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1 Robert Ludlum's (TM) The Janson Equation - Douglas Corleone
Auteur : Douglas Corleone
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers
To prevent a war in Asia -- one that could quickly spread to the rest of the world -- Paul Janson and Jessica Kincaid must learn the truth behind a young woman's murder...

Prominent U.S. Senator James Wyckoff hires former government agents-turned-private security consultants Janson and Kincaid to locate his teenage son Gregory. Gregory's girlfriend Lynell has been found strangled in a Seoul hotel, and Gregory has fled the city to avoid being arrested for the crime. But Senator Wyckoff insists that his son is innocent, suggesting that Lynell, who was a translator, may have been murdered because of something she overheard at a recent international conference. And when Janson and Kincaid realize they're being hunted by an assassin, they suspect that this crime--and the cover-up--were orchestrated by a shadowy unit of the U.S. State Department as part of a larger plot to p

2 The Happiness Equation - Neil Pasricha
Auteur : Neil Pasricha
Genre : Self-Improvement
The #1 international bestseller from the author of The Book of Awesome that “reveals how all of us can live happier lives” (Gretchen Rubin).
What is the formula for a happy life? Neil Pasricha is a Harvard MBA, a New York Times–bestselling author, a Walmart executive, a father, a husband. After selling more than a million copies of the Book of Awesome series, wherein he observed the everyday things he thought were awesome, he now shifts his focus to the practicalities of living an awesome life.

In his new book The Happiness Equation, Pasricha illustrates how to want nothing and do anything in order to have everything. If that sounds like a contradiction in terms, you simply have yet to unlock the 9 Secrets to Happiness. Each secret takes a piece out

3 The Procrastination Equation - Piers Steel, Ph.D.
Auteur : Piers Steel, Ph.D.
Genre : Self-Improvement
“The Procrastination Equation will teach you how to bust the excuses that are preventing you from doing your best work and living your best life….So don’t put it off any longer. Read this book. Today.”
 —Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive and A Whole New Mind

“Illuminating….Piers Steel shows us the secrets of procrastination, how it affects us and how we will, one day, be able to prevail.”
—Dan Ariely, author of The Upside of Irrationality and Predictably Irrational

Using a mix of psychology, evolutionary biology, self-help, and more than a decade of research, Dr. Piers Steel, the world’s foremost authority on procrastination, offers a tried and true method helping us to identify, understand, and break free of our self-destructive bad habits and create more positive lives for ourselves.

4 Star Trek: The Next Generation: Cold Equations, Book III: The Body Electric - David Mack
Auteur : David Mack
Genre : Fiction & Literature
A planet-sized Machine of terrifying power and unfathomable purpose hurls entire star systems into a supermassive black hole. Wesley Crusher, now a full-fledged Traveler, knows the Machine must be stopped . . . but he has no idea how.

Wesley must enlist the aid of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the Enterprise crew, who also fail to halt the unstoppable alien juggernaut’s destructive labors. But they soon divine the Machine’s true purpose—-a purpose that threatens to exterminate all life in the Milky Way Galaxy. With time running out, Picard realizes he knows of only one person who might be able to stop the Machine in time to avert a galactic catastrophe—-if only he had any idea how to find him. . . .

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6 The Success Equation - Michael J. Mauboussin
Auteur : Michael J. Mauboussin
Genre : Management & Leadership
“Much of what we experience in life results from a combination of skill and luck.” — From the Introduction

The trick, of course, is figuring out just how many of our successes (and failures) can be attributed to each—and how we can learn to tell the difference ahead of time.

In most domains of life, skill and luck seem hopelessly entangled. Different levels of skill and varying degrees of good and bad luck are the realities that shape our lives—yet few of us are adept at accurately distinguishing between the two. Imagine what we could accomplish if we were able to tease out these two threads, examine them, and use the resulting knowledge to make better decisions.

In this provocative book, Michael Mauboussin helps to untangle these intricate strands to offer the structure needed to analyze the relative importance of skill an

7 The Last Equation of Isaac Severy - Nova Jacobs
Auteur : Nova Jacobs
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers
*Wall Street Journal’s “Mysteries: Best of 2018”
*Book of the Month Club Selection
*Edgar Award Nominee: Best First Novel by an American Author

A “hugely entertaining” (Wall Street Journal) mystery starring “a Royal Tenenbaums-esque clan of geniuses” (Martha Stewart Living)—perfect for fans of Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore.

In this “riveting…brilliant” (Booklist) debut, Hazel Severy, the owner of a struggling Seattle bookstore, receives a letter from her adoptive grandfather—mathematician Isaac Severy—days after he dies in a suspected suicide. In his puzzling letter, Isaac alludes to a secretive organization that is after his final bombshell equation, and he charges Hazel with safely delivering it to a trusted colleague. But first, she must find where th

8 Financial Statements and the Accounting Equation - Hercules Bantas
Auteur : Hercules Bantas
Genre : Study Aids
This study guide covers the fundamental accounting concepts that form the foundations of the discipline. Using easy to understand language, it deals with basic assumptions, the role and structure of financial statements, and the relationship between assets, liabilities and owner's equity in the accounting equation.

Part of the Accounting Fundamentals Series.

9 Emotional Equations - Chip Conley
Auteur : Chip Conley
Genre : Self-Improvement
“An invaluable operating manual,” says Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO and author of Delivering Happiness. Using brilliantly simple logic that illuminates the universal truths in common emotional challenges, popular motivational speaker and bestselling author Chip Conley has written “a fresh, original guide to an authentic and fulfilling life.”*

With a foreword by Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos and author of Delivering Happiness

When Chip Conley, dynamic author of the bestselling Peak, suffered a series of devastating personal and professional setbacks, he began using what he came to call “Emotional Equations” (such as Joy = Love - Fear) to help him focus on the variables in life that he could handle, rather than dwelling on the parts he couldn’t, such as the bad economy, death, and taxes.

Using brilliant

10 The Place of Partial Differential Equations in Mathematical Physics - Ganesh Prasad
Auteur : Ganesh Prasad
Genre : Mathematics
The chief reason for my choosing “The place of partial differential equations in Mathematical Physics” as the subject for these lectures is my wish to inspire in my audience a love for Mathematics. Before entering into details, however, I shall give a brief historical account of the application of Mathematics to natural phenomena.

11 The Miracle Equation - Hal Elrod
Auteur : Hal Elrod
Genre : Self-Improvement
The bestselling author of The Miracle Morning shares the secret to unlocking your full potential—all day, every day.

“A simple, proven formula for creating extraordinary results in your life.”—Lewis Howes, New York Times bestselling author of The School of Greatness

Even after the incredible success of his book The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod realized that he still had more to share with the world. What he had discovered was a timeless but overlooked formula for success. The world’s top achievers have used it for centuries. He used it to thrive against seemingly insurmountable odds, from overcoming life-threatening health challenges to near financial collapse.

That formula is The Miracle Equation, and it couldn’t be any simpler:

Unwavering Faith + Extraor

12 Solving Equations with MATLAB (Taken from the Book "MATLAB for Beginners: A Gentle Approach") - Peter I. Kattan
Auteur : Peter I. Kattan
Genre : Engineering
This concise article of twenty pages takes you on a short tour on how to solve algebraic equations using MATLAB. The presentation covers both numerical and symbolic solution of equations. The presentation starts with a single linear equation then proceeds to a single quadratic equation. This is followed by a single highly nonlinear equation. Next, the numerical solution is presented for simultaneous linear and nonlinear equations. In the second part of this article, we show how to solve algebraic equations analytically using the MATLAB Symbolic Math Toolbox. The examples start with a single linear equation followed by a single quadratic equation. This is followed by the analytical solution of simultaneous linear and nonlinear equations. The presentation is made in the form of solved examples showing the exact MATLAB commands used and the output. At the end of the article, there are about

13 The Impact Equation - Chris Brogan & Julien Stanwell Smith
Auteur : Chris Brogan & Julien Stanwell Smith
Genre : Industries & Professions
“Anyone can write a blog post, but not everyone can get it liked thirty-five thousand times, and not everyone can get seventy-five thousand subscribers. But the reason we’ve done these things isn’t because we’re special. It’s because we tried and failed, the same way you learn to ride a bike. We tried again and again, and now we have an idea how to get from point A to point B faster because of it.”
Three short years ago, when Chris Brogan and Julien Smith wrote their bestseller, Trust Agents, being interesting and human on the Web was enough to build a significant audience. But now, everybody has a platform. The problem is that most of them are just making noise.

In The Impact Equation, Brogan and Smith show that to make people truly care about what you have to say, you need more than just a good idea, trust among your audience, or a certa

14 Interactive Chemistry - Kavita Gupta
Auteur : Kavita Gupta
Genre : Education
This multi-touch book offers an engaging and self-paced learning experience by using interactive reviews, interactive images, podcasts and practice problems. This book makes learning of challenging chemistry concepts easy through interactivity and instant feedback. This book is appropriate for all levels of high school chemistry (including AP and IB Chemistry) and for freshmen- level college chemistry. The concepts covered in this book are:
• Types of Inorganic Compounds
• Naming of the Inorganic Compounds (Nomenclature)
• Solubility Rules and Net Ionic Equations
• Types of Reactions 
• Reaction Prediction

15 Help! Algebra - Travis Hostetter
Auteur : Travis Hostetter
Genre : Mathematics
Help! Algebra is designed to be an easy and simple way for you to learn.  No more waiting on teachers or searching the internet, everything you need can now be found in one place.

Inside, you will find teacher made videos, step-by-step notes, examples, and practice problems to help you become the best Algebra student possible.  Everything has been created with the learner in mind.

This book specifically covers writing linear equations, linear systems, and linear inequalities.  

Future publications will be: 
Help! Algebra: Basics, Real Numbers, Solving and Graphing Linear Equations
Help! Algebra: Exponents, Quadratic Equations, Polynomials and Factoring

16 The Entrepreneur Equation - Carol Roth
Auteur : Carol Roth
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship
It’s time to drop the rose-colored glasses and face the facts: most new businesses fail, with often devastating consequences for the would-be entrepreneur.

The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA TODAY bestseller The Entrepreneur Equation helps you do the math before you set down the entrepreneurial path so that you can answer more than just "Could I be an entrepreneur?" but rather "Should I be an entrepreneur?". By understanding what it takes to build a valuable business as well as how to assess the risks and rewards of business ownership based on your personal circumstances, you can learn how to stack the odds of success in your favor and ultimately decide if business ownership is the best possible path for you, now or ever.

Through illustrative examples and personalized exercises, tell-it-like-it-is Carol Roth helps you create and

17 A Midsummer's Equation - Keigo Higashino
Auteur : Keigo Higashino
Genre : Police Procedural
Manabu Yukawa, the physicist known as "Detective Galileo," has traveled to Hariguara, a once-popular summer resort town that has fallen on hard times. He is there to speak at a conference on a planned underwater mining operation, which has sharply divided the town. One faction is against the proposed operation, concerned about the environmental impact on the area, known for its pristine waters. The other faction, seeing no future in the town as it is, believes its only hope lies in the development project.

The night after the tense panel discussion, one of the resort's guests is found dead on the seashore at the base of the local cliffs. The local police at first believe it was a simple accident—that he wandered over the edge while walking on unfamiliar territory in the middle of the night. But when they discover that the victim was a former policeman and that the cause of

18 The Book of Awesome - Neil Pasricha
Auteur : Neil Pasricha
Genre : Self-Improvement
Based on the award-winning 10-million-plus-hit blog 1000 Awesome Things, The Book of Awesome is an international bestselling high five for humanity and a big celebration of life’s little moments.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the things that make us smile. With a 24/7 news cycle reporting that the polar ice caps are melting, hurricanes are swirling in the seas, wars are heating up around the world, and the job market is in a deep freeze, it’s tempting to feel that the world is falling apart. But awesome things are all around us, like:

• Popping Bubble Wrap 
• Wearing underwear just out of the dryer 
• Fixing electronics by smacking them 
• Getting called up to the dinner buffet first at a wedding 
• Watching The Price Is Right when you’re home sick 
• Hitting a bunch

19 The Abacus Equation - Peter Stremus
Auteur : Peter Stremus
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers
In a world unable to sustain ten billion people, Pieter Van Dyck's life is turned upside down. Against his will he gets caught in a race to expose plans to decimate the population to revive the economy and welfare. Entangled in a deadly plot constructed by political advisers who want to build an ideal state, he needs to solve quickly the unexplained accidents in a not so perfect Utopia.

20 Equations of Life - Simon Morden
Auteur : Simon Morden
Genre : Adventure
Winner of the 2012 Philip K. Dick Award

Samuil Petrovitch is a survivor.

He survived the nuclear fallout in St. Petersburg and hid in the London Metrozone - the last city in England. He's lived this long because he's a man of rules and logic.

For example, getting involved = a bad idea.

But when he stumbles into a kidnapping in progress, he acts without even thinking. Before he can stop himself, he's saved the daughter of the most dangerous man in London.

And clearly saving the girl = getting involved.

Now, the equation of Petrovitch's life is looking increasingly complex.

Russian mobsters + Yakuza + something called the New Machine Jihad = one dead Petrovitch.

But Petrovitch has a plan - he always has a plan - he's just not sure it's a good one.

21 Solve for Happy - Mo Gawdat
Auteur : Mo Gawdat
Genre : Self-Improvement
In this “powerful personal story woven with a rich analysis of what we all seek” (Sergey Brin, cofounder of Google), Mo Gawdat, Chief Business Officer at Google’s [X], applies his superior logic and problem solving skills to understand how the brain processes joy and sadness—and then he solves for happy.

In 2001 Mo Gawdat realized that despite his incredible success, he was desperately unhappy. A lifelong learner, he attacked the problem as an engineer would: examining all the provable facts and scrupulously applying logic. Eventually, his countless hours of research and science proved successful, and he discovered the equation for permanent happiness.

Thirteen years later, Mo’s algorithm would be put to the ultimate test. After the sudden death of his son, Ali, Mo and his family turned to his equation—and it saved them from despair. In dealing with the

22 Formulas for Success - Omninox Publishing
Auteur : Omninox Publishing
Genre : Mathematics
A formula packet for Calculus 1 that includes a review from trigonometry and basic examples.

23 The God Equation - Mike Hockney
Auteur : Mike Hockney
Genre : Religion & Spirituality
Euler’s Formula is the most beautiful equation in mathematics. Yet it’s much more. It the governs the universe and defines the soul!

Euler’s Formula perfectly complements Leibniz’s Monadology. They form the most powerful intellectual combination ever, capable of establishing a true grand unified theory of everything, including religion. It provides a rational explanation of near-death and out-of-body experiences, and homeopathy. It overturns Einstein’s principle of relativity, providing the same results via an absolute framework that restores the reality principle.

In this groundbreaking book, we provide the solution to the Cartesian mind-body problem via the Fourier transform – which has the Euler Formula as its engine. We present the Riemann sphere, which works in perfect harmony with the Euler Formula, as the ideal working model of the human soul. And

24 Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation - Stuart Gibbs
Auteur : Stuart Gibbs
Genre : Action & Adventure
Fast-paced, smart, and action-packed...a real page-burner. —Chris Grabenstein, #1 New York Times bestelling author of the Mr. Lemoncello’s Library series

A 2020 Texas Lone Star Reading List Pick

From New York Times bestselling author Stuart Gibbs comes the first novel in a thrilling new series about the world’s youngest and smartest genius who’s forced to use her unbelievable code-breaking skills to outsmart Einstein.

Charlie Thorne is a genius.
Charlie Thorne is a thief.
Charlie Thorne isn’t old enough to drive.

And now it’s up to her to save the world…

Decades ago, Albert Einstein devised an equation that could benefit all life on earth—or destroy it. Fearing what would happen if the equation fell into the wrong hands, he hid it.

But now, a diab

25 Choice of the Gallant - Paradox Equation I - Sharon L Reddy
Auteur : Sharon L Reddy
Genre : Science Fiction
She comes to him in fevered dreams and promises the time ships he builds will free his people and be the downfall of his masters. He will find three of her aspects and they will give him sons. They, too, will make the choice of the Gallant.

26 Double Your Profits - Bob Fifer
Auteur : Bob Fifer
Genre : Finance
"An excellent primer for anyone struggling to keep profits ahead of costs. . . . Double Your Profits' 'take no prisoners' approach is refreshing." - William Byham, bestselling coauthor of Zapp!

One of the nation's foremost management consultants shares seventy-eight proven ways to cut costs dramatically, send sales through the roof, and double profits in just six months.

This timeless profit-boosting guide, considered a top management resource by business powerhouse Jack Welch, presents insights that are notable for their aggressive approach and contrarian perspective. Bob Fifer, former chairman and CEO of Kaiser Associates, shows us how to turn the tables on hardball-playing suppliers and competitors. He also challenges outmoded assumptions and explains why:
arbitrary budgets are sometimes the best budgetsbosses are frequently underpaidcustomers can often be p

27 Solving Systems of Equations - Megan Taylor
Auteur : Megan Taylor
Genre : Education
This book is intended as a supplement to existing Algebra 1 materials in the classroom. It has interactive widgets such as videos, keynotes, scratchpads, detailed examples, reviews and much more. There are feedback widgets at the end of the book specific to the school for which this book was designed. Some of the questions in the book are directed towards STAAR assessments.

28 The Equation that Couldn't Be Solved - Mario Livio
Auteur : Mario Livio
Genre : Mathematics
What do Bach's compositions, Rubik's Cube, the way we choose our mates, and the physics of subatomic particles have in common? All are governed by the laws of symmetry, which elegantly unify scientific and artistic principles. Yet the mathematical language of symmetry-known as group theory-did not emerge from the study of symmetry at all, but from an equation that couldn't be solved.

For thousands of years mathematicians solved progressively more difficult algebraic equations, until they encountered the quintic equation, which resisted solution for three centuries. Working independently, two great prodigies ultimately proved that the quintic cannot be solved by a simple formula. These geniuses, a Norwegian named Niels Henrik Abel and a romantic Frenchman named Évariste Galois, both died tragically young. Their incredible labor, however, produced the origins of group theory.

29 Algebra Quadratic Equations - Wayne Saunders
Auteur : Wayne Saunders
Genre : Mathematics
Quadratic Equations overview of how to use and graph them. With video help.

30 The Attraction Equation - Kadie Scott
Auteur : Kadie Scott
Genre : Romantic Comedy
FBI agent Max Carter lives his life by a strict set of rules—rules that don't allow for distraction, deviation...or a relationship. But tell that to his matchmaking mama. To avoid yet another set-up, he announces he has a girlfriend. And now has to produce said girlfriend at Christmas dinner. Maybe Santa has a suitable actress in that red bag of his...

Gina Castillo is about to break her building’s iron-clad “no pets” policy to give her little brother the perfect Christmas gift—a dog. Too bad Max, the most inconveniently sexy tenant in the building, catches her red-handed. Gina expects to be evicted, but instead finds herself blackmailed into playing the role of his girlfriend.

Two lies plus one dog should equal a hot mess of a holiday, but attraction and Christmas magic might just defy the rules...

31 The Nothing Equation - Tom Godwin
Auteur : Tom Godwin
Genre : Sci-Fi & Fantasy
The space ships were miracles of power and precision; the men who manned them, rich in endurance and courage. Every detail had been checked and double checked; every detail except-- The Nothing Equation.

32 Schaum's Outline of Differential Equations, 4th Edition - Richard Bronson & Gabriel Costa
Auteur : Richard Bronson & Gabriel Costa
Genre : Study Aids
Tough Test Questions? Missed Lectures? Not Enough Time?

Fortunately, there's Schaum's. This all-in-one-package includes more than 550 fully solved problems, examples, and practice exercises to sharpen your problem-solving skills. Plus, you will have access to 30 detailed videos featuring Math instructors who explain how to solve the most commonly tested problems--it's just like having your own virtual tutor! You'll find everything you need to build confidence, skills, and knowledge for the highest score possible.

More than 40 million students have trusted Schaum's to help them succeed in the classroom and on exams. Schaum’s is the key to faster learning and higher grades in every subject. Each Outline presents all the essential course information in an easy-to-follow, topic-by-topic format. Helpful tables and illustrations increase your understanding of the

33 An Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations - Earl A. Coddington
Auteur : Earl A. Coddington
Genre : Mathematics
"Written in an admirably cleancut and economical style." — Mathematical Reviews.
This concise text offers undergraduates in mathematics and science a thorough and systematic first course in elementary differential equations. Presuming a knowledge of basic calculus, the book first reviews the mathematical essentials required to master the materials to be presented.
The next four chapters take up linear equations, those of the first order and those with constant coefficients, variable coefficients, and regular singular points. The last two chapters address the existence and uniqueness of solutions to both first order equations and to systems and n-th order equations.
Throughout the book, the author carries the theory far enough to include the statements and proofs of the simpler existence and uniqueness theorems. Dr. Coddington, who has taught at MIT, Prin

34 The Spiritual Laws of Money: God’s Top Secret Codes and Mathematical Equations for Wealth, Fortune, Abundance and Unlimited Sources of Profit that Millionaires Hide from You - Daniel Marques
Auteur : Daniel Marques
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship
There are specific laws that many billionaires in the world, from the United States to China, including Europe and other continents, follow in order to obtain their fortune. Every day, even as the economy shows instability and experiences downturns, many new billionaires are made. And they have things in common, no matter how old or young they may seem. They share the same paradigm about how to make money, and their habits match money making laws. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Sir Richard Branson and many others, have secrets they’ve learned through hard work, accumulated failures and life experience.

We admire the personality of successful individuals and what they do, not knowing that behind them there are spiritual laws that cross time and have been with us for millions of years.

Gaining profit in any activity has always been submitted to the same codifications, God

35 The Noah Equation - JW Luff
Auteur : JW Luff
Genre : Sci-Fi & Fantasy
During World War II rumors surfaced of a strange aircraft that crashed in the Black forest in Germany. The bizarre bell-shaped object was unlike anything the German scientist had ever seen. In a letter sent directly to Adolf Hitler the unusual vehicle was described as being “not of this world.” During the chaos at the end of the war the technology was lost. Lying hidden for over 70 years its location is being revealed to billionaire industrialist Marcus Blackwell by of all people an old preacher. Silas McComb is coming out of retirement for one last task before the Lord takes him home. He will hand over not only the location of the alien technology but one of the most dangerous items on this earth since the Ark of the Covenant. Marcus will have to call on his staff; a young pilot that has no idea what he’s getting into and a former assassin that’s never relied on anyone but herse

36 Introduction to Quadratic Equations - Megan Taylor
Auteur : Megan Taylor
Genre : Education
This ebook is an interactive study tool to be used in supplement to existing Algebra 1 materials. It covers the quadratic parent function, how to find components of the standard, vertex, and intercept form. It also shows step by step examples of graphing in each of those forms as well as how to use the graphing calculator. Take advantage of the interactive reviews and follow up videos to master the concepts presented.  This book is copyrighted to Bullard ISD and has some material catered to their students, but is available for download to anyone.

37 Formulas for Success - Omninox Publishing
Auteur : Omninox Publishing
Genre : Physics
A formula packet outlining equations that are commonly used in physics, with brief explanations of each variable

38 The Leverage Equation - Todd Tresidder
Auteur : Todd Tresidder
Genre : Personal Finance
Will you be able to retire while you're still young enough to enjoy it?

Are you working hard but not producing the results you'd like?

You need a way to work smarter, not harder. You need leverage.

In The Leverage Equation: How to Work Less, Make More, and Cut 30 Years Off Your Retirement Plan, former hedge fund manager and five-time author Todd Tresidder unpacks the principles, strategies, and tools you need to grow your wealth in time to get the most out of it.

In these pages, you'll discover:
The real reason you're not as rich as you should be. (Surprise! It's not what you think.)How $10 can realistically become $1000 (without taking crazy risks or working long hours).The hidden trap of regular paychecks (and how you can overcome it!)Why you don't need money to make money.The truth about (and the dangers of) highly

39 Partial Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers - Stanley J. Farlow
Auteur : Stanley J. Farlow
Genre : Mathematics
Most physical phenomena, whether in the domain of fluid dynamics, electricity, magnetism, mechanics, optics, or heat flow, can be described in general by partial differential equations. Indeed, such equations are crucial to mathematical physics. Although simplifications can be made that reduce these equations to ordinary differential equations, nevertheless the complete description of physical systems resides in the general area of partial differential equations.
This highly useful text shows the reader how to formulate a partial differential equation from the physical problem (constructing the mathematical model) and how to solve the equation (along with initial and boundary conditions). Written for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, as well as professionals working in the applied sciences, this clearly written book offers realistic, practical coverage of diffusion-type

40 The Equations of Life - Charles S. Cockell
Auteur : Charles S. Cockell
Genre : Life Sciences
A groundbreaking argument for why alien life will evolve to be much like life here on Earth
We are all familiar with the popular idea of strange alien life wildly different from life on earth inhabiting other planets. Maybe it's made of silicon! Maybe it has wheels! Or maybe it doesn't. In The Equations of Life, biologist Charles S. Cockell makes the forceful argument that the laws of physics narrowly constrain how life can evolve, making evolution's outcomes predictable. If we were to find on a distant planet something very much like a lady bug eating something like an aphid, we shouldn't be surprised. The forms of life are guided by a limited set of rules, and as a result, there is a narrow set of solutions to the challenges of existence.
A remarkable scientific contribution breathing new life into Darwin's theory of evolution, The Equations of Life makes

41 Universe - Teymur Roshdi
Auteur : Teymur Roshdi
Genre : Philosophy
'Universe:An Equation' is a philosophical article in which I tried to treat the concept of 'Justice' by the help of scientific explanations.

42 Star Trek: New Visions #8: The Survival Equation - John Byrne
Auteur : John Byrne
Genre : Graphic Novels
Andrea, Ruk, Exo III — names that conjure grim memories for James Kirk.  What, then, happens when the killer androids start showing up by the dozen?  Plus, a special guest star who’s bound to surprise!

43 Quantum Mechanics - Leonard Susskind & Art Friedman
Auteur : Leonard Susskind & Art Friedman
Genre : Physics
From the bestselling author of The Theoretical Minimum, a DIY introduction to the math and science of quantum mechanics.
First he taught you classical mechanics. Now, physicist Leonard Susskind has teamed up with data engineer Art Friedman to present the theory and associated mathematics of the strange world of quantum mechanics.

In this follow-up to the New York Times best-selling The Theoretical Minimum, Susskind and Friedman provide a lively introduction to this famously difficult field, which attempts to understand the behavior of sub-atomic objects through mathematical abstractions. Unlike other popularizations that shy away from quantum mechanics' weirdness, Quantum Mechanics embraces the utter strangeness of quantum logic. The authors offer crystal-clear explanations of the principles of quantum states, uncertainty and time dependence, entangle

44 The Kundalini Equation - Steven Barnes
Auteur : Steven Barnes
Genre : Fiction & Literature
Adam Ludlum has always been an underachiever.  Then, as his father lays dying and his girlfriend gives him one final chance to shape up, Adam determines to take control of his life.  He pursues a path, through yoga, martial arts and the teachings of a mysterious Eastern mystic known only as Savagi, to immense strength and power.

While early changes in Adam's fitness and physical strength seem positive, as his abilities grow Adam finds himself unable to control his anger or his reactions. He has gained superhuman powers -- and become a fugitive from the law as well as the focus of a sinister cult.  Stepping back from the precipice of killings and uncontrollable violence seems impossible, as Adam's friends and two Los Angeles police detectives seek to halt the destruction that Adam has unleashed.
A fast-paced, moving and powerful novel.  A thriller tha

45 Green Lantern Vol. 6: The Life Equation - Robert Venditti & TAN COMICS
Auteur : Robert Venditti & TAN COMICS
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
On a higher plane of existence, the incredible beings known as the New Gods have waged an eternal war against the cosmic tyrant called Darkseid. Now their quest to break the deadlock and defeat their nemesis has led them to the power rings of the Lanterns. They mean to seize the rings, reforge the emotional spectrum, and unlock the Life Equation-a weapon capable of reshaping reality itself. And if the Green Lanterns must be sacrificed, so be it. Hal Jordan may be the commander of the Green Lantern Corps-our universe’s first line of defense-but he is only human. What hope does a mortal have against an army of gods? Writer ROBERT VENDITTI (THE FLASH) and artist BILLY TAN (New Avengers) pit the DC Universe’s mightiest, most mind-blowing being against one another in GREEN LANTERN VOL. 6: THE LIFE EQUATION (collects GREEEN LANTERN #35-40 and GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL #3), a saga of cosmic c

46 The 7 Most Important Equations for Your Retirement - Moshe A. Milevsky
Auteur : Moshe A. Milevsky
Genre : Personal Finance
The 800 years of scientific breakthroughs that will help salvage your retirement plans
Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Biology; every field has its intellectual giants who made breakthrough discoveries that changed the course of history. What about the topic of retirement planning? Is it a science? Or is retirement income planning just a collection of rules-of-thumb, financial products and sales pitches? In The 7 Most Important Equations for Your Retirement...And the Stories Behind Them Moshe Milevsky argues that twenty first century retirement income planning is indeed a science and has its foundations in the work of great sages who made conceptual and controversial breakthroughs over the last eight centuries.

In the book Milevsky highlights the work of seven scholars—summarized by seven equations—who shaped all modern retirement calculations. He tells

47 A Student's Guide to Maxwell's Equations - Daniel Fleisch
Auteur : Daniel Fleisch
Genre : Physics
Gauss's law for electric fields, Gauss's law for magnetic fields, Faraday's law, and the Ampere–Maxwell law are four of the most influential equations in science. In this guide for students, each equation is the subject of an entire chapter, with detailed, plain-language explanations of the physical meaning of each symbol in the equation, for both the integral and differential forms. The final chapter shows how Maxwell's equations may be combined to produce the wave equation, the basis for the electromagnetic theory of light. This book is a wonderful resource for undergraduate and graduate courses in electromagnetism and electromagnetics. A website hosted by the author at contains interactive solutions to every problem in the text as well as audio podcasts to walk students through each chapter.

48 Solving the Paleo Equation - Garrett Smith & Matt Stone
Auteur : Garrett Smith & Matt Stone
Genre : Health & Fitness
"Solving the Paleo Equation: Stress, Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep" is the ultimate guide to customizing your diet and lifestyle practices to your unique physical and metabolic needs. You'll learn how to maximize your health practices and minimize your time and effort—no more driving yourself to exhaustion in hardcore fitness classes. No more strict, unsustainable, and impractical approaches to nutrition, either. Solving the Paleo Equation will help you not only avoid the ravages of adrenal fatigue, low metabolism, dwindling sex drive, and sleep problems—all-too-common consequences of overzealous workout regimes—it will help you rehabilitate from the unhealthful "health" protocols you've pursued in the past.

Throughout this book, naturopathic physician Dr. Garrett Smith and independent health researcher and best-selling author Matt Stone address the main areas that the "he

49 Dante's Equation - Jane Jensen
Auteur : Jane Jensen
Genre : Adventure
In a breathless thriller that explores the relationship between science and the divine, good and evil, space and time, Jane Jensen takes us from the world we know into a reality we could only scarcely imagine. Until now.

“Powerful . . . A combustible mixture of science and mysticism, a high-altitude thriller fizzing with intrigue.”—John Case, author of The Eighth Day

Rabbi Aharon Handalman’s expertise with Torah code—rearranging words and letters in the Bible—has uncovered a man’s name. Who is Yosef Kobinski, and why did God hide his name in His sacred text? To find the answers, Aharon begins an investigation, and discovers that Kobinski, a Polish rabbi, was not only a mystic but also a brilliant physicist who authored what may be the most important lost work in human history.

In Seattle, Jill Talcott

50 The Mathematics of Love - Hannah Fry
Auteur : Hannah Fry
Genre : Family & Relationships
In this must-have for anyone who wants to better understand their love life, a mathematician pulls back the curtain and reveals the hidden patterns—from dating sites to divorce, sex to marriage—behind the rituals of love.

The roller coaster of romance is hard to quantify; defining how lovers might feel from a set of simple equations is impossible. But that doesn’t mean that mathematics isn’t a crucial tool for understanding love.

Love, like most things in life, is full of patterns. And mathematics is ultimately the study of patterns—from predicting the weather to the fluctuations of the stock market, the movement of planets or the growth of cities. These patterns twist and turn and warp and evolve just as the rituals of love do.

In The Mathematics of Love, Dr. Hannah Fry takes the reader on a fascinating journey through the patterns tha
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