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1 Les lumières de Géhenne - Eric Marchal
Auteur : Eric Marchal
Genre : Histoire
Deuxième volet de cette enquête sur la grippe espagnole de 1918.

1943. Depuis deux ans, Alex Beaumont s'est retiré sur l'île de Wight, où il exerce la médecine. Shanghai n'est plus qu'un souvenir, Isaure D'Argreen et la LCS, des fantômes. Kathleen a renoué avec lui des liens amoureux. Mais son passé va le rattraper sous une forme inattendue. Et la traque de la vérité sur la mort de son père, la recherche des souches du virus de 1918 vont reprendre.

De l'île de Wight au cœur du IIIe Reich, où la machine de guerre allemande prépare en grand secret une nouvelle grippe espagnole, Alex se jette à corps perdu dans la bataille...

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2 The Given Day - Dennis Lehane
Auteur : Dennis Lehane
Genre : Romans et littérature
Boston, 1918. A city in turmoil as soldiers return home from World War One.

Danny Coughlin is the son of one of Boston's most powerful police captains. An undercover cop, he is hunting for revolutionaries and anarchists who are pledged to overthrow the city's ruling classes. But Danny's about to find out that doing his duty may also mean betraying those who are closest to him.

Luther Lawrence is on the run. Having survived a murderous confrontation with a crime boss, he lands a job in the Coughlin household. Desperate to find a way home for his pregnant wife, Luther is determined to avoid trouble. But it isn't long before his dangerous past and his tenuous present collide - with life threatening consequences.

As the city goes into meltdown, Danny and Luther must confront the storm of violence that threatens to engulf them if each is to survive...

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3 Influenza - Provincial Board of Health Ontario
Auteur : Provincial Board of Health Ontario
Genre : Médecine
The Provincial Board of Health deems it advisable that the statement issued by the American Public Health Association, following the recent meeting in Chicago should be in the hands of the medical profession of Ontario. Consequently this statement is herein given in full.
As there is considerable difference of opinion among health officers, the profession and the public, with reference to the value of measures of prevention, such as the placarding and quarantine of premises where the disease exists, the Board has deemed it of sufficient importance to add some remarks giving the views of provincial and state officers of health in this respect as well as upon other points of interest.
With the view of learning the experience of the state and provincial health officers of the United States and Canada the Board addressed the following inquiry to all such officers, viz.:—“Does

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4 Influenza - Nadja Podbregar &
Auteur : Nadja Podbregar &
Genre : Forme et santé
Kommt die große Grippe-Pandemie? Wird die Schweinegrippe H1N1 zu einem Nachfolger der Spanischen Grippe von 1918? Noch kann diese Fragen niemand beantworten. Denn die Influenza ist unberechenbar. Niemand weiß, ob sich das bisher eher milde Virus zum Schlimmeren ändert, ob es sich mit dem Vogelgrippe-Virus verbindet oder doch alles im Sande verläuft.

Die Grippe ist ein alter Bekannter. Schon seit Jahrhunderten grassieren verschiedenste Varianten dieses RNA-Virus in Vögeln, Schweinen und auch im Menschen. Meist verlaufen die Influenzawellen eher harmlos: Alljährlich im Winter geht ein neuer Virenstamm um, um dann wieder zu verschwinden.

Doch alle paar Jahrzehnte ändert sich das Bild. Dann taucht – scheinbar aus dem Nichts – plötzlich ein besonders harter Gegner auf: Ein Influenza-Virus gegen das unser Immunsystem nicht gewappnet ist, das völlig neue Eige

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6 Influenza - Rebecca Awe
Auteur : Rebecca Awe
Genre : Horreur
Die alleinerziehende Viola und ihre Tochter Gabrielle geraten während einer Grippeepedemie in große Gefahr, denn plötzlich wimmelt ihre Umwelt nur so vor blutrünstigen Zombies! Kann Gabrielles Papa in dieser Situation beweisen, dass er gar kein so übler Kerl ist?

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7 Influenza - Gina Kolata
Auteur : Gina Kolata
Genre : Biologie
Gina Kolata ist ein packender Thriller über einen der rätselhaftesten Fälle der Medizingeschichte und zugleich eine kenntnisreiche Darstellung der modernen Virenforschung gelungen, deren Bedeutung in einem Zeitalter neuer Viruserkrankungen aktueller ist denn je.
(Dieser Text bezieht sich auf eine frühere Ausgabe.)

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8 Influenza - Sics Editore
Auteur : Sics Editore
Genre : Médecine
In the Northern Hemisphere, seasonal influenza epidemics usually occur during the winter ("the flu season") with the peak typically around January and February. At-risk groups should be vaccinated annually well in advance (October-November) before the start of the expected influenza epidemic. National public health organizations issue recommendations of groups to whom annual influenza vaccination should be offered (possibly free of charge), i.e. of individuals whose health would be essentially threatened by influenza or who would gain significant health benefit from influenza vaccination. Influenza can be diagnosed on the basis of the clinical presentation combined with a confirmed epidemic circulating in the community, or on the basis of virological (rapid) diagnostic test results. The treatment of influenza in a healthy adult patient is generally symptomatic. Antiviral agents should be

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9 Influenza - Hagen Behring
Auteur : Hagen Behring
Genre : Nouvelles
After a devastating wave of influenza, a few men move through a largely depopulated country. Only in a few places are there remains of civilization. Conventional notions of custom and morality are no longer valid.

In the series "Events and Expectations", scenarios for the near future are developed.

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10 Influenza - Jeremy Brown
Auteur : Jeremy Brown
Genre : Sciences sociales
A veteran ER doctor explores the troubling, terrifying, and complex history and present-day research of the flu virus, from the origins of the Great Flu that killed millions, to vexing questions such as: are we prepared for the next epidemic, should you get a flu shot, and how close are we to finding a cure?

While influenza is now often thought of as a common and relatively mild disease, it still kills over 30,000 people in the US each year. Dr. Jeremy Brown, currently Director of Emergency Care Research at the National Institutes of Health, expounds on the flu’s deadly past to solve the mysteries that could protect us from the next outbreak. In the “gripping…extensively researched” (Gail D’Onofrio MD, Yale School of Medicine) Influenza, he talks with leading epidemiologists, policy makers, and the researcher who first sequenced the genetic building blo

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11 Les ombres du ciel - Eric Marchal
Auteur : Eric Marchal
Genre : Histoire
La grippe espagnole de 1918 : une arme comme les autres ?

1941, île de Wight. La guerre ravage l'Europe et Alex Beaumont fête son diplôme de médecin.
Alors que tout le disposait à une brillante carrière, il est contacté par le département des services secrets spécialisé dans la désinformation.

Les Alliés s'intéressent à la grippe espagnole qui, en 1918, fit plus de morts que la Première Guerre mondiale.
L'épidémie aurait été une arme biologique fabriquée par les Allemands, dont ils possèderaient encore des souches.

L'opération Influenza est lancée : aux côtés d'une des premières femmes pilotes de la RAF, Alex traque, de Londres à Shanghai, une vérité qui pourrait sceller le sort du conflit mondial.

Cet ouvrage a reçu le Prix Carrefour du 1er roman

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12 Liberati dai manipolatori - Christel Petitcollin
Auteur : Christel Petitcollin
Genre : Famille et relations
Tante persone, sul lavoro o nella sfera privata, vivono sotto l'influenza schiacciante di qualcuno, magari senza esserne pienamente consapevoli. Però manifestano sintomi ricorrenti: ansia, paure, sensi di inadeguatezza, somatizzazioni, insicurezza. Spesso danno la colpa alla propria «eccessiva» emotività e sensibilità, mentre in realtà il responsabile è quella persona tossica e manipolatrice che ha preso il controllo della loro vita. Può essere il partner, un familiare, un amico, un capoufficio o un collega che si trasforma in un persecutore che mente, si lamenta, critica, umilia, ricorre al ricatto morale e colpevolizza. Un vero e proprio vampiro che si nutre delle energie e delle emozioni dell'altro e lo sfrutta per soddisfare i suoi bisogni. Dopo il successo de Il potere nascosto degli ipersensibili, in questo libro Christel Petitcollin delinea con precisione l'identikit del m

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13 John R. La Montagne Memorial Symposium on Pandemic Influenza Research - Planning Group on the John R. La Montagne Memorial Symposium on Pandemic Influenza Research
Auteur : Planning Group on the John R. La Montagne Memorial Symposium on Pandemic Influenza Research
Genre : Médecine
The Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the National Academies of Science held a symposium, in memory of Dr. John R. La Montagne on April 4-5, 2005, to discuss the current state of the art of research on pandemic influenza and to identify gaps in research. The symposium serves as a first step of discussion towards a combined and coordinated research effort among Department of Health and Human Services agencies, other governmental agencies, international partners and the private sector. The statement of task that guided the Symposium agenda included these specific questions:

1)    What is the current state of the science on pandemic influenza research?
2)    What are the pressing unmet scientific questions and technical issues?
3)    What administrative, logistic or legal impediments exist that block progress towards the deve

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14 Antivirals for Pandemic Influenza - Committee on Implementation of Antiviral Medication Strategies for an Influenza Pandemic
Auteur : Committee on Implementation of Antiviral Medication Strategies for an Influenza Pandemic
Genre : Médecine
Planning for an influenza pandemic, whether it occurs in the near or distant future, will need to take into account many constantly evolving factors. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) Committee on Implementation of Antiviral Medication Strategies for an Influenza Pandemic was asked by the Department of Health and Human Services, (DHHS) to consider best practices and policies for providing antiviral treatment and prophylaxis during a pandemic event. The committee’s report, entitled Antivirals for Pandemic Influenza: Guidance on Developing a Distribution and Dispensing Program, calls for a national and public process of creating an ethical framework for antiviral use within the context of uncertainty and scarcity. It is unclear whether antivirals will work against a pandemic strain as well as they work against seasonal influenza. Also, government stockpiles may not be sufficient for all po

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15 Reusability of Facemasks During an Influenza Pandemic - Committee on the Development of Reusable Facemasks for Use During an Influenza Pandemic
Auteur : Committee on the Development of Reusable Facemasks for Use During an Influenza Pandemic
Genre : Médecine
Any strategy to cope with an influenza pandemic must be based on the knowledge and tools that are available at the time an epidemic may occur. In the near term, when we lack an adequate supply of vaccine and antiviral medication, strategies that rely on social distancing and physical barriers will be relatively more prominent as means to prevent spread of disease. The use of respirators and facemasks is one key part of a larger strategy to establish barriers and increase distance between infected and uninfected individuals. Respirators and facemasks may have a role in both clinical care and community settings.

Reusability of Facemasks During an Influenza Pandemic: Facing the Flu answers a specific question about the role of respirators and facemasks to reduce the spread of flu: Can respirators and facemasks that are designed to be disposable be reused safely and effect

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16 Influenza Vaccines During the 2008-2009 Influenza Season/2008-2009 Influenza Mevsiminde Grip Asilari (In Turkish) - Journal of Pediatric Infection
Auteur : Journal of Pediatric Infection
Genre : Forme et santé
Kuzey yari kurede influenza epidemilerine gec sonbahar aylan ile ilkbaharin erken aylan arasinda rastlanir. 2 yasin altindaki cocuklar, 65 yasin uzerindeki yasli hastalar ve influenza komplikasyonlari icin risk altinda bulunan altta yatan hasta1igi bulunan hastalarda yuksek ciddi hastalik ve olum oranlan gorulur (1-5). Influenza salginlari nedeni ile dunyada 1990-1999 yillari arasinda 36.000 olum ve 1979-2001 yillari arasinda 226.000 hospitalizasyon vakasi bildirilmistir (6-7). Influenza A ve B insanlarda epidemi yapan iki tip influenza virusudur. influenza A virusleri iki yuzey antijeni (hemaglutinin ve neuroaminodaz) baz alinarak alt gruplara kategorize olurlar. 1977'den itibaren influenza A (H1N1), influenza A (H3N2) ve influenza B virusleri global olarak sirkule etmektedir. Muhtemelen human A (H3N2) ve A (H1 N1) viruslerinden genetik olarak yapilanan influenza A (H1N1)'e de bazi infl

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17 Review of the DoD-GEIS Influenza Programs - Committee for the Assessment of DoD-GEIS Influenza Surveillance and Response Programs
Auteur : Committee for the Assessment of DoD-GEIS Influenza Surveillance and Response Programs
Genre : Médecine
The influenza pandemics of 1918, 1957, and 1968 offer a warning to the world about the potential dangers of the influenza virus. In 2006, after a series of cases and clusters of the highly pathogenic H5N1 avian virus made clear the threat of a possible pandemic, the U.S. Congress allocated $39 million to the Department of Defense Global Emerging Infections Surveillance and Response System (DoD-GEIS) to increase and improve its worldwide influenza surveillance network through upgrades to its domestic and overseas laboratories' capabilities.
An Institute of Medicine (IOM) committee was subsequently formed to evaluate the effectiveness of these laboratory-based programs in relation to the supplemental funding, and the report that follows details the committee's findings. The committee that prepared this report, the Committee for the Assessment of DoD-GEIS Influenza Survei

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18 You and the Flu (Chapters) (Influenza Shot) - South Carolina Nurse
Auteur : South Carolina Nurse
Genre : Forme et santé
As healthcare professionals, we nurses are at high-risk of exposure to "what's going around" in our towns and neighborhoods. We all take precautions to avoid contact with infectious materials--we gown, mask, wash our hands, and wash them again. We try to eat right, get enough exercise and sleep, and many of us take vitamins and supplements to strengthen our immune systems. Why then, do we risk getting the flu when a simple vaccine can provide protection from many or all of the strains circulating in our communities?

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19 Facts and Ideas from Anywhere (Influenza Virus) (Rosuvastatin and Ezetimibe) (Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm) (Editorial) - Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings
Auteur : Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings
Genre : Forme et santé
INFLUENZA VIRUS In 1918, a new influenza virus, whose natural home was in birds, infected humans. Within months, it adapted to its new host, starting with US soldiers in World War I military camps and spreading rapidly from person to person. This influenza virus killed more people than any other plague in history. In 24 weeks it killed more people than AIDS has killed in 24 years. The 1918 epidemic killed at least 50 million people and perhaps as many as 100 million. The world's population then was only 28% of today's; a comparable death toll today would be 175 million to 325 million.

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20 Awareness of Novel H1N1 Pandemic Influenza Among Non-Medical Personnel, Medical Students and Medical Professionals (Report) - Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal
Auteur : Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal
Genre : Forme et santé
Byline: Javaid Usman, Aun Raza Shah, Muhammad Azhar, Muhammad Zeeshan Ali, Mohammad Bilal and RizwanUllah Khan Abstract

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21 The Scramble for Influenza Vaccine in 2010 (Editorial) - Marc Mendelson
Auteur : Marc Mendelson
Genre : Forme et santé
In 2009 South Africa, like the rest of the world, experienced the 'swine flu' pandemic caused by influenza A (H1N1) 2009 virus (H1N1). The influenza epidemic curve for South Africa during 2009 testified to the introduction of the virus, as it superseded the influenza A H3N2 strain (H3N2) as the predominant circulating virus at the end of the season. (1) Predicting patterns of influenza is difficult, and although most influenza cases in South Africa in 2010 may also be due to H1N1, it is uncertain to what degree H3N2 and influenza B will play their parts. Mercifully, H1N1 in 2009 caused mild influenza-like illness (ILI) in most infected persons; with 12 640 laboratory-confirmed cases (a portion of the true number), only 93 laboratory-confirmed H1N1-associated deaths occurred. (2,3) When a new pandemic influenza virus is introduced into a susceptible population, previously healthy peopl

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22 Preventing Transmission of Pandemic Influenza and Other Viral Respiratory Diseases - Elaine L. Larson
Auteur : Elaine L. Larson
Genre : Forme et santé
In 2009, the H1N1 influenza pandemic brought to the forefront the many unknowns about the virulence, spread, and nature of the virus, as well as questions regarding personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare personnel. In this book, the Institute of Medicine assesses the progress of PPE research and identifies future directions for PPE for healthcare personnel.

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23 In Process Quality Control Factors Affecting Efficacy of Avian Influenza (H5N1) Vaccine (Report) - Pakistan Journal of Zoology
Auteur : Pakistan Journal of Zoology
Genre : Science de la vie
Byline: Saeed Khan, Khushi Muhammad*, Atif Hanif, Masood Rabbani, Irshad Hussain and Muhammad Sarwar Khan Abstract.- Avian Influenza (AI) is causing heavy economic losses in domestic poultry all over the world. It is caused by a highly pathogenic virus H5N1. The present study was aimed at assessing the quality control parameters during the process of vaccine production. The virus was recovered from lungs, trachea and fecal contents of the infected birds in chicken embryos. Binary ethylenimine (5mM) inactivated the virus with in 16 hours of incubation at 25degC. The AI vaccine without adjuvant induced poor anti-AIV-HA antibody titer (3.5 GMT) in the vaccinated broilers. The vaccine containing aluminum hydroxide gel (AHG) induced the antibody response (36.8 GMT) that reached the peak level on 18 days post priming and declined thereafter. Montanide ISA 70 based AI vaccine induced increas

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24 Dei grandi Avvenimenti in Francia e della loro influenza sul corso della civiltà e della politica. - Angelo Mariini
Auteur : Angelo Mariini
Genre : Europe
The HISTORY OF EUROPE collection includes books from the British Library digitised by Microsoft. This collection includes works chronicling the development of Western civilisation to the modern age. Highlights include the development of language, political and educational systems, philosophy, science, and the arts. The selection documents periods of civil war, migration, shifts in power, Muslim expansion into Central Europe, complex feudal loyalties, the aristocracy of new nations, and European expansion into the New World.

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25 Preparing for an Influenza Pandemic - Lewis R. Goldfrank
Auteur : Lewis R. Goldfrank
Genre : Forme et santé
During an influenza pandemic, healthcare workers will be on the front lines delivering care to patients and preventing further spread of the disease. As the nation prepares for pandemic influenza, multiple avenues for protecting the health of the public are being carefully considered, ranging from rapid development of appropriate vaccines to quarantine plans should the need arise for their implementation. One vital aspect of pandemic influenza planning is the use of personal protective equipment (PPE)—the respirators, gowns, gloves, face shields, eye protection, and other equipment that will be used by healthcare workers and others in their day-to-day patient care responsibilities.
However, efforts to appropriately protect healthcare workers from illness or from infecting their families and their patients are greatly hindered by the paucity of data on the transmissio

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26 Influenza Immunization Policies and Nursing Concerns - Colorado Nurse
Auteur : Colorado Nurse
Genre : Forme et santé
Starting in early fall, Colorado Nurses Association (CNA) began receiving inquiries from nurses in several hospitals in Colorado regarding "mandatory influenza immunization policies" that were being implemented in their hospitals. Colorado Nurses Association and the American Nurses Association support the importance of health care workers obtaining influenza vaccinations. ANA encourages all registered nurses to obtain immunization but also believes that the vaccination policies should be implemented as part of a comprehensive program and should ensure broad, fair, and nondiscriminatory implementation. What were some of the concerns of nurses that communicated with CNA? One nurse identified that her facility was allowing two exemptions for immunizations: 1) religious and 2) medical. For either of these exemptions according to the report, a nurse had to submit written justification. In t

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27 Influenza Pandemic Planning at LHSC - Elizabeth M.A. Grasby
Auteur : Elizabeth M.A. Grasby
Genre : Management et direction
The manager of occupational health and safety services at the London Health Science Centre (LHSC) is a member of a team developing a plan to prepare LHSC to manage various issues in the event of an influenza pandemic, particularly in its hospitals. Such an event would place severe strain on LHSC's employees and on the organization's ability to provide health care to the public. The manager has to resolve several ethical concerns while ensuring compliance with the Ontario Health and Safety Act. She also has to recommend how best to communicate the plan to the LHSC staff.

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28 Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease - Illaria Capua & Dennis J. Alexander
Auteur : Illaria Capua & Dennis J. Alexander
Genre : Médecine
This book contains comprehensive and updated information on how to perform Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease diagnosis from the suspicion in the field to the characterisation of isolates. It provides guidelines to outbreak management, field investigation, necropsy techniques, sampling methods and complete laboratory diagnosis, including molecular methods. The outstanding images collected from field outbreaks, including clinical and pathological findings, and the selection of laboratory protocols make this publication unique. It will therefore be an invaluable tool for all veterinarians, scientists, animal health professionals, and public health officials involved in the management of these infections.

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29 The Influenza Pandemic of 1918 - Claire O'Neal
Auteur : Claire O'Neal
Genre : Militaire
In 1918, the deadliest virus in human history struck worldwide with hardly any warning. A victim of the Spanish flu could wake up healthy and fall down dead the same day. In the United States, so many people fell ill that schools and churches closed. There werent enough healthy doctors and nurses to care for the sick, or enough healthy gravediggers to bury the dead. When U.S. troops joined World War I that year, they couldnt have imagined that more soldiers would die from the flu than fighting. The Spanish flu claimed between 50 million and 100 million lives globally in less than a year. Now, less than a century later, new strains of bird flu are killing people in Asia in much the same way. Are we on the verge of another deadly pandemic?

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30 The Influenza Bomb - Paul McCusker
Auteur : Paul McCusker
Genre : Policier et suspense

Masses of people are dying from a mysterious flu. While the TSI team searches for a cure, a notorious eco-terrorist group,Return to Earth, uses an influenza bomb to poison the water. It’s a race against time—with the outcome impacting the entire world.

By the time the team discovers that the terrorists are using the water supply to infect people, the sickness is spreading worldwide and no one has a cure. When Return to Earth makes off with a mysterious device called the influenza bomb with the intent to destroy all of mankind, Dr. Hutchinson must stop the contamination from being spread before it’s too late.

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31 Intergovernmental Unity of Effort in Support of Biological Threat Prevention: H1N1 Pandemic Influenza Response, Meta-Intelligence, Health Security Policies Lessons Learned - Progressive Management
Auteur : Progressive Management
Genre : Science politique
The purpose of this study is to examine ways to prevent the terrorist use of a biological weapon of mass destruction. Intelligence sources from around the globe report that terrorist groups are developing the capability and the intention to deliver biological weapons of mass destruction. Four coalitions of governments were studied to examine stated health security policies and reported outcome of a large biological threat incident of H1N1 global pandemic influenza of 2009-2010. It details the results and proposed methods to enhance intergovernmental connectivity and information sharing to prevent a biological threat.

CHAPTER I - INTRODUCTION * A. PROBLEM STATEMENT * B. BACKGROUND * 1. Latency Time Period * 2. U.S. Biological Threat Approach "Right of Boom" * 3. Strategic Pre-Incident Medical Intelligence Framework * 4. Time: A Non-Renewable Biodefense Resource * 5. Status Quo

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32 The Impact of Influenza on the Canadian First Nations (Commentary) (Report) - Canadian Journal of Public Health
Auteur : Canadian Journal of Public Health
Genre : Droit
In March and April 2009, pandemic H1N1 2009 influenza A virus (pH1N1 2009) emerged in Mexico, the United States and Canada. As of August 6, 2010, more than 214 countries officially reported laboratory-confirmed cases of pH1N1 2009 infection, including 18,449 deaths. (1) Of these, 8,678 laboratory-confirmed hospitalized cases of pH1N1 2009 had been reported in all provinces and territories in Canada, including 1,473 ICU admissions and 428 deaths. (2) Of special concern has been the morbidity and mortality burden of this virus in First Nation and other Aboriginal communities. While Aboriginal peoples constitute only 3.8% of the Canadian population, from April 2009 to April 2010, they accounted for 7.4-10% of hospitalizations due to pH1N1 2009, 7.8-10.4% of ICU admissions and 7.1-10.4% of deaths. (2) These numbers were even higher during the first wave of the pandemic (April 12-August 29, 2

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33 Swine Flu : The Guide to Understanding Swine Influenza - Diane Jensen
Auteur : Diane Jensen
Genre : Forme et santé
This Swine Flu book is very short and  only focuses on Understanding Swine Influenza and what you must know about it.
Download this book now!

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34 L'estasi dell'influenza - Jonathan Lethem
Auteur : Jonathan Lethem
Genre : Arts et disciplines linguistiques
Quale è il ruolo dello scrittore – se ha un ruolo – nella cultura contemporanea? Quello della termite o quello dell’elefante? La termite “procede incessantemente a mangiucchiare i suoi confini e, nella metà dei casi, lascia alle proprie spalle segni di un’alacre, industriosa e rudimentale attività”. Gli elefanti bianchi si sentono “obbligati ad aggirarsi con fare autorevole, disdegnando ogni occasione di giocosità e distrazione, irrigidendosi in un encausto di spocchia nell’attesa che la giusta giovane termite, che aspira a essere elefante, cominci a sparare loro con un fucile da caccia grossa.” Naturalmente i due modelli – la termite e l’elefante – possono sovrapporsi e incrociarsi, anche in uno stesso scrittore e persino nello stesso Jonathan Lethem. Ma non c’è dubbio che – nonostante qualche legittima aspirazione all’elefantismo bianco – Lethem in

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35 Why should Factory Farming of Swine and Poultry Create a Pandemic Influenza Threat? (Biodevastation) (Report) - Synthesis/Regeneration
Auteur : Synthesis/Regeneration
Genre : Science et nature
We know that indiscriminate feeding of antibiotics to livestock has led to higher rates of human infection by antibiotic-resistant bacteria. But how might factory-farming practices increase the threat from the influenza virus? Michael Greger, M.D., director of public health and animal agriculture for The Humane Society of the United States, listed on the Society's website some of the reasons that "Factory farms can be considered viral breeding grounds." Quoting Dr. Greger, they are: (1)

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36 Sulla reciproca influenza della libertà politica e dell'industria mecanica dei popoli - Quirico Filopanti
Auteur : Quirico Filopanti
Genre : Politique et actualité
Sulla reciproca influenza della libertà politica e dell'industria mecanica dei popoli
Quirico Filopanti, matematico e politico italiano (1812-1894)

Questo libro elettronico presenta «Sulla reciproca influenza della libertà politica e dell'industria mecanica dei popoli», di Quirico Filopanti.

Indice interattivo
- Presentazione
- Sulla Reciproca Influenza Della Libertà Politica E Dell'industria Mecanica Dei Popoli

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37 Los Institutos Nacionales de Salud Publica: Un Enfoque Coordinado E Integral Contra la Influenza A H1N1 y Otras Amenazas a la Salud Publica (Temas de Actualidad) (Report) - Revista Panamericana de Salud Publica
Auteur : Revista Panamericana de Salud Publica
Genre : Forme et santé
Por lo general, el publico no reconoce en su justa medida el papel que desempenan los sistemas nacionales de salud y sus instituciones de salud publica, especialmente cuando funcionan bien. Solamente cuando se presenta un desafio o una crisis de salud publica --como los brotes de enfermedades infecciosas, los desastres naturales o los aumentos alarmantes en las tasas de enfermedades cronicas o de lesiones-- quedan expuestos los puntos debiles de los sistemas nacionales de salud publica y se hace notar la necesidad de robustecerlos y de establecer enfoques coordinados para la prevencion y el control de las enfermedades (1, 2). La solidez de la organizacion y el enfoque del sistema de salud publica de una nacion pueden ser un factor clave en su capacidad para controlar los problemas de salud que se presentan (3-8). Esto quedo muy claro en ocasion de la reciente y aun vigente epidemia de

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38 Stecca e Cicciotto numero 4 - 1492 d.c. Fuga dall'influenza - Gucciardino E Mancinelli
Auteur : Gucciardino E Mancinelli
Genre : Romans graphiques
Anno 1492, mentre Stecca e Cicciotto si godono attimi di relax immersi in una ciotola di cioccolata profumata, dal mare arriva un nemico pronto a spezzare la tranquillità delle coste sudamericane. Lo scontro è inevitabile e la battaglia si combatterà fino all'ultimo... starnuto. Riusciranno i nostri Microbi a spuntarla anche questa volta?

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39 The Domestic and International Impacts of the 2009-H1N1 Influenza A Pandemic - David A. Relman
Auteur : David A. Relman
Genre : Médecine
In March and early April 2009, a new, swine-origin 2009-H1N1 influenza A virus emerged in Mexico and the United States. During the first few weeks of surveillance, the virus spread by human-to-human transmission worldwide to over 30 countries. On June 11, 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) raised the worldwide pandemic alert level to Phase 6 in response to the ongoing global spread of the novel influenza A (H1N1) virus. By October 30, 2009, the H1N1 influenza A had spread to 191 countries and resulted in 5,700 fatalities. A national emergency was declared in the United States and the swine flu joined SARS and the avian flu as pandemics of the 21st century. Vaccination is currently available, but in limited supply, and with a 60 percent effectiveness rate against the virus.

The story of how this new influenza virus spread out of Mexico to other parts of North America a

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40 Swine Influenza - Jürgen A. Richt & Richard J. Webby
Auteur : Jürgen A. Richt & Richard J. Webby
Genre : Médecine
The central role which swine have played in the ecology of influenza is set out in this book in 15 chapters within a comprehensive international framework. The result is a ‘One Health’ perspective on the role of swine influenza viruses (SIVs) at the animal-human-environmental interface.  The epidemiology of swine influenza worldwide is now of exceptional importance with the pig potentially acting as a “mixing vessel” where both avian and human influenza viruses can undergo genetic reassortment resulting in the creation of novel viruses that can cross species barriers.

The genetic features of SIVs with either limited or efficient spread to and between humans are largely unknown, but the host range barrier between human and swine highlights the fact that adaptation of a virus in one mammalian host does not necessarily mean that it is well adapted to replication in

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41 Influenza and Public Health - Jennifer Gunn, Tamara Giles-Vernick & Susan Craddock
Auteur : Jennifer Gunn, Tamara Giles-Vernick & Susan Craddock
Genre : Médecine
Major influenza pandemics pose a constant threat. As evidenced by recent H5N1 avian flu and novel H1N1, influenza outbreaks can come in close succession, yet differ in their transmission and impact. With accelerated levels of commercial and population mobility, new forms of flu virus can also spread across the globe with unprecedented speed. Responding quickly and adequately to each outbreak becomes imperative on the part of governments and global public health organizations, but the difficulties of doing so are legion. One tool for pandemic planning is analysis of responses to past pandemics that provide insight into productive ways forward. This book investigates past influenza pandemics in light of today's, so as to afford critical insights into possible transmission patterns, experiences, mistakes, and interventions. It explores several pandemics over the past century, from the

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42 Influenza.pages - Dr Thomas Nenninger
Auteur : Dr Thomas Nenninger
Genre : Forme et santé
Les virus occupent une position exceptionnelle entre organismes vivants et non vivants. Ne disposant pas de l’ensemble de la machinerie moléculaire nécessaire à leur propre reproduction, ils doivent détourner le fonctionnement des cellules de leur hôte (plantes, champignons, bactéries, animal) de façon à leur faire fabriquer des copies virales. Dans certains cas, ce processus peut entraîner les cellules hôtes dans une multiplication incontrôlée, c’est-à-dire une tumeur. Du fait de leur très petite taille, la découverte des virus est extrêmement récente dans l’histoire de l’humanité. À la fin du XIXe siècle, Ivanovski, un biologiste russe travaillant sur la maladie de la mosaïque du tabac soupçonne l’existence d’un élément infectant dont la taille serait inférieure à celle des bactéries (qu’il filtre). Cependant ce n'est qu’en 1930 que des virus

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43 Planning for an Influenza Pandemic: Social Justice and Disadvantaged Groups. - The Hastings Center Report
Auteur : The Hastings Center Report
Genre : Science de la vie
Because an influenza pandemic would create the most serious hardships for those who already face most serious hardships, countries should take special measures to mitigate the effect of a pandemic on existing social inequalities. Unfortunately, there is little evidence that anybody is thinking about that. **********

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44 Influenza Pathogenesis and Control - Volume I - Richard W. Compans & Michael B. A. Oldstone
Auteur : Richard W. Compans & Michael B. A. Oldstone
Genre : Médecine
This two-volume work covers the molecular and cell biology, genetics and evolution of influenza viruses, the pathogenesis of infection, resultant host innate and adaptive immune response, prevention of infection through vaccination and approaches to the therapeutic control of infection.. Experts at the forefront of these areas provide critical assessments with regard to influenza virology, immunology, cell and molecular biology, and pathogenesis. Volume I provides overviews of the latest findings on molecular determinants of viral pathogenicity, virus entry and cell tropism, pandemic risk assessment, transmission and pathogenesis in animal species, viral evolution, ecology and antigenic variation, while Volume II focuses on the role of innate and adaptive immunity in pathogenesis, development of vaccines and antivirals.

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45 Study on Pathogenesis of Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus H9 in Broiler Chickens (Report) - Pakistan Journal of Zoology
Auteur : Pakistan Journal of Zoology
Genre : Science de la vie
Byline: S. M. Subtain, Zafar Iqbal Chaudhry, Aftab Ahmad Anjum, Azhar Maqbool and Umer Sadique ABSTRACT

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46 The Flu ... and You (Free Course on Influenza for Dental Professional) - The Dental Assistant
Auteur : The Dental Assistant
Genre : Forme et santé
Intorduction When your coworker or a patient is coughing, sneezing and blowing their nose, do you wonder, "Are Standard Precautions enough?" Many people are not sure how much of a threat influenza is, how to identify people with the flu, and what action to take if a member of the dental team or a patient is contagious. News of deadly new strains of influenza, such as the "bird flu," is a worldwide concern. In addition, a dental office should be safe and clean, so that even highly susceptible patients or workers are protected. This course will describe seasonal and avian influenza, suggest how to recognize flu, and present facts about prevention and treatment of both "bird flu" and the more certain occurrence of seasonal flu.

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47 Examining U.S. Public Health Preparedness for: and Response Efforts to - Seasonal Influenza - Better Flu Vaccines and Treatment Medications, Preventing Illness, Hospitalizations, and Mortality - Progressive Management
Auteur : Progressive Management
Genre : Médecine
This important House hearing heard from witnesses about the U.S. level of preparedness for dealing with seasonal influenza. Representative Harper noted in his opening statement: Influenza is a leading cause of death in the United States, especially in a severe flu season. Every year, thousands of Americans die from the flu and thousands more are hospitalized from flu-related complications. Since 2010, the flu has caused between 12,000 and 56,000 deaths per year. The best way to prevent the flu is by getting your flu shot. Millions of Americans receive a flu shot every year to help protect them against this illness. Unfortunately, there are many Americans that do not do that. Last year, only 59 percent of children and about 43 percent of adults received flu vaccination.

Even though only a little over half of Americans typically get vaccinated, CDC estimates that flu vaccination

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48 Studies on Epidemic Influenza: Comprising Clinical and Laboratory Investigations - University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Auteur : University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Genre : Médecine
The history of epidemic influenza extends back with definite authenticity to the Middle Ages, with a fair amount of assurance to the beginning of the Christian Era and with presumptive reliability even before that period. Beyond this statement, nothing definite can be said until the first epidemic reported by Short and found in the English Annals in the year 1510. This, the first reliable record, presented some features not unlike those occurring in the present epidemic. Two or three striking things stand out in this record—namely, the presence of nose bleed, pneumonia and the very great danger to gravid women. Here, for the first time, the meteorological conditions were elaborately studied and persistently dwelt upon. One other impressive thing, also reported by Short, was that in 1580 the disease showed a tendency to return after a period of quiescence. Attention is called to this be

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49 Insight into Influenza Viruses of Animals and Humans - Sanjay Kapoor & Kuldeep Dhama
Auteur : Sanjay Kapoor & Kuldeep Dhama
Genre : Médecine
This book provides salient information on all aspects of influenza/flu viruses affecting animals and humans. It specifically reviews the properties and replication of influenza viruses; their evolution and emergence; epidemiology; role of migratory birds in disease transmission; clinical signs in humans, animals, and poultry; pathogenesis and pathogenicity; public health importance and potential threats; diagnosis; prevention and control measures; and pandemic preparedness.

Influenza/flu viruses evolve continuously and jump species causing epidemics as well as pandemics in both human and animals. During the past 150 years, various strains of influenza virus like the Spanish flu, Asian flu, Hong Kong flu, bird flu, and swine flu were responsible for high mortality in humans as well as birds. High mutation rates, antigenic shifts, drifts, reassortment phenomena, and the developm

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50 The Doctors and the 'Flu': The British Medical Profession's Response to the Influenza Pandemic of 1918-19 (Report) - International Social Science Review
Auteur : International Social Science Review
Genre : Sciences sociales
The development of medicine and its practitioners is a continuous process. In order to assess its state at any particular time, one must find a way to bring all of its activities, theoretical and practical, into focus. Asa Briggs, one of the preeminent British historians of the last half century, has correctly suggested that epidemics provide a lens that does this. (1) Doctors, whether in public service, private practice, or engaged in research, must face the crisis. Their very best efforts and tools are required and tested. Under such circumstances, particular talents are highlighted. At the same time, inadequacies in efficiency, skill, and learning that might easily go unnoticed under normal conditions become glaring faults. The influenza pandemic of 1918-19, due to its unusual virulence, gave a particularly clear focus to the status of the medical profession worldwide. Our understa

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