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1 Intimate Apparel/Fabulation - Lynn Nottage
Auteur : Lynn Nottage
Genre : Théâtre
“Lynn Nottage’s work explores depths of humanness, the overlapping complexities of race, gender, culture and history—and the startling simplicity of desire—with a clear tenderness, with humor, with compassion.” —Paula Vogel, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright

Intimate Apparel: “Thoughtful, affecting new play . . . with seamless elegance.”—Charles Isherwood, Variety

Fabulation: “Robustly entertaining comedy . . . with punchy social insights and the firecracker snap of unexpected humor.”—Ben Brantley, The New York Times

With her two latest plays, “exceptionally gifted playwright” (New York Observer) Lynn Nottage has created companion pieces that span 100 years in the lives of African American women. Intimate Apparel is about the empowerment of Esther, a proud and shy seamstress in 1905 New

13,99 €

2 Freddie Mercury: An Intimate Memoir by the Man Who Knew Him Best - Peter Freestone
Auteur : Peter Freestone
Genre : Musique
An intimate memoir of the flamboyant Queen singer by the man who knew him best.

Peter Freestone was Freddie Mercury’s Personal Assistant for the last 12 years of his life. He lived with Mercury in London, Munich and New York, and he was with him when he died.

In this book, the most intimate account of Mercury’s life ever written, he reveals the truth behind the scandalous rumours, the outrageous lifestyle and Mercury’s relationships with men, women and the other members of Queen.

From the famous names – including Elton John, Kenny Everett, Elizabeth Taylor and Rod Stewart – to the shadowy army of lovers, fixers and hangers-on, Peter Freestone saw them all play their part in the tragi-comedy that was Freddie Mercury’s life.

Freestone lived with Mercury in Europe and America for over a decade. From the East 50s apartment in New

11,99 €

3 The Prime Ministers - Yehuda Avner
Auteur : Yehuda Avner
Genre : Biographies et mémoires
The Prime Ministers is the first and only insider account of Israeli politics from the founding of the Jewish State to the near-present day. It reveals stunning details of life-and-death decision-making, top-secret military operations and high level peace negotiations. The Prime Ministers brings readers into the orbits of world figures, including Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Rabin, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger, Yasser Arafat, Margaret Thatcher, Princess Diana and the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Written in a captivating literary style by a political adviser, speechwriter and diplomat, The Prime Ministers is an enthralling political memoir, and a precisely crafted prism through which to view current Middle East affairs.

8,49 €

4 The Prince's Intimate Abduction - Elizabeth Lennox
Auteur : Elizabeth Lennox
Genre : Contemporain
Needing space and a breath of fresh air, Prince Turken del Abbas Samara, Kilar’s Minister of Defense, slips out of the palace alone, never suspecting that the rebels would be watching.  But Turk’s capture proved that he had not been as stealthy as he’d thought.  
Fortunately, he’s brought to a doctor with silver eyes, a tender touch and a body that he would love to possess.  Fate has brought Doctor Raven Bishop to his side, and he’s determined not to fight it.  She is too delectable to resist.
Raven couldn’t believe the giant man that had been brought into her surgery.  But as he recovered, she found herself lying to protect him, fearing for his safety.  Unfortunately, in saving Turk’s life, she finds herself swept away with his escape.  The protector becomes the captive.
But how can a relationship work between someone wh

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6 The Intimate Enemy - Guy Finley
Auteur : Guy Finley
Genre : Développement personnel
Learn the secrets of how to let go of what has been holding you down in life.

4,99 €

7 A Close and Intimate Relationship with God - Jack Hartman & Judy Hartman
Auteur : Jack Hartman & Judy Hartman
Genre : Christianisme
Do you want a close relationship with God? The same God Who created the earth, sun, moon, and stars wants a close relationship with you. You decide how close this relationship will be. This book has 500 verses of Scripture that tell you how to develop a deep relationship with God. Our prayer is that you will yearn to be close to God and that you will learn and obey God's instructions in this area.

2,99 €

8 Fragments - Marilyn Monroe & Bernard Comment
Auteur : Marilyn Monroe & Bernard Comment
Genre : Biographies et mémoires
Fragments is an event—an unforgettable book that will redefine one of the greatest icons of the twentieth century and that, nearly fifty years after her death, will definitively reveal Marilyn Monroe's humanity.

Marilyn's image is so universal that we can't help but believe we know all there is to know of her. Every word and gesture made headlines and garnered controversy. Her serious gifts as an actor were sometimes eclipsed by her notoriety—and by the way the camera fell helplessly in love with her.

Beyond the headlines—and the too-familiar stories of heartbreak and desolation—was a woman far more curious, searching, witty, and hopeful than the one the world got to know. Now, for the first time, readers can meet the private Marilyn and understand her in a way we never have before. Fragments is an unprecedented collection of written artifacts

14,99 €

9 Love and War in Intimate Relationships: Connection, Disconnection, and Mutual Regulation in Couple Therapy - Marion Solomon Ph.D. & Stan Tatkin
Auteur : Marion Solomon Ph.D. & Stan Tatkin
Genre : Psychologie
Neuroscience and couples therapy come together to help couples break patterns of bad behavior.
What happens between partners that makes love turn to war? How can couples therapists help deescalate the battles? Two leading therapists apply the latest neuroscience research on emotional arousal to help couples regulate each other’s emotions, maintain secure attachment, and foster positive, enduring relationships. The neurobiologically-grounded and sensitive approach set forth by Solomon and Tatkin in this book is sure to transform the way clinicians understand and treat couples in therapy.

16,99 €

10 Mr. Darcy's Passion - A Sensual Pride and Prejudice Compromise - Harriet Lark
Auteur : Harriet Lark
Genre : Classiques
A Sensual Pride and Prejudice Compromise

When Elizabeth Bennet tours Derbyshire with her aunt and uncle Gardiner, they make a plan to visit Pemberley.

Initially worried she will bump into Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth is reassured when she’s informed he won’t be arriving until the next day.

But when she strolls in the woods alone, she comes face to face with him!

Passion burns in Darcy’s veins. He’d determined to show Elizabeth just how much he ardently admires and loves her.

Will their passionate interlude in the woods lead to something more? Or will this be the only opportunity Elizabeth has to feel his strong arms around her, and to experience his lips on hers?

This is a short novelette of 8,000 words.


11 Intimate - Dorothy Albertini
Auteur : Dorothy Albertini
Genre : Romans et littérature
A short short story. She meets a man at the grocery store. Is he interested? Is she interested?

3,49 €

12 The Dance of Anger - Harriet Lerner
Auteur : Harriet Lerner
Genre : Développement personnel
The renowned classic and New York Times bestseller that has transformed the lives of millions of readers, dramatically changing how women and men view relationships.

Anger is something we feel. It exists for a reason and always deserves our respect and attention. We all have a right to everything we feel—and certainly our anger is no exception.

"Anger is a signal and one worth listening to," writes Dr. Harriet Lerner in her renowned classic that has transformed the lives of millions of readers. While anger deserves our attention and respect, women still learn to silence our anger, to deny it entirely, or to vent it in a way that leaves us feeling helpless and powerless. In this engaging and eminently wise book, Dr. Lerner teaches both women and men to identify the true sources of anger and to use it as a powerful vehicle for creating lasting change.


8,99 €

13 Creating Union: The Essence of Intimate Relationship - Eva Pierrakos
Auteur : Eva Pierrakos
Genre : Religion et spiritualité
Creating Union can help you achive vibrant partnerships of fearless loving and mutual self-fulfillment. It provides insights into the deeper meaning of inevitable relationship difficulties. With a wise and gentle voice it will guide you in resolving difficulties.

8,99 €

14 Knowing and Not Knowing in Intimate Relationships - Paul C. Rosenblatt & Elizabeth Wieling
Auteur : Paul C. Rosenblatt & Elizabeth Wieling
Genre : Psychologie
In the extensive literature on couples and intimacy, little has been written about knowing and not knowing as people experience and understand them. Based on intensive interviews with thirty-seven adults, this book shows that knowing and not knowing are central to couple relationships. They are entangled in love, sexual attraction, trust, commitment, caring, empathy, decision making, conflict, and many other aspects of couple life. Often the entanglement is paradoxical. For example, many interviewees revealed that they hungered to be known and yet kept secrets from their partner. Many described working hard at knowing their partner well, and yet there were also things about their partner and their partner's past that they wanted not to know. This book's qualitative, phenomenological approach builds on and adds to the largely quantitative social psychological, communications and family fi

31,99 €

15 Persuasion in Mr. Darcy's Library: A Pride and Prejudice Sensual Intimate - Gwen Avery & A Lady
Auteur : Gwen Avery & A Lady
Genre : Classiques
Elizabeth is discovering her budding passion for being married, but can she open herself up to Mr. Darcy? 

Three months after her wedding, Mrs. Elizabeth Darcy finds herself distracted in her husband's library. Mr. Darcy's passion for his wife burns as brightly as it did on their wedding night. When he happens upon her, can he draw out her thoughts—and in doing so, her desires?

As for Elizabeth, can she embrace her desires and trust her husband's complete acceptance of her? Even if that means allowing her passion to rise outside of their bedchamber?

This sensual and steamy Pride and Prejudice intimate variation short story is best read by those who are 18+.

2,99 €

16 The Holiday Hero: A Pride and Prejudice Sensual Intimate - Lauretta Wilson
Auteur : Lauretta Wilson
Genre : Histoire
After rescuing the Gardiners from a carriage accident during the holidays, Mr. Darcy is invited to join the Bennet family for their Christmas celebrations. But when his change in demeanor and heroic actions change how Elizabeth Bennet sees the gentleman, will the holidays bring more surprises than she ever expected?

"The Holiday Hero" is part one of a three-part holiday-themed Pride and Prejudice intimate novella series and is best enjoyed by those over the age of eighteen.

2,99 €

17 Blotto, Twinks and the Intimate Revue - Simon Brett
Auteur : Simon Brett
Genre : Policier et suspense
A quick trip to the capital goes horribly wrong when Blotto and Twinks get accidentally involved in London's criminal underworld . . .

It starts innocently enough at the intimate review 'absolutely everyone is talking about', Light and Frothy, where its glamorous star, Frou Frou Gavotte, has rather taken the fancy of Blotto's school friend Giles 'Whiffler' Trumpington. But while Blotto and Whiffler wait for the star outside the theatre to take her to dinner, Whiffler is seized and manhandled into the back of a cab which then drives off into the night . . . Leaving Blotto with the problem of how to rescue his kidnapped schoolmate.

Naturally, he enlists Twinks's help and the two of them encounter actors, singers, impresarios, revue writers, cockney showgirls and Scotland Yard's finest - and white slave traders, who succeed in abducting Twinks - leaving i

3,99 €

18 In Intimate Detail - Cora Harrington
Auteur : Cora Harrington
Genre : Design
A comprehensive and accessible illustrated guide to lingerie from intimates expert Cora Harrington, founder of The Lingerie Addict, the internet's top intimate apparel blog.

While many love the idea of wearing special underthings, lingerie can be intimidating. How is it supposed to fit? How do you take care of it all? Is lingerie really for me? In this beautiful and empowering guide, lingerie expert Cora Harrington demystifies intimate apparel, making it accessible to all sizes, ages, and budgets. Covering everything from basic bras and panties to special occasion wear, shapewear, hosiery, corsets, and more, this no-nonsense handbook empowers you to confidently buy, wear, and care for the underpinnings of your dreams.

8,99 €

19 Slash - Robert Knight
Auteur : Robert Knight
Genre : Musique
This comprehensive collection features more than twenty years’ worth of previously unpublished photographs of guitar legend Slash—in all, more than 100 arresting images from the lens of esteemed rock photographer Robert Knight. These images trace the significant milestones in Slash’s career and show him onstage, in the studio, and at home. Knight’s talent for capturing the true essence of his subject is on full display: Candid, dramatic, and often funny, these photos take us beyond the big hair, the big hat, and the huge guitar riffs to underscore the larger-than-life personality and genuine enthusiasm that have made Slash one of rock’s most recognizable figures for more than three decades.

9,49 €

20 The Secret of Chanel No. 5 - Tilar J Mazzeo
Auteur : Tilar J Mazzeo
Genre : Histoire
“Who knew that such a tiny bottle housed so many secrets?” —Michael Tonello, author of Bringing Home the Birkin

Tilar J. Mazzeo, author of the New York Times bestseller The Widow Clicquot (an Amazon Best of the Month book in October 2008) returns with a captivating history of the world’s most famous, seductive, and popular perfume: Chanel No. 5. Mazzeo’s sweeping story of the iconic scent (known as “le monstre” in the fragrance industry) stretches from Coco Chanel’s early success to the rise of the seminal fragrance during the 1950s to the confirmation of its bestseller status in today’s crowded perfume market.

“Here is the life of one of the 20th century’s most interesting and deeply complicated women, a fascinating cultural history, and the story of an extraordinary perfume.” —Chandler Burr, New York Times scent critic and author of The P

8,99 €

21 The Vietnam War - Geoffrey C. Ward & Ken Burns
Auteur : Geoffrey C. Ward & Ken Burns
Genre : Militaire
**The New York Times Bestseller**
**The book of the landmark documentary, The Vietnam War, by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick**

The definitive work on the Vietnam War, the conflict that came to define a generation, told from all sides by those who were there.

More than forty years after the Vietnam War ended, its legacy continues to fascinate, horrify and inform us. As the first war to be fought in front of TV cameras and beamed around the world, it has been immortalised on film and on the page, and forever changed the way we think about war.

Drawing on hundreds of brand new interviews, Ken Burns and Geoffrey C. Ward have created the definitive work on Vietnam. It is the first book to show us the war from every perspective: from idealistic US Marines and the families they left behind to the Vietnamese civilians, bo

17,99 €

22 Prince William: Born to be King - Penny Junor
Auteur : Penny Junor
Genre : Biographies et mémoires
Prince William has emerged as the people's prince, surfacing from a lifetime of scrutiny and speculation as a discerning and charming young man, determined to serve the nation he loves.
His wedding to long-term sweetheart Kate Middleton last year was watched by over two billion people around the world. Protective of his new bride, William has emphasised that he's keen to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. William has inherited her instinctive empathy for others and in both his professional and personal life he has demonstrated a rare ability to get on with people from all walks of life.
In BORN TO BE KING acclaimed royal writer Penny Junor tells his fascinating story - from growing up in the spotlight; the tragic death of his mother; his career serving in the RAF; the love story with Kate and their fairytale wedding.
This is the definitive portrait of a remarkable y

3,99 €

23 Mr. Darcy’s Christmas - Harriet Lark
Auteur : Harriet Lark
Genre : Classiques
Lizzy and Darcy are now married and enjoying the delights of wedded bliss in the bedroom. Jane has exciting news to impart – she is visiting Pemberley at Christmas with her new husband! Could it possibly be … Mr. Bingley?

However, it is not all good news this festive season. The dreaded Lady Catherine descends upon Pemberley when she hears news that Darcy has married Lizzy. Will she manage to ruin Lizzy’s marriage?

Although this is the final steamy variation in this series, it can also be read as a standalone and is approximately 9,000 words long.

2,99 €

24 India Calling - Anand Giridharadas
Auteur : Anand Giridharadas
Genre : Sciences sociales
Reversing his parents' immigrant path, a young American-born writer returns to India and discovers an old country making itself new

Anand Giridharadas sensed something was afoot as his plane from America prepared to land in Bombay. An elderly passenger looked at him and said, "We're all trying to go that way," pointing to the rear. "You, you're going this way?"

Giridharadas was returning to the land of his ancestors, amid an unlikely economic boom. But he was interested less in its gold rush than in its cultural upheaval, as a new generation has sought to reconcile old traditions and customs with new ambitions and dreams.

In India Calling, Giridharadas brings to life the people and the dilemmas of India today, through the prism of his émigré family history and his childhood memories of India. He introduces us to entrepreneurs, radicals, in

9,99 €

25 Softwar - Matthew Symonds
Auteur : Matthew Symonds
Genre : Entreprise et management
In a business where great risks, huge fortunes, and even bigger egos are common, Larry Ellison stands out as one of the most outspoken, driven, and daring leaders of the software industry. The company he cofounded and runs, Oracle, is the number one business software company: perhaps even more than Microsoft's, Oracle's products are essential to today's networked world.

But Oracle is as controversial as it is influential, as feared as it is revered, thanks in large part to Larry Ellison. Though Oracle is one of the world's most valuable and profitable companies, Ellison is not afraid to suddenly change course and reinvent Oracle in the pursuit of new and ever more ambitious goals. Softwar examines the results of these shifts in strategy and the forces that drive Ellison relentlessly on.

In Softwar, journalist Matthew Symonds gives readers an exclusive and int

15,99 €

26 The Power of Attachment - Diane Poole Heller
Auteur : Diane Poole Heller
Genre : Psychologie
How traumatic events can break our vital connections—and how to restore love, wholeness, and resiliency in your life
From our earliest years, we develop an attachment style that follows us through life, replaying in our daily emotional landscape, our relationships, and how we feel about ourselves. And in the wake of a traumatic event—such as a car accident, severe illness, loss of a loved one, or experience of abuse—that attachment style can deeply influence what happens next.
In The Power of Attachment, Dr. Diane Poole Heller, a pioneer in attachment theory and trauma resolution, shows how overwhelming experiences can disrupt our most important connections— with the parts of ourselves within, with the physical world around us, and with others.
The good news is that we can restore and reconnect at all levels,

8,99 €

27 The Lies We Tell Ourselves - Dr. Chris Thurman
Auteur : Dr. Chris Thurman
Genre : Développement personnel
Dr. Chris Thurman brings understanding to the lies we tell ourselves in our daily lives. How do they damage us, why are we telling them, what can we do about them? In The Lies We Tell Ourselves, Dr. Thurman not only answers the questions, he brings about the freedom that can only come from believing the truth.

8,99 €

28 Viennawalks - J. Sydney Jones
Auteur : J. Sydney Jones
Genre : Europe
Viennawalks by J. Sydney Jones is the classic walking guidebook of the Austrian capital from the Henry Holt Walks Series. It includes four intimate walking tours of Vienna's most historic and enchanting neighborhoods, with maps, photos, and a selected list of restaurants and shops.

7,99 €

29 Cry Out to the Lord - Intimate Life Ministires
Auteur : Intimate Life Ministires
Genre : Christianisme
Sometimes it's for you. Sometimes it’s for your child, a family member or friend. Sometimes it’s for our broken world. We've all been there ... We've cried out to the Lord.  

Join noted authors like: Ronnie Floyd, Mark Williams, Dennis Gallaher, Dave Butts, Doug Beacham, Byron Paulus and Bill Elliff, Frances Chan, Kay Horner, Mark Batterson, Josh McDowell, Ed Stetzer, Anthony Evans, Nick Hall, Alton Garrison, Oscar Thompson, Dallas Willard and Sammy Rodriguez as they provide twenty unique studies in how to develop a Spirit-empowered faith, which will help you to:  Learn to look up when everything around you is falling apart  Call out to the Lord in humility and brokenness Yield fully to the working and empowerment of His Spirit, rather than rely on your own power for spiritual transformation Enter into bold and believing praye

11,99 €

30 It's a Man's World: Claims of Provocation and Automatism in 'Intimate' Homicides (Australia) - Melbourne University Law Review
Auteur : Melbourne University Law Review
Genre : Droit
[Men who kill in the context of 'sexual intimacy' may claim that they were provoked into losing self-control because of their estranged partner's words, infidelity or actions in leaving the relationship, or that they were unable to control their conduct because they received a 'psychological blow' that led to a state of dissociation. This article analyses a number of recent Australian cases dealing with provocation and automatism in order to address the question of whether a relationship breakdown should be considered a sufficient factor to exculpate an accused, either partially or totally, from criminal responsibility, it will examine the Victorian Law Reform Commission's recent recommendations that the defence of provocation should be abolished and the current law pertaining to automatism be retained. It is argued that the ambit of claims of provocation or automatism should be restrict

2,99 €

31 The Baby Mama Syndrome: Unwed Parents, Intimate Partners, Romantic Rivals, and the Rest of Us - Robert Doyel
Auteur : Robert Doyel
Genre : Sciences sociales
Judge Doyel establishes the prevalence of the Baby Mama Syndrome (starting with 1,600,000 unwed births a year) and reveals many of the bizarre situations that unmarried parents (baby mamas and baby daddies) and their children find themselves in. Women stalk each other and fight among themselves over a man. Relatives, friends, neighbors, even employers get caught up in the disputes. The man terrorizes the woman. Kids are abused, neglected, ignored, sick, or pregnant themselves. Many children are caught in the crossfire between female rivals, between the parents, or between a parent and a "fiance."
Mothers don't finish high school, can't find jobs, suffer medically and psychologically, move in with their own parents or with fiance after fiance, and repeatedly call on taxpayers to support them. Baby daddies take no interest in their children, don't support them, expose them to new girl

4,49 €

32 Intimate Partner Violence, Health Behaviours, And Chronic Physical Illness Among South African Women (Original Articles) (Report) - South African Medical Journal
Auteur : South African Medical Journal
Genre : Forme et santé
Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a global public health problem that is increasingly cited as a risk factor for adverse physical and behavioural health outcomes among women. Characterised by behaviour within an intimate relationship that causes physical, psychological or sexual harm to a partner, (1) IPV has reached globally epidemic proportions. The lifetime prevalence of experiencing IPV is estimated to be between 15% and 71% among women worldwide. (2) Apart from an increased risk of injury and death, women who experience IPV have an increased probability of developing shortand long-term morbidity and adopting negative health behaviours. For example, in the USA abused women are more likely than nonabused women to report adverse physical health outcomes such as joint disease, asthma, heart disease, back problems, arthritis, sexually transmitted infections, vaginal infections, digestiv

2,99 €

33 The Intimate Life of Alexander Hamilton - Allan Mclane Hamilton & Willard Sterne Randall
Auteur : Allan Mclane Hamilton & Willard Sterne Randall
Genre : Biographies et mémoires
The life of Alexander Hamilton is certainly one of great complexity and controversy and, as a result, has been of great interest to the general public for centuries. In the past two hundred years, there have been many accounts of Hamilton’s life—mostly commenting on his political personality rather than his character, but none have touched upon the private life of the man quite like The Intimate Life of Alexander Hamilton.

Drawn chiefly from collected original family letters and documents, some never published before this book’s initial publication in 1910, Hamilton’s grandson Allan McLane Hamilton presents a portrait of one of America’s chief founding fathers unlike any other, recounting the life of his grandfather with an unmatchable insider’s eye. The author intimately discusses his grandfather’s private affairs in great detail, dispelling many rumors ab

12,99 €

34 Intimate Witnesses - Samuel Wong
Auteur : Samuel Wong
Genre : Religion et spiritualité
This collection of prayers, poems, and prose is a record of how the author coped with lifes challenges, transcending frustrations over stalled careers, missed opportunities, misunderstanding, and disappointments, and delighting over countless blessings and accomplishments. Not overtly written for inspiration, the book nonetheless is authentically inspiring. It affirms the integrity of life even though one may have to traverse the desert and through the valley of death to reach wholeness. The universe has meaning even though we dont understand it now. The prayers and poems are starters for communion with the mystery.

4,99 €

35 Intimate Violence - David Greven
Auteur : David Greven
Genre : Film
Intimate Violence explores the consistent cold war in Hitchcock's films between his heterosexual heroines and his queer characters, usually though not always male. Decentering the authority of the male hero, Hitchcock's films allow his female and queer characters to vie for narrative power, often in conflict with one another. These conflicts eerily echo the tense standoff between feminism and queer theory. From a reparative psychoanalytic perspective, David Greven merges queer and feminist approaches to Hitchcock. Using the theories of Melanie Klein, Greven argues that Hitchcock's work thematizes a constant battle between desires to injure and to repair the loved object. Greven develops a theory of sexual hegemony. The feminine versus the queer conflict, as he calls it, in Hitchcock films illuminates the shared but rivalrous struggles for autonomy and visibility on the part of female and

31,99 €

36 Intimate Seduction - Brenda Jackson
Auteur : Brenda Jackson
Genre : Romance
When a man finds a beautiful woman asleep in his bed…

…he has only one choice. To seduce her with a night of lovemaking she'll never forget. Trouble is, Donovan Steele's sultry new housekeeper is just as determined not to become the legendary playboy's latest conquest.

Trading the Ivy League for down South, Natalie Ford is helping out with her ailing aunt's housecleaning service. But she finds that this powerful, potent man of Steele ignites a different kind of chemistry–one that defies every law of attraction the science professor ever learned.

Natalie knows she has to come clean to Donovan about who she really is…especially when he starts believing she's out to sabotage his family business. Will she lose her chance to love the real man behind the seductive legend?

About the author

Brenda Jackson is a New York Times bestsell

2,49 €

37 Intimate Flames - Annette Snyder
Auteur : Annette Snyder
Genre : Contemporain
Bradie Carpenter holds only memories of love lost. Armed with determination after Grant's tragic death, Bradie ventures forward with their son. Without the exclusive Blain family name or the advantage of the family fortune and, diligent to overcome the obstacles of single parenthood, she sets a goal of a better life in the picturesque town of Union.Andrew "Amen" Packard married too young with an unrealistic view of the future. After a turbulent divorce attributed to pressure from his firefighter career, Amen chooses his heated profession over affection for wife, family and friends. Not until he meets Bradie does he rethink his decision to exclude love from his life. Can Bradie discover that money doesn't always extinguish love?Will Amen allow a ready-made family near enough to bash towering walls of seclusion?Is friendship and attraction enough to heal the lives of two souls charred from

3,99 €

38 Intimate & Authentic Economies of the American Self-Made Man - Thomas Nissley
Auteur : Thomas Nissley
Genre : Critique littéraire
The story of the American self-made man carries a perennial interest in American literature and cultural studies. This book examines numerous texts from Reconstruction-era autobiographies to the films of the 1930s.

99,99 €

39 Intimate Fellowship ~ From The Heart ~ - Jennifer Shacklett
Auteur : Jennifer Shacklett
Genre : Poésie
Poetic devotional from studying the Word of God and having intimate fellowship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. These are my thoughts of meditation as revealed through praying in the secret place. The purpose of this book is to birth a hunger and desire in the reader to want this same kind of intimate fellowship with God for themselves.

2,49 €

40 The Shadow Side of Intimate Relationships - Moseley, Douglas
Auteur : Moseley, Douglas
Genre : Développement personnel
Many self-help relationship books tend to focus on an idealized vision of marriages and intimate relationships. Positive attitudes are very important in intimate relationships AND positivity alone is not enough. The truth is that long term marriages go through difficult experiences, with each partner often under-equipped in terms of self awareness and know-how. The truth is that all partners can revert to aspects of themselves that are significantly younger than their chronological ages, especially when stressed. 'The Shadow Side Of Intimate Relationships' takes a very real look at intimate relationship and what is occurring beneath each partner's surface awareness when un-nourishing patterns of behavior begin to get locked into place. It sheds light on aspects that intimate partners seldom recognize or want to confront and takes the view that both partners must become more aware of them

8,49 €

41 Quality of the Intimate and Sexual Relationship in First-Time Parents Six Months After Delivery. - The Journal of Sex Research
Auteur : The Journal of Sex Research
Genre : Forme et santé
Sexuality is one part of the intimate relationship of couples, and the factors that affect the experience of a couple's intimate relationship are complex, especially when the couple enters parenthood. Belsky (1981) described a triad of components affecting the members of the new family: the parenthood, the intimate relationship and the health and development of the child. There is a high divorce and separation rate among the parents of small children in Sweden that peaks when the first child is one and a half years old (Statistics Sweden, 2003). The intimate relationship of first-time parents has been studied somewhat in Europe, particularly in Scandinavia. The purpose of the present study was to describe the quality of the intimate relationship of Swedish first-time parents six months after the birth of their child. An intimate relationship often changes over time (Belsky, 1985). In a l

2,99 €

42 Prosecuting Intimate Partner Sexual Assault. - Journal of the National District Attorneys Association Prosecutor
Auteur : Journal of the National District Attorneys Association Prosecutor
Genre : Droit
THE MAJORITY OF SEXUAL ASSAULT VICTIMS know their assailants. (1) Despite this fact, the public still expects rapists to be weapon-wielding strangers who attack their victims in dark alleys. This expectation, grounded in cultural bias, victim blaming, rape myth acceptance, and faulty expectations about victim behavior, creates unique challenges to the successful prosecution of non-stranger sexual assault. (2) A current or former relationship between the victim and the defendant can lead to additional complexities that often make the arrest, prosecution, and conviction of an intimate partner rapist even more difficult. Historically, additional barriers to prosecution were created by many jurisdictions' criminal laws that sanctioned intimate partner rape by exempting spouses from the rape statute. (3) Although the marital exemption is no longer codified, some allied criminal justice pro

2,99 €

43 Terribly Intimate Portraits - Noël Coward
Auteur : Noël Coward
Genre : Romans et littérature
I HAVE endeavoured in writing and compiling this book, to emphasize not only actual deeds and historical facts, but to aspire to an even higher goal—to conjure to life for a few brief moments the "Souls" of my subjects, stark in all their deathless beauty. What task could be nobler than to delve in these vivid famous lives and bring to light, perhaps, some hitherto undiscovered motive—some delicate and radiant action which so far has escaped the common historian and lain unplucked like a wee wood violet in an old, old garden!

Modern realists would have us believe that romance and beauty are dead, that the spirit of heroic achievement and chivalry has been crushed by the juggernautic wheels of civilisation. Poor blind, sad-hearted fools—their dreary, unlovely minds have risen like gaunt weeds from the ashes of their wasted opportunities. Romance dead? Never! And in order

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44 Intimate Kisses - Wendy Maltz
Auteur : Wendy Maltz
Genre : Poésie
These intensely personal poems reveal how experiences of profound sexual pleasure can connect individuals and couples with their human spirit, their beloved partner, and the sensuality of love.

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45 Intimate Friends - Karen Marie
Auteur : Karen Marie
Genre : Romans et littérature
Haley Martin has suffered a huge personal loss with the death of her father, and the surprise information he gave her. She does not cope with it all very well, and develops a strained relationship with her mother. She lives in LA and manages to fail her first job as a police officer due to her alcoholism, which served as a coping mechanism. To clear her head, Haley decides to take a vacation and travels to Louisiana. While visiting Louisianas sites, she meets the love of her life, Theodore Stockley. She begins to remember how good it felt to laugh and starts to enjoy life again. Theo is a mysterious but wealthy and influential man in Louisiana. Louisiana and Theo seemed to be what she needs to jumpstart her life back into gear. Having found what she thought was true love, Haley feels inspired and opens up a detective agency, only to find out that Theo is unable to commit to one woman.

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46 Sexual Compatibility and Sexual Functioning in Intimate Relationships. - The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality
Auteur : The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality
Genre : Psychologie
ABSTRACT: Sexual compatibility is an important element shaping the sexual functioning of an intimate relationship. In this study we expected that levels of sexual compatibility between partners would be related to differential levels of sexual functioning in intimate relationships, but that this relation might differ for men and women. Fifty-eight heterosexual couples responded to self-report measures of sexual functioning (satisfaction, depression, and anxiety), and perceived sexual compatibility. The results indicate that the relationship between an individual's perception of their compatibility with their partner and sexual depression and anxiety was stronger for women than men. In addition, the partner's perception of compatibility predicted sexual depression and anxiety for men but not women. For both men and women, an individual's perception and their partner's perception of compat

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47 An Intimate Murder - Stacy Verdick Case
Auteur : Stacy Verdick Case
Genre : Détectives féminins
Catherine O’Brien, the irreverent detective, is back in: An Intimate Murder.

When Jonathan and Susan Luther are murdered in their home, St. Paul homicide detective Catherine O’Brien and her partner Louise discover this isn’t the first time the Luther family has been visited by tragedy. Is it a case of bad family luck or is there something more?

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48 The Intimate Renewal - David Ghozland
Auteur : David Ghozland
Genre : Forme et santé
Dyspareunia or painful intercourse especially on insertion effects millions of women worldwide.
This book offers a novel treatment approach to women who have failed conventional medical therapy and are looking for a permanent solution to painful intercourse.
The Intimate Renewal Procedure is a multi-platform treatment option that includes the use of lasers, platelet rich plasma therapy, medications and out patient surgery, with outstanding results. This new approach to vaginal renewal has helped hundreds of women from all over the world. The Intimate Renewal Procedure offers a nearly 100% success rate


49 Tea with Mr. Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Intimate - Stephanie Bridger
Auteur : Stephanie Bridger
Genre : Classiques
Having returned to Pemberley with his new bride, Mr. Darcy is ready to enjoy his every happiness with Elizabeth Bennet, now Elizabeth Darcy. His days in the future, he knows, will be rich with good conversation and company. As to the matters of the marriage bed, however, Elizabeth is somewhat shy, and has not enjoyed it's full pleasures. On a particularly fine day, Mr. Darcy decides to take his new bride out to a secluded area of Pemberley's orchards, and introduce her to all the joys that a husband can bring a wife, under the guise of a simple picnic. How will the newly minted Mrs. Darcy respond his affections, and will all of his efforts be in vain?

This Pride and Prejudice sensual intimate is best enjoyed by those over the age of 18.

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50 Mr. Darcy's Passions - a Pride and Prejudice Sensual Intimate Collection - Stephanie Bridger
Auteur : Stephanie Bridger
Genre : Histoire
This collection brings together Stephanie's two popular titles, Tea with Mr. Darcy and Mr. Darcy's Assignation.

Tea with Mr. Darcy

Having returned to Pemberley with his new bride, Mr. Darcy is ready to enjoy his every happiness with Elizabeth Bennet, now Elizabeth Darcy. His days in the future, he knows, will be rich with good conversation and company. As to the matters of the marriage bed, however, Elizabeth is somewhat shy, and has not enjoyed it's full pleasures. On a particularly fine day, Mr. Darcy decides to take his new bride out to a secluded area of Pemberley's orchards, and introduce her to all the joys that a husband can bring a wife, under the guise of a simple picnic. How will the newly minted Mrs. Darcy respond his affections, and will all of his efforts be in vain?

Mr. Darcy's Assignation

Mr. Darcy has not

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