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Auteur : Veljko Skočilić
Genre : Education
Google translation from Croatian into English

Manual electrical machinery intended for high school students of electrical field, and can serve teachers and students.
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3 The Machinery of the Universe - Amos Emerson Dolbear
Auteur : Amos Emerson Dolbear
Genre : Science & Nature
This book dewells upon the ideas of phenomena ancient and modern, metaphysical and mechanical; Properties of Matter and Ether compared; and Antecedents of Electricity.

4 Machinery's Handbook Pocket Companion - Richard Pohanish & Christopher McCauley
Auteur : Richard Pohanish & Christopher McCauley
Genre : Engineering
Machinery’s Handbook, Pocket Companion, is a concise yet authoritative, highly useful reference that draws its content from the Machinery’s Handbook. Designed as a time saver, the Pocket Companion is an ideal quick resource for anyone in manufacturing, metalworking, and related fields for whom convenient access to just the most basic data is essential.
The Pocket Companion draws on the wealth of tables, charts, and text in the Machinery’s Handbook, 31st Edition. Much of the information has been reorganized, distilled, or simplified to increase the usefulness of this book, while keeping it compact. The Pocket Companion is not intended to replace the new Machinery’s Handbook, 31st Edition. Instead, it serves as a handy and more portable complement to the Handbook’s vast collection of text, data, and standards

5 Ninefox Gambit - Yoon Ha Lee
Auteur : Yoon Ha Lee
Genre : Sci-Fi & Fantasy

When Captain Kel Cheris of the hexarchate is disgraced for her unconventional tactics, Kel Command gives her a chance to redeem herself, by retaking the Fortress of Scattered Needles from the heretics. Cheris’s career isn’t the only thing at stake: if the fortress falls, the hexarchate itself might be next.

Cheris’s best hope is to ally with the undead tactician Shuos Jedao. The good news is that Jedao has never lost a battle, and he may be the only one who can figure out how to successfully besiege the fortress. The bad news is that Jedao went mad in his first life and massacred two armies, one of them his own.

As the siege wears on, Cheris must decide how far

6 On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures - Charles Babbage
Auteur : Charles Babbage
Genre : Politics & Current Events
Babbage published On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures (1832), on the organisation of industrial production. It was an influential early work of operational research.

7 The Machinery of Life - David S. Goodsell
Auteur : David S. Goodsell
Genre : Life Sciences
Imagine that we had some way to look directly at the molecules in a living organism. An x-ray microscope would do the trick, or since we’re dreaming, perhaps an Asimov-style nanosubmarine (unfortunately, neither is currently feasible). Think of the wonders we could witness firsthand: antibodies atta- ing a virus, electrical signals racing down nerve fibers, proteins building new strands of DNA. Many of the questions puzzling the current cadre of sci- tists would be answered at a glance. But the nanoscale world of molecules is separated from our everyday world of experience by a daunting million-fold difference in size, so the world of molecules is completely invisible. I created the illustrations in this book to help bridge this gulf and allow us to see the molecular structure of cells, if not directly, then in an artistic rendition. I have included two types of illustrations with this

8 Machinery's Handbook Made Easy - Edward Janecek
Auteur : Edward Janecek
Genre : Engineering
 Improve Your Manufacturing SkillsMachinery's Handbook Made Easy
This is a time-saving navigational tool for Machinery’s Handbook for experienced professionals and beginners alike.  You will learn how to quickly find exactly what you need from the Handbook’s vast compilation of data, standards and text.  The contents are organized in an intuitive, easy-to-follow manner and are crossed-referenced to the 29th and 28th editions. Keep it open right alongside your Handbook at all times as a guide to maximum efficiency.

9 Raven Stratagem - Yoon Ha Lee
Auteur : Yoon Ha Lee
Genre : Sci-Fi & Fantasy


Shuos Jedao is unleashed. The long-dead general, preserved with exotic technologies as a weapon, has possessed the body of gifted young captain Kel Cheris.

Now, General Kel Khiruev’s fleet, racing to the Severed March to stop a fresh enemy incursion, has fallen under Jedao’s sway. Only Khiruev’s aide, Lieutenant Colonel Kel Brezan, is able to shake off the influence of the brilliant but psychotic Jedao.

The rogue general seems intent on defending the hexarchate, but can Khiruev—or Brezan—trust him? For that matter, can they trust Kel Command, or will their own rulers wipe out the whole swarm to destroy one man?

10 The Machinery - Gerrard Cowan
Auteur : Gerrard Cowan
Genre : Fantasy
The Machinery knows all.

For ten millennia, the leaders of the Overland have been Selected by the Machinery, an omnipotent machine gifted to the world in darker days.

The Overland has thrived, crushing all enemies. But the Machinery came with a prophecy: it will break in its ten-thousandth year, Selecting just one leader who will bring Ruin to the world. That time has arrived.

Katrina Paprissi is an Apprentice Watcher, charged with seeking out any who doubt the power of the Machinery. But as the Machinery nears breaking point, her own doubts begin to surface. She must travel to its home in the depths of the mysterious Underland, to see if Ruin really is coming for them all…


‘The story is part apocalypse, part mystery and entirely captivating. If you’re looking for a new voice in fantasy whose writing is going to get you

11 Revenant Gun - Yoon Ha Lee
Auteur : Yoon Ha Lee
Genre : Sci-Fi & Fantasy


Shuos Jedao is awake.

… and nothing is as he remembers. In his mind he’s a teenager, a cadet—a nobody. But he finds himself in the body of an old man, a general controlling the elite forces of the hexarchate, and the most feared—and reviled—man in the galaxy.

Jedao carries orders from Hexarch Nirai Kujen to re-conquer the fractured pieces of the hexarchate on his behalf. But he has no memory of ever being a soldier, let alone a general, and the Kel soldiers under his command hate him for a massacre he can’t remember committing.

Kujen’s friendliness can’t hide the fact that he’s a tyrant. And what’s w

12 U.S. Army Special Forces Guide to Unconventional Warfare - Department of the Army
Auteur : Department of the Army
Genre : Military
• Meant for novices and experienced soldiers
• Describes ways to use tannerite, aluminum powder, thermite, fuse cords, fuse igniters, and more in unconventional warfare
• Special tactics book and a US army guide

U.S. Army Special Forces Guide to Unconventional Warfare contains incredibly detailed information and visuals provided by the U.S. Army. With this guide, you will be able to easily apply its material to understand and create initiators, igniters, and incendiary materials. 

This is an anarchist cookbook of sorts by army guys. It is an improvised munitions handbook made from U.S. Army intelligence. The table of contents includes gelled gasoline, fire fudge, napalm, silver nitrate, concentrated sulfuric acid, fuse cords, spontaneous combustion, and delay mechanisms. Brimming with special forces secrets, this guide is a critical tool

13 The Book of Basic Machines - U.S. Navy
Auteur : U.S. Navy
Genre : Engineering
Have you ever wondered why levers and pulleys make it easy to lift heavy objects? Or thought about what it is that makes a combustion engine work?
The Book of Basic Machines will give you the information you need to understand key concepts, techniques, components, and much more. Designed and prepared by the Naval Education and Training Program Development Center for naval training, and taught widely in technical school across the country, the manual covers the theory and application of many of the most important mechanical ideas. Concepts build effortlessly from one chapter to the next.  Clear explanations, illuminating examples, and over 200 skillfully rendered diagrams, cross-sections, and illustrations make it remarkably easy for readers of any level to understand the fascinating inner-workings of basic machines.   
The Book of Basic Machines is

14 The Hidden Machinery: Essays on Writing - Margot Livesey
Auteur : Margot Livesey
Genre : Essays
A masterclass for those who love reading literature and for those who aspire to write it.

“Read everything that is good for the good of your soul. Then learn to read as a writer, to search out that hidden machinery, which it is the business of art to conceal and the business of the apprentice to comprehend.”  

In The Hidden Machinery, critically acclaimed and New York Times bestselling author Margot Livesey offers a masterclass for those who love reading literature and for those who aspire to write it. Through close readings, arguments about craft, and personal essay, Livesey delves into the inner workings of fiction and considers how our stories and novels benefit from paying close attention to both great works of literature and to our own individual experiences. Her essays range in subject matter from navigating the shoals of research to creating characte

15 Industrial Machinery Repair - Ricky Smith & R. Keith Mobley
Auteur : Ricky Smith & R. Keith Mobley
Genre : Engineering
Industrial Machinery Repair provides a practical reference for practicing plant engineers, maintenance supervisors, physical plant supervisors and mechanical maintenance technicians. It focuses on the skills needed to select, install and maintain electro-mechanical equipment in a typical industrial plant or facility. The authors focuses on "Best Maintenance Repair Practices" necessary for maintenance personnel to keep equipment operating at peak reliability and companies functioning more profitably through reduced maintenance costs and increased productivity and capacity. A number of surveys conducted in industries throughout the United States have found that 70% of equipment failures are self-induced. If the principles and techniques in this book are followed, it will result in a serious reduction in "self induced failures". In the pocketbook format, this reference material can be di

16 U.S. Army Improvised Munitions Handbook - Department of the Army
Auteur : Department of the Army
Genre : Engineering
You don’t need to be a trained soldier to fully appreciate this edition of the U.S. Army Improvised Munitions Handbook (TM 31-210). Originally created for soldiers in guerilla warfare situations, this handbook demonstrates the techniques for constructing weapons that are highly effective in the most harrowing of circumstances. Straightforward and incredibly user-friendly, it provides insightful information and step-by-step instructions on how to assemble weapons and explosives from common and readily available materials. Over 600 illustrations complement elaborate explanations of how to improvise any number of munitions from easily accessible resources. Whether you’re a highly trained solider or simply a civilian looking to be prepared, the U.S. Army Improvised Munitions Handbook is an invaluable addition to your library.

17 The Art of Casting in Iron - Simpson Bolland
Auteur : Simpson Bolland
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
First published in 1893, The Art of Casting in Iron has since made its mark in the field of blacksmithing, offering handymen everything they need to know to make appliances, chains, and statues and repair broken castings the old-fashioned way. From founding statues and the art of taking casts to pattern modeling and sectional molding, this practical guidebook provides all of the need-to-know basics and more. Included in this book is information on:

     • The measurement of castings
     • Pouring and feeding
     • Gear molding machines
     • Foundry equipment and appliances
     • Mixing cast iron
     • Burning, chilling, and softening
     • And much

18 Hexarchate Stories - Yoon Ha Lee
Auteur : Yoon Ha Lee
Genre : Sci-Fi & Fantasy

An ex-Kel art thief has to save the world from a galaxy-shattering prototype weapon...

A general outnumbered eight-to-one must outsmart his opponent...

A renegade returns from seclusion to bury an old comrade...

From the incredible imagination of Hugo- and Arthur C. Clarke-nominated author Yoon Ha Lee comes a collection of stories set in the world of the best-selling Ninefox Gambit. Showcasing Lee’s extraordinary imagination, this collection takes you to the very beginnings of the hexarchate’s history and reveals new never-before-seen stories. 

19 Design of Experiments Helps Reduce Injection Molding Scrap Rate by 90% (Process Machinery) - Rubber World
Auteur : Rubber World
Genre : Business & Personal Finance
Robinson Rubber Products, Minneapolis, MN, previously experienced an intermittent scrap rate of up to 10% while producing a challenging injection molded part involving an inner and outer steel sleeve with molded rubber bonded in between. The most common problem was that the part did not pass the company's tough metal-to-rubber bonding test, which requires that the rubber actually tears apart and does not pull away from the metal. Over the years, Robinson made many one-factor-at-a-time (OFAT) changes to the process, but the problem continued to reoccur. Robinson's quality assurance manager worked with Stat-Ease, Minneapolis, MN, a vendor of Design of Experiments (DOE) software, to perform an experiment that evaluated the effects of five key manufacturing variables. The experiment determined the value for each variable that optimized the rubber-to-metal bond. Now that these values are cons

20 The Machinery of the Mind - Dion Fortune
Auteur : Dion Fortune
Genre : Spirituality
Contents: IntroductionChapter 1. The Physical Vehicle Of ConsciousnessChapter 2. The Evolution Of The Nervous SystemChapter 3. How An Idea Enters The MindChapter 4. The Organisation Of The Upper Levels Of The MindChapter 5. The Organization Of The Lower Levels Of The MindChapter 6. ComplexesChapter 7. The InstinctsChapter 8. The Self-Preservation InstinctChapter 9. Diseases Of The Self-Preservation InstinctChapter 10. The Reproductive InstinctChapter 11. Development Of The Reproductive InstinctChapter 12. Diseases Of The Reproductive InstinctChapter 13. SublimationChapter 14. Maladaptation To Environment And PsychopathologyChapter 15. ConflictChapter 16. RepressionChapter 17. DissociationChapter 18. SymbolisationChapter 19. Phantasies, Dreams, And DelusionsChapter 20. PsychotherapyChapter 21. PsychoanalysisChapter 22. Hypnosis, Suggestion, And AutosuggestionChapter 23. The Practical Appl

21 Ultimate Guide to Farm Mechanics - Fred D. Crawshaw, Emil W. Lehmann, Byron D. Halsted & James H. Stephenson
Auteur : Fred D. Crawshaw, Emil W. Lehmann, Byron D. Halsted & James H. Stephenson
Genre : Lifestyle & Home
A reference and instruction guide to the mechanics of working the land.

The Ultimate Guide to Farm Mechanics combines three classic farming texts for the first time, compiling knowledge from the best sources published as far back as 1884. A comprehensive reference book that belongs in any farming household today, it offers an array of farm knowledge for both experts and amateurs alike.

The book is divided into three parts: the first covers general skills such as woodworking and blacksmithing, the second is dedicated to farm engines and how to run them, and the third teaches readers how to construct classic labor-saving devices such as an effective milking stool, plowing gear for a kicking mule, and a nest for egg-eating hens. Readers are taught to mend broken tools, make fertilizer and corn fodder, buy engine parts, and manage gasoline engines safely a

22 Medieval Sieges & Siegecraft - Geoffrey Hindley
Auteur : Geoffrey Hindley
Genre : Military
Here Geoffrey Hindley serves us the history of military sieges from every angle, tracing the development of fortifications and equipment (offensive and defensive), penning vivid portraits of the weapons involved, exploring the psychology of laying siege, and even describing the role played by women and camp followers in battle. He shows siege tactics in action through real-life case studies of famous sieges that changed the course of history in medieval Europe and the Holy Land. His stimulating and accessible study will be fascinating reading for medieval specialists and for anyone who is interested in the history of warfare.

23 U.S. Army Guerrilla Warfare Handbook - Department of the Army
Auteur : Department of the Army
Genre : Military
They can be swift, silent, and deadly. That's why armed guerrillas are feared by even the largest, best-equipped fighting forces. No tank, rocket-propelled grenade, or infantry battalion can match the guerrilla team's ability to exact brutality with precision, instill fear in enemy hearts, and viciously deflate morale. From the snows of Korea to the jungles of Southeast Asia to the mountains of Afghanistan, the U.S. Army has employed guerrilla tactics to deadly effect. Those tactics and techniques, being used today by U.S. soldiers, are laid out in the U.S. Army Guerrilla Warfare Handbook.

Employing small, heavily-armed, and well-oiled fire teams, guerrilla warfare has played an invaluable role in the success of nearly every U.S. campaign for decades. Here, its methods are detailed: raids and ambushes, demolition, counterintelligence, mining and sniping, psychological

24 Practical Machinery Vibration Analysis and Predictive Maintenance (Enhanced Edition) - Cornelius Scheffer Ph.D, MEng & Paresh Girdhar B.Eng (MechEng)
Auteur : Cornelius Scheffer Ph.D, MEng & Paresh Girdhar B.Eng (MechEng)
Genre : Engineering
Machinery Vibration Analysis and Predictive Maintenance provides a detailed examination of the detection, location and diagnosis of faults in rotating and reciprocating machinery using vibration analysis. The basics and underlying physics of vibration signals are first examined. The acquisition and processing of signals is then reviewed followed by a discussion of machinery fault diagnosis using vibration analysis. Hereafter the important issue of rectifying faults that have been identified using vibration analysis is covered. The book also covers the other techniques of predictive maintenance such as oil and particle analysis, ultrasound and infrared thermography. The latest approaches and equipment used together with the latest techniques in vibration analysis emerging from current research are also highlighted.Understand the basics of vibration measurementApply vibration analys

25 The Machinery of Criminal Justice - Stephanos Bibas
Auteur : Stephanos Bibas
Genre : Law
Two centuries ago, American criminal justice was run primarily by laymen. Jury trials passed moral judgment on crimes, vindicated victims and innocent defendants, and denounced the guilty. But since then, lawyers have gradually taken over the process, silencing victims and defendants and, in many cases, substituting plea bargaining for the voice of the jury. The public sees little of how this assembly-line justice works, and victims and defendants have largely lost their day in court. As a result, victims rarely hear defendants express remorse and apologize, and defendants rarely receive forgiveness. This lawyerized machinery has purchased efficient, speedy processing of many cases at the price of sacrificing softer values, such as reforming defendants and healing wounded victims and relationships. In other words, the U.S. legal system has bought quantity at the price of quality, withou

26 Machinery of the Mind - George Johnson
Auteur : George Johnson
Genre : Computers & Internet
Machinery of Mind is a full-scale, indispensable examination of the history, content, politics, and philosophy of Artificial Intelligence. In detail, consecutively but with a keen awareness of the interdisciplinary nature of the field, Johnson traces the history of the burgeoning science from its earliest practitioners to corporation-funded engineers and experts: Roger Schank, Terry Winograd, Doug Lenat and others who are struggling to create machines that can actually think independently, going beyond man-made programs and "games." Johnson presents the counterarguments of some theorists that intelligence is less than soul and that the "new science" moves arrogantly into dangerous territory. Necessarily inconclusive, this fascinating study is clear, comprehensive, richly detailed, and endlessly provocative.

27 Measuring Tools / Machinery's Reference Series Number 21 - Unknown
Auteur : Unknown
Genre : Classics
This book is perfectly adapted and layout for a pleasant reading on a tablet, smartphone or computer. To improve your reading experience,
this digital version has been edited and formatted according to the requirements of this platform.

28 The Operation, Care, and Repair of Farm Machinery - Anonymous
Auteur : Anonymous
Genre : Engineering
This book gives a brief but practical course in the operation, care, and repair of the more important farm implements. Contents Include: Power on the Farm; Preparation of the Seedbed; Planting; Cultivation; Harvesting; Soil Fertility.This book contains classic material dating back to the 1900s and before. The content has been carefully selected for its interest and relevance to a modern audience.

29 Life's Ratchet - Peter M. Hoffmann
Auteur : Peter M. Hoffmann
Genre : Life Sciences
Life is an enduring mystery. Yet, science tells us that living beings are merely sophisticated structures of lifeless molecules. If this view is correct, where do the seemingly purposeful motions of cells and organisms originate? In Life's Ratchet, physicist Peter M. Hoffmann locates the answer to this age-old question at the nanoscale.

Below the calm, ordered exterior of a living organism lies microscopic chaos, or what Hoffmann calls the molecular storm -- specialized molecules immersed in a whirlwind of colliding water molecules. Our cells are filled with molecular machines, which, like tiny ratchets, transform random motion into ordered activity, and create the "purpose" that is the hallmark of life. Tiny electrical motors turn electrical voltage into motion, nanoscale factories custom-build other molecular machines, and mechanical machines twist, untwist, separate

30 Rifle Marksmanship - Army, Department of the
Auteur : Army, Department of the
Genre : Sports & Outdoors
Rifle Marksmanship is the newly revised, official guide to planning and executing training on the M16-series rifles (M16A1, M16A2, M16A3, and M16A4) and M4 carbine. This handbook is developed by the US Army for commanders, leaders, and instructors to help create training programs and materials for soldiers to complete the United States Army rifle marksmanship program. It offers a comprehensive guide to the specifics and capabilities of each weapon and an introduction to the fundamentals of marksmanship, followed by complete guidance through each of the five stages of rifle marksmanship training. Topics covered include:
• Weapon Characteristics, Accessories, and Ammunition

• Range Safety and Risk Management

• Preliminary Marksmanship and Mechanical Training

• Advanced Optics, Lasers, and Iron Sights

• 10-Meter Targ

31 Marvelous Mattie - Emily Arnold McCully
Auteur : Emily Arnold McCully
Genre : Biography
With her sketchbook labeled My Inventions and her father's toolbox, Mattie could make almost anything – toys, sleds, and a foot warmer. When she was just twelve years old, Mattie designed a metal guard to prevent shuttles from shooting off textile looms and injuring workers. As an adult, Mattie invented the machine that makes the square-bottom paper bags we still use today. However, in court, a man claimed the invention was his, stating that she "could not possibly understand the mechanical complexities." Marvelous Mattie proved him wrong, and over the course of her life earned the title of "the Lady Edison."

With charming pen-and-ink and watercolor illustrations, this introduction to one of the most prolific female inventors will leave readers inspired.

Marvelous Mattie is a 2007 Bank Street - Best Children's Book of the Year.

32 The Machinery of Grain Production - With Information on Threshing, Seeding and Repairing the Machinery of Grain Production on the Farm - Various Authors
Auteur : Various Authors
Genre : Professional & Technical
This book is the ideal resource for anyone working in the field of grain production and working with farm machinery. The first half of this little guide deals with the principles of seed and grain harvesting. Includes concise information on harvesting and threshing methods, types and functional elements of combines, rubber rolls and cylinders - threshing, and sources of seed loss and seed damage. Also includes notes on cleaning, power sources and windrowing. The second half of this book is dedicated to the repair of farm machinery. It contains procedures in repairing the grain binder, repairing the binding attachment and repairing the grain drill. Includes comprehensive notes on how to remedy twine and knotter troubles.

33 Farm Machinery for Spraying and Dusting Crops - Various Authors
Auteur : Various Authors
Genre : Professional & Technical
Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing many of these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text

34 The VR Book - Jason Jerald
Auteur : Jason Jerald
Genre : Computers
Virtual reality (VR) potentially provides our minds with direct access to digital media in a way that at first seems to have no limits.However, creating compelling VR experiences is an incredibly complex challenge.When VR is done well, the results are brilliant and pleasurable experiences that go beyond what we can do in the real world.When VR is done badly, not only is the system frustrating to use, but sickness can result.Reasons for bad VR are numerous; some failures come from the limitations of technology, but many come from a lack of understanding perception, interaction, design principles, and real users. This book discusses such issues, focusing upon the human element of VR rather than technical implementation, for if we do not get the human element correct, then no amount of technology will make VR anything more than an interesting tool confined to research laboratories. Even whe

35 The Strategist - Gerrard Cowan
Auteur : Gerrard Cowan
Genre : Fantasy
Ruin is coming.

For ten millennia, the Machinery Selected the greatest leaders of humanity, bringing glory to the Overland. But the Machinery came with a Prophecy: in the 10,000th year, it will break, and Ruin will come.

Now, the Prophecy is being fulfilled. The Machinery has Selected a terrible being to rule the Overland, an immortal who cares little for the humans she governs. Some call her the Strategist. Others call her the One. Everyone knows her as Mother.

Mother will do anything to find the Machinery and finally bring Ruin. But only one creature knows where the Machinery is – the Dust Queen, an ancient being of three bodies and endless power.

And if Mother wants the Dust Queen’s help, she must ready herself for a game. A game from older times. A game of memory. A game in which mortals are nothing more than pawns.


36 U.S. Army Guide to Boobytraps - Department of the Army
Auteur : Department of the Army
Genre : Military
Little is more dangerous to U.S. forces fighting insurgents in hot spots around the world than improvised explosive devices. It’s the weapon of choice for under-funded forces aimed to attack American soldiers with low risk to themselves. This official U.S. manual is the complete guide to using and dismantling boobytraps.

Here you can learn how to assemble, use, detect, and remove boobytraps and demolition items in almost any situation. With intricate and detailed diagrams, you’ll discover how army troops can disguise boobytraps in household items such as irons, teapots, and televisions; in structures such as window frames, stairways, and wooden beams; and in outdoor areas, in bushes and underground. Find out how boobytraps work, why they are used in the army, and the tactics behind their set-up. Learn the mechanics of the various types of firing devices, detonators, fuses

37 Farm Machinery And Equipment - Harris Pearson Smith
Auteur : Harris Pearson Smith
Genre : Agriculture
The development of agricultural techniques and machinery has been central to the development of mankind, driving society and civilisation forward from hunter-gathering to the global world we live in today. This volume explores twentieth-century farming equipment, offering detailed descriptions and explanations coupled with photographs and illustrations. Highly recommenced for those with an interest in the development of modern agriculture. Contents include: Farm Machinery and Its Relation to Agriculture”, “Materials of Construction”, “Mechanics”, “Transmission and Power and Component Parts of Machines”, “Lubricants and Lubrication”, “Hydraulic Power Lifts and Rubber Tires”, “Selection of Farm Machinery”, “Tillage History and Requirements”, “Primary Tillage Equipment”, “Secondary Equipment”, “Weed-Control Equipment”, etc. Many vintage books such a

38 Science Comics: Robots and Drones - Mairghread Scott
Auteur : Mairghread Scott
Genre : Science & Nature
In factories! In the sky! In your cars and phones! In your own home! Robots are everywhere! And they have been for a lot longer than you might realize.

From tea-serving robots in feudal Japan to modern rovers exploring Mars, robots have been humanity's partners, helpers, and protectors for centuries! Join one of the world's earliest robots, a mechanical bird named Pouli, as he explores where robots came from, how they work, and where they’re going in this informative and hilarious new book! Ever dreamt of building your own best friend? It might be easier than you think!

Every volume of Science Comics offers a complete introduction to a particular topic—dinosaurs, coral reefs, the solar system, volcanoes, bats, flying machines, and more. These gorgeously illustrated graphic novels offer wildly entertaining views of their subjects. Whether you're a fourth grader d

39 The Fool and the Heretic - Todd Charles Wood & Darrel R. Falk
Auteur : Todd Charles Wood & Darrel R. Falk
Genre : Religion & Spirituality
The Fool and the Heretic is a deeply personal story told by two respected scientists who hold opposing views on the topic of origins, share a common faith in Jesus Christ, and began a sometimes-painful journey to explore how they can remain in Christian fellowship when each thinks the other is harming the church. To some in the church, anyone who accepts the theory of evolution has rejected biblical teaching and is therefore thought of as a heretic. To many outside the church as well as a growing number of evangelicals, anyone who accepts the view that God created the earth in six days a few thousand years ago must be poorly educated and ignorant--a fool. Todd Wood and Darrel Falk know what it's like to be thought of, respectively, as a fool and a heretic. This book shares their pain in wearing those labels, but more important, provides a model for how faithful Christians can hold opposi

40 Stop Smoking - Vern Benson
Auteur : Vern Benson
Genre : Self-Improvement
In his work, author Vern Benson defines the smoking problem, illuminating the reasons why resisting the urge to smoke is so often doomed to failure. He presents his program that is meant to guide the physical and mental machinery of the body, explaining how an individual can quit smoking by understanding the mechanics of both our body and mind to discover the "how" of the approach to smoking cessation.

Benson, former meteorologist, mathematician, and smoker, uses mathematics and science to explain how to break the habit of smoking. Bensonís new perspective is supported by examples to make the topic understandable, making his step-by-step system a powerful, logical resource that gently guides you to a successful end to your desire to smoke. 

41 The Memory - Gerrard Cowan
Auteur : Gerrard Cowan
Genre : Epic
The time of Ruin has come.

The meaning of the Prophecy is becoming clear at last: if Ruin cannot be stopped, all of memory will transform into nightmare.

In the tunnels of the Underland, a place of phantoms, monsters, and creatures of god-like power, Aranfal and Brandione are drawn into the game to end all games – a desperate search for the very first memory – while Canning and Drayn grapple with both ancient adversaries and their own abilities.

Hunting for a way to destroy Ruin, Brightling journeys into the heart of the Machinery. As she descends, though, she discovers that Ruin is already more powerful than anyone could have imagined.

The future – and the past – of the Overland will be reshaped as Gerrard Cowan’s mesmerizing epic of power, magic, and memory reaches its finale.


‘Webs of intrigue and a

42 Olmsted's Texas Journey - Frederick Law Olmsted
Auteur : Frederick Law Olmsted
Genre : United States
A reporter’s account of the people, culture, and terrain of Texas in the mid-1800s.

Frederick Olmsted was a journalist when he made his journey through Texas. Tasked with covering the state of slavery during the quiet years before the Civil War, he took copious notes about the people, places, and cultures of the Texas of his day. These notes, in the form of a journal, would become his seminal work, Olmsted’s Texas Journey.

In Olmsted’s Texas Journey, the reader gets to travel back in time and witness Texas as it once was, and see how today’s Texas, with its variety of peoples and traditions, still shares a deep connection to the richness of its past.

But his great Texas journey was in fact so much more. As he made his way to that great state, he took copious and wonderful notes of all the others he passed through. From Marylan

43 Handy Farm Equipment and How to Use It - Harry C. Ramsower
Auteur : Harry C. Ramsower
Genre : Lifestyle & Home
This classic guide presents practical information on virtually every aspect of farm equipment, machinery, and organization. Originally published in 1917, Handy Farm Equipment and How to Use It surveys every topic of importance to the challenge of equipping a successful and fully functional farm, including lighting the farm home, establishing sources of water, and arranging for sewage disposal for the farmhouse. Additional sections provide detailed discussions of such indispensable examples of farm equipment as tillage tools, seeding machinery, manure spreaders, grain binders, and corn harvesters.

Fully illustrated throughout with drawings, diagrams, plans, and photographs, Handy Farm Equipment and How to Use It will prove as interesting to the current farmer for its still-prudent advice on the timeless problems of farm management as it will to the history buff wh

44 How to Become a Mercenary - Barry Davies
Auteur : Barry Davies
Genre : Reference
For anyone who's ever considered a career as a warrior-for-hire—or who just wants to learn more about the lifestyle—How to Become a Mercenary is the ultimate guide to all the history, training, and equipment information you'll ever need!

Mercenaries—who are often trained as part of the best Special Forces, including American Delta Force, British SAS, French Foreign Legion, Marines, SBS, SEALs, and many others—perform one of the most dangerous and feared jobs in the world. Their task is to go into remote locations and remove their targets by any means necessary. They are “hired hands,” and have no remorse for their actions.

Now, along with Soldier of Fortune magazine, Barry Davies teaches you the training and knowledge that goes into being a mercenary, as well as the history of the profession and how it has evolved. How

45 The Systems Mindset - Sam Carpenter
Auteur : Sam Carpenter
Genre : Self-Improvement
Fix the machinery of your life . . . and serenity and wealth will follow.

Starkly compelling in its simplicity, in The Systems Mindset: Managing the Machinery of Your Life, Sam Carpenter expands on the core inspirational element of his business bestseller, Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less, now in its third edition.

Mindset is your path to quickly breaking free: to making a small tweak in how you see your world and then using that more accurate vision to get what you’ve always wanted from work, relationships, and health.

When the systems mindset epiphany strikes, you will instantly see the visible and invisible machinery that determines your existence. With this startling new perception, you’ll see that your world is not a confusing array of sights, sounds, and events and,

46 Referendum (Machinery Provisions) Act 1984 (Australia) (2018 Edition) - The Law Library
Auteur : The Law Library
Genre : Law
The Law Library presents the complete text of the Referendum (Machinery Provisions) Act 1984 (Australia) (2018 Edition).
Updated as of May 15, 2018

This ebook contains:
- The complete text of the Referendum (Machinery Provisions) Act 1984 (Australia) (2018 Edition)
- A dynamic table of content linking to each section
- A table of contents in introduction presenting a general overview of the structure

47 Brim Laundry Machinery Co. v. Washex Machinery Corp. - Second District, Fort Worth Court of Appeals of Texas
Auteur : Second District, Fort Worth Court of Appeals of Texas
Genre : Law
We grant appellants motion for rehearing, withdraw our prior opinion and judgment, dated March 31, 1993, and substitute this opinion so as to further analyze the merits of the dismissal for want of prosecution. In all other matters, this opinion is identical to the opinion of March 31, 1993.

48 Seville Industrial Machinery Corp. V. Southmost Machinery Corp. - United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
Auteur : United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
Genre : Law
Before: GIBBONS, HUNTER, Circuit Judges, and SYLVIA H. RAMBO,*fn* District Judge

49 Handbook of Shoe Factory Engineering - United Shoe Machinery Co.
Auteur : United Shoe Machinery Co.
Genre : Engineering
Handbook of Shoe Factory Engineering is a detailed guide to designing and equipping factories, especially those that produce leather boots and shoes. It covers all aspects that need to be considered in general factory construction and management, focusing on light, heat, power, equipment and interior organisation. This volume contains information that will of utility to anyone with a practical interest in factory management, but it will be of particular use to those interested in the development and evolution of shoe manufacturing techniques. Contents include: “Introduction”, “An Ideal Shoe Factory”, “The Building”, “Height”, “Altitude”, “Tower”, “Windows”, “Building Material”, “Pond Constitutes Sash in Sawtooth Roof Construction”, “Storage of Material”, “Humidifying Room”, “Descriptive Details of the Tempering Room”, “Power and Light”,

50 Road Machinery Manufacturing Company - Michiel R. Leenders
Auteur : Michiel R. Leenders
Genre : Business & Personal Finance
A manufacturer of construction parts spends $150,000 annually on courier services. When the courier threatens to stop shipments because the required $10,000 deposit has not been maintained, one of the company's owners decided to switch couriers. The new courier is late in delivering a vital component, nearly causing a production shutdown. The materials manager wants to recommend that the company return to the previous courier service. He needs to consider that the owner is a principled person, who favored the new courier. As well, the company has had layoffs and pay cuts. Although he had been a long-term employee and is satisfied with his work, the manager needs to determine whether he should approach the issue at the next management meeting or simply allow the situation to be the sole responsibility of the owner.
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