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1 Description - Marcy Kennedy
Auteur : Marcy Kennedy
Genre : Writing
Are you looking for a way to add new depth and re-readability to your writing?

Are you tired of description being “the boring part that people skip”?

Are you a writer who’s struggled with making their story world feel believable and three-dimensional?

Description in fiction shouldn’t be boring for the reader or for the writer.

Description: A Busy Writer’s Guide will help you take your writing to the next level by exchanging ho-hum description for description that’s compelling and will bring your story to life, regardless of the genre you write.

In Description: A Busy Writer’s Guide, you will

* find the answer to the age-old question of how much description is too much;

* learn how to use point of view to keep description fresh;

* recognize the red flags for boring description in fiction;

2 COSMOS: A Sketch of the Physical Description of the Universe, Vol. 1 - Alexander von Humboldt
Auteur : Alexander von Humboldt
Genre : Literary
Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Alexander Freiherr von Humboldt (September 14, 1769 – May 6, 1859) was a German naturalist and explorer, and the younger brother of the Prussian minister, philosopher, and linguist Wilhelm von Humboldt (1767-1835). Humboldt's quantitative work on botanical geography was foundational to the field of biogeography. Between 1799 and 1804, Humboldt traveled to Latin America, exploring and describing it in a manner generally considered to be a modern scientific point of view for the first time. His description of the journey was written up and published in an enormous set of volumes over 21 years. He was one of the first to propose that the lands bordering the Atlantic were once joined (South America and Africa in particular). Later, his five-volume work Kosmos (1845) attempted to unify the various branches of scientific knowledge. Humboldt supported and worked wit

3 Not in My Job Description - Amber Lynn
Auteur : Amber Lynn
Genre : Contemporary
Avery Clavens is an average, somewhat socially awkward woman who works as a research assistant in a New York library. At least that's what everyone who knows her believes. In actuality, Avery was caught doing something wrong in her youth by a secret government agency, and when faced with either jail time or being recruited by the agency, she found orange really wasn't her color.

After seven years of nothing too exciting happening in the office, she is forced to go undercover with an agent she's pretty sure speaks the English language as interpreted by Martians. It doesn't help that she feel drawn to said agent, or that there is a weird spark anytime the two of them touch.

Can the two of them stop arguing long enough to get their man? Avery doesn't know, but dealing with Agent Barnes definitely isn't in her job description.

4 Ripper - Isabel Allende
Auteur : Isabel Allende
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers
Isabel Allende—the New York Times bestselling author whose books, including Maya’s Notebook, Island Beneath the Sea, and Zorro, have sold more than 57 million copies around the world—demonstrates her remarkable literary versatility with Ripper, an atmospheric, fast-paced mystery involving a brilliant teenage sleuth who must unmask a serial killer in San Francisco.

The Jackson women, Indiana and Amanda, have always had each other. Yet, while their bond is strong, mother and daughter are as different as night and day. Indiana, a beautiful holistic healer, is a free-spirited bohemian. Long divorced from Amanda’s father, she’s reluctant to settle down with either of the men who want her—Alan, the wealthy scion of one of San Francisco’s elite families, and Ryan, an enigmatic, scarred former Navy SEAL.

While her mom looks for the good in people, Amanda is fa

5 Singularity - Ian Douglas
Auteur : Ian Douglas
Genre : Science Fiction
Humankind’s vast intergalactic power struggle and future war to bring down an insidious evil alien empire reaches an explosive, page-turning climax in Ian Douglas’s Singularity, the third book in his New York Times bestselling Star Carrier series. Blisteringly exciting military science fiction in the vein of the hit TV series “Battlestar Galactica,” Singularity pits determined space soldiers against a powerful race of creatures bent upon the total annihilation of a human race on the brink of technological transcendence. A notable descendant of such classic military sf novels as Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War and Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein, Singularity will not disappoint author Douglas’s every-growing legion of fans as it conquers Jack Campbell, Rick Shelley, John Ringo, David Sherman and Dan Cragg loyalists as well.

6 Notes from a Small Island - Bill Bryson
Auteur : Bill Bryson
Genre : Essays & Memoirs
Before New York Times bestselling author Bill Bryson wrote The Road to Little Dribbling, he took this delightfully irreverent jaunt around the unparalleled floating nation of Great Britain, which has produced zebra crossings, Shakespeare, Twiggie Winkie’s Farm, and places with names like Farleigh Wallop and Titsey.
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8 A description of a great variety of animals and vegetables: viz. beasts, birds, fishes, insects, plants, fruits, and flowers. Extracted from the most considerable writers of natural history; ... Being a supplement to A description of three hundred animal - Thomas Boreman
Auteur : Thomas Boreman
Genre : Fiction & Literature
A description of a great variety of animals and vegetables: viz. beasts, birds, fishes, insects, plants, fruits, and flowers. Extracted from the most considerable writers of natural history; ... Being a supplement to A description of three hundred animals. Illustrated with above ninety copper plates, ..., Thomas Boreman. A description of a great variety of animals and vegetables: viz. beasts, birds, fishes, insects, plants, fruits, and flowers. Extracted from the most considerable writers of natural history; ... Being a supplement to A description of three hundred animals. Illustrated with above ninety copper plates, ... Boreman, Thomas, fl. 1730-1743. [4],137,[3]p.,plates ; 12⁰. London : printed by J. T. [John Tilly] for Thomas Boreman, 1736. Anonymous. By Thomas Boreman. Printer's name from colophon. Reproduction of original from the British Library. English Short Title Catalog, ESTC

9 Ahab's Wife - Sena Jeter Naslund
Auteur : Sena Jeter Naslund
Genre : Historical
From the opening line—"Captain Ahab was neither my first husband nor my last"—you will know that you are in the hands of a master storyteller and in the company of a fascinating woman hero. Inspired by a brief passage in Moby-Dick, Sena Jeter Naslund has created an enthralling and compellingly readable saga, spanning a rich, eventful, and dramatic life. At once a family drama, a romantic adventure, and a portrait of a real and loving marriage, Ahab's Wife gives new perspective on the American experience.

This P.S. edition features an extra 16 pages of insights into the book, including author interviews, recommended reading, and more.

10 A Full Description of the Great Tornado in Chester County, Pa. - Richard Darlington
Auteur : Richard Darlington
Genre : United States
The unprecedented destruction of the tornado which passed through the western part of our county on the first of July last, created in the minds of many a desire to have a full account of the movement, conduct, and origin of the storm cloud, together with such scientific explanation as would throw some light upon this remarkable phenomenon. After some weeks had elapsed, I gave the subject considerable attention, and have prepared this pamphlet, which I trust will meet some of the wants of intelligent inquirers upon this subject, and will also be the means of enabling the people to have a better knowledge of the loss sustained by those living along the route of the storm. This account has been prepared at the suggestion of a number who are interested in the subject.

11 Tubes - Andrew Blum
Auteur : Andrew Blum
Genre : Internet
“Andrew Blum plunges into the unseen but real ether of the Internet in a journey both compelling and profound….You will never open an email in quite the same way again.”
—Tom Vanderbilt, New York Times bestselling author of Traffic

In Tubes, Andrew Blum, a correspondent at Wired magazine, takes us on an engaging, utterly fascinating tour behind the scenes of our everyday lives and reveals the dark beating heart of the Internet itself. A remarkable journey through the brave new technological world we live in, Tubes is to the early twenty-first century what Soul of a New Machine—Tracy Kidder’s classic story of the creation of a new computer—was to the late twentieth.

12 Still the Best Hope - Dennis Prager
Auteur : Dennis Prager
Genre : Political Science
Conservative radio host and syndicated columnist Dennis Prager provides a bold, sweeping look at the future of civilization with Still the Best Hope, and offers a strong, cogent argument for why basic American values must triumph in a dangerously uncertain world. Humanity stands at a crossroads, and the only alternatives to the “American Trinity” of liberty, natural rights, and the melting-pot ideal of national unity are Islamic totalitarianism, European democratic socialism, capitalist dictatorship, or global chaos if we should fail.  America is Still the Best Hope, as this eminently sensible, profoundly inspiring volume so powerfully proves.

13 Sharpe's Fury - Bernard Cornwell
Auteur : Bernard Cornwell
Genre : Historical
From New York Times bestselling author Bernard Cornwell, the eleventh installment in the world-renowned Sharpe series, chronicling the rise of Richard Sharpe, a Private in His Majesty’s Army at the siege of Seringapatam.

In the winter of 1811, the war seems lost. Spain has fallen to the French, except for Cadiz, now the Spanish capital and itself under siege. Inside the city walls an intricate diplomatic dance is taking place and Richard Sharpe faces more than one enemy.

The small British force is trapped by a French army, and their only hope lies with the outnumbered redcoats outside refusing to admit defeat. There, in the sweltering horror of Barrosa, Sharpe will meet his old enemy Colonel Vandal once again.

14 The Muslim’s Fast - Fahd Salem Bahammam
Auteur : Fahd Salem Bahammam
Genre : Islam
A description and explanation of fasting, which is one of the five pillars of Islam, and an explanation of its rulings and lofty objectives

15 Copperhead - Bernard Cornwell
Auteur : Bernard Cornwell
Genre : Fiction & Literature
The beloved Confederate Captain Nate Starbuck returns to the front lines of the Civil War in this second installment of Bernard Cornwell's acclaimed Nathaniel Starbuck Chronicles. It is the summer of 1862, and Nate has been bloodied but victorious at the battles of Ball's Bluff and Seven Pines. But he can't escape his Northern roots, and it is only a matter of time until he's accused of being a Yankee spy, pursued, and brutally interrogated. To clear his name, he must find the real traitor—a search that will require extraordinary courage, endurance, and a perilous odyssey through enemy territory.

16 The Description of Wales - Giraldus Cambrensis
Auteur : Giraldus Cambrensis
Genre : Fiction & Literature
Scholar, churchman, diplomat and theologian, Gerald of Wales was one of the most fascinating figures of the Middle Ages and "The Journey Through Wales" describes his eventful tour of the country as a missionary in 1188. In a style reminiscent of a diary, Gerald records the day-to-day events of the mission, alongside lively accounts of local miracles, folklore and religious relics such as Saint Patrick's Horn, and eloquent descriptions of natural scenery that includes the rugged promontory of St David's and the vast snow-covered panoramas of Snowdonia. The landscape is evoked in further detail in "The Description", which chronicles the everyday lives of the Welsh people with skill and affection. Witty and gently humorous throughout, these works provide a unique view into the medieval world.

17 An historical and geographical description of Formosa: an island subject to the Emperor of Japan. ... To which is prefix'd, a preface in vindication of himself from the reflections of a Jesuit ... By George Psalmanaazaar, ... Illustrated with several cut - George Psalmanazar
Auteur : George Psalmanazar
Genre : Fiction & Literature
An historical and geographical description of Formosa: an island subject to the Emperor of Japan. ... To which is prefix'd, a preface in vindication of himself from the reflections of a Jesuit ... By George Psalmanaazaar, ... Illustrated with several cuts., George Psalmanazar. An historical and geographical description of Formosa: an island subject to the Emperor of Japan. ... To which is prefix'd, a preface in vindication of himself from the reflections of a Jesuit ... By George Psalmanaazaar, ... Illustrated with several cuts. Psalmanazar, George, 1679?-1763. [8],xiv,[2],327,128-131,[5]p.,plates,table ; 8⁰. London : printed for Dan. Brown; G. Strahan, and W. Davis; Fran. Coggan; and Bernard Lintott, 1704. George Psalmanazar is a pseudonym. Text is continuous despite pagination. Reproduction of original from the "Department of Special Collections, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Uni

18 A Description of Millenium Hall - Sarah Scott
Auteur : Sarah Scott
Genre : Fiction & Literature
This book written of a Description of Millenium Hall was Scott's most significant novel. It was popular enough to go to four editions by 1778, and interest in it has revived in the 21st century among feminist literary scholars. The book takes the form of a frame tale and a series of adventures, as the narrator's long-lost cousin relates how each of the residents arrived at the female Utopia, Millenium Hall. The adventures are remarkable for their reliance on a nearly superstitious form of divine grace, where God's will manifests itself with the direct punishment of the wicked and the miraculous protection of the innocent. In one tale, a woman about to be ravished by a man is saved, literally by the hand of God, as her attacker dies of a stroke. The Hall the characters live in is a model of mid-century reform ideas. All the women have crafts with which to better themselves. Property is he

19 The Lost Continent - Bill Bryson
Auteur : Bill Bryson
Genre : Essays & Memoirs
“The kind of book Steinbeck might have written if he’d traveled with David Letterman.” —New York magazine

An inspiring and hilarious account of one man’s rediscovery of America and his search for the perfect small town. 

Following an urge to rediscover his youth, Bill Bryson left his native Des Moines, Iowa, in a journey that would take him across 38 states. Lucky for us, he brought a notebook. With a razor wit and a kind heart, Bryson serves up a colorful tale of boredom, kitsch, and beauty when you least expect it. From Times Square to the Mississippi River to Williamsburg, Virginia, Bryson's keen and hilarious search for the perfect American small town is a journey straight into the heart and soul of America.

20 The Art of Description - Mark Doty
Auteur : Mark Doty
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
"It sounds like a simple thing, to say what you see," Mark Doty begins. "But try to find words for the shades of a mottled sassafras leaf, or the reflectivity of a bay on an August morning, or the very beginnings of desire stirring in the gaze of someone looking right into your eyes . . ." Doty finds refuge in the sensory experience found in poems by Blake, Whitman, Bishop, and others. The Art of Description is an invaluable book by one of America's most revered writers and teachers.

21 The American Standard of Perfection - A Complete Description of all Recognized Varieties of Fowls - Various Authors
Auteur : Various Authors
Genre : Nature
This vintage book contains a complete description of all recognised varieties of fowls contemporary with its original publication. A detailed and exhaustive catalogue, "The American Standard Of Perfection" is highly recommended for those with an interest in the wildfowl of America, and it would make for a worthy addition to collections of allied literature. The chapters of this book include: “General Introduction”, “Glossary of Technical Terms”, “Instructions to Judges”, “For Judging in General”, “Breeds and Varieties Officially Recognized”, “Plymouth Rocks”, “Wyandottes”, “Javas”, “Dominiques”, “Rhode Island Reds”, etcetera. This antiquarian book is being republished now in an affordable, modern edition complete with a new introduction on shooting wildfowl.

22 Lombard Street - Walter Bagehot
Auteur : Walter Bagehot
Genre : Business & Personal Finance
Financial observer and journalist Walter Bagehot sheds light on the world of banking in his influential tract

Written in response to a nineteenth-century banking crisis in England, Walter Bagehot’s influential treatise was one of the first to clearly explain complex financial systems like international banking, currency, and corporate finance in clear and easy-to-understand language. Credit, Bagehot suggests, is based primarily on trust. When the banks lose the public’s trust, the entire system can collapse.
In Lombard Street, Bagehot—who was the editor in chief of the Economist—sets forth a series of proposals for the strengthening and survival of struggling financial institutions, such as allowing irresponsible banks to collapse and creating strong central banks to combat inflation. His insights are as relevant in today’s ec

23 House Made of Dawn [50th Anniversary Ed] - N. Scott Momaday
Auteur : N. Scott Momaday
Genre : Fiction & Literature
A special 50th anniversary edition of the magnificent Pulitzer Prize-winning classic from N. Scott Momaday, with a new preface by the author

A young Native American, Abel has come home from war to find himself caught between two worlds. The first is the world of his grandfather’s, wedding him to the rhythm of the seasons, the harsh beauty of the land, and the ancient rites and traditions of his people. But the other world—modern, industrial America—pulls at Abel, demanding his loyalty, claiming his soul, and goading him into a destructive, compulsive cycle of depravity and disgust.

Beautifully rendered and deeply affecting, House Made of Dawn has moved and inspired readers and writers for the last fifty years. It remains, in the words of The Paris Review, “both a masterpiece about the universal human condition and a masterpiece of Native American

24 Under Tower Peak - Bart Paul
Auteur : Bart Paul
Genre : Fiction & Literature
This tautly written debut thriller was named one of the 10 Best Mysteries of 2013 by the Wall Street Journal.

After two tours as a sniper in Iraq, Tommy Smith has returned to his former life as a cowboy and wilderness guide in California’s Sierra Nevada, hoping to reclaim the simplicity of his youth and heal the wounds the world can’t see. When, high on a mountain pass, he and his partner find the wrecked plane of a billionaire adventurer who disappeared months earlier, a seemingly innocent act triggers a breathtaking cycle of violence that threatens Tommy’s world. Soon he is enmeshed in the struggle between the billionaire’s trophy wife and wannabe drug lord son and their allies. Every effort to set things right draws him deeper into a bad situation and closer to needing those deadly skills that he had hoped to leave behind forever.

With lean,

25 Story of the Bible Animals: A Description of the Habits and Uses of every Living Creature Mentioned in the Scriptures, with Explanation of Passages in the Old and New Testament in which Reference is Made to Them - John George Wood
Auteur : John George Wood
Genre : Fiction & Literature
Of all the undomesticated animals of Palestine, none is mentioned so frequently as the Lion. This may appear the more remarkable, because for many years the Lion has been extinct in Palestine. The leopard, the wolf, the jackal, and the hyæna, still retain their place in the land, although their numbers are comparatively few; but the Lion has vanished completely out of the land. The reason for this disappearance is twofold, first, the thicker population; and second, the introduction of firearms.
No animal is less tolerant of human society than the Lion. In the first place, it dreads the very face of man, and as a rule, whenever it sees a man will slink away and hide itself. There are, of course, exceptional cases to this rule. Sometimes a Lion becomes so old and stiff, his teeth are so worn, and his endurance so slight, that he is unable to chase his usual prey, and is obliged to s

26 2600 Phrases for Effective Performance Reviews - Paul Falcone
Auteur : Paul Falcone
Genre : Business & Personal Finance
Whether you're an HRprofessional or a manager, chances are there's one task you really dislike: giving performance reviews. Even if you know the basic points you want to get across, finding the right words and committing them to paper is about as much fun as a trip to the dentist. But this handy little book puts thousands of ready-to-use words, phrases, descriptions, and action items right at your fingertips. Paul Falcone covers the 25 most commonly rated performance factors, including productivity, time management, teamwork, and decision making, plus job-specific parameters that apply in sales, customer service, finance, and many other areas. Not just for review time, the book will also be instrumental in creating job descriptions and development plans as well as for monitoring performance, progress, and problems year-round. Praise for Paul Falcone's Previous Books: "If

27 Travels in China, Containing Descriptions, Observations, and Comparisons, Made and Collected in the Course of a Short Residence at the Imperial Palace of Yuen-Min-Yuen, and on a Subsequent Journey through the Country from Pekin to Canton - John Barrow
Auteur : John Barrow
Genre : Asia
This volume contains description, observations and comparisons made and collected in the course of a short residence at the Imperial Palace of Yuan-Ming-Yuan and on a subsequent journey through the country from Peking to Canton. The present account of the country, accompanied by a number of fine plates, is one of the best-illustrated English travels on Chin.

28 AIRBUS A320 Systems Description - Facundo Conforti
Auteur : Facundo Conforti
Genre : Transportation
Welcome to the most advanced version of the HDIW collection! In this seventh edition, we will know all the systems of one of the most sold and flown commercial aircraft in the world commercial aviation, we will know everything about the fabulous Airbus 320. We will learn the operation of the main systems of the airplane. How each of them works and how they are operated by the pilots from the control panels in the cockpit. A practical guide, didactic and entertaining for any professional who is about to start flying A320 or for any professional who wants to expand their frontiers of knowledge! This seventh edition of the most prestigious collection in Latin America promises to mark a before and after in the way of learning the systems of an airplane, which complex as it may seem, is as simple and entertaining as any other aircraft. Studying an airplane has never been so easy and entertain

29 Zoological Illustrations - William Swainson
Auteur : William Swainson
Genre : Animals
William Swainson was a very capable zoologist and illustrator whose career suffered from his lack of formal training and his propensity for too wholeheartedly adopting theories of dubious worth. His father had been a fine amateur zoologist (and a founding member of the Linnean Society of London), and early on Swainson continued the family avocation while earning a paycheck as a civil servant. He then carved out a successful career as a very talented illustrator and lithographer of natural history works and encyclopedias, though what he really wanted was an academic or museum post. These never materialized, and eventually he emigrated to New Zealand in the autumn of his years. Swainson's lack of greater success can be attributed to a rather too obvious lack of academic polish, and to his adoption of the peculiar quinary system of classification (which isolated his systematic efforts from

30 A Description of the Bar-and-Frame-Hive - William Augustus Munn
Auteur : William Augustus Munn
Genre : Engineering
Having been frequently requested to explain the use of the bar-and-frame-hive, in the management of bees, the author have been induced to print the following pamphlet, to point out the advantages this new hive possesses over the common ones.

31 History and Comprehensive Description of Loudoun County, Virginia - James William Head
Auteur : James William Head
Genre : United States
Loudoun County lies at the northern extremity of "Piedmont Virginia",  forming the apex of one of the most picturesquely diversified regions on the American continent. Broad plains, numerous groups and ranges of hills and forest-clad mountains, deep river gorges, and valleys of practically every conceivable form are strewn to the point of prodigality over this vast undulatory area. Loudoun was originally a part of the six million acres which, in 1661, were granted by Charles II, King of England, to Lord Hopton, Earl of St. Albans, Lord Culpeper, Lord Berkeley, Sir William Morton, Sir Dudley Wyatt, and Thomas Culpeper. All the territory lying between the Rappahannock and Potomac rivers to their sources was included in this grant, afterwards known as the "Fairfax Patent", and still later as the "Northern Neck of Virginia".

32 The Opera - Richard Alexander Streatfeild
Auteur : Richard Alexander Streatfeild
Genre : Music
The Opera is a Book Related to Music. This book describes the full Sketch Of The Development Of Opera. With Full Descriptions Of All Works In The Modern Repertory.

33 The Job Description Handbook - Margie Mader-Clark
Auteur : Margie Mader-Clark
Genre : Law
Everything you need to define the job, step by step

Every job has a description -- and if you craft it carefully, you can use a job description for effective hiring, new employee orientation, evaluating performances, discipline and plan for future growth. But if it's poorly written (or not written at all), your company can face all sorts of problems, from low employee morale to legal troubles.

To meet your company's changing needs, The Job Description Handbook, an all-in-one resource, can help you create HR documents that provide the details of every job's duties, requirements, qualifications -- and much more.

This book, written in Nolo's signature plain-English style, will help you:

-create a good job description
-hire qualified employees
-evaluate an employee's job performance
-plan for your company's fu

34 A brief description of Orkney: Zetland, Pightland-Firth & Caithness, ... - John Brand
Auteur : John Brand
Genre : Fiction & Literature
A brief description of Orkney: Zetland, Pightland-Firth & Caithness, ..., John Brand. A brief description of Orkney: Zetland, Pightland-Firth & Caithness, ... Brand, John, 1668?-1738. [12],159,[5]p. ; 8⁰. Edinburgh : printed by George Mosman, An. Dom, 1701. Dedication signed: John Brand. Reproduction of original from the British Library. Hanson, 11 English Short Title Catalog, ESTCT144697. Electronic data. Farmington Hills, Mich. : Thomson Gale, 2003. Page image (PNG). Digitized image of the microfilm version produced in Woodbridge, CT by Research Publications, 1982-2002 (later known as Primary Source Microfilm, an imprint of the Gale Group).

35 The Emperor's Codes - Michael Smith
Auteur : Michael Smith
Genre : Military
In this gripping, previously untold story from World War II, Michael Smith examines how code breakers cracked Japan’s secret codes and won the war in the Pacific. He also takes the reader step by step through the process, explaining exactly how the code breakers went about their daunting task—made even more difficult by the vast linguistic differences between Japanese and English.

The Emperor’s Codes moves across the world from Bletchley Park to Pearl Harbor, from Singapore to Colombo, and from Mombasa to Melbourne. It tells the stories of John Tiltman, the British soldier turned code breaker who made many of the early breaks in Japanese diplomatic and military codes; Commander Joe Rochedort, the leading expert on Japanese in U.S. naval intelligence; Eric Nave, the Australian sailor who pioneered breakthroughs in deciphering Japanese naval codes; and Oshima Hirosh

36 Identifying & Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants - Steve Brill & Evelyn Dean
Auteur : Steve Brill & Evelyn Dean
Genre : Specific Ingredients
Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (and Not So Wild) Places shows readers how to find and prepare more than five hundred different plants for nutrition and better health. It includes information on common plants such as mullein (a tea made from the leaves and flowers suppresses a cough), stinging nettle (steam the leaves and you have a tasty dish rich in iron), cattail (cooked stalks taste similar to corn and are rich in protein), and wild apricots (an infusion made with the leaves is good for stomach aches and digestive disorders).

More than 260 detailed line drawings help readers identify a wide range of plants -- many of which are suited for cooking by following the more than thirty recipes included in this book. There are literally hundreds of plants readily available underfoot waiting to be harvested and used either as food or a

37 Pilgrimage in Islam - Fahd Salem Bahammam
Auteur : Fahd Salem Bahammam
Genre : Islam
A description and explanation of the fifth pillar of Islam, which is an act of worship that not only involves the heart but also requires physical and financial ability, in addition to a description of a number of topics, including the lesser pilgrimage (‘umrah), the festival of sacrifice (‘Eed –ul-Adhaa) and visiting Madeenah.

38 This Is How You Die - David Jester
Auteur : David Jester
Genre : Horror
The violent, dark, and twisted journey of an emotionless, hate-filled, obsessive teen who becomes a clinical and prolific serial killer.

Herman isn’t like other teens his age. He isn’t like the academic elite, the geeky students who get all the grades and are adored by their teachers. He isn’t like the extroverts, the socially adept and popular kids who never want for anything and always have a shoulder to cry on. And he isn’t like the bullies, the ones who taunt and beat him on a daily basis. Herman isn’t like any of his peers, or indeed anyone he knows. The person Herman identifies with the most, the person he idolizes and yearns to be, is The Butcher, a brutal and prolific serial killer.

Following yet another beating by the kids he despises at a school he hates, Herman returns home to his inconspicuous existence with his solitary, silent, and col

39 Description of Greece: All Volumes - Pausanias
Auteur : Pausanias
Genre : Ancient
Pausanias (110 – 180 A.D.), was a Greek geographer, known for his work Description of Greece.  The ten volumes (which are all included), cover Attica, Corinth, Laconia, and more.  This edition is translated by W.H.S. Jones and H.A. Ormerod.

40 The Writer's Lexicon: Descriptions, Overused Words, and Taboos - Kathy Steinemann
Auteur : Kathy Steinemann
Genre : Words & Language
You just read your manuscript and discovered that your characters nod like marionettes in every chapter. When they’re not nodding, they roll their eyes.

Time to slash the Pinocchio strings and turn them into real people. Award-winning author Kathy Steinemann provides the tools. She cuts through the so-called rules and offers simple solutions.

Too many repetitions of “little”? There’s a cure for that. Do you rely on “very” too often? There’s a cure for that too. You’ll find the remedies in this book’s dispensary.

Should you ever use anything other than “said” to attribute dialogue? Are exclamation points taboo? The answers might surprise you.

Learn how to harness body language, purge hackneyed adjectives, and draw on the environment for ambience. No more wooden characters. You’ll transform them into believable personaliti

41 Lombard Street : a description of the money market - Walter Bagehot
Auteur : Walter Bagehot
Genre : Finance
The book was in part a reaction to the financial collapse of Overend, Gurney and Company, a wholesale discount bank located at 65 Lombard Street, London, from which the title draws its name. When this bank suspended payments on 10 May 1866, panic spread across London, Liverpool, Manchester, Norwich, Derby and Bristol.

42 Sunset Pass - Zane Grey
Auteur : Zane Grey
Genre : Fiction & Literature
Trueman Rock is a daring young cowboy and rider. Six years ago he had to leave the cowtown of Wagontongue because of a history of gunfights and run-ins with bad hombres. Since then, he’s become a man who only uses his gun when he needs to, on rustlers and crooks. Now, he’s returning to his hometown. But things have changed. The town and its people aren’t what they used to be. He expects to find some of his enemies there to welcome him, but instead finds they’re all dead. In their place is the Preston family.

The Prestons have just about taken over the town of Sunset Pass and reign supreme. But Trueman discovers that there’s a brooding mystery surrounding the Preston clan, centered on Ash, the eldest son. Ash is a cold, vicious, and slippery man. Unfortunately for Trueman, he finds himself falling in love with Thiry Preston, Ash’s sister. Ash holds a jealous love fo

43 History of British birds: The figures engraved on wood by T. Bewick. Vol. I. Containing the history and description of land birds. [pt.1] - Ralph Beilby
Auteur : Ralph Beilby
Genre : Fiction & Literature
History of British birds: The figures engraved on wood by T. Bewick. Vol. I. Containing the history and description of land birds. [pt.1], Ralph Beilby. History of British birds: The figures engraved on wood by T. Bewick. Vol. I. Containing the history and description of land birds. Beilby, Ralph, 1743-1817. Bewick, Thomas, 1753-1828. [5],iv-xxx,335,[1]p. : ill. ; 8⁰. Newcastle : printed by Sol. Hodgson, for Beilby & Bewick: sold by them and G. G. & J. Robinson, London, 1797. The text by Ralph Beilby, amended by Thomas Bewick. On the titlepage: price 13s. in boards. With a half-title. Last page advertises third edition of 'A general history of quadrupeds'. Variant: last page is blank. Vol.2 was published in 1804. Reproduction of original from the British Library. Roscoe. Bewick, 14c English Short Title Catalog, ESTCT145497. Electronic data. Farmington Hills, Mich. : Thomson Gal

44 Show, Don't Tell - Sandra Gerth
Auteur : Sandra Gerth
Genre : Writing
Show, don’t tell is probably the single most-important piece of advice given to writers. But many writers struggle to understand this powerful principle or have difficulty applying it to their own work. Even experienced authors sometimes don’t grasp the finer nuances of showing and telling.
In this book, Sandra Gerth draws on her experience as an editor and a best-selling author to show you how to show and tell you when to tell.
Each chapter includes concrete examples and exercises that will hone your writing skills.
Whether you’re a novice writer working on your first story or an established author who has already learned the basics of showing and telling, this book will help you to:
Grasp the difference between showing and telling. Understand why showing is such a powerful to

45 How to Sell More Books with Awesome Book Descriptions - Jim Kukral
Auteur : Jim Kukral
Genre : Writing
Stop! You Must Read This Book If You're An Author Who Wants To Sell More Books!

Would you like to know the #1 trick to selling more books today?

Would you like to see how you can make one simple change to your book title and description that will skyrocket your book sales?

It's pretty simple. As an author you have to start thinking like a marketer and writing powerful book descriptions that sell. In this short guide book, we'll take you through and show you examples of powerful book descriptions and show you techniques on how you can write your own.

Grab a copy of this book today and learn all of that and more.

46 The Description of a New World, Called The Blazing World - Margaret Cavendish
Auteur : Margaret Cavendish
Genre : Sci-Fi & Fantasy
The first science fiction work ever written by a female. It chronicles the adventures of a lady who after being kidnapped finds herself in a different realm. In this incredible world, the animals are highly intelligent and can even speak. Cavendish has cleverly blended her feminist views with science fiction in this spectacular portrayal of a utopian land. Absorbing!

47 Celiac for Dummies: Celiac Cookbook for a Gluten Free Life: Delicious Celiac Disease Recipes that Are Sure to Please Description - Ted Alling
Auteur : Ted Alling
Genre : Special Diet
Despite its silly-sounding name, celiac disease is a life-altering disease that leaves the sufferer in horrible agony after enjoying any foods that contain gluten. Because of this, people who suffer with the disease have to be diligent with ingredient labels and, often times, give up their favorite meals. Thankfully, within the pages of “Celiac for Dummies - Celiac Cookbook for a Gluten-Free Life: Delicious Celiac Disease Recipes that are sure to Please”, you will find 25 of the best gluten-free recipes! Each recipe contains:

- Total time to prep, cook and assemble
- Complete ingredient list needed to recreate the dish
- Step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow

The recipes found in this celiac cookbook range from breakfast to dinner and even includes desserts and snacks. And every one of the reasons has been tested to ensure its accuracy. No m

48 Dental Anatomy and Physiology (Dentistry) - IML Training
Auteur : IML Training
Genre : Medical
Dental Anatomy and Physiology

This course presents a general discussion of basic sciences related to the technical procedures in dentistry. The course includes the principles of anatomy and physiology and dental anatomy.

This course is part of our Dentistry series.

Includes a questions and answers section at the end of each lesson.

Designed for iBooks with full illustrations and diagrams included.


- Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
- The Skull and Jaws
- Topography of the Mouth and Tooth Structures
- Dental Anatomy

49 Statistical, Historical and Political Description of the Colony of New South Wales and its Dependent Settlements in Van Diemen's Land - William Charles Wentworth
Auteur : William Charles Wentworth
Genre : Australia & Oceania
The book is a Statistical Historical and Political Description of the Colony of New South Wales and its Dependent Settlements in Van Diemen's Land With a Particular Enumeration of the Advantages Which These Colonies Offer for Emigration and their Superiority in Many Respects over Those Possessed by the United States of America. There can be little doubt that when my great-grandfather began to write this book, his thoughts were centred on the objective which he describes in his own Preface--the diversion to Australia of some part of the stream of emigration then running from the British Isles to North America. Perhaps, even more urgently, he may have wanted to forestall any British tendency to withdraw from the colony and abandon New South Wales altogether.

50 The history and description of the famous cathedral of St. Paul's, London: [pt.1] - Thomas Boreman
Auteur : Thomas Boreman
Genre : Fiction & Literature
The history and description of the famous cathedral of St. Paul's, London: [pt.1], Thomas Boreman. The history and description of the famous cathedral of St. Paul's, London Boreman, Thomas, fl. 1730-1743. 2v. : ill.,port. ; 48⁰. [London] : Printed for Tho. Boreman, London, 1741. Attributed to Thomas Boreman. Title to vol. 2: 'The history of St. Paul's. Volume the second. To which is added, An account of the monument of the fire of London'. With a list of subscribers in each volume. Reproduction of original from the British Library. English Short Title Catalog, ESTCT117671. Electronic data. Farmington Hills, Mich. : Thomson Gale, 2003. Page image (PNG). Digitized image of the microfilm version produced in Woodbridge, CT by Research Publications, 1982-2002 (later known as Primary Source Microfilm, an imprint of the Gale Group).
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