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1 Fuzzy Hypergraphs and Related Extensions - Muhammad Akram & Anam Luqman
Auteur : Muhammad Akram & Anam Luqman
Genre : Mathematics
This book presents the fundamental and technical concepts of fuzzy hypergraphs and explains their extensions and applications. It discusses applied generalized mathematical models of hypergraphs, including complex, intuitionistic, bipolar, m-polar fuzzy, Pythagorean, complex Pythagorean, and q-rung orthopair hypergraphs, as well as single-valued neutrosophic, complex neutrosophic and bipolar neutrosophic hypergraphs. In addition, the book also sheds light on real-world applications of these hypergraphs, making it a valuable resource for students and researchers in the field of mathematics, as well as computer and social scientists.

2 Transversals in Linear Uniform Hypergraphs - Michael A. Henning & Anders Yeo
Auteur : Michael A. Henning & Anders Yeo
Genre : Mathematics
This book gives the state-of-the-art on transversals in linear uniform hypergraphs. The notion of transversal is fundamental to hypergraph theory and has been studied extensively. Very few articles have discussed bounds on the transversal number for linear hypergraphs, even though these bounds are integral components in many applications. This book is one of the first to give strong non-trivial bounds on the transversal number for linear hypergraphs.  The discussion may lead to further study of those problems which have not been solved completely, and may also inspire the readers to raise new questions and research directions.

The book is written with two readerships in mind. The first is the graduate student who may wish to work on open problems in the area or is interested in exploring the field of transversals in hypergraphs. This exposition will go far to famili
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