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1 Angle of Investigation - Michael Connelly
Auteur : Michael Connelly
Genre : Policier et suspense
In CHRISTMAS EVEN, the case of a burglar killed in mid-heist leads Bosch to retrace a link to his past. In FATHER'S DAY, Bosch investigates a young boy's seemingly accidental death and confronts his own fears as a father. In ANGLE OF INVESTIGATION, Bosch delves into one of the first homicides he ever worked back as a uniformed rookie patrolman, a case that was left unsolved for decades.

Together, these gripping stories span Bosch's controversial career at the LAPD and show the evolution of the haunted, legendary investigator he would become. Utterly unputdownable, they are proof that 'Connelly is a crime writing genius' INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY.

0,99 €

2 The President is Missing - President Bill Clinton & James Patterson
Auteur : President Bill Clinton & James Patterson
Genre : Policier et suspense
SOON TO BE A MAJOR TV SERIES STARRING DAVID OYELOWO ‘The dream team delivers big time … Clinton’s insider secrets and Patterson’s storytelling genius make this the political thriller of the decade.’ – Lee Child ________________________________ The President is missing. As an unprecedented cyberterrorist attack cripples the United States, the President must face an unthinkable truth: There is a traitor in his Cabinet. His life is in danger. And the only way to stay ahead of the shadowy forces tearing at the heart of America is to go off the grid, leaving behind his presidential protection. The President must go missing – and he may never resurface… Set over the course of three days that shake a nation to its core, The President is Missing sheds a stunning light upon the inner workings and vulnerabilities of the American government. Filled with information that only a forme

6,99 €

3 Red Mist - Patricia Cornwell
Auteur : Patricia Cornwell
Genre : Policier et suspense
The nineteenth book in the Kay Scarpetta series, from No. 1 bestselling author Patricia Cornwell.

'America's most chilling writer of crime fiction' The Times

Kay Scarpetta has arranged to meet an inmate at the high-security Georgia Prison for Women. The prisoner is a convicted sex offender and the mother of a vicious and diabolically brilliant killer.

Against advice, Scarpetta is determined to hear this woman out - she believes she may hold some answers to the murder of her former deputy. But soon she finds connections to a string of grisly killings, including the slaughter of a Savannah family years earlier. She can see a pattern to these killings, but who is behind them and why?

As she learns more, Scarpetta is compelled to conclude that this is only the beginning of something far more destructive: a terrifying terrain of

4,49 €
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5 Careless Love - Peter Robinson
Auteur : Peter Robinson
Genre : Policier et suspense
His fans include Stephen King, Michael Connelly, Tess Gerritsen, Ian Rankin, and Louise Penney. He has won acclaim and numerous international prizes and awards, including the Edgar. Now, Peter Robinson, one of the world’s greatest suspense writers, returns with a powerful mystery in which his legendary Detective Superintendent Alan Banks must solve two perplexing crimes.

Two suspicious deaths challenge DS Alan Banks and his crack investigative team.

A young local student’s body is found in an abandoned car on a lonely country road. The death looks like suicide, but there are too many open questions for Banks and his team to rule out foul play. The victim didn’t own a car. She didn’t even drive. How did she get there? Where—and when—did she die? Did someone move her, and if so, why?

A man in his sixties is found dead in a gully up on the wild

5,49 €

6 Investigations (Tome 1) - L’homme de l’ombre - HelenKay Dimon
Auteur : HelenKay Dimon
Genre : Contemporain
Depuis plus de dix ans, Emery recherche en vain sa cousine Tiffany, disparue du jour au lendemain sans laisser de traces. Son enquête l’amène à se tourner vers Wren, un homme intriguant qui agit secrètement pour le compte de grands noms de la politique. Il semble être le seul à pouvoir résoudre cette énigme. Mais ce professionnel au passé trouble a bien des raisons de rester dans l’anonymat. Prendra-t-il le risque de s’exposer aux regards des autres afin de retrouver Tiffany? Pour aider Emery, qui l’attire irrémédiablement, sans doute que oui...

5,99 €

7 The People vs. Alex Cross - James Patterson
Auteur : James Patterson
Genre : Policier et suspense
'No one gets this big without amazing natural storytelling talent - which is what Jim has, in spades. The Alex Cross series proves it.' LEE CHILD, international bestselling author of the Jack Reacher series

Detective Alex Cross has never been on the wrong side of the law. Until now.

An old nemesis of his, Gary Soneji, has been dead for years, but now he's the focus of a strange criminal cult. A violent encounter with them results in Cross copping murder charges – and becoming the poster child for trigger-happy cops.

He knows it was self-defence. Will the jury agree? Suspended from the police and fighting for his freedom, even Cross’s own family begin to doubt his innocence as shocking evidence against him emerges.

With everything on the line, Cross must go it alone. He’s the o

6,99 €

8 The Fact of a Body - Alexandria (Alex) Marzano-Lesnevich
Auteur : Alexandria (Alex) Marzano-Lesnevich
Genre : Criminologie
'Part memoir, part true crime, wholly brilliant.' – Paula Hawkins, author of The Girl on the Train.

When law student Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich is asked to work on a death-row hearing for convicted murderer and child molester Ricky Langley, she finds herself thrust into the tangled story of his childhood. As she digs deeper and deeper into the case she realizes that, despite their vastly different circumstances, something in his story is unsettlingly, uncannily familiar.

The Fact of a Body is both an enthralling memoir and a groundbreaking, heart-stopping investigation into how the law is personal, composed of individual stories, and proof that arriving at the truth is more complicated, and powerful, than we could ever imagine.

6,99 €

9 L'Archipel du Goulag - édition abrégée inédite - Alexandre Soljénitsyne
Auteur : Alexandre Soljénitsyne
Genre : Romans et littérature
Après la publication, en 1962, de son roman, Une journée d’Ivan Denissovitch, où il dépeignait la vie d’un prisonnier du Goulag, Alexandre Soljénitsyne reçut, venus de toute la Russie, des centaines de lettres de témoignages sur les camps soviétiques. À partir de ce matériau, il composa l’Archipel du Goulag qui, lors de sa parution en Occident en 1974, suscita une prise de conscience des réalités du régime soviétique. Devenu un best-seller international, l’ouvrage fut tiré à des millions d’exemplaires avant d’être publié dans le pays de l’auteur. Publié en trois volumes aux éditions Fayard (1991-2013), l’ouvrage fait ici l’objet d’une version abrégée inédite, conformément à la version russe établie en 2010 par Natalia Soljénitsyne. Traduit du russe Édition abrégée inédite Préface de Natalia Soljénitsyne

14,99 €

10 The Bone Bed - Patricia Cornwell
Auteur : Patricia Cornwell
Genre : Policier et suspense
The twentieth book in the Kay Scarpetta series, from No. 1 bestselling author Patricia Cornwell.

'America's most chilling writer of crime fiction' The Times

A woman has vanished while digging a dinosaur bone bed in the remote wilderness of Canada. Somehow, the only evidence has made its way to the inbox of Chief Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta, over two thousand miles away in Boston. She has no idea why.

But as events unfold with alarming speed, Scarpetta begins to suspect the paleontologist's disappearance is connected to a series of crimes much closer to home: a gruesome murder, inexplicable tortures, and trace evidence from the last living creatures of the dinosaur age.

When she turns to those around her, Scarpetta finds that the danger and suspicion have penetrated even her closest circles. Her niece Lucy speak

6,99 €

11 Dead Water - Ann Cleeves
Auteur : Ann Cleeves
Genre : Procédures policières
Dead Water is the fifth book in Ann Cleeves' Shetland series – a major BBC1 drama starring Douglas Henshall.

When the body of journalist Jerry Markham is found in a traditional Shetland boat, outside the house of the local public prosecutor, down at the Marina, young Detective Inspector Willow Reeves is drafted in to head up the investigation.

Since the death of his fiancée, Inspector Jimmy Perez has been out of the loop, but his interest in this new case is stirred and he decides to help the inquiry. Markham – originally a Shetlander but who had made a name for himself in London – had left the islands years before. In his wake, he left a scandal involving a young girl, Evie Watt, who is now engaged to a seaman. He had few friends in Shetland, so why was he back?

Willow and Jimmy are led to Sullum Voe, the heart of Shetland'

5,99 €

12 Competitiveness Differences and Symbiotic Supply Chain Design Strategies - Jonathan Kolohe Edwards
Auteur : Jonathan Kolohe Edwards
Genre : Secteurs et professions
While manufacturing suppliers may occasionally believe that they are constrained by their quality system and their competitiveness seems in question, the quality system is not the root problem. While obvious on its face, manufacturing buyers want to save money on their custom machined parts without compromising delivery or quality. However, by buying only on the basis of price, they may rule out the types of suppliers they value. ISO9001 and AS9100 suppliers cannot deliver non-conforming parts without violating their quality management systems. Most suppliers are experts in their given fields. For example, machine shops know how to make parts easier to machine. Most manufacturing buyers already recognize this and acknowledge that a great deal of waste and cost reduction comes from their suppliers. Despite procurement realizing the savings, engineering and upper management are not always


13 The Troubled Man - Henning Mankell & Laurie Thompson
Auteur : Henning Mankell & Laurie Thompson
Genre : Policier et suspense
Every morning Håkan von Enke takes a walk in the forest near his apartment in Stockholm. Then, one day he fails to come home.

Detective Kurt Wallander is not officially involved but Håkan's son is engaged to his daughter Linda. A few months earlier Håkan was eager to talk to Kurt about a controversial incident from his past. Could this be connected to his disappearance?

When Håkan's wife also goes missing, Wallander is determined to uncover the truth but the investigation will force him to look back over his own past, as he comes to the unsettling realisation that even those we love the most can remain strangers to us...

8,49 €

14 Investigations (Tome 2) - L’homme de main - HelenKay Dimon
Auteur : HelenKay Dimon
Genre : Contemporain
Unique survivante d’une tuerie qui a coûté la vie à ses trois colocataires et amis, Kayla Roy court un immense danger. Durant sept années, elle n’a eu de cesse de se cacher, de changer d’identité et de job. À présent serveuse dans un café du Maryland, elle remarque, jour après jour, la présence d’un inconnu, aussi séduisant qu’intriguant. S’il a tout l’air d’un simple businessman, Kayla pressent que ce dernier, en réalité, la traque. Pourtant, une irrépressible attirance pour lui s’éveille en elle et la déstabilise profondément. Malgré ses réserves, Kayla baisse la garde, jusqu’à accepter le dîner que lui propose Matthias. Après tout, quel mal y a-t-il à flirter un peu?

5,99 €

15 Sapphire Flames - Ilona Andrews
Auteur : Ilona Andrews
Genre : Paranormal
From #1 New York Times bestselling author Ilona Andrews comes an enthralling new trilogy set in the Hidden Legacy world, where magic means power, and family bloodlines are the new currency of society…

In a world where magic is the key to power and wealth, Catalina Baylor is a Prime, the highest rank of magic user, and the Head of her House. Catalina has always been afraid to use her unique powers, but when her friend’s mother and sister are murdered, Catalina risks her reputation and safety to unravel the mystery.

But behind the scenes powerful forces are at work, and one of them is Alessandro Sagredo, the Italian Prime who was once Catalina’s teenage crush. Dangerous and unpredictable, Alessandro’s true motives are unclear, but he’s drawn to Catalina like a moth to a flame.

To help her friend, Catalina mu

2,99 €

16 The Forgotten - David Baldacci
Auteur : David Baldacci
Genre : Policier et suspense
The second title in David Baldacci's best-selling series, The Forgotten is a fast-paced action thriller, featuring the hero of Zero Day John Puller.

Criminal investigator John Puller is drawn closer to home when his aunt is found dead in her house in Paradise, Florida. The local police have ruled the death as an accident, but Puller finds evidence to suggest that she may well have been murdered.

On the surface the town lives up to its name, but as Puller digs deeper he realizes that this town and its inhabitants are more akin to Hell than Paradise. His belief is confirmed as evidence of strange and inexplicable events come to light. And when Puller learns the truth about what is happening in this once sleepy town, he knows that his discoveries will impact far wider than Paradise.

5,99 €

17 Zero Day - David Baldacci
Auteur : David Baldacci
Genre : Policier et suspense
Zero Day is the explosive first instalment in David Baldacci's thrilling John Puller series.

Distinguished as a top investigator in the US government, John Puller is called in to conduct an enquiry into the brutal murders of a family in a remote area of West Virginia. It soon becomes clear that the case has wider implications and as the body count rises he teams up with local homicide detective Samantha Cole. As the web of deceit is revealed, it quickly becomes apparent that there's much more to this case than they had first thought. It is an investigation where nothing is as it seems, and nothing can be taken at face value.

When Puller and Cole discover a dangerous situation in the making, Puller finds he must turn to the one person who can help avert certain catastrophe. A person he has known all his life.

In a breathtaking rollerco

2,99 €

18 Port Mortuary - Patricia Cornwell
Auteur : Patricia Cornwell
Genre : Policier et suspense
The eighteenth book in the Kay Scarpetta series, from No. 1 bestselling author Patricia Cornwell.

'America's most chilling writer of crime fiction' The Times

Kay Scarpetta has been training at the Dover Port Mortuary, mastering the art of 'virtual autopsy' - a groundbreaking procedure that could soon revolutionise forensic science. And it is not too long before these new skills urgently need to be put into practice. A young man drops dead, apparently from a heart condition, eerily close to Scarpetta's home. But when his body is examined the next morning, there are stunning indications that he may have been alive when he was zipped inside a pouch and locked in the cooler.

When the revolutionary 3D radiology scans reveal more shocking details about internal injuries unlike any Scarpetta has ever seen, she realizes that this is

6,49 €

19 Un été mortel - Denise Grover Swank
Auteur : Denise Grover Swank
Genre : Thriller
L'auteur à succès Denise Grover Swank offre à une ancienne star du petit écran une chance de renouer avec la gloire... une chance qui se révèle être un come-back mortel...

Il y a dix ans, Summer Butler était la détective adolescente la plus populaire de la télévision. Depuis lors (comme les sites de potins adorent le rappeler) elle est tombée bien bas.
Quasiment ruinée, trahie, brouillée avec sa mère et blacklistée par les employeurs, elle n'a d'autre choix que d'accepter l'offre-d'emploi-des-stars-has-been : faire de la télé-réalité.

Incarnant une (fausse) détective, elle va devoir résoudre des mystères dans sa ville natale de Sweet Briar, en Alabama.
Et pour couronner le tout, elle va devoir cotoyer le chef de police, Luke Montgomery, son premier (et seul) grand amour.

Quand Summer tombe sur un vrai cadavre, l

20 Thin Air - Ann Cleeves
Auteur : Ann Cleeves
Genre : Procédures policières
Thin Air is the sixth book in Ann Cleeves' Shetland series – a major BBC One drama starring Douglas Henshall as detective Jimmy Perez.

A group of old university friends leave the bright lights of London and travel to Unst, Shetland's most northerly island, to celebrate the marriage of one of their friends to a Shetlander. But late on the night of the wedding party, one of them, Eleanor, disappears – apparently into thin air. It's mid-summer, a time of light nights and unexpected mists. The following day, Eleanor's friend Polly receives an email. It appears to be a suicide note, saying she'll never be found alive. And then Eleanor's body is discovered, lying in a small loch close to the cliff edge.

Detectives Jimmy Perez and Willow Reeves are dispatched to Unst to investigate. Before she went missing, Eleanor claimed to have seen the ghost of a loc

5,99 €

21 From Russia with Blood - Heidi Blake
Auteur : Heidi Blake
Genre : Criminologie
The untold story of how Russia refined the art and science of targeted assassination abroad -- while Western spies watched in horror as their governments failed to guard against the threat

They thought they had found a safe haven in the green hills of England. They were wrong. One by one, the Russian oligarchs, dissidents, and gangsters who fled to Britain after Vladimir Putin came to power dropped dead in strange or suspicious circumstances. One by one, their British lawyers and fixers met similarly grisly ends. Yet, one by one, the British authorities shut down every investigation-and carried on courting the Kremlin.

The spies in the riverside headquarters of MI6 looked on with horror as the scope of the Kremlin's global killing campaign became all too clear. And, across the Atlantic, American intelligence officials watched with mounting alarm as th

12,99 €

22 Citoyen modèle - Lissa Kasey
Auteur : Lissa Kasey
Genre : Gays et lesbiennes
La vie d’Oliver « Ollie » Petroskovic en tant que mannequin international allait dans la bonne direction. Il travaillait à temps partiel pour son frère dans son agence de détectives – Petroskovic Haven Investigations – et venait d’acheter la maison de ses rêves. Mais tout cela a changé lorsqu’il a trouvé son frère mort, victime d’un suicide provoqué par le SSPT. Presque un an plus tard, Ollie essaie de garder les affaires de son frère à flot, mais n’arrive pas à obtenir sa licence de détective privé. Puis le meilleur ami de son frère, Kade Alme, arrive du champ de bataille après avoir frôlé la mort. Kade est à la recherche d’une nouvelle vie, à plus d’un titre, et avec la licence de détective privé en main, il est exactement ce dont Ollie a besoin pour que PHI continue à fonctionner. Lorsque l’un des amis d’enfance d’Ollie a des problèmes

4,49 €

23 The Blackhouse - Peter May
Auteur : Peter May
Genre : Policier et suspense

'One of the best regarded crime series of recent years' Independent

A brutal killing takes place on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland: a land of harsh beauty and inhabitants of deep-rooted faith.


Detective Inspector Fin Macleod is sent from Edinburgh to investigate. For Lewis-born Macleod, the case represents a journey both home and into his past.


Something lurks within the close-knit island community. Something sinister.


As Fin investigates, old skeletons begin to surface,

5,49 €

24 The Firm - John Grisham
Auteur : John Grisham
Genre : Policier et suspense
**With a new introduction from the author**

He thought it was his dream job. It turned into his worst nightmare.

When Mitch McDeere qualified third in his class at Harvard, offers poured in from every law firm in America. Bendini, Lambert and Locke were a small, well-respected firm, but their offer exceeded Mitch's wildest expectations: a fantastic salary, a new home, and the keys to a brand new BMW.

Except for the mysterious deaths of previous lawyers with the firm. And the FBI investigations. And the secret files.

Mitch soon realises that he's working for the Mafia's law firm, and there's no way out - because you don't want this company's severance package.

To survive, he'll have to play both sides against each other -

8,49 €

25 A Time To Kill - John Grisham
Auteur : John Grisham
Genre : Policier et suspense
John Grisham's first and most shocking novel, adapted as a film starring Samuel L. Jackson and Matthew McConaughey

When Carl Lee Hailey guns down the violent racists who raped his ten-year-old daughter, the people of the small town of Clanton, Mississippi see it as justice done, and call for his acquittal.

But when extremists outside Clanton - including the KKK - hear that a black man has killed two white men, they invade the town, determined to destroy anything and anyone that opposes their sense of justice. A national media circus descends on Clanton.

As tensions mount, Hailey hires the inexperienced Jake Brigance to defend him. It's the kind of case that could make a young lawyer's career.

But it's also the kind of case that could get a young lawyer killed.

8,49 €

26 The Whistler - John Grisham
Auteur : John Grisham
Genre : Policier et suspense
#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A high-stakes thrill ride through the darkest corners of the Sunshine State, from the author hailed as “the best thriller writer alive” by Ken Follett

We expect our judges to be honest and wise. Their integrity is the bedrock of the entire judicial system. We trust them to ensure fair trials, to protect the rights of all litigants, to punish those who do wrong, and to oversee the flow of justice. But what happens when a judge bends the law or takes a bribe?
Lacy Stoltz is an investigator for the Florida Board on Judicial Conduct. It is her job to respond to complaints dealing with judicial misconduct. After nine years with the Board, she knows that most problems are caused by incompetence, not corruption.

But a corruption case eventually crosses her desk. A previously disbarred

3,99 €

27 I Let You Go - Clare Mackintosh
Auteur : Clare Mackintosh
Genre : Romans et littérature
Don't miss the powerful and page-turning new novel from Clare Mackintosh - AFTER THE END is out now


Lose yourself in the sensational debut from Clare Mackintosh, I Let You Go - the Sunday Times bestseller, number one ebook phenomenon and Richard & Judy book club pick.

A tragic accident. It all happened so quickly. She couldn't have prevented it. Could she?

In a split second, Jenna Gray's world descends into a nightmare. Her only hope of moving on is to walk away from everything she knows to start afresh. Desperate to escape, Jenna moves to a remote cottage on the Welsh coast, but she is haunted by her fears, her grief and her memories of a cruel November night that changed her life forever.

Slowly, Jenna begins to glimpse the potential for happiness in her future. But her

1,99 €

28 Investigations (Tome 2.5) - L'homme de confiance - HelenKay Dimon
Auteur : HelenKay Dimon
Genre : Romance
Il y a près de trois ans, suite à la disparition en mer de son époux, Lauren s’est retrouvée seule, profondément attristée. Puis terriblement abattue par la vérité qui a fini par éclater au grand jour : Carl lui mentait, la trompait, falsifiait leurs comptes bancaires. Mais le temps a passé, et Lauren s’est depuis reconstruite. Jusqu’au jour où, stupéfaite, elle découvre devant chez elle un Carl bel et bien vivant, exigeant qu’elle lui ouvre la porte. Lauren refuse, au risque de s’attirer les foudres d’un homme aussi énigmatique que dangereux. Pour sortir de ce cauchemar, elle fait appel à Garrett, un spécialiste d’investigation. Beau, attentif, à l’écoute, ce dernier a petit à petit gagné la confiance de Lauren. Et si, en plus de lui venir en aide, il parvenait à emporter son cœur ?

2,99 €

29 The Lewis Man - Peter May
Auteur : Peter May
Genre : Policier et suspense
'One of the best regarded crime series of recent years' Independent


An unidentified corpse is recovered from a Lewis peat bog; the only clue to its identity being a DNA sibling match to a local farmer.


But this islander, Tormod Macdonald - now an elderly man suffering from dementia - has always claimed to be an only child.


When Tormod's family approach Fin Macleod for help, Fin feels duty-bound to solve the mystery.

LOVED THE LEWIS MAN? Read book 3 in the Lewis trilogy, THE CHESSMEN
LOVE PETER MAY? Buy his latest frontlist

5,49 €

30 Extraordinary People - Peter May
Auteur : Peter May
Genre : Policier et suspense
**'Action-packed' ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY**
**'Enzo MacLeod is one of the most unusual crime solvers I have ever met' BOOKBROWSE**

In the first book of the Enzo Files, ex forensic scientist Enzo Macleod makes a daring wager and attempts to solve the ten-year-old case of a vanished man


An old mystery.
As midnight strikes, a man desperately seeking sanctuary flees into a church. The next day, his sudden disappearance will make him famous throughout France.

A new science.
Forensic expert Enzo Macleod takes a wager to solve the seven most notorious French murders, armed with modern technology and a total disregard for the justice system.

5,49 €

31 No Man's Land - David Baldacci
Auteur : David Baldacci
Genre : Policier et suspense
No Man's Land by David Baldacci is an exciting thriller featuring special investigator John Puller, who is pursuing a case that will send him deep into his own troubled past.

One man demands justice . . .

John Puller is the US Army's most tenacious investigator, but he is not equipped to face the truth about his mother's disappearance thirty years ago. New evidence has come to light suggesting that Puller's father – a highly decorated army veteran – may have murdered his wife. When Puller's friend, intelligence operative Veronica Knox, arrives on the scene, he realizes that there is far more to this case than he first thought. He knows that nothing will prevent him from discovering what really happened to his mother – even if it means proving that his father is a killer.

. . . the other seeks revenge

Paul Rogers has j

4,99 €

32 Merry Christmas, Alex Cross - James Patterson
Auteur : James Patterson
Genre : Policier et suspense
'No one gets this big without amazing natural storytelling talent - which is what Jim has, in spades. The Alex Cross series proves it.' LEE CHILD, international bestselling author of the Jack Reacher series

Detective Alex Cross is called into action on Christmas Eve – and he’ll be lucky to see the New Year…

Celebrating Christmas with his family, veteran Washington D.C. detective Alex Cross hears his phone ring. He knows what that sound means: this won’t be a merry Christmas.

A drug-crazed father has taken his own family hostage, and the lives of the rest of the Fowler family depend on Cross.

But it’s not just them. As the suburban nightmare unfolds, so too does a far greater threat – a terrorist attack like Washington has never seen, and Cross is caught right in the m

8,49 €

33 The Pelican Brief - John Grisham
Auteur : John Grisham
Genre : Policier et suspense
Two Supreme Court Justices are dead, their murders unsolved.
But one woman might have found the answer.

Darby Shaw is a brilliant New Orleans legal student with a sharp political mind. For her own amusement, she draws up a legal brief showing how the judges might have been murdered for political reasons, and shows it to her professor. He shows it to his friend, an FBI lawyer.

Then the professor dies in a car bomb.

And Darby realises that her brief, which pointed to a vast presidential conspiracy, might be right. Someone is intent on silencing Darby for good - somebody who will stop at nothing to preserve the secrets of the Pelican Brief...

8,49 €

34 Alex Cross, Run - James Patterson
Auteur : James Patterson
Genre : Romans et littérature
'No one gets this big without amazing natural storytelling talent - which is what Jim has, in spades. The Alex Cross series proves it.' LEE CHILD, international bestselling author of the Jack Reacher series

Detective Alex Cross has three killers to hunt – and one to escape.

Washington D.C. is on edge. Three killers are on the rampage, and the body count is rising. There's only one man to call in for a situation like this: veteran detective Alex Cross.

But even he can't catch three killers at once. Pulled in every direction by the different investigations, Alex Cross is under more pressure than ever before – and a crisis at home that threatens to tear his family apart pushes him close to the edge.

So close that he doesn’t realise he’s being watched…

6,99 €

35 The Chessmen - Peter May
Auteur : Peter May
Genre : Policier et suspense
'One of the best regarded crime series of recent years' Independent
'Peter May is a writer I'd follow to the ends of the earth' New York Times


Fin Macleod, now head of security on a privately owned Lewis estate, is charged with investigating a spate of illegal game-hunting taking place on the island.


This mission reunites him with Whistler Macaskill - a local poacher, Fin's teenage intimate, and possessor of a long-buried secret.


But when this reunion takes a violent, sinister turn and Fin puts together the fractured pieces of the past, he realizes that revealing the tr

0,99 €

36 A Noble Radiance - Donna Leon
Auteur : Donna Leon
Genre : Romans et littérature
Commissario Brunetti is faced with another dark mystery.

In a small village at the foot of the Italian Dolomites, the gardens of a deserted farmhouse have lain untouched for decades. But the new owner, keen for renovations to begin, is summoned urgently to the house when his workmen disturb a macabre grave.

Wild animals have done their grisly work and the human corpse is badly decomposed. Then a valuable signet ring is found close by, providing the first vital clue. It leads Commissario Guido Brunetti right to the heart of aristocratic Venice, to a family still grieving for its abducted son ...

8,49 €

37 Unlucky 13 - James Patterson
Auteur : James Patterson
Genre : Policier et suspense
The bestselling 13th novel in the Women’s Murder Club series

Now available to pre-order: 20th Victim, the latest novel in the #1 bestselling Women's Murder Club series


When two dead bodies are found inside a wrecked car on the Golden Gate Bridge, Detective Lindsay Boxer knows it's no accident.

As she investigates, disturbing news reaches her ears: a former police colleague, now unmasked as a ruthless murderer, is back in San Francisco after escaping custody, bent on paying a visit to some old friends...

6,99 €

38 By Its Cover - Donna Leon
Auteur : Donna Leon
Genre : Policier et suspense
By Its Cover is the much anticipated twenty-third instalment in Donna Leon's bestselling crime series, where Commissario Brunetti is better than ever as he addresses questions of worth and value alongside his ever-faithful team of Ispettore Vianello and Signorina Elettra.

When several valuable antiquarian books go missing from a prestigious library in the heart of Venice, Commissario Brunetti is immediately called to the scene. The staff suspect an American researcher has stolen them, but for Brunetti something doesn’t quite add up.

Taking on the case, the Commissario begins to seek information about some of the library’s regulars, such as the ex-priest Franchini, a passionate reader of ancient Christian literature, and Contessa Morosini-Albani, the library's chief donor, and comes to the conclusion that the thief could not have acted alone.


8,49 €

39 11th Hour - James Patterson
Auteur : James Patterson
Genre : Policier et suspense
The no. 1 bestselling 11th novel in the Women’s Murder Club series


A weapon stolen from a police evidence locker is used in a series of vigilante murders. Detective Lindsay Boxer must investigate her closest colleagues - and ask herself which of her friends she can trust.

Also on Lindsay’s to-do list: a grisly scene in a famous actor's garden, where two severed heads have been left. When a third is unearthed, Lindsay is left wondering how many heads will roll before she catches the killer.

Amid all this, Lindsay struggles with her pregnancy and the vindictive reporter dragging her personal life into the public eye. She and her unborn baby are heading into dangerous territory…

6,99 €

40 Redemption - David Baldacci
Auteur : David Baldacci
Genre : Policier et suspense
Redemption is the fifth heart-pounding Memory Man thriller from number one international bestseller David Baldacci.

FBI consultant Amos Decker returns to the scene of a family tragedy, and is confronted by more than just painful memories.

A felon on a mission.

When Decker returns to Burlington, Ohio, he is tracked down by his first homicide arrest, Meryl Hawkins, a man who still maintains his innocence.

A rookie’s mistake.

With Hawkins recently released from his life sentence, Decker finds himself questioning what had once seemed watertight evidence. Is the real killer still out there?

A murderer at large.

As the body count rises in a new crime spree, Decker and his former partner Mary Lancaster dig deeper and reopen the old case – and old wounds.

Back in

5,99 €

41 Freeze Frame - Peter May
Auteur : Peter May
Genre : Policier et suspense
**'Vivid settings' NEW YORK TIMES**
**'An outstanding mystery' MYSTERIOUS REVIEWS**

In the gripping fourth book in the Enzo files, a promise made to a dead man proves Enzo's toughest challenge yet...


A Frozen Island.

This tiny isle off the coast of Brittany is the scene of a murder left shrouded in mystery and grief.

A Frozen Crime.

Adam Killian's study has been left intact since his death - the perfect state for Enzo Macleod's forensic investigation.

A Frozen Heart.

Killian's daughter-in-law is still hoping; the first suspect is still hiding; and the treacherous island itself sti

5,49 €

42 The Broker - John Grisham
Auteur : John Grisham
Genre : Policier et suspense
Someone is certain to kill Joel Backman.
The question is: who?

In his final hours in the Oval Office, the outgoing President grants a full pardon to Joel Backman, a notorious Washington power broker who has spent the last six years in a federal prison.

Unknown to an outraged public, the pardon was the CIA's idea. They claim that Backman may have obtained secrets that would compromise American satellite surveillance.

Smuggled out of the country in a military cargo plane, Backman is given a new identity and a new home in Italy. He thinks he's out. But the CIA will soon leak his whereabouts to the Israelis, the Russians, the Chinese and the Saudis, and then sit back and watch.

The question is not whether Backman will survive there's no chance of that. The question the CIA needs answered is: who will kill hi

8,49 €

43 12th of Never - James Patterson
Auteur : James Patterson
Genre : Romans et littérature
The #1 bestselling 12th novel in the Women’s Murder Club series

Now available to pre-order: 20th Victim, the latest novel in the #1 bestselling Women's Murder Club series


Detective Lindsay Boxer is stunned when an eccentric professor walks into her homicide department to report a murder. The catch is that the murder hasn’t happened yet – but when it does, the professor’s prophecy is correct in every detail.


Meanwhile, a serial killer wakes from a two-year coma. He says he’s ready to reveal where the bodies are buried – but Lindsay suspects he has a much more sinister scheme in mind.


As Lindsay and the Women's Murder Club investig

8,49 €

44 The Waters of Eternal Youth - Donna Leon
Auteur : Donna Leon
Genre : Procédures policières
In The Waters of Eternal Youth, the twenty-fifth instalment in the bestselling Brunetti series, our Commissario finds himself drawn into a case that may not be a crime at all.

Brunetti is investigating a cold case by request of the grand Contessa Lando-Continui, a friend of Brunetti’s mother-in-law. Fifteen years ago the Contessa’s teenage granddaughter, Manuela, was found drowning in a canal. She was rescued from the canal at the last moment, but in many ways it was too late; she suffered severe brain damage and her life was never the same again. Once a passionate horse rider, Manuela, now aged thirty, cannot remember the accident, or her beloved horse, and lives trapped in an eternal youth.

The Contessa, unconvinced that this was an accident, implores Brunetti to find the culprit she believes was responsible for ruining Manuela's life. Out of a mixtur

8,49 €

45 A Higher Loyalty - James Comey
Auteur : James Comey
Genre : Biographies et mémoires
The sensational Sunday Times #1 Bestseller about taking on the mafia, the Clintons and Trump.

'An urgent clarion call.' - The Financial Times

In his massive Number One bestselling memoir, former FBI director James Comey shares his never-before-told experiences from some of the highest-stakes situations of his career in the past two decades of American government, exploring what good, ethical leadership looks like, and how it drives sound decisions. His journey provides an unprecedented entry into the corridors of power, and a remarkable lesson in what makes an effective leader.

Mr. Comey served as director of the FBI from 2013 to 2017, appointed to the post by President Barack Obama. He previously served as U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, and the U.S. deputy attorney general in the administration of President Geo

6,99 €

46 Falling in Love - Donna Leon
Auteur : Donna Leon
Genre : Procédures policières
In Death at La Fenice, Donna Leon’s first novel in the Commissario Brunetti series, readers were introduced to the glamorous and cut-throat world of opera and to one of Italy’s finest living sopranos, Flavia Petrelli – then a suspect in the poisoning of a renowned German conductor. Now, many years after Brunetti cleared her name, Flavia has returned to the illustrious La Fenice to sing the lead in Tosca.

As an opera superstar, Flavia is well acquainted with attention from adoring fans and aspiring singers. But when one anonymous admirer inundates her with bouquets of yellow roses – on stage, in her dressing room and even inside her locked apartment – it becomes clear that this fan has become a potentially dangerous stalker. Distraught, Flavia turns to an old friend for help. Familiar with Flavia’s melodramatic temperament, Commissario Brunetti is at f

8,49 €

47 Blowback - Peter May
Auteur : Peter May
Genre : Policier et suspense
**'Fresh and delightfully readable' KIRKUS**
**'Mouth-watering' EXAMINER.COM**

The penultimate chapter in the Enzo Files, sees Enzo enter the volatile and - now, it appears - violent world of haute cuisine.


A Silenced Man.

Footprints in the snow lead to the murder scene of Marc Fraysse, France's most celebrated chef - brutally shot before he could make the revelation of his career.

A Determined Man.

Seven years on and the mystery still raw, Enzo Macleod, forensic investigator, forays into the heated world of haute cuisine to uncover bitter feuds and a burning secret.

A Hunted Man.

5,49 €

48 The Partner - John Grisham
Auteur : John Grisham
Genre : Policier et suspense
A man will do almost anything for ninety million dollars.
So will its rightful owners.

They found him in a small town in Brazil, near the border with Paraguay. He had a new name, Danilo Silva, and his appearance had been changed by plastic surgery. The search had taken four years. They'd chased him around the world, always just missing him. It had cost their clients $3.5 million. But so far none of them had complained.

The man they were about to kidnap had not always been called Danilo Silva. Before he had had another life, a life which ended in a car crash in February 1992. His gravestone lay in a cemetry in Biloxi, Mississippi. His name before his death was Patrick S. Lanigan. He had been a partner at an up-and-coming law firm. He had a pretty wife, a young daughter, and a bright future. Six weeks after his death, $90 million disappeared from t

8,49 €

49 The Firemaker - Peter May
Auteur : Peter May
Genre : Policier et suspense

The first of Peter May's China critically acclaimed thrillers featuring Beijing detective Li Yan and American pathologist Margaret Campbell.


A grotesquely burned corpse found in a city park is a troubling mystery for Beijing detective Li Yan. Yan, devoted to his career as a means of restoring the respect his family lost during the Cultural Revolution, needs outside help if he is to break the case.


The unidentified cadaver in turn provides a welcome distraction for forensic pathologist Margaret Campbell. Campbell, married to he

5,49 €

50 Kill Alex Cross - James Patterson
Auteur : James Patterson
Genre : Policier et suspense
The eighteenth novel in the bestselling Alex Cross series

The President’s children have been kidnapped. Detective Alex Cross faces a ticking clock.

First on the scene to a crime that rocks the world, Alex Cross grapples with an impossible crime – and with political pressure, finding himself shunted to the sidelines.

But a terrible week gets worse as a deadly contaminant in the Washington D.C. water supply cripples the capital, and Cross, under extraordinary stress, realises that the cases are connected. America is under attack.

Tasked by the desperate First Lady with finding her children, Cross is racing against the clock – and to have any chance of saving them, he must make a desperate decision that goes against everything he believes in…

8,49 €
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