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1 The Day of Judgment - Harun Yahya
Auteur : Harun Yahya
Genre : Islam
Discusses the day when we shall be judged by Allah with regards to our deeds, both good and bad; this book seeks to remind people that they should use the opportunity they have in this life to earn the good pleasure of Allah, before it's too late, and for us to be grateful to the blessings our Lord has given us.


2 A Judgement in Stone - Ruth Rendell
Auteur : Ruth Rendell
Genre : Policier et suspense
Four members of the Coverdale family - George, Jacqueline, Melinda and Giles - died in the space of fifteen minutes on the 14th February, St Valentine's Day. Eunice Parchman, the housekeeper, shot them down on a Sunday evening while they were watching opera on television. Two weeks later she was arrested for the crime. But the tragedy neither began nor ended there...

4,99 €

3 Judgement In Death - J. D. Robb
Auteur : J. D. Robb
Genre : Policier et suspense
She stood in Purgatory and studied death. The blood and the gore of it, the ferocity of its glee. It had come to this place with the wilful temper of a child, full of heat and passion and careless brutality.' In an uptown strip joint a cop is found bludgeoned to death. The weapon's a baseball bat. The motive is a mystery. It's a case of serious overkill that pushes Eve Dallas straight into overdrive. Her investigation uncovers a private club that's more than a hot spot. Purgatory's a last chance for atonement where everyone is judged. Where your ultimate fate depends on your most intimate sins. And where one cop's hidden secrets are about to plunge innocent souls into vice-ridden damnation.

4,49 €

4 Clay's Hope - Melissa Haag
Auteur : Melissa Haag
Genre : Paranormal
Clay is a man of few human talents. As a wolf, he hunts well and can fight off a grizzly twice his size, but has no aspirations. The idea of a Mate isn’t something he has ever seriously entertained. Dreamed about, maybe, but he knows the chances are nearly non-existent.

Then he meets Gabby, a human girl. She hates him at first sight, yet he can’t let her go. Who he was is no longer important. Now, who he needs to become to win her over is the only thing that matters.

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6 Bleach - Tome 69 - Tite Kubo
Auteur : Tite Kubo
Genre : Action
Alors que Rukia et les autres ne sont pas encore remis du choc de l’apparition d’Aizen, voilà que les Stern Ritter survivants se présentent devant eux ! Pendant ce temps Ichigo, qui a été éjecté du Palais Royal, est reparti pour y rejoindre Yhwach. Et en chemin, il fait de drôles de retrouvailles !

4,99 €

7 Love Is Letting Go of Fear, Third Edition - Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D. & Jack Keeler
Auteur : Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D. & Jack Keeler
Genre : Développement personnel
After more than thirty years, Love Is Letting of Fear continues to be among the most widely read and best-loved classics on personal transformation. Both helpful and hopeful, this little gem of a guide offers twelve lessons to help us let go of the past and stay focused on the present as we step confidently toward the future.
Renowned all over the world as the founder of Attitudinal Healing, Dr. Gerald Jampolsky reminds us that the impediments to the life we long for are nothing more than the limitations imposed on us by our own minds. Revealing our true selves, the essence of which is love, is ultimately a matter of releasing those limited--and limiting--thoughts and setting our minds free.
Love Is Letting of Fear has guided millions of readers along the path of self-healing with its deeply powerful yet profoundly humble message. Embrace

8,49 €

8 Predictably Irrational - Dan Ariely
Auteur : Dan Ariely
Genre : Psychologie
Why do smart people make irrational decisions every day? The answers will surprise you. Predictably Irrational is an intriguing, witty and utterly original look at why we all make illogical decisions.

Why can a 50p aspirin do what a 5p aspirin can't? If an item is "free" it must be a bargain, right? Why is everything relative, even when it shouldn't be? How do our expectations influence our actual opinions and decisions?

In this astounding book, behavioural economist Dan Ariely cuts to the heart of our strange behaviour, demonstrating how irrationality often supplants rational thought and that the reason for this is embedded in the very structure of our minds.

Predicatably Irrational brilliantly blends everyday experiences with a series of illuminating and often surprising experiments, that will change your understanding of human behaviour. And, by recogn

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9 Judgment - Joseph Finder
Auteur : Joseph Finder
Genre : Policier et suspense

'STUNNING' Peter James.
'FANTASTIC' Martina Cole.
'TERRIFIC' Ian Rankin.
'TIMELY' Karin Slaughter.
'TWISTY' J.P. Delaney.
'EXQUISITE' David Baldacci.

It was just one night. But it was a night that would destroy everything.

Judge Juliana Brody is a woman with principles. She is happily married, she doesn't drink, she doesn't lose control. She definitely doesn't sleep with a handsome stranger at a law convention. Except that, last night, that is exactly what she did.

Matias understands that if anyone found out about their one-night stand, it would destroy Juliana's marriage and, most likely, her career. They agree that they will never see each other again.

And then, a week later, he walks into her courtroom.

3,99 €

10 Who Says You Can’t? You Do - Daniel Chidiac
Auteur : Daniel Chidiac
Genre : Développement personnel

Do you want to change your life? Well, who says you can't? Would you be surprised to learn that the only person stopping you achieving what you want in life is yourself? Why do you think there are so few people living their dream and millions of others slipping further away from theirs with every day that passes?

Daniel Chidiac's writing has touched millions of people worldwide and helps to transform thousands of lives daily. By opening Who Says You Can't? You Do, you embark on a psychological and emotional journey that will unlock your true potential.

This challenging and extraordinarily rewarding book is the ultimate guide to discovering the fulfilment you have been searching for your whole life.

Who Says You Can't? You Do is a psychological and

0,99 €

11 Situational Judgment Sample Tests - EU EPSO Tests Series - Training4EU Publishing Team
Auteur : Training4EU Publishing Team
Genre : Outils pédagogiques
Situational Judgement Test: This test requires candidates to choose the most favorable and least favorable course of action in a given situation. Candidates are expected to have a basic understanding of corporate culture and code of conduct to successfully pass the test. There are 20 situational judgement questions in a competition, and the allocated time is 30 minutes. Situational Judgement Test: This test requires candidates to choose the most favorable and least favorable course of action in a given situation. Candidates are expected to have a basic understanding of corporate culture and code of conduct to successfully pass the test. There are 20 situational judgement questions in a competition, and the allocated time is 30 minutes.

Training 4EU Team provides Coaching and Training Services on potential candidates who would like to become tomorrow’s permanen


12 Judgment Detox - Gabrielle Bernstein
Auteur : Gabrielle Bernstein
Genre : Développement personnel
“Gabrielle is the real thing. I respect her work immensely.” —Dr. Wayne Dyer
“A new role model.” —The New York Times
“I came to one of Bernstein’s monthly lectures and got my first look at the woman I’d one day unabashedly refer to as ‘my guru.’” —Elle

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Gabrielle Bernstein comes a clear, proactive, step-by-step process to release the beliefs that hold you back from living a better life.

This six-step practice offers many promises. Petty resentments will disappear, compassion will replace attack, the energy of resistance will transform into freedom and you’ll feel more peace and happiness than you’ve ever known. I can testify to these results because I’ve lived them. I’ve never felt more freedom and joy than I have when writing and p

11,99 €

13 Judgement and Wrath - Matt Hilton
Auteur : Matt Hilton
Genre : Policier et suspense
'Some call me a vigilante. I just think I've got problems to fix.'
Joe Hunter doesn't like bullies. He reallydoesn't like men who abuse women. So protecting Bradley Jorgenson from a professional hitman is not Joe's dream job. Contract killer Dantalion takes his work very seriously. He has a talent for killing and a book in which he obsessively numbers each of his victims.
Which adds up to one hell of a body count . . .

0,99 €

14 The Eagle Has Landed - Jack Higgins
Auteur : Jack Higgins
Genre : Policier et suspense
The Eagle Has Landed, by international bestselling author Jack Higgins, is the ultimate WWII thriller.

In the early morning hours of 6 November 1943, SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler receives the coded message he has been waiting for: 'The Eagle has landed'.

It was to become known as the most daring enemy mission of the entire war: Operation Eagle, Himmler's audacious plan to kidnap Winston Churchill on British soil.

But, despite spectacular secrecy, there was to be no surrender without a fight . . .

For in that remote corner of Norfolk, an elite unit is gathered together. Ready to do battle for a nation against the most ruthless task force ever assembled.

First published in 1975, The Eagle Has Landed is a classic tale of the ultimate act of wartime treachery, and one of the bestselling thrillers of all time. E

8,49 €

15 Necromunda: The Book of Judgement - Games Workshop
Auteur : Games Workshop
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
Necromunda is a world rife with lawlessness but the denizens of the underhive know the difference between the ongoing gang squabbles and true crime.

Expand your games of Necromunda with a wealth of new rules to add even more variety, scope and excitement to your battles in the underhive. With this book you can explore the never-ending conflict between elite officers of the law and the vast criminal organisations and enterprises of Necromunda.


– Crime on Necromunda: Extensive background on the vast criminal organisations and enterprises of Necromunda
– Palanite Enforcers: Rules for fielding these elite officers of the law in Necromunda
– Criminal Alliances: Rules for forming alliances with criminal organisations
– New Campaign: The Law and Misrule campaign presents a new way to play as gangs fight over control o

32,99 €

16 Judgement of the Six Series Bundle, Books 1-3 - Melissa Haag
Auteur : Melissa Haag
Genre : Paranormal
Every millennia, six uniquely gifted women are born to keep the balance between the races. While humans think they are alone, the werewolves are barely surviving. Their numbers were cut long ago by an event they no longer remember. An event started by a third race that remains hidden, biding their time until the war between the three can start anew. The time for Judgement has begun again.

This bundle contains Books 1-3:
Hope(less) -
In a world filled with people, Gabby is uniquely alone. The tiny glowing sparks filling her mind confirm it. Her thirst for answers leads her into a hidden society of werewolves where she learns she's one of six unique women who play a special role in shaping the future of our world.

(Mis)fortune -
Kept prisoner for the predictions that tormented her, Michelle meekly follows orders, waiting for her opportunity to run. Afte

0,99 €

17 (Un)wise - Melissa Haag
Auteur : Melissa Haag
Genre : Paranormal
The dreams start, and Bethi’s very normal life goes down the toilet. She soon realizes the dreams are actually memories from past lives… and not just hers. She sees the lives of other women like her.

The recalled memories follow the same terrifying pattern: Dog-men chase her, and she sees her eventual tormented death. Learning from the past, Bethi sets out to find a way to live this time around. The dreams hint at an answer.

She needs to be strong enough to find it or die… again.

3,99 €

18 Critique of Judgement - Immanuel Kant
Auteur : Immanuel Kant
Genre : Philosophie
German philosopher and significant 18th century late Enlightenment thinker Immanuel Kant wrote "Critique of Judgment" in 1790 to solidify his ideas on aesthetics. Divided into two sections, one on aesthetic judgment and the other on teleological judgment, "Critique" proceeds to analyze the human experience of the beautiful and the sublime. From the effect of art and nature to the role of imagination, from objectivity of taste to the limits of representation, Kant investigates a myriad of factors that determine aesthetics. He continues with the connection of aesthetic with morality, disinterestedness, and originality, and consistently bears in mind the interests of reason in his writing. Kant ultimately had a profound impact on the artists, authors, and other philosophers of both the classical and romantic periods, establishing in "Critique" a milestone in critical

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19 Judgement on the House of God - John Holland & Robert Thomson
Auteur : John Holland & Robert Thomson
Genre : Religion et spiritualité
This book presents a prophetic warning of God’s judgment on the church. “For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God” 1 Peter 4:17
For centuries the church has been subjected to an overwhelming assault from the power of Antichrist. “And it was granted to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them.” Revelation 13:7 As a result of this attack, the church has been contaminated with apostasy, and left powerless to witness to an ailing world.
The church must face the Lord’s judgment and be purged and refined. This is so that it might effectively receive the “latter rain” of revival and restoration.
God has revealed His purposes to “His servants the prophets” Amos 3:7, and has instructed them to warn His children. The burden of their message at this time is to “Come out of her, My people, (i.e. to come out of the apostasy in th


20 The Sixth Chakra Healing Book - Discover Your Hidden Forces of Transformation To Heal Chronic Disillusionment, Feeling Out of Control, Poor Judgement, Lack of Discernment Obsessive Compulsive Behavior - KG Stiles
Auteur : KG Stiles
Genre : Spiritualité
SIXTH (Ajna) BROW CHAKRA - What It Is + What It Does + Signs of Imbalance and How to Heal with Color and Sound Healing, Affirmations and Mantras, Aromatherapy, Yoga Asanas, Chakra Massage™, Crystals, Gemstones and more 

Your sixth chakra is the energy center of cosmic intelligence and the power of clear sight or clairvoyance. Key Archetypes: Divine Mind, Divine Knowledge, Higher Wisdom. Learn all about the function and purpose of your sixth chakra, where it's located, associated body parts, symptoms of imbalance (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), and the simplest, most effective ways to restore balance and health for your sixth chakra. 

“…goes way beyond other sources of information about the chakra system by offering clear, simple, and straightforward suggestions for working with these energy centers in a multitude of ways. KG Stiles has done

1,99 €

21 Octavian's Undoing - Airicka Phoenix
Auteur : Airicka Phoenix
Genre : Fantasy
(New Adult, contains language and sexual content. 18+)

No good deed goes unpunished.

Riley Masters learns this the hard way when she finds a wallet and decides to do the right thing. But returning it will cost her much more than she bargains for.

Abandoned by her mother, raised by an indifferent father, Riley has accepted the fact that she would be alone always. She has no idea that a single act of kindness would propel her into a world where creatures that shouldn’t exist guard the human race from the demons that lurk in the shadows. That it will cost her the lives of those she loves while unearthing a destiny she never imagined with a man who is forbidden to love her. She finds passion, romance and the family she’d been searching for her entire life, but at what cost and what is she willing to sacrifice to find answers and happiness?


0,99 €

22 Free Grace Broadcaster - Issue 210 - Day of Judgment - Isaac Ambrose, Abraham Booth, John Newton, Edward Payson, Jonathan Edwards, William Plumer, J. C. Ryle, Samuel Davies & David Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Auteur : Isaac Ambrose, Abraham Booth, John Newton, Edward Payson, Jonathan Edwards, William Plumer, J. C. Ryle, Samuel Davies & David Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Genre : Étude biblique
Another quality eBook from Chapel Library. Read about the Day of Judgment with this issue of the Free Grace Broadcaster. Articles include: The Day for Which All Other Days Were Made, William Plumer (1802-1880). Wheat or Chaff, J. C. Ryle(1816-1900): you are in one of the two categories. Jesus Christ the Judge, Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758): the majestic Person and character of the Judge of all. The General Resurrection, Samuel Davies (1723-1761): a breathtaking vision of the resurrection. The Books Opened, the Sentence Pronounced and Executed, Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758). In Thy Presence Is Fullness of Joy, Isaac Ambrose (1604-1664): Christ meeting His elect at the Great Day. Come Ye Blessed of My Father, Abraham Booth (1734-1806). Judgment and the Sins of Believers, John Newton (1725-1807): Will God expose and judge the sins of believers? Free from the Fear of Judgment, David Martyn Llo


23 Judgement - David Rory O'Neill
Auteur : David Rory O'Neill
Genre : Romans et littérature
Lauren was safer now and Bonny didn’t worry for her the way she now worried about Daniel. Daniel had never found his escape. He was still trapped by his overwhelming sense of responsibility and his inability to be as self-centred and single-minded as Lauren.
He took on the responsibility for all he cared for and sacrificed his own desire for peace of mind and health of body. He still suffered that dreadful burden of guilt laid on his life so thickly by his monster of a mother. He tried to bend and not break and he tried to understand and mend himself. To protect his family from his pain and confusions but it wasn’t working.
Daniel had been near death after being shot getting his children back from their kidnapping ordeal. He stood on the edge of the abyss and killed many as he came close to the madness that is revenge. He’d crossed that line briefly and now he was afraid

2,99 €

24 Judgement - Mark Latham
Auteur : Mark Latham
Genre : SF et fantasy
In the wake of the defection of many of his battle-brothers, Chapter Master Konstantos of the Doom Legion plays host to an inquisitor sent to check upon the purity of the remaining warriors. But Konstantos is hiding a secret in the depths of his star fortress, a secret that could consign the entire Chapter to oblivion if it is discovered.

A 1,000 word Doom Legion short story by Mark Latham.

1,49 €

25 Judgement - Mike Jones
Auteur : Mike Jones
Genre : Policier et suspense
A short story for adults. “You have been found guilty of murder of the worse kind...”
It has been a long time coming but finally justice has been served.

0,99 €

26 Judgement - Stephen Ebanks
Auteur : Stephen Ebanks
Genre : Christianisme
To the lover of reading, metaphor and meditation

Enjoy your Poem!!


27 Judgement - James Sweeney & Diana Bourisaw
Auteur : James Sweeney & Diana Bourisaw
Genre : Éducation
With practical tools and strategies, this book assists readers in identifying their own thinking styles and shows how to overcome roadblocks to good judgment.

12,99 €

28 Judgement - Mike Jones
Auteur : Mike Jones
Genre : Nouvelles
A short story for adults. “You have been found guilty of murder of the worse kind...”
It has been a long time coming but finally justice has been served.

0,99 €

29 Judgement - Hayley Camille
Auteur : Hayley Camille
Genre : Nouvelles
In the shadow of Mortwood Forest dwells the most prolific murderer of the Kingdom. The curse he carries, however, may also make him their saviour.

In a world where magic is lost and innocence is stolen, a prophecy begins. The darkest intentions hidden within every man's soul are exposed, as Shadows and Light, and only one has the power to Judge them.

But he is not what you expect...


30 (Sur)real - Melissa Haag
Auteur : Melissa Haag
Genre : Paranormal
My sisters hate their gifts, but they don’t know how lucky they are. They have a home and family. I have nothing. But, I am Courage, and I know my purpose. I exist for one reason only: to complete the Judgement.

Olivia is blind, yet sees. And what she sees, she keeps to herself. Her father conspires for control while Olivia does her own plotting with forces that only she understands. Now, time is running out, and choices that will impact the world must be made.

3,99 €

31 The Ten-Year-Old Judgment - Manu Priyadarshi
Auteur : Manu Priyadarshi
Genre : Criminologie
Find out what happens to an insurance agent turned burglar after he is charged with a murder, ten years later.


32 Judgment on the Front Line - Chris DeRose & Noel M. Tichy
Auteur : Chris DeRose & Noel M. Tichy
Genre : Management et direction
Front-line employees who deal directly with customers are the face of any organization. Not only do they have the most impact on how a brand is perceived, but they are also the most valuable source of insight into what customers want and how to give it to them. Unfortunately, as management experts Chris DeRose and Noel M. Tichy explain, most organizations don't know how to evaluate the risk of giving employees more autonomy. Many of those who are willing to try haven't even invested resources in ensuring that-once the shackles are off-front-line employees make good judgments. Tichy and DeRose offer powerful examples of front-line leadership, such as: How Zappos trusts its people to do anything in service of a customer, including providing free product or reimbursing for mistakes How Mayo Clinic of Arizona enabled its nurses to challenge the hierarchy in order to improve patient ca

3,99 €

33 Judgment Begins With the House of God - Christ of the Last Days
Auteur : Christ of the Last Days
Genre : Christianisme
Almighty God, Christ of the last days, has expressed words to judge, purify and save people, and He has done the work of judgment beginning with the house of God.  Almighty God has appeared in the East of the world with righteousness, majesty, wrath, and chastisement, and He has revealed Himself to the myriad hosts of humanity! This fulfills the words in 1 Peter 4:17, “For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God.


34 Judgment - Joseph Finder
Auteur : Joseph Finder
Genre : Policier et suspense
**The Instant NEW YORK TIMES Bestseller**

New York Times
 bestselling author Joseph Finder returns with an explosive new thriller
 about a female judge and the one personal misstep that could lead to her—and her family's—downfall.

It was nothing more than a one-night stand. Juliana Brody, a judge in the Superior Court of Massachusetts, is rumored to be in consideration for the federal circuit, maybe someday the highest court in the land. At a conference in a Chicago hotel, she meets a gentle, vulnerable man and has an unforgettable night with him—something she’d never done before. They part with an explicit understanding that this must never happen again.

But back home in Boston, Juliana realizes that this was no random encounter. The man from Chicago proves to have an integral role in a case she's presiding o

7,99 €

35 Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy - Michael Collins Piper
Auteur : Michael Collins Piper
Genre : Politique et actualité
Arguably this is the best analysis in existence of one of the most pivotal crimes of the Twentieth Century. It is also a vital expose of the hidden real power structure of America whose virulent poison has been steadily spreading corruption throughout our increasingly distressed country.

President John F. Kennedy tried to prevent Israel from acquiring nuclear weapons. He even planned a military strike to prevent an Israeli-Red Chinese scientific partnership from building the first atomic bombs for China and Israel. He sought to thwart the CIA-Mossad-Meyer Lansky partnership that controlled the heroin trade stemming from the Golden Triangle. He tried to pull U.S. troops out of Vietnam and even transferred control of Cold War espionage operations from the CIA to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff after the CIA's Bay of Pigs disaster. Through his support of Algerian indepe

4,49 €

36 Learning to Love - Eileen Caddy & David Earl Platts
Auteur : Eileen Caddy & David Earl Platts
Genre : Développement personnel
An insightful guide for consciously bringing compassion and love into your life

• Explores feelings, attitudes, beliefs, and past experiences that block us from loving and receiving love

• Includes deceptively simple yet profound exercises, meditations, and visualizations to support the exploration of your inner world

• Explains how these principles and techniques originated in Roberto Assagioli’s system of psychosynthesis, enriched by the Findhorn experience of living in community

Every person is born with the capacity to love. Over time, however, many of us have built barriers within ourselves as a reaction to painful experiences, and following these, we often develop fears, beliefs, and behaviors that keep these barriers firmly in place.

The primary lesson in life is to learn to love, and this starts right on our door

8,99 €

37 Gideon's Promise - Airicka Phoenix
Auteur : Airicka Phoenix
Genre : Action et aventure
His love will become her curse.

For centuries, Gideon has kept his secret, knowing that it could mean the life of the woman whose very heartbeat was his reason for living. But when Veil Creatures are slaughtered in their homes by those sworn to protect them, it may be up to him to save those he loves from a fate worse than death. What he doesn’t expect is the betrayal and a choice that could leave his family devastated.

Valkyrie Devereaux believes only in the power of justice, loyalty and obeying the laws of her people. Love was something to be feared and she had been taught long ago that anything that could make you weak, needed to be eliminated. But when she is assigned to join the Casters of the north in hunting down the creatures killing the innocent, even she can’t help the twang of longing for something that goes against everything she was raised to believ

0,99 €

38 The Quite Nice and Fairly Accurate Good Omens Script Book - Neil Gaiman
Auteur : Neil Gaiman
Genre : Arts du spectacle
Neil Gaiman’s complete original scripts for the highly anticipated six-episode original series, adapted from the classic novel he wrote with Terry Pratchett.

First published nearly thirty years ago, the novel Good Omens has sold more than five million copies worldwide and is beloved by Gaiman and Pratchett fans alike. Collected here are Neil Gaiman’s original scripts for the Good Omens television series, offering readers deeper insight into Gaiman’s brilliant new adaptation of a masterwork.

A tale of good and evil and the end of the world, Good Omens stars Michael Sheen as the angel Aziraphale; David Tennant as the demon Crowley; and Jon Hamm as the archangel Gabriel, as well as Anna Maxwell Martin, Josie Lawrence, Adria Arjona, Michael McKean, Jack Whitehall, Miranda Richardson, and Nick Offerman.

4,99 €

39 Superforecasting - Philip Tetlock & Dan Gardner
Auteur : Philip Tetlock & Dan Gardner
Genre : Sciences sociales

'A manual for thinking clearly in an uncertain world. Read it.' Daniel Kahneman

What if we could improve our ability to predict the future?

Everything we do involves forecasts about how the future will unfold. Whether buying a new house or changing job, designing a new product or getting married, our decisions are governed by implicit predictions of how things are likely to turn out. The problem is, we're not very good at it.

In a landmark, twenty-year study, Wharton professor Philip Tetlock showed that the average expert was only slightly better at predicting the future than a layperson using random guesswork. Tetlock's latest project – an unprecedented, government-funded forecasting tournament involving over a millio

9,49 €

40 Dial M for Murdoch - Martin Hickman & Tom Watson
Auteur : Martin Hickman & Tom Watson
Genre : Science politique
'This book uncovers the inner workings of one of the most powerful companies in the world: how it came to exert a poisonous, secretive influence on public life in Britain, how it used its huge power to bully, intimidate and cover up, and how its exposure has changed the way we look at our politicians, our police service and our press.'

Rupert Murdoch's newspapers had been hacking phones, blagging information and casually destroying people's lives for years, but it was only after a trivial report about Prince William's knee in 2005 that detectives stumbled on a criminal conspiracy. A five-year cover-up then concealed and muddied the truth. Dial M for Murdoch gives the first connected account of the extraordinary lengths to which the Murdochs' News Corporation went to "put the problem in a box" (in James Murdoch's words), how its efforts to maintain and extend its power were aid

9,49 €

41 Childhood Obesity - Clinical Judgement, Raising Health
Auteur : Clinical Judgement, Raising Health
Genre : Éducation
Educating parents on tips and strategies to keep their children healthy and prevent childhood obesity.


42 'Judgement - The Devils of D-Day - The Return' - Christopher E.Howard
Auteur : Christopher E.Howard
Genre : Horreur
Paranormal/ Horror novel.

Youths on the rampage; sensless attacks on pensioners...and the bungled theft of an especial tome. And the stage is set for a series of events that will lead to anarchy and mayhem on an unprecedented scale!

'Judgement has come...' 

3,49 €

43 The Critique of Judgement (Part One, The Critique of Aesthetic Judgement) - Immanuel Kant
Auteur : Immanuel Kant
Genre : Philosophie
Contained in this volume is the first part of Immanuel Kant's "Critique of Judgement", which is subtitled "The Critique of Aesthetic Judgement" and in which Kant discusses aesthetics and how as humans we decide what is beautiful and how in turn we respond to that beauty. Immanuel Kant, considered by many to be one of the most important philosophers of all time gives us much to consider on the nature of beauty in this intriguing exposition on the subject.

3,49 €

44 Amanda Knox and Justice in the Age of Judgment - Anne Bremner
Auteur : Anne Bremner
Genre : Criminologie
Amanda Knox’s case was the first of its kind. This is the inside story of how Anne Bremner had to call upon all her experience—with Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson, and Mark Kay Letourneau—to save an innocent girl’s life.

The trial of Amanda Knox and her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, for the murder of Meredith Kercher has been called the trial of the decade. Tabloids across the world were enthralled—the idea of an American murdering a British exchange student in a sex ritual was as juicy as they come, lack of evidence be damned—and the case remains popular culture, spawning Netflix’s Amanda Knox documentary and Knox’s New York Times bestselling memoir, Waiting to Be Heard.

Those around Knox turned to Anne Bremner, an accomplished Seattle attorney and frequent legal analyst for the media, for Knox’s defense. Bremner’s real

45 A Lapse in Judgment - Franck Biancarelli & Denis Robert
Auteur : Franck Biancarelli & Denis Robert
Genre : BD et mangas
Any resemblance to persons living or dead or actual events would be strangely coincidental... In a town in the east of France, Sylvestre Ruppert-Levansky, a president of the circuit court, begins his last trial, in the same place his career began. Everything here reminds him of Rachel, his first love, and most of all, Mathilde, a manipulative, diabolic serial killer. The old magistrate has a spotless reputation. He is considered tolerant and fair. But then a police officer from his past asks to see him. Perhaps the legend of Sylvestre, the eminent judge, isn't so cut and dry... In a gripping tale full of surprises, Denis Robert and Franck Biancarelli reinvent the thriller.

46 Judgement at Stoney Creek - Bridget Moran
Auteur : Bridget Moran
Genre : Sciences sociales
Judgement at Stoney Creek has been released in a new edition of an aboriginal studies classic: an engrossing look at the investigation into the hit-and-run death of Coreen Thomas, a young Native woman in her ninth month of pregnancy, at the wheels of a car driven by a young white man in central BC. The resulting inquest into what might have been just another small-town tragedy turned into an inquiry of racial tensions, both implicit and explicit, that surfaced not only on country backroads but in the courtroom as well, revealing a dual system of justice that treated whites and aboriginals differently. First published in 1990, Judgement at Stoney Creek has been hailed for its moving and deeply personal depiction of a controversial subject that continues to make news today?how the justice system has failed Canada's aboriginal people. This new edition includes a new preface by

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47 Judgement and the Epistemic Foundation of Logic - Maria van der Schaar
Auteur : Maria van der Schaar
Genre : Philosophie
This compelling reevaluation of the relationship between logic and knowledge affirms the key role that the notion of judgement must play in such a review. The commentary repatriates the concept of judgement in the discussion, banished in recent times by the logical positivism of Wittgenstein, Hilbert and Schlick, and the Platonism of Bolzano. The volume commences with the insights of Swedish philosopher Per Martin-Löf, the father of constructive type theory, for whom logic is a demonstrative science in which judgement is a settled feature of the landscape. His paper opens the first of four sections that examine, in turn, historical philosophical assessments of judgement and reason; their place in early modern philosophy; the notion of judgement and logical theory in Wolff, Kant and Neo-Kantians like Windelband; their development in the Husserlian phenomenological paradigm; and the work

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48 Night Judgement at Sinos - Jack Higgins
Auteur : Jack Higgins
Genre : Policier et suspense
The island of Sinos. Strategically positioned between Greece and Turkey, this small Mediterranean isle is a relic of the past--an old Turkish stronghold fortified by the Nazis during World War II. Now it has become a prison for political offenders from the Greek mainland. A fortress of grim solitude andsecrets, Sinos is the last place anyone would voluntarily enter--but deep sea diver Jack Savage has little choice. After losing his boat in a suspicious explosion, Savage is approached by shipping magnate Dimitri Aleko. The multi-millionaire has taken an extreme interest in Savage's background as a Royal Marine Commando and his expertise in underwater sabotage. Aleko also has a job for Savage: masterminding the ultimate breakout...For on the prison island of Sinos, one man holds the fate of thousands in his hands. And Jack Savage is the key to unlocking that fate.

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49 The Judgement - Franz Kafka
Auteur : Franz Kafka
Genre : Contes de fées, mythes et fables
"The Judgment" ("Das Urteil") is a short story written by Franz Kafka in 1912, concerning the relationship between a man and his father.(Excerpt from Wikipedia)

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50 Green in Judgement Cold in Blood - Peter Abadie
Auteur : Peter Abadie
Genre : Histoire
Assassination is the template that binds this work together. Whether it’s the murder of the modern world through a political miscalculation during the Cuban missile crisis or through mistakes made in Indochina, the result would be the same. The individual assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, innocent Russian peasants, Ngo Diem of Vietnam, his brother, Nhu, and even the Empress of Hungary, is a replete theme that hovers throughout the novel. The self-immolation by a Buddhist monk and the attempted assassinations of Fidel Castro, his brother Raul, and Che Guevara, adds considerable spice to the murderous stew.
Couched behind most scenes are the actions of the four sets of brothers. Whether it’s the Kennedy, the Bundy, the Castro, or the Ngo Dinh brothers, their insatiable desire to rule was paramount in most of their decisions and in two of the four sets, it led t

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