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1 Macroeconomics - Peter Dorman
Auteur : Peter Dorman
Genre : Économie
The world has changed dramatically in recent years and so has the field of economics, but many introductory economics textbooks have remained stuck in the past.  This book provides a new beginning for the study of macroeconomics, fundamentally international in its approach and emphasizing current debates and research trends. The first, mostly descriptive half of the book presents the main macroeconomic and financial patterns observed across the world, the institutions that govern national economies and the policy options available to decision-makers. In the second half,  different schools of thought in macroeconomics are introduced with an emphasis on their underlying assumptions, so that students can judge for themselves how well they apply in real-world situations.  
Throughout the book, the post-2007 financial crisis is a continuing focus and financial markets are

2 Introduction to Macroeconomics - for the International Student - Andrew McCarthy
Auteur : Andrew McCarthy
Genre : Finance
Introduction to Macroeconomics for the International Student, explains the foundations of Macroeconomics.
This short book covers three important concepts, the circular flow model, the measurement of economic activity and the Business Cycle.

The interactive book is aimed at college students, and particularly at students working towards the Diploma of the International Baccalaureate. It contains diagrams, review questions and explanations written by an International Baccalaureate teacher.

3 Macroeconomics, Agriculture, and Food Security - Eugenio Díaz-Bonilla
Auteur : Eugenio Díaz-Bonilla
Genre : Économie
Why write a book on macroeconomic policies and their links to agriculture and food security in developing countries? The food price spikes of the years just prior to 2010 and the economic, political, and social dislocations they generated refocused the attention of policymakers and development practitioners on the agricultural sector and food security concerns. But even without those traumatic events, the importance of agriculture for developing countries—and for an adequate functioning of the world economy— cannot be denied. First, although declining over time, primary agriculture still represents important percentages of developing countries’ overall domestic production, exports, and employment. If agroindustrial, transportation, commercial, and other related activities are also counted, then the economic and social importance of agriculture-based sectors increases significantly.

4 The Road to Ruin - James Rickards
Auteur : James Rickards
Genre : Économie
The bestselling author of The Death of Money and Currency Wars reveals the global elites' dark effort to hide a coming catastrophe from investors in The Road to Ruin, now a National Bestseller.
A drumbeat is sounding among the global elites. The signs of a worldwide financial meltdown are unmistakable. This time, the elites have an audacious plan to protect themselves from the fallout: hoarding cash now and locking down the global financial system when a crisis hits.
Since 2014, international monetary agencies have been issuing warnings to a small group of finance ministers, banks, and private equity funds: the U.S. government’s cowardly choices not to prosecute J.P. Morgan and its ilk, and to bloat the economy with a $4 trillion injection of easy credit, are driving us headlong toward a cliff.
As Ri

5 The Deficit Myth - Stephanie Kelton
Auteur : Stephanie Kelton
Genre : Économie
The leading thinker and most visible public advocate of modern monetary theory - the freshest and most important idea about economics in decades - delivers a radically different, bold, new understanding for how to build a just and prosperous society.
Stephanie Kelton's brilliant exploration of modern monetary theory (MMT) dramatically changes our understanding of how we can best deal with crucial issues ranging from poverty and inequality to creating jobs, expanding health care coverage, climate change, and building resilient infrastructure. Any ambitious proposal, however, inevitably runs into the buzz saw of how to find the money to pay for it, rooted in myths about deficits that are hobbling us as a country.
Kelton busts through the myths that prevent us from taking action: that the federal government should budget like a household, that deficits will harm the next g

6 The Cartoon Introduction to Economics, Volume II: Macroeconomics - Yoram Bauman, Ph.D.
Auteur : Yoram Bauman, Ph.D.
Genre : Économie
Need to understand today's economy? This is the book for you. The Cartoon Introduction to Economics, Volume Two: Macroeconomics is the most accessible, intelligible, and humorous introduction to unemployment, inflation, and debt you'll ever read.

Whereas Volume One: Microeconomics dealt with the optimizing individual, Volume Two: Macroeconomics explains the factors that affect the economy of an entire country, and indeed the planet. It explores the two big concerns of macroeconomics: how economies grow and why economies collapse. It illustrates the basics of the labor market and explains what the GDP is and what it measures, as well as the influence of government, trade, and technology on the economy. Along the way, it covers the economics of global poverty, climate change, and the business cycle. In short, if any of these topics have cropped up in a news
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8 Macroeconomics - Robert J. Rossana
Auteur : Robert J. Rossana
Genre : Entreprise et management
Research in macroeconomics in the last thirty years has featured, almost exclusively on two characteristics: an emphasis on the microfoundations of macroeconomics and secondly, intertemporal economics, that is, the behavior of economic actors over time. Curiously, textbooks in intermediate macroeconomics have been very slow to adopt these traits.

The aim of this book is to bring intermediate instruction in macroeconomics fully into line with the direction taken by the research community. Key hallmarks of the text include:
a full introduction to the microfoundations of consumption and investment a complete model of the labor market with profit maximization for firms to determine labor demand and a utility maximization model to determine labor supply an analysis of the Baumol-Tobin model to determine money demand accompanied by a discussion of traditional money supply

9 Macroeconomics - Little Green Apples Publishing, LLC™
Auteur : Little Green Apples Publishing, LLC™
Genre : Économie
The Macroeconomics Study Brief discusses major economic principles, concepts, structures and models that are considered part of the overall economy as a whole, including households, government and businesses. This issue of Study Briefs is intended as a conceptual overview for students enrolled in a basic or advanced economics course as well as for business professionals who are interested in a high-level introduction to macroeconomics. Quick access to definitions of key terms as well as clear and easy to understand explanations of key economic concepts are distinctive benefits of this brief academic outline. In an organized, easy-to-follow format, this Study Brief offers clear, understandable content that is reinforced by instructive examples and clarifying visuals. Topics covered include: economic problems, economic goals, understanding the economy, economic circular flow model, supply

10 Macroeconomics - Ben Fine & Ourania Dimakou
Auteur : Ben Fine & Ourania Dimakou
Genre : Économie
Macroeconomics is your guide to how economics shape how the world functions today. But too often our understanding is based on orthodox, dogmatic analysis. This distinctive book draws upon years of critical questioning and teaching and exposes how macroeconomic theory has evolved from its origins to its current impoverished and extreme state.

Moving from the Keynesian Revolution to the Monetarist Counter-Revolution, through to New Classical Economics and New Consensus Macroeconomics, the authors both elaborate and question the methods and content of macroeconomic theory at a level appropriate for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Macroeconomics provides a unique alternative to the multitude of standard textbooks by locating macroeconomic theory in its own history. It will be perfect for those studying macroeconomics, as well as for those looking for a

11 The Shock Doctrine - Naomi Klein
Auteur : Naomi Klein
Genre : Économie
'Impassioned, hugely informative, wonderfully controversial, and scary as hell' John le Carré

Around the world in Britain, the United States, Asia and the Middle East, there are people with power who are cashing in on chaos; exploiting bloodshed and catastrophe to brutally remake our world in their image. They are the shock doctors.

Exposing these global profiteers, Naomi Klein discovered information and connections that shocked even her about how comprehensively the shock doctors' beliefs now dominate our world - and how this domination has been achieved. Raking in billions out of the tsunami, plundering Russia, exploiting Iraq - this is the chilling tale of how a few are making a killing while more are getting killed.

'Packed with thinking dynamite ... a book to be read everywhere' John Berger

'If you only read one non-fict

12 Macroeconomics - John Lindauer
Auteur : John Lindauer
Genre : Finance
This is the fourth edition of Professor Lindauers early ground-breaking Macroeconomics series. It holds reader interest because it constantly relates the concepts of modern macroeconomics to todays Great Recession and the policies and conditions that brought it about and are needed to end it. In so doing it explains why not all Keynesian and neo-classical theory and monetary and fiscal policies are applicable to the unique structure and institutions of the United States and how the current recession can be quickly ended - via a new approach to monetary policy, long ago explained by Lindauer and adopted by other countries. Professor Lindauers previous works include books such as Land Taxation and Indian Economic Development (with Sarjit Singh); various editions of his Macroeconomics series; and his early ground-breaking journal articles such as Stabilization Inflation and the Inflation-U

13 Macroeconomics - Jagdish Handa
Auteur : Jagdish Handa
Genre : Économie
This book presents the stylized facts on the important variables (output, inflation, money supply and interest rates, etc.) of the macro economy and uses them to differentiate how well particular economic theories perform or fail to do so. On the determination of aggregate demand, this book presents two approaches: the traditional IS-LM analysis under the assumption that the money supply is exogenous because the central bank uses its monetary policy to control it, and the emerging IS-IRT analysis under the assumption that the interest rate is the exogenous monetary policy variable set by the central bank to manipulate aggregate demand in the economy. The IS-IRT analysis is important for the macro analyses of many economies, yet is totally neglected in most textbooks on macroeconomics. The chapter on Paradigms in Economics introduces students to the heritage of ideas in macroeconomics, an

14 Macroeconomics - Moses Sanchez
Auteur : Moses Sanchez
Genre : Outils pédagogiques
What is Macroeconomics? It's money. It's credit. It's the market. It's rising and falling prices. It effects each of us every day, and understanding it is vital to every American, whether student or layperson. Now, at last, there is a book explaining it in easy-to-read everyday language without jargon, in terms anyone can understand. Isn't it about time?

The author, Moses Sanchez, MBA, is an economics instructor.

15 Macroeconomics - Campbell R. McConnell, Stanley L. Brue & Sean M. Flynn
Auteur : Campbell R. McConnell, Stanley L. Brue & Sean M. Flynn
Genre : Économie
McConnell, Brue, and Flynn’s Economics: Principles, Problems, and Policies is the #1 Principles of Economics textbook in the world. It continues to be innovative while teaching students in a clear, unbiased way. The 19th Edition builds upon the tradition of leadership by sticking to 3 main goals: Help the beginning student master the principles essential for understanding the economizing problem, specific economic issues, and the policy alternatives; help the student understand and apply the economic perspective and reason accurately and objectively about economic matters; and promote a lasting student interest in economics and the economy.
Connect is the only integrated learning system that empowers students by continuously adapting to deliver precisely what they need, when they need it, and how they need it, so that your class time is more engaging and effective.

16 Think Big - Donald Trump & Bill Zanker
Auteur : Donald Trump & Bill Zanker
Genre : Management et direction
Donald J. Trump is an icon: the very definition of the American success story. President-elect, reality-television star, and developer of some of the planet's most prestigious real estate, he's also become one of the world's wealthiest men.

Trump is a living example of how thinking BIG and knowing when to back up your opinions aggressively—regardless of what your critics or opponents might say—can help you maximize your personal and professional achievements. In his first political campaign, Trump defeated his opponents by rallying voters nationwide to "Make America Great Again." For the first time ever, you too can learn Trump’s secrets to thinking BIG and kicking ass! Learn:
Momentum: the Big Mo. How to get it and how to get it back.Revenge: how and when to get it (and why it's so sweet)."I love you, now sign this!" Why contracts in business and personal life are

17 This Changes Everything - Naomi Klein
Auteur : Naomi Klein
Genre : Administration publique
Naomi Klein, author of the #1 international bestsellers, The Shock Doctrine and No Logo, returns with This Changes Everything, a must-read on how the climate crisis needs to spur transformational political change

We seem to have given up on any serious effort to prevent catastrophic climate change. Despite mounting scientific evidence, denialism is surging in many wealthy countries, and extreme fossil-fuel extraction gathers pace. Exposing the work of ideologues on the right who know the challenge this poses to the free market all too well, Naomi Klein also challenges the failing strategies of environmental groups. This Changes Everything argues that the deep changes required should not be viewed as punishments to fear, but as a kind of gift. It's time to stop running from the full implications of the crisis and begin to embrace them.

18 The Wisdom of Crowds - James Surowiecki
Auteur : James Surowiecki
Genre : Économie
In this fascinating book, New Yorker business columnist James Surowiecki explores a deceptively simple idea: Large groups of people are smarter than an elite few, no matter how brilliant—better at solving problems, fostering innovation, coming to wise decisions, even predicting the future.

With boundless erudition and in delightfully clear prose, Surowiecki ranges across fields as diverse as popular culture, psychology, ant biology, behavioral economics, artificial intelligence, military history, and politics to show how this simple idea offers important lessons for how we live our lives, select our leaders, run our companies, and think about our world.

19 Saving Capitalism from the Capitalists - Raghuram Rajan & Luigi Zingales
Auteur : Raghuram Rajan & Luigi Zingales
Genre : Finance
Capitalism’s biggest problem is the executive in pinstripes who extols the virtues of competitive markets with every breath while attempting to extinguish them with every action.

Saving Capitalism from the Capitalists is a groundbreaking book that will radically change our understanding of the capitalist system, particularly the role of financial markets. They are the catalyst for inspiring human ingenuity and spreading prosperity. The perception of many, especially in the wake of never-ending corporate scandals, is that financial markets are parasitic institutions that feed off the blood, sweat, and tears of the rest of us. The reality is far different.

•Vibrant financial markets threaten the sclerotic corporate establishment and increase corporate mobility and opportunity. They are the reason why entrepreneurship flourishes and companies like The Home D

20 Rethinking the Theory of Money, Credit, and Macroeconomics - John Smithin
Auteur : John Smithin
Genre : Économie
This book is the definitive scholarly work on money, credit and macroeconomics for the twenty-first century. Nine decades ago Keynes claimed to be writing a work that would “largely revolutionize the way the world thinks about economic problems”. This is a modern day attempt with the same purpose.

21 The Only Game in Town - Mohamed A. El-Erian
Auteur : Mohamed A. El-Erian
Genre : Secteurs et professions
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A roadmap to what lies ahead and the decisions we must make now to stave off the next global economic and financial crisis, from one of the world’s most influential economic thinkers and the author of When Markets Collide • With a new introduction by the author

Our current economic path is coming to an end. The signposts are all around us: sluggish growth, rising inequality, stubbornly high pockets of unemployment, and jittery financial markets, to name a few. Soon we will reach a fork in the road: One path leads to renewed growth, prosperity, and financial stability, the other to recession and market disorder.

In The Only Game in Town, El-Erian casts his gaze toward the future of the global economy and markets, outlining the choices we face both individually and col

22 The Next Decade - George Friedman
Auteur : George Friedman
Genre : Entreprise et management
The author of the acclaimed New York Times bestseller The Next 100 Years now focuses his geopolitical forecasting acumen on the next decade and the imminent events and challenges that will test America and the world, specifically addressing the skills that will be required by the decade’s leaders.

In the long view, history is seen as a series of events—but the course of those events is determined by individuals and their actions. During the next ten years, individual leaders will face significant transitions for their nations: the United States’ relationships with Iran and Israel will be undergoing changes, China will likely confront a major crisis, and the wars in the Islamic world will subside. Unexpected energy and technology developments will emerge, and labor shortages will begin to matter more than financial crises. Distinguished geopolitical

23 The Undercover Economist Strikes Back - Tim Harford
Auteur : Tim Harford
Genre : Entreprise et management
A million readers bought The Undercover Economist to get the lowdown on how economics works on a small scale, in our everyday lives. Since then, economics has become big news. Crises, austerity, riots, bonuses - all are in the headlines all the time. But how does this large-scale economic world really work? What would happen if we cancelled everyone's debt? How do you create a job? Will the BRIC countries take over the world? Asking - among many other things -- what the future holds for the Euro, why the banks are still paying record bonuses and where government borrowing will take us, in The Undercover Economist Strikes Back, Tim Harford returns with his trademark clarity and wit to explain what's really going on - and what it means for us all.

24 The Truth About Markets - John Kay
Auteur : John Kay
Genre : Économie
Capitalism faltered at the end of the 1990s as corporations were rocked by fraud, the stock-market bubble burst and the American business model – unfettered self-interest, privatization and low tax – faced a storm of protest. But what are the alternatives to the mantras of market fundamentalism?

Leading economist John Kay unravels the truth about markets, from Wall Street to Switzerland, from Russia to Mumbai, examining why some nations are rich and some poor, why ‘one-size-fits-all’ globalization hurts developing countries and why markets can work – but only in a humane social and cultural context. His answers offer a radical new blueprint for the future.

25 The 21st Century Economy--A Beginner's Guide - Randy Charles Epping
Auteur : Randy Charles Epping
Genre : Économie
A comprehensive, accessible guide to understanding today's global economy, from the author of the bestselling A Beginner's Guide to the World Economy.

While reporting on today's world, business and mainstream media alike use terms and mention trends that even the savviest consumer may find baffling. In his latest book, Randy Charles Epping uses compelling narratives and insightful analogies to clearly and concisely explain the rapidly changing way business is done in the twenty-first century, without a single chart or graph. Epping defines key ideas and commonly used words and phrases like carbon footprint, WTO, economy of scale, NAFTA, and outsourcing. He also illustrates how central banks help navigate global crises and drive the global economy, discusses the benefits of Green Economics, shows how trade wars can be avoided, and explains the virtu

26 Cracking Economics - Tejvan Pettinger
Auteur : Tejvan Pettinger
Genre : Économie
Crack the world of money and understand the economic theory that has shaped nations and influenced the way you live now.

From Keynesian models to how inflation affects interest rates, Cracking Economics will make the seemingly complex world of global finance easily understood.

Subjects covered include:
-Macro- and micro-economics
-Economic forecasting
-How stock markets work
-Labour markets
-The credit crunch
-Keynesian theory
-Conceptual economics
-The Euro

An accessible, comprehensive and fully illustrated guide to this fascinating field, Cracking Economics will get you conversing on currency and discussing the deficit with the best of them.

27 Ground Control - Anna Minton
Auteur : Anna Minton
Genre : Sociologie
Britain's streets have been transformed by the construction of new property - but it's owned by private corporations, designed for profit and watched over by CCTV. Have these gleaming business districts, mega malls and gated developments led to 'regeneration', or have they intensified social divisions and made us more fearful of each other?

Anna Minton's acclaimed and passionate polemic, now updated to cover the UK property collapse and London's controversial Olympic Park, shows us the face of Britain today. It reveals the untested - and unwanted - urban planning that is changing not only our cities, but the nature of public space, of citizenship and of trust.

28 SuperHubs - Sandra Navidi
Auteur : Sandra Navidi
Genre : Économie


SuperHubs is a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the global financial system and the powerful personal networks through which it is run, at the centre of which sit the Elites - the SuperHubs.

Combining an insider's knowledge with principles of network science, Sandra Navidi offers a startling new perspective on how the financial system really operates.

SuperHubs reveals what happens at the exclusive, invitation-only platforms - The World Economic Forum in Davos, the meetings of the International Monetary Fund, think-tank gatherings, power lunches, charity events, and private parties. This is the most vivid portrait to date of the gl

29 Car Guys vs. Bean Counters - Bob Lutz
Auteur : Bob Lutz
Genre : Management et direction
A legend in the car industry reveals the philosophy that's starting to turn General Motors around.

In 2001, General Motors hired Bob Lutz out of retirement with a mandate to save the company by making great cars again. He launched a war against penny pinching, office politics, turf wars, and risk avoidance. After declaring bankruptcy during the recession of 2008, GM is back on track thanks to its embrace of Lutz's philosophy.

When Lutz got into the auto business in the early sixties, CEOs knew that if you captured the public's imagination with great cars, the money would follow. The car guys held sway, and GM dominated with bold, creative leadership and iconic brands like Cadillac, Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, GMC, and Chevrolet.

But then GM's leadership began to put their faith in analysis, determined to eliminate the "waste" and "personality wo

30 Principles Of Macroeconomics For AP® Courses 2e - OpenStax
Auteur : OpenStax
Genre : Sciences sociales
Principles of Macroeconomics for AP® Courses 2e (2nd edition) covers the scope and sequence requirements of most introductory macroeconomics courses. The text includes many current examples, which are handled in a politically equitable way. The outcome is a balanced approach to both Keynesian and classical views, and to the theory and application of economics concepts. The second edition has been thoroughly revised to increase clarity, update data and current event impacts, and incorporate the feedback from many reviewers and adopters.

Vividing Activilization is a reliable and scalable platform specially designed for creating the next generation, high quality, interactive, mobile first digital contents that can be mass produced and easily delivered to any devices with a special emphasis on Exam & Assessment products.

This book is created by Vividing Inc. usin

31 Principles Of Macroeconomics 2e - OpenStax
Auteur : OpenStax
Genre : Sciences sociales
Principles of Macroeconomics 2e (2nd edition) covers the scope and sequence requirements of most introductory macroeconomics courses. The text includes many current examples, which are handled in a politically equitable way. The outcome is a balanced approach to both Keynesian and classical views, and to the theory and application of economics concepts. The second edition has been thoroughly revised to increase clarity, update data and current event impacts, and incorporate the feedback from many reviewers and adopters.

Vividing Activilization is a reliable and scalable platform specially designed for creating the next generation, high quality, interactive, mobile first digital contents that can be mass produced and easily delivered to any devices with a special emphasis on Exam & Assessment products.

This book is created by Vividing Inc. using proprietary pla

32 Chapter 1: Introduction (Training Manual: Gender Mainstreaming in the Macroeconomics, Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (Prsps) and Budgeting Processes in the Context of the New Aid Modalities) - Femnet News
Auteur : Femnet News
Genre : Entreprise et management
1.1 What is a Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) ? A poverty reduction strategy paper (PRSP) is a document describing the building blocks of a country's poverty reduction strategy including:

33 NBER Macroeconomics Annual 2015 - Martin Eichenbaum & Jonathan A. Parker
Auteur : Martin Eichenbaum & Jonathan A. Parker
Genre : Entreprise et management
This year, the NBER Macroeconomics Annual celebrates its thirtieth volume. The first two papers examine China’s macroeconomic development. “Trends and Cycles in China’s Macroeconomy” by Chun Chang, Kaiji Chen, Daniel F. Waggoner, and Tao Zha outlines the key characteristics of growth and business cycles in China. “Demystifying the Chinese Housing Boom” by Hanming Fang, Quanlin Gu, Wei Xiong, and Li-An Zhou constructs a new house price index, showing that Chinese house prices have grown by ten percent per year over the past decade.  The third paper, “External and Public Debt Crises” by Cristina Arellano, Andrew Atkeson, and Mark Wright, asks why there appear to be large differences across countries and subnational jurisdictions in the effect of rising public debts on economic outcomes.  The fourth, “Networks and the Macroeconomy: An Empirical Exploration” by

34 Macroeconomics of the Global Technology Economy, The - Howard A. Rubin
Auteur : Howard A. Rubin
Genre : Entreprise et management
In 2010, global technology spending exceeded $4.2 trillion, equivalent to the world’s fourth largest economy—and its growth rate is substantially outstripping GDP growth in advanced economies. Virtually overnight, a massive “global technology economy” has emerged—and it’s gained far more influence than most decision-makers recognize. Understanding this economy is now crucial for every investor, executive, strategist, and policymaker. In The Macroeconomics of the Global Technology Economy, world-renowned expert Dr. Howard A. Rubin illuminates it as never before. Rubin helps you recognize, map, and understand how technology investments interact with value creation, and use this knowledge to optimize your own technology investments, whether you’re operating on a corporate, national, or global level. In a world that’s changing at breakneck speed, he helps you understan

35 Macroeconomics for Business - Lawrence S. Davidson, Andreas Hauskrecht & Jürgen von Hagen
Auteur : Lawrence S. Davidson, Andreas Hauskrecht & Jürgen von Hagen
Genre : Économie
Interpreting and applying macroeconomic analysis to the global economic environment and understanding the tools used to do so is fundamental to making good managerial decisions. Presuming no background in economic theory and prioritizing international application, this textbook introduces macroeconomics to business students. It explains how to understand domestic and global macroeconomic developments, policies, and data, and makes extensive use of case studies and data sets to present modern macroeconomics in a globalized world. Each chapter has several specific data exercises and practices as well as an international application focusing on the global perspective. By providing a host of international material, this book is useful for instructors and students around the globe.

36 5 Steps to a 5: AP Macroeconomics 2018, Elite Student Edition - Eric R. Dodge
Auteur : Eric R. Dodge
Genre : Outils pédagogiques
Get ready to ace your AP Macroeconomics Exam with this easy-to-follow, multi-platform study guide

5 Steps to a 5: AP Macroeconomics introduces an easy to follow, effective 5-step study plan to help you build the skills, knowledge, and test-taking confidence you need to achieve a high score on the exam. This wildly popular test prep guide matches the latest course syllabus and the latest exam. You'll get online help, four full-length practice tests (two in the book and two online), detailed answers to each question, study tips, information on how the exam is scores, and much more.

Because this guide is accessible in print and digital formats, you can study online, via your mobile device, straight from the book, or any combination of the three.

5 Steps to a 5: AP Macroeconomics 2018 features:

• New: Access to the entire Cross-Platform Prep Cour

37 5 Steps to a 5: AP Macroeconomics 2019 Elite Student Edition - Eric R. Dodge
Auteur : Eric R. Dodge
Genre : Outils pédagogiques
Score-Raising Features Include:
4 full-length practice exams, 2 in the book + 2 on Cross-Platform •Hundreds of practice exercises with thorough answer explanations•Comprehensive overview of the AP Macroeconomics exam format •Practice questions that reflect both multiple-choice and free-response question types, just like the ones you will see on test day•Proven strategies specific to each section of the test
BONUS Cross-Platform Prep Course for extra practice exams with personalized study plans, interactive tests, powerful analytics and progress charts, flashcards, games, and more! (see inside front and back covers for details)
5 MINUTES TO A 5 section: 180 Questions and Activities (90 Micro & 90 Macro) that give you an extra 5 minutes of review for every day of t

38 Macroeconomic Foundations of Macroeconomics - Alvaro Cencini
Auteur : Alvaro Cencini
Genre : Entreprise et management
Contrary to common belief, macroeconomics is not merely a theory of aggregates, and cannot be constructed from individual behaviour. Both nationally and internationally, there are economic laws that are logically independent of economic agents’ behaviour. These are the macroeconomic foundations of macroeconomics.

Presenting cutting-edge material, Alvaro Cencini explores these foundations, and shows that the introduction of money entails economics being interpreted conceptually not mathematically.  His innovative book provides the elements for a new approach by applying the most recent results of monetary analysis to the study of national and international economics. It covers recent progress in monetary theory, provides the reader with a greater understanding of the subject, and will be essential reading for economic students as well as a valuable resource for eco

39 The Macroeconomics of Developing Countries - Giovanni Andrea Cornia
Auteur : Giovanni Andrea Cornia
Genre : Économie
This book provides a comprehensive discussion of the exogenous factors and macroeconomic policies that affect the business cycle, long term growth, and the distribution of income in developing countries.

40 Macroeconomics: The Macroeconomic Goals - Dr. Mary J. McGlasson
Auteur : Dr. Mary J. McGlasson
Genre : Finance
Introduction to the macroeconomic goals: price stability, low unemployment, and high and sustained economic growth. Looks at definitions of and measurements of each.

Includes videos, slideshows, and review questions.

41 5 Steps to a 5 AP Microeconomics/Macroeconomics Flashcards - Eric R. Dodge
Auteur : Eric R. Dodge
Genre : Outils pédagogiques
Skill-building flashcards that provide 350 essential AP terms for easy memorization using the convenience of on-the-go study

5 Steps to a 5: AP Microeconomics/Macroeconomics Flashcards features 350 key terms that expert author Eric Dodge has selected as ones that frequently appear on AP Microeconomics/Macroeconomics exams. This extra tool increases your knowledge and helps you achieve up to a maximum 5 score. You now have an additional way to master the key terms that are the basis of AP Microeconomics/Macroeconomics success, delivered in a format that is convenient for your lifestyle.

Features: One term per card, so you can put the words in the order you desire Bulleted list of key information for each term

42 Lectures in Macroeconomics - Kazimierz Łaski, Jerzy Osiatyński & Jan Toporowski
Auteur : Kazimierz Łaski, Jerzy Osiatyński & Jan Toporowski
Genre : Économie
This translation of Kazimierz Łaski's final work brings up to date fundamental concepts to give a picture of the twenty-first capitalist economy. Through lectures on the work of Michał Kalecki it provides a systematic account of the principle of aggregate demand.

43 NBER International Seminar on Macroeconomics 2004 - Richard H. Clarida, Jeffrey A. Frankel, Francesco Giavazzi & Kenneth D. West
Auteur : Richard H. Clarida, Jeffrey A. Frankel, Francesco Giavazzi & Kenneth D. West
Genre : Finance
Leading American and European economists discuss monetary and fiscal policy from a global macroeconomic perspective and analyze the implications of European integration; cutting-edge research presented in a companion volume to the NBER Macroeconomics Annual.

44 Global Environmental Macroeconomics - Harland Wm. Whitmore Jr
Auteur : Harland Wm. Whitmore Jr
Genre : Entreprise et management
Presents a dynamic, two-country model of the world economy, incorporating restrictions with respect to: the availability of nonrenewable resources; the ability of the global environment to assimilate pollutants; the ability of the ecosystem to replenish renewable resources; the productivity of real resources (e.g., labor) in pollution abatement. In addition, the book explores the interactions between and among the natural resource, labor, product, and financial markets.

45 Macroeconomics Textbook - Introbooks Team
Auteur : Introbooks Team
Genre : Économie
Economics of any country determines the growth of the
country. The subject is of utmost importance to know the exact
status of a Nation in comparison to others, especially in the
present globalized world. Both the branches namely,
microeconomics and macroeconomics, has its own significance
in compounding the economic conditions. Macroeconomics deals
with the larger picture and provides the aggregate of all the
factors which affects the country as a whole. The factors like
GDP, GNP, rate of inflation, poverty margins, unemployment
rate, etc. are all factors falling under macroeconomics and
assessing them allows the government to get a clear picture of
where the nation is heading. Leading Economists like Adam
Smith, Karl Marx, and Samuelson etc. have helped in
developing deeper concepts of macroeconomics which have

46 Macroeconomics of Climate Change in a Dualistic Economy - Sevil Acar, Ebru Voyvoda & Erinç Yeldan
Auteur : Sevil Acar, Ebru Voyvoda & Erinç Yeldan
Genre : Entreprise et management
Macroeconomics of Climate Change in a Dualistic Economy: A Regional General Equilibrium Analysis generates significant, genuinely novel insights about dual economies and sustainable economic growth. These insights are generalize-able and applicable worldwide. The authors overcome existing limitations in general equilibrium modeling. By concentrating on tensions between green growth and dualism, they consider the global efforts against climate change and opposition by specific countries based on economic development needs. Using Turkey as their primary example, they address these two most discussed and difficult issues related to policy setting, blazing a path for those seeking an applied economic research framework to study such economic considerations.
Couples a CGE climate change mitigation policy analysis with a dual economy approach Presents methods to model and assess po

47 Macroeconomics: Markets - Dr. Mary J. McGlasson
Auteur : Dr. Mary J. McGlasson
Genre : Finance
Basic introduction to markets, including demand, supply, equilibrium, and government-imposed prices (floors and ceilings). Book contains videos, slideshows, interactive images, and review questions.

Book contains videos, slideshows, and practice questions.

48 Lectures on Behavioral Macroeconomics - Paul De Grauwe
Auteur : Paul De Grauwe
Genre : Économie
In mainstream economics, and particularly in New Keynesian macroeconomics, the booms and busts that characterize capitalism arise because of large external shocks. The combination of these shocks and the slow adjustments of wages and prices by rational agents leads to cyclical movements. In this book, Paul De Grauwe argues for a different macroeconomics model--one that works with an internal explanation of the business cycle and factors in agents' limited cognitive abilities. By creating a behavioral model that is not dependent on the prevailing concept of rationality, De Grauwe is better able to explain the fluctuations of economic activity that are an endemic feature of market economies. This new approach illustrates a richer macroeconomic dynamic that provides for a better understanding of fluctuations in output and inflation.

De Grauwe shows that the behavioral model is d

49 New Trends in Macroeconomics - Claude Diebolt & Catherine Kyrtsou
Auteur : Claude Diebolt & Catherine Kyrtsou
Genre : Économie
"This volume does exactly what its title says: it acquaints with 'New Trends in Macroeconomics'. More specifically, it contains eleven chapters covering different aspects of modern macroeconomics: short-run fluctuations, long-run growth, monetary economics, international finance, macroeconometrics and complex dynamics. All chapters break new grounds in their area while at the same time remain very accessible. The book contains also an excellent mixture of new techniques, interesting applications and methodological arguments. A valuable reference for both practitioners and researchers, it will also be of great help to gradutate students seeking to bring themselves to the frontier of one of the most fascinating fields of economics."

Professor Theodore Palivos

Co-editor of the Journal of Macroeconomics

50 Heterodox Macroeconomics - Jonathan P. Goldstein & Michael G. Hillard
Auteur : Jonathan P. Goldstein & Michael G. Hillard
Genre : Entreprise et management
Heterodox Macroeconomics offers a detailed understanding of the foundations of the recent global financial crisis. The chapters, from a selection of leading academics in the field of heterodox macroeconomics, carry out a synthesis of heterodox ideas that place financial instability, macroeconomic crisis, rising global inequality and a grasp of the perverse and pernicious qualities of global and domestic macroeconomic policy making since 1980 into a coherent perspective. It familiarizes the reader with the emerging unified theory of heterodox macroeconomics and its applications.

The book is divided into four key sections: I) Heterodox Macroeconomics and the Keynes-Marx synthesis; II) Accumulation, Crisis and Instability; III) The Macrodynamics of the Neoliberal Regime; and IV) Heterodox Macroeconomic Policy. The essays include theoretical, international, historical, and countr
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