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1 Protecting Virtual Datacenters - Giuseppe "Gippa" Paternò
Auteur : Giuseppe "Gippa" Paternò
Genre : Ordinateurs
While Cloud itself is not technically any different from traditional hosting, housing or outsourcing with geographical business continuity, the revolution is in the concept of optimizing costs while allowing greater flexibility. It all sounds good and easy, but what about your company security? You are outsourcing part of your datacenter in a virtual datacenter hosted in a provider, or you are storing part of your core data in an application hosted somewhere and this changes the way security has been conceived so far.

VMware with its vCloud Director software is among the players of IaaS infrastructure software, organizing outsourced companies into virtual datacenters or vDatacenters. Because vDatacenters allow great flexibility by orchestrating customers' datacenters via a simple web interface, identity theft increases the risks of data being compromised or services being dis


2 Intel Trusted Execution Technology for Server Platforms - William Futral & James Greene
Auteur : William Futral & James Greene
Genre : Ordinateurs
"This book is a must have resource guide for anyone who wants to ...  implement TXT within their environments.  I wish we had this guide when our engineering teams were implementing TXT on our solution platforms!”  

John McAuley,EMC Corporation

"This book details innovative technology that provides significant benefit to both the cloud consumer and the cloud provider when working to meet the ever increasing requirements of trust and control in the cloud.”  

Alex Rodriguez,  Expedient Data Centers

"This book is an invaluable reference for understanding enhanced server security, and how to deploy and leverage computing environment trust to reduce supply chain risk.”  

Pete Nicoletti. Virtustream Inc.

Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel TXT) is a ne


3 Software Defined Networking Applications in Distributed Datacenters - Heng Qi & Keqiu Li
Auteur : Heng Qi & Keqiu Li
Genre : Ingénierie
This SpringerBrief provides essential insights on the SDN application designing and deployment in distributed datacenters. In this book, three key problems are discussed: SDN application designing, SDN deployment and SDN management.

This book demonstrates how to design the SDN-based request allocation application in distributed datacenters. It also presents solutions for SDN controller placement to deploy SDN in distributed datacenters. Finally, an SDN management system is proposed to guarantee the performance of datacenter networks which are covered and controlled by many heterogeneous controllers.

Researchers and practitioners alike will find this book a valuable resource for further study on Software Defined Networking. 

44,99 €
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