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1 HTML5 for Creative Directors - John Allsopp
Auteur : John Allsopp
Genre : Internet
By now, professional web designers and developers have got a fairly good grip of “HTML5”. Yes, we know most of what is referred to as HTML5 is not strictly HTML5 at all, indeed a good deal is not even HTML, rather CSS and the DOM. But we know what it is, what we can do with it, what drawbacks and challenges exist.
However when it comes to others we work with — clients, Creative Directors, CIOs and CTOs, well, let’s face it, there’s a good chance they’ve heard the term, perhaps some of the myths, and want to know more, but they aren’t as well versed in the nitty gritty. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.
HTML5 for Creatives Takes a high level, yet in depth, look at the capabilities, use cases, strengths and limitations of the whole suite of related technologies that are broadly referred to as “HTML5”. It’s written specifically for people


2 Sean Popke: Portfolio - Sean Popke
Auteur : Sean Popke
Genre : Photographie
View the portfolio of San Diego, CA based Photographer, Photojournalist, and Director of Photography Sean Popke.


3 Casting Director - Françoise Ménidrey
Auteur : Françoise Ménidrey
Genre : Biographies et mémoires
Françoise Ménidrey est l’une des directrices de casting les plus recherchées en France. Forte d’une expérience de plus de trente-cinq ans, passionnée par son métier, elle nous dévoile ici le monde méconnu des acteurs, agents, producteurs, techniciens et grandes stars qu’elle a côtoyés. Elle passe en revue les rencontres qui ont changé sa vie : l’équipe du Splendid, l’éclosion de Sophie Marceau, la collaboration avec Francis Veber. Elle nous raconte les séances de casting qui ont rythmé ses journées : comment choisir le bon acteur, sur quels critères le juger ? C’est l’envers d’un décor trompeur, rempli d’égocentrismes et de masques, où cruauté et glamour se disputent âprement, qu’elle nous ouvre dans cet ouvrage plein de révélations.

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4 Directors - Susan Beth Lehman
Auteur : Susan Beth Lehman
Genre : Psychologie
The interviews contained in Directors: From Stage to Screen and Back Again demonstrate the myriad ways in which a theater background can engender innovative and stimulating work in film. As unique and idiosyncratic as the personalities they feature, the Director’s conversations with Susan Beth Lehman range over a vast field of topics. Each one traces its subject’s personal artistic journey and explores how he or she handled the lessons and challenges of moving from stage to screen.

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5 Implementing an IBM b-type SAN with 8 Gbps Directors and Switches - IBM Redbooks
Auteur : IBM Redbooks
Genre : Réseau
"Do everything that is necessary and absolutely nothing that is not." This IBM® Redbooks® publication, written at a Data Center Fabric Manager v10.1.4 and Fabric Operating System v6.4 level, consolidates critical information while also covering procedures and tasks that you are likely to encounter on a daily basis when implementing an IBM b-type SAN. The products that we describe in this book have more functionality than we can possibly cover in a single book. A storage area network (SAN) is a powerful infrastructure for consolidation, distance solutions, and data sharing. The quality applications that the IBM SAN portfolio provides can help you take full advantage of the benefits of the SAN. In this book, we cover the latest additions to the IBM b-type SAN family and show how you can implement them in an open systems environment. In particular, we focus on the Fibre Channel Protoco


6 The IPO Handbook: A Guide for Entrepreneurs, Executives, Directors and Private Investors - Sonny Allison, Justin Bastian, Eric DeJong, Nora Gibson, Christopher Hall & David McShea
Auteur : Sonny Allison, Justin Bastian, Eric DeJong, Nora Gibson, Christopher Hall & David McShea
Genre : Droit
An initial public offering is the realization of a dream for many entrepreneurs, executives, board members and stockholders, a singular achievement that demonstrates their success in building a strong business and creating value for owners, employees and customers. However, an initial public offering is not only a milestone, it is also the entrance into a new stage—life as a public company—that possesses its own unique opportunities, risks and challenges.

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8 Water - John Palmer Ph.D., former research director, Rhine Research Center, former editor, Journal of Parapsychology & Colin Kaminski
Auteur : John Palmer Ph.D., former research director, Rhine Research Center, former editor, Journal of Parapsychology & Colin Kaminski
Genre : Boissons
Water is arguably the most critical and least understood of the foundation elements in brewing beer. Water: A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers, third in Brewers Publications’ Brewing Elements series, takes the mystery out of water’s role in the brewing process. The book leads brewers through the chemistry and treatment of brewing water, from an overview of water sources, to adjusting water for different beer styles, and different brewery processes, to wastewater treatment. The discussions include how to read water reports, understanding flavor contributions, residual alkalinity, malt acidity, and mash pH.

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9 Startup Boards - Brad Feld & Mahendra Ramsinghani
Auteur : Brad Feld & Mahendra Ramsinghani
Genre : Entreprise et management
An essential guide to understanding the dynamics of a startup's board of directors
Let's face it, as founders and entrepreneurs, you have a lot on your plate—getting to your minimum viable product, developing customer interaction, hiring team members, and managing the accounts/books. Sooner or later, you have a board of directors, three to five (or even seven) Type A personalities who seek your attention and at times will tell you what to do. While you might be hesitant to form a board, establishing an objective outside group is essential for startups, especially to keep you on track, call you out when you flail, and in some cases, save you from yourself.

In Startup Boards, Brad Feld—a Boulder, Colorado-based entrepreneur turned-venture capitalist—shares his experience in this area by talking about the importance of having the right board members on y

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10 Brewing Classic Styles - Jamil Zainasheff & John Palmer Ph.D., former research director, Rhine Research Center, former editor, Journal of Parapsychology
Auteur : Jamil Zainasheff & John Palmer Ph.D., former research director, Rhine Research Center, former editor, Journal of Parapsychology
Genre : Techniques
Award-winning brewer Jamil Zainasheff teams up with homebrewing expert John J. Palmer to share award-winning recipes for each of the 80-plus competition styles. Using extract-based recipes for most categories, the duo gives sure-footed guidance to brewers interested in reproducing classic beer styles for their own enjoyment or to enter into competitions.

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11 Human Resources Changes the World - Glenn G Jones
Auteur : Glenn G Jones
Genre : Secteurs et professions
Which mindset do you think existing Boards and CEOs are in when it comes to HRDs being able to make the move to CEO?

Have you ever asked the question why HR Directors don’t make the move to CEO? Why Boards and CEOs ignore “HRness”? Is HR really dead? Where is HR’s guiding North Star? Could you imagine an HR Director being your CEO?

In Human Resources Changes the World, Glenn G Jones examines the available research and sets out the reasons why HR is not progressing to its full potential; it will surprise you. If you’ve never thought of becoming a CEO and you are in HR, then think again.

After over thirty years in HR and six years in freelance HR consulting, the above questions have become something that Glenn needed to tackle.

In this book, Glenn sets out the actions and mindset that must be adopted to enable HR to really change the wo

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12 The Eye - Nathan Williams
Auteur : Nathan Williams
Genre : Design
They’re often behind the scenes, letting their work take center stage. But now Nathan Williams, founder and creative director of Kinfolk magazine and author of The Kinfolk TableThe Kinfolk Home, and The Kinfolk Entrepreneur—with over 250,000 copies in print combined—brings more than 90 of the most iconic and influential creative directors into the spotlight.

In The Eye, we meet fashion designers like Claire Waight Keller and Thom Browne. Editorial directors like Fabien Baron and Marie-Amélie Sauvé. Tastemakers like Grace Coddington and Linda Rodin. We learn about the books they read, the mentors who guided them, their individual techniques for achieving success. We learn how they developed their eye—and how they’ve used it to communicate visual ideas that have captured generations an

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13 Apollo and America's Moon Landing Program - Oral Histories of Managers, Engineers, and Workers (Set 2) - Including Cohen, Fendell, Frank, Fuqua, Garman, Gavin (Lunar Module Program Director) - David N. Spires
Auteur : David N. Spires
Genre : Ingénierie
The fascinating oral histories of two dozen Apollo lunar program pioneers - converted for accurate flowing-text ebook format reproduction - provide new insights into this extraordinary effort, with vital observations about an era of space history that changed the world. The interviews divulge new information and some long-held secrets; they are sometimes emotional, sometimes analytical, with revealing anecdotes, stories of supervisors and colleagues, hardware, spacecraft, rockets, triumphs and tragedies. Even serious space enthusiasts will find numerous "aha, I didn't know that" comments!

Contents include: Chapter 1: Aaron Cohen * Chapter 2: Jeanne L. Crews * Chapter 3: Joseph W. Cuzzupoli * Chapter 4: Hubert P. Davis * Chapter 5: John E. DeFife * Chapter 6: Charles F. Deiterich * Chapter 7: Charles J. Donlan * Chapter 8: Charles L. Dumis * Chapter 9: William B. Easter * Chapt

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14 Billy Wilder - Glenn Hopp
Auteur : Glenn Hopp
Genre : Film
A bullet-riddled body floats in the pool of a faded screen star. A desperate wife and a crafty insurance man mix lust with murder. Two musicians flee Prohibition gangsters by joining an all-girl band. A likeable loser climbs the corporate ladder by pimping for his bosses. Only in the skewed world of Billy Wilder would such situations provide the context for classic cinema: Sunset Boulevard, Double Indemnity, Some Like It Hot, and The Apartment.

Over a career longer than that of any other celebrated film-maker, Wilder has co written and directed an enduring body of work noted for its range, intelligence, wit, and bracing, if off-kilter, morality. A master of many genres, the six-time Oscar winner has given the world classic comedies (Ninotchka, The Seven Year Itch), romances (Sabrina, Love In The Afternoon), and dramas (The Lost Weekend, Stalag 17). Even movies once dismissed a

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15 Dramatic Adventures in Rhetoric - Giles Taylor & Phlip Wilson
Auteur : Giles Taylor & Phlip Wilson
Genre : Arts du spectacle
A practical and accessible guide to identifying and using rhetorical devices in plays, past and present. An unprecedented reference book for actors, directors, playwrights and teachers – written by practitioners for practitioners.

Giles Taylor and Philip Wilson address in detail – yet in straightforward terms – the many different rhetorical forms used in drama, and enable the reader to analyze their effect. The study of rhetoric can give an insight into character and intention, thereby unlocking a text for a performer or director, and providing inspiration for contemporary playwrights.

Dramatic Adventures in Rhetoric may be read from cover to cover, or it may be dipped into: it is both an analytic tool and a reference for use in the rehearsal room or for study purposes. The book includes hundreds of examples, from almost 300 plays by 140 p

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16 Montgomery's Civil Heritage Trail - Site Directors & Friends of the Civil Heritage Trail
Auteur : Site Directors & Friends of the Civil Heritage Trail
Genre : États-Unis
Montgomery's cultural heritage reflects two of America's most transformative struggles: the Civil War and the civil rights movement. On February 18, 1861, Jefferson Davis was inaugurated as president of the Confederate States of America on the Alabama Capitol steps. Those same steps marked the final destination of the Selma Montgomery voting rights march on March 25, 1965. The telegram to fire on Fort Sumter originated from the Winter Building on Court Square on April 11, 1861. Just down the street, and a century later, Mrs. Rosa L. Parks refused to give up her seat, sparking the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Discover these compelling stories and more surrounding the historical landmarks along Montgomery's Civil Heritage Trail.

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17 Christian Science Hymnal -- Words Only (Authorized Edition) - Mary Baker Eddy & The Christian Science Board of Directors
Auteur : Mary Baker Eddy & The Christian Science Board of Directors
Genre : Musique
Texts of the 429 hymns in the Christian Science Hymnal are presented in poetic format for easy reading and reference. The inspiring messages from these hymns bring healing, comfort, and joy. This volume is a helpful resource for First Readers and those who select and read hymns for church services. The Sterling Edition cover design uses photographs which are details from a stained glass window in the Original Mother Church edifice of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, MA. A first line index is included for your convenience.

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18 Glossary - Directors & Boards
Auteur : Directors & Boards
Genre : Secteurs et professions
Affiliate A person who directly or indirectly controls, or is controlled by, an issuing company. Control means the power to direct the management and policies of the company through ownership of voting securities, by contract or otherwise. Generally, officers, directors, 10% shareholders, and their immediate family members are considered to be affiliates.

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19 Typography 35 - Type Directors Club
Auteur : Type Directors Club
Genre : Design
A showcase of the year's best typographic work in print and on screen in advertising, communications, education, marketing, and publishing.

The only annual publication devoted exclusively to the art of type, Typography 35 presents the finest work in the field for 2013. Selected from approximately 2,300 international submissions to the annual Type Directors Club competition, the winning designs are models of excellence and innovation in the use of type design, representing a wide range of categories in diverse fields, including books, magazines, corporate branding, logos, stationery, annual reports, video and web graphics, and posters.

Each year, the Type Directors Club selects a prominent design studio or designer to curate the latest Typography book and select the winners of their annual typography competition. Tremendous creative freedom is given to each studio, a

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20 Typography 34 - Type Directors Club
Auteur : Type Directors Club
Genre : Design
For over fifty years, the Type Directors Club has encouraged the worldwide graphic arts community to achieve excellence in typography through its annual international competitions. Typography 34 is the only annual devoted exclusively to typography and presents the finest work in the field for the year 2012. Selected from approximately 2300 international submissions to the annual Type Directors Club competition, the winning designs are models of excellence and innovation in the use of type design, representing a wide range of categories including books, magazines, corporate identities, logos, stationery, annual reports, video and web graphics, and posters. Typography 34 is designed by Chip Kidd.

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21 The 1921 Annual of Advertising Art - Art Directors Club
Auteur : Art Directors Club
Genre : Art et architecture
The publishing boom of the early twentieth century led to an entirely new vocation, that of art direction for editorial publications and advertising. In 1921, the recently formed Art Directors Club resolved to show that their profession involved more than just signage for selling products. Their exhibition of paintings and drawings, intended to prove their work worthy of artistic consideration, was judged by a jury that featured some of the era's most distinguished names in illustration and art, including Ashcan School painter Robert Henri; Charles Dana Gibson, creator of the "Gibson Girl"; and outstanding New York artist Joseph Pennell, among others.
This reproduction of the exhibition's catalog offers a generous selection of more than 300 halftone images, accompanied by an appendix of the ads' corresponding sources. New to this edition are added pages of brilliant color reproduct

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22 Diamond in the Rough: Surviving a 'Downdraft': The Descent Following the Bursting of the Tech Bubble was Horrifying. From This Near-Death Experience, There are Lots of Lessons to be Learned in Management Resilience and Mounting a Comeback (Leadership) - Directors & Boards
Auteur : Directors & Boards
Genre : Secteurs et professions
THE U.S. ECONOMY was finally confirmed in December 2008 to be in a recession. It is probably going to be deeper and longer than we'd like it to be. Executive management of many, if not most, companies in every sector of the economy will be facing hard times in the coming years. This is going to be a new experience for most of the executive management teams who are leading companies today. You would have to reflect back to the early 1980s to have an experience that even approaches the potential of the coming economic slowdown. The last downturn the U.S. experienced was right after the turn of the millennium when the tech bubble burst. Economists told us that was a short and shallow and recession. Capital spending took a sharp turn down, but it was focused on technology investment. Consumers also spent less in 2001 and 2002. But, their spending only slowed; it never contracted. In the m

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23 Dodd-Frank Requires a Thicker-Skinned Board: Opposition Cant be Avoided, So Stop Being So Sensitive to Voting Outcomes and Make Sure You are Not Lowering the Bar to Curry Shareholder Favor (Proxy Voting) - Directors & Boards
Auteur : Directors & Boards
Genre : Secteurs et professions
EARLY IN MY 26 YEARS as a proxy consultant I learned that it was important to have a sense of each issuer's tolerance for opposition votes on proxy issues. In the early years of the governance reform movement many companies could be quite resolute and were willing to resist shareholder activists, oftentimes for years. Of course there were also some companies that never wanted to be seen as the "bad guy" and generally gave in to activists. But at the time of the corporate accounting scandals (i.e. Enron, Tyco etc.) some 10 years ago the balance shifted, and I now find that the majority of issuers are much more sensitive to shareholder pressure and much more willing to accede to shareholder demands. Thus over the last decade or so most companies have given up their takeover defenses and agreed to various governance and compensation reforms. Some of this was high minded--"we want to have

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24 Typography 33 - Type Directors Club
Auteur : Type Directors Club
Genre : Design
For over fifty years, the Type Directors Club has encouraged the worldwide graphic arts community to achieve excellence in typography through its annual international competitions. Typography 33 is the only annual devoted exclusively to typography and presents the finest work in the field for the year 2011. Selected from approximately 2300 international submissions to the annual Type Directors Club competition, the winning designs are models of excellence and innovation in the use of type design, representing a wide range of categories including books, magazines, corporate identities, logos, stationery, annual reports, video and web graphics, and posters.

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25 Typography 32 - Type Directors Club
Auteur : Type Directors Club
Genre : Design
For the past fifty-seven years, the Type Directors Club (TDC) has encouraged the graphic arts community to achieve excellence in typography through its annual competitions. Typography 32 is the latest Annual devoted exclusively to typography and presents the finest work in this field from 2010. Selected from more than 1,500 international submissions to TDC57, the 208 winning designs are models of excellence and innovation in contemporary type design. This year's selection encompasses a wide range of categories, including books, magazines, corporate identity, logotypes, stationery, annual reports, video and Web graphics, and posters. Each winning entry is displayed in full color and is accompanied by complete information about the designer, client, typography, and more. This year's volume also features the results of the club's fourteenth annual type design competition, TDC2 2011 and TDC

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26 The Audit Committee's Ten 'To-Dos' for 2011: Kpmg's Audit Committee Institute Spotlights the Issues That should be Top of Mind This Year (Competitive Edge) - Directors & Boards
Auteur : Directors & Boards
Genre : Secteurs et professions
THE AUDIT COMMITTEE'S workload "is not going to get any lighter in 2011," says Jim Lid-dy, vice chair, Audit, KPMG LLP, the U.S. audit, tax and advisory firm. "Whether it's new accounting standards, the impact of Dodd-Frank regulations and the demands on compliance programs, or the global risk environment, audit committees will have a full plate in the year ahead." KPMG's Audit Committee Institute again offers its annual "Ten To-Dos for Audit Committees," highlighting issues that should be top of mind in 2011: 1. Keep the audit committee's eye on the ball: financial reporting and related internal control risk. Ensuring that the audit committee agenda appropriately focuses on the issues that require the committee's attention will be a significant undertaking in 2011. The challenges of a continuing slow growth economy coupled with the impact of major public policy and regulatory initiat

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27 A Remarkable Achievement - The Presser Performing Arts Center Board of Directors
Auteur : The Presser Performing Arts Center Board of Directors
Genre : Histoire
Presser Hall (completed in 1927) was one of the showcase buildings on the campus of Hardin College, in Mexico, Missouri. But only five years after the stunning auditorium was built, the college closed amidst the Great Depression.

Orphaned by circumstances, the majestic theater slowly succumbed to the ravages of time. By 1987 it looked tired and abandoned. With no prospects for adoption and renewal, it seemed that Presser Hall would be lost forever.

But two determined women in the small town decided otherwise. Soon, they were joined by other community members who refused to let the dream die. And so, the Presser Hall Restoration Society was born. That small spark not only rescued a historic treasure, but also kindled the flame of artistic creativity throughout central Missouri. Discover how that arts renaissance unfolded in A Remarkable Achievement.

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28 Hello Board of Directors (Meet Nevada Nurses Association's Board of Directors!) (List) - Nevada RNformation
Auteur : Nevada RNformation
Genre : Forme et santé
RNFormation would like to introduce the NNA State Board of Directors for 2009 to our readers. Congratulations and welcome to those who are new to the NNA State Board, and thank you to those who are continuing to serve the nurses of Nevada. Tracy L. Singh, RN, JD--NNA President

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29 Funeral Directors Association Of Los Angeles And Southern California V. Board Of Funeral Directors And Embalmers - Supreme Court Of California In Bank
Auteur : Supreme Court Of California In Bank
Genre : Droit
SCHAUER, J. The sole question before us is whether or not a minute order of this court denying, ex parte and without written decision, a petition made directly to this court for a writ of mandate to compel respondent Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers to enforce a "judgment and sentence" pronounced by such board, renders res judicata a subsequent petition for the writ, made to the superior court and containing averments and exhibits substantially identical with those of the earlier petition to this court. The parties are the same. We state unequivocally that such minute order was not intended to, and did not, constitute a decision upon the merits of the petition, and therefore is not a bar to the subsequent proceeding.

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30 The Current Board Directors: Comprehensive List of the Latinos Currently Serving on Corporate Boards (II the Latino Talent Showcase/the Current Board Directors) (List) - Latino Leaders
Auteur : Latino Leaders
Genre : Sciences sociales
This list is a sampling of Latinos who serve on various types of boards. Due to space constraints, only selected boards are listed. These outstanding individuals serve on an impressive array of numerous additional non-profit, private, academic, government, and foundation boards. Arcilia Acosta

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31 Management Education for Library Directors: Are Graduate Library Programs Providing Future Library Directors with the Skills and Knowledge They will Need?(Report) - Journal of Education for Library and Information Science
Auteur : Journal of Education for Library and Information Science
Genre : Arts et disciplines linguistiques
Introduction: Librarianship and the Discipline of Management The library director position is the prevalent managerial position within the library profession. Library directors must deal with all the personnel decisions related to full-time, hourly and student employees. Depending on the organizational structure of the institution, library directors interact with union and/or non-union employees. They must be aware of various human resource related topics, such as reasonable accommodation, sexual harassment, fair labor standards, equal employment opportunity provisions, and more. Library directors must provide training and supervision of the professional librarians, non-professional staff, and student assistants in their organizations. Library directors must make personnel decisions involving recruiting, hiring, training, evaluating and terminating staff. They must also make recommendati

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32 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Inside Out Director’s Cut - Kevin Eastman
Auteur : Kevin Eastman
Genre : Romans graphiques
Comic legends Kevin Eastman and Bill Sienkiewicz return to "Inside Out" their lauded story from TMNT Universe #1-5! Featuring unseen layouts and design art!

5,49 €

33 Superman (2014-) #1 Director's Cut - Geoff Johns & John Romita, Jr.
Auteur : Geoff Johns & John Romita, Jr.
Genre : Romans graphiques
Reprinting the explosive first chapter of "The Man of Tomorrow," from SUPERMAN #32, featuring the spectacular pencil art of John Romita, Jr., along with the entire script by legendary comics writer Geoff Johns!

3,49 €

34 Batman Zero Year Director’s Cut #1 - Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Rafael Albuquerque & Greg Capullo
Auteur : Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Rafael Albuquerque & Greg Capullo
Genre : Romans graphiques
“Zero Year” part 1! Twists and turns are around every corner as Bruce Wayne takes the final steps toward his destiny! And in the backup story, learn more about how different Gotham City was at this dangerous point in time.

This special edition features exclusive content not found in the original issue: BATMAN (2011- ) #21!

4,49 €

35 The Growth Director’s Secret - Andrew Brent
Auteur : Andrew Brent
Genre : Entreprise et management
Shortlisted for the CMI's Management Book of the Year Award 2018 and the Business Book Awards 2018

Growth can be the most important attribute that any business can have, and yet is commonly the least well-managed area of a business' operations.

Explaining why this is, The Growth Director's Secret examines the structural/cultural factors that hold many conventionally-organized companies back. The book explores important new insights from neurological research, which reveal near-universal misunderstandings about consumer motivations, shopping behaviour and brand choice. Andy Brent shows how these flaws lead many businesses to develop bland, undifferentiated consumer propositions and wasteful commercial/marketing plans, which condemn them to year upon year of stagnant growth.

The book challenges much current commercial and marketing th

25,99 €

36 The Director's Manual - Peter C. Browning & William L. Sparks
Auteur : Peter C. Browning & William L. Sparks
Genre : Management et direction
Directors: Improve Board Performance
The Director's Manual: A Framework for Board Governance offers current and aspiring board members essential up-to-date governance guidance that blends rigorous research-based information with the wisdom found only through practical, direct experience. The book's flexible approach to solving governance issues reflects the authors' belief that no two boards and the cultural dynamics that drive them are the same. As such, the advice offered reflects recognizable leadership dynamics and real world, relevant organizational situations.

The book's two authors, Peter C. Browning, an experienced CEO and member of numerous boards and William L. Sparks, a respected organizational researcher, combine their individual experiences and talents to create a book that is both innovative and applicable to directors in any industry sector.

27,99 €

37 Batman: Endgame #40 Director's Cut (2011-) #1 - Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo
Auteur : Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo
Genre : Romans graphiques
The sensational finale to the “Endgame” epic gets the Director’s Cut treatment! BATMAN #40 is reprinted with Greg Capullo’s art in pencil form, plus original script pages by the one and only Scott Snyder!

5,49 €

38 Forever Evil (2013- ) Director’s Cut #1 - Geoff Johns & David Finch
Auteur : Geoff Johns & David Finch
Genre : Romans graphiques
The Justice League is DEAD! And the villains shall INHERIT the Earth! An epic tale centering on the world’s greatest super-villains starts here—with the destruction of one of the world’s greatest super-heroes!

This special edition features exclusive content not found in the original issue!

4,49 €

39 A Director’s Guide to the Art of Stand-up - Chris Head
Auteur : Chris Head
Genre : Arts du spectacle
Stand-up: it's the ultimate solo art form. Yet, behind the scenes, you will increasingly find the shadowy figure of a director. For comics themselves and for those who support them, this is the first book to give the director's perspective on creating and performing stand-up comedy. Drawing on his own experience of directing stand-up alongside speaking to comedians and their directors, Chris Head produces a revealing perspective on the creative process, comic persona, writing stand-up, structuring material and delivering a performance.

Directors interviewed include Logan Murray, John Gordillo and Simon McBurney, who between them have directed Eddie Izzard, Michael McIntyre, Milton Jones, Lenny Henry and French & Saunders. With a foreword by BBC arts editor Will Gompertz and contributions from many other interviewees including Oliver Double (author of Getting the Joke
18,99 €

40 Batman: Europa Director's Cut (2016-) #1 - Brian Azzarello, Matteo Casali, Jim Lee & Giuseppe Camuncoli
Auteur : Brian Azzarello, Matteo Casali, Jim Lee & Giuseppe Camuncoli
Genre : Romans graphiques
Superstar artist Jim Lee returns to the Dark Knight with this premiere issue, now presented in pencil form in this new DIRECTOR’S CUT Special! The impossible has happened and Batman is on the verge of being taken down by an enemy he cannot defeat: a virus for which there is no cure! And the only hope for his salvation is The Joker! Who infected Batman, what does the Clown Prince of Crime know, and how will the Dark Knight get that information?

5,49 €

41 The Director's Cut - Jay Con
Auteur : Jay Con
Genre : Romans et littérature
Singapore Jones is a director with Legendary status. Known for countless box-office-breaking films - and his exotic and unusual name - he lives his life in mysterious solitude. To the outside world, he has it all; looks, money beyond imagination, stunning wife, success... Maxine Raymond Wilkins is an aspiring writer, stuck in a dead-end job as an estate agent, caring for her ailing father with no money and supporting the family business. Time poor and seemingly stuck, she escapes from her hum-drum life in her writing. Events take a turn for both Maxine and Singapore, and their lives become flipped upside down - for better and for worse. But how will Maxine cope with her new-found fortune? And how will Singapore cope when his life is exposed to the world outside?

2,99 €

42 Casino Surveillance Director's Report - Forrest Nelson
Auteur : Forrest Nelson
Genre : Arts et disciplines linguistiques
Casinos hate me for this!
Former Director of Surveillance and 30-year casino veteran shows you how to spot cheaters, count cards, and keep yourself safe when you visit casinos. Have you ever wished you could go to a casino and turn the tables on them? Tired of being just another player losing his money, pretending to have a great time? Wouldn’t you—for a change—like to cut the house advantage, and maybe even win once in a while?
Of course you would. We all want to feel like we could walk into a casino, play some blackjack and go home a winner. Some of us dream of breaking the bank; others have less lofty goals and just want to win, even just a little. Well, why not? Why can’t you? Why not you?
Easier than you think!
Have you ever thought it would be great to be able to count cards, but either couldn’t afford the outrageous prices of old-school card counting,

0,99 €

43 Transformers: Spotlight Drift - Director’s Cut - Shane McCarthy, Casey Coller & Livio Ramondelli
Auteur : Shane McCarthy, Casey Coller & Livio Ramondelli
Genre : Romans graphiques
ALL HAIL DRIFT! From his debut, the former DECEPTICON called DRIFT has been one of the most controversial—and popular—TRANSFORMERS characters! Now relive his first solo adventure with an outstanding array of behind-the-scenes material! Learn how DRIFT went from a supporting character in a comic book to a toy—and how he became a part of the TRANSFORMERS mythology!

1,49 €

44 Director's Cut - Valerie Douglas
Auteur : Valerie Douglas
Genre : Romance
Once the golden boy in Hollywood, Jack Tyler's life and career are on the skids. Struggling to find some direction, a visit to an old friend brings him to Millersburg and the community theater group there. He's fighting his demons hoping to rediscover his roots, his love of theater, through them.
He also discovers schoolteacher/community theater actress, Molly Brighton.
Molly, though, wants no part of the sexy new director. He's too handsome, too charming, too dangerous to her heart.
The attraction is difficult to ignore, especially when aided by Jack's old friend, an unrepentant matchmaker with his own reasons for bringing them together.

4,49 €

45 The Executive Director's Message (Tom Bradley) - Air Power History
Auteur : Air Power History
Genre : Ingénierie
Your Foundation continues to work on better ways to fulfill its mission of promoting the preservation and appreciation of the history and heritage of the United States Air Force and its predecessors. Membership Renewal. We are working to improve our membership renewal processes. We intend to get our renewal reminders out earlier in the cycle, and to be a little more persistent in asking rather than just letting members go without additional reminders.

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46 Reality's Poetry: Kore-Eda Hirokazu Between Fact and Fiction (Comparison Between the Movie Director's Documentary and Feature Films) (Critical Essay) - Film Criticism
Auteur : Film Criticism
Genre : Arts du spectacle
One only needs to click into the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) to make sure that the three most famous fiction features by the Japanese director Kore-eda Hirokazu are Maborosi (Maborosi no hikari, 1995), After Life (Wandarufu raifu, 1998), and Nobody Knows (Dare mo shiranai, 2004). These three films have won the director the most critical acclaim and the most international awards. The inspiration for both Maborosi and After Life springs directly from Kore-eda's work as a documentary filmmaker (Mes and Sharp 208, 210). The third and perhaps most successful film, Nobody Knows, was also inspired by one of Kore-eda's TV-documentaries, but not in quite as direct a manner as the other two. There are, in other words, close ties between Kore-eda's fictions and non-fictions. But how, precisely, does Kore-eda apply his lessons learned as a documentary filmmaker when he directs fiction features? A

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47 A Band Director’s Field Guide to the French Horn - Garson Olivieri
Auteur : Garson Olivieri
Genre : Éducation
A concise, portable reference guide to real world issues and their solutions regarding teaching the french horn in school bands.


48 Dark Knight III: The Master Race Book One Director's Cut (2016) - Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello & Andy Kubert
Auteur : Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello & Andy Kubert
Genre : Romans graphiques
The epic story continues in a way you never saw coming, and now it’s back in a new Director’s Cut edition because you demanded it! The Dark Knight rises again to face the dawn of the master race in these stories from issue #1 of the 8-issue miniseries, which includes the minicomic.

6,99 €

49 Athletic Director's Desk Reference - Donna A. Lopiano
Auteur : Donna A. Lopiano
Genre : Secteurs et professions
Athletic Director’s Desk Reference With Web Resource is the most authoritative and comprehensive resource available for collegiate athletic administrators. Loaded with practical tools, this resource guides program administrators in navigating their increasingly complex roles in athletic programs of any size. With this reference, administrators will confidently handle typical and unexpected situations and address the various policy and system needs required for running a successful athletic program.

Authors Lopiano and Zotos, well known and respected for their contributions to collegiate and scholastic athletics, guide readers with more than 75 combined years of experience as athletic program administrators, coaches, and consultants. Complete with a practical web resource, Athle

69,99 €

50 An Honors Director's Credo (Curricular Designs) - Honors in Practice
Auteur : Honors in Practice
Genre : Éducation
"Finis Origine Pendet" wrote Manlius: the end depends upon the beginning. True enough. But what if we looked at a desired end to work backward and see what steps we might take to get to that place? What do we want for our children, for our students, and for the graduates of our schools? What do hope to see when we look across our desks at job applicants? What do we watch for on television when candidates for office are explaining their reasons for wanting to serve and what they intend to accomplish if elected? What do we want for the people we love and for those we might not know but whose future prospects will affect our own? My hope for students, regardless of their age, is the same as my hope for my children: full brains, open minds, the ability to read, write, think, and speak clearly, the optimism and service ethic to believe that they can change the world for the better, and the

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