Auteur : Simon Bell & Stephen Morse
Genre : Économie
' Measuring the sustainability of development is crucial to achieving it, and is one of the most actively studied issues in the area. To date, most studies of measurements or indicators have been largely theoretical. However, this book, a follow-on to Bell and Morse's highly influential Sustainability Indicators (1999), presents valuable practical advice on how to develop measurements that will work in real-life development contexts. It describes and analyses how to derive, validate and apply indicators in the course of an actual development project - in this case the Mediterranean Action Plan in Malta. The authors explain the trade-offs and constraints involved and how it is possible to combine the open-ended and flexible perspectives of sustainability with the more linear processes and fixed targets of specific projects through the use of pragmatic and reflective methodologies.

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47 Measuring the Risks and Causes of Premature Death - Holly G. Rhodes
Auteur : Holly G. Rhodes
Genre : Sciences sociales
Measuring the Risks and Causes of Premature Death is the summary of two workshops conducted by The Committee on Population of the National Research Council at the National Academies to address the data sources, science and future research needs to understand the causes of premature mortality in the United States. The workshops reviewed previous work in the field in light of new data generated as part of the work of the NRC Panel on Understanding Divergent Trends in Longevity in High-Income Countries (NRC, 2011) and the NRC/IOM Panel on Understanding Cross-National Differences Among High-Income Countries (NRC/IOM, 2013). The workshop presentations considered the state of the science of measuring the determinants of the causes of premature death, assessed the availability and quality of data sources, and charted future courses of action to improve the understanding of the causes of

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48 Measuring Plant Diversity - Thomas J. Stohlgren
Auteur : Thomas J. Stohlgren
Genre : Science de la vie
Ecologists interested in assessing landscapes and ecosystems must measure biomass, cover, and the density or frequency of various key species. Recently, sampling designs for measuring species richness and diversity, patterns of plant diversity, species-environment relationships, and species distributions have become fine-grained, as it has become increasingly important to accurately map and assess rare species for conservation. This book lays out the range of current methods for mapping and measuring species diversity, for field ecologists, resource managers, conservation biologist, and students, as a tool kit for future measurements of plant diversity.

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49 Measuring Tools / Machinery's Reference Series Number 21 - Inconnu
Auteur : Inconnu
Genre : Classiques
This book is perfectly adapted and layout for a pleasant reading on a tablet, smartphone or computer. To improve your reading experience,
this digital version has been edited and formatted according to the requirements of this platform.

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50 Statistical Tools for Measuring Agreement - Lawrence Lin, A. S. Hedayat & Wenting Wu
Auteur : Lawrence Lin, A. S. Hedayat & Wenting Wu
Genre : Mathématiques
Agreement assessment techniques are widely used in examining the acceptability of a new or generic process, methodology and/or formulation in areas of lab performance, instrument/assay validation or method comparisons, statistical process control, goodness-of-fit, and individual bioequivalence. Successful applications in these situations require a sound understanding of both the underlying theory and methodological advances in handling real-life problems. This book seeks to effectively blend theory and applications while presenting readers with many practical examples. For instance, in the medical device environment, it is important to know if the newly established lab can reproduce the instrument/assay results from the established but outdating lab.  When there is a disagreement, it is important to differentiate the sources of disagreement.  In addition to agreement coefficien

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