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1 Implementing Domain-Driven Design - Vaughn Vernon
Auteur : Vaughn Vernon
Genre : Logiciels
“For software developers of all experience levels looking to improve their results, and design and implement domain-driven enterprise applications consistently with the best current state of professional practice, Implementing Domain-Driven Design will impart a treasure trove of knowledge hard won within the DDD and enterprise application architecture communities over the last couple decades.”
–Randy Stafford, Architect At-Large, Oracle Coherence Product Development

“This book is a must-read for anybody looking to put DDD into practice.”

–Udi Dahan, Founder of NServiceBus

Implementing Domain-Driven Design presents a top-down approach to understanding domain-driven design (DDD) in a way that fluently connects strategic patterns to fundamental tactical programming tools. Vaughn Vernon couples guided approaches t

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2 Implementing a Trusted Information Sharing Environment - The Markle Foundation
Auteur : The Markle Foundation
Genre : Ouvrages de référence
In this report, the Markle Task Force on National Security in the Information Age explores the use of immutable audit logs (IALs) to improve confidence and trust in the shared information environment (ISE) and thereby promote ISE's widespread adoption. The Markle Task Force explains, "The ability to maintain tamper-resistant logs of user activity on the network can increase security, build trust among users, ensure compliance with relevant policies and guidelines, and improve transparency and the ability to perform oversight by appropriate stakeholders outside of the system." In addition to defining IALs and identifying the benefits of this process, this report also offers considerations for the implementation process and recommendations for related policy.

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4 The McKinsey Mind: Understanding and Implementing the Problem-Solving Tools and Management Techniques of the World's Top Strategic Consulting Firm - Ethan Rasiel & Ph.D. Paul N. Friga
Auteur : Ethan Rasiel & Ph.D. Paul N. Friga
Genre : Secteurs et professions
The groundbreaking follow-up to the international bestseller­­a hands-on guide to putting McKinsey techniques to work in your organization

McKinsey & Company is the most respected and most secretive consulting firm in the world, and business readers just can't seem to get enough of all things McKinsey. Now, hot on the heels of his acclaimed international bestseller The McKinsey Way, Ethan Rasiel brings readers a powerful new guide to putting McKinsey concepts and skills into action­­The McKinsey Mind. While the first book used case studies and anecdotes from former and current McKinseyites to describe how "the firm" solves the thorniest business problems of their A-list clients, The McKinsey Mind goes a giant step further. It explains, step-by-step, how to use McKinsey tools, techniques and strategies to solve an array of core business probl

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5 IBM Power Systems Performance Guide: Implementing and Optimizing - IBM Redbooks
Auteur : IBM Redbooks
Genre : Ordinateurs
This IBM® Redbooks® publication addresses performance tuning topics to help leverage the virtualization strengths of the POWER® platform to solve clients' system resource utilization challenges, and maximize system throughput and capacity. We examine the performance monitoring tools, utilities, documentation, and other resources available to help technical teams provide optimized business solutions and support for applications running on IBM POWER systems' virtualized environments. The book offers application performance examples deployed on IBM Power Systems™ utilizing performance monitoring tools to leverage the comprehensive set of POWER virtualization features: Logical Partitions (LPARs), micro-partitioning, active memory sharing, workload partitions, and more. We provide a well-defined and documented performance tuning model in a POWER system virtualized environment to help yo


6 Implementing IBM Maximo for Service Providers - IBM Redbooks
Auteur : IBM Redbooks
Genre : Administration des systèmes
The IBM® Maximo® for Service Providers product is designed to support Service as a business. It helps lower total cost-of-ownership and increase profitability and customer satisfaction by managing clients' assets either through third-party outsourcing or internally shared services model. This IBM Redbooks® publication introduces IBM Maximo for Service Providers product and its components. We took a practical approach in this book, and presented the features and functions of the IBM Maximo for Service Providers product in the context of a number of real-life scenarios or usage patterns. These scenarios are commonly used at IBM customer sites to satisfy specific business requirements. For each scenario, we establish the business reason, benefits, and how to implement the scenario. There is also a section on initial product configuration that touches on several configuration points, suc


7 Implementing a Worldwide Digital Currency - Stélio Inácio
Auteur : Stélio Inácio
Genre : Secteurs et professions
In this book we will learn the easiest and fastest way to implement a Worldwide Digital Currency, and what can be your contribution to achieve that. This Worldwide Digital Currency will be secured by Blockchain, Will have zero-fee domestic transfers, an API so it can be accepted in any website replacing Paypal, a global marketplace for people who accept the currency, will have smart contracts to enable trustless business transactions, will be able to perform at least 100.000 transactions per second, so that all transactions, including sending money overseas will last less than one second. And when implemented will be the preferred way to pay and be paid online in developed countries and in third world countries.


8 Introducing and Implementing IBM FlashSystem V9000 - Christophe Fagiano, Detlef Helmbrecht, Jon Herd, Jeffrey Irving, Jana Jamsek, Carsten Larsen, Renato Santos & James Thompson
Auteur : Christophe Fagiano, Detlef Helmbrecht, Jon Herd, Jeffrey Irving, Jana Jamsek, Carsten Larsen, Renato Santos & James Thompson
Genre : Ordinateurs
The success or failure of businesses often depends on how well organizations use their data assets for competitive advantage. Deeper insights from data require better information technology.

As organizations modernize their IT infrastructure to boost innovation rather than limit it, they need a data storage system that can keep pace with highly virtualized environments, cloud computing, mobile and social systems of engagement, and in-depth, real-time analytics.

Making the correct decision on storage investment is critical. Organizations must have enough storage performance and agility to innovate as they need to implement cloud-based IT services, deploy virtual desktop infrastructure, enhance fraud detection, and use new analytics capabilities. At the same time, future storage investments must lower IT infrastructure costs while helping organizations to derive the


9 Implementing Cloud Design Patterns for AWS - Marcus Young
Auteur : Marcus Young
Genre : Bases de données
This book is aimed at architects, solution providers, and those of the DevOps community who are looking to implement repeatable patterns for deploying and maintaining services in the Amazon cloud infrastructure. Prior experience using AWS is required as the book focuses more on the patterns and not on the basics of using AWS.

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10 Implementing Key Account Management - Dr Javier Marcos, Dr Sue Holt, Mark Davies & Dr Rodrigo Guesalaga
Auteur : Dr Javier Marcos, Dr Sue Holt, Mark Davies & Dr Rodrigo Guesalaga
Genre : Entreprise et management
Implementing Key Account Management is a highly practical handbook that guides readers through the realities of rolling out a functional key account management programme. The book offers an integrated framework for key account management (KAM) that businesses can use to design or further develop strategic customer management programmes, enabling them to overcome the obstacles that organizations often face when rolling out their strategies.

Bringing together the experiences of leading experts within this field, Implementing Key Account Management draws on two decades of research and best practice from Cranfield University School of Management, one of the foremost centres for researcher and thought leadership in KAM. Between them, the authors have designed and delivered programmes globally for clients such as Rolls-Royce, Unilever, Voda

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11 B2B Marketing Secrets Revealed - 2017 - Liff, David
Auteur : Liff, David
Genre : Marketing et ventes
Experiences and thoughts that may help those who are professionals in the art and science of B2B (business to business) marketing


12 Implementing Enterprise Risk Management - James Lam
Auteur : James Lam
Genre : Finance
A practical, real-world guide for implementing enterprise risk management (ERM) programs into your organization
Enterprise risk management (ERM) is a complex yet critical issue that all companies must deal with in the twenty-first century. Failure to properly manage risk continues to plague corporations around the world. ERM empowers risk professionals to balance risks with rewards and balance people with processes.

But to master the numerous aspects of enterprise risk management, you must integrate it into the culture and operations of the business. No one knows this better than risk management expert James Lam, and now, with Implementing Enterprise Risk Management: From Methods to Applications, he distills more than thirty years' worth of experience in the field to give risk professionals a clear understanding of how to implement an enterprise risk

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13 Implementing a VersaStack Solution by Cisco and IBM with IBM Storwize V5030, Cisco UCS Mini, Hyper-V, and SQL Server - David Green, Jordan Fincher, Kiran Ghag, Lee J Cockrell, Nitin D Thorve, Paulo Tomiyoshi Takeda, Sreeni Edula & Vasfi Gucer
Auteur : David Green, Jordan Fincher, Kiran Ghag, Lee J Cockrell, Nitin D Thorve, Paulo Tomiyoshi Takeda, Sreeni Edula & Vasfi Gucer
Genre : Ordinateurs
VersaStack, an IBM® and Cisco integrated infrastructure solution, combines computing, networking, and storage into a single integrated system. It combines the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) Integrated Infrastructure with IBM Spectrum Virtualize™, which includes IBM FlashSystem® V9000 and IBM Storwize® storage offerings, for quick deployment and rapid time to value for the implementation of modern infrastructures.

This IBM Redbooks® publication covers the preferred practices for implementing a VersaStack Solution with IBM Storwize V5000 Gen2, Cisco UCS Mini, Hyper-V 2016, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Cisco UCS Mini is optimized for branch and remote offices, point-of-sale locations, and smaller IT environments. It is the ideal solution for customers who need fewer servers but still want the comprehensive management capabilities provided by Cisco UCS Ma


14 From Clueless to Coding - Megan M. Ryder
Auteur : Megan M. Ryder
Genre : Éducation
When I was asked to teach a summer student game design class, I have to admit I was a bit worried. The only experience I had with any sort of programming and code was when I used Logo back in elementary school.  I knew that I didn’t need to be the expert on this subject, but I still had no idea where to start. I was clueless about coding. This multi-touch book for teachers focuses on how I structured a two week student game design class with little prior knowledge on the subject. Students had access to an iPad, MacBook, and a classroom Apple TV during the course. I describe how I was more of a facilitator and cheerleader to the students rather than the sage on stage. Engaging activities such as a coding challenge and mini game show called Fix my Code are included in this book. Activities are geared towards upper elementary students, but can easily be adapted for primary or middle


15 IP Routing on Cisco IOS, IOS XE, and IOS XR - Brad Edgeworth
Auteur : Brad Edgeworth
Genre : Réseau
This is the first single source for mastering all the routing protocols and configurations needed to work with Cisco IOS, IOS XE, and IOS XR operating systems. Bringing together content previously spread across multiple sources and Cisco Press titles, it covers updated standards and features found in enterprise and service provider environments.

IP Routing on Cisco IOS, IOS XE, and IOS XR begins with a brief introduction to each operating system; primers on IP addressing, routing logic, and static routing; and discussions of the routing protocols EIGRP, OSPF, ISIS, and BGP for IPv4 and IPv6. Next, it carefully explains several important advanced topics, including route redistribution, route manipulation, multicast for IPv4 and IPv6, and High Availability (HA)/fast convergence.

All protocols are presented conceptually, with applicable illustrations, configurations, a

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16 Messaging for Engineering - Committee on Implementing Engineering Messages & National Academy of Engineering
Auteur : Committee on Implementing Engineering Messages & National Academy of Engineering
Genre : Éducation
Messaging for Engineering supports efforts by the engineering community to communicate more effectively about the profession and those who practice it. This report builds on the 2008 NAE publication, Changing the Conversation: Messages for Improving Public Understanding of Engineering (CTC), which presented the results of a research-based effort to develop and test new, more effective messages about engineering. 
The new messages cast engineering as inherently creative and concerned with human welfare, as well as an emotionally satisfying calling. This report summarizes progress in implementing the CTC messages, but also recognizes that there is potential to galvanize additional action and thus suggests specific steps for major players in the engineering community to continue and build on progress to date. Many of the report's recommendations resulte

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17 Intelligent Credit Scoring - Naeem Siddiqi
Auteur : Naeem Siddiqi
Genre : Comptabilité
A better development and implementation framework for credit risk scorecards
Intelligent Credit Scoring presents a business-oriented process for the development and implementation of risk prediction scorecards. The credit scorecard is a powerful tool for measuring the risk of individual borrowers,  gauging overall risk exposure and developing analytically driven, risk-adjusted strategies for existing customers. In the past 10 years, hundreds of banks worldwide have brought the process of developing credit scoring models in-house, while ‘credit scores' have become a frequent topic of conversation in many countries where bureau scores are used broadly. In the United States, the ‘FICO' and ‘Vantage' scores continue to be discussed by borrowers hoping to get a better deal from the banks. While knowledge of the statistical processes around building credit scorec

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18 KPI Checklists - Bernie Smith
Auteur : Bernie Smith
Genre : Management et direction
Are you trying to devise, implement or fix KPIs?
This book is for people who:

• Have the task of creating new KPIs for their organisation.
• Have been asked to improve or enhance existing KPIs.
• Need help implementing a measurement system.

Using brief explanations and practical checklists, this book will help you deliver meaningful measures that work, create reports that support decision-making and deploy the tools you need to engage the rest of your organisation.

This book will help you:

• Avoid strategy pitfalls when choosing KPIs.
• Turn your strategy into practical measures quickly.
• Decide which measures to ignore.
• Design reports with buy-in.
• Develop laser-sharp KPI definitions.
• Implement your measures, reports and dashboards. 

Over fifty checkli

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19 The Analytic Hospitality Executive - Kelly A. McGuire & Dexter E. Wood, Jr.
Auteur : Kelly A. McGuire & Dexter E. Wood, Jr.
Genre : Secteurs et professions
Targeted analytics to address the unique opportunities in hospitality and gaming
The Analytic Hospitality Executive helps decision makers understand big data and how it can drive value in the industry. Written by a leading business analytics expert who specializes in hospitality and travel, this book draws a direct link between big data and hospitality, and shows you how to incorporate analytics into your strategic management initiative. You'll learn which data types are critical, how to identify productive data sources, and how to integrate analytics into multiple business processes to create an overall analytic culture that turns information into insight. The discussion includes the tools and tips that help make it happen, and points you toward the specific places in your business that could benefit from advanced analytics. The hospitality and gaming industry has un

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20 Fundamentals of Risk Management - Paul Hopkin
Auteur : Paul Hopkin
Genre : Secteurs et professions
This fifth edition of Fundamentals of Risk Management is a comprehensive introduction to commercial and business risk for students and risk professionals. Providing extensive coverage of the core frameworks of business continuity planning, enterprise risk management and project risk management, this is the definitive guide to dealing with the different types of risk an organization faces. With relevant international case examples including Ericsson, Network Rail and Unilever, the book provides a full analysis of changes in contemporary risk areas including supply chain, cyber risk, risk culture and appetite, improvements in risk management documentation and statutory risk reporting.

Now revised to be completely aligned with the recently updated ISO 31000 and COSO ERM Framework, this comprehensive text reflects developments in regulations, reputation risk, loss co

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21 Best Available and Safest Technologies for Offshore Oil and Gas Operations - Committee on Options for Implementing the Requirement of Best Available and Safest Technologies for Offshore Oil and Gas Operations
Auteur : Committee on Options for Implementing the Requirement of Best Available and Safest Technologies for Offshore Oil and Gas Operations
Genre : Ingénierie
Best Available and Safest Technologies for Offshore Oil and Gas Operations: Options for Implementation explores a range of options for improving the implementation of the U.S. Department of the Interior's congressional mandate to require the use of best available and safety technologies in offshore oil and gas operations.
In the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, Congress directs the Secretary of the Interior to regulate oil and gas operations in federal waters. The act mandates that the Secretary “shall require, on all new drilling and production operations and, wherever practicable, on existing operations, the use of the best available and safest technologies which the Secretary determines to be economically feasible, wherever failure of equipment would have a significant effect on safety, health, or the environment, except where the Secretary determines that the inc

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22 Guide to Implementing the Next Generation Science Standards - Committee on Guidance on Implementing the Next Generation Science Standards
Auteur : Committee on Guidance on Implementing the Next Generation Science Standards
Genre : Éducation
A Framework for K-12 Science Education and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) describe a new vision for science learning and teaching that is catalyzing improvements in science classrooms across the United States. Achieving this new vision will require time, resources, and ongoing commitment from state, district, and school leaders, as well as classroom teachers. Successful implementation of the NGSS will ensure that all K-12 students have high-quality opportunities to learn science.
Guide to Implementing the Next Generation Science Standards provides guidance to district and school leaders and teachers charged with developing a plan and implementing the NGSS as they change their curriculum, instruction, professional learning, policies, and assessment to align with the new standards. For each of these elements, this report lays out recommendations for act

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23 The Hipaacratic Oath: Do No Harm to Patient Data. (Implementing HIPAA and Other Compliance Programs). - Physician Executive
Auteur : Physician Executive
Genre : Entreprise et management
PHYSICIAN EXECUTIVES who have weathered the storm of Y2K will have ample opportunity to apply their honed skills and lessons learned to the next great system-wide challenge--HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Passed on August 21, 1996, the act is named for its health insurance portability provisions. However, the section that will impact health care organizations the most will be Title II, Subtitle F, entitled Administrative Simplification, which includes provisions covering privacy protection and system security. Physician leaders need to familiarize themselves with HIPAA and organize their institutions to plan for and execute a compliance program with the same vigor and system-wide participation as they did for Y2K.

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24 Effective Health Care Corporate Compliance. (Implementing HIPAA and Other Compliance Programs). - Physician Executive
Auteur : Physician Executive
Genre : Entreprise et management
* In March, 2000, Community Health Systems reached a $31 million settlement with the Department of Justice concerning overpayments based an up-coded billings to the Medicare, Medicaid, and CHAMPUS programs. * A federal judge in Tampa, Florida, sentenced a Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corporation executive to two years in prison for Medicare fraud on December 3, 1999, for six counts of conspiracy and making false statements on Medicare and CHAMP US cost reports.

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25 Cutting to the Chase: What Physician Executives Need to Know About HIPAA. (Implementing HIPAA and Other Compliance Programs). - Physician Executive
Auteur : Physician Executive
Genre : Entreprise et management
WHEN A PATIENT WALKS into a drug store to purchase a prescribed medication, the swipe of a card enters his or her insurance and personal identification information into the pharmacists' information system. The pharmacist keys in the drug information and the system determines the patient's eligibility, coverage for that drug, and co-payment responsibility. The pharmacist later receives electronic payment for the portion of the prescription costs not paid by the patient. Why are such benefits not available for transactions in a physician's office, hospital, or ambulatory clinic? Imagine the benefits--the savings in billing costs and time, and the greater certainty of coverage and payment responsibility--if, with the push of a button, a physician's claim was sent to the right insurance company with all the information necessary to process it and payment was promptly made electronically. Wit

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26 Implementing SSL / TLS Using Cryptography and PKI - Joshua Davies
Auteur : Joshua Davies
Genre : Ordinateurs
Hands-on, practical guide to implementing SSL and TLS protocols for Internet security
If you are a network professional who knows C programming, this practical book is for you.  Focused on how to implement Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS), this book guides you through all necessary steps, whether or not you have a working knowledge of cryptography. The book covers SSLv2, TLS 1.0, and TLS 1.2, including implementations of the relevant cryptographic protocols, secure hashing, certificate parsing, certificate generation, and more. 

Coverage includes:
Understanding Internet Security Protecting against Eavesdroppers with Symmetric Cryptography Secure Key Exchange over an Insecure Medium with Public Key Cryptography Authenticating Communications Using Digital Signatures Creating a Network of Trust Using X.509 Certificates A Usable, S

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27 Implementing SugarCRM 5.x - Angel Magana & Michael Whitehead
Auteur : Angel Magana & Michael Whitehead
Genre : Ordinateurs
The book works from the SugarCRM basics right up to advanced features in a clear and friendly way. It follows a combination of theoretical discussions relating to varying business needs and the manner in which CRM technology can address them. By helping you clarify your business goals the book enables you to build a CRM system to support your business needs. If you are a small-medium business owner/manager with reasonable IT skills, a system implementer, or a system administrator who wants to implement SugarCRM for yourself either as a first CRM or as a replacement for existing solutions, this book is for you. Existing SugarCRM users who want to broaden their understanding of the topic will find this book valuable too. No programming knowledge is required to use this book to implement, customize, and use SugarCRM.

23,99 €

28 Implementing Azure Cloud Design Patterns - Oliver Michalski & Stefano Demiliani
Auteur : Oliver Michalski & Stefano Demiliani
Genre : Ordinateurs
A hands-on guide to mastering Azure cloud design patterns and best practices. About This Book • Master architectural design patterns in Azure. • Get hands-on with implementing design patterns. • Implement best practices for improving efficiency and security Who This Book Is For This book is targeted at cloud architects and cloud solution providers who are looking for an extensive guide to implementing different patterns for the deployment and maintenance of services in Microsoft Azure. Prior experience with Azure is required as the book is completely focused on design patterns. What You Will Learn • Learn to organize Azure access • Design the core areas of the Azure Execution Model • Work with storage and data management • Create a health endpoint monitoring pattern • Automate early detection of anomalies • Identify and secure Azure features In Detail A well des

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29 Implementing the IBM SAN Volume Controller and FlashSystem 820 - IBM Redbooks
Auteur : IBM Redbooks
Genre : Administration des systèmes
In today's 24 x 7 world, there is likely not a business on this planet, IBM® Smarter Planet® or not, that finds that their storage requirements are growing too fast and demand is starting to outpace supply. Not only this, but in this cost-conscious environment of today, the costs of managing this growth are likely to be eating into the IT budget.

One way to make better use of existing storage without adding more complexity to the infrastructure is the IBM System Storage® SAN Volume Controller (SVC). For many years now this has helped business become more flexible, agile, and introduced an extremely efficient storage environment. SAN Volume Controller is designed to deliver the benefits of storage virtualization in environments from large enterprises to small businesses and midmarket companies.

Virtualizing storage with SAN Volume Controller helps make new and exi


30 Implementing Sure Start Policy - Xiongwei Song
Auteur : Xiongwei Song
Genre : Science politique
In 1997, the Labour Government came to power in the UK and committed to reforming public service delivery, particularly towards the improvement of children’s services. This book analyses Labour Party’s subsequent strategy towards public service delivery emphasising, on one level, devolving more power to frontline deliverers, while on the other, strengthening central control through a variety of means, leading to a ‘mixed-approach’ in its overall reforms. The book focuses on the implementation process involved in rolling out its Sure Start policy in order to understand and analyse the dynamics in Labour’s approach to delivery. In so-doing, it draws on implementation and policy network theories to offer an original analytical framework - ‘the implementation network approach’ - to explain the implementation process of Sure Start policy. This book will be undoubtedly appealing

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31 Implementing an Indoor Smoking Ban in Prison: Enforcement Issues and Effects on Tobacco Use, Exposure to Second-Hand Smoke and Health of Inmates (Mixed Methods) (Report) - Canadian Journal of Public Health
Auteur : Canadian Journal of Public Health
Genre : Droit
Smoking is an important health issue in correctional environments. Smoking prevalence is reported to be high in penitentiaries, yet the last study to measure tobacco use in Canadian correctional facilities dates back to 1995. At the time, 72% of the inmates held in Canadian federal penitentiaries were smokers, (1) compared to 31% of the general population aged 15 and over. (2) To our knowledge, no empirical study has investigated the prevalence of smoking in provincial correctional facilities. However, in a recent study carried out in three Quebec correctional facilities, health care staff members estimated that about three quarters of the inmates were smokers. (3) As a consequence of the high level of tobacco use in correctional facilities, both inmates and staff members are exposed to very high levels of second-hand smoke (SHS)4-6 and therefore are more likely than the general populati

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32 Requirements for Implementing Sections 1512, 1605, and 1606 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 for Financial Assistance Awards (US Office of Management and Budget Regulation) (OMB) (2018 Edition) - The Law Library
Auteur : The Law Library
Genre : Droit
The Law Library presents the complete text of the Requirements for Implementing Sections 1512, 1605, and 1606 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 for Financial Assistance Awards (US Office of Management and Budget Regulation) (OMB) (2018 Edition).
Updated as of May 29, 2018

The Office of Federal Financial Management (OFFM) is establishing Governmentwide guidance and standard award terms for agencies to include in financial assistance awards (namely, grants, cooperative agreements, and loans) as part of their implementation of sections 1512, and 1605, and 1606 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Pub. L. 111-5). This guidance does not cover all award terms that may be needed on financial assistance awards funded directly or assisted by the Federal Government under the Recovery Act. The focus of this guidance is on implementing Recovery A

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33 Working (With) Workers: Implementing Theory. - Suffolk University Law Review
Auteur : Suffolk University Law Review
Genre : Droit
I. INTRODUCTION The topic of this symposium issue sponsored by the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) is the role of the labor and employment law professor as a public intellectual. Despite the baggage accompanying the phrase "public intellectual," the symposium topic is an important one, for the term carries more meaning than a mere "talking head" or "media figure" can express. (2) To make theoretical ideas more accessible to others, to connect theory and practice, to explain academic or scholarly ideas in a way that the public can understand--these ideas resonate with my philosophy of the law professor's role. In fact, this is the essence of what we strive for as labor and employment law professors, and, to that end, this piece concludes with some advice for others who, like me, are relative newcomers to the academy.

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34 Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Third Edition - Alex Chow
Auteur : Alex Chow
Genre : Ordinateurs
Explore the capabilities of Dynamics NAV 2016 and discover all you need to implement it About This Book • Learn the key roles of your Dynamics NAV partner and the roles within your customer's organization • Create configuration packages and perform data migration on your own • Find out how to troubleshoot your problems effectively with your Dynamics NAV partner Who This Book Is For This book is for Dynamics NAV partners and end users who want to know everything about Dynamics NAV implementations. It is aimed at those who want to be project managers or get involved with Dynamics NAV, but do not have the expertise to write code themselves. What You Will Learn • Study the roles within a Dynamics NAV partner and within a customer's company • Create reusable data migration packages • Work with the debugger to pinpoint error messages • Get to grips with the key tables used

39,99 €

35 Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 - David Roys & Vjekoslav Babic
Auteur : David Roys & Vjekoslav Babic
Genre : Ordinateurs
Written in an easy-to-read style, this book is a refreshing alternative to the official Microsoft training and reference material which, although comprehensive, can sometimes be tiring to read. This is not a reference book, although you may find you refer to it often, giving you access to years of experience in implementing and programming Dynamics NAV. You will learn all the new features in NAV 2009, without needing to invest significant study time.Dynamics NAV implementation consultants and developers that want to quickly understand the new features offered in the 2009 release.NAV consultants that want to learn more about programming and extensibility without needing to learn a programming language will also benefit from this book.NAV programmers that want to learn about finance configuration and solution design in order to be a better programmer and design better solutions can also us

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36 Implementing Automated Road Transport Systems in Urban Settings - Adriano Alessandrini
Auteur : Adriano Alessandrini
Genre : Sciences sociales
Implementing Automated Road Transport Systems in Urban Settings provides valuable, objective, often difficult-to-obtain data, gleaned from the largest demonstration project on automated road transport systems (ARTS) in the world to date. The book features chapters authored by those deeply involved in CityMobil2—providing an easily accessible, cross-referenced resource for data and information on each aspect of the project. Chapters cover vehicle technical specifications, infrastructure analysis, operating systems, future scenario analysis, automated and conventional vehicle comparisons, and legal frameworks for system implementation. The book examines project field tests, showing the technology’s adaptability and different requirements based on geographic location.

Government officials, researchers, and transportation practitioners require real-world data and analys

114,99 €

37 Implementing Six Sigma and Lean - Ron Basu
Auteur : Ron Basu
Genre : Entreprise et management
This is a comprehensive, user-friendly and hands-on book that is a single source of reference of tools and techniques for all quality practitioners.

Implementing Six Sigma and Lean covers the basics of how to manage for consistently high quality and gives good coverage of both simple tools and advanced techniques which can be used in all businesses. This book provides guidance on how to use these tools for different situations such as new start-up companies, stalled projects and the constant achievement of high quality in well-established quality regimes.

Case studies are included that encourage the reader to respond in a practical situations and provide a good learning resource for courses. There are summaries of key elements and questions with exercises at the end of each chapter.

48,99 €

38 Implementing Large-Scale Organization Development and Change in the States (Report) - Public Administration Quarterly
Auteur : Public Administration Quarterly
Genre : Droit
This article is a revised version of a paper presented at the 59th Academy of Management Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 15, 2007. The Problem

2,99 €

39 Costs of Implementing and Maintaining Comprehensive School Health: The Case of the Annapolis Valley Health Promoting Schools Program (Quantitative Research) (Report) - Canadian Journal of Public Health
Auteur : Canadian Journal of Public Health
Genre : Droit
Childhood overweight has become a major public health concern. In Canada, the prevalence of overweight in childhood has increased dramatically from 15% in 1977/78 to 26% in 2004. (1,2) School-aged children embodied the bulk of this increase as rates for children aged 2-5 remained relatively unchanged. (1) There is mounting evidence that childhood overweight persists into adulthood and is associated with a number of co-morbidities including type 2 diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease and some cancers, leading to a reduced life expectancy and quality of life. (3,4) The health care costs of overweight constitute a tremendous burden to society and are subject to sharp increases. (5) Direct health care costs associated with excess body weight in Canada were estimated to be $1.8 billion in 1997, (6) and the overall annual national costs (direct and indirect costs) to be $4.3 billion in 20

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40 Implementing a National Assessment of Educational Achievement - Vincent Greaney & Thomas Kellaghan
Auteur : Vincent Greaney & Thomas Kellaghan
Genre : Éducation
Implementation of a National Assessment of Educational Achievement focuses on the practical tasks involved in running a large-scale national assessment program.It has four parts. Part I provides an overview of the tasks involved – how the essential activities of an assessment are organized and implemented, the personnel and resources that are required, and the tasks that follow the collection of data. In Part II, a methodology for selecting a sample of students that will be representative of students in the education system is presented. Principles underlying sampling are described, as well as step-by-step procedures that can be implemented in nearly any national assessment. An accompanying CD contains supporting data files. Part III describes procedures for cleaning and managing data collected in a national assessment, essential elements of a quality assurance process. It also de

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41 Implementing IBM FlashSystem 900 - Karen Orlando, Ingo Dimmer, Detlef Helmbrecht, Jon Herd, Carsten Larsen & Matt Levan
Auteur : Karen Orlando, Ingo Dimmer, Detlef Helmbrecht, Jon Herd, Carsten Larsen & Matt Levan
Genre : Ordinateurs
Today's global organizations depend on being able to unlock business insights from massive volumes of data. Now, with IBM® FlashSystem 900, powered by IBM FlashCore™ technology, they can make faster decisions based on real-time insights and unleash the power of the most demanding applications, including online transaction processing (OLTP) and analytics databases, virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs), technical computing applications, and cloud environments.

This IBM Redbooks® publication introduces clients to the IBM FlashSystem® 900. It provides in-depth knowledge of the product architecture, software and hardware, implementation, and hints and tips. Also illustrated are use cases that show real-world solutions for tiering, flash-only, and preferred-read, and also examples of the benefits gained by integrating the FlashSystem storage into business environments.


42 Implementing and Managing InfiniBand Coupling Links on IBM System z - IBM Redbooks
Auteur : IBM Redbooks
Genre : Ordinateurs
This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides introductory, planning, migration, and management information about InfiniBand coupling links on IBM System z® servers.

The book will help you plan and implement the migration from earlier coupling links (ISC3 and ICB4) to InfiniBand coupling links. It provides step-by-step information about configuring InfiniBand connections. Information is also provided about the performance of InfiniBand links compared to other link types.

This book is intended for systems programmers, data center planners, and systems engineers. It introduces and explains InfiniBand terminology to help you understand the InfiniBand implementation on System z servers. It also serves as a basis for configuration planning and management.


43 Implementing New Strategy In Combat: Ira C. Eaker 1942-1943 - Colonel Ivo M. de Jong
Auteur : Colonel Ivo M. de Jong
Genre : Militaire
Most strategies have to be proven in combat. And more often than not, these strategies do not survive the realities of contact with the enemy. How do strategic leaders deal with this? What is their role in implementing the strategy and when do they face the inevitable and adapt their original strategy?
A vital component of the United States' strategy at the outbreak of World War II was a bombing offensive against Germany. It was assumed that unescorted but heavily armed bombers could find their way to specific industrial targets, and could bomb these with great accuracy. However, in 1943 this strategy was proven to be untenable. With rapid adaptations not only to its strategy but also within its operational and tactical domains, the Eighth Air Force overcame the problems, managed to continue its daylight campaign and achieved success. This paper will look at the leadership displayed

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44 Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Part 2 (CIPT2) (Authorized Self-Study Guide) - Chris Olsen
Auteur : Chris Olsen
Genre : Ordinateurs
This is the eBook version of the printed book. If the print book includes a CD-ROM, this content is not included within the eBook version.

CCNA Wireless Official Exam Certification Guide
Master IUWNE 640-721 exam topics with the official study guide
Assess your knowledge with chapter-opening quizzes
Review key concepts with Exam Preparation Tasks
Practice with realistic exam questions on the CD-ROM

CCNA Wireless Official Exam Certification Guide is a best of breed Cisco® exam study guide that focuses specifically on the objectives for the CCNA® Wireless IUWNE exam. Senior instructor Brandon Carroll shares preparation hints and test-taking tips, helping you identify areas of weakness and improve both your conceptual knowledge and hands-on skills. Material is presented in a concise manner, focusing on increasing your understanding a

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45 Federal Agency Final Regulations Implementing Executive Order 13559 - Fundamental Principles and Policymaking Criteria for Partnerships (US Department of Homeland Security Regulation) (DHS) (2018 Edition) - The Law Library
Auteur : The Law Library
Genre : Droit
The Law Library presents the complete text of the Federal Agency Final Regulations Implementing Executive Order 13559 - Fundamental Principles and Policymaking Criteria for Partnerships (US Department of Homeland Security Regulation) (DHS) (2018 Edition).
Updated as of May 29, 2018

The Agencies publishing this final rule amend or establish their regulations to implement Executive Order 13279, as amended by Executive Order 13559. Executive Order 13279 established fundamental principles to guide the policies of Federal agencies regarding the participation of faith-based and other community organizations in programs that the Federal agencies administer. Executive Order 13559 amended Executive Order 13279 to clarify those principles and add certain protections for beneficiaries of Federal social service programs.

This ebook contains:
- The complete text of the

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46 IBM Canada Ltd.: Implementing Global Strategy - Deborah Compeau
Auteur : Deborah Compeau
Genre : Entreprise et management
A senior manager at IBM Canada Ltd. is trying to determine how best to implement strategy developed at the global level. The Business Transformation Executive, Sales & Distribution, IBM Canada Ltd., is responsible for introducing, maintaining and retiring software programs to support IBM Canada's business needs. In October 2009, the senior manager is trying to assess if the customer relationship management (CRM) developed locally should continue to be supported or if the planned switchover to a global standard CRM should continue as scheduled. The case is intended for students to discuss the challenges of implementing global IT strategy at the local or country unit level.

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47 Implementing Cisco Collaboration Applications (CAPPS) - Chris Olsen
Auteur : Chris Olsen
Genre : Ordinateurs
Now fully updated for the new Cisco CAPPS 300-085 exam, Implementing Cisco Collaboration Applications (CAPPS) Foundation Learning Guide is your Cisco® authorized learning tool for CCNP® Collaboration preparation. Part of the Cisco Press Foundation Learning Series, it teaches advanced skills for designing, deploying, configuring, and troubleshooting Cisco Collaboration and Unified Communications applications, devices, and networks.

Author Chris Olsen shows how to effectively use Cisco Unity Connection, Cisco Unity Express, Cisco Instant Message and Presence, Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server, and Cisco TelePresence Management Suite in production environments.

He begins by introducing the server platforms and overlays that are the basis for all Cisco Unity Connection design and integration. Next, he presents in-depth coverage of a wide range of essential

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48 Engineering Stochastic Local Search Algorithms. Designing, Implementing and Analyzing Effective Heuristics - Thomas Stützle, Mauro Birattari & Holger H. Hoos
Auteur : Thomas Stützle, Mauro Birattari & Holger H. Hoos
Genre : Ordinateurs
Stochastic local search (SLS) algorithms enjoy great popularity as powerful and versatile tools for tackling computationally hard decision and optimization pr- lems from many areas of computer science, operations research, and engineering. To a large degree, this popularity is based on the conceptual simplicity of many SLS methods and on their excellent performance on a wide gamut of problems, ranging from rather abstract problems of high academic interest to the very s- ci?c problems encountered in many real-world applications. SLS methods range from quite simple construction procedures and iterative improvement algorithms to more complex general-purpose schemes, also widely known as metaheuristics, such as ant colony optimization, evolutionary computation, iterated local search, memetic algorithms, simulated annealing, tabu search and variable neighborhood search. Historically, the dev

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49 Implementing Polytope Projects for Smart Systems - Octavian Iordache
Auteur : Octavian Iordache
Genre : Ordinateurs
This book presents a domain of extreme industrial and scientific interest: the study of smart systems and structures. It presents polytope projects as comprehensive physical and cognitive architectures that support the investigation, fabrication and implementation of smart systems and structures. These systems feature multifunctional components that can perform sensing, control, and actuation.

In light of the fact that devices, tools, methodologies and organizations based on electronics and information technology for automation, specific to the third industrial revolution, are increasingly reaching their limits, it is essential that smart systems be implemented in industry. Polytope projects facilitate the utilization of smart systems and structures as key elements of the fourth industrial revolution.

The book begins by presenting polytope projects as a reference ar

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50 Implementing the Endangered Species Act on the Platte Basin Water Commons - David M. Freeman
Auteur : David M. Freeman
Genre : Science politique
Water users of the Platte River Basin have long struggled to share this scarce commodity in the arid high plains, ultimately organizing collectively owned and managed water systems, allocating water along extensive stream systems, and integrating newer groundwater with existing surface-water uses. In 1973, the Endangered Species Act brought a new challenge: incorporating the habitat needs of four species-the whooping crane, piping plover, least tern, and pallid sturgeon-into its water-management agenda.

Implementing the Endangered Species Act on the Platte Basin Water Commons tells of the negotiations among the U.S. Department of the Interior, the environmental community, and the states of Wyoming, Colorado, and Nebraska that took place from the mid-1970s to 2006. Ambitious talks among rival water users, environmentalists, state authorities, and the Department of the In

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