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1 Re-Defining Manufacturing Networks: Luc Forceville and Luc Van Ostaeyen, Associate Partners at S&V Management Consultants, Look at How to Track Constantly Evolving Supply NetworksSupply Networks) - Luc Van Ostaeyen, Luc Forceville
Auteur : Luc Van Ostaeyen, Luc Forceville
Genre : Entreprise et management
There's no need to say that the economic environment for manufacturing has changed drastically during the last decade and that the speed of change is, even now, still increasing. First, there was a clear manufacturing shift from Western Europe and US/Canada to Eastern Europe and Mexico. Next, there was a move from Western Europe and US/Canada to the BRIC countries--although some manufacturing has since been brought back from BRIC countries to, for example, Eastern Europe for the very same reasons it went there in the first place. There is one constant factor in all of this: change. In recent years, BRIC countries have developed very quickly in terms of education, infrastructure and business climate, and also in terms of buying power and salaries. All of these changes positively or negatively impact the return on the (usually high) investment of a local manufacturing facility. A Complex M

2,99 €

2 Pictorial Metaphor in Advertising - Charles Forceville
Auteur : Charles Forceville
Genre : Arts et disciplines linguistiques
Over the past few decades, research on metaphor has focused almost exclusively on its verbal and cognitive dimensions. In Pictorial Metaphor in Advertising, Charles Forceville argues that metaphor can also occur in pictures and draws on relevant studies from various disciplines to propose a model for the identification, classification, and analysis of 'pictorial metaphors'. By using insights taken from a range of linguistic, artistic and cognitive perspectives for example, interaction and relevance theory, Forceville shows not only how metaphor can occur in pictures, but also provides a framework within which these pictorial metaphors can be analyzed.
The theoretical insights are applied to thirty advertisements and billboards of British, French, German and Dutch origin. Apart from substantiating the claim that it makes sense to talk about `pictorial metaphors', the detailed analys

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