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1 Genetics - Anna Onderkova
Auteur : Anna Onderkova
Genre : Éducation
A brand new revision book for medical genetics. As with all of my books, it is a compilation of my study notes that is not meant to replace a textbook but rather to serve as a revision guide. It covers the essentials of all of the material required for the exam and is organised according to the question categories set by the Genetics Institute of the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles’ University in Prague. I hope that other medical students will find it helpful and if you have any suggestions or comments then please review! :)


2 Hommes, femmes : la construction de la différence - Françoise Héritier
Auteur : Françoise Héritier
Genre : Génétique
XX, XY....comment devient-on un homme ou une femme ? Qui gouverne la construction de notre identité sexuelle ? Nos gènes ? Nos hormones ? La société ? La famille ? Simone de Beauvoir avait-elle raison lorsqu'elle écrivait " on ne naît pas femme, on le devient " ? Sauf accident, les lois de la génétique et de la physiologie font de nous des mâles ou des femelles. Mais au-delà de ce déterminisme génétique, nous sommes également façonnés dans notre intimité par le regard de nos parents, de nos proches et de la société tout entière. Si la différence des sexes structure la pensée humaine, peut-on changer les rapports entre les hommes et femmes ? qu'en disent les sciences sociales, les sciences humaines et les sciences du vivant ?

7,99 €

3 Genetics - Alexander van Dijk
Auteur : Alexander van Dijk
Genre : Science de la vie
This book has written by the Stephen Perse Foundation to accompany the Pearson Edexcel 9-1 Biology course for first examination in 2018. It can accompany the Combined course as well as long as note is taken of those sections that are marked Biology only.


4 Genetics - Shana Capur
Auteur : Shana Capur
Genre : Science et nature
Biology is the fastest growing science, and life sciences are being funded and researched more and more. As a result, genetic testing and analysis has emerged in today’s society as a new way to predict one’s health. Scientists use genetic testing and analysis to map individuals’ genes to determine health risks for diseases and conditions or to determine ancestry. Although genetic testing is controversial to some, the benefits of genetic testing, such as early identification of possible diseases and proper dosages of medications, greatly outweigh the possible concerns.

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6 Identically Different - Professor Tim Spector
Auteur : Professor Tim Spector
Genre : Science de la vie
Professor Tim Spector reveals the astonishing new science that is changing everything we thought we knew about genes and identity. 'Lucid, surprising and with a very human face. It brings epigenetics alive ... a great read!' Michael Mosley

Since the discovery of DNA, scientists have believed that genes are fixed entities that cannot be changed by environment - we inherit them, pass them on to our children and take them with us when we die.

Professor Tim Spector reveals how the latest genetic research and his own pioneering studies on epigenetics are rewriting everything we thought we knew about genes, identity and evolution. Conceptually, he explains, our genes are not fixed entities but more like plastic, able to change shape and evolve, and these changes can be passed on to future generations.

Tim Spector's dazzling guide to the hidden world of o

3,99 €

7 IFLScience 117 Things You Should F*#king Know About Your World - The Writers of IFLScience & Paul Parsons
Auteur : The Writers of IFLScience & Paul Parsons
Genre : Essais
IFLScience presents the most intriguing and far-out facts about space, technology, the human brain, nature, and so much more that you should know, right now!
117 Things You Should F*#ing Know About Your World is a compendium of the greatest articles from IFLScience's long history, broken up by leading subjects:

Health & Medicine Plants & Animals Technology The Brain Space The Environment Chemistry PhysicsEach chapter opens with a new and irreverent introduction to the subject and collection of stories by author Paul Parsons, and the book features fascinating sidebars on related stories, photos, and illustrations throughout.
From pinpointing the exact worst time to be alive in human history, to learning what makes you a procrastinator or a go-getter, to the very key to a happy sex life, and so much more, this is the science book that only the world's l

10,99 €

8 Giants of Genetics - William Sofer
Auteur : William Sofer
Genre : Science de la vie
Giants of Genetics focusses less on the facts and more on the process of discovery in molecular genetics. In particular it tries to answer the following questions:
• Who were the major innovators?  How did they get to their position?  Who were their lesser known colleagues and collaborators?  Who were their major adversaries?  What were the great advances they discovered and how did they come to make them?  Did they fully understand the implications of their findings? Did they get the credit they deserved in their lifetimes? What was the intellectual climate like in their time?  What obstacles did they have to overcome?  This book grew out of the author's experiences teaching both precollege and senior citizen students. 


9 Children of Time - Adrian Tchaikovsky
Auteur : Adrian Tchaikovsky
Genre : Science-fiction
Winner of the 30th anniversary Arthur C. Clarke Award for Best Novel.

Adrian Tchaikovksy's critically acclaimed novel Children of Time, is the epic story of humanity's battle for survival on a terraformed planet.

Who will inherit this new Earth? The last remnants of the human race left a dying Earth, desperate to find a new home among the stars. Following in the footsteps of their ancestors, they discover the greatest treasure of the past age – a world terraformed and prepared for human life.

But all is not right in this new Eden. In the long years since the planet was abandoned, the work of its architects has borne disastrous fruit. The planet is not waiting for them, pristine and unoccupied. New masters have turned it from a refuge into mankind's worst nightmare.

Now two civilizations are on a collision course, both tes

4,99 €

10 Until the End of Time - Brian Greene
Auteur : Brian Greene
Genre : Science et nature
From the world-renowned physicist and best-selling author of The Elegant Universe comes this captivating exploration of deep time and humanity's search for purpose.

Until the End of Time is Brian Greene's breathtaking new exploration of the cosmos and our quest to understand it. Greene takes us on a journey across time, from our most refined understanding of the universe's beginning, to the closest science can take us to the very end. He explores how life and mind emerged from the initial chaos, and how our minds, in coming to understand their own impermanence, seek in different ways to give meaning to experience: in narrative, myth, religion, creative expression, science, the quest for truth, and our longing for the eternal. Through a series of nested stories that explain distinct but interwoven layers of reality--from quantum mechanics to consciousness t

12,99 €

11 The Third Twin - Ken Follett
Auteur : Ken Follett
Genre : Policier et suspense
A thrilling, chilling story of hidden evil, The Third Twin is a heart-stopping, spine-tingling story from master of suspense, Ken Follett.

An Impossible Result
Jeannie Ferrami, a scientific researcher investigating the behaviour of identical twins who have been raised separately, uncovers a perplexing mystery; identical twins who were born on different days, to different mothers, in different places.

A Blossoming Love
One, Steve, is a law student and the other, Dennis, a convicted murderer. As Jeannie works with Steve on her project she finds herself falling in love with him, but their world is shattered when he is accused of a monstrous crime.

A Terrible Secret
Jeannie cannot believe that Steve committed the crime, but proving it means she will be forced to question everything she believes. And as she di

5,99 €

12 Guns, Germs and Steel - Jared Diamond
Auteur : Jared Diamond
Genre : Histoire
'A book of big questions, and big answers' Yuval Noah Harari, bestselling author of Sapiens


Why has human history unfolded so differently across the globe?

In his Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Jared Diamond puts the case that geography and biogeography, not race, moulded the contrasting fates of Europeans, Asians, Native Americans, sub-Saharan Africans, and aboriginal Australians.

An ambitious synthesis of history, biology, ecology and linguistics, Guns, Germs and Steel remains a ground-breaking and humane work of popular science.

9,49 €

13 Design in Nature - Adrian Bejan & J. Peder Zane
Auteur : Adrian Bejan & J. Peder Zane
Genre : Science de la vie
In this groundbreaking book, Adrian Bejan takes the recurring patterns in nature—trees, tributaries, air passages, neural networks, and lightning bolts—and reveals how a single principle of physics, the Constructal Law, accounts for the evolution of these and all other designs in our world.
Everything—from biological life to inanimate systems—generates shape and structure and evolves in a sequence of ever-improving designs in order to facilitate flow. River basins, cardiovascular systems, and bolts of lightning are very efficient flow systems to move a current—of water, blood, or electricity. Likewise, the more complex architecture of animals evolve to cover greater distance per unit of useful energy, or increase their flow across the land. Such designs also appear in human organizations, like the hierarchical "flowcharts" or reporting structure

1,99 €

14 Sapiens and Homo Deus: The E-book Collection - Yuval Noah Harari
Auteur : Yuval Noah Harari
Genre : Science de la vie
Discover humanity’s past and its future in this in this special e-book collection featuring Sapiens—a reading pick of President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg—and its acclaimed companion Homo Deus.

26,99 €

15 Gods of Risk - James S. A. Corey
Auteur : James S. A. Corey
Genre : Science-fiction
Gods of Risk is a novella that expands the world of James S. A. Corey's New York Times bestselling Expanse series - now a Prime Original TV series.

As tension between Mars and Earth mounts, and terrorism plagues the Martian city of Londres Nova, sixteen-year-old David Draper is fighting his own lonely war. A gifted chemist vying for a place at the university, David leads a secret life as a manufacturer for a ruthless drug dealer. When his friend Leelee goes missing, leaving signs of the dealer's involvement, David takes it upon himself to save her. But first he must shake his aunt Bobbie Draper, an ex-marine who has been set adrift in her own life after a mysterious series of events nobody is talking about.

The Expanse series:
Leviathan Wakes
Caliban's War
Abaddon's Gate
Cibola Burn
Nemesis Games

1,99 €

16 Jurassic Park - Michael Crichton
Auteur : Michael Crichton
Genre : Policier et suspense
#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • From the author of Timeline, Sphere, and Congo, this is the classic thriller of science run amok that took the world by storm.

Nominated as one of America’s best-loved novels by PBS’s The Great American Read

“[Michael] Crichton’s dinosaurs are genuinely frightening.”—Chicago Sun-Times

An astonishing technique for recovering and cloning dinosaur DNA has been discovered. Now humankind’s most thrilling fantasies have come true. Creatures extinct for eons roam Jurassic Park with their awesome presence and profound mystery, and all the world can visit them—for a price.
Until something goes wrong. . . .
In Jurassic Park, Michael Crichton taps all his mesmer

7,99 €

17 The Highly Sensitive Person in Love - Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D.
Auteur : Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D.
Genre : Développement personnel
Do you fall in love hard, but fear intimacy? Are you sick of being told that you are “too sensitive”? Do you struggle to respect a less-sensitive partner? Or have you given up on love, afraid of being too sensitive or shy to endure its wounds?

Statistics show that 50 percent of what determines divorce is genetic temperament. And, if you are one of the 20 percent of people who are born highly sensitive, the risk of an unhappy relationship is especially high. Your finely tuned nervous system, which picks up on subtleties and reflects deeply, would be a romantic asset if both you and your partner understood you better. But without that understanding, your sensitivity is likely to be making your close relationships painful and complicated.

Based on Elaine N. Aron’s groundbreaking research on temperament and intimacy, The Highly Sensitive Person in Love of

10,99 €

18 Lifespan - David A. Sinclair
Auteur : David A. Sinclair
Genre : Science de la vie

A paradigm-shifting book from an acclaimed Harvard Medical School scientist and one of Time’s most influential people.

It’s a seemingly undeniable truth that aging is inevitable. But what if everything we’ve been taught to believe about aging is wrong? What if we could choose our lifespan?

In this groundbreaking book, Dr. David Sinclair, leading world authority on genetics and longevity, reveals a bold new theory for why we age. As he writes: “Aging is a disease, and that disease is treatable.”

This eye-opening and provocative work takes us to the frontlines of research that is pushing the boundaries on our perceived scientific limitations, revealing incredible breakthroughs—many from Dr. David Sinclair’s own lab at Harvard—that demonstrate how we can slow down, or even re

14,99 €

19 The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks - Rebecca Skloot
Auteur : Rebecca Skloot
Genre : Biographies et mémoires
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, is now an HBO film starring Oprah Winfrey & Rose Byrne.

Her name was Henrietta Lacks, but scientists know her as HeLa. Born a poor black tobacco farmer, her cancer cells – taken without her knowledge – became a multimillion-dollar industry and one of the most important tools in medicine. Yet Henrietta’s family did not learn of her ‘immortality’ until more than twenty years after her death, with devastating consequences . . .

Rebecca Skloot’s fascinating account is the story of the life, and afterlife, of one woman who changed the medical world forever. Balancing the beauty and drama of scientific discovery with dark questions about who owns the stuff our bodies are made of, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks is an extraordinary journey in search of the soul and story of a real woman, whose

6,99 €

20 Who We Are and How We Got Here - David Reich
Auteur : David Reich
Genre : Science de la vie
A groundbreaking book about how ancient DNA has profoundly changed our understanding of human history.
Geneticists like David Reich have made astounding advances in the field of genomics, which is proving to be as important as archeology, linguistics, and written records as a means to understand our ancestry. 
In Who We Are and How We Got Here, Reich allows readers to discover how the human genome provides not only all the information a human embryo needs to develop but also the hidden story of our species. Reich delves into how the genomic revolution is transforming our understanding of modern humans and how DNA studies reveal deep inequalities among different populations, between the sexes, and among individuals. Provocatively, Reich’s book suggests that there might very well be biological differences among human populations b

5,49 €

21 Genetics - Thomas A. Shannon
Auteur : Thomas A. Shannon
Genre : Religion et spiritualité
Over a decade ago, the field of bioethics was established in response to the increased control over the design of living organisms afforded by both medical genetics and biotechnology. Since its introduction, bioethics has become established as an academic discipline with journals and professional societies, is covered regularly in the media, and affects people everyday around the globe. In response to the increasing need for information about medical genetics and biotechnology as well as the ethical issues these fields raise, Sheed & Ward proudly presents the Readings in Bioethics Series. Edited by Thomas A. Shannon, the series provides anthologies of critical essays and reflections by leading ethicists in four pivotal areas: reproductive technologies, genetic technologies, death and dying, and health care policy. The goal of this series is twofold: first, to provide a set of

33,99 €

22 Genetics - Jodie Deinhammer
Auteur : Jodie Deinhammer
Genre : Science de la vie
This book gives you a brief introduction to genetics and DNA.  It was created by 7th graders at Coppell Middle School East.


23 Cracking Genetics - Helen Gavaghan
Auteur : Helen Gavaghan
Genre : Forme et santé
From Darwin's theory of evolution to the sequencing of the human genome, this book takes a comprehensive look at genetics - and reveals untold stories, cutting-edge discoveries and plenty of fascinating science along the way.

In 12 illustrated chapters, Cracking Genetics makes sense of the laws of inheritance, takes a tour of your chromosomes and explores questions including:

- Which genes determine eye colour?
- Could dinosaur DNA be resurrected?
- How does DNA profiling solve cold cases?
- Why does the environment influence gene expression?
- How does human DNA differ from chimp DNA?
- How does natural selection work?
- Could gene editing eradicate disease?

An easy-to-understand guide to some of the most complex and intriguing topics: Cracking Genetics is a must-read for anyone int

24 Third Twin - Ken Follett
Auteur : Ken Follett
Genre : Policier et suspense

Using a restricted FBI database, genetic researcher Jeanie Ferrami has located identical twins born to different mothers. Frightened by her bizarre discovery, she is determined to discover the truth at any cost—until she finds herself at the center of a scandal that could ruin her career.
To extricate herself, Jeannie plunges into a maze of hidden evidence. With growing horror, she uncovers a cynical, far-reaching conspiracy involving disturbing genetic experiments and some of the most powerful men in America—men who will kill to keep their secrets concealed.

6,99 €

25 USMLE Step 1 Lecture Notes 2021: Biochemistry and Medical Genetics - Kaplan Medical
Auteur : Kaplan Medical
Genre : Outils pédagogiques
The only official Kaplan Lecture Notes for USMLE Step 1 cover the comprehensive information you need to ace the exam and match into the residency of your choice. 

* Up-to-date: Updated annually by Kaplan’s all-star faculty 
* Integrated: Packed with clinical correlations and bridges between disciplines 
* Learner-efficient: Organized in outline format with high-yield summary boxes 
* Trusted: Used by thousands of students each year to succeed on USMLE Step 1 

Looking for more prep? Our USMLE Step 1 Lecture Notes 2018: 7-Book Set has this book, plus the rest of the 7-book series.

26 Genetics - Karen Vipond
Auteur : Karen Vipond
Genre : Médecine
From the Foreword by Candy Cooley:

“What a delight it is … to read a book which takes complex scientific concepts and ensures they are understandable by all.”

With activities and answers, reflection points and a glossary, this interactive textbook supports the ‘Fit for Practice in the Genetics Era’ competence framework, offering an introduction to the theory of genetics and then using common genetic conditions/disorders as case studies to help students apply theory to practice and examine the service user experience.

Genetics is written by an experienced teacher of health care sciences and is ideal for students of nursing, health care and for a wide range of health care practitioners.

•Cell and DNA structure              • Down’s Syndrome

14,99 €

27 Evolution - Carl Zimmer
Auteur : Carl Zimmer
Genre : Science de la vie
This remarkable book presents a rich and up–to–date view of evolution that explores the far–reaching implications of Darwin's theory and emphasizes the power, significance, and relevance of evolution to our lives today. After all, we ourselves are the product of evolution, and we can tackle many of our gravest challenges –– from lethal resurgence of antiobiotic–resistant diseases to the wave of extinctions that looms before us –– with a sound understanding of the science.

8,99 €

28 Eat Like the Animals - David Raubenheimer & Steven J. Simpson
Auteur : David Raubenheimer & Steven J. Simpson
Genre : Régime et nutrition
How is it that a baboon and a blob of slime mould instinctively know what to eat for optimal health, balancing their protein, fat and carb intake in perfect proportions?

In new, groundbreaking research that is transforming our understanding of nutrition, animals from locusts to lions and yes, humans too, demonstrate the remarkable science behind appetite.

Appetite communicates the body's nutritional needs to the brain, and eating in accordance with your body's demands, like the animals, should ensure optimal health, but the modern fast food world wreaks havoc on this evolutionarily honed system.

In several landmark studies, Raubenheimer and Simpson prove that appetite can be hacked – we can eat for optimal health, for increased fertility or for a longer lifespan. Understanding the science of the appetite offers tremendous power in shaping our bodies and

29 Children of Ruin - Adrian Tchaikovsky
Auteur : Adrian Tchaikovsky
Genre : Science-fiction
'My most anticipated book of the year' - Peter F. Hamilton, Britain's no.1 science fiction writer

Children of Ruin follows Adrian Tchaikovsky's extraordinary Children of Time, winner of the Arthur C. Clarke award. It is set in the same universe, with new characters and a thrilling narrative.

It has been waiting through the ages. Now it's time . . .

Thousands of years ago, Earth’s terraforming program took to the stars. On the world they called Nod, scientists discovered alien life – but it was their mission to overwrite it with the memory of Earth. Then humanity’s great empire fell, and the program’s decisions were lost to time.

Aeons later, humanity and its new spider allies detected fragmentary radio signals between the stars. They dispatched an exploration vessel, hoping to find

5,99 €

30 Genetics - Lutz Büge
Auteur : Lutz Büge
Genre : SF et fantasy
"Ich habe einen Entschluss gefasst, Cal", verkündete Ciah. "Du wirst versetzt. Du sollst deine Kräfte sinnvoll einsetzen. Die Aufräumarbeiten an der Rohrbahn nach Block Kalifornien kommen nicht voran. Du wirst helfen, die Schäden zu beheben, die das Erdbeben angerichtet hat. Das ist eine anstrengende Arbeit. Ich halte das für eine brauchbare Therapie zur Rehabilitation. Was meinst du dazu, Cal?" "Entschuldige, Ciah", murmelte Cal. "Wofür?" "Für alles, Ciah. Ich habe versagt. Ich kann dir nicht sagen, wie leid es mir tut, aber es ist alles so kompliziert geworden …" "Das ist nicht wahr, Cal. Nichts ist kompliziert. Du hattest ein klares Ziel, dem alles unterzuordnen ist, ein Ziel, für das sich der höchste Einsatz lohnt, der allerhöchste. Du hast dieses Ziel aus den Augen verloren, das ist die ganze Erklärung." . Cal ist ein Tic,

9,99 €

31 Genetics - Richard Whitten
Auteur : Richard Whitten
Genre : Médecine
1. FlashCard Style questions.
2. Teaching Points to help you quickly master specialty content.

The mission of StatPearls Publishing is to help you evaluate and improve your knowledge base. We do this by providing high quality, peer-reviewed, educationally sound questions written by leading educators.

3,49 €

32 Genetics - Richard Whitten
Auteur : Richard Whitten
Genre : Médecine
1. Multiple choice fact, scenario and case-based questions.
2. Correct answers and explanations to help you quickly master specialty content.
3. All questions have keywords linked to additional online references.

The mission of StatPearls Publishing is to help you evaluate and improve your knowledge base. We do this by providing high quality, peer-reviewed, educationally sound questions written by leading educators.

10,99 €

33 The Singularity Is Near - Ray Kurzweil
Auteur : Ray Kurzweil
Genre : Sciences sociales
“Startling in scope and bravado.” —Janet Maslin, The New York Times

“Artfully envisions a breathtakingly better world.” —Los Angeles Times

“Elaborate, smart and persuasive.” —The Boston Globe

“A pleasure to read.” —The Wall Street Journal

One of CBS News’s Best Fall Books of 2005 • Among St Louis Post-Dispatch’s Best Nonfiction Books of 2005 • One of’s Best Science Books of 2005

A radical and optimistic view of the future course of human development from t
he bestselling author of How to Create a Mind and The Age of Spiritual Machines who Bill Gates calls “the best person I know at predicting the future o

14,99 €

34 Shadow of Night - Deborah Harkness
Auteur : Deborah Harkness
Genre : Romans et littérature
The #1 New York Times–bestselling sequel to A Discovery of Witches is as “enchanting, engrossing, and as impossible to put down as its predecessor” (Miami Herald)
J. K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, Anne Rice—only a few writers capture the imagination the way that Deborah Harkness has done with books one and two of her New York Times–bestselling All Souls trilogy. A Discovery of Witches introduced reluctant witch Diana Bishop, vampire geneticist Matthew Clairmont, and the battle for a lost, enchanted manuscript known as Ashmole 782.
            Harkness’s much-anticipated sequel, Shadow of Night, picks up from A Discovery of Witches’ cliffhanger ending. Diana and Matthew time-travel to Elizabethan London and are plunged into a world o

8,99 €

35 Genetics - Carla Mooney
Auteur : Carla Mooney
Genre : Sciences et nature
Why do children resemble their parents and siblings? Introducing young readers to the fascinating world of genetics, this educational resource presents the main concepts of the science, including what a chromosome does, how DNA is structured, and how genetic inheritance works. Students learn about new discoveries in the field of genetics and how those discoveries have helped to cure or even prevent certain diseases, as well as examine controversial issues in genetics such as genetically modified foods and stem cell research. Combining inquiry-based, age-appropriate activities with biology, Genetics: Breaking the Code of Your DNA features graphic novel illustrations, fascinating sidebars, and a glossary of important vocabulary to illuminate the complex world of genetics and bring it to life. Projects include building 3D DNA double helix models, extracting DNA, using a Punnet Square

14,99 €

36 Genetics - Adam Rutherford
Auteur : Adam Rutherford
Genre : Science de la vie


Who discovered genetics?

How does gene inheritance work?

Is DNA common to all living things?

We inherit CODES from our parents. And these codes are written in the molecule DNA. This DNA means that we RESEMBLE each other, namely our families.

This raises so many questions such as how does DNA influence evolution? How was it discovered? And what does it mean for the future of the human race?

Discover the answers and more inside Adam Rutherford's Ladybird Expert - Genetics, the thrilling and accessible account that explains race and genetics, whether it is our DNA or the environment that influences us most, what are our chances of being related to royalty, genetic engineering and much more . . .

6,99 €

37 Genetics - Introbooks Team
Auteur : Introbooks Team
Genre : Science de la vie
Genetic gone through a breakthrough in the discovery that
DNA would be the fundamental structure carrying the genetic
information. Among the various work with this molecule, he
stood out to Watson, Crick, Wilkins, and Franklin in 1953,
which demonstrated the structure of the DNA double helix.
After the discovery of DNA structure, several other studies have
been conducted to understand who was responsible for
producing the proteins. The idea that DNA would be
responsible for the synthesis of RNA and that this, in turn,
would be responsible for producing proteins was postulated by
Crick in 1958 and became known as Molecular Biology of the
Central Dogma.
From these findings, many advances have occurred in
Molecular Biology and directly affected the development of
genetics. Among this significant pr

2,99 €

38 Genetics - Burton Guttman, David Suzuki & Tara Cullis
Auteur : Burton Guttman, David Suzuki & Tara Cullis
Genre : Science de la vie
With genetics and genetic engineering receiving almost daily coverage in the media, this book is an introduction for general readers who wish to know more about a science that is changing our world. Starting with the history of genetics, from primitive breeding programmes to Mendel's Law, and moving on to a full explanation of genetics and its role in our future, this is a comprehensive survey of genetics past, present and future.

5,99 €

39 Blueprint - Nicholas A. Christakis MD, PhD
Auteur : Nicholas A. Christakis MD, PhD
Genre : Science de la vie
"A dazzlingly erudite synthesis of history, philosophy, anthropology, genetics, sociology, economics, epidemiology, statistics, and more" (Frank Bruni, The New York Times), Blueprint shows why evolution has placed us on a humane path -- and how we are united by our common humanity.
For too long, scientists have focused on the dark side of our biological heritage: our capacity for aggression, cruelty, prejudice, and self-interest. But natural selection has given us a suite of beneficial social features, including our capacity for love, friendship, cooperation, and learning. Beneath all of our inventions -- our tools, farms, machines, cities, nations -- we carry with us innate proclivities to make a good society.
In Blueprint, Nicholas A. Christakis introduces the compelling idea that our genes affect not only our bodies and behaviors, but also the way

11,99 €

40 The Moral Animal - Robert Wright
Auteur : Robert Wright
Genre : Psychologie
Are men literally born to cheat? Does monogamy actually serve women's interests? These are among the questions that have made The Moral Animal one of the most provocative science books in recent years. Wright unveils the genetic strategies behind everything from our sexual preferences to our office politics--as well as their implications for our moral codes and public policies. Illustrations.

9,99 €

41 Black Order - James Rollins
Auteur : James Rollins
Genre : Policier et suspense
A sinister fire in a Copenhagen bookstore ignites a relentless hunt across four continents. Arson and murder reveal an insidious plot to steal a Bible that once belonged to Charles Darwin, the father of evolutionary theory. And Commander Gray Pierce dives headlong into a mystery that dates back to Nazi Germany . . . and to horrific experiments performed in a now-abandoned laboratory buried in a hollowed-out mountain in Poland.

A continent away, madness ravages a remote monastery high in Nepal, as Buddhist monks turn to cannibalism and torture. Lisa Cummings, a young American doctor investigating the atrocity, is suddenly a target of a brutal assassin working for clandestine forces that want the affair buried at any cost. Lisa's only ally is a hidden pilgrim, Painter Crowe -- director of SIGMA Force, an elite command of American scientists and Special Forces operatives -- who i

4,49 €

42 Deep Nutrition - Catherine Shanahan, M.D.
Auteur : Catherine Shanahan, M.D.
Genre : Régime et nutrition
One of the Best Health and Wellness Books of 2017 — Sports Illustrated

A self-published phenomenon examining the habits that kept our ancestors disease-free—now with a prescriptive plan for “The Human Diet” to help us all live long, vital, healthy lives.

Physician and biochemist Cate Shanahan, M.D. examined diets around the world known to help people live longer, healthier lives—diets like the Mediterranean, Okinawa, and “Blue Zone”—and identified the four common nutritional habits, developed over millennia, that unfailingly produce strong, healthy, intelligent children, and active, vital elders, generation after generation. These four nutritional strategies—fresh food, fermented and sprouted foods, meat cooked on the bone, and organ meats—form the basis of what Dr. Cate calls “The Human Diet.”

Rooted in her experien

9,99 €

43 Brain Food - Dr Lisa Mosconi
Auteur : Dr Lisa Mosconi
Genre : Régime et nutrition
A call to action to prevent a brain health crisis - does for diet what Why We Sleep does for sleep

'One of the most exciting reads on brain health that I have ever come across ... I cannot recommend this book enough' - Dr Rupy Aujla, author of The Doctor's Kitchen

We often talk about how our diets affect our fitness - but we don't discuss how they affect the hungriest organ in the body, the brain. And it has surprising dietary needs that differ from the rest of our body.

Brain Food uses cutting-edge research to highlight the connection between nutrition and our brain's health, busting through pseudoscience and demonstrating how we can all change our diet most effectively. Based partly on her own discoveries, and using emerging science, for example on the connection between the brain and the gut,
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44 If Our Bodies Could Talk - James Hamblin
Auteur : James Hamblin
Genre : Forme et santé
"If you want to understand the strange workings of the human body, and the future of medicine, you must read this illuminating, engaging book." —Siddhartha Mukherjee, author of The Gene

In 2014, James Hamblin launched a series of videos for The Atlantic called "If Our Bodies Could Talk."  With it, the doctor-turned-journalist established himself as a seriously entertaining authority in the field of health. Now, in illuminating and genuinely funny prose, Hamblin explores the human stories behind health questions that never seem to go away—and which tend to be mischaracterized and oversimplified by marketing and news media.  He covers topics such as sleep, aging, diet, and much more:
• Can I “boost” my immune system?
• Does caffeine make me live longer?

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45 She Has Her Mother's Laugh - Carl Zimmer
Auteur : Carl Zimmer
Genre : Biologie
2019 PEN/E.O. Wilson Literary Science Writing Award Finalist
"Science book of the year"The Guardian

One of New York Times 100 Notable Books for 2018
One of Publishers Weekly's Top Ten Books of 2018
One of Kirkus's Best Books of 2018 
One of Mental Floss's Best Books of 2018
One of Science Friday's Best Science Books of 2018

“Extraordinary”—New York Times Book Review   
"Magisterial"The Atlantic
"Leading contender as the most outstanding nonfiction work of the year"
Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Celebrated New York Times columnist and science writer Carl Zimmer presents a profoundly original perspective on what we pass along from generation t

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46 Biological, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Advances in Alzheimer's Disease - Ghulam Md Ashraf & Athanasios Alexiou
Auteur : Ghulam Md Ashraf & Athanasios Alexiou
Genre : Neuroscience
This book discusses the latest research into the highly prevalent neurodevelopmental disease most commonly associated with aging: Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Even after years of research, Alzheimer’s disease is still far from being cured. It presents a range of common symptoms in the form of behavioral and cognitive impairments. This book describes the symptoms and the biology behind them. 

The contents covers latest findings on the genetics involved and various factors and pathways influencing disease development. It also covers various non-pharmacological therapies like immunotherapy, use of natural products, and employing nanotechnology in both the detection and treatment of AD. This book also highlights the role of diet and nutrition in healthy aging. Given its scope, it offers a valuable asset for researchers and clinicians alike. 

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47 JIMD Reports, Volume 44 - Eva Morava, Matthias Baumgartner, Marc Patterson, Shamima Rahman, Johannes Zschocke & Verena Peters
Auteur : Eva Morava, Matthias Baumgartner, Marc Patterson, Shamima Rahman, Johannes Zschocke & Verena Peters
Genre : Génétique
JIMD Reports publishes case and short research reports in the area of inherited metabolic disorders. Case reports highlight some unusual or previously unrecorded feature relevant to the disorder, or serve as an important reminder of clinical or biochemical features of a Mendelian disorder.

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48 The DNA, RNA, and Histone Methylomes - Stefan Jurga & Jan Barciszewski
Auteur : Stefan Jurga & Jan Barciszewski
Genre : Génétique
This book reviews the chemical, regulatory, and physiological mechanisms of protein arginine and lysine methyltransferases, as well as nucleic acid methylations and methylating enzymes. Protein and nucleic acid methylation play key and diverse roles in cellular signalling and regulating macromolecular cell functions.

Protein arginine and lysine methyltransferases are the predominant enzymes that catalyse S-adenosylmethionine (SAM)-dependent methylation of protein substrates. These enzymes catalyse a nucleophilic substitution of a methyl group to an arginine or lysine side chain nitrogen (N) atom. Cells also have additional protein methyltransferases, which target other amino acids in peptidyl side chains or N-termini and C-termini, such as glutamate, glutamine, and histidine. All these protein methyltransferases use a similar mechanism. In contrast, nucleic acids (DNA and RNA)

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49 Lentiviral Vectors and Gene Therapy - David Escors, Karine Breckpot, Frederick Arce, Grazyna Kochan & Holly Stephenson
Auteur : David Escors, Karine Breckpot, Frederick Arce, Grazyna Kochan & Holly Stephenson
Genre : Génétique
Gene therapy was conceived during the early and mid part of the 20th century. At first, it was considered a revolutionary biomedical procedure, which could potentially cure any disease for which the molecular bases were understood. Since then, gene therapy has gone through many stages and has evolved from a nearly unrealistic perspective to a real life application. Clinical efficacy in humans was demonstrated at the beginning of this century after its successful application in small-scale clinical trials to cure severe immunodeficiency in children. However, their successes were overshadowed some time later by the occurrence of vector-related leukaemia in a number of treated children. It is in this context that lentiviral vectors have appeared, with improved efficiency and, possibly, increased biosafety. Very recently, the first clinical trials with lentivectors have been carried out with

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50 Gene Environment Interactions - Moyra Smith
Auteur : Moyra Smith
Genre : Génétique
Gene Environment Interactions: Nature and Nurture in the Twenty-first Century offers a rare, synergistic view of ongoing revelations in gene environment interaction studies, drawing together key themes from epigenetics, microbiomics, disease etiology, and toxicology to illuminate pathways for clinical translation and the paradigm shift towards precision medicine. Across eleven chapters, Dr. Smith discusses interactions with the environment, human adaptations to environmental stimuli, pathogen encounters across the centuries, epigenetic modulation of gene expression, transgenerational inheritance, the microbiome’s intrinsic effects on human health, and the gene-environment etiology of cardiovascular, metabolic, psychiatric, behavioral and monogenic disorders.

Later chapters illuminate how our new understanding of gene environment interactions are driving advances in p

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