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1 Dignity - Donna Hicks & Desmond Tutu
Auteur : Donna Hicks & Desmond Tutu
Genre : Psychologie
The desire for dignity is universal and powerful. It is a motivating force behind all human interaction—in families, in communities, in the business world, and in relationships at the international level. When dignity is violated, the response is likely to involve aggression, even violence, hatred, and vengeance. On the other hand, when people treat one another with dignity, they become more connected and are able to create more meaningful relationships. Surprisingly, most people have little understanding of dignity, observes Donna Hicks in this important book. She examines the reasons for this gap and offers a new set of strategies for becoming aware of dignity's vital role in our lives and learning to put dignity into practice in everyday life.

Drawing on her extensive experience in international conflict resolution and on insights from evolutionary biology, psychology, an

20,99 €

2 Bullshit Jobs - David Graeber
Auteur : David Graeber
Genre : Carrière
From bestselling writer David Graeber—“a master of opening up thought and stimulating debate” (Slate)—a powerful argument against the rise of meaningless, unfulfilling jobs…and their consequences.

Does your job make a meaningful contribution to the world? In the spring of 2013, David Graeber asked this question in a playful, provocative essay titled “On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs.” It went viral. After one million online views in seventeen different languages, people all over the world are still debating the answer.

There are hordes of people—HR consultants, communication coordinators, telemarketing researchers, corporate lawyers—whose jobs are useless, and, tragically, they know it. These people are caught in bullshit jobs.

Graeber explores one of society’s most vexing and deeply felt concerns, indicting among other

12,99 €

3 Identity - Francis Fukuyama
Auteur : Francis Fukuyama
Genre : Science politique
The New York Times bestselling author of The Origins of Political Order offers a provocative examination of modern identity politics: its origins, its effects, and what it means for domestic and international affairs of state

In 2014, Francis Fukuyama wrote that American institutions were in decay, as the state was progressively captured by powerful interest groups. Two years later, his predictions were borne out by the rise to power of a series of political outsiders whose economic nationalism and authoritarian tendencies threatened to destabilize the entire international order. These populist nationalists seek direct charismatic connection to “the people,” who are usually defined in narrow identity terms that offer an irresistible call to an in-group and exclude large parts of the population as a whole.

Demand for recognition of one’s

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4 The Affirmation of Genuine Human Dignity (Essay) - Journal of Markets & Morality
Auteur : Journal of Markets & Morality
Genre : Entreprise et management
Catholic theology has always had to address the question of the human person's status within creation. Scripture itself makes unavoidable serious reflection on this problem. The opening chapter of Genesis, for instance, relates that man was created "in God's image" and that upon his creation God saw that all of creation was "very good." The prologue to the Gospel of John further reveals that while creation occurred through God's eternal Word, the Word also "became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth." Taking its bearings from such scriptural statements, Catholic theology traditionally has described the human person's place in creation, using terms borrowed from the broader context of Catholic cosmology. To understand the human person, one must first view him in relation to God and only then in relation to the rest of creation. Such a comparison reveals that the human person

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5 Dignity - Alys Conran
Auteur : Alys Conran
Genre : Lettres

'Makes you smile while breaking your heart' Woman's Weekly
'I loved this... Magda is a real stand-out character for me in books I've read recently, I can't quite stop thinking about her' Jane Garvey, BBC Woman's Hour
'Fierce and compassionate... Three brilliantly realised characters, finely drawn and entirely believable' Mail on Sunday

Magda is a former scientist with a bad temper and a sharp tongue, now living alone in a huge house by the sea. Confined to a wheelchair, her once spotless home crumbling around her, she gets through carers at a rate of knots.

Until Susheela arrives, bursting through the doors of Magda's house, carrying life with her: grief for her mother's recent death; worry for her father; longing for

3,99 €

6 Leading with Dignity - Donna Hicks
Auteur : Donna Hicks
Genre : Management et direction
What every leader needs to know about dignity and how to create a culture in which everyone thrives
This landmark book from an expert in dignity studies explores the essential but underrecognized role of dignity as part of good leadership. Extending the reach of her award†‘winning book Dignity: Its Essential Role in   Resolving Conflict, Donna Hicks now contributes a specific, practical guide to achieving a culture of dignity.
Most people know very little about dignity, the author has found, and when leaders fail to respect the dignity of others, conflict and distrust ensue. Hicks highlights three components of leading with dignity: what one must know in order to honor dignity and avoid violating it; what one must do to lead with dignity; and how o

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8 Dignity - Remy Debes
Auteur : Remy Debes
Genre : Philosophie
In everything from philosophical ethics to legal argument to public activism, it has become commonplace to appeal to the idea of human dignity. In such contexts, the concept of dignity typically signifies something like the fundamental moral status belonging to all humans. Remarkably, however, it is only in the last century that this meaning of the term has become standardized. Before this, dignity was instead a concept associated with social status. Unfortunately, this transformation remains something of a mystery in existing scholarship. Exactly when and why did "dignity" change its meaning? And before this change, was it truly the case that we lacked a conception of human worth akin to the one that "dignity" now represents? In this volume, leading scholars across a range of disciplines attempt to answer such questions by clarifying the presently murky history of "d

37,99 €

9 Dignity - Eva Caye
Auteur : Eva Caye
Genre : Paranormal
Lady Felicia Sorensen, a brilliant microengineering student, finds herself pressured to date Emperor Victor Sinclair, for he has fallen madly in love with her! Despite being showered with extravagant gowns and attention, she longs for a fascinating life as a scientist, instead of the stressful and dangerous destiny of an Empress The social pressures of being the Emperor's Betrothed, from gossip and manipulation to an assassination attempt, cause her to weigh her love for him against her personal goal, to do research in her own lab someday.

Will Felicia choose her Imperial lover and tough out the extreme political and social pressures with the supreme ruler of the Empire, or will she choose her goals and help thousands, millions, possibly billions of people through her intellectual achievements?

This science fiction romance is the first of the twelve-part To Be Sincl

2,99 €

10 Dignity - Chris Arnade
Auteur : Chris Arnade
Genre : Sciences sociales

"A profound book.... It will break your heart but also leave you with hope." —J.D. Vance, author of Hillbilly Elegy

"[A] deeply empathetic book." —The Economist

With stark photo essays and unforgettable true stories, Chris Arnade cuts through "expert" pontification on inequality, addiction, and poverty to allow those who have been left behind to define themselves on their own terms.

After abandoning his Wall Street career, Chris Arnade decided to document poverty and addiction in the Bronx. He began interviewing, photographing, and becoming close friends with homeless addicts, and spent hours in drug dens and McDonald's. Then he started driving across America to see how the rest of the country compared. He found the same types of stories everywhere, across lines of race, ethnicit

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11 Dignity - Tochukwu Callistus Ipere
Auteur : Tochukwu Callistus Ipere
Genre : Poésie
Think about the lost lessons of old The green leaves offered by archaic strongholds Which become cooks in the hands of time And taken as seen by legends and myths Think about the best part of you That is always ahead scouting for wisdom Begging yesterday to become tomorrow wisely Still begging for favour from dignity from above Think about the crying point of you That rues in the quiet about mistakes That waits to make amends with friends and neighbours. And keeps wanting to get better with impressions. Think about the blind side of you That takes the wrong as right in the matter of Achieving an end prompted by gullible zealousness And painted by fallacies not fallacies at work. Think about the reasonable part of you That understands the light in every action and inaction That feels the need to stop and just go on That feels guilty of smearing dignity in demeaning colours

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12 Dignity - Gudrun Heller
Auteur : Gudrun Heller
Genre : Romans et littérature
This is the history of the fictitious singer Karl van der Valk. Inspired by the life of Bob Dylan it is a declaration of love to all musicians who enchant our soul and speak to us with their music in times when no human voice can reach us any more. Who the media and we, the audience, put under pressure mercilessly and who fight for their dignity and their way and go it despite all resistances.

3,99 €

13 Dignity - Ken Layne
Auteur : Ken Layne
Genre : Romans et littérature
A packet of hand-scrawled letters found in a stranger's rucksack tells of self-sufficient communities growing from the ruins of California's housing collapse and the global recession. In unfinished Mojave Desert housing tracts and foreclosure ghost towns on the raw edges of the chaotic cities of the West, people have gathered to grow their own food, school their own children and learn how to live without the poisons of gossip, greed, television, mobile phones and the Internet. Encouraged by an enigmatic wanderer known only as "B," the communities thrive as more families and workers are discarded by an indifferent system. But this quiet revolution and its simple rituals cannot stay unnoticed for long, because the teachings of "B" threaten an entire structure of power and wealth dependent upon people toiling their lives away to buy things they don't need.

2,99 €

14 Dignity - Gudrun Heller
Auteur : Gudrun Heller
Genre : Romans et littérature
Dies ist die Geschichte des fiktiven Sängers Karl van der Valk. Inspiriert von Bob Dylans Leben ist sie eine Liebeserklärung an alle Musiker, die mit ihrer Musik unsere Seele verzaubern und zu uns sprechen, wenn keine menschliche Stimme uns mehr erreichen kann. Die wir, das Publikum und die Medien, gnadenlos unter Druck setzen, die um ihre Würde und ihren Weg kämpfen und ihn trotz aller Widerstände gehen.

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15 Bully at Work - Gary Namie Namie Ph.D. & Ruth Namie Namie Ph.D.
Auteur : Gary Namie Namie Ph.D. & Ruth Namie Namie Ph.D.
Genre : Entreprise et management
A landmark book that blazed light on one of the business world's dirtiest secrets, The Bully at Work exposed the destructive, silent epidemic of workplace bullying that devastates the lives, careers, and families of millions. In this completely updated new edition based on an updated survey of workplace issues, the authors explore new grounds of bullying in the 21st century workplace.

Gary and Ruth Namie, pioneers of the Campaign Against Workplace Bullying, teach the reader personal strategies to identify allies, build their confidence, and stand up to the tormentor - or decide when to walk away with their sanity and dignity intact.

The Namies' expertise on workplace bullying has been featured in such media outlets as The Early Show, CBS Radio, The Howard Stern Show, CNN, PBS, NPR, USA Today, and theWashington Post. 

"This is the best book

16,99 €

16 Economic Dignity - Gene Sperling
Auteur : Gene Sperling
Genre : Administration publique
From one of our wisest and most influential economic thinkers, the only person to serve as Director of the National Economic Council under two Presidents, a profound big-picture vision of why the promotion of dignity should be the singular end goal by which we chart America's economic future

When Gene Sperling was in charge of coordinating the shaping and execution of the US government's economic policy in the Obama White House, he found himself surprised and dismayed when serious people in Washington worried out loud to him that the Obama focus on health care was a distraction because it was "not focused on the economy." How, he asked, was millions of Americans' fear that they were a single pink slip or a loved one's serious illness away from financial ruin somehow not considered an economic issue? To him, it was just one more example of a more profound truth he witne

17 The Dignity of Living - J. Krishnamurti
Auteur : J. Krishnamurti
Genre : Philosophie
Is it possible to live without conflict? Perhaps this is a theoretical question, but it challenges the mind that is trained to accept conflict as a natural part of living. Ultimately, as Krishnamurti explains, the critical importance of that challenge is not to answer yes or no to the possibility of a life without conflict: 

When you approach a problem, you start with the fact that there is conflict, and you begin to inquire whether it is possible to end it, neither accepting that it can be ended nor asserting that it cannot be ended. Your mind is then in a position to look at the fact; and that is what we must establish between us.

An extensive compendium of Krishnamurti's talks and discussions in the USA, Europe, India, New Zealand, and South Africa from 1933 to 1967—the Collected Works have been carefully authenticated against existing transcripts and tape

7,99 €

18 And Dignity for All: Unlocking Greatness with Values-Based Leadership, 1/e - James Despain, Jane Bodman Converse & Ken Blanchard
Auteur : James Despain, Jane Bodman Converse & Ken Blanchard
Genre : Investissement
And Dignity for All is about leading with values, leading by example, and - in so doing - unleashing the astonishing commitment and innovation that are buried within your organization right now. Discover how Jim Despain and his colleagues used values-based management to transform Caterpillar's Track-Type Tractors Division into one of the firm's key profit centers. Jim's honesty and ability to rise from the ashes of his mistakes are inspirational. His respect for the common worker and personal search for dignity and self-worth lead him to a new kind of leadership. And his transformation of a struggling organization provides a powerful blueprint for transforming your own - you can make it happen, too.

18,99 €

19 Dignity Revolution: Standing Up for the Value of Every Person - Bob Lenz
Auteur : Bob Lenz
Genre : Famille et relations
Bob Lenz, one of America’s top school assembly speakers, teams with national award-winning educator Deborah Tackmann, B.S., M.E.P.D, to tackle the issue of bullying. Dignity Revolution is a valuable resource for parents, students and educators dealing with this important issue. This book will inspire students to stand up and make a difference, and equip them with life skills to face and overcome challenges. It will bring hope and empowerment to those being bullied. Dignity Revolution also provides practical, proven and tested tools for teachers, schools and parents for guiding students toward embracing a new system, declaring that everyone has worth and value. It brings to the forefront what life could be for all of us when every person is valued and offered dignity.

4,49 €

20 Divorcing with Dignity - Elise I. Guari
Auteur : Elise I. Guari
Genre : Famille et relations
This book is intended to support parents who are experiencing divorce. It is intended to be a reminder that children need to be supported and protected during this experience in their lives. I hope to provide people who are divorcing with some gentle reminders and some level of comfort that they are not alone during this difficult time and that you can do it with dignity.

4,99 €

21 Men of Dignity and High Standing - Mike Mazzalongo
Auteur : Mike Mazzalongo
Genre : Étude biblique
When you hear a title like this, who do you think I will be talking about?


22 A Right to Life before Birth. Human Dignity in Biolaw - The Broken Promise? - Stefan Kirchner
Auteur : Stefan Kirchner
Genre : Droit
Wissenschaftlicher Aufsatz aus dem Jahr 2015 im Fachbereich Jura - Rechtsphilosophie, Rechtssoziologie, Rechtsgeschichte, , Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: The question if unborn children have a right to life is among the most hotly contested political issues in many countries. At the same time is the notion that every human being has some inalienable human rights and an inherent human dignity almost universally accepted. While the question of the right to life of the unborn child can also be dealt with as a legal, rather than a political, problem, the widespread legal availability of abortion also in states which emphasize the importance of human dignity as a legal concept, exposes a disconnection between national and international biolegal claims and the implementation of biolaw on the national level. Looking at the European Convention on Human Rights and Germany''s Constitution, which is

12,99 €

23 Oration on the Dignity of Man - Giovanni Pico della Mirandola & A. Robert Gaponigri
Auteur : Giovanni Pico della Mirandola & A. Robert Gaponigri
Genre : Philosophie
An ardent treatise for the Dignity of Man, which elevates Humanism to a truly Christian level, making this writing as pertinent today as it was in the Fifteenth Century.

9,49 €

24 Technicians of Human Dignity - Gaymon Bennett
Auteur : Gaymon Bennett
Genre : Politique et actualité
Technicians of Human Dignity traces the extraordinary rise of human dignity as a defining concern of religious, political, and bioethical institutions over the last half century and offers original insight into how human dignity has become threatened by its own success. The global expansion of dignitarian politics has left dignity without a stable set of meanings or referents, unsettling contemporary economies of life and power.Engaging anthropology, theology, and bioethics, Bennett grapples with contemporary efforts to mobilize human dignity as a counter-response to the biopolitics of the human body, and the breakdowns this has generated. To do this, he investigates how actors in pivotal institutions -the Vatican, the United Nations, U.S. Federal Bioethics-reconceived human dignity as the bearer of intrinsic worth, only to become frustrated by the Sisyphean struggle of turning its conce

69,99 €

25 Poverty, Dignity, Economic Development, And the Catholic Church (Essay) - Journal of Markets & Morality
Auteur : Journal of Markets & Morality
Genre : Entreprise et management
Private Property and Free Markets Introduction

2,99 €

26 The Dignity Mindset: a Leader’s Guide to Building Gender Equity at Work - Susan Hodgkinson
Auteur : Susan Hodgkinson
Genre : Management et direction
Gender inequality is one of the most serious problems facing US businesses today. Inequality lowers profits, stifles creativity, and causes high employee turnover. Companies struggle to find and retain talented women, and women who land top positions often feel alienated at work. Something has to change. Leaders need an entirely new way of thinking about gender equality. That’s what you’ll find in this book. The Dignity Mindset offers leaders an innovative, paradigm-shifting approach to facilitate gender equality. By adopting a Dignity Mindset, leaders can replace outdated belief systems with groundbreaking perspectives that recognize the common worth and needs of all employees. In The Dignity Mindset, veteran executive coach Susan Hodgkinson shows how gender-biased forces harm organizations. And her groundbreaking Dignity Mindset Toolkit provides a comprehensive roadmap that guid

4,99 €

27 Promoting the Dignity of Patients in Perioperative Practice (Clinical Feature) (Report) - Journal of Perioperative Practice
Auteur : Journal of Perioperative Practice
Genre : Forme et santé
Introduction Reeves et al (2002) found that being treated with dignity and respect was one of the most important priorities for patients. Other studies have indicated that patients who perceive they are treated with respect and dignity are happier with their overall hospital experience (Joffe et al 2003) and are more satisfied with their care (Beach et al 2005). In recent years, UK health policy has increasingly recognised that the quality of patients' experiences is important. In 2006, the Department of Health (DH) launched a Dignity in Care campaign (DH 2006a) which remains ongoing and is aimed at all health and social care organisations. The campaign included the 'Dignity Challenge' (see Box 1) which is as applicable to perioperative care settings as anywhere else.

2,99 €

28 Surviving with Dignity - Scott M. Youngstedt
Auteur : Scott M. Youngstedt
Genre : Afrique
Surviving with Dignity focuses on the lived experience of two generations of migrant Hausa men in Niamey, Niger’s capital city, set in a larger social matrix of national and global transformations. Their extraordinary ability to maintain their dignity despite their daily struggles to eke out a living in the face of structural violence and unrelenting hardship reveals a tremendously powerful will and capacity to keep going.

89,99 €

29 Dignity Rising 1: Gefesselte Seelen - Hedy Loewe
Auteur : Hedy Loewe
Genre : Dystopie
**Eine dramatische Liebesgeschichte im düster-romantischen Setting sternenreicher Galaxien**
Wenn sie es will, bleibt der Telepathin Shay kein einziger Gedanke ihrer Mitmenschen verborgen. Doch in ihrem eigenen Kopf gibt es einen dunklen Bereich, den sie einfach nicht ergründen kann. Fast so, als hätte jemand ihr Gedächtnis gelöscht, aber eine geheimnisvolle Sehnsucht dagelassen. Angetrieben von diesem Gefühl, das sie jeden Tag aufs Neue in die Ferne ruft, schließt Shay sich einer intergalaktischen Rebellion an, die sie auf eine lange Reise schickt – direkt in die Nähe eines für ihre Vergangenheit entscheidenden Mannes… 

Als Commander Jon Matthews im entlegensten Winkel der Galaxie plötzlich die verloren geglaubte Liebe seines Lebens wiedersieht und diese ihn nicht erkennt, fällt seine so hart erarbeitete Maske von ihm ab.

1,99 €

30 Underprivileged School Children and the Assault on Dignity - Julia Hall
Auteur : Julia Hall
Genre : Éducation
Every day, children living in low-income communities have no choice but to grow up in a climate where they experience multiple unending assaults to their sense of dignity. This volume applies theoretical and historical insights to think through the increasingly undignified realities of life in economically marginalized communities. It includes examples of curricular challenges that low-income students in the US confront today while attempting to learn. Curricular challenges are analyzed as material texts that emerge out of student lived experiences in the economically disposed neighborhoods in which schools are located, and the dynamics of the schools and classrooms themselves. Attention is also paid to educators and students who push back against these forces in an effort to reclaim voice, identity and dignity.

31,99 €

31 It’s Time to Implement the Forgotten Constitution of India for Liberty and Dignity - KC Agrawal & Anjuna Agrawal Singh
Auteur : KC Agrawal & Anjuna Agrawal Singh
Genre : Droit
The highly regressive and continually deteriorating plight of our large populace is no secret. More than 100 crore of India's population exists under highly impoverished and wretched conditions. Forty percent of our country is infected with Maoism, Naxalism, Terrorism and Seditious activism. Consistent failures of our Legislature and Executive are no more acceptable. The basic objectives of our Constitution, ‘economic freedom’, ‘dignity’, ‘equal status and opportunity’ and ‘fraternity’ must now be fulfilled.
According to Agrawal this can be accomplished only by a responsible and accountable system of governance. According to him good governance is like a good mother who works hard for her living and rearing her children. The children also cling to her in affection because they know their mother was doing her best to taking care of them. The book attempts to find out

11,99 €

32 Religious Liberty and Human Dignity: A Tale of Two Declarations. - Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy
Auteur : Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy
Genre : Droit
"We agree on these rights," Jacques Maritain once stated, "provid[ed] we are not asked why." (1) He was referring to his work on the 1946 UNESCO Committee on the Theoretical Bases of Human Rights, but he might just as well have been referring to the American intellectual community today: We all agree that there is such a thing as human dignity (who would oppose it?), just so long as we do not have to say why. The "why" of human rights, however, is vitally important. For example, if human rights are widely said to follow from human dignity, then the contours of those rights must depend on the contours of that dignity. Change the basis or the scope of human dignity and the rights, so to speak, go all wrong. This article compares two human rights declarations, one that was unable to state an explicit basis for either rights or dignity, the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Righ

2,99 €

33 From Genome to Wenome: The Key to Universal Dignity - Robert Fuller
Auteur : Robert Fuller
Genre : Psychologie
This ebook is a compilation of Robert W. Fuller's article series "Why Everything You Know about Your 'Self' Is Wrong". The series explores how our understanding of selfhood affects our sense of individuality, our interpersonal relationships, and our politics.


34 Survive Zombie Apocalypse with Dignity - The Walking Dead - Piotr Deja & GRY-Online S.A.
Auteur : Piotr Deja & GRY-Online S.A.
Genre : Jeux
The Walking Dead game guide contains a thorough and illustrated game walkthrough. Due to the fact that the general game difficulty level is not one of the highest, apart from the traditional walkthrough information, emphasis has been put on the most relevant aspect of the game, that is, the choices and interacting with the characters.
Each tough decision has been presented thoroughly along with its consequences and impact on the companions. The same applies to conversations - if the main character says something that can lead to certain consequences in the future it has been specified.
I highly recommend reading the Hints and Information section. It is a perfect introduction to the game rules, and at the same time it does NOT contain any spoilers. It can be particularly valuable for those players who have not yet experienced playing any previous Telltale Game

2,99 €

35 Perspectives on Human Dignity: A Conversation - Jeff Malpas & Norelle Lickiss
Auteur : Jeff Malpas & Norelle Lickiss
Genre : Philosophie
The idea of human dignity is central to any reflection on the nature of human worth, and has become a key concept in international and national law, in medical ethics, and in much philosophical and political theory. However, the idea is a complex one that also takes on many different forms. This collection explores the idea of human dignity as it arises within these many different domains, opening up the possibility of a multidisciplinary conversation that illuminates the concept itself, as well as the idea of the human to which it stands in an essential relation. The book is not only an intriguing and stimulating exploration of human dignity from a range of perspectives, but also provides an important resource for those who wish to take the exploration further.

109,99 €

36 Between Dignity and Despair - Marion A. Kaplan
Auteur : Marion A. Kaplan
Genre : Histoire
Between Dignity and Despair draws on the extraordinary memoirs, diaries, interviews, and letters of Jewish women and men to give us the first intimate portrait of Jewish life in Nazi Germany. Kaplan tells the story of Jews in Germany not from the hindsight of the Holocaust, nor by focusing on the persecutors, but from the bewildered and ambiguous perspective of Jews trying to navigate their daily lives in a world that was becoming more and more insane. Answering the charge that Jews should have left earlier, Kaplan shows that far from seeming inevitable, the Holocaust was impossible to foresee precisely because Nazi repression occurred in irregular and unpredictable steps until the massive violence of Novemer 1938. Then the flow of emigration turned into a torrent, only to be stopped by the war. By that time Jews had been evicted from their homes, robbed of their possessions and their l

20,99 €

37 Human Dignity - Peter Bieri & Diana Siclovan
Auteur : Peter Bieri & Diana Siclovan
Genre : Philosophie
Dignity is humanity's most prized possession. We experience the loss of dignity as a terrible humiliation: when we lose our dignity we feel deprived of something without which life no longer seems worth living. But what exactly is this trait that we value so highly?

In this important new book, distinguished philosopher Peter Bieri looks afresh at the notion of human dignity. In contrast to most traditional views, he argues that dignity is not an innate quality of human beings or a right that we possess by virtue of being human. Rather, dignity is a certain way to lead one's life. It is a pattern of thought, experience and action – in other words, a way of living.

In Bieri's account, there are three key dimensions to dignity as a way of living. The first is the way I am treated by others: they can treat me in a way that leaves my dignity intact or they can destr

23,99 €

38 A Dissent from the Many Dissents from Attorney General Ashcroft's Interpretation of the Controlled Substances Act (Oregon's Death with Dignity Act) - Issues in Law & Medicine
Auteur : Issues in Law & Medicine
Genre : Droit
Abstract: In this essay, Professor Marc Spindelman examines the states' rights arguments that have been deployed in the Oregon v. Ashcroft litigation to challenge Attorney General John Ashcroft's interpretation of the federal Controlled Substances Act. Professor Spindelman criticizes those arguments as reflecting bad politics--politics of complicity--that self-styled liberals should resist and reject. **********

2,99 €

39 Minimum Wages- Maximum Dignity - Brother Herman Zaccarelli
Auteur : Brother Herman Zaccarelli
Genre : Secteurs et professions
A Managers Guide to Affi rming the Worth of All Employees is a book that will be greeted enthusiastically by managers of minimum-waged and other lower-paid workers in all businesses. The hardships these workers face are real. Yet in todays economy, increasing their wages is often not an option. But that does not mean their managers and supervisors are powerless to help these workers overcome many of their challenges. In this important work, Brother Herman Zaccarelli uses his years of management experience and keen insight into the human condition to suggest over 100 creative low-cost or no-cost actions managers can take to enhance their businesses, while at the same time transforming the lives of their employees by: Recognizing the Valuable Contribution of Lower-Waged Workers Affi rming the Dignity of Each Worker Assisting With Training and Education Improving Workers Health Enhanci

12,99 €

40 Clean Break A Guide To Divorce: Divorce With Dignity And Move On - Karen Stewart
Auteur : Karen Stewart
Genre : Famille et relations
"When it comes to divorce, there's the old way—and there's a better way. I know because I learned the hard way."

Karen Stewart, CEO and Founder of Fairway Divorce Solutions

A Guide To Divorce: Divorce With Dignity And Move On

Typically, divorce is costly. It costs money—masses of your money. It costs time—hours spent in meetings, completing paperwork, and filing affidavits. It costs heartache as battle lines are drawn and loved ones, especially children, suffer emotional pain.

There needs to be a better way to end a marriage. After her own costly divorce, Karen's ideas and vision lead to the creation of Fairway Divorce, this book, and a passion for advocating through media for changing the way divorce happens.

In this book you'll find practical tools, inspiration, and a mediation/negotiation model that can

4,99 €

41 Human Dignity in Classical Chinese Philosophy - Qianfan Zhang
Auteur : Qianfan Zhang
Genre : Philosophie
This book reinterprets classical Chinese philosophical tradition along the conceptual line of human dignity. Through extensive textual evidence, it illustrates that classical Confucianism, Mohism, and Daoism contained rich notions of dignity, which laid the foundation for human rights and political liberty in China, even though, historically, liberal democracy failed to grow out of the authoritarian soil in China. The book critically examines the causes that might have prevented the classical schools from developing a liberal tradition, while affirming their positive contributions to the human dignity concept. 
Analysing the inadequacies of the western concept of human dignity, the text covers relevant teachings of Kongzi, Mengzi, Xunzi, Mozi, Laozi, and Zhuangzi (in comparison with Rousseau). While the Confucian notions of humanity (Ren), righteousness (Yi), and gentleman (Jun

74,99 €

42 Dignity and Grace - Janet L. Ramsey
Auteur : Janet L. Ramsey
Genre : Christianisme
Discovering how to live with dementia

"I'm a stranger in a strange land," sighed the dignified gentleman Janet L. Ramsey met walking down the care-center hallway. Those words, her first glimpse of the confusion that comes with dementia, led her into a lifetime of work with older adults.

If you have been diagnosed with dementia or you are accompanying someone with this illness, you may find yourself on a journey that began with a sudden diagnosis and an acute sense of panic. Or perhaps your journey started gradually, as you noticed changes in yourself or in your partner or parent. Whether sudden or gradual, the impact of a diagnosis of dementia reorganizes a family's entire life.

Drawing on her own experience as a pastor, teacher, therapist, and family caregiver, as well as on interviews with eight family and professional caregivers, Janet L. Ramsey

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43 Die With Dignity - Tyree Campbell
Auteur : Tyree Campbell
Genre : SF et fantasy
Things in Calivada are usually very well organized, perhaps too well organized, but something strange is going on up north...people are disappearing. But who would want to leave such an organized society, and why would they want to leave? Is there something sinister going on, or is the answer right in front of everyone's face?

A part of The Divided States of America series.

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44 Prepare to Defend Yourself . . . How to Age Gracefully and Escape with Your Dignity - Matthew Minson
Auteur : Matthew Minson
Genre : Développement personnel
The author of Prepare to Defend Yourself… How to Navigate the Healthcare System and Escape with Your Life is back.

This time Matthew Minson, MD, turns a penetrating and whimsical eye on the medical and social aspects of aging in Prepare to Defend Yourself…How to Age Gracefully and Escape with Your Dignity.

While seeming to simultaneously channel a combination of Benjamin Franklin and Charles Schulz, Dr. Minson goes after bodily changes, behaviors—good and bad, and what everyone can do to make life more bearable and—dare we say it—fun after fifty. Laced with his unique style of poignancy and humor and peppered with his own surrealistically funny cartoons, the book bravely takes on health, finances, sex, diet, exercise, death, the law, and what you can do to protect what matters most as you age. It’s life, liberty, and the pursuit of a chuc

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45 Does Technology Spell Trouble with a Capital "T"? Human Dignity and Public Policy. - Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy
Auteur : Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy
Genre : Droit
In recent years, human dignity has attracted considerable attention as a policy standard. From bioethics and constitutional law to torts and the regulation of the Internet, human dignity has seemingly become the most salient touchstone for assessing current policy initiatives Yet dignity is a slippery concept, as illustrated by the opening scene of the movie Singin in the Rain. (1) Set at the premiere of a Monumental Pictures hit, the stars arrive in limousines and walk down a red carpet into the theater. While adoring fans "ooh" and "aah," the screen celebrities grant brief interviews to a prominent gossip columnist. Don Lockwood, played by Gene Kelly, is asked to explain how he became a star. Lockwood responds with a speech in which he claims that he has always lived by a simple motto: "Dignity, Always Dignity." Lockwood then recounts episodes from his "privileged" upbringing, while th

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46 Human Dignity - Werner Bonefeld & Kosmas Psychopedis
Auteur : Werner Bonefeld & Kosmas Psychopedis
Genre : Politique et actualité
Against the background of growing uncertainty about the future development of capitalism, and in the face of war, terror and poverty, this book asks: What do we have to know to prevent misery? What can we do to achieve conditions of human dignity? And what must we hope for? The volume argues that all social life is essentially practical and explores the central most important value of human dignity. It discusses practical consequences in relation to the theory of revolution and contemporary anti-globalization struggles. Targeted towards advanced undergraduate courses and taught post-graduate courses in the field of politics, sociology, political philosophy and new social movement studies, it should also be welcomed in the study of critical theory, Marxism, labour studies and revolutionary thought.

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47 Perseverance And Dignity - Owen ''Mitch'' Griffith
Auteur : Owen ''Mitch'' Griffith
Genre : Famille et relations
Perseverance And Dignity - Owen ''Mitch'' Griffith

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48 Fictions of Dignity - Elizabeth S. Anker
Auteur : Elizabeth S. Anker
Genre : Critique littéraire
Over the past fifty years, debates about human rights have assumed an increasingly prominent place in postcolonial literature and theory. Writers from Salman Rushdie to Nawal El Saadawi have used the novel to explore both the possibilities and challenges of enacting and protecting human rights, particularly in the Global South. In Fictions of Dignity, Elizabeth S. Anker shows how the dual enabling fictions of human dignity and bodily integrity contribute to an anxiety about the body that helps to explain many of the contemporary and historical failures of human rights, revealing why and how lives are excluded from human rights protections along the lines of race, gender, class, disability, and species membership. In the process, Anker examines the vital work performed by a particular kind of narrative imagination in fostering respect for human rights. Drawing on phenomenology, Ank

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49 The Dignity Revolution - Daniel Darling
Auteur : Daniel Darling
Genre : Christianisme
As Christians, we want to make a difference in this world. We want to have an impact not only on our immediate family and community, but on wider social issues. We want to protect the vulnerable and engage with the issues that really matter. But how?

This book shows us how wonderful, liberating and empowering it is to be made in God’s image. It will change how we see ourselves and other people.  

Some will feel the call to run for office… others will roll up their sleeves and join the good work of non-profit ministry… and others might simply find little ways to incorporate this vision of human dignity into their everyday lives, and change their community one word, one action, one person at a time.

Dan Darling shows us that each one of us can be, and are called to be, part of this new movement—a human dignity revolution that our societies d

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50 Of Greater Dignity than Riches - Farhan Karim
Auteur : Farhan Karim
Genre : Art et architecture
Extreme poverty, which intensified in India during colonial rule, peaked in the 1920s—after decades of imperialist exploitation, famine, and disease—a time when architects, engineers, and city authorities proposed a new type of housing for India’s urban poor and industrial workers. As Farhan Karim argues, economic scarcity became a central inspiration for architectural modernism in the subcontinent. 


   As India moved from colonial rule to independence, the Indian government, business entities, international NGOs, and intergovernmental agencies took major initiatives to modernize housing conditions and the domestic environment of the state’s low-income population. Of Greater Dignity than Riches traces multiple international origins of austerity as an essential ingredient of postcolonial development. By prescribing m

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