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1 Managing Google Chrome - Mesha Daniel
Auteur : Mesha Daniel
Genre : Informatique et Internet
The book explains and illustrates some of the basic features in the Internet browser, Google Chrome.  Readers will learn how to customize settings, set up printers and create, add and delete accounts to the Google Environment.

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2 Managing Personal Development: Success Secrets to Personal Growth, Developing Management and Leadership, Improve Personal Productivity and Leadership Development - Leo Tiago
Auteur : Leo Tiago
Genre : Entreprise et management
Discover the Never Been Heard of Secrets of How Successful People Manage Their Lives and Stay Successful

As a reader of over HUNDREDS of self-help books, I promise that Managing Personal Development is MUST READ, and WILL Change your Thinking and Life after it.

Do you know that in order to become successful, you have to set up your life for success very specifically?

Many people have already tried, but still fail without this knowledge.

Here's what you will Learn:

- Learn the Secret of Setting Yourself up for Success
- Reduce any Excessive Stress You Have
- Keep your Life Well-Organized and Balanced
- Get your Life in Order Mentally
- Acquire a Successful and Growth Mindset
- Change your view on Life Decisions
- Develop Personal Achievements
- Discover the Path to Success and How
- Understand h


3 iOS Deployment: A Guide to Managing iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch In Your Organization - Huey Ng
Auteur : Huey Ng
Genre : Ordinateurs
This book provides a comprehensive look at iOS deployment and is aimed at assisting anyone involved in the process of managing, or evaluating the use of iOS devices within their organization.
Bretford has helped thousands of organizations deploy and manage Apple hardware for over a decade. We invite you to learn from our experience and expertise accumulated through the years.


4 Apple Device Management - Charles Edge & Rich Trouton
Auteur : Charles Edge & Rich Trouton
Genre : Programmation
Working effectively with Apple platforms at a corporate or business level includes not only infrastructure, but a mode of thinking that administrators have to adopt to find success. A mode of thinking that forces you to leave 30 years of IT dogma at the door. This book is a guide through how to integrate Apple products in your environment with a minimum of friction. Because the Apple ecosystem is not going away.
You'll start by understanding where Apple, third-party software vendors, and the IT community is taking us. What is Mobile Device Management and how does it work under the hood. By understanding how MDM works, you will understand what needs to happen on your networks in order to allow for MDM, as well as the best way to give the least amount of access to the servers or services that’s necessary. You'll then look at management agents that do not include MDM, as well as when

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6 Managing Oneself - Peter Ferdinand Drucker
Auteur : Peter Ferdinand Drucker
Genre : Entreprise et management
We live in an age of unprecedented opportunity: with ambition, drive, and talent, you can rise to the top of your chosen profession regardless of where you started out. But with opportunity comes responsibility. Companies today aren't managing their knowledge workers careers. Instead, you must be your own chief executive officer. That means it's up to you to carve out your place in the world and know when to change course. And it's up to you to keep yourself engaged and productive during a career that may span some 50 years. In Managing Oneself, Peter Drucker explains how to do it. The keys: Cultivate a deep understanding of yourself by identifying your most valuable strengths and most dangerous weaknesses; Articulate how you learn and work with others and what your most deeply held values are; and Describe the type of work environment where you can make the greatest contribution.

10,99 €

7 Agile Leadership Toolkit: Learning to Thrive with Self-Managing Teams - Peter Koning
Auteur : Peter Koning
Genre : Logiciels
Practical, Proven Tools for Leading and Empowering High-Performing Agile Teams

A leader is like a farmer, who doesn't grow crops by pulling them but instead creates the perfect environment for the crops to grow and thrive.

If you lead in organizations that have adopted agile methods, you know it's crucial to create the right environment for your agile teams. Traditional tools such as Gantt charts, detailed plans, and internal KPIs aren't adequate for complex and fast-changing markets, but merely trusting employees and teams to self-manage is insufficient as well.
In Agile Leadership Toolkit, longtime agile leader Peter Koning provides a practical and invaluable steering wheel for agile leaders and their teams. Drawing on his extensive experience helping leaders drive more value from agile, Koning offers a comprehensive toolkit for co

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8 ALEX FERGUSON My Autobiography - Alex Ferguson
Auteur : Alex Ferguson
Genre : Biographies et mémoires
Sir Alex Ferguson's compelling story is always honest and revealing he reflects on his managerial career that embraced unprecedented European success for Aberdeen and 26 triumphant seasons with Manchester United.

Sir Alex Ferguson's best-selling autobiography has now been updated to offer reflections on events at Manchester United since his retirement as well as his teachings at the Harvard Business School, a night at the Oscars and a boat tour round the Hebrides, where he passed unrecognised.

The extra material adds fresh insights and detail on his final years as United's manager.

Both the psychology of management and the detail of football strategy at the top level can be complex matters but no-one has explained them in a more interesting and accessible way for the general reader than Sir Alex does here.

MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY is revealing, en

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9 Managing Time (HBR 20-Minute Manager Series) - Harvard Business Review
Auteur : Harvard Business Review
Genre : Entreprise et management
Does it seem like you never have enough time to get everything done? Keeping on top of your tasks, deadlines, and work schedule can be daunting. Managing Time quickly walks you through the basics. You’ll learn to:
Assess how you spend your time nowPrioritize your tasksPlan the right time to work on each oneAvoid procrastination and interruptions
Don't have much time? Get up to speed fast on the most essential business skills with HBR's 20-Minute Manager series. Whether you need a crash course or a brief refresher, each book in the series is a concise, practical primer that will help you brush up on a key management topic. Advice you can quickly read and apply, for ambitious professionals and aspiring executives--from the most trusted source in business. Also available as an ebook.

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10 Mindfulness (Enhanced Edition) - Prof Mark Williams & Dr Danny Penman
Auteur : Prof Mark Williams & Dr Danny Penman
Genre : Développement personnel
MINDFULNESS reveals a set of simple yet powerful practices that can be incorporated into daily life to help break the cycle of unhappiness, stress, anxiety and mental exhaustion and promote genuine joie de vivre. It's the kind of happiness that gets into your bones. It seeps into everything you do and helps you meet the worst that life can throw at you with new courage. The book is based on Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). MBCT revolves around a straightforward form of mindfulness meditation which takes just a few minutes a day for the full benefits to be revealed. MBCT has been clinically proven to be at least as effective as drugs for depression and it is recommended by the UK's National Institute of Clinical Excellence - in other words, it works. More importantly it also works for people who are not depressed but who are struggling to keep up with the constant deman

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11 The Power of Full Engagement - Jim Loehr & Tony Schwartz
Auteur : Jim Loehr & Tony Schwartz
Genre : Entreprise et management
“Combines the gritty toughmindedness of the best coaches with the gentle-but-insistent inspiration of the most effective spiritual advisers” (Fast Company).

This groundbreaking New York Times bestseller has helped hundreds of thousands of people at work and at home balance stress and recovery and sustain high performance despite crushing workloads and 24/7 demands on their time.

We live in digital time. Our pace is rushed, rapid-fire, and relentless. Facing crushing workloads, we try to cram as much as possible into every day. We're wired up, but we're melting down. Time management is no longer a viable solution. As bestselling authors Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz demonstrate in this groundbreaking book, managing energy, not time, is the key to enduring high performance as well as to health, happiness, and life balance. The Power o

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12 A Practical Guide to Managing Reference Data with IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Reference Data Management Hub - IBM Redbooks
Auteur : IBM Redbooks
Genre : Bases de données
IBM® InfoSphere® Master Data Management Reference Data Management Hub (InfoSphere MDM Ref DM Hub) is designed as a ready-to-run application that provides the governance, process, security, and audit control for managing reference data as an enterprise standard, resulting in fewer errors, reduced business risk and cost savings. This IBM Redbooks® publication describes where InfoSphere MDM Ref DM Hub fits into information management reference architecture. It explains the end-to-end process of an InfoSphere MDM Ref DM Hub implementation including the considerations of planning a reference data management project, requirements gathering and analysis, model design in detail, and integration considerations and scenarios. It then shows implementation examples and the ongoing administration tasks. This publication can help IT professionals who are interested or have a need to manage refere


13 The Wahls Protocol - Dr Terry Wahls
Auteur : Dr Terry Wahls
Genre : Régime spécial
After progressive multiple sclerosis landed Dr Wahls in a tilt/recline wheelchair, she exhaustively researched autoimmune disease and brain biology, and embraced the concepts of functional medicine. Determined to overcome her initial dismal diagnosis,, she made a choice to rely on food as her medicine and begun using paleo concepts as guidelines for her unique, nutrient rich plan. As her broken biochemistry began to fix itself, Dr Wahls soon retained full mobility and left her wheel chair behind for good.
Dr Wahls transformation was nothing short of miraculous, and she knew these treatments could be life-changing for anyone struggling with an autoimmune condition. Now, Dr Wahls shares her pioneering research along with three levels of nutrient-rich diets that can help you reverse the debilitating symptoms of your disease. The Wahls Protocol gave Dr Wahls her life back. Give it the

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14 Refinery29 Money Diaries - Lindsey Stanberry
Auteur : Lindsey Stanberry
Genre : Finances personnelles
Does it feel like you’re NEVER going to finish paying back your student loans?
Do you spend more on coffee per month than you put into your 401(k)?
Do you avoid looking at your bank balance because it’s easier to live in denial?
The first step to getting your financial life in order is tracking what you spend.

Money Diaries, the breakout series from Refinery29, offers readers a revealing and often surprising look at the personal finances of others: what they spend, how they save, and even the purchases they hide from their partners and friends. Featuring all-new Money Diaries, valuable advice on how to get rich (and afford life in the meantime) from a handpicked team of female financial advisers, and money challenges that will save you up to $500, Refinery29 Money Diaries will empower you to take immediate control of your own money, i

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15 Office 365: Migrating and Managing Your Business in the Cloud - Matthew Katzer & Don Crawford
Auteur : Matthew Katzer & Don Crawford
Genre : Programmation
Written for the IT professional and business owner, this book provides the business and technical insight necessary to migrate your business to the cloud using Microsoft Office 365. This is a practical look at cloud migration and the use of different technologies to support that migration. Numerous examples of cloud migration with technical migration details are included.
Cloud technology is a tremendous opportunity for an organization to reduce IT costs, and to improve productivity with increased access, simpler administration and improved services. Those businesses that embrace the advantages of the cloud will receive huge rewards in productivity and lower total cost of ownership over those businesses that choose to ignore it.

The challenge for those charged with implementing Microsoft Office 365 is to leverage these advantages with the minimal disruption of their org


16 Managing Canine Osteoarthritis - Educational Resources, University of Georgia
Auteur : Educational Resources, University of Georgia
Genre : Médecine
One of the most commonly encountered clinical conditions in veterinary small animal practice is osteoarthritis. Because this condition occurs secondary to an underlying musculoskeletal abnormality that results in pain, inflammation, and reduced mobility, it has a significant impact on veterinary practice and dog owners. The purposes of this interactive book is to serve as a foundation for veterinary students and dog owners to understand the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis, which joints tend to be affected in different breeds of dogs, how the condition currently is treated, and potential new therapeutic approaches. 


17 Toyota Kata: Managing People for Improvement, Adaptiveness and Superior Results - Mike Rother
Auteur : Mike Rother
Genre : Management et direction
"Toyota Kata gets to the essence of how Toyota manages continuous improvement and human ingenuity, through its improvement kata and coaching kata. Mike Rother explains why typical companies fail to understand the core of lean and make limited progress—and what it takes to make it a real part of your culture."
—Jeffrey K. Liker, bestselling author of The Toyota Way
"[Toyota Kata is] one of the stepping stones that will usher in a new era of management thinking."
—The Systems Thinker

"How any organization in any industry can progress from old-fashioned management by results to a strikingly different and better way."
—James P. Womack, Chairman and Founder, Lean Enterprise Institute

"Practicing the improvement kata is perhaps the best way we've found so far for actualizing PDCA in an organization."

15,99 €

18 The No Asshole Rule - Robert I. Sutton, Ph.D.
Auteur : Robert I. Sutton, Ph.D.
Genre : Entreprise et management
The definitive guide to working with -- and surviving -- bullies, creeps, jerks, tyrants, tormentors, despots, backstabbers, egomaniacs, and all the other assholes who do their best to destroy you at work.

"What an asshole!"

How many times have you said that about someone at work? You're not alone! In this groundbreaking book, Stanford University professor Robert I. Sutton builds on his acclaimed Harvard Business Review article to show you the best ways to deal with assholes...and why they can be so destructive to your company. Practical, compassionate, and in places downright funny, this guide offers:
Strategies on how to pinpoint and eliminate negative influences for goodIlluminating case histories from major organizationsA self-diagnostic test and a program to identify and keep your own "inner jerk" from coming out
The N

7,99 €

19 Sizing People Up - Robin Dreeke & Cameron Stauth
Auteur : Robin Dreeke & Cameron Stauth
Genre : Management et direction
A former FBI agent shares his simple but powerful toolkit for assessing who you can trust--and who you can't.

After two decades as a behavior analyst in the FBI, Robin Dreeke knows a thing or two about sizing people up. He's navigated complex situations that range from handling Russian spies to navigating the internal politics at the Bureau. Through that experience, he was forced to develop a knack for reading people--their intentions, their capabilities, their desires and their fears.

Dreeke's first book, It's Not All About "Me," has become a cult favorite with readers seeking to build quick rapport with others. His last book, The Code of Trust, was about how to inspire trust in others as a leader. In Sizing People Up, Dreeke shares his simple, six-step system that helps you predict anyone's future behavior based on their words, goals, p

20 Managing Personality and Behavior Changes - National Institute on Aging
Auteur : National Institute on Aging
Genre : Forme et santé
Get tips for coping with personality and behavior changes, such as pacing or feeling sad, that are common in people with Alzheimer’s disease in this tip sheet from the National Institute on Aging at NIH.


21 Managing Schizophrenia: A Personal Perspective - Isuru Abeysinghe
Auteur : Isuru Abeysinghe
Genre : Médecine
Deals with my personal journey with the illness and what I have learnt from a personal perspective to be effective practical and philosophical strategies in dealing with the illness. It can give others suffering from the disease and well as people who have been around them with some insight into the illness.


22 Managing for Happiness - Jurgen Appelo
Auteur : Jurgen Appelo
Genre : Management et direction
A practical handbook for making management great again
Managing for Happiness offers a complete set of practices for more effective management that makes work fun. Work and fun are not polar opposites; they're two sides of the same coin, and making the workplace a pleasant place to be keeps employees motivated and keeps customers coming back for more. It's not about gimmicks or 'perks' that disrupt productivity; it's about finding the passion that drives your business, and making it contagious. This book provides tools, games, and practices that put joy into work, with practical, real-world guidance for empowering workers and delighting customers. These aren't break time exploits or downtime amusements—they're real solutions for common management problems. Define roles and responsibilities, create meaningful team metrics, and replace performance appraisals with some

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23 The Highly Sensitive Person in Love - Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D.
Auteur : Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D.
Genre : Développement personnel
Do you fall in love hard, but fear intimacy? Are you sick of being told that you are “too sensitive”? Do you struggle to respect a less-sensitive partner? Or have you given up on love, afraid of being too sensitive or shy to endure its wounds?

Statistics show that 50 percent of what determines divorce is genetic temperament. And, if you are one of the 20 percent of people who are born highly sensitive, the risk of an unhappy relationship is especially high. Your finely tuned nervous system, which picks up on subtleties and reflects deeply, would be a romantic asset if both you and your partner understood you better. But without that understanding, your sensitivity is likely to be making your close relationships painful and complicated.

Based on Elaine N. Aron’s groundbreaking research on temperament and intimacy, The Highly Sensitive Person in Love of

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24 My Age of Anxiety - Scott Stossel
Auteur : Scott Stossel
Genre : Psychologie

As recently as thirty-five years ago, anxiety did not exist as a diagnostic category. Today, it is the most common form of officially classified mental illness. Scott Stossel gracefully guides us across the terrain of an affliction that is pervasive yet too often misunderstood.

Drawing on his own long-standing battle with anxiety, Stossel presents an astonishing history, at once intimate and authoritative, of the efforts to understand the condition from medical, cultural, philosophical and experiential perspectives. He ranges from the earliest medical reports of Galen and Hippocrates, through later observations by Robert Burton and Søren Kierkegaard, to the investigations by great nineteenth-century scientists, such as Charles Darwin, William James and Sigmund Freud, as th

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25 Key Concepts in Managing Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Lisa B. Malter, MD, Sophie M. Balzora, David P. Hudesman, MD & Martin J. Wolff, MD
Auteur : Lisa B. Malter, MD, Sophie M. Balzora, David P. Hudesman, MD & Martin J. Wolff, MD
Genre : Médecine
Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a lifelong condition that requires continuity of care in order to optimize health outcomes. The changing landscape of therapeutics makes treating patients with IBD quite complex. Much of the comprehensive care of patients with IBD is provided by the gastroenterologist. Therefore, the need for gastroenterology fellows to understand the complete care of the patient with IBD is of great importance. 

This pocket guide was created to supplement gastroenterology fellowship education in IBD by providing a comprehensive, up-to-date, and quick-reference guide to managing this complex disease. It is designed to serve as a reference representing current available evidence and expert opinion and should not be used as a substitute for physicians’ clinical judgment.

Table of Contents 
Chapter 1: Providing Comprehensiv


26 Managing Security and Compliance in Cloud or Virtualized Data Centers Using IBM PowerSC - IBM Redbooks
Auteur : IBM Redbooks
Genre : Ordinateurs
IBM® PowerSC provides a security and compliance solution that is optimized for virtualized environments on IBM Power Systems™ servers, running IBM PowerVM® and IBM AIX®. Security control and compliance are some of the key components that are needed to defend the virtualized data center and cloud infrastructure against ever evolving new threats. The IBM business-driven approach to enterprise security used in conjunction with solutions such as PowerSC makes IBM the premier security vendor in the market today. This IBM Redbooks® deliverable helps IT and Security managers, architects, and consultants to strengthen their security and compliance posture in a virtualized environment running IBM PowerVM.


27 Managing - Henry Mintzberg
Auteur : Henry Mintzberg
Genre : Management et direction
 This landmark book by one of the world’s leading business thinkers is about managing, pure if not simple. It tackles the big questions managers everywhere face, such as:
How is anyone supposed to think, let alone think ahead, in this frenetic job? Are leaders really more important than managers? Is email destroying management practice? Are managers the only ones who can, or should, manage? How are managers supposed to connect when the very nature of their job disconnects them from what they are managing?   How can you manage it when you can’t reliably measure it?

14,99 €

28 Cracking the Sales Management Code: The Secrets to Measuring and Managing Sales Performance - Jason Jordan & Michelle Vazzana
Auteur : Jason Jordan & Michelle Vazzana
Genre : Entreprise et management
Boost sales results by zeroing in on the metrics that matter most

“Sales may be an art, but sales management is a science. Cracking the Sales Management Code reveals that science and gives practical steps to identify the metrics you must measure to manage toward success.”
—Arthur Dorfman, National Vice President, SAP

Cracking the Sales Management Code is a must-read for anyone who wants to bring his or her sales management team into the 21st century.”
—Mike Nathe, Senior Vice President, Essilor Laboratories of America

“The authors correctly assert that the proliferation of management reporting has created a false sense of control for sales executives. Real control is derived from clear direction to the field—and this book tells how do to that in an easy-to-understand, actionable manner.”

18,99 €

29 The Alliance - Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha & Chris Yeh
Auteur : Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha & Chris Yeh
Genre : Management et direction
The New York Times Bestelling guide for managers and executives.

Introducing the new, realistic loyalty pact between employer and employee.

The employer-employee relationship is broken, and managers face a seemingly impossible dilemma: the old model of guaranteed long-term employment no longer works in a business environment defined by continuous change, but neither does a system in which every employee acts like a free agent.

The solution? Stop thinking of employees as either family or as free agents. Think of them instead as allies.

As a manager you want your employees to help transform the company for the future. And your employees want the company to help transform their careers for the long term. But this win-win scenario will happen only if both sides trust each other enough to commit to mutual investment and m

30,99 €

30 Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 2017 Edition - AXELOS
Auteur : AXELOS
Genre : Management et direction
PRINCE2® (Projects in a Controlled Environment) is part of the Global Best Practice suite of publications, which helps organizations and individuals manage their projects, programmes and services consistently and effectively. It is a structured project management method based on experience drawn from thousands of project practitioners sponsors, trainers, and academics worldwide.

104,99 €

31 Managing - Henry Mintzberg
Auteur : Henry Mintzberg
Genre : Entreprise et management
O mais recente lançamento de um dos mais importantes pensadores da administração. Nesta obra, Mintzberg acompanha o dia a dia de 29 gerentes das mais diferentes áreas de atividade e de níveis de atuação, constatando a complexidade dessa atividade tão importante.

18,99 €

32 Subscribed - Tien Tzuo & Gabe Weisert
Auteur : Tien Tzuo & Gabe Weisert
Genre : Marketing et ventes

Today's consumers prefer the advantages of access over the hassles of ownership. It's not just internet services like Netflix and Spotify; even industrial firms like GE and Caterpillar are reinventing themselves as solutions providers. Whether you sell software, clothes, insurance, or industrial machines, you need to master the transition to the subscription model.

Adapting to the subscription economy takes more than just deciding to sell subscriptions instead of products. You'll have to reinvent your company from the inside out -- from your accounting to your entire IT architecture. No matter how large or small your company, Subscribed gives you a practical, step-by-step framework to rebuild your business around a customer-centric, recurring revenue model.In ten years,

11,99 €

33 Managing Risk and Information Security - Malcolm Harkins
Auteur : Malcolm Harkins
Genre : Ordinateurs
Managing Risk and Information Security: Protect to Enable, an ApressOpen title, describes the changing risk environment and why a fresh approach to information security is needed. Because almost every aspect of an enterprise is now dependent on technology, the focus of IT security must shift from locking down assets to enabling the business while managing and surviving risk. This compact book discusses business risk from a broader perspective, including privacy and regulatory considerations. It describes the increasing number of threats and vulnerabilities, but also offers strategies for developing solutions. These include discussions of how enterprises can take advantage of new and emerging technologies—such as social media and the huge proliferation of Internet-enabled devices—while minimizing risk.
With ApressOpen, content is freely available through multiple online distribu


34 Improving z/OS Application Availability by Managing Planned Outages - IBM Redbooks
Auteur : IBM Redbooks
Genre : Ordinateurs
This IBM® Redbooks® publication is intended to make System Programmers, Operators, and Availability Managers aware of the enhancements to recent releases of IBM z/OS® and its major subsystems in the area of planned outage avoidance. It is a follow-on to, rather than a replacement for, z/OS Planned Outage Avoidance Checklist, SG24-7328.

Its primary objective is to bring together in one place information that is already available, but widely dispersed. It also presents a different perspective on planned outage avoidance. Most businesses care about application availability rather than the availability of a specific system. Also, a planned outage is not necessarily a bad thing, if it does not affect application availability. In fact, running for too long without an IPL or subsystem restart might have a negative impact on application availability because it impacts your ability


35 Fish! - Stephen C Lundin
Auteur : Stephen C Lundin
Genre : Management et direction
Over 5 Million Copies Sold! Imagine a workplace where everyone chooses to bring energy, passion, and a positive attitude to the job every day.

A powerful parable that will help you see your life and work in a new way.

It's a rainy day in Seattle, and on the third floor of First Guarantee Financial, people have stopped believing they can make a difference. To new manager Mary Jane Ramirez, the challenge of bringing life back to her unenthusiastic and unmotivated team seems impossible, until she discovers an incredibly successful workplace down the street where the employees are so alive and passionate that people stop just to watch them work!

FISH! is the remarkable story of what happens when Mary Jane seeks the help of these unlikely business "experts" and learns their secret: four simple practices that, when applied daily, help anyone to be more energiz

4,49 €

36 Managers Not MBAs - Henry Mintzberg
Auteur : Henry Mintzberg
Genre : Management et direction
In this sweeping critique of how managers are educated and how, as a consequence, management is practiced, Henry Mintzberg offers thoughtful and controversial ideas for reforming both.

“The MBA trains the wrong people in the wrong ways with the wrong consequences,” Mintzberg writes. “Using the classroom to help develop people already practicing management is a fine idea, but pretending to create managers out of people who have never managed is a sham.”

Leaders cannot be created in a classroom. They arise in context. But people who already practice management can significantly improve their effectiveness given the opportunity to learn thoughtfully from their own experience. Mintzberg calls for a more engaging approach to managing and a more reflective approach to management education. He also outlines how business schools can become true schools of management

14,99 €

37 Managing Variation for Injection Molding,... - Jay W. Carender
Auteur : Jay W. Carender
Genre : Ingénierie
This book is written for green and black belt level personnel in the manufacturing industry.  Most examples are directed toward injection molding of thermoplastic parts.  This 2nd Ed includes several error corrections from original 2003 edition, more direction and discussion, and many improved color graphics.  Topics include:
• understand and quantify variation, understand sources of variation
• learn how to perform Gage R&R & MSE (measurement system evaluation)
• learn six sigma techniques,
• calculate Cpk, Ppk, understand Z-score math,
• calculate and perform correlation analysis,
• single & multi regression analysis to create predictive equations,
• use predictive regression equations to nominalize or improve dimensions
• COV (components of variance) - how to quan

5,99 €

38 Stress Management: The Simple Guide To Managing Stress In Your Life - Deborah Gosling
Auteur : Deborah Gosling
Genre : Forme et santé
Stress is defined as any change to which you must adapt. Over the past several years the rate of change in our society has continued to accelerate, and as a result the rate of stress related illnesses has continued to climb at an alarming rate. This book is organized in two parts, the first part looks at the causes of stress and how you can deal with stress. The second part teaches you how to cope with stress practically and outlines stress management exercises that you can do anywhere to manage your stress.


39 What They Teach You at Harvard Business School - Philip Delves Broughton
Auteur : Philip Delves Broughton
Genre : Entreprise et management

When Philip Delves Broughton abandoned his career as a successful journalist and enrolled in Harvard Business School's prestigious MBA course, he joined 900 other would-be tycoons in a cauldron of capitalism. Two years of Excel shortcuts and five hundred of HBS's notorious business case studies lay ahead of him, but he couldn't have told you what OCRA was, other than a vegetable, or whether discount department stores make more money than airlines.

He did, however, know that HBS's alumni appeared to be taking over the world. The US president, the president of the World Bank, the US treasury secretary, the CEOs of General Electric, Goldman Sachs and Proctor & Gamble - all were bringing HBS experience to the way they ran their banks, businesses and even countries. And with the prospect of economic enlightenment befo

9,49 €

40 Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution - Richard K. Bernstein MD
Auteur : Richard K. Bernstein MD
Genre : Forme et santé
Originally published in 1997, DR. BERNSTEIN'S DIABETES SOLUTION is a unique resource that covers both adult- and childhood-onset diabetes, explains step-by-step how to normalize blood sugar levels and prevent or reverse complications, and offers detailed guidelines for establishing a treatment plan. Readers will find fifty gourmet recipes, in addition to a comprehensive discussion of diet, obesity, and new drugs to curb carbohydrate craving and overeating.

Now in its fourth edition, the book presents up-to-the-minute information on insulin resistance, blood-testing devices, measuring blood sugar, new types of insulin, gastroparesis and other issues, as well as updated diet guidelines. DR. BERNSTEIN'S DIABETES SOLUTION is the one book every diabetic must own.

12,99 €

41 I Do the Boss - Lexy Timms
Auteur : Lexy Timms
Genre : Contemporain
From Bestselling Author, Lexy Timms, comes a billionaire romance that'll make you swoon and fall in love all over again.  Jamie Connors has everything she ever dreamed of. A body that's lost its weight, confidence she never thought she had, the best job in the world and she's now engaged to the perfect future husband.Except the fairytale of perfection might not be as wonderful as it seems-at least the press is trying to make it seem that way. When things emerge in the papers that she never knew about, she begins to question everything.The past, the present and the future all seem to be colliding into one horrible ball of confusion.Can she find her way through and put her faith and her heart into the hands of the man she loves?

Managing the Bosses Series: The Boss The Boss Too Who's the Boss Now * Gift for the Boss (Christmas Novel

2,99 €

42 Skills for the Future - Robert Brian Dilts
Auteur : Robert Brian Dilts
Genre : Développement personnel
Skills for the Future are those skills which will allow us to effectively and ecologically define, move toward and manage the future amid the challenges of uncertainty and change. The two basic goals for developing skills for the future are to 1) improve performance and 2) manage change. Reaching these objectives involves competence in such areas as learning, leadership and, perhaps most importantly, creativity. The focus of this book is on how the cognitive and behavioral technologies of Neuro-Linguistic Programming may be used to develop and apply personal and organizational learning strategies together with communication and leadership skills to manage the processes of “creating the future.”

Originally conceived and formulated by Robert Dilts and Gino Bonissone as part of an extensive project on leadership and creativity for the Fiat Group, the purpose of Skills for the

9,99 €

43 Managing the Myths of Health Care - Henry Mintzberg
Auteur : Henry Mintzberg
Genre : Médecine
“Health care is not failing but succeeding, expensively, and we don't want to pay for it. So the administrations, public and private alike, intervene to cut costs, and herein lies the failure.”

In this sure-to-be-controversial book, leading management thinker Henry Mintzberg turns his attention to reframing the management and organization of health care.

The problem is not management per se but a form of remote-control management detached from the operations yet determined to control them. It reorganizes relentlessly, measures like mad, promotes a heroic form of leadership, favors competition where the need is for cooperation, and pretends that the calling of health care should be managed like a business.

“Management in health care should be about dedicated
and continuous care more than interventionist and episodic cures.”


17,99 €

44 Managing to Change the World - Alison Green & Jerry Hauser
Auteur : Alison Green & Jerry Hauser
Genre : Secteurs et professions
Why getting results should be every nonprofit manager's first priority
A nonprofit manager's fundamental job is to get results, sustained over time, rather than boost morale or promote staff development. This is a shift from the tenor of many management books, particularly in the nonprofit world. Managing to Change the World is designed to teach new and experienced nonprofit managers the fundamental skills of effective management, including: managing specific tasks and broader responsibilities; setting clear goals and holding people accountable to them; creating a results-oriented culture; hiring, developing, and retaining a staff of superstars.
Offers nonprofit managers a clear guide to the most effective management skills Shows how to address performance problems, dismiss staffers who fall short, and the right way to exercising authority Gives guidance for man

25,99 €

45 The Complete Guide to Managing Digital Projects - Aleksandar Olic
Auteur : Aleksandar Olic
Genre : Entreprise et management
Everything you need to know to successfully finish projects, get paid, and make your clients happy - all in one place. It includes:

- Working with Clients - manage proposals and project requirements so clients always get what they need.
- Project Management - find out how to plan projects and then monitor progress using agile techniques.
- Getting Things Done - learn how great teams collaborate, track time, and invoice their work.


46 Managing Up - Mary Abbajay
Auteur : Mary Abbajay
Genre : Entreprise et management
Build vital connections to accelerate your career success
Managing Up is your guide to the most valuable 'soft skill' your career has ever seen. It's not about sucking up or brown-nosing; it's about figuring out who you are, who your boss is, and finding where you meet. It's about building real relationships with people who have influence over your career. Managing up is good for you, good for your boss, and good for the organization as a whole. This book gives you strategies for developing these all-important connections and building more than rapport; you become able to quickly assess situations, and determine which actions will move you forward; you become your own talent manager, and your boss's top choice for that new opportunity. As a skill, managing up can do more for your career than simply 'networking' ever could—and this book shows you how.


18,99 €

47 Managing Transitions - William Bridges & Susan Bridges
Auteur : William Bridges & Susan Bridges
Genre : Management et direction
From the most trusted voice on transition, a thoroughly updated and expanded edition of the classic guide to dealing with the human side of organisational change.

Directed at managers and employees alike in today's business world, where constant change is the norm and mergers, redundancy, bankruptcy and re-structuring have become common phenomena.

Managing Transitions addresses the fact that it is people that have to embrace a new situation and carry out the corresponding changes.

3,99 €

48 You Need a Budget - Jesse Mecham
Auteur : Jesse Mecham
Genre : Finances personnelles
Experience a life free of financial stress and transform your relationship to money with this indispensable guide—the first book based on You Need A Budget’s proven method that has helped hundreds of thousands of people break the paycheck to paycheck cycle, get out of debt, and live the life they want to live. No one should tell you what to do with your money—only you know what’s most important to you. Always guiding you back to your true priorities, Jesse Mecham will fundamentally change the way you think about your money and what it can do for you. His proven method—four, simple rules—will transform money management from a paralyzing burden to a powerful tool, putting you in total control of your life:
Give Every Dollar A Job. Be intentional about what you want your money to do before you spend it.Embrace Your True Expenses. Break up larger, less frequent expenses into

12,99 €

49 Extended Essay for the IB Diploma: Skills for Success - Paul Hoang & Chris Taylor
Auteur : Paul Hoang & Chris Taylor
Genre : Outils pédagogiques
Build confidence in a range of key essay writing techniques and skills with this practical companion, full of advice and guidance from experienced EE experts.

· Build essay writing techniques and skills through a range of strategies, serving as a useful companion throughout the writing process - from the development of a research question, critical-thinking, referencing and citation to reflecting on the process and final essay
· Concise, clear explanations help you navigate the IB requirements, including advice on assessment objectives and academic honesty
· Learn what is required to get the best EE grades and write an excellent essay with detailed examiner advice and expert tips and hints, including common mistakes to avoid
· Explicit reference to the IB Learner profile and the importance of reflection.

11,99 €

50 Real Artists Don't Starve - Jeff Goins
Auteur : Jeff Goins
Genre : Carrière
Have you heard it said that creatives should wait for inspiration? How about the one that says it’s selling out if an artist strategizes to profit off of their work? Or that a true artist works alone? In Real Artists Don’t Starve, author and creativity expert Jeff Goins has set out to replace these false narratives and replace them with timeless strategies for thriving as a creative and debunking the myth of the starving artist.From graphic designers and writers to artists and business professionals, creatives already know that no one is born an artist. Instead, those who have entered a creative field have already utilized the imagination in fundamental ways in order to accomplish what they have thus far. And contrary to popular myth, Goins believes their artistic temperament has actually given them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.Through inspiring anecdotes of successful

8,99 €
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