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1 Jake Maddox: Half-Pipe Prize - Jake Maddox
Auteur : Jake Maddox
Genre : Sports et loisirs
When Tess moved away from Winterfall, she left her two best friends, Ana and Sofie, behind. She's traveling back to surprise them and to take part in the yearly snowboarding competition. Ana is glad to see her, but Sofie acts strange as soon as Tess returns.

4,99 €
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3 On the Halfpipe with...Tony Hawk - Matt Christopher
Auteur : Matt Christopher
Genre : Biographies
Delving into the life of skateboarding sensation Tony Hawk, this biography examines how he began skateboarding at age nine and his performance at the 1999 ESPN X Games, where he astonished viewers by performing a trick thought impossible to do. Illustrations.

3,99 €
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