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1 Dispossession - Pete Daniel
Auteur : Pete Daniel
Genre : Social Science
Between 1940 and 1974, the number of African American farmers fell from 681,790 to just 45,594--a drop of 93 percent. In his hard-hitting book, historian Pete Daniel analyzes this decline and chronicles black farmers' fierce struggles to remain on the land in the face of discrimination by bureaucrats in the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He exposes the shameful fact that at the very moment civil rights laws promised to end discrimination, hundreds of thousands of black farmers lost their hold on the land as they were denied loans, information, and access to the programs essential to survival in a capital-intensive farm structure.

More than a matter of neglect of these farmers and their rights, this "passive nullification" consisted of a blizzard of bureaucratic obfuscation, blatant acts of discrimination and cronyism, violence, and intimidation. Dispossession recovers
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3 Unworthy Republic: The Dispossession of Native Americans and the Road to Indian Territory - Claudio Saunt
Auteur : Claudio Saunt
Genre : United States
A masterful and unsettling history of “Indian Removal,” the forced migration of Native Americans across the Mississippi River in the 1830s and the state-sponsored theft of their lands.

In May 1830, the United States formally launched a policy to expel Native Americans from the East to territories west of the Mississippi River. Justified as a humanitarian enterprise, the undertaking was to be systematic and rational, overseen by Washington’s small but growing bureaucracy. But as the policy unfolded over the next decade, thousands of Native Americans died under the federal government’s auspices, and thousands of others lost their possessions and homelands in an orgy of fraud, intimidation, and violence. Unworthy Republic reveals how expulsion became national policy and describes the chaotic and deadly results of the operation to deport 80,000 men, women, and children.

4 The Politics of Dispossession - Edward W. Said
Auteur : Edward W. Said
Genre : Middle East
Ever since the appearance of his groundbreaking The Question of Palestine, Edward Said has been America's most outspoken advocate for Palestinian self-determination. As these collected essays amply prove, he is also our most intelligent and bracingly heretical writer on affairs involving not only Palestinians but also the Arab and Muslim worlds and their tortuous relations with the West.

In The Politics of Dispossession Said traces his people's struggle for statehood through twenty-five years of exile, from the PLO's bloody 1970 exile from Jordan through the debacle of the Gulf War and the ambiguous 1994 peace accord with Israel. As frank as he is about his personal involvement in that struggle, Said is equally unsparing in his demolition of Arab icons and American shibboleths. Stylish, impassioned, and informed by a magisterial knowledge of history and literature, The Politic

5 Dinosaurs And Indians: Paleontology Resource Dispossession From Sioux Lands - Lawrence W. Bradley
Auteur : Lawrence W. Bradley
Genre : History
Fossils Collected From Sioux Lands: Who, What, When, & Where.

Along with all manner of European-American immigrants to North America’s Great Plains in the nineteenth century – farmers, miners, gamblers, soldiers, trappers, and many others – came hunters of dinosaur bones. Word had reached some of American archeology’s best-known names that a rich trove of ancient bones lay on Sioux (Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota) land. Paleontologists, including Othniel Charles Marsh (1831-1899), pioneer of American vertebrate paleontology, may have been illegally trespassing while exploring and collecting fossils on Indian lands. The search was on, and soon academic reputations were being built on fossils taken from Native lands and peoples, often without their consent. These fossil-collecting exploits helped build the foundation for the Peabody Museum of Yale University, and others

6 Dispossession - Henry Reynolds
Auteur : Henry Reynolds
Genre : Australia & Oceania
Aboriginal and immigrant Australians have shared this continent for 200 years. Nineteenth-century writers were aware of the importance of the Aboriginal presence, but when the colonists began to write their own history the Aborigines were erased from the account. Recently, this 'history' has been overturned as we rediscover the role of Aborigines in our past.

In this collection of documents our forebears speak for themselves. They present a fascinating picture of how they endeavoured to come to terms - emotionally, morally and intellectually - with the victims of the dispossession.

This fascinating collection, compiled by a leading authority on white-Aboriginal relations, challenges the general reader to reinterpret our past. It will prove invaluable to students of history and race relations in schools, colleges and universities.

7 Dispossession - Simon Grennan
Auteur : Simon Grennan
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
England, 1873. John Caldigate, a young gentleman, gets into debt gambling and decides to try his luck in the gold fields of New South Wales. On the outward journey, he promises to marry Mrs Smith, a divorced actress who is travelling in the same ship. Returning home a rich man, John marries Hester, the sweetheart he left behind. Soon, Mrs Smith also returns from Australia, penniless, and claims that she is already his wife.

Inspired by Anthony Trollope’s 1879 novel John Caldigate, Dispossession embeds the reader in a uniquely wrought experience of the mid-nineteenth century, including the first ever appearance of the Aboriginal Wiradjuri language in a graphic novel.

Taking unique advantage of the graphic form to conjure the material world of the Victorian era in a glittering waltz of intense colour and deep shadow, Dispossession is a virtuoso

8 Dispossession - Amar Mehta
Auteur : Amar Mehta
Genre : Fantasy
Feel the spirit of the sword sweep over you and possess the motive of your mind and motor of your muscles...

So too happens to Nildor, seventeen-year-old elf and disenchanted student of a peace-loving community, when he touches the diamond sword of the spirit Lady Leera - the killer of his father. Her beauty is ravishing, his warrior lust ravenous. Forbidden as it is, a partnership like theirs may be the only chance to save his Lorar community from the Wulgars, a warmongering race of species who religiously kill for Welthe.

9 Markets of Dispossession - Julia Elyachar
Auteur : Julia Elyachar
Genre : Economics
What happens when the market tries to help the poor? In many parts of the world today, neoliberal development programs are offering ordinary people the tools of free enterprise as the means to well-being and empowerment. Schemes to transform the poor into small-scale entrepreneurs promise them the benefits of the market and access to the rewards of globalization. Markets of Dispossession is a theoretically sophisticated and sobering account of the consequences of these initiatives.Julia Elyachar studied the efforts of bankers, social scientists, ngo members, development workers, and state officials to turn the craftsmen and unemployed youth of Cairo into the vanguard of a new market society based on microenterprise. She considers these efforts in relation to the alternative notions of economic success held by craftsmen in Cairo, in which short-term financial profit is not always h

10 Dispossession without Development - Michael Levien
Auteur : Michael Levien
Genre : Sociology
Winner of the 2019 Global and Transnational Sociology Best Book Award, American Sociological Association Winner of the 2019 Political Economy of World System (PEWS) Distinguished Book Award, American Sociological Association Received Honorable Mention for the 2019 Asia/Transnational Book Award, American Sociological Association Since the mid-2000s, India has been beset by widespread farmer protests against land dispossession. Dispossession Without Development demonstrates that beneath these conflicts lay a profound shift in regimes of dispossession. While the postcolonial Indian state dispossessed land mostly for public-sector industry and infrastructure, since the 1990s state governments have become land brokers for private real estate capital. Using the case of a village in Rajasthan that was dispossessed for a private Special Economic Zone, the book ethnographically illustrates the e

11 African Kings and Black Slaves - Herman L. Bennett
Auteur : Herman L. Bennett
Genre : Europe
As early as 1441, and well before other European countries encountered Africa, small Portuguese and Spanish trading vessels were plying the coast of West Africa, where they conducted business with African kingdoms that possessed significant territory and power. In the process, Iberians developed an understanding of Africa's political landscape in which they recognized specific sovereigns, plotted the extent and nature of their polities, and grouped subjects according to their ruler.

In African Kings and Black Slaves, Herman L. Bennett mines the historical archives of Europe and Africa to reinterpret the first century of sustained African-European interaction. These encounters were not simple economic transactions. Rather, according to Bennett, they involved clashing understandings of diplomacy, sovereignty, and politics. Bennett unearths the ways in which Africa's kings

12 Pedagogy, Policy, and the Privatized City - Kristen L. Buras
Auteur : Kristen L. Buras
Genre : Education
In cities across the nation, communities of color find themselves resisting state disinvestment and the politics of dispossession. Students at the Center—a writing initiative based in several New Orleans high schools—takes on this struggle through a close examination of race and schools. This book builds on the powerful stories of marginalized youth and their teachers, who contest the policies that are destructive to their communities: decentralization, charter schools, market-based educational choice, teachers union-busting, mixed-income housing, and urban redevelopment. Striking commentaries from the foremost scholars of the day explore the wider implications of these stories for pedagogy and educational policy in schools across the United States and the globe. Most importantly, this book reveals what must be done to challenge oppressive conditions and democratize our schools by tr

13 Encounter on the Great Plains - Karen V. Hansen
Auteur : Karen V. Hansen
Genre : United States
In 1904, the first Scandinavian settlers moved onto the Spirit Lake Dakota Indian Reservation. These land-hungry immigrants struggled against severe poverty, often becoming the sharecropping tenants of Dakota landowners. Yet the homesteaders' impoverishment did not impede their quest to acquire Indian land, and by 1929 Scandinavians owned more reservation acreage than their Dakota neighbors. Norwegian homesteader Helena Haugen Kanten put it plainly: "We stole the land from the Indians." With this largely unknown story at its center, Encounter on the Great Plains brings together two dominant processes in American history: the unceasing migration of newcomers to North America, and the protracted dispossession of indigenous peoples who inhabited the continent. Drawing on fifteen years of archival research and 130 oral histories, Karen V. Hansen explores the epic issues of co-existence be

14 The Pastoral Clinic - Angela Garcia
Auteur : Angela Garcia
Genre : Anthropology
The Pastoral Clinic takes us on a penetrating journey into an iconic Western landscape—northern New Mexico’s Española Valley, home to the highest rate of heroin addiction and fatal overdoses in the United States. In a luminous narrative, Angela Garcia chronicles the lives of several Hispanic addicts, introducing us to the intimate, physical, and institutional dependencies in which they are entangled. We discover how history pervades this region that has endured centuries of social inequality, drug and alcohol abuse, and material and cultural dispossession, and we come to see its experience of the opioid epidemic as a contemporary expression of these conditions, as well as a manifestation of the human desire to be released from them. With lyrical prose, evoking the Española Valley and its residents through conversations, encounters, and recollections, The Pastoral Clinic

15 The Bush - Don Watson
Auteur : Don Watson
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs
Most Australians live in cities and cling to the coastal fringe, yet our sense of what an Australian is – or should be – is drawn from the vast and varied inland called the bush. But what do we mean by 'the bush', and how has it shaped us? Starting with his forebears' battle to drive back nature and eke a living from the land, Don Watson explores the bush as it was and as it now is: the triumphs and the ruination, the commonplace and the bizarre, the stories we like to tell about ourselves and the national character, and those we don't. Via mountain ash and mallee, the birds and the beasts, slaughter, fire, flood and drought, swagmen, sheep and their shepherds, the strange and the familiar, the tragedies and the follies, the crimes and the myths and the hope – here is a journey that only our leading writer of non-fiction could take us on. At once magisterial in scop

16 Fukushima - Nadesan Boys McKillop Wilcox
Auteur : Nadesan Boys McKillop Wilcox
Genre : Science & Nature
The Fukushima nuclear power plant explosions and the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings are intimately connected events, bound together across time by a nuclear will to power that holds little regard for life. In Fukushima: Dispossession or Denuclearization? contributors document and explore diverse dispossession effects stemming from this nuclear will to power, including market distortions, radiation damage to personal property, wrecked livelihoods, and transgenerational mutations potentially eroding human health and happiness. Liberal democratic capitalism is itself disclosed as vulnerable to the corrupting influences of the nuclear will to power. Contributors contend that denuclearization stands as the only viable path forward capable of freeing humans from the catastrophic risks engineered into global nuclear networks. They conclude that the choice of dispossession or denuclearization t

17 Frontiers in the Gilded Age - Andrew Offenburger
Auteur : Andrew Offenburger
Genre : History
The surprising connections between the American frontier and empire in southern Africa, and the people who participated in both

This book begins in an era when romantic notions of American frontiering overlapped with Gilded Age extractive capitalism. In the late nineteenth century, the U.S.-Mexican borderlands constituted one stop of many where Americans chased capitalist dreams beyond the United States. Crisscrossing the American West, southern Africa, and northern Mexico, Andrew Offenburger examines how these frontier spaces could glitter with grandiose visions, expose the flawed and immoral strategies of profiteers, and yet reveal the capacity for resistance and resilience that indigenous people summoned when threatened. Linking together a series of stories about Boer exiles who settled in Mexico, a global network of protestant missionaries, and adventurers involved

18 Archives of Dispossession - Karen R. Roybal
Auteur : Karen R. Roybal
Genre : Social Science
One method of American territory expansion in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands was the denial of property rights to Mexican landowners, which led to dispossession. Many historical accounts overlook this colonial impact on Indigenous and Mexican peoples, and existing studies that do tackle this subject tend to privilege the male experience. Here, Karen R. Roybal recenters the focus of dispossession on women, arguing that gender, sometimes more than race, dictated legal concepts of property ownership and individual autonomy. Drawing on a diverse source base—legal land records, personal letters, and literature—Roybal locates voices of Mexican American women in the Southwest to show how they fought against the erasure of their rights, both as women and as landowners. Woven throughout Roybal's analysis are these women's testimonios—their stories focusing on inheritance, property right

19 The Literary and Legal Genealogy of Native American Dispossession - George D Pappas
Auteur : George D Pappas
Genre : History
The Literary and Legal Genealogy of Native American Dispossession offers a unique interpretation of how literary and public discourses influenced three U.S. Supreme Court Rulings written by Chief Justice John Marshall with respect to Native Americans. These cases, Johnson v. M’Intosh (1823), Cherokee Nation v. Georgia (1831) and Worcester v. Georgia (1832), collectively known as the Marshall Trilogy, have formed the legal basis for the dispossession of indigenous populations throughout the Commonwealth. The Trilogy cases are usually approached as ‘pure’ legal judgments. This book maintains, however, that it was the literary and public discourses from the early sixteenth through to the early nineteenth centuries that established a discursive tradition which, in part, transformed the American Indians from owners to ‘mere occupants’ of their land. Exploring th

20 Property and Dispossession - Allan Greer
Auteur : Allan Greer
Genre : History
Allan Greer examines the processes by which forms of land tenure emerged and natives were dispossessed from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries in New France (Canada), New Spain (Mexico), and New England. By focusing on land, territory, and property, he deploys the concept of 'property formation' to consider the ways in which Europeans and their Euro-American descendants remade New World space as they laid claim to the continent's resources, extended the reach of empire, and established states and jurisdictions for themselves. Challenging long-held, binary assumptions of property as a single entity, which various groups did or did not possess, Greer highlights the diversity of indigenous and Euro-American property systems in the early modern period. The book's geographic scope, comparative dimension, and placement of indigenous people on an equal plane with Europeans makes it unlik

21 Resisting Dispossession - Ranjana Padhi & Nigamananda Sadangi
Auteur : Ranjana Padhi & Nigamananda Sadangi
Genre : Economics
The book brings to the reader a set of political and social narratives woven around people’s resistance against big dams, mining and industrial projects, in short, displacement and dispossession in Odisha, India. This saga of dispossession abounds with stories and narratives of ordinary peasants, forest dwellers, fisher folk and landless wage laborers, which make the canvas of resistance history more complete. The book foregrounds these protagonists and the events that marked their lives; they live in the coastal plains as well as the hilly and forested areas of south and south-west Odisha.

The authors have chronicled the development trajectory from the construction of the Hirakud Dam in the 1950s to the entry of corporations like POSCO and Vedanta in contemporary times. It thus covers extensive ground in interrogating the nature of industrialization being ushered into the s

22 Lord Simon: The Dispossession of Hannah - Katherine Woodbury
Auteur : Katherine Woodbury
Genre : Historical
Years before encountering the St. Clair family (as both a scourge and a blessing), the mysterious magician Lord Simon used his considerable (but untested) powers to save a woman under assault. As a result, he bespelled her into the walls of his house, where she remains. Trapped.

Driven obsessively to free her, Simon consorts with grave robbers and physicians, politicians and priests, twisting the arms of the powerful and the profane in any profession. As his reputation blackens and his house crumbles, his obsession to save a woman long thought long dead may drive him mad.

The third installment in the "Roesia" series, "Lord Simon: The Dispossession of Hannah" encompasses the events in "Richard: The Ethics of Affection" and "Aubrey: Remnants of Transformation."

23 Jacques Khalip. Anonymous Life: Romanticism and Dispossession (Book Review) - Studies in Romanticism
Auteur : Studies in Romanticism
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
Jacques Khalip. Anonymous Life: Romanticism and Dispossession. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2009. Pp. 235. $60.00. Romantic poetry asks, "What is the human subject?" as persistently as Romanticists have asked themselves what their subject is: "What is Romanticism?" Is it, for instance, an aesthetic category or a historical designation? Neither the question of the human subject nor that of the literary critical one has proved easy to settle. "Romanticism" in Jacques Khalip's stimulating, often thrilling study, Anonymous Life: Romanticism and Dispossession, designates not only poetry, but essays, autobiography, and prose fiction. What's more, Khalip shows us the Romantic subject's very own withdrawal from categorization or specification--an elusiveness in the texts themselves that speaks to our own perpetual questioning of just what it is we study.

24 Dispossession and Resistance in India - Alf Gunvald Nilsen
Auteur : Alf Gunvald Nilsen
Genre : Politics & Current Events
This book deals with the controversies on developmental aspects of large dams, with a particular focus on the Narmada Valley projects in India. Based on extensive ethnographic fieldwork and research, the author draws on Marxist theory to craft a detailed analysis of how local demands for resettlement and rehabilitation were transformed into a radical anti-dam campaign linked to national and transnational movement networks.

The book explains the Narmada conflict and addresses how the building of the anti-dam campaign was animated by processes of collective learning, how activists extended the spatial scope of their struggle by building networks of solidarity with transnational advocacy groups, and how it is embedded in and shaped by a wider field of force of capitalist development at national and transnational scales. The analysis emphasizes how the Narmada dam project is rela

25 States of Dispossession - Zerrin �zlem Biner
Auteur : Zerrin �zlem Biner
Genre : Anthropology
The military conflict between the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the Turkish Armed Forces has endured over the course of the past three decades. Since 1984, the conflict has claimed the lives of more than 45,000 civilians, militants, and soldiers, as well as causing thousands of casualties and disappearances. It has led to the displacement of millions of people and caused the forced evacuation of nearly 4,000 villages and towns. Suspended periodically by various cease-fires, the conflict has been a significant force in shaping many of the ethnic, social, and political enclaves of contemporary Turkey, where contradictory forms of governance have been installed across the Kurdish region.

In States of Dispossession, Zerrin Özlem Biner traces the violence of the protracted conflict in the Kurdish region through the lens of dispossession. By definition, dispossession im

26 Research, Political Engagement and Dispossession - Dip Kapoor & Steven Jordan
Auteur : Dip Kapoor & Steven Jordan
Genre : Anthropology
How social science research can make a positive contribution to local political struggles

27 Displacement and Dispossession in the Modern Middle East - Dawn Chatty
Auteur : Dawn Chatty
Genre : Social Science
Dispossession and forced migration in the Middle East remain even today significant elements of contemporary life in the region. Dawn Chatty's book traces the history of those who, as a reconstructed Middle East emerged at the beginning of the twentieth century, found themselves cut off from their homelands, refugees in a new world, with borders created out of the ashes of war and the fall of the Ottoman Empire. As an anthropologist, the author is particularly sensitive to individual experience and how these experiences have impacted on society as a whole from the political, social, and environmental perspectives. Through personal stories and interviews within different communities, she shows how some minorities, such as the Armenian and Circassian communities, have succeeded in integrating and creating new identities, whereas others, such as the Palestinians and the Kurds, have been lef

28 Anonymous Life - Jacques Khalip
Auteur : Jacques Khalip
Genre : Literary Criticism
Romanticism is often synonymous with models of identity and action that privilege individual empowerment and emotional autonomy. In the last two decades, these models have been the focus of critiques of Romanticism's purported self-absorption and alienation from politics. While such critiques have proven useful, they often draw attention to the conceptual or material tensions of romantic subjectivity while accepting a conspicuous, autonomous subject as a given, thus failing to appreciate the possibility that Romanticism sustains an alternative model of being, one anonymous and dispossessed, one whose authority is irreducible to that of an easily recognizable, psychologized persona. In Anonymous Life, Khalip goes against the grain of these dominant critical stances by examining anonymity as a model of being that is provocative for writers of the era because it resists the Enlighten

29 Theft Is Property! - Robert Nichols
Auteur : Robert Nichols
Genre : Social Science
Drawing on Indigenous peoples’ struggles against settler colonialism, Theft Is Property! reconstructs the concept of dispossession as a means of explaining how shifting configurations of law, property, race, and rights have functioned as modes of governance, both historically and in the present. Through close analysis of arguments by Indigenous scholars and activists from the nineteenth century to the present, Robert Nichols argues that dispossession has come to name a unique recursive process whereby systematic theft is the mechanism by which property relations are generated. In so doing, Nichols also brings long-standing debates in anarchist, Black radical, feminist, Marxist, and postcolonial thought into direct conversation with the frequently overlooked intellectual contributions of Indigenous peoples.

30 Social Environmental Conflicts in Mexico - Darcy Tetreault, Cindy McCulligh & Carlos Lucio
Auteur : Darcy Tetreault, Cindy McCulligh & Carlos Lucio
Genre : World Affairs
What are the political economic conditions that have given rise to increasing numbers of social environmental conflicts in Mexico? Why do these conflicts arise in some local and regional contexts and not in others? How are social environmental movements constructed and sustained? And what are the alternatives? These are the questions that this book seeks to address. It is organized into three parts. The first provides a panoramic view of social environmental conflicts in Mexico and of alternatives that are being constructed from below in rural areas. It also provides an analysis of the recent reforms to open the country’s energy sector to private and foreign investment. The second is comprised of local-level case studies of conflict (and no conflict) in diverse geographic locations and cultural settings, particularly in relation to the construction of wind farms, hydraulic infrastructu

31 Moral Ecologies - Carl J. Griffin, Roy Jones & Iain J. M. Robertson
Auteur : Carl J. Griffin, Roy Jones & Iain J. M. Robertson
Genre : World
This book offers the first systematic study of how elite conservation schemes and policies define once customary and vernacular forms of managing common resources as banditry—and how the ‘bandits’ fight back. Drawing inspiration from Karl Jacoby’s seminal Crimes against Nature, this book takes Jacoby’s moral ecology and extends the concept beyond the founding of American national parks. From eighteenth-century Europe, through settler colonialism in Africa, Australia and the Americas, to postcolonial Asia and Australia, Moral Ecologies takes a global stance and a deep temporal perspective, examining how the language and practices of conservation often dispossess Indigenous peoples and settlers, and how those groups resist in everyday ways. Drawing together archaeologists, anthropologists, geographers and historians, this is a methodologically diverse

32 Native Women and Land - Stephanie J. Fitzgerald
Auteur : Stephanie J. Fitzgerald
Genre : Social Science
“What roles do literary and community texts and social media play in the memory, politics, and lived experience of those dispossessed?” Fitzgerald asks this question in her introduction and sets out to answer it in her study of literature and social media by (primarily) Native women who are writing about and often actively protesting against displacement caused both by forced relocation and environmental disaster. By examining a range of diverse materials, including the writings of canonical Native American writers such as Louise Erdrich, Linda Hogan, and Elizabeth Cook-Lynn, and social media sites such as YouTube and Facebook, this work brings new focus to analyzing how indigenous communities and authors relate to land, while also exploring broader connections to literary criticism, environmental history and justice, ecocriticism, feminist studies, and new media studies.

33 Bombardier Abroad - David P. Thomas
Auteur : David P. Thomas
Genre : Political Science
In Bombardier Abroad, Thomas examines several cases of the Canadian aerospace giant’s work in the high-speed rail sector in South Africa, China/Tibet, and Israel/Palestine and argues that these projects are deepening existing social and political tensions. By participating in these infrastructure projects, Thomas argues, Bombardier is both inserting itself into highly contested social and political climates and profiting from actions that further exacerbate existing conditions of dispossession and inequality. Thomas also examines the various ways in which the Canadian state supports the work of Bombardier in these countries.

Centred around a theoretical framework that combines concepts of dispossession, political economy and important interventions from the field of settler colonial studies, Bombardier Abroad is a critical look at the problematic practices of a Canadian corp

34 The Land Wars - John Laband
Auteur : John Laband
Genre : Africa
Perhaps the most explosive issue in South Africa today is the question of land ownership. The central theme in this country’s colonial history is the dispossession of indigenous African societies by white settlers, and current calls for land restitution are based on this loss. Yet popular knowledge of the actual process by which Africans were deprived of their land is remarkably sketchy. This book recounts an important part of this history, describing how the Khoisan and Xhosa people were dispossessed and subjugated from the time that Europeans first arrived until the end of the Cape Frontier Wars (1779–1878). The Land Wars traces the unfolding hostilities involving Dutch and British colonial authorities, trekboers and settlers, and the San, Khoikhoin, Xhosa, Mfengu and Thembu people – as well as conflicts within these groups. In the process it describes the loss of land by African

35 The Politics of the Common Good - Jane R Goodall
Auteur : Jane R Goodall
Genre : Public Administration
‘The Earth is a Common Treasury’, proclaimed the English Revolutionaries in the 1640s. Does the principle of the commons offer us ways to respond now to the increasingly destructive effects of neoliberalism? With insight, passion and an eye on history, Jane Goodall argues that as the ravages of neo-liberalism tear ever more deeply into the social fabric, the principle of the commons should be restored to the heart of our politics. She looks in particular at land and public institutions in Australia and elsewhere. Many ordinary citizens seem prepared to support governments that increase national debt while selling off publicly owned assets and cutting back on services. In developed countries, extreme poverty is becoming widespread yet we are told we have never been so prosperous. This important book calls for a radically different kind of economy, one that will truly serve the common

36 Mapping Exile and Return - Alain Epp Weaver
Auteur : Alain Epp Weaver
Genre : Religion & Spirituality
One of the most persistent, if vexing, issues is the state of affairs in the ancient land of Palestine. Palestinian Christians bear the enormous brunt of suffering and dispossession in the current situation, and are burdened even more by Christian political appropriation of Zionism. Through an analysis of Palestinian refugee mapping practices for returning to their homeland, Alain Epp Weaver argues against the political theology embedded in Zionist cartographic practices that refuse and eliminate all evidence of co-existence, and offers a political theology of redrawing the territory compatible with a bi-national vision for a shared Palestinian-Israeli future.

37 Angel De Cora, Karen Thronson, and the Art of Place - Elizabeth Sutton
Auteur : Elizabeth Sutton
Genre : Art & Architecture
Angel De Cora (c. 1870–1919) was a Native Ho-Chunk artist who received relative acclaim during her lifetime. Karen Thronson (1850–1929) was a Norwegian settler housewife who created crafts and folk art in obscurity along with the other women of her small immigrant community. The immigration of Thronson and her family literally maps over the De Cora family’s forced migration across Wisconsin, Iowa, and onto the plains of Nebraska and Kansas. Tracing the parallel lives of these two women artists at the turn of the twentieth century, art historian Elizabeth Sutton reveals how their stories intersected and diverged in the American Midwest.

By examining the creations of these two artists, Sutton shows how each woman produced art or handicrafts that linked her new home to her homeland. Both women had to navigate and negotiate between asserting their authentic self and the expe

38 The Idea of Home in Law - Lorna Fox O'Mahony & James A. Sweeney
Auteur : Lorna Fox O'Mahony & James A. Sweeney
Genre : Social Science
The Idea of Home in Law: Displacement and Dispossession explores an important set of legal and policy issues surrounding the concepts of home and homelessness, taking a growing area of legal scholarship into the new arena of human rights and international law. The collection considers the ideas concerning home - both in the sense of the dwelling place as a special type of property, and territorial claims to homeland - which underpin many contemporary legal problems, by examining a range of contexts where people are displaced or dispossessed from their homes. The essays focusing on dispossession consider themes ranging from mortgage and rent arrears in the UK to responses to the foreclosure crisis in the USA, and from eviction for the purposes of economic development in South Africa to the exclusion of asylum seekers from the UK's social housing and welfare provision, and within the frame

39 Migrants and City-Making - Nina Glick Schiller
Auteur : Nina Glick Schiller
Genre : Anthropology
In Migrants and City-Making Ayşe Çağlar and Nina Glick Schiller trace the participation of migrants in the unequal networks of power that connect their lives to regional, national, and global institutions. Grounding their work in comparative ethnographies of three cities struggling to regain their former standing—Mardin, Turkey; Manchester, New Hampshire; and Halle/Saale, Germany—Çağlar and Glick Schiller challenge common assumptions that migrants exist on society’s periphery, threaten social cohesion, and require integration. Instead Çağlar and Glick Schiller explore their multifaceted role as city-makers, including their relationships to municipal officials, urban developers, political leaders, business owners, community organizers, and social justice movements. In each city Çağlar and Glick Schiller met with migrants from around the world; attended cultural

40 Unsettling Food Politics - Christopher Mayes
Auteur : Christopher Mayes
Genre : Philosophy
This book uses current debates over Michel Foucault’s method of genealogy as a practice of critique and historical problematization of the present to reveal the historical constitution of contemporary alternative food discourses.

41 Rhythm - Vincent Barletta
Auteur : Vincent Barletta
Genre : Literary Criticism
More than the persistent beat of a song or the structural frame of poetry, rhythm is a deeply imbedded force that drives our world and is also a central component of the condition of human existence. It’s the pulse of the body, a power that orders matter, a strange and natural force that flows through us. Virginia Woolf describes it as a “wave in the mind” that carries us, something we can no more escape than we could stop our hearts from beating.

Vincent Barletta explores rhythm through three historical moments, each addressing it as a phenomenon that transcends poetry, aesthetics, and even temporality. He reveals rhythm to be a power that holds us in place, dispossesses us, and shapes the foundations of our world. In these moments, Barletta encounters rhythm as a primordial and physical binding force that establishes order and form in the ancient world, as the anatomy

42 Tibetan Subjectivities on the Global Stage - Shelly Bhoil & Enrique Galvan-Alvarez
Auteur : Shelly Bhoil & Enrique Galvan-Alvarez
Genre : Asia
Tibetan Subjectivities on the Global Stage provides a comprehensive account of the ways Tibetans are reimagining their sense of belonging in the realms of politics, religion, and development. Drawing on sources and examples from Tibet and its diaspora, this book offers an image of Tibetan identity as a multifaceted, living, and changing entity.

43 Intimacies of Violence in the Settler Colony - Penelope Edmonds & Amanda Nettelbeck
Auteur : Penelope Edmonds & Amanda Nettelbeck
Genre : History
Violence and intimacy were critically intertwined at all stages of the settler colonial encounter, and yet we know surprisingly little of how they were connected in the shaping of colonial economies.  Extending a reading of ‘economies’ as labour relations into new arenas, this innovative collection of essays examines new understandings of the nexus between violence and intimacy in settler colonial economies of the British Pacific Rim. The sites it explores include cross-cultural exchange in sealing and maritime communities, labour relations on the frontier, inside the pastoral station and in the colonial home, and the material and emotional economies of exploration.  Following the curious mobility of texts, objects, and frameworks of knowledge, this volume teases out the diversity of ways in which violence and intimacy were expressed in the economies of everyday encounters

44 The Land Question in India - Anthony P. D'Costa & Achin Chakraborty
Auteur : Anthony P. D'Costa & Achin Chakraborty
Genre : Economics
Examines the centrality of land in contemporary development discourse in India and the role of the state in the dispossession of land from peasants and tribal communities. It looks at land acquisition processes, their legal and ethical implications, and the regional diversity of acquisition experiences in India.

45 On Rage - Germaine Greer
Auteur : Germaine Greer
Genre : Essays
ON RAGE is Germaine Greer's timeless essay about Aboriginal dispossession. With characteristic acuity and passion, Greer looks to the causes of rage and its consequences in Indigenous Australians.

Originally published six months after Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's Apology to the Stolen Generations in 2008, this is an urgent and provocative examination of disempowerment by one of Australia's leading polemicists.

46 Responding to Human Trafficking - Julie Kaye
Auteur : Julie Kaye
Genre : Social Science
Responding to Human Trafficking is the first book to critically examine responses to the growing issue of human trafficking in Canada. Julie Kaye challenges the separation of trafficking debates into international versus domestic emphases and explores the tangled ways in which anti-trafficking policies reflect and reinforce the settler-colonial nation-building project of Canada.  In doing so, Kaye reveals how some anti-trafficking measures create additional harms for the individuals they are trying to protect, particularly migrant and Indigenous women. The author’s critical examination draws upon theories of post- and settler-colonialism, Indigenous feminist thought, and fifty-six interviews with people in counter-trafficking employment across Western Canada.  

Responding to Human Trafficking provides a new framework for critical analyses of anti-traf

47 African Kings and Black Slaves - Herman L. Bennett
Auteur : Herman L. Bennett
Genre : Europe
As early as 1441, and well before other European countries encountered Africa, small Portuguese and Spanish trading vessels were plying the coast of West Africa, where they conducted business with African kingdoms that possessed significant territory and power. In the process, Iberians developed an understanding of Africa's political landscape in which they recognized specific sovereigns, plotted the extent and nature of their polities, and grouped subjects according to their ruler.

In African Kings and Black Slaves, Herman L. Bennett mines the historical archives of Europe and Africa to reinterpret the first century of sustained African-European interaction. These encounters were not simple economic transactions. Rather, according to Bennett, they involved clashing understandings of diplomacy, sovereignty, and politics. Bennett unearths the ways in which Africa's kings

48 Geographies of Forced Eviction - Katherine Brickell, Melissa Fernández Arrigoitia & Alexander Vasudevan
Auteur : Katherine Brickell, Melissa Fernández Arrigoitia & Alexander Vasudevan
Genre : Social Science
This book offers a close look at forced evictions, drawing on empirical studies and conceptual frameworks from both the Global North and South. It draws attention to arenas where multiple logics of urban dispossession, violence and insecurity are manifest, and where wider socio-economic, political and legal struggles converge. The authors highlight the need to apply emotional and affective registers of dispossession and insecurity to the socio-political and financial economies driving forced evictions across geographic scales. The chapters each consider the distinct urban logics of precarious housing or involuntary displacements that stretch across London, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai and Colombo. A timely addition to existing literature on urban studies, this collection will be of great interest to policy makers and scholars of human geography, development studies, and

49 An Israeli in Palestine - Jeff Halper
Auteur : Jeff Halper
Genre : Political Science
Israeli anthropologist and activist Jeff Halper throws a harsh light on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the point of view of a critical insider. While the Zionist founders of Israel created a vibrant society, culture and economy, they did so at a high price: Israel could not maintain its exclusive Jewish character without imposing on the country's Palestinian population policies of ethnic cleansing, occupation and discrimination, expressed most graphically in its ongoing demolition of thousands of Palestinian homes, both inside Israel and in the Occupied Territories.

An Israeli in Palestine records Halper's journey 'beyond the membrane' that shields his people from the harsh realities of Palestinian life to his 'discovery' that he was actually living in another country: Palestine. Without dismissing the legitimacy of his own country, he realises that Israel is defined b

50 Shadows of the Mountain - Robert D Prince
Auteur : Robert D Prince
Genre : Historical
A novel portraying the grim reality of how the Aborigines, the original inhabitants of Australia, were treated during the early days of European settlement.

The story digs into the heart of colonialism and the hearts of those involved in this epic period of history. Aborigines, who had occupied the continent for 60,000 years, suddenly found themselves embroiled in a conflict which threatend their very existence.

The tragedy, as witnessed by members of the Mossman River tribe of Northern Australia, begins when Europeans arrive in their secluded valley in 1874. It then traces the next 100 years of their struggle for survival and recognition.

James, a cedar woodcutter, falls in love with Marku a tribal beauty, and through their story the harshness of colonial rule is exposed. Juran, their mixed-race daughter, continues the fight, battling with a white admini
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