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1 Aménagements extérieurs : Éclairage - jardins et façades - Nicolas Sallavuard, Nicolas Vidal, François Roebben & Bruno Guillou
Auteur : Nicolas Sallavuard, Nicolas Vidal, François Roebben & Bruno Guillou
Genre : Loisirs et maison
Profiter du décor du jardin de nuit comme de jour passe par une mise en lumière des espaces extérieurs. Un travail méthodique sollicitant autant vos talents de décorateur et de jardinier que de bricoleur maîtrisant les règles d’électricité.

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2 Facades - John Pearson
Auteur : John Pearson
Genre : Biographies et mémoires
First published in 1978 Façades details the lives of three of the twentieth century's most intriguing literary figures: Edith, Osbert and Sacheverell Sitwell. Aristocrats emanating from a privileged but loveless youth, they moulded the scene of the English avant-garde throughout the 1920s and in Cyril Connolly's words, 'had they not been there a whole area of life would have been missing.' Picking up protégés and starting feuds with equal alacrity they were never far from controversy and were often slighted for being better known for the façades which they put up around their work rather than their artistic out-put in itself. Whether these façades were set up to hide their art or their deeply conflicted personal lives is one of the most compelling problems brought up by Pearson. With as much attention paid to both the private and public aspects of their lives, this b

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3 Façade - Zahra Owens
Auteur : Zahra Owens
Genre : Contemporain
Jonas Hunter vend son corps auprès d’une clientèle restreinte et exclusive principalement composée d’hommes, et ceux-ci paient très cher pour obtenir toute son attention. La discrétion est une seconde nature chez lui ; il peut aussi bien jouer à la perfection le rôle désiré par son client que disparaître dans une foule sans laisser de trace.

Contre toute attente, il se laisse convaincre d’accepter un nouveau client qui représente tout ce qu’il déteste chez la gent masculine : un bad-boy efféminé et colérique en perpétuelle quête d’attention de la haute couture parisienne nommé Nicky Bryant. Ses défilés sont outranciers et font toujours la une des journaux, et ses apparitions ne cessent de faire tourner les têtes. Mais Jonas apprend très vite que « Nicky » n’est lui aussi qu’une façade méticuleusement entretenue.

Alors qu’une

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5 Integral Facade Construction - Tillmann Klein
Auteur : Tillmann Klein
Genre : Art et architecture
Integral Facade Construction focuses on the future development of the curtain wall. While the requirements on facades have slowly increased over the last decades, the curtain wall has evolved from craftsmanship oriented constructions to highly developed facade systems. But its constructional principle is still the same. Simplified, it can be described as a two-dimensional stick system with infill. With the latest requirements of almost energy neutral buildings, faster building processes and increasing technicalisation of the building envelope this constructional principle is reaching its limits. The curtain wall system has reached a state of maturity; and it needs a new approach to guaranty that this successful product will meet the challenges of the future.


6 A Façade to Shatter - Lynn Raye Harris
Auteur : Lynn Raye Harris
Genre : Romance
For the forgotten Corretti - is one night enough?

Jackson Scott wakes from nightmares to the echo of gunfire. So when he stirs from a flashback and finds himself not in the cockpit of a fighter jet but at a party, pressed up against the soft, womanly figure of Lia Corretti he rages against the sweet pity in her eyes.

The forgotten Corretti, Lia is desperate to love and be loved. The hot heat of Jackson as he trapped her to him is something the innocent Sicilian girl has never experienced. Perhaps one night would be enough to sate the fire he’s lit inside her. Or will it just add fuel to the flames?

About the author

USA Today bestselling author Lynn Raye Harris burst onto the scene when she won a writing contest held by Harlequin. The prize was an editor for a year – but only six months later, Lynn sold her first novel. A former finalist for

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7 Façade - Esther Verhoef
Auteur : Esther Verhoef
Genre : Policier et suspense
Hij leek zo aardig. Dat je hem ontmoette, was toeval. Of niet? Twee jaar na haar pijnlijke scheiding komt jonge moeder Iris van der Steen eindelijk aan vakantie toe. Een roadtrip dwars door snikheet Europa met oldtimer Toet, en stapels cassettebandjes uit haar jeugd, moet haar dichter bij zichzelf en bij haar reislustige moeder in Portugal brengen. Wanneer ze de knappe, charismatische sportinstructeur Mischa de Jong laat instappen lijkt de reis een romantische wending te nemen. Maar Mischa is niet wie hij zegt te zijn. Façade is Verhoefs meest beklemmende thriller ooit; je doet geen oog meer dicht. Esther Verhoef is een van de meest succesvolle en veelzijdige schrijvers van Nederland. Van haar psychologische thrillers en romans zijn circa 2,4 miljoen exemplaren verkocht. Verhoefs werk is in tal van landen verschenen, waaronder in de Verenigde Staten, Duitsland en Korea, en is meerde

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8 Fragile Facade - Sophie Davis
Auteur : Sophie Davis
Genre : Romans
The Brightest Smiles Hide the Darkest Secrets.... 
When Raven Ferragamo finds a stranger's diary, she has no idea it will catapult her into the mystery of diamond heiress Lark Kingsley's disappearance.
But Raven soon learns that Lark knew what was coming, and there was much more to her disappearance than the news headlines show. The more she discovers, the more Raven realizes that she and the girl born into Manhattan society aren't so different after all.
Now Raven can't walk away from Lark's pleas for help. But the deeper she goes, the more Raven realizes that she may end up ensnared in the dark secrets she seeks to unearth...


9 Facades: The Life and Times of Vic Emerson - G R Mowbray
Auteur : G R Mowbray
Genre : Biographies et mémoires
Originally a theatre organist from Stockport near Manchester, Vic Emerson became a sought after cabaret musician in the 1960s where he would be blown away by a vocalist - the future Sad Café/Mike and The Mechanics lead singer Paul Young. In the 1970s he was a founder member of Mandalaband, a progressive, symphonic powerhouse. His big break came in 1976/7 when he helped form Manchester-b

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10 Behind the Façades - A.L. Rist
Auteur : A.L. Rist
Genre : Romans et littérature
Karin lives on the sunny French Riviera with her two cats. Half a world away from her frightening childhood, and with years of hard-won independence behind her, she meets Oskar, a quietly charming Swede. The two make a promising couple, until one evening, when fissures start to show in Oskar's previously flawless façade. A 20,000-word novella by A.L. Rist.

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11 Fabulous Facades—Create Breathtaking Quilts with Fused Fabric - Gloria Loughman
Auteur : Gloria Loughman
Genre : Bricolage et loisirs
Your childhood home, an old family caravan, the incredible skyscraper in your city—these are all wonderful subjects that deserve to be re-created in fabric. Internationally acclaimed, award-winning quilter Gloria Loughman teaches you to capture your favorite place in fusible appliqué. Her simple technique is easy to master, yet yields stunning results. Draw from one of 3 included projects, your own photo or memory, and downloadable bonus patterns to assemble your own scenes that are captivating, vivid, and full of character.

18,99 €

12 Behind the Façades - A.L. Rist
Auteur : A.L. Rist
Genre : Romans et littérature
Karin lives on the sunny French Riviera with her two cats. Half a world away from her frightening childhood, and with years of hard-won independence behind her, she meets Oskar, a quietly charming Swede. The two make a promising couple, until one evening, when fissures start to show in Oskar's previously flawless façade. A 20,000-word novella by A.L. Rist.

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13 The Pre-Fabrication of Building Facades - Vitor Abrantes, Bárbara Rangel & José Manuel Amorim Faria
Auteur : Vitor Abrantes, Bárbara Rangel & José Manuel Amorim Faria
Genre : Génie civil
This book compares two buildings with different technologies and distinct environment from the combined viewpoints of civil engineering and architecture. The first is the most recent building of Columbia University in New York, the Northwest Science Building, a project designed  by Rafael Moneo and Dan Brodkin of Ove Arup. The second one is the Burgo Tower in Oporto, by Eduardo Souto Moura and Rui Furtado of AFA, a building that brings a new perspective to the use of prefabrication technologies with local traditional construction systems. With the detailed analyses of recognized researchers in civil engineering and architecture, this book is a reflection upon the problems and solutions in the design and construction process of a prefabricated building system. This volume, like those to follow, brings together, building research and building design practice to enhance the knowle

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14 Structural Glass Facades and Enclosures - Mic Patterson
Auteur : Mic Patterson
Genre : Art et architecture

Once an experimental building form, structural glass facades have matured into a fully robust technology. Structural Glass Facades and Enclosures documents, defines, and categorizes the current state of the art in long-span glass facade design and construction, with a focus on structural systems, glass cladding options, and implementation strategies for innovative design. A comparative analysis of these various systems is included, along with designs and design practices for enhancing transparency; engineering issues; material, process, and fabrication considerations; installation means and methods; and project delivery strategies for implementing innovative building technology in today's construction marketplace. The reader will find information here that is not available

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15 Effective Daylighting with High-Performance Facades - Kyle Konis & Stephen Selkowitz
Auteur : Kyle Konis & Stephen Selkowitz
Genre : Ressources pour la production d'énergie
The book explores advanced building-facade daylighting design practices based on diverse energy and human-factor performance metrics. It also defines effective daylighting by rethinking the simplified approach to glazing and facade systems to incorporate the local climate and the needs of building occupants as critical drivers of building performance, design solutions and technological innovation. It discusses state-of-the-art approaches in the context of simulation-based design workflows, innovative technologies and real project case studies, all targeting low and net-zero energy solutions that enhance occupant comfort. Readers benefit from a comprehensive approach that improves the feedback loop between design intent and performance in use. The book is intended for architects, lighting designers, facade engineers, manufacturers and building owners/operators, as well as advanced student

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16 Silicon Facades - Cory Richardson
Auteur : Cory Richardson
Genre : High-tech
Silicon Facades: How our online presence in the early 2000′s evolved into the government’s digital social tool of the 2130's to pigeonhole citizens into social classes and control their every activity, even where babies come from.

In 2133, Darren and his pregnant wife, Amber, a smart, drop dead stunning brunette, desperately seek ingenious and mostly criminal methods to raise their status, having dropped to the lowest social class because of circumstances affecting their government issued Score. Take the roller coaster ride with the exploits of Darren and Amber and their shocking nonconformist ways of playing against the system’s outrageous rules.

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17 Rénovation des façades - Alexandre Caussarieu & Thomas Gaumart
Auteur : Alexandre Caussarieu & Thomas Gaumart
Genre : Ingénierie
Rénover une façade est à la fois une obligation légale (Art. L132-1 du code de la construction et de l'habitation) et une action de mise en valeur du patrimoine. Cette catégorie de travaux exige un savoir-faire spécifique garantissant un traitement efficace, durable, et respectueux des spécificités architecturales de chaque façade.

Pour vous guider tout au long de la rénovation - depuis le diagnostic des pathologies jusqu'à la mise en oeuvre des travaux - ce manuel professionnel désormais classique a été soigneusement mis à jour. Illustrée d'un grand nombre de photographies et de schémas, cette nouvelle édition passe méthodiquement en revue toutes les techniques disponibles.

La première partie du livre permet de poser un diagnostic de la façade : il s'agit d'identifier les différentes pathologies et d'en comprendre l'origine

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18 Les Façades du chateau - Antony Eberle
Auteur : Antony Eberle
Genre : Histoire
Un château est occupé par les descendants d’une noblesse n’ayant plus que l’éclat d’un blason dépassé. Les revenus de la solde d’un officier supérieur et de métayage des terres ne sont pas en mesure de garantir l’entretient de la bâtisse. Le fils unique, Pierre-Henri de La Buse, après une jeunesse tourmentée et des amours indécis, se marie avec une jeune fille de l’ancienne noblesse comme lui. Il devient ensuite député-maire mais la tentation de servir des deniers publics pour la rénovation du château de famille est trop forte. Malgré des réceptions mondaines et les quelques tentatives de camouflage des combines financières, les excès du couple seront difficiles à cacher.

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19 Designing Kinetics for Architectural Facades - Jules Moloney
Auteur : Jules Moloney
Genre : Art et architecture
Architectural facades now have the potential to be literally kinetic, through automated sunscreens and a range of animated surfaces. This book explores the aesthetic potential of these new types of moving facades.

Critique of theory and practice in architecture is combined here with ideas from kinetic art of the 1960’s. From this background the basic principles of kinetics are defined and are used to generate experimental computer animations. By classifying the animations, a theory of kinetic form called ‘state change’ is developed. This design research provides a unique and timely resource for those interested in the capacity of kinetics to enliven the public face of architecture.

Extra material including animations can be seen at

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20 Baltic Facades - Aldis Purs
Auteur : Aldis Purs
Genre : Histoire
Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are often grouped together as the Baltic States, but these three Eastern European countries, tied together historically, are quite different. Although each is struggling to find its place within Europe and fighting to preserve its own identity, the idea of the Baltic States is a façade. In this book, Aldis Purs dispels the myth of a single, coherent Baltic identity, presenting a radical new view of the region.

Baltic Façades illuminates the uniqueness of these three countries and locates them within the larger context of European history, also revealing the similarities they share with the rest of the continent. He also examines the anxiety the people of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania feel about their own identities and how others see them. Giving equal weight to developments in politics, economics, and social and cultural trends, he pla

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21 The Soiling and Cleaning of Building Facades - L.G.W. Verhoef
Auteur : L.G.W. Verhoef
Genre : Art et architecture
The report of a comprehensive investigation by RILEM which examines all aspects of the cleaning of facades, subject to soiling by both biological and non-biological agencies. The contributors are international authorities working in this field giving essential advice to all those who need to know how to approach the problems connected with the soiling and cleaning of building facades.

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22 Espaces-projets atlantiques : convertir les périphéries en façades - Jacques Beauchard
Auteur : Jacques Beauchard
Genre : Politique et actualité
À l’heure où la plupart des rivages sont des lieux de création de richesses, le développement économique semble se tenir en retrait de la façade atlantique de l’Europe. Pourtant, là aussi, quand telle ville ou telle région réinvente sa propre centralité, elle devient un espace-projet porteur de développement. Aussi, à travers les contraintes et la position en périphérie du continent, ce livre cherche à repérer les actions des uns et des autres : ici et là, acteurs et projets ouvrent des routes et des portes, réaniment les ports, redessinent des fronts de mer. De Liverpool à Vigo, de l’Aquitaine aux Asturies, des territoires atlantiques mobilisent leurs ressources pour se constituer en façades. À l’ouest de l’Europe, ces « marges » s’ouvrent en « entrées » et peuvent devenir les pivots d’une recomposition européenne des ter

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23 Sustainable Facades - Ajla Aksamija
Auteur : Ajla Aksamija
Genre : Art et architecture
Practical information on designing sustainable, energy-efficient building facades

As energy and other natural resources are being depleted, it has become clear that technologies and strategies that allow us to maintain our satisfaction with interior environments while consuming less of these resources are major objectives of contemporary facade design. Sustainable Facades focuses on the strategies and approaches for designing sustainable, high-performance building facades, and provides technical guidance for architects and designers.

This timely and useful guide presents strategies and technical guidelines for designing environmentally sensitive, energy-efficient facades based on scientific principles. It provides climate-specific approaches for minimizing energy consumption, analyzes the thermal behavior of different facade systems and materials, and

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24 Les Façades anciennes à Dunkerque - Guy Blazy
Auteur : Guy Blazy
Genre : Europe
Malgré les nombreuses destructions qu’elle a subies au cours des guerres qui l’ont ravagée (notamment en juin 1940 où elle fut détruite à 90 %), la cité de Jean Bart conserve encore quelques constructions de la fin du XVIIe siècle et du XVIIIe siècle, vestiges ignorés d’un grand nombre de Dunkerquois… Guy Blazy, ancien conservateur du Musée de Dunkerque, nous invite à la découverte de ce « Dunkerque ancien », né du rachat de la ville aux Anglais en 1662. L’essor économique qui suit l’annexion par la France provoque un véritable « boum » démographique : des 5 000 âmes qu’elle compte en 1662, la ville passe à 11 170 habitants en 1695 puis à 13 700 en 1 736. Le besoin de construction ainsi que l’impulsion des édits et arrêts royaux poussent le Magistrat à réglementer l’architecture

5,99 €

25 International Façades - CROFT - Marcel Bilow, TU Delft Faculty of Architecture
Auteur : Marcel Bilow, TU Delft Faculty of Architecture
Genre : Art et architecture
"International Façades - CROFT" links the fields of architecture, building services and building physics. It aims at an international diversity in façade design to reduce energy consumption in building design.
Current architectural planning practices, such as the International Style, perceive the climate often as a problem, rather than an opportunity to work with it.
This doctoral thesis presents a “Façade Expert Tool” (FET) that analyses the climate and the combination of the façade and building services. The goal of FET is to easily analyse the climate of a particular location and to then limit the possible combination of façade and building services components to a practical level.
Through FET Marcel Bilow has developed “Climate Responsive Optimised Façade Technologies” (CROFT).
CROFT demonstrates the potential for sustainable building operation t


26 Facade - Alice Sabo
Auteur : Alice Sabo
Genre : Fantasy
An ordinary undercover assignment on Sector Port 8 goes critical for Galactic Intelligence Agents Hunter and Trash when a peculiar encounter ends with a woman becoming deathly ill. Hunter, an experimental Human and Trash, his long-eared, horned partner, realize she is not one of the known species. When her condition worsens, they take her to the Alleviators of Clouded Vale, the galaxy-renown healers who raised Hunter. Things get even stranger when his adopted family promptly shuts them out.

Coming back to his childhood home as an experienced agent has Hunter seeing things he’d never noticed before. Their latest patient causes a dramatic shift in everything he had thought to be true. The ancient buildings and dusty libraries of Clouded Vale may hold the answer to centuries-old questions. Hunter is determined to find those answers without endangering the people he calls family

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27 Façade - Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Auteur : Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Genre : Contemporain
Thomas fell in love with the Oregon Coast while filming his signature role as Anthony Short. Then his estranged daughter, Heather, died there, and Thomas fled. Now, he returns, not to solve his daughter’s murder, but to see if he can live with himself and his past.
Only someone leaves mysterious notes, signed Your Daughter, and birds die on his porch. Strangers report a man in a cloak who looks just like Thomas, but the fans who follow him everywhere don’t see anyone.
But Thomas knows something strange lurks in the shadows. Then more people die and Thomas realizes he holds the key to it all. He alone can solve the crisis, if he only dares…

 “Rusch’s [Façade]  is an exceptionally effective casebook of abnormal psychology…Rich and revelatory. The ending is perfect.” 


5,49 €

28 German Façade Design - Randall Ott
Auteur : Randall Ott
Genre : Art et architecture
German architecture prior to the modern period has received less systemic, analytical study than that of Italy, France, and Britain. Scholarly discussion of broad traditions or continuities within Germanic or Central European façade design is even sparser. Baroque era studies of the region mostly devote themselves to isolated architects, monuments, or movements. Modernism's advent decisively changed this: Germanic architecture enjoyed sudden ascendancy. Yet, even so, study specifically of that region's façades still lagged – nothing compares to the dozens of treatments of Le Corbusier's façade systems, for example, and how these juxtapose with French neoclassical or Italian Renaissance methods. Given the paucity of multi-period studies, one can be forgiven for believing Germany's effervescence of radical, modern works seems unprecedented. This book takes up these multiple quand

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29 3 A Crack in the Facade - Jay Michael Jones
Auteur : Jay Michael Jones
Genre : SF et fantasy
Book 3: With the promise of an outpost that will help sustain the nomads in the coming years, the Thuringi prepare the island for the fleet. As they do, personal problems arise to add to the already complex relationships. Gareth builds a transportal for the island to make traveling there easier, but the Bishop sparks concern that Earth has a corrupting influence. The Bishop also fears he will lose the seat of religious power he seized for himself and makes trouble for popular young Vicar Beace, returning from Earth on a fact-finding mission. King Lycasis finds a way to deal with the selfish bishop and help the vicar at the same time.Stuart and Aura's marriage continues to dissolve as he renews a forbidden friendship with the love of his life. Aura is still jealous for Stuart's twin Darien, who merrily carries on a secret love affair with Echo Garin, the daughter of his friend and guard G

2,99 €

30 Evolutionary Optimisation of Façade Design - Giovanni Zemella & Andrea Faraguna
Auteur : Giovanni Zemella & Andrea Faraguna
Genre : Ressources pour la production d'énergie
Optimization techniques offer immense potential for the improvement of performance-driven design, since they allow the adoption of an holistic approach. This can lead to great advantages: optimal design solutions can be properly identified only if all criteria are considered at the same time, rather than separately. There are two barriers which obstruct optimization from being applied to building design: a technological barrier (applying the algorithms is not easy and can be quite time-consuming) and a cultural one (architects and engineers are required to change their perspectives as the design process has to be handled in a new way). This book explores these barriers from the perspective of both engineers and architects, and proposes a change in the attitudes of these two “actors”: an engineer and an architect develop a dialog which helps them understand each other’s perspective;

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31 The Ice People 18 - Behind the Facade - Margit Sandemo
Auteur : Margit Sandemo
Genre : Histoire
Elisabet Paladin had the courage of her convictions. She would not allow herself to be influenced by her mother’s constant talk about influential families and a rich husband. No man had succeeded in awakening her interest – not until she met Vemund Tark. 
When Vemund came to talk to her parents about marriage, he was not making a proposal for himself – but on behalf of his younger brother … 

The story of the Ice People is a moving legend of love and supernatural powers, a tale of the essential struggle between good and evil.

Margit Sandemo
Margit Sandemo was born in Norway on April 23 1924. She was raised in Sweden but later moved to Norway and then back to Sweden where she now resides. She made her début as an author in 1964. Love and supernatural forces are the hallmarks of her authorship. Margit Sandemo is the best-selling

10,99 €

32 A Fatal Façade - Linda M. James
Auteur : Linda M. James
Genre : Policier et suspense
A FATAL FACADE is a crime thriller focusing on the lives of four people who become involved with Paolo Cellini, a 30-year-old wealthy art dealer who is killed in his marbled bathroom in Chelsea, London. Each person is linked to Cellini in unusual ways: his lover, Bianca Vella, a Maltese nightclub-singer who worships him; Rico Batas, his Filipino nightclub-manager who hates him; his other lover, Angelica Logan, a woman with too many terrible secrets and Jack Bradley, an ex-DCI, who needs to redeem himself to his family and his colleagues by discovering the truth about the life and death of Cellini. Jack’s obsessive search takes him down dark, disturbing avenues into the secret lives of these people who are almost crushed under the weight of Cellini’s narcissistic personality. Jack knows that one of them killed him but even he is stunned by the secrets he unearths. The novel explores t

4,99 €

33 Lemon Meringue Façade - Ted Lange
Auteur : Ted Lange
Genre : Théâtre
Bite into a piece of lemon meringue pie and what do you taste? Is it tart or is it sweet? Lemon Meringue Faade, a comedy by Ted Lange, takes you through this tongue tingling taste test. Do blondes really have more fun? No longer will only their hairdressers know for sure as these blondes from the nineties bake up a delightful pie full of laughs for you to digest. Squeeze the juice out of four lemons Susan, the writer, Annie, the athlete, Phyllis, the actress, and Linda, the mom-to-be-at-any second, and you have the main ingredients of a riotous filling. Add Laura, an upper crust Pasadena housewife, and a dash of Robert, the loving father-to-be, and you start to taste the tart and the sweet. The recipe just needs a pinch of Richard, the secret ingredient, and the faade is whipped to stiff peaks of humor and fun. Their candid and witty conversations give you a taste of the world of a blo

4,99 €

34 Behind the Facade and a Peek at Panagra - Arthur W. DuBois
Auteur : Arthur W. DuBois
Genre : Biographies et mémoires
For every one of us life is a journey filled with beauty and pitfalls. It was my good fortune to make the journey through avery climactic period in history in a job I loved, blessed with family and friends. Flying revealed the powerful forces of nature and was a great teacher. When the hail rattles off the fuselage, lightning flashes all around, updrafts and downdrafts send you soaring 3 000 feet a minute; focus,keep it an even keel and on course because this to shall pass. So it is in life. Flying as in life, history is important. The same basic procedures for flying through turbulence have not changed over the years. Anticipate, slow down to turbulence speed before penetrating so you enter with a stable attitude and power setting. We learn from predecessors mistakes. The reason for writing this book was to share this rather remarkable journey and give a small personal peek into the tu

12,99 €

35 Beyond the Façade - Eileen Chubb
Auteur : Eileen Chubb
Genre : Psychologie
Eileen is one of the unsung heroines of our time. Years ago when I opened the first refuge in Chiswick, London in 1971, I was fighting to bring attention to the plight of victims of domestic violence. Nan was the oldest member of our community. She came to take refuge with us after a severe beating from her son. She died as a result of a frenzied attack from him when he was drunk. I was always aware of the level of abuse amongst the fragile elderly people in this country but the battle to even get the subject of domestic violence acknowledged amongst the powers that be in England meant that the plight of the elderly in this country slipped under the radar.

Whistleblowers anywhere in the world have to recognise that they will always be met with derision and abuse. We all grow up with the nursery story of the little boy who pointed to the Emperor with no clothes I always imagine

6,99 €

36 Facade Refurbishment Toolbox. - Thaleia Konstantinou
Auteur : Thaleia Konstantinou
Genre : Art et architecture
The starting point of the research is the need to refurbish existing residential building stock, in order to reduce its energy demand, which accounts for over one fourth of the energy consumption in the European Union. Refurbishment is a necessary step to reach the ambitious energy and decarbonisation targets for 2020 and 2050 that require an eventual reduction up to 90% in CO2 emissions. In this context, the rate and depth of refurbishment need to grow. The number of building to be renovated every year should increase, while the energy savings in renovated buildings should be over 60% reduction to current energy demand. To achieve that, not only is it necessary to find politics and incentives, but also to enable the building industry to design and construct effective refurbishment strategies. This research focuses on refurbishment of the building envelope, as it is very influential with


37 Fatal Facade - Wendy Tyson
Auteur : Wendy Tyson
Genre : Détectives féminins
Allison Campbell accepted a dream assignment: a visit to the Italian Dolomites to help Hollywood socialite Elle Rose reinvent herself. A guest cottage on the grounds of Elle’s historic castle promises to be a much-needed respite from Allison’s harried life on the Philadelphia Main Line, and the picturesque region, with its sharp peaks, rolling pastures, and medieval churches, is the perfect spot from which to plan her upcoming wedding.

Only this idyllic retreat is anything but peaceful. There are the other visitors—an entourage of back-biting expats and Hollywood VIPs. There’s Elle’s famous rock star father, now a shadowy recluse hovering behind the castle’s closed doors. And then there’s Elle’s erratic behavior. Nothing is as it seems. After a guest plummets to her death from a cliff on the castle grounds, Allison’s trip of a lifetime turns nightmarish—bu

5,99 €

38 Man Behind the Façade - June Francis
Auteur : June Francis
Genre : Histoire

As a renowned travelling player – with a dangerous sideline career in political intrigue – no one understands better than Philip Hurst the masks that people wear. But the effort it takes to school his reactions when he comes face to face with Rebecca Clifton tests even his theatrical expertise!

Becky has blossomed from innocent childhood friend into a beautiful and fiery widow. As Philip gets drawn into the tangled web of her family affairs he can’t help but wonder if he’s met his match…could Becky be the only woman to tempt Philip to take on a new role, as her loving husband?

About the author

June Francis’ introduction to stories was when her father came home from the war and sat her on his knee and told her tales from Hans Christian Anderson. Being a child during such an austere period, her great esc

3,49 €

39 Marriage Behind The Facade - Tomoko Sato
Auteur : Tomoko Sato
Genre : Femmes
Sydney thought her dreams had come true when she married Malik, the prince of Jahfar…until the day she overheard Malik making a confession to his brother that shattered her. Heartbroken, Sydney fled from her husband and their once happy home. Now, a year later, Sydney is in California, working in real estate, but her heart still yearns for Malik. Determined to get over him, Sydney files for divorce and sends the papers his way. But much to her surprise, Malik won't sign the papers, instead insisting that she must come to Jahfar and spend forty days with him before he'll finalize the divorce!

6,99 €

40 Family Facade - Karen Scharnhorst
Auteur : Karen Scharnhorst
Genre : Romans et littérature
On a rainy November evening, Judy Schwartz and her twelve year old daughter, Kate, set out from their home in a modest-sized Midwestern town, with the intention of having a quiet dinner at the home of Anna, Judys younger sister and closest friend. Within a few brief minutes, Judys 1967 Buick Lesabre careens off the highway and the women crash through a guard rail at the edge of Van Gunn Lake. They are plunged into the dark, icy lake water. Was it simply an accident or is foul play afoot? There is one tenacious person who is determined to find out!

11,99 €

41 Facade - Sanford S. Shuman
Auteur : Sanford S. Shuman
Genre : Poésie
In his second poetry collection, Facade...In Every Mortal Lies a Dormant god!, Sanford Shuman continues his serious exploration of life. This poetry should elevate your consciousness and inspire you to live the extraordinary existence that GOD ordained for you in the very beginning of your life.

Shuman remembers that there was an era when it was against the law for some ethnic groups to read or even show the slightest interest in knowledge or becoming educated. But he reminds us that the old saying, Knowledge is Power, is so very true. This collection is divided into four chapters: Passion and Emotions; Notions and Motivations; Divine and Frame of Mind; and Rebellion and Unrest! Facade offers poems for any occasion for those seeking insight and knowledge.

Two wrongs dont make a right,

12,99 €

42 The Crystal Facade (Book 2, Rule of Otharia) - Debra L. Martin & David W. Small
Auteur : Debra L. Martin & David W. Small
Genre : Épopée
Royal Otharian twins Darius and Dyla Telkur have a big problem: they know too much about a secret sect of their countrymen living on the forbidden planet Earth. On a previous trip to Earth, they traced the sect's lineage back to the time of Merlin, but a run-in with a local crime boss forced them back to Otharia before they could unravel the mystery.

Now Dyla is dreaming again. Her dreams of the London crime boss portend an imminent threat to her family and she has no choice but to secretly return to Earth to find out what they mean. What the twins don't realize is they're walking into a conspiracy involving a centuries old interplanetary smuggling operation. Will they be able to capitalize on their superior PSI powers to get the answers they need before they fall victim to a telekinetic assassin who has hunted them across the galaxy?

0,49 €

43 The Impact of Historic Facade Easements on Condominium Value. - Appraisal Journal
Auteur : Appraisal Journal
Genre : Entreprise et management
ABSTRACT Historic facade easements are a commonly used method to encourage the preservation of historic structures in the United States. By accepting the terms of the agreement, property owners are prevented from altering the exterior of a property without the permission of the easement holder. Donors are entitled to tax benefits based on reductions in appraised property value, and the public benefits from the preservation of structures that are historically important. This article contributes to valuation literature by assessing the impact of facade easements on the value of historic condominium buildings located in Savannah, Georgia.

2,99 €

44 The Justice Facade - Alexander Hinton
Auteur : Alexander Hinton
Genre : Droit
For survivors of the brutal Khmer Rouge Regime, western instruments of justice are small plasters on deep wounds. In Hinton's account of the subsequent international tribunal, only traditional ceremony, ritual, and unmediated dialogue can provide true healing.

36,99 €

45 The Façade - Michael S. Heiser
Auteur : Michael S. Heiser
Genre : Science-fiction
Sci-fi meets historical fact in this thrilling novel by ancient-language scholar Michael S. Heiser.

Haunted by his parents' death and his career failures, Dr. Brian Scott has begun to settle for the life he's been given.

Until he's kidnapped by military insiders known as The Group.

Disappearances. Visitations. Murder.

Brian and a team of world-class scholars are given a confidential mission: To prepare humanity for a new reality. They are here. But as the government's involvement with extraterrestrials is revealed, strange things begin to happen.

Something isn't right. Unpeeling layer after layer of deception and counter-deception, Brian moves toward a shocking revelation that will forever alter how humanity sees itself.

Every document cited in The Façade actually exists.


6,99 €

46 Facade - Mai Nakawa
Auteur : Mai Nakawa
Genre : Famille et relations
Ryan and his brother Luke have gone through 10 years of beatings and harassment at the hand of their father. Ryan is treated as an only child, his parents ignoring Luke and his needs. The way he survives is by the help of Ryan. Just beneath the surface of every mask the three keep up is the fear of Arthur's retribution for the slightest mistake. Alice, his wife is an abused woman, afraid to go against the man she thought she loved when she married. She knows what's going on is wrong, especially toward Ryan, but she believes she cannot do anything to help him. Ryan does the best to help Luke but he is also abused and afraid. One beating always a precursor to another. Then they meet...them. The girls, who are going to help them change their circumstances and make sure their father is incapable of hurting them further. But first, they have to escape.

2,99 €

47 The Ice People 18 - Behind The Facade - Margit Sandemo
Auteur : Margit Sandemo
Genre : Romans et littérature
Elisabet Paladin had the courage of her convictions and will not allow herself to be influenced by her mother’s constant talk of influential families and a rich husband. No man had succeeded in awakening her interest, no man that is until she meets Vemund Tark; however, when Vemund comes to talk to her parents about marriage, he was not making a proposal for himself, but on behalf of his younger brother.

14,99 €

48 The Human Soul: The Facade Self - Jesus (AJ Miller)
Auteur : Jesus (AJ Miller)
Genre : Religion et spiritualité
Jesus describes how the facade self is a layer within the soul that covers our damaged self, which we, our parents and environment created, and our true selves, which God created. Breaking down the façade self is essential for having a close personal relationship with God.
Document source filename: 20111105 The Human Soul - The Facade Self.
This ebook is a transcript of a seminar delivered by Jesus (AJ Miller) on 5th November 2011 in Murgon, Queensland, Australia, as part of the Human Soul series.


49 The Kubrick Facade - Jason Sperb
Auteur : Jason Sperb
Genre : Film
Many of Stanley Kubrick's films are often interpreted as cold and ambiguous. Whether viewing Barry Lyndon, 2001, The Shining, or Eyes Wide Shut, there is a sense in which these films resist their own audiences, creating a distance from them. Though many note the coldness of Kubrick's films, a smaller number attempt to explore exactly how his body of work elicits this particular reaction. Fewer still attempt to articulate what it might mean to "feel" Stanley Kubrick's films. In The Kubrick Facade, Jason Sperb examines the narrative ambiguity of the director's films—from the voice-over narration in early works, including the once forgotten Fear and Desire—to the blank faces of characters in his later ones. In doing so, Sperb shows how both devices struggle in vain to make sense of the chaos and sterility of the cinematic surface.

52,99 €

50 The Ice People 18 - Behind The Facade - Margit Sandemo
Auteur : Margit Sandemo
Genre : Romans et littérature
Elisabet Paladin had the courage of her convictions and will not allow herself to be influenced by her mother’s constant talk of influential families and a rich husband. No man had succeeded in awakening her interest, no man that is until she meets Vemund Tark; however, when Vemund comes to talk to her parents about marriage, he was not making a proposal for himself, but on behalf of his younger brother.

9,49 €
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