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1 City of Evil - Sean Fewster
Auteur : Sean Fewster
Genre : True Crime

They call Adelaide the city of churches. What they forget is that every church has a graveyard - and every graveyard is full of skeletons.

Adelaide, an elegantly designed, civilised city, where the inhabitants are known for their love of the arts, good food and fine wine, is also the place where many of Australia's most bizarre and macabre crimes have taken place.

The cases in this book show that Adelaide truly does have another side: from the murder of a pro-wrestling truck driver by his two lesbian lodgers during an argument over a camera; to the case of a wronged wife who only wanted to burn the penis of her unfaithful husband, not burn him to death...

This book is more than a collection of some of the most attention-grabbing, shocking and puzzling cases from the past ten years: it also look

2 Being in Child Care - Gerry Fewster & Jerome Beker
Auteur : Gerry Fewster & Jerome Beker
Genre : Family & Relationships
Primarily intended for the professional child and youth care worker, this new book challenges the most basic methods and beliefs of contemporary practice. Written in the form of a novel, the central issues of child care are brought to life through the subjective experiences of a young practitioner. Each issue and experience is analyzed through the dialogues between the practitioner and his supervisor. As the story unfolds, the reader is invited to reconsider many of the most fundamental and time-tested assumptions that lie at the heart of child and youth care. One by one, the layers of professionalism are peeled back to reveal the essence of it all--the practitioner’s own sense of self. This results in the inevitable conclusion that personal and professional development are inextricably interrelated. From this perspective, it becomes clear how current trends in training and practice of

3 Experiences of Test Automation: Case Studies of Software Test Automation - Dorothy Graham & Mark Fewster
Auteur : Dorothy Graham & Mark Fewster
Genre : Software
This is the eBook version of the printed book.

Test automation involves using software tools to manage and streamline key tasks involved in test execution, control, and reporting. Using test automation, leading software developers are finding more bugs earlier, when they're easier and less expensive to fix. Test automation makes it possible for development teams to avoid expensive mistakes in both testing and programming, and to deliver higher quality software far more rapidly. For these reasons, many organizations are seeking to automate testing, but doing so successfully is not easy.

In this book, over forty pioneering implementers share their experiences and best practices in twenty-eight case studies. Drawing on their insights, you can avoid the pitfalls associated with test automation, and achieve powerful results on every metric you care about: quality, co

4 Bean's Gallipoli - Kevin Fewster
Auteur : Kevin Fewster
Genre : Military
Probably no person saw more of the Anzacs in battle on Gallipoli than C.E.W. Bean. After sailing with the first convoy, he landed with them on that fateful first morning of 25 April 1915, and remained on Gallipoli until the evacuation, despite being wounded. 

No other pressman dared to go ashore at the first landings. Even in the fiercest battles, Bean would sit in the frontline trenches taking notes or making sketches. 

In his dugout at night he would record everything he had seen and done in his diary. Its pages flow with powerful descriptions of battle, touching eulogies to the common soldier, and scathing criticisms of senior officers whose mistakes cost men their lives. Bean's photographs, over 80 of which are reproduced here, flesh out his graphic personal account of Gallipoli. 

Truthful, harrowing and shocking.'

The Bu

5 Charles Family's War - Alan Fewster
Auteur : Alan Fewster
Genre : Military
Edwin Llewellyn Charles was a slim, handsome youth, but Terence John, his brother, was beautiful and he knew it. Technically, the boys were twins, but their personalities could not have been more different. So begins this sweeping true story of a fractured but close-knit Australian family during World War II, focusing on the service of the twins and life on the home front as experienced primarily by their elder sister and mother. When hostilities are declared, Terry joins the Australian Military Forces and is quickly promoted. However, as a militiaman, he is banned from serving overseas. Having watched Edwin join the glamorous RAAF and become a pilot, Terry resigns his commission to follow his twin. Forced to swallow the disappointment of failing to emulate Edwin by winning his wings, Terry becomes a navigator in heavy bombers in the closing stages of the European war. Readers are transp

6 X-ray Scattering From Semiconductors And Other Materials (3rd Edition) - Paul F Fewster
Auteur : Paul F Fewster
Genre : Physics
This third edition has been extended considerably to incorporate more information on instrument influences on the interpretation of X-ray scattering profiles and reciprocal space maps. Another significant inclusion is on the scattering from powder samples, covering a new theoretical approach that explains features that conventional theory cannot. The new edition includes some of the latest methodologies and theoretical treatments, including the latest thinking on dynamical theory and diffuse scattering. Recent advances in detectors also present new opportunities for rapid data collection and some very different approaches in data collection techniques; the possibilities associated with these advances will be included.

This edition should be of interest to those who use X-ray scattering to understand more about their samples, so that they can make a better judgment of the param
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