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1 Integral, Measure and Derivative - G. E. Shilov & B. L. Gurevich
Auteur : G. E. Shilov & B. L. Gurevich
Genre : Mathématiques
This graduate-level textbook and monograph defines the functions of a real variable through consistent use of the Daniell scheme, offering a rare and useful alternative to customary approaches. The treatment can be understood by any reader with a solid background in advanced calculus, and it features many problems with hints and answers. "The exposition is fresh and sophisticated," declared Sci-Tech Book News, "and will engage the interest of accomplished mathematicians."
Part one is devoted to the integral, moving from the Reimann integral and step functions to a general theory, and obtaining the "classical" Lebesgue integral in n space. Part two constructs the Lebesgue-Stieltjes integral through the Daniell scheme using the Reimann-Stieltjes integral as the elementary integral. Part three develops theory of measure with the general Daniell scheme, and the final part

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2 Fenómenos de contacto y sus aplicaciones en celdas solares - Yuri Gurevich & G. Miguel Meléndez Lira
Auteur : Yuri Gurevich & G. Miguel Meléndez Lira
Genre : Ingénierie
Esta obra aborda el estudio de las celdas solares considerándolas un dispositivo electrónico. Primero, presenta en forma breve detalles históricos de las celdas solares, el desarrollo de sus aplicaciones y las estrategias utilizadas en diversos países. Después expone los conceptos físicos fundamentales que intervienen en el funcionamiento de los dispositivos eléctricos basados en semiconductores. Por último, trata la transformación de la energía luminosa en energía eléctrica a través de las celdas solares.

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3 The Golden Calf - Илья Ильф, Evgeny Petrov, Konstantin Gurevich & Helen Anderson
Auteur : Илья Ильф, Evgeny Petrov, Konstantin Gurevich & Helen Anderson
Genre : Lettres
"A remarkably funny book written by a remarkable pair of collaborators."—New York Times

Ostap Bender, the "grand strategist," is a con man on the make in the Soviet Union during the New Economic Policy (NEP) period. He's obsessed with getting one last big score—a few hundred thousand will do—and heading for Rio de Janeiro, where there are "a million and a half people, all of them wearing white pants, without exception."

When Bender hears the story of Alexandr Koreiko, an "undercover millionaire"—no Soviet citizen was allowed to openly hoard so much capital—the chase is on. Koreiko has made his millions by taking advantage of the wide-spread corruption and utter chaos of the NEP, all while serving quietly as an accountant at a government office and living on 46 rubles a month. He's just waiting for the Soviet regime to collapse so he can make use of his s

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5 Patterns of Dynamics - Pavel Gurevich, Juliette Hell, Björn Sandstede & Arnd Scheel
Auteur : Pavel Gurevich, Juliette Hell, Björn Sandstede & Arnd Scheel
Genre : Mathématiques
Theoretical advances in dynamical-systems theory and their applications to pattern-forming processes in the sciences and engineering are discussed in this volume that resulted from the conference Patterns in Dynamics held in honor of Bernold Fiedler, in Berlin, July 25-29, 2016.The contributions build and develop mathematical techniques, and use mathematical approaches for prediction and control of complex systems. The underlying mathematical theories help extract structures from experimental observations and, conversely, shed light on the formation, dynamics, and control of spatio-temporal patterns in applications. Theoretical areas covered include geometric analysis, spatial dynamics, spectral theory, traveling-wave theory, and topological data analysis; also discussed are their applications to chemotaxis, self-organization at interfaces, neuroscience, and transport processes. 

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6 Aron Iakovlevich Gurevich, Istoriia Istorika [the History of a Historian] (Book Review) - Kritika
Auteur : Kritika
Genre : Histoire
Aron Iakovlevich Gurevich, Istoriia istorika [The History of a Historian]. 288 pp. Moscow: ROSSPEN, 2004. ISBN 5824305390. The author of this book, Aron Iakovlevich Gurevich, passed away on 5 August 2006 at the age of 82. At the time of his death his name was known to all medievalists. In today's Russia, his works, which opened up new perspectives in the study of the Western Middle Ages, are well known to philologists, art historians, psychologists, sociologists, and philosophers. Without exaggeration, it can be said that these works reared at least two generations of Russian humanities scholars. Gurevich's eminence extends far beyond his homeland: his books have been translated into all European (and several non-European) languages, and his contributions to the study of history have been noted by way of numerous international honorary titles and awards. Unquestionably, the recollecti

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7 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 - Alexander Mladenov
Auteur : Alexander Mladenov
Genre : Militaire
The MiG-21 (NATO reporting name Fishbed) firmly holds the title of the world's most widely built and used jet fighter, with more than 10,000 units rolling off the lines of three plants in the former Soviet Union. The type was also built under license in India and Czechslovakia, and without license in China until the late 2000s. Designed as a Mach-2 light tactical fighter, its original prototype, the Ye-6/1, was first flown in 1958. The first production variant of the type, designated the MiG-21F, appeared in 1960 and its improved sub-variant, the MiG-21F-13 (Type 74, NATO reporting name Fishbed-C), was made available for export by 1961. It was a simplified daytime short-range, clear-weather interceptor and tactical fighter.

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8 Allegories - Grigory Gurevich
Auteur : Grigory Gurevich
Genre : Nouvelles
Entering the world of Grigory Gurevich's artistic vision, one finds a horizon rich in hue, texture, media and mood. In multiplicity of style, variety of inventiveness, Gurevich's oeuvre epitomizes twentieth century art as a whole. During his education at St. Peterburg's prestigious Academy of Fine and Industrial Arts, Gurevich cultivated an aesthetic ideal, while receiving a practical education as well. This educational scaffold supported the creative and prolific fruition of his enormous talent and versatility. Mr. Gurevich's range includes watercolor, acrylic, oil, sculpture, pencil drawing, mobils, ceramics, hand made books, photography, jewelry, interior and furniture design. His representational work reflects his classical training and precision, while the non-representational pieces suggest impressions of primary process and archetypal images of the unconscious. When Mr. Gurevich i

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9 La première coupe - Margaret Gurevich
Auteur : Margaret Gurevich
Genre : Arts et spectacles
Bien que Chloé ait passé sa première audition, la pression ne fait que commencer à monter. Il y a encore deux rondes d’auditions à passer et les juges ont des attentes très élevées. Maintenant qu’il y a un nouveau garçon mignon et une vieille ennemie dans le décor, et sa place sur l’émission en jeu, Chloé doit faire de son mieux si elle veut se rendre à New York.

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10 Diva du design - Margaret Gurevich
Auteur : Margaret Gurevich
Genre : Arts et spectacles
Lorsque Chloé découvre qu’une version pour adolescente de son émission de télé-réalité de mode préféré organise des auditions dans sa ville, elle est ravie, mais aussi nerveuse. Elle a toujours aimé la mode et le design, mais savoir que son talent va l’amener à la télévision est intimidant. Pour aggraver les choses, une ennemie de l’école envisage également de passer l’audition, et elle est déterminée à gagner. Avec toutes ces différentes pressions, Chloé ne peut s’empêcher de se demander si elle a ce qu’il faut pour remporter le concours.

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11 National Geographic Kids Chapters: Diving With Sharks! - Margaret Gurevich
Auteur : Margaret Gurevich
Genre : Lecteurs intermédiaires
Fans of Shark Week, Sharknado, and all things shark-related will want to sink their teeth into this exciting shark-infested chapter book. Join real-life cave divers, extreme photographers, and researchers as they brave thrilling undersea adventures! Kids who are familiar with the popular National Geographic Kids Chapters line are sure to be on the edge of their seats over these new totally true tales of adventure and survival.

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12 Lenition and Contrast - Naomi Gurevich
Auteur : Naomi Gurevich
Genre : Arts et disciplines linguistiques
This book analyzes 153 languages from a large variety of families to establish a previously unexplored relationship between phonetically conditioned sound changes such as lenitions and functional (meaning maintenance related) considerations. Carefully collecting numerous inventories of consonants, this collection is likely to become an important resource for future linguistics research. By distinguishing between phonetic and phonological neutralization, and showing that the first does not necessarily result in the second, Naomi Gurevich uncovers previously unexplored and often surprising trends in the relationship between phonetics and phonology.

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13 The Doula Advantage - Rachel Gurevich
Auteur : Rachel Gurevich
Genre : Forme et santé
Doulas and midwives are increasingly popular options for childbirth; this book answers questions for those considering the help of a doula or midwife at birth. 

Take Control of Your Childbirth Experience
New moms are spreading the word to pregnant women just like you: Doulas make pregnancy and childbirth the celebratory experience it is meant to be! Doulas are professionally trained women who provide support before, during, and after delivery. Research has shown that doulas help women have positive birth experiences, decrease the need for pain medication, improve breastfeeding success, and reduce the need for cesarean sections and other invasive procedures. Author Rachel Gurevich interviewed more than 235 women and birth professionals to bring you this best-kept pregnancy secret. Inside, you'll find real mothers' stories and discover

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14 Arrestins - Pharmacology and Therapeutic Potential - Vsevolod V. Gurevich
Auteur : Vsevolod V. Gurevich
Genre : Pharmacologie et toxicologie
This volume in Springer’s authoritative series on experimental pharmacology covers the molecular mechanisms and therapeutic implications of arrestin-mediated signaling, including the potential of re-engineered signaling proteins in the field of gene therapy.

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15 The Next Perfect Trade: A Magic Sword of Necessity - Alex Gurevich
Auteur : Alex Gurevich
Genre : Investissement
'The Next Perfect Trade' articulates a set of principles that can be applied in discovering superior trades; those that will be profitable in the broadest range of economic scenarios. The book shifts focus from forces that drive markets to forces that drive successful trades. The robust performance of this approach has inspired the subtitle 'A Magic Sword of Necessity'.

If you think of investing as a rigorous intellectual battle, you need to prepare for it thoroughly. Get in proper shape. Learn your moves, acquire your armor, your shield, your helmet and your battle horse. A magic weapon will be wasted if you get killed by the market's first arrow. Every chapter in this book represents a step towards mastering the sword of necessity. Taking each of those steps has its own merit. Both aspiring and experienced investors can find value in this book long before the advanced conce

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16 Protection of Substation Critical Equipment Against Intentional Electromagnetic Threats - Vladimir Gurevich
Auteur : Vladimir Gurevich
Genre : Science et nature
The modern microprocessor based electronic equipment most vulnerable to Intentional Destructive Electromagnetic Interferences (IDEI) includes High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) in all substation equipment. However, power equipment and especially transformers are also subject to the influence of HEMP.

The book discusses problems and solutions for both kinds of substation equipment. Separated into eight chapters, the book covers: Technological progress and its consequences; Intentional Destructive Electromagnetic Interferences (IDEI); Methods and means of Digital Protective Relay (DPR) protection from electromagnetic pulse; Passive methods and means of DPR protection from electromagnetic pulse; Active methods and means of DPR protection from electromagnetic pulse; Tests of DPR resistance to IDEI impacts; Organizational and technical measures to protect DPR from HEMP; and

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17 Chloe by Design: Making the Cut - Margaret Gurevich
Auteur : Margaret Gurevich
Genre : Culture, lieux et personnalités
16-year-old Chloe Montgomery has always loved everything to do with fashion. Clothes, accessories, designing she knows it all. And when she finds out Teen Design Diva, a new reality series for aspiring teenage designers, is holding auditions in her town, she's desperate to win a spot on the show. She knows this is her chance to finally get her designs noticed. But before Chloe can realize her dreams, she has to survive the competition in this fashion-forward eBook.

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18 The Structural Basis of Arrestin Functions - Vsevolod V. Gurevich
Auteur : Vsevolod V. Gurevich
Genre : Science de la vie
This volume summarizes our current understanding of the structural basis of the functions of arrestin family of proteins. Arrestins were first discovered as key players in the desensitization of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). Recent studies showed that arrestins are important signal transducers in their own right, organizing multi-protein complexes and scaffolding numerous signaling cascades that regulate cell proliferation, differentiation, and apoptotic death.

Here arrestin functions are described primarily from the structural prospective. The book covers basal structure of arrestin proteins, receptor binding-induced conformational changes in arrestins, as well as the structure of “pre-activated” mutants. Particular focus is on the arrestin elements interacting with numerous binding partners, GPCRs and cytoplasmic signaling proteins. We expect that this information

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19 Fields of Logic and Computation II - Lev D. Beklemishev, Andreas Blass, Nachum Dershowitz, Bernd Finkbeiner & Wolfram Schulte
Auteur : Lev D. Beklemishev, Andreas Blass, Nachum Dershowitz, Bernd Finkbeiner & Wolfram Schulte
Genre : Programmation
Fields of Logic and Computation II
This Festschrift has been published in honor of Yuri Gurevich, on the occasionof his 75th birthday. Yuri Gurevich has made a number of fundamental contributions to the broad spectrum of logic and computer science, including decisionprocedures, the monadic theory of order, abstract state machines, formal methods,foundations of computer science, security, and much more. Many of theseareas are reflected in the 20 articles in this Festschrift and in the presentationsat the “Yurifest” symposium, which was held in Berlin, Germany, on September11 and 12, 2015.
The Yurifest symposium was co-located with the 24th EACSL Annual Conference on Computer Science Logic (CSL 2015).

47,99 €

20 Fields of Logic and Computation - Andreas Blass, Nachum Dershowitz & Wolfgang Reisig
Auteur : Andreas Blass, Nachum Dershowitz & Wolfgang Reisig
Genre : Programmation
This Festschrift volume, published in honor of Yuri Gurevich on the occasion of his 70th birthday, contains contributions written by his colleagues. The articles cover a range of topics - representing only a fraction of Gurevich’s multiple areas of interest.

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