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1 Éléments d'hydraulique torrentielle - Maurice Meunier
Auteur : Maurice Meunier
Genre : Génie de l’environnement
Une synthèse des travaux de recherche internationaux : lois, informations pratiques, exemples.

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3 Notre aventure sans frigo... ou presque - Marie Cochard
Auteur : Marie Cochard
Genre : Génie de l’environnement
Vous passeriez-vous de votre frigo ?   Micro-ondes ou chauffe-biberon, passe encore, tentons éventuellement de nous passer de la télé voire de la poubelle... Mais le frigo ?!   Nous sommes 99,6 % à posséder cette armoire à glace. Autant dire qu’elle règne en maître dans nos cuisines... Et pourtant, cette reine du stockage, que l’on remplit comme un placard, n’est pas indétrônable. D’autant qu’une véritable révolution alimentaire est en marche ! En effet, aujourd’hui nous savons qu’il est souhaitable pour notre santé et celle de la planète d’acheter local et en plus petites quantités, de consommer moins de viande, moins de poisson, moins de produits laitiers... Or, si l’on s’inscrit dans cette démarche, combien d’aliments peuvent en toute sécurité se passer du frigo ? Beaucoup, en réalité !   Vous trouverez dans cet ouvr

13,99 €

4 Cradle to Cradle - Michael Braungart & William McDonough
Auteur : Michael Braungart & William McDonough
Genre : Génie de l’environnement
Recycling is good, isn’t it?

In this visionary book, chemist Michael Braungart and architect William McDonough challenge this status quo and put forward a manifesto for an intriguing and radically different philosophy of environmentalism.

"Reduce, reuse, recycle”. This is the standard “cradle to grave” manufacturing model dating back to the Industrial Revolution that we still follow today. In this thought-provoking read, the authors propose that instead of minimising waste, we should be striving to create value. This is the essence of Cradle to Cradle: waste need not to exist at all. By providing a framework of redesign of everything from carpets to corporate campuses, McDonough and Braungart make a revolutionary yet viable case for change and for remaking the way we make things.

8,49 €

5 Society - Water - Technology - Reinhard F. Hüttl, Oliver Bens, Christine Bismuth & Sebastian Hoechstetter
Auteur : Reinhard F. Hüttl, Oliver Bens, Christine Bismuth & Sebastian Hoechstetter
Genre : Génie de l’environnement
This book presents the results of the Interdisciplinary Research Group  "Society – Water – Technology" of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities. It describes interdisciplinary evaluation criteria for major water engineering projects (MWEPs) and portrays an application to the Lower Jordan Valley (Middle East) and the Fergana Valley (Central Asia). Both areas are characterised by transboundary conflicts, by challenges due to demographic and climate change, and by political and societal pressures. Based on the findings, the book provides recommendations for science and political decisions makers as well as for international financing institutions. In addition, it outlines research gaps from an interdisciplinary perspective.

In the past, MWEPs have been used as an instrument to cope with the demands of growing populations and


6 Urban Orchestration: Environmental Sound Mixing with iPad - Mark Shillitoe
Auteur : Mark Shillitoe
Genre : Éducation
Enter a learning journey of creating urban soundscapes. This 4th Grade unit of inquiry explored the creative potential of sound recording, music manipulation, creation and production on iPad.  Discovering the potential to remix their sounds, students spontaneously conducted a live remix in GarageBand and, as live DJs, produced a serendipitous recording, captured in SoundCloud on iPhone.


7 Junkyard Planet - Adam Minter
Auteur : Adam Minter
Genre : Entreprise et management
How can garbage turn into gold? What does recycling have to do with globalization? Where does all that stuff we throw away go, anyway?

When you drop your Diet Coke can or yesterday's newspaper in the recycling bin, where does it go? Probably halfway around the world, to people and places that clean up what you don't want and turn it into something you can't wait to buy. In Junkyard Planet, Adam Minter-veteran journalist and son of an American junkyard owner-travels deeply into a vast, often hidden, 500-billion-dollar industry that's transforming our economy and environment.

Minter takes us from back-alley Chinese computer recycling operations to recycling factories capable of processing a jumbo jet's worth of trash every day. Along the way, we meet an international cast of characters who have figured out how to squeeze Silicon Valley-scale fortunes fr

11,99 €

8 How to Give Up Plastic - Will McCallum
Auteur : Will McCallum
Genre : Développement personnel
'We have a responsibility, every one of us' David Attenborough

Around 12.7 million tonnes of plastic are entering the ocean every year, killing over 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals.

By 2050 there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish by weight.

Plastic pollution is the environmental scourge of our age, but how can YOU make a difference?

This accessible guide, written by the campaigner at the forefront of the anti-plastic movement, will help you make the small changes that make a big difference, from buying a reusable coffee cup to running a clean-up at your local park or beach. Tips on giving up plastic include:

· Washing your clothes within a wash bag to catch plastic microfibers (the cause of 30% of plastic pollution in the ocean)
· Replacing your regular shampoo with bar shampoo
· How to

6,49 €

9 Cadillac Desert - Marc Reisner & Lawrie Mott
Auteur : Marc Reisner & Lawrie Mott
Genre : Génie de l’environnement
"The definitive work on the West's water crisis." --Newsweek

The story of the American West is the story of a relentless quest for a precious resource: water. It is a tale of rivers diverted and dammed, of political corruption and intrigue, of billion-dollar battles over water rights, of ecological and economic disaster. In his landmark book, Cadillac Desert, Marc Reisner writes of the earliest settlers, lured by the promise of paradise, and of the ruthless tactics employed by Los Angeles politicians and business interests to ensure the city's growth. He documents the bitter rivalry between two government giants, the Bureau of Reclamation and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in the competition to transform the West. Based on more than a decade of research, Cadillac Desert is a stunning expose and a dramatic, intriguing history of the crea

9,99 €

10 Environmental Markets: A New Asset Class - Richard L Sandor, Nathan J. Clark, Murali Kanakasabai & Rafael L. Marques
Auteur : Richard L Sandor, Nathan J. Clark, Murali Kanakasabai & Rafael L. Marques
Genre : Entreprise et management
Population growth, industrialization, and urbanization in the past 200 years have resulted in local, national, and global pollution of our environment. Markets, when designed properly, can be a powerful agent to combat this pollution. Environmental finance is thus the art and science of using economic incentives, financial tools, and market mechanisms to achieve desired environmental outcomes.


11 Handbook of Sustainable Luxury Textiles and Fashion - Miguel Angel Gardetti & Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu
Auteur : Miguel Angel Gardetti & Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu
Genre : Environnement
The first volume of this handbook explores different aspects of sustainable luxury textiles and fashion, broadly based on the following topics: Sustainability and business management, Value chain management, Use of materials and Sustainable production processes.

79,99 €

12 Environmental Leadership Capacity Building in Higher Education - Takashi Mino & Keisuke Hanaki
Auteur : Takashi Mino & Keisuke Hanaki
Genre : Génie de l’environnement
The Graduate Program in Sustainability Science under the Department of Urban Engineering of The University of Tokyo has been running an environmental leadership education program at the graduate student level since 2007 called the Asian Program for Incubation of Environmental Leaders (APIEL). This book describes the University’s experiences in establishing and organizing that program and provides some lessons learned for those who are considering starting environmental leadership education programs. APIEL’s curriculum includes the classroom topic “Environmental Challenges and Leadership in Asia.” As well, the APIEL program has field units to provide experience in problem solving, decision making, and participation, taking into consideration ecological, political, economic, social, aesthetic, and ethical aspects. Another characteristic feature of the program is that it promotes ch


13 Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Nuclear Risks - Katsuhiro Kamae
Auteur : Katsuhiro Kamae
Genre : Génie de l’environnement
This book covers seismic probabilistic risk assessment (S-PRA) and related studies which have become more important to increase the safety of nuclear facilities against earthquakes and tsunamis in the face of the many uncertainties after the Fukushima accident. The topics are (1) Active faults and active tectonics important for seismic hazard assessment of nuclear facilities,(2) Seismic source modeling and simulation and modeling techniques indispensable for strong ground motion prediction, and (3) PRA with external hazard and risk communication. The Fukushima accident has showed us the limitations of the deterministic evaluation approach to external events (an earthquake and tsunami) in which there are many uncertainties. Furthermore, public anxiety regarding nuclear safety because of an unexpected threat caused by an earthquake or tsunami is growing. The current policy on the estimatio


14 Urban Water Distribution Networks (Enhanced Edition) - Symeon Christodoulou, Michalis Fragiadakis, Agathoklis Agathokleous & Savvas Xanthos
Auteur : Symeon Christodoulou, Michalis Fragiadakis, Agathoklis Agathokleous & Savvas Xanthos
Genre : Génie de l’environnement
Urban Water Distribution Networks: Assessing Systems Vulnerabilities and Risks provides a methodology for a system-wide assessment of water distribution networks (WDN) based on component analysis, network topology and, most importantly, the effects of a network's past performance on its seismic and/or non-seismic reliability. Water distribution networks engineers and system designers face multiple operational issues in delivering safe and clean potable water to their customers.
Includes vulnerability assessment methods for water distribution pipesDiscusses topological aspects and their effects on network vulnerabilityExplores analytical and numerical modeling methods for finding and analyzing systems vulnerabilities in water distribution networksFeatures real world case studies of networks under continuous and intermittent water supply operations

129,99 €

15 Monitoring Environmental Change with iPads - Nick LaFave
Auteur : Nick LaFave
Genre : Éducation
A step-by-step guide to help educators empower students to take part in real science.  Teachers will learn how to create an effective environmental monitoring program using iPads, and strategies to help students analyze data they collect in meaningful ways.

Goals of this book: To provide teachers with ways to incorporate both technology and nature experience into their instruction. To take a commonplace form of technology and transform it into a powerful tool for scientific observation. To empower students to contribute to the     scientific community’s understanding of one of the most important issues facing us today.


16 SustainCase: How Sanofi is reducing the environmental impact of pharmaceuticals -
Auteur :
Genre : Éducation
Case study: How Sanofi is reducing the environmental impact of pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals found in the environment due to human activities, such as patients’ use of medicines, raise concerns about their potential impact on human health and the planet. As a global healthcare leader Sanofi has, accordingly, implemented safeguards at every stage in the life cycle of its products – from production to their use by patients.


As a leading global healthcare company, working to improve the health and quality of life for people around the world, Sanofi is committed to limiting the discharge of pharmaceuticals into the environment and to increasing its knowledge in this area. After measuring and setting targets, Sanofi took action to analyze wastewater effluents and use state-of-the-art technologies to treat wastewater discharge at its sites, ca


17 What Doesn't Kill Us - Scott Carney
Auteur : Scott Carney
Genre : Sports et plein air
What Doesn't Kill Us, a New York Times bestseller, traces our evolutionary journey back to a time when survival depended on how well we adapted to the environment around us.

Our ancestors crossed deserts, mountains, and oceans without even a whisper of what anyone today might consider modern technology. Those feats of endurance now seem impossible in an age where we take comfort for granted. But what if we could regain some of our lost evolutionary strength by simulating the environmental conditions of our ancestors?

Investigative journalist and anthropologist Scott Carney takes up the challenge to find out: Can we hack our bodies and use the environment to stimulate our inner biology? Helping him in his search for the answers is Dutch fitness guru Wim Hof, whose ability to control his body temperature in extreme cold has sparked a whirlwind o

9,49 €

18 Environmental Ethics: A Very Short Introduction - Robin Attfield
Auteur : Robin Attfield
Genre : Philosophie
Robin Attfield introduces environmental ethics, exploring the values involved in issues such as pollution, habitat loss, and climate change. Considering the different groups involved in environmental ethics, and the attitudes of the world's religions to environmental stewardship, he calls for action from us all to manage our environment ethically.

11,99 €

19 International Environmental Law: Second Edition - Pierre-Marie Dupuy & Jorge E. Viñuales
Auteur : Pierre-Marie Dupuy & Jorge E. Viñuales
Genre : Droit
International Environmental Law offers a concise, conceptually clear, and legally rigorous introduction to contemporary international environmental law and practice. The book covers all major environmental agreements, paying particular attention to their underlying structure, main legal provisions, and practical operation. It blends legal and policy analysis, making extensive reference to the jurisprudence and scholarship, and addressing the interconnections with other areas of international law, including human rights, humanitarian law, trade and foreign investment. The material is structured into four sections - foundations, substantive regulation, implementation, and influence on other areas of international law - which help the reader to navigate the different areas of international environmental law. Each chapter includes charts summarising the main components of the relevant legal

39,99 €

20 Reimagining Capitalism - Rebecca Henderson
Auteur : Rebecca Henderson
Genre : Entreprise et management
Free market capitalism is one of humanity's greatest inventions, and the greatest source of prosperity the world has ever seen. But it's also on the verge of destroying the planet and destabilizing society in its single-minded pursuit of maximizing shareholder value.

Rebecca Henderson, McArthur University Professor at Harvard University, argues for a new framework; one that can simultaneously make a positive societal impact by confronting the realities of the environment and the need to address social and economic inequality, while also delivering sustained financial performance to ensure economic growth that brings prosperity and wellbeing to society as a whole.

Drawing on the lessons of companies from around the world who are acting on this responsibility - who are not only surviving but are thriving, becoming leaders in their industries and beginning to drive t

21 Solar Electricity Basics - Revised and Updated 2nd Edition - Dan Chiras
Auteur : Dan Chiras
Genre : Loisirs et maison
The indispensable guide to solar electricity systems for homeowners, business owners, builders, and students

Climate change and limits to fossil fuels compel us to find safer, more economical, and more sustainable ways to meet our needs for electricity. And, as more and more electric cars hit the road, we'll need to find a way to provide fuel that is clean, environmentally sustainable, and affordable.

With Solar Electricity Basics , author Dan Chiras offers a concise and up-to-date guide covering all the essentials. It explores:
How to size, cost, and choose the right system, including off-grid vs. grid-tied vs grid-tied with battery backup Where to mount a system for maximum performance What type of modules and inverters to buy How to install and maintain batteries Cost vs benefit for solar electric systems How to connect to the grid, and w

22 Sensor Technologies - Michael J. McGrath, Cliodhna Ní Scanaill & Dawn Nafus
Auteur : Michael J. McGrath, Cliodhna Ní Scanaill & Dawn Nafus
Genre : Programmation
Sensor Technologies: Healthcare, Wellness and Environmental Applications explores the key aspects of sensor technologies, covering wired, wireless, and discrete sensors for the specific application domains of healthcare, wellness and environmental sensing.  It discusses the social, regulatory, and design considerations specific to these domains.
The book provides an application-based approach using real-world examples to illustrate the application of sensor technologies in a practical and experiential manner. The book  guides the reader from the formulation of the research question, through the design and validation process, to the deployment and management phase of sensor applications.  The processes and examples used in the book are primarily based on research carried out by Intel or joint academic research programs.

“Sensor Technologies: Healthcare


23 Mobile Connections - Elizabeth Shenstone & Steven Papp
Auteur : Elizabeth Shenstone & Steven Papp
Genre : Ordinateurs et technologie
Mobile Connections explores the life cycle of our mobile phones and how we can take action to ensure we dispose of old phones in a sustainable way.
Mobile Connections has been created to support Geography the Australian Curriculum.


24 Ecological Footprint - Mathis Wackernagel, Bert Beyers & Katharina Rout
Auteur : Mathis Wackernagel, Bert Beyers & Katharina Rout
Genre : Environnement
The only metric that tracks how much nature we have – and how much nature we use

Our economy is running a Bernie Madoff-style Ponzi scheme with the planet. We use future resources to run the present, using more than Earth can replenish. Like any such scheme, this works for a limited time, followed by a crash.

Avoiding ecological bankruptcy requires rigorous resource accounting — a challenging task, but doable with the right tools.

Ecological Footprint accounting, first introduced in the 1990s and continuously developed, continues to be the only metric that compares overall human demand on nature with what our planet can renew — its biocapacity — and distils this into one number: how many Earths we use.

Ecological Footprint provides a complete introduction, covering:
Footprint and biocapacity accounting Data and key find

25 Fashionopolis - Dana Thomas
Auteur : Dana Thomas
Genre : Secteurs et professions
An investigation into the damage wrought by the colossal clothing industry and the grassroots, high-tech, international movement fighting to reform it 

What should I wear? It’s one of the fundamental questions we ask ourselves every day. More than ever, we are told it should be something new. Today, the clothing industry churns out 80 billion garments a year and employs every sixth person on Earth. Historically, the apparel trade has exploited labor, the environment, and intellectual property—and in the last three decades, with the simultaneous unfurling of fast fashion, globalization, and the tech revolution, those abuses have multiplied exponentially, primarily out of view. We are in dire need of an entirely new human-scale model. Bestselling journalist Dana Thomas has traveled the globe to discover the visionary designers and companies who are propelling th

26 Neues Fleisch - Hendrik Hassel
Auteur : Hendrik Hassel
Genre : Régime et nutrition
Noch nie wurde so viel Fleisch gegessen wie heute und die Folgen der überbordenden Fleischproduktion für Tiere, Umwelt und Klima sind katastrophal. Alternativen werden gesucht. Kann »neues Fleisch«, das nicht an Tieren, sondern in Nährlösungen wächst, eine solche sein? Wird eine Fleischrevolution alles auf den Kopf stellen oder ist am Ende doch alles nur heiße Luft?

Der Journalist Hendrik Hassel nimmt uns mit auf eine Entdeckungsreise in die Labore und Produktionsräume, in denen heute am »neuen Fleisch« gearbeitet wird. Anschaulich und spannend erzählt er von erstaunlichen Entwicklungen in den Niederlanden, Israel, Russland, China und den USA.

Ein engagiertes Buch, das die enormen Chancen der aktuellen Entwicklungen aufzeigt und gleichzeitig die Herausforderungen thematisiert.

27 Smoke & Mirrors - Gemma Milne
Auteur : Gemma Milne
Genre : Science et nature
Young Scottish writer Gemma Milne argues that we need urgently to refine our vision of what is to come If we are to succeed in building the future that we actually want. She believes that we need to redefine the aims we should be pursuing based on a realistic understanding of what is actually going on in science and technology right now.

We have to focus on the real innovations that we will require along the way. We need to champion critical thinking by empowering as many people as possible to be able to question what real progress is being made. We need to look beyond the blind idealism and wilful hype which blinkers us as to what is really going on and what is realistically achievable.

Each chapter focuses on a different 'blinker', in effect, which stops us from seeing the bigger picture, either through fear or cognitive dissonance, whether this is all-too-effe

28 Am Tag zu heiß und nachts zu hell - Hanns-Christian Gunga
Auteur : Hanns-Christian Gunga
Genre : Génie de l’environnement
Die ideale Umwelt für den menschlichen Körper ist ein mildes Klima am Meer. Doch die meisten Menschen leben unter anderen Bedingungen. Oder setzen sich extremen Umwelten aus, steigen auf Berge, tauchen, fliegen ins Weltall - und überleben dabei Belastungen, die lange unmenschlich waren. Hanns-Christian Gunga untersucht die Auswirkungen von Hitze und Kälte, aber auch von Schichtarbeit und Langstreckenflügen auf den Körper. Er macht deutlich, dass der Anpassung des Menschen an veränderte Umwelten enge physiologische und psychologische Grenzen gesetzt sind; gleichzeitig verändert sich das Klima. Daraus entsteht ein biologischer, aber auch ein politischer Konflikt: Der menschliche Körper passt immer weniger in unseren Lebensraum.

19,99 €

29 Fashionopolis - Dana Thomas
Auteur : Dana Thomas
Genre : Secteurs et professions
An investigation into the damage wrought by the colossal clothing industry – and the grassroots, high tech, international movement fighting to reform it.

What should I wear? It's one of the fundamental questions we ask ourselves every day. More than ever, we are told it should be something new. Today, the clothing industry churns out 80 billion garments a year and employs every sixth person on Earth. Historically, the apparel trade has exploited labour, the environment, and intellectual property – and in the last three decades, with the simultaneous unfurling of fast fashion, globalization, and the tech revolution, those abuses have multiplied exponentially – and primarily out of view. We are in dire need of an entirely new human-scale model. Bestselling journalist Dana Thomas has travelled the globe to discover the visionary designers and companies who are prope

30 Secondhand - Adam Minter
Auteur : Adam Minter
Genre : Économie
From the author of Junkyard Planet, a journey into the surprising afterlives of our former possessions.

Downsizing. Decluttering. A parent's death. Sooner or later, all of us are faced with things we no longer need or want. But when we drop our old clothes and other items off at a local donation center, where do they go? Sometimes across the country-or even halfway across the world-to people and places who find value in what we leave behind.

In Secondhand, journalist Adam Minter takes us on an unexpected adventure into the often-hidden, multibillion-dollar industry of reuse: thrift stores in the American Southwest to vintage shops in Tokyo, flea markets in Southeast Asia to used-goods enterprises in Ghana, and more. Along the way, Minter meets the fascinating people who handle-and profit from-our rising tide of discarded stuff, and asks a pressi

31 Inconspicuous Consumption - Tatiana Schlossberg
Auteur : Tatiana Schlossberg
Genre : Nature
From a former New York Times science writer, this urgent call to action will empower you to stand up to climate change and environmental pollution by making simple but impactful everyday choices.

With urgency and wit, Tatiana Schlossberg explains that far from being only a distant problem of the natural world created by the fossil fuel industry, climate change is all around us, all the time, lurking everywhere in our convenience-driven society, all without our realizing it.

By examining the unseen and unconscious environmental impacts in four areas-the Internet and technology, food, fashion, and fuel - Schlossberg helps readers better understand why climate change is such a complicated issue, and how it connects all of us: How streaming a movie on Netflix in New York burns coal in Virginia; how eating a hamburger in California might contribut

32 Bio-based Building Skin - Anna Sandak, Jakub Sandak, Marcin Brzezicki & Andreja Kutnar
Auteur : Anna Sandak, Jakub Sandak, Marcin Brzezicki & Andreja Kutnar
Genre : Art et architecture
This book provides a compendium of material properties, demonstrates several successful examples of bio-based materials’ application in building facades, and offers ideas for new designs and novel solutions. It features a state-of-the-art review, addresses the latest trends in material selection, assembling systems, and innovative functions of facades in detail. Selected case studies on buildings from diverse locations are subsequently presented to demonstrate the successful implementation of various biomaterial solutions, which defines unique architectural styles and building functions. The structures, morphologies and aesthetic impressions related to bio-based building facades are discussed from the perspective of art and innovation; essential factors influencing the performance of materials with respect to functionality and safety are also presented. Special emphasis is placed on as


33 Black Anzacs - Elizabeth Shenstone
Auteur : Elizabeth Shenstone
Genre : Australie et Océanie
There is an increasing recognition of the contributions of Aboriginal servicemen and women to their country during the First World War and other conflicts in which Australia has been involved. This book follows the story of one particular serviceman William Williams.   


34 The Needs of Living Things Animals - Christina McGhee
Auteur : Christina McGhee
Genre : Sciences et nature
Children will learn the things animals need to stay alive through engaging text, stunning images, fun animations and interactives.

Explore and play in this delightful book. Listen to the text read aloud and play videos watching animals feeding, drinking and taking shelter. Spot the animals hiding on the pages. Play quizzes and activities to extend and test your learning.

This book is designed by teachers to support the Australian Curriculum Science and NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum Science & Technology K-6.


35 Toxic - Neil Nathan
Auteur : Neil Nathan
Genre : Forme et santé
Millions of people are suffering from chronic illnesses that, unbeknownst to them, are the result of exposure to environmental toxins and infectious agents such as mold and Borrelia, which causes Lyme disease. Millions. Because the symptoms of these illnesses are so varied and unusual, many of these individuals have sought medical care only to be dismissed, as if what they are experiencing is "in their head." Many (if not most) have tried to tough it out and continue to function without hope of improvement. Unfortunately, their illnesses are very real.

"Toxic" is a book of hope for these individuals, their loved ones, and the physicians who provide their care. Over many years of helping thousands of patients recover their health (even after their previous doctors had given up on them), Dr. Neil Nathan has come to understand some of the most common causes for these debilitatin

10,99 €

36 Early Childhood Edition Wetlands - Central Coast Council
Auteur : Central Coast Council
Genre : Éducation
This Multi-Touch book has been developed by Central Coast Council to raise awareness of Australia’s amazing wetlands and to encourage positive behaviours to care for them. This book has narrated text, contains beautiful photography, videos and interactive activities.


37 Wetlands - Central Coast Council
Auteur : Central Coast Council
Genre : Éducation
This Multi-Touch book has been developed by Central Coast Council to raise awareness of Australia’s amazing wetlands and to encourage positive behaviours to care for them. This book contains beautiful photography, videos and interactive activities.


38 Clean Food for Clean People - Denisse Lashley
Auteur : Denisse Lashley
Genre : Forme et santé
A major transformation is needed to increase people's health, to avoid illnesses rather than to patch them, to preserve nature, to respect animal life, and to deliver quality food to a growing world population. Clean Food For Clean People explains how different foods impact our body. It shows how we can make our “traditional” eating habits evolve toward healthy ones. It explains a transformation in seven stages, which we can implement at our own pace. It includes easy cooking techniques with a variety of seasonings, which will allow us to prepare tasty and nutritious dishes during the journey. Ultimately, it provides a unique formula for choosing our daily meals efficiently and knowledgeably. Clean Food For Clean People includes practical tips on fitness, sleep, and body care. It will guide us to gradually move toward a balanced nutrition pattern, which includes more and more fre

19,99 €

39 Energy Storage Options and Their Environmental Impact - R E Hester & R M Harrison
Auteur : R E Hester & R M Harrison
Genre : Génie de l’environnement
Recent decades have seen huge growth in the renewable energy sector, spurred on by concerns about climate change and dwindling supplies of fossil fuels. One of the major difficulties raised by an increasing reliance on renewable resources is the inflexibility when it comes to controlling supply in response to demand. For example, solar energy can only be produced during the day. The development of methods for storing the energy produced by renewable sources is therefore crucial to the continued stability of global energy supplies.

However, as with all new technology, it is important to consider the environmental impacts as well as the benefits. This book brings together authors from a variety of different backgrounds to explore the state-of-the-art of large-scale energy storage and examine the environmental impacts of the main categories based on the types of energy stored.
89,99 €

40 Nitrogen, the Confer-N-s - K. van der Hoek, J. Willem Erisman, S. Smeulders & John Robert Wisniewski
Auteur : K. van der Hoek, J. Willem Erisman, S. Smeulders & John Robert Wisniewski
Genre : Génie de l’environnement
The First International Nitrogen Conference provided an opportunity for researchers and decision-makers to exchange information on environmental pollution by nitrogen compounds on three scales: global, continental/regional and local. The main topics were air, ground water and surface water pollution; emission sources, atmospheric chemistry, deposition processes and effects; disturbance of nitrogen cycles, critical loads and levels; assessments, policy development and evaluation; target groups and abatement techniques; and new approaches leading to an integrated abatement strategy.
The peer-reviewed papers from the Conference presented in this volume will provide readers with a comprehensive review of the transport, deposition and impact on ecosystems of nitrogen.

189,99 €

41 Delivery and Mixing in the Subsurface - Peter K. Kitanidis & Perry L. McCarty
Auteur : Peter K. Kitanidis & Perry L. McCarty
Genre : Génie de l’environnement
This volume describes the principles of chemical delivery and mixing systems and their design and implementation for effective in situ remediation. The intended audiences include the decision makers, practicing engineers and hydrogeologists who will select, design and operate remedial systems, as well as the researchers seeking to improve the current state of the science and technology. Our hope is that this volume will serve as a useful resource to assist remediation professionals in designing, applying and developing remedial technologies as effectively as possible.

Topics addressed in this volume include:

·         An overview of the current state of understanding related to in situ chemical delivery and mixing, including a brief review of some of the remaining challenges and ongoing research.


79,99 €

42 Cadmium Toxicity and Tolerance in Plants - Mirza Hasanuzzaman, Majeti Narasimha Vara Prasad & Masayuki Fujita
Auteur : Mirza Hasanuzzaman, Majeti Narasimha Vara Prasad & Masayuki Fujita
Genre : Science de la vie
Cadmium Toxicity and Tolerance in Plants: From Physiology to Remediation presents a single research resource on the latest in cadmium toxicity and tolerance in plants. The book covers many important areas, including means of Cd reduction, from plant adaptation, including antioxidant defense, active excretion and chelation, to phytoextraction, rhizo filtration, phytodegradation, and much more. In addition, it explores important insights into the physiological and molecular mechanisms of Cd uptake and transport and presents options for improving resistance to Cd stresses. It will be ideal for both researchers and students working on cadmium pollution, plant responses and related fields of environmental contamination and toxicology.
Includes all aspects of cadmium toxicity and tolerance in plantsProvides a comprehensive overview of advances in cadmium toxicity, tolerance and ada

209,99 €

43 Water Security in the Mediterranean Region - Andrea Scozzari & Bouabid El Mansouri
Auteur : Andrea Scozzari & Bouabid El Mansouri
Genre : Génie de l’environnement
The role of water in our communities, from local to regional and right up to global levels, poses a series of key questions about climate change, about the anthropogenic impact on the environment, and about all the interconnected actions and events that affect the availability and quality of the resource. All these questions  share a common demand for more scientific knowledge and information. In this particular context the disciplinary boundaries are fading, and there is a growing need to create broader connections and wider collaborative interdisciplinary groups, aimed at building an integrated knowledge-base to serve not only stakeholders but also the whole of society. Only in this way can we hope to respond effectively to the challenges and changing dynamics of human-hydrologic systems.

     Following this concept, contributors from multiple discip

109,99 €

44 Drinking Water Treatment - Chittaranjan Ray & Ravi Jain
Auteur : Chittaranjan Ray & Ravi Jain
Genre : Génie de l’environnement
Sustainable technologies for water supply are urgently needed if water has to be supplied to billions of less fortunate people with inadequate access to water. These technologies must be simple, less expensive, less energy intensive, and easy to maintain for their adaptation among the poor masses.

Four appropriate technologies are discussed here: solar pasteurization, membrane desalination, natural filtration (riverbank filtration), and solar distillation. Solar pasteurization can be a useful means of producing water at remote, but sunny locations where fuel may not be easily available for boiling water. Membrane desalination will remain as a viable means of drinking water production for individual households to large communities. Various membrane filtration techniques as well as the means to “democratize” membrane filtration have been presented. Riverbank filtration is a

119,99 €

45 Water Governance: Challenges and Prospects - Amarjit Singh, Dipankar Saha & Avinash C. Tyagi
Auteur : Amarjit Singh, Dipankar Saha & Avinash C. Tyagi
Genre : Sciences de la Terre
The book is the first of its kind to deal with almost the entire swath of water resources assessment, development and sustainable management. The idea of the book crystallized during the long journey of the Editors on various facets of water issues in India and abroad during their extended association, at all levels with the Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation, as well as International Organizations dealing with water. Currently water-stressed, India is likely to become water scarce in not too distant a future. The global freshwater supply and its sustainable use for human consumption, and conservation of the ecosystem have never come under such a rigorous scrutiny before. The unplanned and reckless exploitation of this precious resource have led to a crisis situation, compounded by a real threat of climate change. This book is, there

109,99 €

46 Arctic Marine Resource Governance and Development - Niels Vestergaard, Brooks A. Kaiser, Linda Fernandez & Joan Nymand Larsen
Auteur : Niels Vestergaard, Brooks A. Kaiser, Linda Fernandez & Joan Nymand Larsen
Genre : Génie de l’environnement
This book is based on presentations from the Conference ‘Arctic Marine Resource Governance’ held in Reykjavik Iceland in October 2015. The book is divided into four main themes: 1. Global management and institutions for Arctic marine resources 2. Resource stewards and users: local and indigenous co-management 3. Governance gaps in Arctic marine resource management and 4. Multi-scale, ecosystem-based, Arctic marine resource management’. The ecosystem changes underway in the Arctic region are expected to have significant impacts on living resources in both the short and long run, and current actions and policies adopted over such resource governance will have serious and ultimately irreversible consequences in the near and long terms.

72,99 €

47 Sustainable Surface Water Management - Susanne M. Charlesworth & Colin A. Booth
Auteur : Susanne M. Charlesworth & Colin A. Booth
Genre : Génie de l’environnement
Sustainable Surface Water Management: a handbook for SUDS addresses issues as diverse as flooding, water quality, amenity and biodiversity but also mitigation of, and adaptation to, global climate change, human health benefits and reduction in energy use. Chapters are included to cover issues from around the world, but they also address particular designs associated with the implementation of SUDS in tropical areas, problems with retrofitting SUDS devices, SUDS modelling, water harvesting in drought-stricken countries using SUDS and the inclusion of SUDS in the climate change strategies of such cities as Tokyo, New York and Strasbourg.

94,99 €

48 Qanat Knowledge - Ali Asghar Semsar Yazdi & Majid Labbaf Khaneiki
Auteur : Ali Asghar Semsar Yazdi & Majid Labbaf Khaneiki
Genre : Génie de l’environnement
This book offers a ready solution for those who wish to learn more about this fascinating part of our water history and makes accessible to the wider world the traditional knowledge gained from building and maintaining qanats for more than 2,500 years.  There is much more here than a summary of the nature and distribution of qanats, and a more extensive journey through the philosophy, methods, tools, and terminology of qanat design and digging than previously assembled.  

Where does one begin to dig to ensure that the qanat tunnel will flow with water?  How are practical considerations of landscape factored into the design?  How are water quality and discharge measured?  How does excavation proceed through bedrock and unconsolidated soil and how is this knowledge of geology and pedology acquired?  How are vertical wells and tunnels excavated

84,99 €

49 Les 10 commandements de l'Eau Vivante - Nadeen K. Althoff
Auteur : Nadeen K. Althoff
Genre : Ingénierie
Ce livre électronique est la somme de 30 années de recherches et de pratiques sur l'eau, à l'école de la Nature - Nadeen K. Althoff est un brasseur et créateur de boissons Kombu'Cha, dans le secteur biologique.

"L'eau est l'élément avec lequel je travaille tous les jours. Et l'eau n'est pas seulement ma vie - elle détermine aussi la vie de chaque personne sur cette planète." Ce livre électronique devrait montrer, d'une manière simple et compréhensible (la nature est simple), quelles violations flagrantes sont commises aujourd'hui sur notre eau potable et comment nous pouvons améliorer la qualité de l'eau pour nous-mêmes et pour nos familles.

En savoir davantage sur l'eau, dans sa forme la plus pure, et sur les lois naturelles de l'eau. Vous apprendrez comment nous " traitons " notre eau

9,99 €

50 Industrial Water Treatment Process Technology - Parimal Pal
Auteur : Parimal Pal
Genre : Génie de l’environnement
Industrial Water Treatment Process Technology begins with a brief overview of the challenges in water resource management, covering issues of plenty and scarcity-spatial variation, as well as water quality standards. In this book, the author includes a clear and rigorous exposition of the various water resource management approaches such as: separation and purification (end of discharge pipe), zero discharge approach (green process development), flow management approach, and preservation and control approach. This coverage is followed by deeper discussion of individual technologies and their applications.
Covers water treatment approaches including: separation and purification—end of discharge pipe; zero discharge approach; flow management approach; and preservation and control approachDiscusses water treatment process selection, trouble shooting, design, operation, and phy

144,99 €
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